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Natalya Mikinberg, Own V.I.Properties in Hewlett is a powerhouse who has thirty years helping both sellers achieve their real e As the driving force be the leading independent RICHARD & SUSAN NATALYA in the western Long Isla CONNELLY MIKINBERG Five Towns, Natalya an have more than earned reputation as highly-prof truly-caring real estate advocates. Natalya and he CONTENTS focus on providing exceptional customer service ha legions of satisfied past clients who, year after year refer15) theirHOW friendsTO and RECOGNIZE family. 4) 3 MENTAL TRICKS THAT



Natalya began her career in real estate when she was a bank and focusing foreclosures. “I needed to ge 20) DO YOU on ADD CONSISTENT to doVALUE that kindFOR of work,” recalls Natalya. “So I got m 6) 7 REASONS WHY YOUR YOUR BUSINESS 1993, and that’s my CLIENTS? real estate career began. I PROSPECTS AREN'T TURNING AND FOR how YOUR love with real estate when I was searching for and buy INTO CLIENTS house for me and my family, and I enjoyed the ent Natalya began her career with Smolinksy Properties, she obtained her Broker’s license and launched V working out of her home’s basement. In 2001, she of her basement and into an office space, adding Phone 310-734-1440 | Fax 310-734-1440 both of whom still work with her today. In 2004, h | relocated to their current office in Hewlett, and she q No portion of this issue may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever withouther prior consent the publisher.she Top Agent expanding team. ofCurrently, oversees a tea Magazine is published by Feature Publications GA, Inc. Although precautions are taken to ensure the accuracy of published of thirty-nine equally-dedicated agents who all sha materials, Top Agent Magazine cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts supplied by its authors. Natalya’s honest, client-first To subscribe or change address, send inquiry to Published in the U.S. business philosophy.


As Natalya’s business grew, she saw the need to embra technology to stay ahead of herTop competitors, and was t Agent Magazine first agent in the area to launch her own website, ba

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3 Mental Tricks That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level It’s no secret that running a successful business requires careful planning and a tireless work ethic. Beyond those obvious ideals, it also takes the right mindset in order to capitalize on professional opportunity. In the world of real estate and mortgage lending, mental fortitude is a major component to reaching the next 4

level and achieving longevity in a sector that requires so much self-discipline. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few key mental tricks you can employ to reinvigorate your working philosophy. Incorporate these techniques into your daily mindfulness routine and your business will surely benefit.

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Visualization helps you work efficiently and keep your cool.

This may sound like one of the oldest tricks in the book, but there’s a reason why Olympic athletes and those serving in first-responder positions use visualization as a time-honored mental technique. Not only does visualizing your daily tasks help you organize your mind, but it amps up your ability to focus on what’s important. Visualization also helps reduce stress in the moment, since you’ve already created a mental expectation of the task ahead. Whether you’re preparing for a negotiation or a pitch to new a client—visualization primes your brain and affords you an extra sense of control as you tackle your day.


Distill concepts into their simplest terms for ultimate understanding. As an agent or loan officer, you’re likely juggling numerous clients and commitments on any given day. That’s why it helps to distill your responsibilities in clear, definitive terms. Let’s say you have a meeting set with a client to outline a marketing approach for their property. You may understand the broad strokes, but beforehand, try verbalizing the exact takeaways you’d like to impart to your client. This may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to clarify your communication and ensure your com-

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plete understanding of a subject is to explain it aloud in its simplest terms. This crystallizes your main point and can come in handy if you drift off-topic or need to double-down on your message.


Accept that mistakes will be made.

While it’s natural to fear failure, sometimes the dread of making an error can overwhelm your ability to perform. As the saying goes: don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. If you accept in advance that set-backs will occur, challenges will come, and things won’t always go accordingly to plan—you’ll be less confounded when hurdles do arise. What matters is keeping an even keel as you sort through unexpected delays or mishaps. Accepting that mistakes will happen allows you to shift your focus towards a solution or contingency plan. In other words, don’t spend your energy trying to achieve perfection. Aim high and work hard, but be in touch with reality: upsets are bound to occur. Accept this and you’ll be ready when they do. The path to lasting success is ongoing, and there are bound to be challenges along the way. It takes mental fortitude to make it to the top, so keep these tricks in mind as you continue to grow as a person and a professional. Seeing situations in a new light can make all the difference as you adapt, evolve, and take your business to the next level.

