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4 Ways Mentoring Up-and-Coming Employees Makes You a BETTER AGENT PLAYING THE REAL ESTATE MATCHMAKER— Follow These 8 Dating Rules to Ensure you Match Your Client with the Perfect Home for Them FEATURED AGENT



I’ll Take 2 Pounds of Confidence and 3 POUNDS OF SELF-ESTEEM! REACHING THE MILLENNIAL MARKET Through Social Media








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Playing the Real Estate Matchmaker –

Follow These 8 Dating Rules to Ensure You Match Your Client with the Perfect Home for Them When you think a bit more about it, the ultimate goal of a real estate agent serving a client is really to match them up with the perfect house for them, almost the way a matchmaker tries to find two people that will fit well together as a couple. When people are looking for a house, they often treat the process as a quest for “the one” house that will fulfill their dreams of living in the house of their dreams. Don’t be fooled. It is always a search for “the one”, at least when it comes to helping a couple or family find a home. When you look at your client’s search for a home in this manner, then you might begin to notice some pretty obvious similarities

between shopping for a home today and online dating. In this day and age most people live a substantial part entire lives online. People socialize with their friends on Facebook, they meet potential friends in forums and online communities, and we now even search for our perfect mate online. Shopping for a home also happens to usually start online. When they begin this search, make no mistake; they are looking for the “one.” These people then turn to you, the REALTOR® to play matchmaker for them. It is your job to wade through the pool of eligible homes (bachelors) and sort through all the ones that are too expensive, too nerdy, not cute enough, not smart enough, etc. until you find the “one.”


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It makes sense then to consult the tried and true practices in matchmaking that help those professionals find the right people for each other, and see if any of them could also apply for matching your clients with their dream home. You’ll find that these 8 dating rules may just show you the secret to matching your clients with the perfect home.

back to the store if you’re not happy with your new home. It’s best to first help your client get prequalified. This is a tangible step that shows they are ready to move on to a new home. You want to make sure they are completely over their love affair with their previous home. You can even ask them for a sign or proof that they’re ready to move on.

Who Is In and Not In Your Client’s League? Know Your Client’s Price Range:

Be Genuine, Not Superficial

When a person is looking for a mate, it is a waste of time for them to even consider those potential mates that are clearly out of their league. These people won’t even stop to give them the time of day. In the world of real estate the idea is the same. There is no point showing your clients houses that they can’t afford and will simply lust after without having any real chance of purchasing the house. It is your job to keep your client ground in reality, and help them be realistic in terms of price when choosing their next home.

When trying to manage the many pitfalls of online dating, on inevitably goes on a date where the other person looks nothing like their picture online. That can be just as big of a problem when looking for a house. When clients show you a particular house they want to visit, ask them to name something about the house that they like other than the aesthetics. This way you can see if they are simply infatuated with the way the house looks in those pictures, or if there is a deeper interest in the home that could become a deeper connection between your client and the house.

Never Let Your Client’s First Impression of a Home Rule Their Decisions

Make Sure Your Client is Ready to Move On From Their Last Dream Home You’re job is also to make sure that your client is truly ready to move on from their previous home. This is a long term commitment, and they need to be absolutely sure they actually want to buy a new house. You can’t simply take the receipt

When your client first sees a house they have already been lusting after in their mind, they’re often so excited to finally be looking at it, especially if it does in fact look as good as it did in the pictures. Make sure to encourage them to take some time before making such a big com-

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mitment, and don’t let their excitement push them into making a rash decision. It is your job to keep them grounded in reality. Push for your clients to do an inspection to make sure the house isn’t hiding any dark secrets. Sometimes the most charming facade can hide tons of slime and deadly mold.

Follow Your Heart (or Gut) People often laugh at and ridicule the idea of love at first sight, but when it comes to homes, the phenomenon can certainly happen. Your client may just find their perfect dream home at the very first place you take them. If you have a client that does insist this is the case, then you don’t want to try and rationalize with them or talk them out of their decision. You do, however, want to make sure you are watching out for their interest and make sure your clients take all the necessary precautions before they jump in headfirst.

