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Playing the Real Estate Matchmaker










Top Agent Rachel Milito – of her expe Bettibe Russo’s busi Star Real Estate Agency in marketing up of mostly reh North Arlington, New Jersey utilizedwhy. excl she knows I loveensuring and I love – is a consummately dedicated tha she explains. professional who brings to the expansive u“ that always it’s all guar abou table a true sense of concern for and the relations her many grateful buyers and with “I them. I build sellers. With an emphasis on really love connections beca JOHN NATALE RACHEL MILITO RUSSO honesty, a BETTI friendly demeanor, says Rachel. such relationships a personal b and a wealth of industry knowledge, Rachel has staked a claim as one of the most respected real estate agents Realtor, and ForState’s Betti the money is nicemany - “Inofany currently servicing The Garden Bergen, Essex them important to make a good living,” she and Passaic Counties. it’s not what drives her. “IWhen love gettin she’s CONTENTS the closing table, not just for the sake Licensed since April of 2017, Rachel has already hiking andoo because very exciting me,” she racked up scores of rave reviews on it’s, on for decompress, everyoverall step of rating, the way. More th which site she holds a perfect,there five-star to herthan comm 13) MAKE SOCIAL MEDIA 4) PLAYING THE REAL ESTATE at the closing table.” other Realtorsend can only envy. “Rachel Rachel keep YOUR CALLING MATCHMAKER— FOLLOWsomething manyMARKETING just one of these. “Her snacks and d CARD readsWith THESE 8 DATING RULES TOis an absolute pleasure,” a decade of experience serving clie positive attitude and contagious energy make looking the homeles and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, Betti ENSURE YOU MATCH YOUR for a new home a fun and stress-free experience. If relationships beyond the closing t 17) 3 BEYOND-THE-OFFICE CLIENT WITH THE PERFECTyou are looking for a realtor, many Rachel is perfect. She is Looking to gettingINSPIRE people to the stage of their lif ACTIVITIES A next HOME FOR THEM honest and trustworthy, and sheTO is always looking out lighthearted “It’s a huge transition and I’m lucky t BOOMthe though, for her client’s CREATIVE best interest, BUSINESS which is not always through it, and if I did my job right -her wh case based on other experiences we have had. Rachel and more im strive to do! - that relationship never goes 22) 5 REASONS WHY is wonderful and very committed to making the home leled custom YOU NEED A MENTOR buying experience a positive one!” her nam Betti finds that the internet with has changed


“You can reach the biggest audience th Currently, much of Rachel’s business her Jersey Lifes says. “I comes started from my North growing social media presence on social media Estate Show in 2019 sites and I just finished r Phone 310-734-1440 | Fax 310-734-1440 like Facebook and Instagram. 52nd Another portion of that episode, so I did a whole year. I utili | considerable business is the result of her likability and to give buying and selling tips and to le her empathetic approach to her craft. “I’ve told thatit’s about provid No portion of this issue may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior consent of the publisher. Top Agent to know mebeen - but mostly Magazine is published by Feature Publications GA, Inc. are taken to ensure the accuracy published myAlthough overallprecautions personality attracts people,” says ofRachel, real estate information.” materials, Top Agent Magazine cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts supplied by its authors. when asked how she manages to inspire such impressive To subscribe or change address, send inquiry to levels of trust and loyalty.” Rachel points to heradvantage mother of her backgr Her videos take Published in the U.S. – a twenty-five-year veteran ofdegree the realinestate – Salesindustry and Marketing and 25 y as the source of her optimistic outlook. management, marketing and client serv ence, she trulyTop understands the best way Agent Magazine Giving greatly her clients There are many factors thatpublic. contribute to marketing cons For helping “Dress Your House For S Rachel’s impressive success story. Onethem of those would

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Playing the Real Estate Matchmaker –

Follow These 8 Dating Rules to Ensure You Match Your Client with the Perfect Home for Them When you think a bit more about it, the ultimate goal of a real estate agent serving a client is really to match them up with the perfect house for them, almost the way a matchmaker tries to find two people that will fit well together as a couple. When people are looking for a house, they often treat the process as a quest for “the one” house that will fulfill their dreams of living in the house of their dreams. Don’t be fooled. It is always a search for “the one”, at least when it comes to helping a couple or family find a home. When you look at your client’s search for a home in this manner, then you might begin to notice some pretty obvious similarities 4

between shopping for a home today and online dating. In this day and age most people live a substantial part entire lives online. People socialize with their friends on Facebook, they meet potential friends in forums and online communities, and we now even search for our perfect mate online. Shopping for a home also happens to usually start online. When they begin this search, make no mistake; they are looking for the “one.” These people then turn to you, the REALTOR® to play matchmaker for them. It is your job to wade through the pool of eligible homes (bachelors) and sort through all the ones that are too expensive, too nerdy, not cute enough, not smart enough, etc. until you find the “one.”

