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Playing the Real Estate Matchmaker







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Witha nearly decades With a caring nature and love fivetransacti ence under her belt, Br for helping others, Paula Sherman their clie Smith is a force to be recko has found her dream career in real all of ou Florida’s upscale Palm Be estate. “I was a nurse forNancy’s 30 years vast reservoir prior to becoming an agent,” she coupled When knowledge, withi desire to help her buyers explains. When she wanted to have departm achieve their real estate more flexibility with her job for her have aY set her head and shoulder son, she decided to pursue her real can prom competition and has trans KRISTY THURBER PAULA SHERMAN NANCY C. SMITH estate license. “I’ve always had business an success thriving that is b interest in it, so I left nursing a time entirely and on repeatatand refe jumped in.” For the past 15 years, 120 day being featured for the State of Florida Nancy,been who holds a Bachelor of Science degree from F she’s building her business, University, originally planned for a career in education in Top Agent Magazine! and has made great strides. Custome that teaching just wasn’t for me, because I wanted to Although she started out as adults an individual sheshe now has“So her team CONTENTS rather thanagent, children,” recalls. in 1972, a team of six. Together, theytake serve Florida and real years realthe estate classespanhandle, at night, because estateon I could do even I had young have become well-known insomething the area. Around 90 ifpercent of children. everyI tiju ward from there, full-time, and haven’t stopped their business is based off of referrals and repeat clients. area 4) PLAYING THE REAL ESTATE 18) PROPERTIES: THE GOOD, thesince.” had the MARY JULIAN (A135677) THESE Nancy found success immediately, and her bu MATCHMAKER—FOLLOW THE BAD, AND THEalmost UGLY Paula attributes this high rate to their superior service and property tinues to flourish. Currently working alongside son S MASTER TITLE SERVICE, INC. (A167812) 8 DATING RULES TO ENSURE YOU willingness to go above and expectations. think hasbeyond been in the business since “I 1988 – Nancycouldn’t has earn 727-848-4909 (Phone) | 727-846-9488 (Fax) MATCH YOUR CLIENT WITH THE we really22) industrypeople. designations include thehow GRI (Graduate of HABITS THAT it’s because careDAILY about We that treat themWILL Institute), the CRS (Certified Residential PERFECT HOME FOR THEM they want to be treated,” she explains. “We think every trans- Specialist), During aa INCREASE YOUR MENTAL (Transnational Referral Certification). Also a member of 6337 River Road, New Port Richey, FLaction 34652is the most important one Luxury for that person. Whether it’s comm STRENGTH liams International, Nancy is an expertthe marketer an $80,000 property or an $800,000 one.” They are also veryup the next multi-million dollar properties that make bulkyea of 14) SUCCESS–THESE shesupporters is quick to point outmilitary. that she does not active in the community, and though are avid of the on exclud the b 7 HABITS ARE THE REAL “I’m retired military as well listings. Additionally, waspart named of thegP as my husband, so Nancy we take in onewhose County Power Women by Florida Weekly Magazine. SECRET TO SUCCESS the Heroes Home Advantage program, which gives back to our local she first responders and veterans,” matter theytwo buyer’s from PT ThePaula Smithsays. Team,No which also who includes ag are working with, Paula andunder her team provide all the support Emerald the umbrella of the highly-respected Keller Will of The throughout Palm Beaches.the Deeply dedicated to providing their clients need, guiding them transaction. client service, Nancy and her team to make They truly want what is best for their buyers and sellers,work and hardBut wor Phone 310-734-1440 | Fax 310-734-1440 action as smooth as possible for their clients, and quick this is clear even after the sale is complete. incredib dollar are the rule, rather than the exception. When aske | a worka No portion of this issue may be reproduced in any text, manner whatsoever without prior consent the still publisher. Top Agent “We email and call our past clients.ofI’m in touch with commun Magazine is published by Feature Publications Inc. first Although precautions taken“We to ensure accuracy once of published myGA, very customer,” sheare says. don’tthe disappear the work an www.

