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Amanda Cerny Huda Kattan Sheikha Moza bint Nasser



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CHAMPIONS Daividas Jocius Daniel Ricciardo


One and only the most exclusive competition in the world

MISS THE GLAM MONACO International Beauty Pageant will take place from the 17th to 21st of September in the heart of Monte Carlo 10 COUNTRIES will fight for the main crown of the year

Don’t miss the Grand Finale Save the date The 20th of September For any inquiries

misstheglam@gmail.com +3 378 181 70 42







Editor’s letter


ccording to its definition, luxury is a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving major expenses. Luxury things are not essential, but highly desirable and enjoyable. However, what does luxury means for every single person? We believe that its meaning can be different for everyone, like everything else in this world. TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine is an encyclopedia of the latest trends in fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle. We are showing the world of luxury from different angles starting from exclusive yachts and super cars and ending up with exclusive events all over the world. For someone these are habitual things, whereas for someone it’s an opportunity to learn about something brand new and, probably, unreachable. TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine introduces the reader to the secrets of worldwide famous personalities, celebrities, best places to live, nano technologies and food innovations. Every Issue of the Magazine is full of interesting exclusive interviews with the biggest contributors in sport, fashion, beauty and much more. This is one of a kind International Editorial, which involves a wide and varied audience. We are especially interesting for fashion lovers, connoisseurs of luxury, celebrity followers and, of course, for big brands and companies who are looking for new challenges and opportunities.


Collaborating with different countries, we guarantee the exchange of cultures and experiences. We did our best to combine a fashion editorial with expensive luxury lifestyle, glamorous celebrity life and, of course, introduction of the newly born Beauty Queens! Every reader is sure to find something interesting on the pages of our magazine which makes us so different and unique.




Money Art Berlin Exclusive handmade art jewelry by Martin J. Fiedler www.money-art-berlin.com Berlin - Cannes



COVER STORY Polina Rudnytska


SPORT Deividas Jocius, Daniel Ricciardo


INNOVATIONS All.me social platform as digital innovation




GOURMET New concept of traditional food


EVENTS Cannes Film Festival 2018 by DONNA PR, Mrs Universe 2018 — Coronation in Monaco, Miss Prestige Cannes International 2018, Jumping Monte Carlo


QUEENS TALKS Mrs. Universe Monaco, Mrs. Universe France, Mrs. Universe Eastern Europe, Mrs. Globe Dubai


HEATH AND DIET Tell me what you eat?


CELEBRITY MOMS Cindy Crawford , Madonna, Melanie Griffith, Claudia Schiffer, Yolanda Hadid, Kris Jenner




BEAUTY LIFTING GYM® by Natalia Mamciur


IN STYLE Summer time rush


EXCLUSIVE Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Amanda Cerny , Huda Kattan, Angelina Jolie, Tom Ford




KATERINA SANTORINA FOUNDER Most of all I’m proud of our beauty contest Miss TheGlam Monaco International, as we did not plan to do it actually, our task was to help with the organization of the event. As a result we created it from scratch in 3 weeks and blew up the entire Cote d’Azur! We had so many guests that there was literary no place for them to seat! 8




ulia Berisset and Kateryna Santorina are fashion and beauty influencers. They are the founders of TheGlam Management Group PR company and Miss The Glam Monaco International, one of the TOP-5 beauty pageants in the world. They are sisters, business partners and beauty queens who

like brainstorming together and even though we are both leaders, we never have fights and always strike a compromise. We have no conflicts of interest. After all, it’s always 50/50 — from shares to opinions. The fact that we are sisters is one of the key factors of our success, because we really trust each other. What’s your mission? Our main goal is to bring more beauty and harmony to this world. And of course, to help girls who want to evolve, in reaching new heights. We have a special

are constantly evolving their business and themselves. How did it all begin? TheGlam Management Group PR Centre was founded in England. There we had a chance to get acquainted with the top European fashion editorials. Later, when we started to live in Monaco we decided to hold a beauty pageant as a purely marketing tool for our clients’ promotion. However, after the first event 3 years ago we had such a phenomenal feedback that we started to develop this project as a separate direction in our business. When did it become a family business? Is it difficult for sisters to be business partners? It was a family business from the very beginning. We

program, which can make any person popular and wanted in Europe. What is unique about Miss The Glam Monaco International? For 3 years of existence, our pageant has become one of the TOP-5 most exclusive competitions in the world. We do hold it at the highest level. The uniqueness is that, in our opinion, the beautiful contestant should be also beautiful inside. Pretty face is not enough. For this reason, we usually do not work with very young girls; we work with those who have already achieved a lot and who have high moral values. Also, we have a higher age qualification than, for example, Miss Universe pageant. The titled beauties from all over the