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It makes sense then to consult the tried and true practices in matchmaking that help those professionals find the right people for each other, and see if any of them could also apply for matching your clients with their dream home. You’ll find that these 8 dating rules may just show you the secret to matching your clients with the perfect home.

back to the store if you’re not happy with your new home. It’s best to first help your client get prequalified. This is a tangible step that shows they are ready to move on to a new home. You want to make sure they are completely over their love affair with their previous home. You can even ask them for a sign or proof that they’re ready to move on.

Who Is In and Not In Your Client’s League? Know Your Client’s Price Range:

Be Genuine, Not Superficial

When a person is looking for a mate, it is a waste of time for them to even consider those potential mates that are clearly out of their league. These people won’t even stop to give them the time of day. In the world of real estate the idea is the same. There is no point showing your clients houses that they can’t afford and will simply lust after without having any real chance of purchasing the house. It is your job to keep your client ground in reality, and help them be realistic in terms of price when choosing their next home.

Never Let Your Client’s First Impression of a Home Rule Their Decisions

Make Sure Your Client is Ready to Move On From Their Last Dream Home You’re job is also to make sure that your client is truly ready to move on from their previous home. This is a long term commitment, and they need to be absolutely sure they actually want to buy a new house. You can’t simply take the receipt Top Agent Magazine

When trying to manage the many pitfalls of online dating, on inevitably goes on a date where the other person looks nothing like their picture online. That can be just as big of a problem when looking for a house. When clients show you a particular house they want to visit, ask them to name something about the house that they like other than the aesthetics. This way you can see if they are simply infatuated with the way the house looks in those pictures, or if there is a deeper interest in the home that could become a deeper connection between your client and the house.

When your client first sees a house they have already been lusting after in their mind, they’re often so excited to finally be looking at it, especially if it does in fact look as good as it did in the pictures. Make sure to encourage them to take some time before making such a big com-

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mitment, and don’t let their excitement push them into making a rash decision. It is your job to keep them grounded in reality. Push for your clients to do an inspection to make sure the house isn’t hiding any dark secrets. Sometimes the most charming facade can hide tons of slime and deadly mold.

Follow Your Heart (or Gut) People often laugh at and ridicule the idea of love at first sight, but when it comes to homes, the phenomenon can certainly happen. Your client may just find their perfect dream home at the very first place you take them. If you have a client that does insist this is the case, then you don’t want to try and rationalize with them or talk them out of their decision. You do, however, want to make sure you are watching out for their interest and make sure your clients take all the necessary precautions before they jump in headfirst.

See What Other People See in The Home – Do They See What Your Client Sees? Have you come to the conclusion that your clients are being blinded by all of the twinkling windows and crystal clear water glistening in the backyard pool, and can’t see that the house they’ve fallen in love with is really just a dirty animal (maybe a pig) dressed up in nice clothes and lipstick. Ask your client if they would be willing to look at the house again with 6

their close friends, family, and anyone else they trust for a second opinion there to see it with them. If the house really is a dud, they’ll be able to see past any personal bias your client might have to the truth. They will be able to help your client see through the shining facade

Celebrate the Happy Union! When a couple gets married they tend to throw a big party and celebrate their union. The same goes for the closing. Your clients have just essentially married the house of their dreams, and now it’s time to rejoice. Congratulate them on their new union. Show your support for their new homeowner status by going to their housewarming party.

Help Your Clients Maintain Their Dream Home & Ensure a Lifetime of Happiness You can’t just disappear after the transaction is finished. Become their realtor for life by showing your clients how to maintain their dream home. Act as their resource for other professionals they may need to maintain the house such as handymen, plumbers, electricians, etc. Show them how to keep up with home maintenance so they don’t ignore problems that surface and end up with a much larger issue than they started with. Help them make sure their dream home lasts so they can live happily ever after in their home for a lifetime.