See What Other People See in The Home – Do They See What Your Client Sees? Have you come to the conclusion that your clients are being blinded by all of the twinkling windows and crystal clear water glistening in the backyard pool, and can’t see that the house they’ve fallen in love with is really just a dirty animal (maybe a pig) dressed up in nice clothes and lipstick. Ask your client if they would be willing to look at the house again with

their close friends, family, and anyone else they trust for a second opinion there to see it with them. If the house really is a dud, they’ll be able to see past any personal bias your client might have to the truth. They will be able to help your client see through the shining facade

Celebrate the Happy Union! When a couple gets married they tend to throw a big party and celebrate their union. The same goes for the closing. Your clients have just essentially married the house of their dreams, and now it’s time to rejoice. Congratulate them on their new union. Show your support for their new homeowner status by going to their housewarming party.

Help Your Clients Maintain Their Dream Home & Ensure a Lifetime of Happiness You can’t just disappear after the transaction is finished. Become their realtor for life by showing your clients how to maintain their dream home. Act as their resource for other professionals they may need to maintain the house such as handymen, plumbers, electricians, etc. Show them how to keep up with home maintenance so they don’t ignore problems that surface and end up with a much larger issue than they started with. Help them make sure their dream home lasts so they can live happily ever after in their home for a lifetime.


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ANDY SANTANA Top Agent Andy Santana of Keller Williams Real Estate in Allentown, Pennsylvania approaches his business with a genuine, affable and enthusiastic nature that has endeared him to his many grateful buyers and sellers. Andy’s love of what he does is not only infectious, it has resulted in a level of client loyalty that many other agents can only dream of. “My goals were set up back in high school,” says Andy by way of explaining how he ended up in the real estate profession. “I 8Copyright Top Agent Magazine

always knew I was going to go into real estate. My education was important to me, and once I was done with the level of education I wanted to achieve I got my license.” Since then, Andy has made a name for himself as a Realtor who can be trusted to put his clients front and center, and to look out for their needs during the often-convoluted transaction process. With over half of his business based on repeat clients and referrals, Andy is clearly doing Top Agent Magazine

something right. “My clients tell me that I’m very personable,” he says. “They can see that I love my job, and they tell me that I make it fun for them. They appreciate the fact that I’m willing to go to whatever extent necessary to make sure they’re happy. I work hard, and at the end of the day I get the job done.” Andy is a Premier Agent on Zillow, and his reviews on that site are evidence of the satisfaction his clients experience when working with him. Among the glowing testimonials is this one: “Andy is not only a thorough professional at providing suggestions based on Top Agent Magazine

the budget and the requirements, he is also extremely personable. Throughout my interactions with him I never felt pressured to reach a decision, instead Andy took the time and effort to research and substantiate his recommendations with facts and shared his opinions. When Copyright Top Agent Magazine9

Copyright Top Agent Magazine Copyright 10

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to bid, how much to bid for, and when to back out, his advice was always wellthought and researched. He always acted in favor of our interests. I would recommend Andy without any second thought to prospective buyers and can guarantee a similar experience that I had with him.” While Andy is hardly dismissive of the financial rewards of his chosen career, it’s the more personal side of the transaction that provides him with the most satisfaction. “I love that I get to meet so many awesome people,” he says with his typical exuberance. “I love that I get to build relationships that are long-term and that fills me up in my life.” The frenetic workdays of a real estate agent are also attractive to Andy. “This job is never boring,” he explains. When he’s not working, Andy enjoys spending time outdoors. Hiking, rock climbing and Top Agent Magazine

even climbing the occasional tree are among his passions. He is also adamant about giving back, and to that end donates to charities that include the Veteran’s Fund of the United States and to breast and female cancer awareness and organ donation awareness organizations. Andy also takes time out once a year to volunteer physical labor for those in need, and recently returned from Texas where he helped gut homes affected by the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. Copyright Top Agent Magazine 11

The future looks incredibly bright for Andy. His positive outlook, deep knowledge of the real estate industry and his incredibly infectious good nature all bode well for the continued exponential growth of his business.

“In everything I do,” he says, “God is always first. Then my health, my legacy and my family, in that order. The only thing that is permanent is change, so I embrace it; I fall in love with it every day. I swim in it and I don’t escape from it. That’s how I live my life.”

For more information about Andy Santana, please call 610-780-3942, email or visit www.

