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For Mary Douglas started as a hobby a into an amazing car to attend open ho every weekend, an ing how they were d designed. Mary soon license, and hit the ning as an agent. Tod THE DOUGLASS HOME TEAMteam lead of the Do Team, serving Alle Indiana, as well as surrounding counties. The tea five full-time licensed brokers, two transaction and one marketing director. The Douglass Home themselves in their ability to work together effic results in their transactions running smoothly. together, we are available when you need us,” M It is this stellar service that has resulted in their b completely based off of referrals.


17) DON’T WORRY, The Douglass Home Team understands the m parts of a real estate transaction, and aims to b BE HAPPY! the aspects so their clients can focus on their liv to earn your trust and be there to support you home transaction,” Mary says. “Whenever a glitc you have someone standing by you that represe interest and has the tools and knowledge to do so. become friends, as the team stays in touch with t transaction, including annual client appreciation

Mary credits teamwork for their immense suc years. “We are different than most teams in that w support staff than anyone,” she says. “It’s unhe Phone 888-461-3930 | Fax 310-751-7068 business to have this much support staff. All o concentrate on doing the face-to-face, everythin mag@topagentmagazine.com | www.topagentmagazine.com the scenes is done by our staff. That gives us the o No portion of this issue may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior consent of the Agent meet with ourpublisher. clients inTop person and not be bogg Magazine is published by Feature Publications GA, Inc. Although precautions are takenthe to paperwork.” ensure the accuracy of published materials, Top Agent Magazine cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts supplied by its authors. To subscribe or change address, send inquiry to mag@topagentmagazine.com. When it comes to marketing, they post all o Published in the U.S. including the MLS, Realtor.com, Trulia, and mo


focus heavily on social media, posting new pr Facebook and interacting with followers. The Century 21 Bradley Realty, has been the number the nation in 2017Top and Agent 2018. “They have an amaz Magazine system, which has helped our business stay on t the lofty goals we set in January,” Mary says.

mailto:mag@topagentmagazine.com http://www.topagentmagazine.com

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6 Habits of Highly Productive Agents In a business that can be constant chaos, you’re constantly on the go and dealing with things as they hit you. It can be difficult to take a second and regroup. But there is a better and smarter way to work. If you take the time to create some better habits, in the end, you may end up being more productive. If you want to make better use of your time, as well as have more focus, here’s some habits that you’re going to want to pick up - all common to top-producing agents.

1. Learn how to prioritize Although it might be your instinct to get some of the boring work out of the way first, things 4

that actually generate income (or are time-sensitive!) should be the first thing you focus on when you start your day. Lists are your friend! Make a list of things you want to accomplish for the day, the week, and even the month. Always list them in the order of priority. If things get cut off when you run out of time at the end of the day, at least it’ll be the things that are not as important or time sensitive. As with anyone, your time is your most valuable commodity and should be used wisely. When you make your list, you can even schedule tasks as if they were a meeting, giving yourself a little time goal to beat, as Top Agent Magazine

well. Treat your time with the same respect you would a colleague’s or client’s and don’t ever waste it. As with anyone, your time is your most valuable commodity and should be used wisely. When you make your list you can even schedule tasks as if they were a meeting, giving yourself a little time goal to beat, as well. Treat your time with the same respect you would a colleague’s or client’s, and don’t ever waste it.

to accomplish it? Write it out and then incorporate that into your prioritized ‘to do’ list. You’ll be amazed at how driven you become to reach that goal when you actually write it out with clarity. And, the sense of accomplishment you get upon completing it will carry over to the next day. It’s important to remember to be specific. Once you get into the habit of meeting your goals, exceeding them won’t be far behind.

2. Remove distractions

when you need to focus This is especially hard when you’re a Realtor®. Most are constantly connected to their phones. But, unnecessary distractions can get you off schedule and make you lose your focus instantly. If you can, turn your phone off for the half hour it takes to do a task. Interruptions make everything take twice as long, especially when you take that text and then decide to check Facebook for a second. We all do it! Complete your task, then take ten minutes to respond to all texts and messages before you start up the next thing on your list. You can even schedule those ‘text backs’ into your schedule. A concentrated effort is always more effective than going back and forth between things.

3. Set daily goals This is so key. What do you want to accomplish for the day and what do you need to do Top Agent Magazine

4. Don’t make excuses There’s that old saying, “The buck stops here”. Well, take it to heart. This is your business and you are responsible for doing everything you can to make it successful. Sure, there are reasons for why you didn’t get a listing or why your business is slow, but what are you doing to change things and make them better? Successful Realtors® work harder and come up with innova5

tive ways to stand out when times are tough. They don’t look for excuses, they look for solutions.