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JOHN NATALE Top Agent Magazine


JOHN NATALE Top Agent John Natale and Team Natale Realtors serve Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean Counties in Central New Jersey. After working on Wall Street for many years, John Natale followed his fate to a career in real estate. A friend was encouraging him to join his real estate company, so John took the leap in 2003, and hasn’t 8Copyright Top Agent Magazine

looked back since. He fell in love with the career instantly, and has found that his service skills, finance experience and ability to help others has helped him excel. Today he has a team of agents called Team Natale Top Agent Magazine

Realtors, together they serve Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean Counties in New Jersey. With a growing percentage of their business consisting of repeat clients and referrals, it’s clear they’re going above and beyond expectations. Top Agent Magazine

“I think it’s my experience, energy and sincerity that sets me apart,” John explains. He educates his clients throughout the process, and makes sure no stone is left unturned. Understanding that he is helping his clients make one of the biggest purchases Copyright Top Agent Magazine9

or sales of their lifetime, he takes his job very seriously. “I realize that their fate is within my hands and talents when they work with me, so I have to make sure I’m doing everything possible to help,” he explains. “If I see them running out of patience or feeling stressed, I tell them to look at the big picture. They usually calm down then and we can focus on achieving the goal together.” Copyright Top Agent Magazine 10

When it comes to marketing, John first makes sure the property is prepared. “Depending on how long they’ve been in the house, I recommend a presale home inspection,” John says. “A lot of time we give them staging ideas and tell them to declutter. I then use a high end photographer so the house looks good in the listing. Then we advertise it online through real estate websites and social media.” Top Agent Magazine

“I realize that my client’s fate is within my hands and talents when they work with me, so I have to make sure I’m doing everything possible to help.” After the transaction, clients love to leave five-star reviews about their time together. One recently said, “John and his team were just amazing from the very start. He was extremely attentive, knowledgeable and trust-worthy. He was able to get a serious buyer for my sale and found me my dream home all within 3 weeks’ time. John was there for me every step of the way and made sure everything Top Agent Magazine

was handled in a timely fashion. Every person or company I was introduced to by John, from the Home Inspectors to the Mortgage Broker and Attorney, were wonderful to work with and extremely professional.” As John looks ahead, he is eager to build out his team. In 2020, he has plans to expand into Boca Raton, Florida and Copyright Top Agent Magazine 11

Maui. “We have expansion on the frame of mind for the next year,” he says. No matter how much he grows, throughout it all he will always hold himself to

the highest standard. “When choosing a Realtor, experience matters. Track record matters. Results matter. Energy matters. Buyers and sellers should be happy with the person they choose.”

For more about John Natale, please call 732-757-7251 or email

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Make Social Media Marketing Your Calling Card These days, it’s no secret that buyers begin their home search online. As the industry continues to take a digital turn, Realtors in the know must learn to utilize a whole new range of tools available to them—and for good reason. Social media is a dynamic hybrid of personal contact and targeted marketing. To make the most of this new medium, agents can’t settle for the occasional post and expect results. Instead, let’s consider a few techniques that will make your social media presence Top Agent Magazine

interactive, unmissable, and effective in generating business.

Your Profile is a Portal Ideally, you’ll have profiles across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and otherwise—but no matter what portal you’re utilizing, make sure your profile page is up-todate, well-curated, and easily navigated. Consider your profile a landing page.

Top Agent Magazine ®


Your photo, location, contact information, homepage, and a brief bio should all be readily visible so that potential clients can get an immediate sense for who you are and what your voice is. If a client wants to connect with you, it should be obvious how to do so. You might also incorporate a few savvier tools that make your profile more engaging—like hashtags. These searchable tags can help you lure potential clientele and give your audience a chance to explore deeper. #DreamHome #JustListed and #HomeInspiration are popular, existing tags to choose from, but you can cultivate your own hashtag by consistently tagging posts, which gives clients an extensive thread to comb through.

Interacting with Your Audience Posting regularly is great way to appear in feeds, but engaging with your audience is just as important—and it helps you reach a new audience in the process. It’s a positive start to like your audience’s posts, pictures, and statuses, but commenting takes your engagement a step further and separates you from typical respondents. It’s also important that you diversify your engagements. In other words, don’t center every communication around your business, propositioning your services, or trying to sell. If applicable, present your value-add, but otherwise steer your engagement towards the personal. Let your clients know that you’re there, you’re human, and 14

ready to work at their pace. Which leads us to our next point...