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I’ll Take 2 Pounds of Confidence and 3 Pounds of Self-Esteem! By Barry Eisen

At least a few times per month I get emails and/or calls asking me to help develop confidence and a positive self-esteem. When you’re hot you’re hot and when you’re not, you’re not. Life has its ups and downs and occasionally everyone feels like they’ve run out of gas and nothing they seem to do works. When you’re in a slump the world can look overwhelming and against you. The more you think about you’re victimhood, the more out of control you feel.What you focus upon becomes larger. Confidence, positive self-esteem...these are just words and something experienced many moons ago. Talk it out with your spouse? Sure. See a therapist? Maybe. Get a coach? Good idea. Call a hypnotist...that’s where I come in, but maybe not in an obvious way. Top Agent Magazine


Hypnosis can be of help in so many areas such as controlling weight, memory improvement, reading faster, stopping smoking, becoming a great public speaker, prospecting and growing a business, eliminating fears, becoming a better golfer/tennis player/baseball player etc., sleeping and energy, controlling pain control in dentistry and child birthing, improving wellness, passing tests and so much more. This is not an over statement. Hypnosis is a performance enhancer because it taps into the best parts of who we are to make the changes necessary to make the changes to evolve ourselves. But “programming” ones mind for confidence and positive self-esteem is not something I’ve seen done effectively. The subconscious says, “What does that mean?” “Give me a picture, what do you want?” Read any neuroscience to know (or simply use common sense) that the subconscious needs specific direction (words, pictures and supportive feelings) for these clear messages to be acted upon. A general business plan is usually a recipe for disaster. A poor teaching plan will confuse students. Mixed general messages given to a 3 year old will produce erratic behavior. A loose navigation plan will have ships traveling in circles. Just like many people. Instead of working on confidence and positive self-esteem, does it make sense to instead, work on a solid business target of success and develop a business plan that will get you there? If you’re planning for the future, is it not a better idea to set an end result and develop strategies that will make it happen? If you’re looking for better health, doesn’t it make sense to set a target for excellence and back it up with a realistic exercise and eating approach that will insure success? The confidence and self-esteem will come along automatically. Create the goal, take action, do the work, be consistent. Your business will never grow more than you do. Your health will never get better without you stretching out beyond who you now are. Your relationships will never be more secure and supportive than you are of yourself. Your confidence and self-esteem will never grow without a reason. 14

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Before you therapy or drug yourself into confidence and self-esteem, at least try (Oh! I hate that word) the 10 organic following ideas for 2-3 weeks.


Set goals that stretch you out and force you to grow. You can’t be depressed when you’re learning something. Learning takes you out of your egocentric predicament.

2 3

Create timelines/target dates for goal accomplishments. This establishes a sense of urgency. It puts a little “gitty up” in your step and mind.

List your actions of the day on your To-Do list and prioritize all items. Doing the A’s and crossing each off as done, will put a smile on your face and a jolt of small energy in your life. (Accomplishment feels good. Could you use some “feel good”/self-esteem?) You’ll start looking forward

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to these little positive jolts and do what is necessary to have them. If I was talking cocaine...that would be a bad thing, but since I’m talking non drug human motivation...that would be a good thing.


If you’re just feeling flat for no obvious reason, take on an interest/ hobby/project that’s been on your mind in the past. Learning stimulates blood flow to different parts of the brain and increases endorphin flow. (E.g. Calligraphy, sailing, martial arts, reading sci-fi, etc.)

5 6 7 8 9

Follow through like your hair’s on fire. Show yourself what you CAN DO! Create some appropriate reward for the accomplishment. Balance your life with goals in physical, financial, emotional, educational, family, social and spiritual areas. Sometimes more is better. Purposely smile more, laugh easier, hold eye contact a little more (obviously, not in a creepy way) and present a stronger posture.

Learn to relax to slow down, put things in perspective, ask yourself how you feel and how you’re doing 2 or 3 times during your day. Don’t let the day rule you. Be present. Pay attention.


Act “AS IF” you were already doing things with confidence, making decisions with authority and living the life you want to live. You become what you think about. Barry Eisen teaches personal development seminars and coaches Southern California top producing REALTORS®. “Your business will never grow more than you do” is the theme; self hypnosis and behavior modification are the tools for playing a bigger game., 818-769-4300 16