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7 Reasons Why Your Prospects Aren’t Turning Into Clients Real estate experts suggest prospecting daily so that your sales pipeline never runs dry. But sometimes all that effort doesn’t translate into results. If your prospects aren’t becoming clients, there’s a reason, which is better than it sounds because that means you can fix the problem. 6

1. You’re Too Slow The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials estimates that there are about 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States alone. Of course, not all these individuals are working in the same markets. Nonetheless, that

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If your prospects aren’t becoming clients, there’s a reason, which is better than it sounds because that means you can fix the problem.

means that realtors face a lot of competition. If you are slow to respond to messages from prospective clients, someone else is sure to beat you to it. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to return calls and emails within 24 hours. If you’re too busy working with active clients to return the phone calls and emails of prospective clients, consider hiring a real estate assistant who can help take administrative or marketing tasks off your plate.

2. They Don’t Trust You There are different reasons why a client might not trust you, some of which overlap with others on this list. When a client asks you a question, do you answer it directly or do you sidestep it? Do you have testimonials and reviews from happy clients publicly available? Do you have an online presence? Social proof of your skills and knowledge is key.

3. You Don’t Seem Knowledgeable Enough Is your client constantly coming to you with new listings or marketing ideas rather than the Top Agent Magazine

other way around? Do they mention real estate and finance terms you’ve never heard of or ask you questions you’ve never thought to ask yourself? Every agent starts somewhere, but if this seems to be a pattern, it’s one clients will pick up on too. Your clients want to know that you will add value to their home buying or selling experience, and part of that value is your expertise and passion.

4. You Have No Web Presence It’s not enough to be on Zillow or have a Facebook page. There are clients who don’t use these platforms, and at the end of the day, you don’t own the content or your access to it. Both platforms could suddenly go out of business and any following you’ve gained could be lost. It doesn’t cost much to create and maintain a website today. If customization matters little to you, sometimes you can even get up and running for free. At the very least, it’s a good idea to invest in a domain name because yourwebsite. looks a lot less professional than

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5. You Don’t Seem to Care When clients don’t think you care, it usually means they don’t feel like you are listening. You may have systems, processes, and a proven marketing strategy. You may like to get right down to business, but to your client, this isn’t just business—it’s their life and their family’s livelihood. When your client tells you what’s important to them, they want to make sure that you really hear them. Make sure your body language conveys that. Slow down. Shut your office door. Make eye contact, nod your head, and pause before you speak so that they understand that you’ve put thought into your words—that they aren’t simply lines from a script.

6. You Use Too Much Jargon Remember that your clients don’t speak real estate. At most, they might buy or sell a home once every few years. They hired you to be their advocate and may even expect you to be a bit of a teacher too. Use layman’s terms so that your


client fully understands how the two of you will work together.

7. Your Target Audience Is Everyone Your clients are home buyers and sellers, yes, but who is your ideal client? Some specialties you might consider are college students and recent graduates, working professionals, military families, seniors, CEOs, or other high-profile clients. As a newer agent, your target audience might be anyone who will hire you, but over time, you might find that you click more with certain clients, that their lifestyle is similar to yours, or that their goals align with your mission. Whatever the reason, marketing your business to this “ideal client” rather than every potential client will make selling your services easier. Remember: It’s within your power to alleviate your client’s concerns, but understanding why your prospects aren’t turning into clients is a good start.