Blending the Professional with the Personal Engaging with your audience is one thing, but what about generating original content? How do you strike the right balance between a Call to Action, industry updates, and a personal touch? Think of it this way: any post you create should provide a point of connection for your audience. Sometimes, you might be sharing a family photo, or commenting on some unifying current event—like the Super Bowl! Other times, you may be sharing a Coming Soon listing, or providing tips to spruce up a home for spring. Regardless, you should focus on quality. Is your copywriting engaging? Does it express your unique voice and personality, while maintaining clarity? Are you giving your audience something to connect with, even if you are sharing property photos or advertising an open house? Instill some fun and some personalization to every piece of content you make, so that clients can picture the voice and person behind the post. Things are always changing on the social media frontier, but some rules never shift. Adding clarity, consistency, and personality to your online presence are three surefire ways to grow your business and make social media second nature.

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RACHEL MILITO Top Agent Rachel Milito – of Star Real Estate Agency in North Arlington, New Jersey – is a consummately dedicated professional who brings to the table a true sense of concern for her many grateful buyers and sellers. With an emphasis on honesty, a friendly demeanor, and a wealth of industry knowledge, Rachel has staked a claim as one of the most respected real estate agents currently servicing The Garden State’s Bergen, Essex and Passaic Counties. Licensed since April of 2017, Rachel has already racked up scores of rave reviews on, on which site she holds a perfect, five-star overall rating, something many other Realtors can only envy. “Rachel is an absolute pleasure,” reads just one of these. “Her positive attitude and contagious energy make looking for a new home a fun and stress-free experience. If you are looking for a realtor, Rachel is perfect. She is honest and trustworthy, and she is always looking out for her client’s best interest, which is not always the case based on other experiences we have had. Rachel is wonderful and very committed to making the home buying experience a positive one!”

be her expert, thorough and cutting-edge approach to marketing her listings. Professional photography is utilized exclusively – including drone video footage – ensuring that each property is shown in its best light, and expansive use of the internet and social media almost always guarantee fast sales for top dollar. “I really love what I do, and I love meeting new people,” says Rachel. “I’m so grateful for the number of amazing relationships I’ve made during the time I’ve been a Realtor, and that I have the ability to help them. So many of them have become good friends.” When she’s not working, Rachel enjoys biking and hiking and other outdoor activities. She also paints to decompress, and she loves to travel. She gives back to her community in a variety of ways. Most notably, Rachel keeps the trunk of her car stocked with clothing, snacks and dog food which she randomly distributes to the homeless when she sees someone in need. Looking to the future, Rachel’s plans are to produce lighthearted informational videos and podcasts. Overall though, her plans are to continue building her business, and more importantly, continuing to offer the unparalleled customer service that has become synonymous with her name.

Currently, much of Rachel’s business comes from her growing social media presence on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Another portion of that considerable business is the result of her likability and her empathetic approach to her craft. “I’ve been told that my overall personality attracts people,” says Rachel, when asked how she manages to inspire such impressive levels of trust and loyalty.” Rachel points to her mother – a twenty-five-year veteran of the real estate industry – as the source of her optimistic outlook. There are many factors that contribute greatly to Rachel’s impressive success story. One of those would be her commitment to being available to both current, past and prospective clients. Another would have to Top Agent Magazine

For more about Rachel Milito, please call 973-570-2926 or email 15 Copyright Top Agent Magazine


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3 Beyond-the-Office Activities to Inspire a Creative Business Boom Maintaining motivation year-round is a challenge, especially for those who are several years into a demanding real estate career. It’s easy to burn out, get stuck in a rut, or cycle blindly through a well-worn routine. But those that leave an impact on their industry understand that creativity holds the key to innovation and longevity. To stay ahead of Top Agent Magazine

the curve and build your brand, you’ve got to take the time to breathe new life into your practice and see things from a new angle. But where to begin? To invite change, you’ve got to look outside the box—or in this case, beyond the office. If you’re in need of a professional creative make-

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To stay ahead of the curve and build your brand, you’ve got to take the time to breathe new life into your practice and see things from a new angle. over, or at least want to experience a burst of inventive energy, consider some of the activities below. You may just shake up your routine, bend your brain in new ways, and inject some inspiration into your professional path.

