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Turning Your Profession Into A PASSION 5 Tips to GET NEW CLIENTS Business Growth Hack: ABSORB YOUR CLIENTS’ STRESS!

4 Ways Mentoring Up-and-Coming Employees Makes You a BETTER AGENT







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Business Growth Hack: Absorb Your Clients’ Stress! Your business coach or a CRM software sales rep has probably described a number of products or services to help you grow your business. But sometimes the easiest way to increase the deals you’re closing is to simply be present for your clients. In doing so, you’ll find have the power to decrease the stress they feel. And when you decrease their stress, you increase your value to them, leading to new referrals and organic growth. 4

You may be thinking, “I have enough stress; how can I find the emotional bandwidth for other people’s stress?” But consider this: As their day-to-day point of contact in this life decision, you are already a strong presence in your client’s lives. Why not allow yourself to be the only seemingly calm part of this process? By asking them what’s on their mind, by truly listening, by showing that you truly understand and even by rolling up

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your sleeves to relieve some of their grunt work, you’ll prove yourself invaluable. Think of yourself as the equivalent of an anti-anxiety pill to your clients. All you have to do is form a few easy habits.

Laura and Raj, their agent and their loan officer soon came to learn that Laura’s 80-year-old mother may eventually move in with the family. This news not only helped the agent best meet Laura’s and Raj’s needs for a new home; it gave both the agent and the loan officer opportunities to go above and beyond for their clients. Their REALTOR® connected Laura with a senior services nonprofit near Laura’s mom’s current home that may be able to assist the family. And their loan officer outlined various, detailed options to Laura and Raj make smart, long-term financial decisions. Meanwhile, the agent and loan officer earned the trust of Laura and Raj, who felt less worried about the future.

Listen – really listen – with patience Behind every home purchase or sale is a person or a family with a uniquely complex set of needs, motivations, objectives and priorities. Asking the right questions and truly listening to the answers are the easiest ways to learn how to make clients’ lives easier. In doing so, you not only show that you’re interested in them as people, but you help yourself discover ways to surprise your clients with service. Take “Laura and Raj,” for instance – a couple in their 30s who wanted a larger home because their family of five outgrew their first home. By patiently getting to know Top Agent Magazine

Empathize Don’t be afraid to describe your own personal experiences as a homebuyer or seller, explaining how you felt at the time; let your client know you “get” it. The agent who is willing to open up and let buyers and

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sellers know that they personally understand their needs and concerns will connect with clients quickly, break down barriers and help the process move smoothly. Chayan Alavi, Broker/Owner of Alavi Agency in Long Beach, California, challenges himself and his team to ensure that every action of every day serves others. “If we can put ourselves in other people’s shoes with empathy, then we become stellar professionals and great human beings, too,” he says. “I like knowing that we remove the sales pitch from real estate and make it all about the customer.” Chayan and his team focus on customer advocacy and building trust. But they don’t take trust for granted. Instead, they know trust must be earned and nurtured over time.

Roll up your sleeves “You can’t be afraid to do anything!” says Matthew Todd of d’aprile properties in the Chicago area. “People know there’s nothing I won’t do to get the job done.” He has 6

mowed clients’ lawns, walked dogs and personally cleaned someone’s 8,000-squarefoot, $2 million home for a showing one day after his seller left the house. Two days before another closing, Matthew’s client was unable to move large amounts of unneeded furniture out of the house he sold. No problem! Matthew joined or created five online garage sales; sold or gave away most of the client’s belongings and had the remainder hauled away before cleaning in time for the closing. “The first time I sit with a seller on listing presentation or the first day I take someone on a buyer’s tour, they know I’m ‘all-in.’” Meanwhile, in the Cincinnati area, Aaron Denton of Summit Funding considers himself and his team members to be concierges for their borrowers. “We’re like personal assistants,” says Aaron. “People are happier when you remove the stress.” Included in their standard services are researching moving quotes; arranging and organizing movein day; scheduling utility transfers; assisting with children’s school registration paperwork; and even connecting buyers with local resources like daycares. If “rolling up your sleeves” isn’t your strongest skill, then an easy alternative is to get to know professionals in your area who can do these tasks for you. In the end, remember that by listening with patience, empathizing, and being willing to go the extra mile, you have the power to remove the stress your clients would experience without your help. When clients feel cared for, they remember the agents and partners who helped them.