5. Be deliberate

about everything you do When you’re making your list, it helps to have a goal in mind for even the smallest task. If you’re calling past clients to touch base, have a specific reason why you’re calling. Are you letting them know some market news? Thanking them for a referral? When you’re meeting a referral partner for lunch, have a goal in mind for what the outcome of that meeting will be as well. Yes it’s good to socialize and build relationships, but if you have a reason, make sure it isn’t put off until the final moments, when things are wrapping up. Always having a purpose in mind will also help you prioritize your list better.

6. Always look for ways to

get out of your comfort zone Yes, you are prioritizing what is most important or urgent to your business, but it’s also important to make an effort to break out 6

of your routine as much as you’re comfortable doing. Trying out new things or taking some time to learn about new and innovative real estate techniques and technology, can have an energizing effect on your business. Not only might they lead to things that make you more productive, but it keeps you sharp and engaged. And, ultimately keeping yourself at the top of your game is what it’s all about. Top Agent Magazine

Kristin A. Bergunder

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“My construction background allows me to spot red flags other agents might not, and I also have a wide variety of subcontractors and vendors that I’ve used in both the construction and design spectrums.”

has extensive experience in the construction and design fields – makes her the ideal advisor to anyone trying to navigate the oftenconvoluted buying, selling, or investment process.

Top Agent Kristin A. Bergunder, of Century 21 Scheetz in Indianapolis, is that rare real estate professional who combines a wealth of industry knowledge, a warm and personable nature and a true desire to do what is best for each of her many grateful clients. Kristin’s triple-threat approach to her job – she also 8Copyright Top Agent Magazine

“My husband has a successful construction company, and I worked with him for some time,” says Kristin, “but I decided I wanted to do something for myself, so I started an interior design business.” Soon, recognizing that selling real estate would be a perfect complement to those endeavors, she obtained her license in 2017. “I felt like it all came full-circle, and it has been awesome,” she enthuses. Kristin found almost immediate success, and has developed a reputation as an agent who Top Agent Magazine

can be trusted to provide ethical and honest advocacy, whether it’s for buyers, sellers, or the many loyal investors who have chosen to work with her. “One of my strong suits is working with investors,” explains Kristin, “and I get a lot of repeat business from them.” Top Agent Magazine

Focusing primarily on the Northern side of Indianapolis, Kristin has already built a solid foundation of referral-based business. When asked why she inspires such ardent loyalty, Kristin grows thoughtful for a moment before replying. “I think it’s because of my commuCopyright Top Agent Magazine9

nication skills,” she says. “One of my biggest pet peeves is lack of communication. I believe communication is the foundation for strong relationships and a key component in building trust.” Kristin also points to her construction and design experience as assets that allow her to provide exceptional service. “It gives me a competitive edge,” she says. “I look at everything from a learning perspective, and I get really involved. I don’t mind getting down into crawl spaces or climbing into attics when there are inspection issues or things of that nature, because I learn from those experiences. My construction background allows me to spot red flags other agents might not, and I also have a wide variety of subcontracCopyright Top Agent Magazine Copyright 10

tors and vendors that I’ve used in both the construction and design spectrums.” Despite the financial rewards of a career in real estate, when asked what she enjoys most about what she does, Kristin points to the more personal side of the industry as providing the most job satisfaction. “When buying or selling a home, it can be an incredibly emotional experience for my clients,” she explains, “and it can be very stressful, so my goal is to alleviate as much stress as possible, and to try and make everything as fun as possible. Real estate agents aren’t just agents, we’re also counselors, mediators, and educators. My relationship with my clients start Top Agent Magazine

very early on in the process and extends well beyond the closing table.� When Kristin isn’t working, she enjoys nothing more than spending time with her husband and young children, experiencing everything Top Agent Magazine

the Indianapolis area has to offer, including spending time outdoors in the regions many parks and nature preserves. She is also an ardent supporter of the local schools, and donates generously to her primary philanthropic passion, animal rescue. Copyright Top Agent Magazine 11

Kristin has many ambitious plans for her future, including the possibility of exploring multiple investment opportunities with her husband. While she has no immediate desire to form a team, she does plan on continuing to grow her business, while also refining the incredible customer service that has become her stock in trade – all with the strong support

of her brokerage. “I owe a lot of my success to them,” she says. “Century 21 Scheetz is topnotch when it comes to training and supporting their Realtors, all of whom are unbelievable when it comes to helping each other. The company is continually evolving and modifying processes in order to be better, and their efforts are greatly appreciated.”