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Richard & Susan Connelly Top Agent Magazine


RICHARD & SUSAN CONNELLY Richard and Susan Connelly found themselves in real estate after spending a few years flipping houses in the Hamptons. Prior to flipping houses, Richard was a highly successful Salesman for over 35 years and Susan was a Finance and Banking Executive. In his early 20’s, Richard had a passion for real estate and thought about becoming a Realtor® but, with a new family to support, was hesitant to leave a high-paying career for a commission position. However, after spending time restoring and selling homes, Richard and Susan realized they were particularly good at the part of the process where they sold the homes they had fixed up. That’s because the Connellys understand that the real estate business is a relationship business. “We really enjoy people,” Richard says. “Every time we sell a home, we invite our clients to a nice dinner, in lieu of giving them the traditional bottle of wine that they drink and then it’s gone. We prefer to build memories, relationships and friendships.” 10 Copyright Top Agent Magazine

Susan agrees that the personal connection is what matters most. “It’s so rewarding when you’ve helped people with the most precious asset they own - their home! - and you’ve seen them to the next stage in their life,” she says. “Helping people reach that next level and their next goal is so rewarding, and making a friendship or two along the way is a wonderful bonus! It’s a feel good type of business when it all works out.” Three years into their real estate career, the Connellys have found incredible success, listing Long Island properties at up to Four and a Half Million Dollars. They represent Residential, Commercial, Land, Farms and Horse Properties and they currently have a fixer-upper home on Horse property that they put into contract in a little over two weeks. Their expertise in the home renovation arena was a big plus to getting the sale done so quickly, as the current buyers of this property valued their ideas and vision for their future renovation project. Top Agent Magazine

$1,275,000 Property & Business

Bold & Beautiful, Custom-Built Estate Home In Desirable Southampton Pines. Private On 1.38 Acres Adjoining 600 Acres Of Preserve! EAST QUOGUE $1,975,000 Richard Connelly 631.953.5750 Lic. RE Salesperson

Susan Connelly 631.487.0366

Lawrence Citarelli 631.872.0280

Lic. RE Salesperson F I R S T




Principal Broker A subsidiary of

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11 Copyright Top Agent Magazine

The Connellys have 32 active listings at this time of which six are in contract. However, their reach extends beyond the shores of Long Island - just before sitting down with Top Agent Magazine, the Connellys were on Skype with an investor from the UK who is interested in setting up a truffle farm and thought their 42 acre farm listing was ideal for the product. Their reach comes from strong marketing. “We’re on 900 different websites in 14 different languages,” Richard says. Susan adds, “We also feature all of our clients in the well-distributed, Luxury Hampton’s magazine, East End Living, as well as other print media outlets.”

and the sound. We’re taking full advantage of the natural beauty here to showcase that on each and every one of these listings.” As the Connellys grow - and as their reach spreads across the globe - they have begun to focus on adding to their team. “We have two others on our team, and two more training and shadowing,” Susan says. “We have been focusing on the South and North Shores of Eastern Long Island, with our two other teammates actively involved in Nassau and Western Suffolk Counties.” After graduating from medical school, he relocated to Westhampton Beach and entered into private practice as a board certified family physician.

All of that marketing is dependent on visuals. “We Bellamy entered the real estate profession through find that we’re getting a lot of calls coming in sales and acquisitions on behalf of his family’s because we’re doing high-quality, high-resolution investment interests. In 2018 he joined First A Beautiful Contemporary Home On 2.5+Hampton Acres. International Realty, aligning forces virtual tours,” Susan says. “AndSituated we’re utilizing PRIVATE AND SERENE WITH POOL QUOGUE $1,745,000 with this leading real estate company to deliver aerial drones, highlighting all of & theHAR-TRU natural TENNIS surroundings on Long Island being crowded with trusted guidance, professionalism and integrity waterfront: creeks, rivers, bays,Too... ocean Put to The everyConnelly facet of each real To estate transaction. Residential, Land streams, & Commercial Team Work For You! Copyright Top Agent Magazine 12 Richard Connelly 631.953.5750 Lic. RE Salesperson

Top Agent Susan Magazine Connelly 631.487.0366 Lic. RE Salesperson

$1,275,000 Property & Business

Spectacular Estate Home With Beautiful Park-Like Grounds MATTITUCK on 6.2 Acres $1,350,000 or Add Additional Lot For 11+ Acres $1,900,000

Residential, Land & Commercial Too... Put The Connelly Team To Work For You! Richard Connelly 631.953.5750 Lic. RE Salesperson

Susan Connelly 631.487.0366

Bellamy Brook 631.680.2086

Lic. RE Salesperson

Lic. RE Salesperson FIRST



REAL TY A subsidiary of

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Copyright Top Agent Magazine 13