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Playing the Real Estate Matchmaker –

Follow These 8 Dating Rules to Ensure You Match Your Client with the Perfect Home for Them When you think a bit more about it, the ultimate goal of a real estate agent serving a client is really to match them up with the perfect house for them, almost the way a matchmaker tries to find two people that will fit well together as a couple. When people are looking for a house, they often treat the process as a quest for “the one” house that will fulfill their dreams of living in the house of their dreams. Don’t be fooled. It is always a search for “the one”, at least when it comes to helping a couple or family find a home. When you look at your client’s search for a home in this manner, then you might begin to notice some pretty obvious similarities

between shopping for a home today and online dating. In this day and age most people live a substantial part entire lives online. People socialize with their friends on Facebook, they meet potential friends in forums and online communities, and we now even search for our perfect mate online. Shopping for a home also happens to usually start online. When they begin this search, make no mistake; they are looking for the “one.” These people then turn to you, the REALTOR® to play matchmaker for them. It is your job to wade through the pool of eligible homes (bachelors) and sort through all the ones that are too expensive, too nerdy, not cute enough, not smart enough, etc. until you find the “one.”


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It makes sense then to consult the tried and true practices in matchmaking that help those professionals find the right people for each other, and see if any of them could also apply for matching your clients with their dream home. You’ll find that these 8 dating rules may just show you the secret to matching your clients with the perfect home.

back to the store if you’re not happy with your new home. It’s best to first help your client get prequalified. This is a tangible step that shows they are ready to move on to a new home. You want to make sure they are completely over their love affair with their previous home. You can even ask them for a sign or proof that they’re ready to move on.

Who Is In and Not In Your Client’s League? Know Your Client’s Price Range:

Be Genuine, Not Superficial

When a person is looking for a mate, it is a waste of time for them to even consider those potential mates that are clearly out of their league. These people won’t even stop to give them the time of day. In the world of real estate the idea is the same. There is no point showing your clients houses that they can’t afford and will simply lust after without having any real chance of purchasing the house. It is your job to keep your client ground in reality, and help them be realistic in terms of price when choosing their next home.

When trying to manage the many pitfalls of online dating, on inevitably goes on a date where the other person looks nothing like their picture online. That can be just as big of a problem when looking for a house. When clients show you a particular house they want to visit, ask them to name something about the house that they like other than the aesthetics. This way you can see if they are simply infatuated with the way the house looks in those pictures, or if there is a deeper interest in the home that could become a deeper connection between your client and the house.

Never Let Your Client’s First Impression of a Home Rule Their Decisions

Make Sure Your Client is Ready to Move On From Their Last Dream Home You’re job is also to make sure that your client is truly ready to move on from their previous home. This is a long term commitment, and they need to be absolutely sure they actually want to buy a new house. You can’t simply take the receipt

When your client first sees a house they have already been lusting after in their mind, they’re often so excited to finally be looking at it, especially if it does in fact look as good as it did in the pictures. Make sure to encourage them to take some time before making such a big com-

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5 Top Agent Magazine

mitment, and don’t let their excitement push them into making a rash decision. It is your job to keep them grounded in reality. Push for your clients to do an inspection to make sure the house isn’t hiding any dark secrets. Sometimes the most charming facade can hide tons of slime and deadly mold.

Follow Your Heart (or Gut) People often laugh at and ridicule the idea of love at first sight, but when it comes to homes, the phenomenon can certainly happen. Your client may just find their perfect dream home at the very first place you take them. If you have a client that does insist this is the case, then you don’t want to try and rationalize with them or talk them out of their decision. You do, however, want to make sure you are watching out for their interest and make sure your clients take all the necessary precautions before they jump in headfirst.

See What Other People See in The Home – Do They See What Your Client Sees? Have you come to the conclusion that your clients are being blinded by all of the twinkling windows and crystal clear water glistening in the backyard pool, and can’t see that the house they’ve fallen in love with is really just a dirty animal (maybe a pig) dressed up in nice clothes and lipstick. Ask your client if they would be willing to look at the house again with

their close friends, family, and anyone else they trust for a second opinion there to see it with them. If the house really is a dud, they’ll be able to see past any personal bias your client might have to the truth. They will be able to help your client see through the shining facade

Celebrate the Happy Union! When a couple gets married they tend to throw a big party and celebrate their union. The same goes for the closing. Your clients have just essentially married the house of their dreams, and now it’s time to rejoice. Congratulate them on their new union. Show your support for their new homeowner status by going to their housewarming party.