YULIA BERISSET FOUNDER We want to create a new and unique community where a woman can prove herself and show all her virtues. Nowadays popularity has become even more important than appearance. And we’re working to develop it among our clients. TheGlam Girl is a girl of the new millennium. She strives for beauty, doesn’t give up evolving herself and working. Smart, beautiful and ambitious, and most importantly, not scared to open up to the world. During our work there have already been cases when a young model, a student or a housewife broke into the world market of fashion and beauty in less than 1 year! So I don’t exaggerate the abilities of our team. 10


world come to participate in our contest, as our girls become ambassadors of exclusive brands — even Miss Universe cannot guarantee it. This year we had more than 10,000 applications, 10 countries are participating, and besides, we distributed franchises, and now national directors present the delegates to us at the national level. By what criteria do you select delegates? Well, height, weight and status don’t really matter. They must have versatile personalities: manifest themselves in charity, be economically and politically aware. They should be socially active and in synergy with their state. Since we have representatives of the Royal family in the jury, we need to choose girls of the highest level. Why do successful women still want to get the title of a beauty queen? What does it give? Nowadays, when beauty is widespread and easily affordable, it is of paramount importance to be different from others. The title makes the girl more wanted and sought-after in all spheres of life. You know, choosing its face among all the beauties, top brands will certainly give preference to the titled beauty queen. Tell the real stories of your contestants, who achieved a lot after getting the title. Last year we had a delegate from Mongolia — our charming Mongolian beauty Oyungerel Gankhuyag. At that time, her career was on the decline, as she had just got married and given birth to her children, therefore all her attention was focused on the family. Having got the prize-winning place, her career quickly streamed up! She came back home a celebrity! Another example — the Ukrainian beauty Julia Gershun. After the victory, she is being invited to all the most famous international events and charity projects. She has been gracing the glossy covers and has shootings for the trend setter magazines such as L’OFFICELE, MONACO and TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. Julia has also become the ambassador of the Monagas brand. Brands always want a person with a certain status. And our title gives this status, regardless of the country you are from. What companies have supported you this year? All our partners are luxury segment products: luxury cars, jewelry, IT companies, including cryptocurrency, haute couture designers… By the way, this time we will cooperat with both Mongolian and Russian designers and their works are simply amazing! Which countries are already participating in your competition and where are you planning to expand? This year there are 10 participants: Russia, Poland, France, Monaco, Lithuania, Switzerland, United States, Ukraine, Mongolia and Eastern Europe. We are planning to expand to Asia and negotiating with India, China, Indonesia and the Philippines. Now we are particularly interested in the Asian market. Since last year, we have given the exclusive franchise to MARKETAINMENT MONGOLIA LLC, one of the best marketing companies in Mongolia. They


are running an amazing PR campaign and sending to us the most beautiful delegates. Last year their delegate took the 3rd place. This year they prepared very well, so we are sure they have every chance to win. Do the standards of beauty differ in Europe and Mongolia? And are Mongolian brands interesting for European consumers? Mongolian women have a very interesting and unu-

sual beauty! We really want to introduce Europeans to Mongolian culture and Mongolian brands as well as to Asian generallt. In Europe, there are very few exclusive suppliers of cashmere, silk, etc. — and these are the products, which, for example, Mongolian market can give. We are happy to help the best companies around the world open the doors to the European market of Monaco. Monaco is the heart of Europe, and we want to exchange experience, traditions and culture not only through the beauty contest, but also via our TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, the luxury fashion editorial issued in France, Monaco, Italy and Spain. The magazine is highly sought-after in the luxury segment, including the Mongolian and Asian market. You know, we are so happy when we take a great product that was unknown to Europeans before and acquaint them with something new and unique. In fact, we have a very multifaceted business, but in general, it is the promotion of companies and people. We are promoting everyone who is interested in entering the market of Monaco and Europe. Monaco is a very niche place and you need to understand how to present the product right to make people want it. This is where our vast experience come into play. 2018