Frank Hertwig’s career started as a police officer with the NYPD in January 1987. After 11 years, he switched jobs to the FDNY. For 13 years, he worked in the South Bronx fighting fires, That all came to an end in September 2010. He Retired and began contracting work, working with other established companies. That further led him into a career of flipping houses.

real estate business from nothing, they put in long hours fostering trust with buyers and sellers alike. I also saw firsthand, that they maintain a business built on honest open dealings that maintain integrity throughout the whole home selling process. We have all experienced people in the real estate world who are more concerned with getting paid , than serving their clients best interests. That is not what you get with the Connelly team, and they convinced me to come to their team, to copy their process. So we can all achieve their type of success and continue to provide quality service to all persons interested in any type of real estate transaction.”

“That is where I met Richard and Susan, they were also flipping houses at that time. We developed a friendship. They were also in the process of starting on a real estate career. I saw how they created a

“The goal is to help them succeed,” Richard says. “Just as we get our clients to the next level, we want to get our team to their own next level...and to grow our business to its next level.”

“You’ve trusted me with your health...You can trust me with your home”

To find out more about Richard & Susan Connelly, visit, call 631.953-5750 or email and www.

Copyright Top Agent Magazine 14

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How to Recognize True Luxury Properties What to Consider Other Than Location When luxury home buyers are looking for a new abode, they are often advised to pay most of their attention to location, location, location. And it’s true that good locations often have better properties, but if you’re only looking at location then you might be forgetting what it is in a luxury property that makes it luxury. You could view a property in a great location, and because you completely ignored any of the other factors that make a property high end, you might find that once you move in, you aren’t as pleased with the actual house itself as you thought you would be. Here are the other things you should look out for when purchasing a luxury home: • Architectural Uniqueness: The simple fact is that good

architecture retains its value. Do your homework on architects and find the ones that have a good track record of designing beautiful, but practical homes. Don’t simply pay attention to how the building looks today. Consider how it will look in a few decades. Keep an eye out for the “bones” of the building, and decide whether they will stand the test of time or not. Things such as a solid foundation, high-grade materials, unusual details, and artistic components are good aspects to consider. Will the structure hold up well or will it degrade and crumble without constant upkeep? That funky molding may look artistic today, but in ten years will it be considered artistic or just plain weird?

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• Practical Layout: Make sure you have enough room to live

in comfort. As a buyer of luxury property, you probably have quite a busy social schedule. You want to make sure that the layout will lend itself to helping you maintain clear separation between your social areas and private ones. You don’t want guests having to go back into your bedroom to use the bathroom. Look out for places with stairwells, awkward columns, long hallways, and other wastes of space.

• Unobstructed Views and Light: You want to live in

a home that gives you lots of natural light, such as one that is open to the outdoors. That natural light will improve your mood, as well as the resale value. The openness of a space filled with natural light will make you feel more comfortable and happy in your new home. What about the view? Do you see a Do you park, a bridge, a river, or a skyline? Is the see a park, fantastic view out your window protected? a bridge, You’ll need to understand the surrounding air a river, or a rights and zoning allowances of neighboring buildings to understand the possible risks. skyline?

• Windows: Windows are the primary source of losing heat and

cooling. Make sure they are double-paned with good insulation that will protect your home against weather and noise. Unless the windows are already like this, it is unlikely that the condo or co-op board will allow you to install your own.

• Ceiling Height: Consider the cubic footage of the property.

You want to look for high ceilings that increase the openness of a room. Of course, you don’t want to go too high. Above 14 feet will get you diminished marginal returns.

• Storage: If you’re a woman, you will understand this one. We need

lots of closets and additional storage room to fit all of our clothes, shoes, jackets, hats, purses, etc. However, lucky for you, your potential home’s existing closet square footage will not limit you from putting in more storage space. Custom closet companies can create any kind of storage


Top Agent Magazine

space you desire. You will have to, however, make sure that your new home does have an area that you can turn into this storage space. • In-Unit Laundry: In-unit laundry has become necessary for

any luxury home or apartment. Do you really want to have to trek down flights of stairs to use the basement laundry? If you still consider it wasted space, you can convert it into more closet space.