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SHANNON DELLAFORTUNA “She’s so honest!” “She made the process stress-free!” “We thought we were her only client!” This is just some of the praise clients heap on Shannon Dellafortuna, who in her first nine months in real estate sold 30 houses—a volume of nearly $12 million. It’s just natural that Shannon is trustworthy and caring. She was a teacher in Cranford (where she lives) for 15 years, and she’s the mother of three children. “I’ve had parents say they trusted me with their kids, so they can trust me to sell their house!” she says, laughing. Shannon always loved real estate, going to open houses and watching HGTV even when she was teaching. But she had earned her degree in education and was aiming to become an administrator. She didn’t know if she could do real estate. “Then a couple of years ago,” she says, “my parents flipped a house. I was so into the whole process, I just loved it!” She got her license intending to dabble. Then in 2016 she had her third child. She thought it might be the perfect opportunity to see if she could do real estate full time. She dove in, and her instinct was spot on. Originally with Weichert Realtors, Shannon is moving to RE/ MAX, where she’ll form her own team with another agent. She serves primarily Union County, where she’s known as a neighborhood expert—nearly 80 percent of her business comes from referrals. Clients love that she doesn’t push them; in fact, she points out negatives they might be missing. She also loves working with first-time buyers. “I love to take them under my wing and walk them through the entire process, getting ahead of their anxieties,” she says. “I help them get preapproved, get them a really good home inspection, and let them know I’m there for them the whole time.” Many of

Shannon’s investor clients even trust her to buy a house for them sight unseen. When Shannon has a listing consultation, whether the property is a $100,000 condo or a million dollar home in Westfield, the first thing she emphasizes is that the home has to look fabulous online. She’s “politely honest” about what the sellers should do (rapid staging, painting, decluttering) or, if the house is empty, she’ll have it staged for them. She follows with professional photography, drone footage and a floor plan. She creates a virtual tour and Facebook Live tour. “Promoting to the correct audience is the most important thing,” she says, “and I can target the audience on Facebook. I also do brokers’ and public open houses, advertise in print and send Just Listed cards.” It’s all about people for Shannon, so she’s active in her community, particularly where her children are concerned. She’s been a Cub Scout leader, coached soccer and T-ball, is the class mom, and as a former science teacher, helped organize a STEM Night (science, technology, engineering, math) for families to come to school and work with robots, coding, etc. Down the road, she’d like to be on the Cranford Board of Education, but for now, when she’s not working, her life revolves around her family. She appreciates the flexibility real estate allows her. In the future, as Shannon “explodes” with her new team at RE/ MAX, she’ll focus on creating a bigger local presence. She’d like people to know her as a dynamic, successful Realtor, not just a teacher and mom. She was recently approved as an agent for HGTV’s “House Hunters” series, so she may soon gain not just a local but a national reputation! Special thanks to Voa Salon in Cranford - Hair; Kelly Cunningham - Makeup; and Denise Addona - Photography.

To learn more about Shannon Dellafortuna,

call 908- 403-7797 or email 8

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4 Ways Mentoring Up-and-Coming Employees Makes You a Better Agent In the world of real estate, there are always new agents joining the ranks. Even if you’ve been practicing for just a few short years, you’ve likely learned your fair share of lesson along the way. As an agent, much of your working philosophy is derived from first-hand experience and your work on the ground. This means that new agents are less prepared for the inevitable curveballs of the industry. That’s where you come in. While mentorship is often pitched as a relationship that solely benefits the mentee, there is actually plenty to be gained from becoming a mentor. After all, personal growth goes hand-in-hand with professional growth, and becoming a mentor asks agents to thought10

fully explore and demonstrate their own ideologies, practices, and rationale. With that in mind, take a look at some of the benefits of mentorship below, and you’ll get a sense of why counseling new agents can be a boon to your own business. Teaching lessons to others reinforces your own professional values. Showing the ropes to young agents is a great way to brush-up on your foundational skills. Verbalizing and demonstrating processes, or walking through the rationale behind negotiation tactics—all cause mentors to think through their established practices and outline in detail why they’ve chosen this route over an

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alternative. This helps older agents fine-tune their routines, while getting back in touch with the critical thinking that went into constructing those habits. Mentorships allows you to see the big picture.

surely sharpen your ability as the head of a team. What’s more, you’ll be building skills of empathy, understanding, teaching, and constructive criticism. Working on those skills will better your practice and your ability to lead in your office.