Being a professional translator, Halyna also managed to fulfill her potential working as a journalist. She likes interviewing bright and successful people, which is always an inspiring experience. She has many interests, and fashion is one of them, so Halyna is happy to write for fashion tabloids and glossy magazines all over the world. She is also a lifestyle blogger and a children’s book writer. One of her biggest dreams is to write a book that will be known and loved by moms and their children in every corner of the earth.





Dress : Fausto Puglisi Belt : Ann Demeulemeester Bracelet : Erickson Beamon Style: Yulia Moati MUA: Olga Lozitska Photo: Alex Kipenko Venue: Parc du Cap



olina Rudnytska is a real discovery of the fashion world. An 18-years old model has just started the modeling carrier but apart from this she has many other interests and goals. Now she is a student of the University in Germany. Her specialization is informational technologies. She explains this choice by the fact that from her early childhood she loved mathematics and exact

“In a sense, boxing reminds of a ballet but is tougher. I would also compare it to math, which I really like. It requires the same qualities: accuracy, concentration, speed, reaction, facility with solving problems.� sciences as well as languages and adds that her other passion was biology. Polina speaks fluently Ukrainian, Russian and English and is currently studying German and Italian. But as well as intelligence and professional realization, it is equally important for a girl to stay fit and healthy. She is very sporty and



“I do not believe that a model is a pampered creature that can only show fashionable clothes. As for me, modern models are sporty, strong and hardy. I wouldn’t say that it’s easy to climb a mountain in 30C. But mountains are my special passion.”


2017 2018

active and has a wide range of interests in sports. Polina is doing Tai boxing for more than two years and thinks that this kind of sports suits her most. It bestows confidence and gives clear understanding of what concentration, endurance and correct energy distribution really mean. Another Polina’s favorite activities are running, fitness and swimming. She is practicing running every day for one hour in the early morning and has fitness trainings 3–4 times per week depending on her schedule. It’s interesting that the girl doesn’t listen to any music during running or regular workout and would rather prefer to observe what is happening around or concentrate on her sensations. Now Polina can easily run 10 kilometers per course though some time ago it used to be a real challenge for her. As for swimming she has been practicing it since her early childhood and therefore she knows all the styles. Usually, Polina’s workout consists of 1,5 kilometers freestyle swimming in a long course. She has never considered all these as professional sport, her main aim is relaxation and she really loves being fit and active. Her physical fitness helps her in one more hobby — horse riding. She has been riding horses since 15 years old. Her parents made her a nice surprise for her birthday and brought her to the horse factory for a couple of days. And at that very moment she fell in love with equestrian sport. Then she decided to try so-called horse jumping — jumping over obstacles. People think that models

are very delicate and fragile personalities but Polina Rudnytska can easily dispel this myth as she is also fond of hiking. And hiking is about physical strengths and endurance. She does hiking during the summer time and her favorite place is Crimea. Three things she always takes with her going hiking are: water, sunglasses

ion world. Indeed, there are many successful models that are doing sports and therefore have absolutely different parameters. And Polina is a perfect example. She says that sporty image during the photo shoot for the magazine was the closest to her soul, as most of her hobbies are associated with sport. But this young

“I have never had a horse of my own, so my parents rented me a beautiful black-and-white stallion, named Mobad. A horse for me is primarily a friend and a partner, and our relations are built on mutual respect and trust. For me, riding a horse is communication, contact and interaction with a very strong and intelligent creature. It’s one of my dreams to have my own horse and I hope that one day I will have one.” and hand watch. The main reason why Polina is so excited about hiking is the unspeakable emotions which she has when reaching the highest peaks. She describes this feeling as a small victory over herself. At that very moment it seems that you can reach anything, any goal you put towards yourself. The girl is also fond of extreme sports and one day she hopes to try herself in parachute jumping. Polina is convinced that classical parameters for models 90–60–90 are also long time ago outdated. The world has been changing as well as people and the rhythm of our life, which is reflected in the modern fash-



and promising model managed to do her best in all the striking images of that day. Of course, in future Polina would love to work with various brands, namely the world-class ones, such as Louis Vuitton, Versace and Burberry. But modeling is not her only professional interest. Not long ago she was the host of the Official Coronation of the most beautiful and honorable Mrs. Universe Monaco, Lithuania, France and Eastern Europe that was held in June in Monaco.