Help Your Clients Maintain Their Dream Home & Ensure a Lifetime of Happiness You can’t just disappear after the transaction is finished. Become their realtor for life by showing your clients how to maintain their dream home. Act as their resource for other professionals they may need to maintain the house such as handymen, plumbers, electricians, etc. Show them how to keep up with home maintenance so they don’t ignore problems that surface and end up with a much larger issue than they started with. Help them make sure their dream home lasts so they can live happily ever after in their home for a lifetime.


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KRISTY THURBER Top Agent Magazine


Do not let Top Agent Kristy Thurber’s warm and effusive personality distract you from the fact that she is a consummately dedicated and knowledgeable real estate professional. Working under the umbrella of Coldwell Banker F.I. Grey & Son Residential in Tampa, Florida, Kristy truly cares about helping her buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals, whether that’s finding them the perfect home or achieving a quick sale for top dollar. Kristy’s reputation as a trustworthy agent is well-deserved, and the fact that the lion’s share of her business comes from referrals is a testament to the exceptional customer service she provides. 8 Copyright Top Agent Magazine

Prior to her current career, Kristy spent fifteen years in the medical profession where she learned first-hand the importance of personal relationships, clear communication and customer care. “My husband was always telling me I should try real estate, because he thought I had a good eye for design, and because of the way I interact with people,” she recalls, “so when we relocated from Nebraska to Jacksonville, Florida, it seemed like the right time. So, I studied, took the tests, and got my license.” That was in 2012. Finding almost instant success, she hasn’t looked back since. In 2016, she and her husband moved once again, this time to Tampa, Top Agent Magazine

and again quickly established herself as a trusted, successful Realtor. Ninety percent of Kristy’s business is based on repeat and referred clients, a statistic any agent would be incredibly proud of. “I think it’s because I go above and beyond for my clients,” Top Agent Magazine

says Kristy, when asked to explain the loyalty she inspires. “I’ve helped them pack, and I’ve helped them clean up, even organize trades for out of town customers. I’m willing to do anything that needs to be done.” Another factor is her mid-western charm that instantly puts a nervous client at ease. “Being from Nebraska, I 9 Copyright Top Agent Magazine

get a lot of feedback where my customers say I am like the girl-next-door, and down-to-earth, and I know they appreciate that. Most of my clients become my friends.” While any agent can sing their own praises, actual evidence of amazing customer service is found in the reviews their clients provide posttransaction and Kristy has scores of glowing testimonials proving her excellence. Among them is this particularly illustrative example: “My experience with Kristy was awesome. From contract signing to closing, she was instrumental in making sure everything went smoothly. Any questions I had, if she didn’t know the answer, she would make sure she got the answer to me Copyright Top Agent Magazine 10

as quickly as possible. She dealt with the lender, the inspection, the agent, requests for repairs, etc. Also, because of her assistance in making sure everything was done in a timely manner, I closed three weeks after signing the contract. I highly recommend Kristy to anyone selling or purchasing a house.” Another major factor in Kristy’s continuing success story is her savvy, cutting-edge marketing strategies. “When I came to Tampa,” she says, “I researched and interviewed photographers, title companies, home inspectors to ensure that they would be a good fit for my team and add value. Having professional photography is so important because buyers are on social media now and not Top Agent Magazine

only do you have a very limited time to grab their attention; you must try to create emotions through the photos that will draw buyers in and peak their interest. Aerial shots and videos are a great marketing tool as well especially for the Top Agent Magazine

millennial generation as they enter the market. Kristy is adamant that every one of her properties is shown in its very best light. She then works hard to make sure each listing is seen by as many potential buyers as possible. Copyright Top Agent Magazine 11

“I love to sleep,” laughs Kristy, when asked what she enjoys doing during the rare times she’s not working. Sleep isn’t her only downtime activity, however; as she is involved with charitable organizations, including the Trinity Women’s League, which has raised tens of thousands of dollars for local charities, non-profits and families in need. Kristy’s business plan for the future is relatively simple: to keep growing her business and

expand more into the local luxury market and to continue her commitment to provide unparalleled customer service that has become her calling card. “I really care, and I love the entire process of real estate,” she says, her sincerity obvious. “I didn’t get into this business to be a superstar agent. I got into it because I like to serve. It’s so rewarding to be able to walk someone through the transaction process and to see them happy and excited at the end. That’s really what I love best about what I do.”