After a lengthy industry tenure, it’s not uncommon for battle-worn agents to lose some steam and begin to burn out. By devoting some time to mentoring up-and-coming agents, you’ll get back in touch with your early days, remembering the excitement, the trials, and the hard lessons gleaned. Spending time with the next generation of real estate professionals can reinvigorate your practice, as seeing the business from the eyes of an eager amateur can inject energy into your working life. You’ll benefit from seeing things from a new perspective. Just as working with young agents can help you remember your career’s big picture, you may also benefit from working alongside someone with a new perspective. Young agents bring a different set of skills and awareness to their work, and established agents can benefit from a fresh take. If technology isn’t your strong suit, or you’re interested in tapping the Millennial homebuyer market, working with a younger agent is an excellent way to see through fresh eyes. Mentoring young agents makes you a better leader. As a mentor, you’ll often direct the flow of your professional relationship—figuring out which issues to tackle, making an agenda, and imparting lessons in a clear way. These are all characteristics of a leader, and acting in a position of authority as mentor can Top Agent Magazine

While some may balk at the time commitment or energy required to take on a mentee or two, you might consider it an act of ongoing education or professional development. While your mentee will undoubtedly benefit from access to your expertise, there’s certainly much to be gained from taking the time to cultivate tomorrow’s real estate leaders.

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KEREN GONEN People usually think of moving as a hurdle to overcome, a process rife with obstacles and headaches. But not those who work with Keren Gonen! Keren thinks of moving as an adventure and guides her clients through the process with dedication, enthusiasm and expertise. She’s committed to providing them the absolute best real estate experience possible. “It’s important to me to help my clients achieve the type of lifestyle they desire and require to lead a balanced and happy life,” she says. Keren knows how important that is. Born in Israel, she had to make a huge adjustment when she moved to this country in her early teens. She’s lived in Florida, California and New Jersey. After successful careers in the shipping and cosmetics industries, including owning her own business, she began helping her boyfriend, who owns a construction business, flip homes. At one point they became extremely frustrated with real estate agents who never returned their calls, texts or emails. Finally, her boyfriend suggested that she become an agent herself, so they wouldn’t have to deal with anyone else. She did—and to her surprise, she found the life she was seeking. An agent with the Green Team New Jersey Realty/Green Team Home Selling System, she’s licensed in both New Jersey and New York and serves all of the Garden State along with Warwick, New York. Although she’s been in real estate just over a year, in 2017 she closed an astounding 20 transactions, totaling $4.2 million in sales volume. She’ll become part of the Sussex County Board of Realtors Circle of Excellence, thanks to those numbers. Her broker calls her a shooting star. “He says if he can duplicate me, he’ll be a millionaire!” she says, laughing.

But it’s not about the money. “I really care about my clients,” she says. “I’m attentive to detail. I respond quickly and I show up on time. I have their best interests at heart. It doesn’t matter whether they’re buying or selling, or whether it’s a $40,000 foreclosure or a $500,000 home, they all get the same type of dedicated service.” And that service doesn’t end when the transaction closes. Keren keeps in touch with past clients by email, text and phone, pops by to say hello, and sends gifts for holidays, birthdays and special occasions. The best part of the job for her is finding people a home that fits them. “People don’t usually know what they want,” she says. “You have to have the ability to listen closely and decipher what will actually make them happy.” Making people happy is where it’s at for Keren, which is why she gives back to the community whenever she can, volunteering at the Senior Citizens Center or supporting the Green Team “Light Up the Holidays” campaign. In her free time, the top priority is her children—and they’re probably all she has time for! Exceptionally goal oriented, she reads a lot and listens to podcasts that can help her grow her business. That’s just one of the reasons Keren does so well. She’s also open and willing to share what works for her. She feels that if everyone in her office does well, they’ll have so much positive energy that they can elevate each other, help each other’s business grow. Then nothing can stop them. As 2018 unfolds, Keren plans to continue helping more people and, when she’s in business long enough to get her broker’s license, open another branch of the Green Team. This “shooting star” will be lighting up the sky for some time. Count on it.