Expand your mind through meditation. You’ve likely heard all about the supposed powers of meditation, and perhaps you’ve long considered it an over-hyped New Age invention. But did you know that some of the foremost entrepreneurs of our era practice this cost-free, mentally restorative routine? From Oprah Winfrey to Steve Jobs, practitioners of meditation cite its stress-relieving principles, in addition to improvements in concentration, energy, self-awareness, and overall health.


Even mainstream medicine is beginning to understand the preventative and restorative health benefits that meditation affords. As professional fields go, the mortgage and real estate industries require their fair share of emotional labor—you’re tasked with guiding clients through the investment of a lifetime. Meditation promotes peace and perspective, while reducing stress, adding a new level of self-awareness, and helping you mentally declutter. When it comes down to it, it only makes sense that taking time to go quiet and center your mind helps professionals find wherewithal amidst a hectic industry. Next time you’re feeling drained, out of ideas, or at your wit’s end—consider just fifteen minutes of meditation to get you started. Like most things, it takes some practice. But, if you commit the time, you’ll be thanking yourself later.

Top Agent Magazine ®

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Learn something new. If you’re facing burnout, then adding a new responsibility to your plate may seem like the least appetizing self-help solution there is. However, learning a new skill can reinvigorate your understanding of familiar tasks and dilemmas. Plus, learning a new skill doesn’t have to mean formal classes or time-draining homework. Select something that can even kill two birds with one stone. Want to let off some steam, too? Try a kickboxing class that meets just once-a-week. You’ll have something new to look forward to, meet new people, challenge yourself, and earn some feel-good endorphins, Top Agent Magazine

too. Want to cut loose and have some fun? Join a board game meet-up group, take a cooking class, or try rock-climbing for the first time. A stimulating new activity will light up long-dormant parts of your brain, and your clients and colleagues will surely notice the influx of energy to your outlook. Still don’t think you have enough time to add something new to the mix? Blend your morning commute with an audio language learning service. The point is to shake-up your habits and introduce a new challenge that’s unrelated to work. Doing so can make you look at things in a new light and boost your mood along the way.

Top Agent Magazine ®


See new sights. If you can, there’s no better way to break from routine than to physically separate yourself from your surroundings. There’s nothing more inspiring than traveling to new destinations, experiencing new cultures, and getting a sense of the world’s true vastness. If a trip abroad isn’t in the cards, don’t fret. There are bound to be plenty of places relatively close by that you’ve never seen. And these trips don’t have to break the bank, either. Devote just one or two days to visiting a place you’ve never gone before, like a state park, protected forest, or a small seaside village. Perhaps you’re only a few hours from a National Park you’ve been meaning to visit but have never made time for. Or, there’s a lively city one state over that you’ve always wanted to try. Whatever the destination, near or far, you’ll refresh


your perspective entirely when removed from all your usual routines. New restaurants, traffic patterns, storefronts, weather—whatever the change may be, you’ll be experiencing everything brand new all around you. Taking the time for trips like these isn’t easy. In fact, making yourself devote those free days may be a difficult task itself. But it’s the most direct way to get a breath of truly fresh air, and when you return home you’ll be able to assess familiar surroundings in a totally new light. However you decide to add creativity to your professional life, don’t wait. Once you take the plunge, you’ll be regretting you hadn’t done it sooner. After all, the key to longevity is regular maintenance, so do your part and break the mold today.

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BETTI RUSSO Betti Russo’s business is made up of mostly referrals, and she knows why. “I do what I love and I love what I do,” she explains. “Because of that it’s all about my clients and the relationships I build with them. I build such strong connections because this is such a personal business.” For Betti the money is nice - “In any business it’s important to make a good living,” she says - but it’s not what drives her. “I love getting people to the closing table, not just for the sake of closing but because it’s very exciting for me,” she says. “I’m there every step of the way. More than that, it doesn’t end at the closing table.” With a decade of experience serving clients in Pasaic and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, Betti has created many relationships beyond the closing table. “I love getting people to the next stage of their life,” she says. “It’s a huge transition and I’m lucky to help them through it, and if I did my job right - which I always strive to do! - that relationship never goes away.”