For more information about Kristy Thurber, please call 904-271-1950, email, or visit www.

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on being featured for the State of Florida in Top Agent Magazine!

MARY JULIAN (A135677) MASTER TITLE SERVICE, INC. (A167812) 727-848-4909 (Phone) | 727-846-9488 (Fax) www.

6337 River Road, New Port Richey, FL 34652

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Success– These 7 Habits Are the Real Secret to Success What is it that makes some people so successful and others not? Is there a secret recipe one can follow, as easy as baking a cake, which will give them the strength to achieve their ultimate goals and have it all? The answer is that, in a manner, there is. The trick is in how you think about success and what it means for you. Many people define success as achieving their personal goals, but could this be leading them to look at the world a little too narrowly? The people that are truly successful in every aspect of 14

their lives don’t stop at simply achieving their personal goals. They succeed in many avenues of their life, including their job, relationships, health, and family just to name a few. It turns out that ultra-successful people tend to have quite a number of things in common. One main skill many seem to possess is high emotional intelligence, or the ability to manage your emotions so that you can stay calm and focused even in high

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stress situations. Luckily, it seems not all of them are simply born with this ability, but have many strategies they use to help them achieve higher emotional intelligence. Here are seven strategies and habits that will help you achieve success in every area of your life.


BE COMPOSED The first thing successful people always seem to have under control is their composure. Successful people stay calm and composed when the going gets tough and fingers start pointing. They don’t panic. The secret? They understand that in life things are always changing. It doesn’t matter if something is bad at the moment because that will change soon enough. In this topsy turvy life all you can really do is adapt in order to stay happy and remain in control of how you react.


BE KNOWLEDGEABLE Have you ever noticed how successful people always seem to have such a wide range of knowledge and interests? Successful people do know more because they are always working to grow and learn. They strive to constantly increase their self-awareness. If a spare moment exists, then they will fill it with some kind of self-education. They do this because they are passionate about learning new things and ways to improve their life. Ignore the fear of being judged and ask questions, because that is the only way you can learn. Successful people don’t

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fear asking questions. They fear not asking those questions and growing stagnant.


BE DELIBERATE It is important to think and reason before you come to a decision. Successful people don’t rush. They seek out advice from other, they think of all the aspects, and sleep on their thoughts before finally making their decision. Your gut instinct can be misleading, and lead you to make a rash decision that you will come to regret later.


BE CERTAIN, AND SPEAK WITH CONVICTION Successful people speak with certainty. Unless you communicate your ideas with conviction and certainty, then you will have a hard time getting people to listen to them.


BE POSITIVE Successful people use positive body language when they are talking to other people. Their tone is enthusiastic, they maintain eye contact, leaning in towards the person speaking to show interest. Successful people use it to draw those other people in. How you say something can be just as if not more important that what you say to people. Positive body language can completely alter how your speech is perceived by others, and helps to keep attention on you and what you are saying.

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BE MEMORABLE BY LEAVING A STRONG FIRST IMPRESSION You only have once to make a first impression, and they are incredibly important, as they are closely ties to positive body language. You have around 7 seconds to convince a person to like you after you initially meet them. That is how long it takes them to decide when they meet you. After that a person is simply spending the rest of the conversation justifying that initial reaction they had. You can make sure you make a good first impression by having strong posture, a firm handshake, a warm smile, and open shoulders.



BE FEARLESS Successful people know that to give in to fear is a choice. They don’t let the fear take over, instead focusing on the rush of euphoria that comes with conquering fears. All of this adds up to having a high emotional intelligence. What helps you to succeed is the ability to control those whirlwind emotions so you can stay calm and focused on actually succeeding. These habits can help you gain a higher emotional intelligence, but as you probably already know, anything involving dealing with your emotions in a healthy manner takes serious work. So, don’t give up if you fail the first time. You must always try and try again.