• The Gym: Having a fitness area nearby is an amenity that is especially

important, particularly in winter when you don’t feel like walking to the gym a few blocks down. One thing to consider is the Do you really want of the gym in relation to have to trek down size to the size of the building in flights of stairs? light of common area fees. • Move-In Ready: I’d advise against buying time-consuming and

frustrating fixer-uppers no matter how much you want to add custom kitchens, finishes, fixtures, and other characteristics. Choose a property that already has all of these amenities taken care of. These properties have already had the same designers you would hire fashion the house at a fraction of the cost you would pay to have them do it after you move in. In this light, it is worthwhile to pay a little extra for the move-in ready home.

• Reputation: Pay attention to the reputation of the building. A

property that has a good reputation tends to retain its value. You can easily find this out online on posts, and established locals are likely to have an opinion.

If you want to buy luxury property that is really worth it’s price, then I would suggest adding these points to your list of things your new home must have. If you want to get a high quality home that is a true luxury, you’ll want to watch out for these aspects as well as the location. Some properties might claim to be luxury based on their location, but when compared against this list, they don’t make the cut. So, don’t be fooled by imposters, and make sure you find a true high-end property. Top Agent Magazine




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Do You Add Consistent Value for Your Business and for Your Clients? By Walter Sanford

We recently received a question from some of our favorite coaching clients. The Premier Team is lighting up the upper end, downtown, and historical St. Louis real estate markets. As coaching clients, they are challenging for me because they demand new value and service for their clients each week. In fact, Chris and Lisa know that to dominate an industry they need to have tools that the competition does not. They require tools that not only make the job easier, but also more profitable for their clients. Here is the result from a recent request from which we created a letter handout for the listing presentation and for advertisement in other media: The Premier Team Helps Clients Achieve Goals through Pre-Launch Inspections We have found that all buyers should have their purchase inspected. When we represent our sellers, the negotiations start with offers and potential counter offers. Traditionally, the buyer obtains and pays for an inspection of the property. The negotiations start again. 20

Top Agent Magazine

Rightfully, the buyer wants any challenges to be addressed; the seller feels they had lived with the challenges, sold the property with the challenges, and do not want to repair if they have no chance to enjoy them. It’s a difficult negotiation and can sometimes leave clients unhappy. As we do many times, we have devised a system to help all involved parties know what they are buying and selling while also saving our client’s time, trouble, and money in the mix. When we custom-design a marketing plan to achieve our seller’s goals and receive a commitment to market the property, we then offer our seller an opportunity to have the property inspected by our team inspector. The inspector will review all systems of the home and write a thorough report on the findings. We then discuss the findings with the seller and place any challenges in different categories. There is the “must fix now” category that deals with safety of the occupants or the property. There is the sub-standard category that is below the expectations a buyer would expect of a property for the area and price range. Lastly, there is the upgrade category for items which buyers would like to see done. By having the report and determining what categories, we can offer many opportunities to our seller clients: 1 We eliminate the “rush into a repair” syndrome by having the repair report early and without the input of a buyer waiting for an answer to complete the next step of their purchase. 2 We have time to contact numerous vendors who will compete for the best price. 3 We have time to make decisions on the condition vs. price, which is much better determined before the buyer has made a successful offer. 4 We know early if there are any big ticket items that would prevent a sale from a buyer not wanting the property or the seller not being able to afford the repair. 5 We can choose the mode of repair before a buyer has a stake in the decision. There are many ways to repair rather than replace. Replace is usually how a buyer wants the challenge remedied. Top Agent Magazine


6 We have time to get government or utilities involved if needed. 7 A seller’s net proceeds or “net sheet” can be professionally prepared. 8 We might receive a higher offer when a potential buyer is presented an inspection with all the repair receipts attached. 9 The one to two week wait is eliminated by having a report done before an offer rather than waiting for it after the offer. 10 Since we are paying for the report, we get to choose the inspector. Finding inspectors without the drama gene is important. There are many other reasons to be knowledgeable about the property, prior to negotiations. We have arranged a team of inspectors who have agreed to wait to be paid for their inspection and report until the seller receives their proceeds from sale. This cures the cash flow problem. We, at Premier Real Estate, believe that this is not only an outstanding investment that pays many dividends, but it is also the most professional way to handle a sale including all possible disclosures to all potential parties. Should you have any questions, please feel free to discuss. We have much experience in this little utilized system to increase our seller’s net proceeds. Many people have a coach who has not been through the ups and downs as Walter Sanford. Many coaches do not have the same achievements as Walter. He has millions in cash flow equity that came from his real estate business, and he developed systems that can be implemented without any special abilities. We currently have a few availabilities in our coaching program, and this year’s schedule has some availability for seminars as well. Copyright©, Walter Sanford. All rights reserved.