For more information about Kristin A. Bergunder, call 317-376-3351, email KBergunder@c21Scheetz.com or visit sellingindyrealestate.com www.

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Richard Lampe is proud to congratulate

Kristen Bergunder

on being featured for the state of Indiana in Top Agent Magazine!

Richard Lampe | Mortgage Loan Officer | NMLS#: 1642064

317-590-8202 | rlampe@milestonehl.com milestonehl.com www.

MILESTONE HOME LENDING, LLC, 254 E Carmel Dr. Suite 100, Carmel, IN 46032

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to Attract Future Clients What kind of content are you sharing on your blog, website, and social media? Does most of it have something to do with buying or selling a home? While sharing the latest market information or tips on how to qualify for a mortgage, or when someone should buy or sell is important and demonstrates your value as a REALTOR®, it shouldn’t be the only subject you cover. If you only focus on real estate, you’ll be missing the chance to connect with future clients that might not be ready to move just yet. By sharing a lot 14

of industry-heavy content, you are only going to appeal to those who are currently in the market rather than a broad base of potential clients. To pull in those other future clients you want to provide fresh, interesting content that will appeal to those possible future clients that aren’t quite ready to move yet. However, you also want to still tie this content back into your business goals. So, how do you share content that will speak to a wider audience, but also still be relevant to your business?

Top Agent Magazine

Top Agent Magazine


Talk About Your Philanthropic Activities

The philanthropic work you do to support your community says a great deal about who you are as a person. Many people will be attracted to working with you because of the charitable works you are involved with. While you may be hesitant to share these efforts because you feel it may come across as bragging, you also need to remember that sharing information about the charitable organizations you support will actually help those organizations. Many of them have small marketing budgets, so any free exposure you can give them helps to promote their cause. In fact, they want and need you to promote them. And you can promote them without coming across as a braggart. Focus your content entirely on the organization. Talk about why you support them, how they help the community, and how others can also get involved. This turns what could have been bragging into something that benefits everyone. n

Your Local Community

We humans are connected to each other through our community – our local sports teams, parks, churches, schools, and much more. What better way is there to connect with people in your community than to talk about your community? Demonstrate that you are an expert on your community, and bring that community to your followers. Share information about a local event; perhaps even share the actual event through live-stream video. Interview city officials to get the low-down on the latest development project. Share information with your followers about things they didn’t know about their community. Consult with local historians or the historical society to share interesting information about your community that your followers will want to read. You could even turn it into a series of podcasts or videos. n

Use Your Creativity to Connect

Find creative ways to engage your followers on the topic of real estate. Try engaging your followers in an interactive project such as posting photos of interesting front doors. Doors are the entry point into our homes as well as our private lives. The way we adorn our front door can give someone a sense of our style and personality. Ask followers to submit photos and choose one to post each Friday. Make sure to watermark each photo with your logo at the bottom and include an inspirational quote that ties back to the importance of home. You could also ask your followers to provide a little story or caption to go along with the photo that tells something about them and their home. These kinds of projects are interesting and unique, and clearly connect back to your business. n

Share Your Hobbies

Are you an adrenalin junkie who has bungee jumped from some of the tallest bridges in the world? Are you a foodie that grows your own organic vegetables and fruit? Do you have a Top Agent Magazine

Top Agent Magazine


secret passion for photography? Everyone has hobbies that they enjoy outside of work. When you look past the surface people become quite interesting. People also happen to find interesting people interesting, and tend to remember people based on their distinctive traits. We humans love discovering a person’s behind the scenes story, the mind behind the face. While you don’t want to talk too much about yourself, sharing pieces of your personal life and things that interest you can be a great way to connect with followers. By sharing interesting facts about your life, you will find that many followers will feel a strong, personal connection to you based on your hobbies and personal interests. n

Divulge Interesting Experiences

This is somewhat similar to the idea of sharing your hobbies. Sharing some of your more interesting personal experiences such as a fateful conversation with a stranger or an exciting adventure you had while in another country can be a great way to connect with followers as long as it also relates to some kind of life or business lesson. Talk about experiences you’ve had with clients or purchasing your own home. Experiences that relate to your business are great ways to connect with future clients in a manner that goes beyond the world of business. n