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PAULA SHERMAN With a caring nature and a love for helping others, Paula Sherman has found her dream career in real estate. “I was a nurse for 30 years prior to becoming an agent,” she explains. When she wanted to have more flexibility with her job for her son, she decided to pursue her real estate license. “I’ve always had an interest in it, so I left nursing and jumped in.” For the past 15 years, she’s been building her business, and has made great strides. Although she started out as an individual agent, she now has a team of six. Together, they serve the Florida panhandle, and have become well-known in the area. Around 90 percent of their business is based off of referrals and repeat clients. Paula attributes this high rate to their superior service and willingness to go above and beyond expectations. “I think it’s because we really care about people. We treat them how they want to be treated,” she explains. “We think every transaction is the most important one for that person. Whether it’s an $80,000 property or an $800,000 one.” They are also very active in the community, and are avid supporters of the military. “I’m retired military as well as my husband, so we take part in the Heroes Home Advantage program, which gives back to our first responders and veterans,” Paula says. No matter who they are working with, Paula and her team provide all the support their clients need, guiding them throughout the transaction. They truly want what is best for their buyers and sellers, and this is clear even after the sale is complete. “We text, email and call our past clients. I’m still in touch with my very first customer,” she says. “We don’t disappear once the

transaction is closed.” They love to show their appreciation for their clients as well. “We hand deliver a Christmas ornament to all of our buyers every year.” When it comes to marketing their listings, the marketing department posts to approximately 20 websites. “We also have a YouTube video for each of the houses we list, and I can promote them on as well.” Paula’s success is evident in her numerous listings, as she carries 15-18 at a time on average, with an average time on market at about 120 days. Customer’s do not hesitate to spread the word about Paula and her team. One recently said, “Paula worked with us for 2-3 years on many different properties and did a wonderful job every time. We highly recommend her. She is well versed in the area and knows how to find just what you want. She always had the time to go the extra mile when we had time to see a property. She made financing and closing a breeze as well. We couldn’t be happier.” During any free time, Paula is going on adventures or helping the community. She is looking forward to traveling to Antarctica next year with her husband to participate in a marathon. She is on the board for Healing Paws for Warriors, a local non-profit whose goal is to Save a Vet/Rescue a dog. Dogs are rescued from local shelters, trained, and matched up with a Veteran suffering from PTSD, TBI, or MST. She is also a board member of the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors. But working is one of Paula’s favorite hobbies, and she is incredibly grateful to be in this path. “I enjoy it so much, I’m a workaholic. I just like meeting people, being part of the community and taking care of them. I will work until I can’t work anymore.”

For more information about Paula Sherman, please call 850-218-0537 or email Top Agent Magazine

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Properties: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly by Denise Lones

I was shocked. There it was. An expensive property near a busy intersection that had stayed on the market for almost a year. I asked one of my agents, “Why hasn’t this one sold?”

But none of these are reasons to put this property on the back shelf. In fact, there is a market for every market, no matter its location or condition. Too often, we make the mistake of shortchanging sellers who don’t have manicured lawns on cul-de-sacs with perfect houses. We prejudge our own listings to the detriment of the people we’re supposed to be serving.

He said, “Because it’s a dog. Look at it. Nobody wants those turrets that stick out like that. And besides, it’s at that intersection where there’s traffic all day long.” I’ve been there. I’ve driven to properties hoping for a terraced I couldn’t believe what I was masterpiece with a stunning garden, hearing. This agent had “classified” and then felt that sick dropping this property in his own mind as feeling in the pit of my stomach something that wasn’t worth the when I finally saw it. trouble to market—pretending to service his customer while doing What do most agents do? They’re nothing. True, it wasn’t as beautiful polite, they take the listing, and they or pristine as surrounding neigh- get out of there fast. They rely too borhoods. True, it was in a not-so- much on their own opinion of the prime location. True, it could use property rather than pulling statistics to determine its true market value. some handyman work. 18

Top Agent Magazine

OR they tell the seller, “This house isn’t going to sell unless you change the carpet, fix the paint, install new roofing, etc.” Beware! This could lead into a legal nightmare. While on the surface this agent is giving generic advice, what if the seller does everything the agent suggests—and the house still doesn’t sell? That agent might want to call a good lawyer.