To learn more about Keren Gonen,

visit or, call 551. 262.4062 or email www.



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Keren Gonen

on being featured for the state of New Jersey in Top Agent Magazine!

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1 Billion-Plus Reasons Why You Should Be Active on Facebook By Bubba Mills

The number is staggering and potentially career ending for REALTORS® who ignore it: 1,440,000,000. That’s the total number of monthly active users on the social medium Facebook. That number alone is reason enough to use it regularly in your real estate business. But Facebook can also help turn you into the expert in your community. Just by sharing knowledge and relevant events about the community you can become the go-to source for all things local – a perfect way to capture the attention of prospective buyers. Plus, Facebook advertising also gives you tons of targeting layers like age, location, recent life events and interests. Plus, it constantly adds new targeting filters and functions that help you reach even more niche prospects who closely meet your customer criteria. Talk about pinpointing a target audience. 14

Top Agent Magazine

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Another Facebook real estate ad tool is Website Custom Audiences that lets you create Facebook ads that target users who have visited your website. And several apps specifically for Facebook have emerged. Consider these: • Helps you host contests, showcase promotions and high-

light special offers. • Let’s you easily create quizzes and other fun tools for engaging content. • Helps you make your Facebook business page both sleek and stylish and tabs allow for easy lead capture. But the latest offering is just as cool. It’s called Facebook Live and it lets you stream live video on the internet. I recently wrote about Periscope, another live video streaming app, but when you use Facebook Live you’re automatically featured at the top of Facebook users’ news feed. What’s more, statistics show that live video is viewed more than recorded video. How can REALTORS® use Facebook Live? Open Houses: Broadcast a walk-through of a new listing

and highlight all the great features.

Webinars: Host live webinars targeted to buyers and sellers. They can sub-

mit questions just like a real-life seminar.

Real Estate Talk Show: Offer the latest news in the industry plus share lo-

cal events and your newest listings. In short, become the Lester Holt or Diane Sawyer of real estate in your town with your own “TV” show! Facebook offers these tips for using Facebook Live: Promote: Tease upcoming Facebook Live broadcasts for more viewers. Plan better: Take time to plan what you want to do in the video, whether

it’s a few key talking points or to have a few questions ready ahead of time in a Q&A, in case incoming comments slow down. Top Agent Magazine

Top Agent Magazine


Invest in some equipment: A shaky live stream turns off viewers so con-

sider a tripod or other stabilizing tools, especially if you’re taking viewers on a tour of an open house. And check the shot before going live.

Get the lighting right: If you’re indoors be sure you have plenty of good

lighting and avoid a lot of light directly behind you because it’ll wash you out.

Sound good: A common mistake for beginners is overlooking sound.

Consider an external microphone to make sure your viewers can actually hear you. And if the live option makes you a little nervous, you can also stream pre-recorded videos. Hey, that has worked like a charm for TV for decades. Some businesses promote their web series to “air” on Facebook Live at a certain time like TV shows. After they are streamed, Facebook Live videos function as normal Facebook videos. Some business owners believe videos may perform better if they begin as live ones. NowThis, a news company that publishes entirely on social platforms, experimented by streaming a 38-minute compilation of its favorite viral videos via Facebook Live. The stream received over 20,000 views and over 500 comments, according to Facebook’s counters. Yes, all the new-fangled internet tools, apps and options for REALTORS® can be a bit overwhelming. Just take it one step at a time and you’ll slowly be right there in the business-winning mix. E-mail me today at and I’ll send you more free information about how technology can help your real estate business. Copyright©, 2016 Bubba Mills. All rights reserved.