What and Who Inspires You

No matter what you’ve chosen to spend your life doing, you didn’t get there alone. You may have had a mentor that made a special impact on your life or someone already in the business that you looked up to and who perhaps inspired you to get into real estate. You may have found inspiration through a love of architecture or design. People want to know why others do the things they do. Sharing who or what influences you in your personal and business life is a great way to connect with followers. Recognizing that you didn’t get to where you are now by yourself shows humility, and talking about those people that had an influence on you shows others that you stay connected to the world and people around you. Connecting with potential clients is something that is essential to any REALTOR’S® business. If you’re doing the work to create interesting blog posts and make those connections, you want to make sure that you’re sharing the right kind of content to draw in those future clients. It takes a lot more than simply providing the latest market news. To get the most out of what you share, you need to provide a wide array of interesting content 16

that will draw in a broad range of followers. Providing the right kind of content can make all the difference when it comes to connecting with future clients and building the right kind of relationship with them right from the start. Connecting through your website or social media and sharing more than just real estate advice will help you build confidence and trust with future clients before you even meet them.

Top Agent Magazine

Top Agent Magazine

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STEVE RUPP Born and raised around real estate, and backed by 20 years of hands-on experience, Steve Rupp delivers client service with both homegrown personalization and contemporary innovation. His homegrown personalization results from living and working in a precise region of Central Indiana. “I could sell anywhere in Indiana, but I intentionally don’t,” says Steve. Instead, he concentrates on areas like Carmel, Westfield, Fishers and Noblesville in Hamilton County, plus the north sides of Washington, Lawrence and Pike Townships of Greater Indianapolis. Having lived or worked in each community he serves, Steve says his clients notice the benefits of his specialization. “You wouldn’t go to a general practitioner for a heart condition; you’d go to a cardiologist!” he jokes. As members of Keller Williams Indy Metro North, the team includes licensed administrator and manager, Kylie Zajac, and buyer/seller specialist, Julia Hayes. All of them, however, are joined by a big name in Indiana real estate. “My dad, Jack Rupp, is 83 and he’s been in the business for more than half a century,” says Steve. “He’s earned the right to step back a little, but he still sells.” Jack encouraged Steve to try real estate when, in 1999, Steve decided to leave banking, marketing and sales. “My dad said, ‘Why don’t you help me out for a year; if you don’t like it, you can leave and if you do, you can take over the business.’” Steve earned his license and was fortunate to work alongside Jack for seven years. “He still works with some clients we’ve helped for three generations,” says Steve, who now represents children and grandchildren of some clients who have known him since he was a baby. Clients know that The Zulu Group cares. From a young age, Steve embraced his dad’s values. “He’s always said, ‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.’” The Zulu Group actively shows they care for their clients’ needs. “They hear from us several times a week.” Whether by phone call, email, a social media post, a newsletter, a postcard in the mail or an appreciation event, the Zulu Group ensures people know they are always there for them – and not just for real estate.

“Real estate is much more than houses and sales,” says Steve. “It’s being a part of the family.” Steve, Kylie, Julia and Jack keep clients and referral partners informed with useful news, tips and reminders. “Our newsletter really has nothing to do with real estate; it’s filled with interesting articles.” Their annual client appreciation events include a fall festival with pumpkins; cookies and pictures-with-Santa; and a movie event every December at which they fill an entire local theatre to show that year’s newly released Disney film. Families love the thoughtfully planned events. “We even have the Santa pictures set up in a calm, low-key environment that caters to kids who might be over-stimulated or frightened in a shopping mall setting.” It’s the little things, Steve knows, that make a big difference. Meanwhile, Steve remembers the big things, given his extensive education and experience. With listings, Steve insists on professional photography, virtual tours, 3D Matterport “doll house” views, high-quality print materials and extensive marketing on more than 1,000 social media and websites. Where appropriate, they also do drone photography and video. The team canvasses neighborhoods, conducts extensive reverse-prospecting and nurtures relationships with other agents both inside and beyond their Keller Williams’ office. Additionally, Steve’s clients benefit from the fact that he holds an astounding 11 residential real estate certifications or designations. “I truly believe these have helped me provide the absolute highest level of service as a resource to our clients.” Meanwhile, Steve stays active in the community, taking part in two chambers of commerce and volunteering with his children’s schools and extracurricular activities. “I also love being able to help people on my team realize their goals and dreams, all while helping clients realize their goals and dreams,” says Steve. He plans to continue providing “outrageous levels of magical service” and support while making each client feel like they’re the only client. “My wife certainly hopes I don’t only have one client!” he jokes. “But that’s how people should feel.”