The main SECRET of my beauty is healthy nutrition, a lot of water and sports.



DIET: I try to eat fractionally five times per day and avoid meat. I prefer sour-milk products, seafood, vegetables and fruits. My most favorite delicacies are ice-cream and croissants.



Dress : Denis Durand Earrings : Lulu Frost

What can you find in my purse? A membership of the sports club card, a credit card, a red lipstick by Christian Dior and my favorite perfume Aria di Mare.



Dress : Isabel Marant Bag : les petits joueurs Earnings : Erickson Beamon

LIFE CREDO: Strive for the impossible in order to get the maximum! 21


GOALS: • • • • •

To get a higher education To work as a model in Europe To learn German and Italian To meet the only love of my life To have a house on the sea coast

Earrings: Lulu Frost





DREAM: The world produces enough food to feed everyone, yet 815 million people are starving. I would love to be able to change it. I long to see our planet ecologically pure, without deforestation and pollution of the seas and oceans.



My strongest features of character are purposefulness, responsibility and rationalism. The weakest is my hot temper which I usually handle by spending time on my own and rethinking my actions.



Luxury Lifestyle

Jean ATMEH DS Luxury Concierge Service

“We have the local knowledge to unlock the city’s secrets and the connections to open up the whole world”

Jean ATMEH is a born businessman and a risk taker, who started from renting cars and developed a lot through years, through real estates and stocks. Lebanese by origin, now he owns several companies, including VP Halal Rent a car in Lebanon, Airlink in Dubai and DS Luxury Services, based in Dubai, France and London. We had a chance to talk about his work and leisure time. What services does DS Luxury Services provide? DS Luxury Services is a dedicated lifestyle management company providing a selection of specialist services that ranges from arranging yacht sales and private jet charters to conducting property searches access to fashion weeks and events taking place all over the world Who is your typical client? It is difficult to describe a typical client, since everyone we work with is so unique, but most of the people who call for our services are busy people who travel a lot. Our clients often lack the time to satisfy their tastes for the finer things in life, which is where we come in. Time is the most valuable commodity. We can give you back the time that you would otherwise have to spend on organizing your life or on big projects like searching for your new home. We want you to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams without having to spend all your time and energy pursuing it. How many years is your company in the market? Our company is based in Dubai, France and London, where we have more than 15 years of experience providing five star concierge service to guests of the most prestigious hotels. Over this time, we have established an effective network of trusted contacts across the city, and beyond, who can help us to fulfil all of the wishes of our respected clients. We have the local knowledge to unlock the city’s secrets and the connections to open up the whole world. We can get you to the most exclusive events, nightclubs, make an impossible reservation at the hottest locations in the world, or simply recommend a great way to spend the holidays. Work is clearly the big part of your life, but how do you relax? Well, I have versatile interests. My hobbies include car collecting, skydiving, snowboarding and car racing. That gives amazing and unforgettable emotions!

@dsluxuryservices +447511116101 Dsluxuryservices@hotmail.com 28



Racing Driver

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Deividas Jocius


eividas Jocius, a 37-years old professional racing driver has given half of his life to racing. He doesn’t have coaches and puts a lot of efforts into studying and working hard to achieve his goals. Let’s get to know him better.

How and when did you begin your racing career? My first start was in 1991 when I drove a go-kart for a few races, then I became a mechanic, but the real start in my career was at my 18 when I got my driving license. What are the titles you are mostly proud of? The greatest title I’ve got this year in January at WRC Rally Monte Carlo, especially taking into account that 4 months ago I had the biggest car crash in my life — my seven fingers, collarbones and many bones in my body were broken… But after 2 months of treatment I successfully recovered and finished WRC Monte Carlo in 5th position in RC4 class and 23 overall! I am really proud of it!