Bubba Mills is the CEO of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching Inc. (, 800-957-8353), an international Real Estate, Mortgage, and Small Business coaching company committed to helping clients balance success in business, while building value in life. Bubba Mills is a nationally recognized inspirational and education speaker, coach and mentor to the top real estate agents and mortgage companies. To find out more about Corcoran Consulting & Coaching, call 1-800-957-8353 or visit us at 16

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PAUL CURATOLO After a long and successful career working in the car business, Paul Curatolo got his real estate license in 2010. But it wasn’t until 2016 that he made the leap into real estate full time. In a short period of time, he has already become one of the most in-demand and top producing agents working in the lucrative markets of Ocean and Monmouth Counties in New Jersey. One of the keys to Paul’s remarkable success has been his absolute devotion to providing an exceptional customer experience, something 18 Copyright Top Agent Magazine

that has already earned him a remarkably high rate of repeat and referral business. “I try and take an educational approach with my clients. I’m there to advise and guide them through the process, so I make myself available to answer any and all questions. If I don’t know something, I find out for them. This is not a process that people do a lot in their lifetimes, I’m the expert advisor in this situation and I take that role seriously. I set proper expectations and keep them well informed throughout. I also go out of my way to do all of the extra things, anything I can do to make their experience as Top Agent Magazine

“I try and take an educational approach with my clients. I’m there to advise and guide them through the process, so I make myself available to answer any and all questions.” stress free as possible. I also have excellent negotiation skills, so I’m able to get them the best deal possible at the end of everything.” Paul not only builds strong relationships during the active transaction, but he also goes to great lengths to maintain those relationships. “Follow up is so important in this business. I’m constantly picking up the phone Top Agent Magazine

and checking in on clients, seeing how things are and if there’s anything I can do to help them. I want them to always see me as a resource for them. My goal is to be their Realtor® for life. I think that’s why my referral business is so good. I don’t disappear after the deal is done.” Another area in which Paul goes above and beyond is with his comprehensive approach 19 Copyright Top Agent Magazine

Copyright Top Agent Magazine Copyright 20

Top Agent Magazine

I’m constantly checking in on clients, seeing how things are and if there’s anything I can do to help them. I want them to always see me as a resource for them. My goal is to be their Realtor® for life...I don’t disappear after the deal is done.” to marketing his listings. “Because I do a lot of online marketing, making the properties visually appealing is the key first step. I put a lot of money into making my listings stand out. Once I get them show ready, I get them maximum exposure. I’ve had great success with this approach, and have Top Agent Magazine

results that lead to referrals. People know I’m going to sell their home quickly and for top dollar.” Paul couldn’t be more thrilled with how far he’s come in such a short amount of time, and would like to eventually grow a team, Copyright Top Agent Magazine 21

mentoring new agents to find the success that he has. “I just want to keep getting bigger and better every year. I really found my passion. I came from a career that I did well in, but it wasn’t fulfilling for me. Now I’m doing something I truly love. I took a risk, and with hard work, I’ve made it happen.

I have my own business, and I’m really in charge of my own destiny now, so the sky’s the limit. I feel very fortunate. I get to help people’s real estate dreams come true, and I’d love nothing more than to inspire other agents to find the joy in this career that I have. It’s very rewarding.”

To learn more about Paul Curatolo call (732) 300-7034, email, or visit Copyright Top Agent Magazine 22

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5 Tips to Get New Clients If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you’ve probably built up a healthy percentage of repeat and referral business. Although it can be tempting to just maintain those relationships rather than generating new business, there’s something to be said for staying on top of Top Agent Magazine

your game by never resting on your laurels. Actively pursuing new clients is not only a way to generate more business, but depending on how you do it, it could even lead to a profitable new niche. Here are just a few ways to build up your new client base. 23


Become a referral partner with industry peers


Cold Call Expired and FSBO Listings

Everyone from mortgage lenders, to financial planners, to insurance agents, can be potentially lucrative referral partners for a Realtor®. You may already have great relationships with some that just need to be more formalized. But, you don’t just want to partner with anyone, make sure these are people you also feel completely comfortable referring your clients to - people who share your values and work ethic.

Another avenue to consider is divorce attorneys – yes, you heard that correctly. Helping people go through this difficult period actually requires a very specific skill set. You need to be able to handle the legal aspects, as well as the emotional ones. There are numerous training courses you can take if you decide to take this route, which could end up being a lucrative and much-needed specialty.