To learn more about Steve Rupp, visit welcome2indy.com or go to his Facebook page, email steve@welcome2indy.com or call 317 - 339-7698 www.


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Don’t Worry, Be Happy! – Bobby McFerrin By Barry Eisen

A gizzillion years ago I had the honor and privilege of spending time with Norman Vincent Peale, Methodist minister, author of The Power of Positive Thinking, controversial thinker and one of the best motivational speakers I’ve ever heard. He told of a chance encounter with one of his parishioners, George, on a street in New York City. George was despondent. When Dr. Peale asked him about his state of mind, George let go with a tirade of confessions of being so overwhelmed with problems and worries that he couldn’t sleep at night and couldn’t think straight by day. “I’m a depressed mess,” George sadly confided. Top Agent Magazine


the end of TODAY. Preparing for tomorrow at the end of today helps you rest well. The mind doesn’t have to spend the night worrying “Remember this and Don’t forget that!” You wake up knowing how to start and where you’re going! Be sure to prioritize your list with an A, B, or C. Let go of yesterday and focus on your To-Do-List of today. If it was important from yesterday and “George,” Dr. Peale said, waiving his incomplete, it’ll be on today’s list. arm slowly over the horizon, “here Do things, not because you have to, are thousands of souls who haven’t but because you get to. got a worry among them. If death means you have no worries, to worry • Keep your mind busy with the must mean you’re alive! And if you highest priority in the moment. Inhave lots of worries, how much more stead of figuring out why you are the alive you must be!” It’s a matter of way you are, stay on task knowing that you can only do one thing at a perspective.” time. Consider the satisfaction you Worry is something we choose that will feel when that one task is acis not of the world, but rather, in complished and then turn to your how we think. It’s a distraction that next. Of course interruptions will takes us away from confronting our happen. When they do, ask yourself: Is the interruption or is the task at realities. hand of HIGHER VALUE for THIS Here are nine potentially life chang- moment? (Most therapists don’t try ing ideas. Some you maybe doing, to figure out why a person is worrysome you have done in the past, ing; but will prescribe that a patient and for some may these serve as a do something or learn something on reminder to get back on track. If any which to focus positively. Learning/ would serve you, start now. stimulating the mind can get a person out of their ego-centric predicament.) • Make your list for tomorrow at Multi-tasking has been proven not to

Dr. Peale asked George if he could spare some time to meet a large group of people who might have answers to George’s worries, since this was truly a worry free group. George, at his wits end grunted “sure.” After a long car ride to near the tip of Long Island, Dr. Peale had the taxicab stop in the middle of a large cemetery and the two men got out.


Top Agent Magazine

likely to show you their good if they feel that availability from you. Don’t listen to T.V. or read internet news be• Allow yourself to risk. Enter en- fore you go to sleep at night. Count the ough. A friend of Nan’s had won the things for which you can be grateful grand prize on the American Chop- (full of greatness!) and sleep better. per contest. When asked how he won, he laughed and said, “When the con- • Smile more and hold eye contact test was announced, I ENTERED.” with others. Create a positive posYou’ve got to allow yourself to enter ture. Your positive physiology will the game and know that you aren’t be reflected by others and even if going to win every time, but you’re a you’re faking it, your forced smile, winner by playing and playing your eye contact and positive posture will best. Enter enough! If worrying about feel more natural and comfortable. losing stops you from entering, it Little shifts. guarantees a loss. Enter enough and you’ll find those places where you • Delegate responsibilities. Do what win. And as you enter enough, your you can, but let go of things before skills get better. Make up for lack of you become overwhelmed. If someskills, not by thinking about the lack, one else can do a task only 80% of but with enough activity. Show up... the way you would do it, but it gives you 100% of that time for another most don’t. taks which only YOU can do...you • Focus on what is right, the good, are 180% productive with that time. rather than on what is wrong. So Life is too short. What parts are really much of the media focuses on the worth your attention? isolated disaster story. Happy stories don’t sell. Media stories appeal to • Exercise/eat well/sleep well. Exthe lowest common denominator of ercise is a great idea even though our interests. Don’t go for the easy you may feel stressed about time and “take” or opinion of others. Consider other preoccupations. The endorthe possibilities. Have you ever had phins that reduce feelings of worry, your good intentions misread by fear, adrenaline production, also others? Allow the benefit of doubt by promote a more relaxed mind and seeing good in others. They are more body. As we grow older it’s inactivity be the best way to go. Slow down and focus.