What did you feel? Wasn’t it difficult for you to race after the crash? Well, I understand that it was my mistake. I came to the corner too fast, and my speed was around 210km/h — my car bowled over about 35 times! A scary moment but I felt that still I wanted to be the best. Racing is my life, my passion, my sport, my job, my everything! What was your first car and what have you got in your garage now? My first car was VW Golf II and now I have different cars in different places. For example this season I use 4 different race cars. What is the car you have had the most fun while driving? I have a very nice and fast car for long distance racing with a beautiful name Aquila CR1 and it was built by guys from NASA! What is so special about it? Aquila has BMW engine M-Power and is a very light car. You can really feel its speed and it seems that you are in a play station game or something. What is your biggest goal in motor sport? I want to be the World Rally Championship factory team driver! Could you share your racing tips with us? Racing is the most difficult sport in the world but try to stay calm and never give up! What do you like to do when you’re not racing? Two years ago I got a pilot license — flying is my new passion. And I am planning to travel by plane around Europe. Also I am a professional cave diver.



Wow! How dangerous is that? Cave diving is even more dangerous than racing! We explore deep caves in the mountains and old mines all over the world. So what is the most challenging about racing for you? And what is the most pleasant part? Well, the most difficult is to find money for it, and the best moments are for sure the awarding ceremony when you feel the best of the best.




DANIEL RICCIARDO The Absolute Champion


he Monaco Grand Prix is the race of the year that every driver dreams of winning. The Armco barrier-lined circuit leaves no chance for error, demanding more concentration that any other Formula One track. The winner of the 65th Monaco Grand Prix was the 28-year-old Daniel Ricciardo. His performance in Monaco was close to absolute perfection. He was fastest across all three practice sessions. Then fastest in all three segments of qualifying. And to complete the set, he converted pole position into a first Monaco Grand Prix victory, even after his MGU-K system failed — an electric motor that is connected to the petrol engine and recovers energy that is normally lost in heat during brake phases. Congratulations! Daniel, what are you thinking about right now? I think I can show emotions today! It’s awesome to finally be a Monaco Grand Prix winner. This is two years in the making so I finally feel like the redemption has arrived.

The engine problem was so concerning, Red Bull boss Christian Horner said he was told by his team that they might have to retire the car. Nevertheless, they found a way and it was arguably Ricciardo’s greatest drive. 34


Both Graham Hill, the man nicknamed ‘Mr Monaco’, and Schumacher won it five times, Alain Prost took four victories, whilst Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart each won here three times. But the record of wins in the Principality resides with the Senna, who won in Monte Carlo six times. There were some problems with the engine, weren’t there? We had problems. We had a lot to deal with during the race. I felt a loss of power and I thought the race was done. I got home just using six gear Is Monaco a hard nut to crack? Monaco is always a long week, there’s a lot going on outside of the car, and with practice starting on Thursday there instead of Friday like it does everywhere else, it does take a lot out of you. Are you a superstitious person? I’m not someone who is superstitious, but the first thought that came into my head was “what do I have to do to win this thing?” I felt the power loss, and as soon as you feel something like that, you’re thinking it’s terminal and there’s no way back. Being in a good position in any race and have something go wrong sucks obviously, but the fact it was Monaco, I was in front like 2016, and it looked like ending badly, you’re not really analysing it, you’re just emotionally flat. Are you going to have rest need? I really need some downtime, I guess, I’ll be out in Los Angeles between races, see some sun, my parents are just take things quietly.