This is a route a lot of agents take when they are just starting out, that usually leads to great success. You probably haven’t cold called since you started out, and this is a great skill to build up again. It will not only sharpen your sales skills, but could generate a lot more business. People with For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) and expired listings, are usually very motivated to sell. This is a great chance for you to really hone in on why they need to hire you. Do you offer innovative marketing plans? Access to a large sphere of influence? Expired listing clients are looking for ways to sell a property that seems impossible to move. With FSBOs, you need to show them how you can get them more money in their pocket, even 24

with paying you a commission. Pursuing both will really engage your mind to think outside of the box, which will not only get you more business, but make you better at what you do. Top Agent Magazine


Partner up with a Relocation Company


Become a Builder’s Realtor® of choice

This is another niche market that you can really capitalize on if you want to pursue a new specialty. But, it is a specialty, so getting educated on the process will help you generate the business you want. It’s a complicated area of real estate, you’ll often

times be helping to facilitate dual transactions, as you try and secure a property at the same time you are helping your relocation client sell their previous home. This specialty is becoming an in-demand skill in areas that have major corporate headquarters.

This can be a real score for any Realtor®. The competition might be fierce to land a client like this, but there are numerous ways to make yourself stand out from the rest. Gain certifications and become knowledgeable about the construction process. Be wellversed on what trendy materials, features, and finishes will add value to a property. Get the builder on board with you by offering to take just a segment of the subdivision then wow them with your marketing skills. Take on properties they haven’t been able to sell. You can even offer to throw an open


house for them. This is another way to show them the level of service they can expect from you. These clients might be harder to land, but the payoff will be enormous.

Create a Website that Offers Real Value to Potential Clients

Perhaps the most useful way of getting contact information for people looking to sell is by adding a home valuation feature to your website. When people are first considering selling their home, finding out how much

Top Agent Magazine

it is worth is one of the first questions they want answered. By becoming a resource to potential clients (and current clients!), you just might be the first person that comes to mind when they’re actually looking to sell. 25

Turning Your Profession into a Passion The old adage goes that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. On the other hand, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day worries and responsibilities of your career, even if you generally enjoy what you do. While there’s no guaranteeing that every day on the job will be a picnic, there are a few steps you can take to vastly improve your morale and transform your profession into a passion. After all, cultivating a passion for what you do will not only add to your quality 26

of life, but will likely make you more successful in the long run. BUILD YOUR BASE OF KNOWLEDGE Knowledge builds confidence, and confidence breeds success. A sure way to light a fire in your heart for your daily work is to challenge yourself to learn more and expand your understanding of your field. By doing so, you equip yourself for success, create challenges, and find the most inter-

Top Agent Magazine

Top Agent Magazine

esting features of your work—especially those that most appeal to your interests and talents. Try reading the top five books on the topic of your industry, or subscribe to a podcast where thriving professionals offer their two cents. Either way, learning more about your industry is bound to reveal a source of inspiration worth pursuing. THINK ABOUT THE BIG PICTURE

and excelling in your field, you may find that others’ approaches inspire your own. Likewise, what you learn from other successful, passionate people in your field can help you shape your own office and work life, in turn creating more opportunities for you to fall in love with what you do, all over again. TAKE RISKS


One of the biggest hindrances of professional passion is falling into a rut. Routines are familiar and everyday responsibilities vie for our energy. But the next time you tackle a task the way that you always have, take a moment and try to refresh your perspective—is there a more clever or efficient way you could approach this project? Even better: why not take the plunge and do the things you’ve always been meaning to—throw that client appreciation event you’ve put off planning, take the continuing education course you keep forgetting to register for, even try a creative activity that pushes you out of your comfort zone. There’s no better way to inject some passion into your life than by going outside your bubble and taking a risk.

Have you ever chatted with someone who was overflowing with energy for what they do? That sort of passion tends to be infectious—often causing us to beg our own questions about professional engagement. By participating in local organizations or networking with those who are active

Passion comes from all directions—from your own interior journey and from the world around you. To transform your profession into a passion worth having, invest in yourself and venture into the vast world around you. You’ll surely reap the rewards.

Sometimes reinvigorating your passion for your work is about looking outward, rather than inward. Gain some perspective and consider who your work helps in the long run. As a real estate professional—whether you work as an agent, broker, in mortgages, home inspections, or otherwise—your work positively impacts someone else’s home-sweet-home. You make a difference. While it may seem like just another day at the office, taking a moment to visualize exactly who you are helping in the world at large is a great way to add some motivational fire to your daily tasks.

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