Top Agent Magazine


that will contribute most to pain and suffering. Do what’s right. Stay active. Cutting back on simple carbs allows the brain greater clarity. Good sleep patterns promote a healthier brain and better transmission of neurotransmitters (especially dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin -- happy! happy! happy!). • Take breaks. Short (10-15 minute) periods of meditation, stretching or self hypnosis have been proven to minimize mental fatigue, re-direct thinking to positive vision, and prompt productive, feelings of well being and energy.

On the top of a full size piece of paper or, if you prefer, a digital memo app, write or type the words WORRY LIST. When a worry comes to mind, instead of letting it interrupt what you are doing, take out this list and jot down/type the worry. Keep doing this for one whole week. On Friday afternoon between the hours of 4:005:00 PM lock yourself up in a room alone and take out your worry list. Worry about everything on your list for that full hour. So, you haven’t missed your self-made opportunity (choice) to worry, but you did it under your conditions, and wasted a lot less time.

• Do something nice for at least one someone each day. Go out of your way to make some else’s life a little better. Get out of your own head, just a little. Pass it forward.

If this idea seems silly, it is...and it’s not. (You might be surprised at how many people with whom I’ve shared this thought, took it seriously and found great benefit.) Value yourself and those around you by not sweating Worry is not caused by external events so much of the small stuff... And as or situations, but by how we perceive the wise man said, “It’s ALL small those events or situations. But for stuff.” those self sabotaging warriors who are reluctant to give up worrier ways, Copyright©, Barry Eisen. here is a great idea: All rights reserved. Barry Eisen teaches personal development seminars and coaches Southern California top producing REALTORS®. “Your business will never grow more than you do” is the theme; self hypnosis and behavior modification are the tools for playing a bigger game. barryeisen.com, barryeisen@LA.twcbc.com 818-769-4300 22

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THE DOUGLASS HOME TEAM For Mary Douglass, real estate started as a hobby and developed into an amazing career. She used to attend open houses for fun every weekend, and loved seeing how they were decorated and designed. Mary soon received her license, and hit the ground running as an agent. Today, she is the team lead of the Douglass Home Team, serving Allen County in Indiana, as well as surrounding counties. The team consists of five full-time licensed brokers, two transaction coordinators and one marketing director. The Douglass Home Team prides themselves in their ability to work together efficiently, which results in their transactions running smoothly. “By working together, we are available when you need us,” Mary explains. It is this stellar service that has resulted in their business being completely based off of referrals.

Their five-star customer service has resulted in dozens of glowing reviews. One recent testimonial read, “Everyone on the Douglass Home Team is great! I’ve had the pleasure, as a Mortgage Professional, to work with the team and they always do what’s in the best interest of their clients.” As Mary and the team look towards the future, they are eager to add more people to their group, especially those with similar goals and mindsets. “Our philosophy is, ‘Forget about the money, take care of the people, the income will be there.’” And everyone on the team agrees, the best thing about this career path is the people. “It’s hands down the people. We love our clients.”

The Douglass Home Team understands the many moving parts of a real estate transaction, and aims to balance all of the aspects so their clients can focus on their lives. “We want to earn your trust and be there to support you through your home transaction,” Mary says. “Whenever a glitch does occur, you have someone standing by you that represents your best interest and has the tools and knowledge to do so.” Most clients become friends, as the team stays in touch with them after the transaction, including annual client appreciation parties. Mary credits teamwork for their immense success over the years. “We are different than most teams in that we have more support staff than anyone,” she says. “It’s unheard of in this business to have this much support staff. All of our agents concentrate on doing the face-to-face, everything else behind the scenes is done by our staff. That gives us the opportunity to meet with our clients in person and not be bogged down with the paperwork.” When it comes to marketing, they post all over the web, including the MLS, Realtor.com, Trulia, and more. They also focus heavily on social media, posting new properties onto Facebook and interacting with followers. Their brokerage, Century 21 Bradley Realty, has been the number one office in the nation in 2017 and 2018. “They have an amazing marketing system, which has helped our business stay on target to meet the lofty goals we set in January,” Mary says. Top Agent Magazine

For more information about The Douglass Home Team, www.

email dht.maryd@gmail.com, or visit century21bradley.com/mary.douglass Copyright Top Agent Magazine 23



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