makes sure they get the best possible outcome. “I do this as a courtesy for all my clients to show their home in its best light,” she says. “I bring in a professional photographer - no matter the price point.” Betti also loves giving back to her community. She’s recently begun volunteering at the New Jersey Botanical Gardens, adding that to her service that includes working with Table to Table, who feed the hungry across North Jersey, and organizing drives for Toys for Tots within her office. When it’s time to unwind, Betti loves to get to the beach. “I love to get away to the beach with my family,” she says. “With this business I have to schedule the time, but it’s important to find the time to just enjoy my family.” With one year of informational videos behind her, Betti is looking forward to getting even bigger and better in 2020. “I’m revamping my whole look,” she says. “My videos in 2020 will be much improved, but still with the same great information.” Those videos are available on all of Betti’s social media platforms. Subscribe to her YouTube channel to be reminded every week when a new episode is released.

Betti finds that the internet has changed real estate. “You can reach the biggest audience that way,” she says. “I started my North Jersey Lifestyle & Real Estate Show in 2019 and I just finished recording my 52nd episode, so I did a whole year. I utilize my videos to give buying and selling tips and to let people get to know me - but mostly it’s about providing valuable real estate information.” Her videos take advantage of her background; with a degree in Sales and Marketing and 25 years of sales management, marketing and client services experience, she truly understands the best way to reach the public. Giving her clients marketing consultations and helping them “Dress Your House For Success,” she Top Agent Magazine

To find out more about Betti Russo visit, call 973-650-6415 or email her at www.

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor As great as it might feel to start your own business, and be solely responsible for its success, at some point, every entrepreneur reaches the limit of their potential, and needs a boost that only experience can provide. But how do you get a lifetime of experience when you’re just starting out? Sure you can read countless books, but no book can replace the real life experience and advice of a mentor. Mentors not only provides valuable insights, but they also have access to valuable connections as well. In fact a majority of the 22

most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs in the country have said that having a mentor early on was instrumental in their success. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. They’re able to see where you need improvement, when you can’t When you’re working non-stop to get your business off the ground, you might feel sensitive to any criticism from people who aren’t going through what you are. A good

Top Agent Magazine

Top Agent Magazine

mentor knows exactly what you’re going though, and has probably made every mistake. When you’re in the thick of it, you might not be able to see where the problems are. A knowledgeable outsider, who knows exactly where you’re at and has only your best interests at heart is just what you need. When you have a trusting relationship with someone like that, you will be more willing to listen to that brutal honesty, even if that constructive criticism stings.

energy into it. They can see things in a completely logical way and guide you based on the facts rather than emotion. A good mentor helps you work smarter, not harder. They help you focus on your goals and how to get there, as well as setting boundaries for you so you don’t overextend yourself. They teach you how to say no and help you let go when you need to move on from a setback.

2. They will encourage you to think outside of the box

In addition to expertise, building a strong network is something that can only come with time. A mentor will most likely have that already, giving you access to people and resources that would take others years to gain. These connections will lead to opportunities that might never have happened otherwise. It’s also a great confidence boost knowing that your mentor trusts and believes in you enough to invite you into their inner circle.

Years of experience can give someone a great idea of what works and what doesn’t. They’ve seen things first hand, not just in theory. At the same time, mentors recognize the importance of taking chances, calculating risks, as well as cutting losses and moving on. A good mentor isn’t trying to encourage you to be a carbon copy of them, they are trying to create the best ‘you’ possible. That includes encouraging you to take chances, and then being there pushing you to keep going forward if it doesn’t work out. A good mentor knows that even failures can be opportunities.

3. They take the emotion out of decisions and help set boundaries Unlike you, a mentor has no emotional investment in certain business approaches that you might have decided to try. There’s nothing harder than admitting something isn’t working when you’ve put a lot of time and Top Agent Magazine

4. Networking

5. Encouragement At the heart or it all, a mentor offers you encouragement and motivation along the way, in good times and in bad. After a failure, it can be hard to get back on track and keep forging ahead. It helps to have someone who has spent year getting back up after being known down and coming out stronger than ever. It’s during those moments, when you feel alone and isolated, that having someone around offering you advice and positive feedback will be a much needed salve. They’re your cheerleader, they want you to succeed, and hopefully, you’ll pay it forward one day when you become as successful as them.

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