Walter Sanford has been designing and implementing real estate systems for 30 years. One of the most successful REALTORS® and now wealthy from his systems, Sanford teaches his systems and strategies through his products, seminars, and personal coaching producing the best results in the industry. Do what works, do what is proven. Hire Walter Sanford. Call our office at 800.792.5837, email, or chat with us online at 22

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NATALYA MIKINBERG Natalya Mikinberg, Owner/Broker at V.I.Properties in Hewlett, New York, is a powerhouse who has spent nearly thirty years helping both buyers and sellers achieve their real estate dreams. As the driving force behind one of the leading independent brokerages in the western Long Island region of Five Towns, Natalya and her team have more than earned their stellar reputation as highly-professional and truly-caring real estate advocates. Natalya and her company’s focus on providing exceptional customer service has resulted in legions of satisfied past clients who, year after year, continue to refer their friends and family. Natalya began her career in real estate when she was working for a bank and focusing on foreclosures. “I needed to get my license to do that kind of work,” recalls Natalya. “So I got my license in 1993, and that’s how my real estate career began. I had fallen in love with real estate when I was searching for and buying my own house for me and my family, and I enjoyed the entire process.” Natalya began her career with Smolinksy Properties, and in 1998 she obtained her Broker’s license and launched V.I.Properties, working out of her home’s basement. In 2001, she moved out of her basement and into an office space, adding two agents, both of whom still work with her today. In 2004, her company relocated to their current office in Hewlett, and she quickly began expanding her team. Currently, she oversees a team of thirty-nine equally-dedicated agents who all share Natalya’s honest, client-first business philosophy.

the number one listing and selling agency.” A significant portion of Natalya’s business is based on repeat and referred clients, perhaps the truest measure of excellent customer service in the highly-competitive real estate industry. “Our clients trust us,” says Natalya, when asked to account for the loyalty her clients have demonstrated, “and we appreciate their business.” That appreciation is clearly reciprocated, as is made evident by the impressively large number of five-star reviews Natalya and her team have received on industry website When asked what they enjoy most about their line of work, many agents might be tempted to point to their commission checks. Not so Natalya, who finds the most satisfaction in the more personal side of things. “I love making people happy,” she says, her sincerity obvious. “That moment when a seller gets what they want for their house, or when I’m giving a buyer their new house key at the closing table, that’s very important to me.” Natalya’s plans for the future are fairly simple: to continue building her business and her team, and possibly expanding her operations into Manhattan. Her overall goal, however, is to continue offering the amazing customer service that has become synonymous with the V.I.Properties name. “We take care of all our clients,” says Natalya, “from the beginning of the process until the very end. I am truly grateful and honored to be serving this wonderful community for so many years, and I look forward to continuing to provide my services and seeing smiles on our customer’s and client’s excited faces.”

As Natalya’s business grew, she saw the need to embrace technology to stay ahead of her competitors, and was the first agent in the area to launch her own website, back in the days when that was fairly uncommon. “I spent seven thousand dollars on it,” she recalls, “and that was huge for me then. But a couple of days later I got my first lead from it. I learned that if you want to earn, you have to spend. It is very important to stay up-todate with the newest technologies.” Natalya’s embrace of technology has continued, and she currently utilizes cutting-edge methods for promoting her listings via the internet and social media platforms, all under the expert guidance of her Marketing Director. These efforts, combined with other savvy marketing strategies, have resulted in quick sales for top dollar. V.I.Properties has not only succeeded; it has flourished since its inception. “In the Five Towns area,” says Natalya with justifiable pride, “we are almost always Top Agent Magazine

For more information about Natalya Mikinberg, call 516-791-1313 or email Copyright Top Agent Magazine 23


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