If a property needs work, that’s never a reason it won’t sell. There are investors, handypersons, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers who love these properties. Go to your local real estate investment club meeting and you’ll find people searching frantically for such properties. Advertise it as a “Handyman’s Special.” Target these people directly. You may be amazed how many of them are out there.

Here’s the truth: Every property— True, you may have to advise the good, bad, and ugly—will sell if seller they won’t get top-dollar if priced right. It is always about price. a lot of work needs to be done. There is always someone in the But this is the true issue here—not market ready and willing to buy the work itself. It’s always about right now for the right price. price. Top Agent Magazine


Let’s talk ugly. A house is in pristine condition, but has a rather peculiar look. Well, I have news for you: Just because you think a house is ugly doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there who will say, “This is the home I’ve been looking for all my life!”

cannot tell you how many times my jaw dropped when someone told me, “Perfect! We love it!” So, I’ve learned never to judge a house by its paint job, landscaping, or design.

You have a job to do: sell the house at top-market price. You are hired to be the market expert. Sellers don’t Did you know there are people out have the time to do so themselves. there who prefer ugly houses? Yes, That’s why you have a career. ugly houses! Some people don’t care about the outside of a property. It’s always the market that They’re only interested in the determines what sells. No matter the inside, where they know they will shape, size, or condition. And you be spending most of their time. are not in charge of the market, These are people who don’t buy to which as always is based on supply impress others, but rather to please and demand. Whatever is in demand themselves. Thank goodness for will sell, whether it’s a beachfront these people. Without them, we’d mansion or a shack in the woods. Be creative. Use your marketing to have to tear down half the planet! target people who truly want these I’ve seen houses that look like properties. But most importantly, something from a Stephen King price the property correctly for the novel sell overnight while another market. that could be on the cover of Home and Garden languishes on the market Know thy market and thou shalt for weeks. Why? Because somebody know what sells—good, bad, or ugly. wanted that house. Period. You are not the world’s taste critic. Copyright©, Denise Lones. You cannot tell what people want. I All rights reserved. 20

Top Agent Magazine

NANCY C. SMITH With nearly five decades of experience under her belt, Broker Nancy Smith is a force to be reckoned with in Florida’s upscale Palm Beach County. Nancy’s vast reservoir of industry knowledge, coupled with her sincere desire to help her buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals, has set her head and shoulders above her competition and has translated into a thriving business that is based almost entirely on repeat and referred clients. Nancy, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University, originally planned for a career in education. “I decided that teaching just wasn’t for me, because I wanted to work with adults rather than children,” she recalls. “So in 1972, I decided to take real estate classes at night, because real estate seemed like something I could do even if I had young children. I just went forward from there, full-time, and haven’t stopped since.” Nancy found success almost immediately, and her business continues to flourish. Currently working alongside son Scott – who has been in the business since 1988 – Nancy has earned multiple industry designations that include the GRI (Graduate of the Realtors Institute), the CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), and the TRC (Transnational Referral Certification). Also a member of Keller Williams Luxury International, Nancy is an expert marketer of the many multi-million dollar properties that make up the bulk of her listings, though she is quick to point out that she does not exclude lower-end listings. Additionally, Nancy was named one of the Palm Beach County Power Women by Florida Weekly Magazine. The Smith Team, which also includes two buyer’s agents, works under the umbrella of the highly-respected Keller Williams Realty of The Palm Beaches. Deeply dedicated to providing exemplary client service, Nancy and her team work hard to make every transaction as smooth as possible for their clients, and quick sales for top dollar are the rule, rather than the exception. When asked to account