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NICK BOVA Top Agent Nick Bova of Northwood Realty Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is that rare Realtor whose knowledge base far exceeds most of his competitors. With a thorough understanding of construction that allows him to provide intelligent guidance to his many buyers and sellers, Nick has built a reputation as an agent who can be trusted to facilitate what is often the largest investment or sale they will ever make. Nick began his career in real estate back in 1999, after purchasing his first home. While sitting at the closing table at Northwood for that transaction, he noticed a sign out front that read “Interested in a real estate career?” He remembered that sign, and three years later obtained his license. Since then he has seen his business expand exponentially with each passing year, and is now positioned firmly at the top of his profession, where he specializes in a broad spectrum of the market that includes luxury homes, new construction, and assisting all buyers with their real estate needs. He and his team take pride in working with first-time buyers. With more than 75% of his business based on repeat clients and referrals, Nick has built a solid client base that is exceptionally loyal to him and his small team. Among the many reasons for this fealty is his knowledge and experience. “I’m always available to my clients,” says Nick, “to take guide through any situation and make them feel comfortable, whether it’s buying or selling. I’m not just a turn-key agent, I take pride in knowing about homes, contractors, building materials; and all the mechanics of a home.” This knowledge benefits his clients in many ways. “I know prior to getting a client under contract that a particular home isn’t going to inspect well,” he explains, “and I can advise my clients that we need to look elsewhere before they spend any money. It’s the same thing when working with sellers; I know prior to listing a home what is going to be required to make it marketable and in the condition to pass a home inspection, occupancy inspections, meet FHA requirements and the appraisal requirements.” Nick says. “Details will get you top dollar for you home and separate yours from the others. “

Staying top of mind with all of his past clients is of the utmost importance to Nick. “I use social media daily to market my client’s property and my business,” he says, “I use a contact management system, and make random phone calls and texts to my current and past clients. I take advantage of all the technologies that allow me to stay in touch. I also send out various mailers a few times a year. There’s also a lot of social media interaction with my past clients.” Savvy, cutting-edge marketing is also intrinsic to Nick’s continued success. Among the many tools he utilizes to push his listings front and center are professional photography and video, drone videos, and copious social media marketing. “We treat all our properties as events,” he says. “We put forth a comprehensive social media campaign, and we go through a hundred-point checklist of things to prepare. Helping people through a real estate transaction - which at times can be complicated - is what Nick finds most rewarding about his chosen profession. “Homeownership is the American dream,” he says. “When I bought my first home I was excited, and I remember thinking about how I can improve the process. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the end result of a buyer or family being completely satisfied in their new home.” When he’s not working, Nick enjoys spending time with his family and traveling when work circumstances permit. He is also active in his community, and as a member of the Pleasant Hills Lion’s Club he participates in multiple charitable activities that include food drives, and various fundraising events. As for the future, Nick is planning to continue to grow his business, and will soon be adding additional members to his team. He will also obtain his Associate Broker’s license in early 2018. Nick will always remain extremely grateful for the support from his past and present clients. “Without them I wouldn’t be nearly as successful,” says Nick.

For more information about Nick Bova, please call 412 - 953 - 4035 or email Top Agent Magazine

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#Reaching the Millennial Market Through Social Media by Bubba Mills

The old adage in marketing says if you aim at everyone you’ll miss them all. I know REALTORS® sometimes fall into the trap of attempting to reach everyone and then scratch their heads when they only hear crickets chirping. If you’re one of those (or even if you’re not), stick with me and I might be able to help you.

know how to reach them. For that part, I’ll share two words: social media. Many surveys have confirmed that social media is the Millennials’ dominant source of information, even above search engines. So the best way to build relationships and trust with Millennials is through social media.

The true beauty of social media is not only its reach but its implied advocacy. When Millennials find content they relate to, they share it with their The National Association of REAL- peers. So if one person shares your TORS® has found that Millennials message, it could instantly go to hunrepresent the largest share of recent dreds (or even thousands) of people buyers (32 percent of all buyers last with the inferred praise of the person year were Millennials). But here’s sharing it. the kicker: the overwhelming majority use real estate agents. Are If you’re not using social media, lights and bells going off in your again, check your pulse. Then start learning about social media and get head? If not, check your pulse. active on it. I promise it’ll be well So a great place to sharpen your worth your time. The big ones are marketing aim is with Millennials. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr That’s half the equation—knowing and Instagram. You can Google each who to go after. The second half is to and get a feel for which ones make Let me start with one word: Millennials—those between the ages of 18 and 34.

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Many surveys have confirmed that social media is the Millennials’ dominant source of information. the most sense for you, but all of them have something to offer REALTORS®.