for the impressive level of loyalty her clients demonstrate by returning for her services and referring friends and family, Nancy points to her longevity in the community and the solid relationships she forms with them. “I’ve sold some of my clients six or seven homes,” she says, “and over the years I’ve seen their families grow. I also forge friendships with them, because I believe that if they’re going to trust me with the biggest purchase of their lives, they’re going to need a friend as well. That’s my philosophy.” When asked what she enjoys most about what she does for a living, Nancy again points to the more personal side of the industry as providing the most career satisfaction. “ I just love people,” she enthuses. “I love meeting new friends. Some of my closest friends are past customers. For me, this is a service business, and if you’re not serving them, you shouldn’t be working in real estate. It’s not about the commission, it’s all about helping people.” That commitment to service once even resulted in a pair of client’s naming a child after her. “That really validated the fact that I did a great job for them,” she recalls, smiling. When she’s not working, Nancy enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family, which also includes husband David, a retired engineer, and other son Robert, a highly-successful South Florida commercial real estate agent. She also cherishes visits from her grandchildren Gavin, Savannah, Carson and Katelyn. Nancy is also deeply committed to giving back to her community, and does so through a wide variety of volunteer efforts, primarily through her membership at Christ Fellowship Church. A long-time breast cancer survivor, Nancy leads a cancer support group, and learned American Sign Language and later started her church’s deaf ministry, which now reaches deaf worldwide interpreting online. Nancy has many plans for her future, though retiring any time soon is not among them. “This is the only profession I know of where you can choose what you want to do, and the people with whom you want to do it,” she muses. “I don’t want to stop, because I love it so much, and I don’t want my momentum to fade. I want to stay young and keep going; I want my grandchildren to be proud of me and know that I never stopped. So that’s my plan.”

For more information about Nancy Smith, call 561-719-5134 or email Top Agent Magazine

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Daily Habits That Will Increase Your Mental Strength When it comes to building physical strength, the solutions are obvious, but keeping up your mental strength isn’t as easy as going to the gym. Although physical exercise does help clear your head and relieve stress, there are other things you can do daily that will help your mind be as strong and flexible as your body after a workout. Here’s just a few things you can do to help clear your head and make you more productive. 22

DON’T WASTE YOUR BRAIN POWER That might seem obvious, but think about how much mental energy you might use up worrying about negativity or things you have no control over. Instead of focusing on problems, focus on solutions. This actually take a lot of effort, we’re all conditioned to let worry paralyze us sometimes. Try and catch yourself when you’re Top Agent Magazine

wasting time thinking about about past mistakes or current dilemmas you don’t have the power to stop. You really only have so much mental energy, and if you have kids and an especially stressful work situation, that might be even less than normal. Start treating your brain like the precious resource it is. You don’t want to be running on empty when it really matters. BE MORE POSITIVE Eliminating negative thoughts is essential to increasing your mental strength. Carrying around negativity is like swimming with all of your clothes on. You might be okay at first, but eventually you’ll feel like you can barely stay afloat. Don’t drown in negativity, use positive thoughts as a lifesaver. This doesn’t mean you should ignore things you need to improve, just approach them with solutions rather than beating yourself up. Constant monitoring of this is important since it’s really easy to slide back into negative thinking. STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE A lot of mental energy can go to dealing with anxiety. One way to deal with that is by forcing yourself to try new things and take on new challenges, that you might normally avoid because they make you feel unsure or scared. Challenge yourself daily, even with small things. This is definitely something that becomes easier with practice. Start small, and in no time you’ll be taking on things you never Top Agent Magazine

thought were possible. The simple task of trying something new every day will have you feeling energized and put you on the path to self-growth. BE SELF-AWARE Your emotions affect everything you do, even if they’re not at the surface. Recognizing and labeling them is key. A lot of the above exercises require selfreflection. It’s okay to have the emotions you have, understanding why and where those emotions come from allows you to focus on dealing with them rather than just wallowing in them. Being self-aware is also about self-care. Know the things that help relax and rejuvenate you. That way you can handle everyday stresses and remain calm even during the most turbulent times. BE WILLING TO LEARN A lot of people are still hung up on the idea that learning is a boring and tedious process, but you aren’t in junior high anymore. You can find something you’re actually interested in and immerse yourself in it, which engages your mind like nothing else. Whether it’s learning a new technology that will improve your business or something that will make you a more well-rounded person, the learning process keeps you engaged and open to new ideas. A curiosity about the world and new things is something that all mentally strong people have in common. 23


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FLORIDA 3-18-19  


FLORIDA 3-18-19