I’m proud of that because I know in this day and age anyone who sells anything must use social media.

Now I’m not one to toot my own horn, but for this topic I will only with the hope that you give what I say a little more weight. Last year, a national magazine named me to its 25 most connected professionals list.

So here are some tips you can start using to reach Millennials on their terms:


1. First, take time to understand social media. Join them (they’re free!) Top Agent Magazine

Millennials under stand marketers and they’re open to their messages on social media—if the messages are relevant to their lives. Otherwise, they simply ignore it.

and just take it all in. See what it’s all about and what kind of information people share. Spend at least several days learning before you share info. 2. Make sure what you share fits the specific social media outlet. For example, Facebook and Twitter are primarily personal tidbits, news and they’re both fairly casual, while Instagram is geared almost exclusively for visuals and photos. 3. Make sure your information is relevant and useful to improve the chance it gets shared. Millennials understand marketers and they’re open to their messages on social media—if the messages are relevant to their lives. Otherwise, they simply ignore it. Top Agent Magazine

4. Make it interesting. Instead of saying, ‘Gee, I have this great listing.’ Why not just share a picture of a cool looking wrap-around front porch of a house (that just happens to be one of your listings) that was built in the 1940s. Bubba Mills is co-owner and executive vice president of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching Inc. (www.corcorancoaching. com/programs, 800-957-8353), an international consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and the implementation of sound business systems into Real Estate Companies, Mortgage Companies and Small Businesses. Bubba Mills is a nationally recognized inspirational and education speaker, coach and mentor to the top real estate agents and mortgage companies. To find out more about Corcoran Consulting & Coaching, call 1800-957-8353 or visit us at www.Corcoran 21

4 Ways Mentoring Up-and-Coming Employees Makes You a Better Agent In the world of real estate, there are always new agents joining the ranks. Even if you’ve been practicing for just a few short years, you’ve likely learned your fair share of lesson along the way. As an agent, much of your working philosophy is derived from first-hand experience and your work on the ground. This means that new agents are less prepared for the inevitable curveballs of the industry. That’s where you come in. While mentorship is often pitched as a relationship that solely benefits the mentee, there is actually plenty to be gained from becoming a mentor. After all, personal growth goes hand-in-hand with professional growth, and becoming a mentor asks agents to thought22

fully explore and demonstrate their own ideologies, practices, and rationale. With that in mind, take a look at some of the benefits of mentorship below, and you’ll get a sense of why counseling new agents can be a boon to your own business. Teaching lessons to others reinforces your own professional values. Showing the ropes to young agents is a great way to brush-up on your foundational skills. Verbalizing and demonstrating processes, or walking through the rationale behind negotiation tactics—all cause mentors to think through their established practices and outline in detail why they’ve chosen this route over an

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alternative. This helps older agents fine-tune their routines, while getting back in touch with the critical thinking that went into constructing those habits. Mentorships allows you to see the big picture.

surely sharpen your ability as the head of a team. What’s more, you’ll be building skills of empathy, understanding, teaching, and constructive criticism. Working on those skills will better your practice and your ability to lead in your office.

After a lengthy industry tenure, it’s not uncommon for battle-worn agents to lose some steam and begin to burn out. By devoting some time to mentoring up-and-coming agents, you’ll get back in touch with your early days, remembering the excitement, the trials, and the hard lessons gleaned. Spending time with the next generation of real estate professionals can reinvigorate your practice, as seeing the business from the eyes of an eager amateur can inject energy into your working life. You’ll benefit from seeing things from a new perspective. Just as working with young agents can help you remember your career’s big picture, you may also benefit from working alongside someone with a new perspective. Young agents bring a different set of skills and awareness to their work, and established agents can benefit from a fresh take. If technology isn’t your strong suit, or you’re interested in tapping the Millennial homebuyer market, working with a younger agent is an excellent way to see through fresh eyes. Mentoring young agents makes you a better leader. As a mentor, you’ll often direct the flow of your professional relationship—figuring out which issues to tackle, making an agenda, and imparting lessons in a clear way. These are all characteristics of a leader, and acting in a position of authority as mentor can Top Agent Magazine

While some may balk at the time commitment or energy required to take on a mentee or two, you might consider it an act of ongoing education or professional development. While your mentee will undoubtedly benefit from access to your expertise, there’s certainly much to be gained from taking the time to cultivate tomorrow’s real estate leaders.

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