Here are the results of the 65th Monaco Grand Prix race: 1 Daniel Ricciardo RED BULL RACING TAG EUER


1:12.013 1:11.278 1:10.810 17

2 Sebastian Vettel FERRARI

1:12.415 1:11.518 1:11.039 21

3 Lewis Hamilton MERCEDES

1:12.460 1:11.584 1:11.232 22

4 Kimi Räikkönen FERRARI

1:12.639 1:11.391 1:11.266 22

5 Valtteri Bottas

1:12.434 1:12.002 1:11.441 25




Caudwell Children’s Butterfly Ball


he annual Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball will take place on 7th October at the beautiful 5 star Salle Belle Epoque at the exquisite Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo. It is one of the most luxurious fundraising events of the year attracting massive publicity as well as A List stars. The glamorous VIP charity ball includes gourmet fine dining, world class entertainment, a VIP champagne reception and a charity auction with priceless prizes. The Butterfly Ball has become an iconic evening in the London Calendar of Events, the ball to attend in London for High Net Worth individuals, Celebrities and Heads of Corporate. We have welcomed attendees from Simon Cowell, Duchess of York, Emelie Sande, Sir Elton John, Sir John Madejski, Robbie Williams, Holly Valance, Sir Rod Stewart to name just a few. Last year’s event saw Caudwell Children raise € 160 000 to transform the lives of disabled children in UK. This money has helped to significantly change the lives of disabled children throughout the UK by providing access to the services, equipment, therapies and treatments they desperately need to lead an active and independent life. This year it will be the 3rd Gala Dinner for Caudwell Children Charity. It will be open by the show of Ballet of Monte Carlo, Andrea Bocelli, Chairman John Caudwell, followed by a set from Tallia Platinum — € 10 000 includes 1 table for 10 guests. Storm and more surprises. Individual tickets € 1 100 (Priority Seating, unlimited champagne and wine throughout the evening and access to the prestigious and exclusive private after show party!) Gold — € 7 000 includes 1 table for 10 guests. Individual tickets € 800 (Priority Seating, unlimited champagne and wine throughout the evening) Silver — € 5 000 includes 1 table for 10 guests. Individual tickets € 600 (Priority Seating with an allocation of wine & champagne for the evening) Bronze — € 4 000 includes 1 table for 10 guests. Individual tickets € 500 For any further information about table reservations and sponsorship packages, address the team at Caudwell Children who will be more than happy to help you. Please call Kerrie, Head of Events on +44 1782 600112 or Modesta +33664567472

Table & Ticket Information



We grant access to the inaccessible .... We believe our first mission is our clients....


+336 88 89 45 75 mb@sestercefo.com WWW.SESTERCEFO.COM


During the Official Coronation of the most beautiful and honorable Mrs. Universe Monaco, Lithuania, France and Eastern Europe held in Monaco in June the All.me company introduced to the honorable guests and press the new digital worldwide network where all users can chat with friends, share any content, buy and sell goods on a marketplace, and what is more — be rewarded, make transfers and savings. We had a chance to speak to its co-founder Artak Tovmasyan about his innovative project.


THE INNOVATIVE SOCIAL NETWORK lot of advertising, ad after ad. You can’t do anything about that, you can’t just turn it off. In all. me users can choose if they want to have an advertising block on their pages. Users, who don’t mind an advertising block, can activate the advertising account. After that, they start getting up to 50% of advertising revenue of all.me on a views basis. The more subscribers you have, the bigger reward you receive.

How did you come up with the idea of all.me? I’ve always been interested in IT technologies because that’s the future. Since 2009 I’ve been investing into several IT projects, the majority of which we sold. Later I met a team of developers who was developing a social network that would share income with its users. Having extensive experience and understanding of business, I’ve brought a number of points to this idea to make it really outstanding. As a result, the project grew into the world’s first digital network on blockchain with unique functionality, own cryptocurrency and a cryptobank. Now millions of people around the world can earn in an easy and pleasant way, simply using the Internet.

But in other social networks popular bloggers also get money for their ads. What’s the difference? That’s right. The popular bloggers and celebrities earn millions of dollars for showing an advertisement in their profiles. In all.me you don’t have to be a celebrity to make money on your account. Even if you have a few hundreds of subscribers, you still can make a few extra dollars per week for a morning coffee.

How exactly does it work? When you use any other social media you see a



all.me community growth, and platform development.

How will all.me influence the way we purchase goods now? Well, now you use many online shops, eBay, Amazon, credit cards, PayPal and many other services to make your purchases. In all.me you will be able to do everything just in one place. You can pay in ME Token and not be worrying that a store might be somewhere in Asia or South America and a seller might accept different currency or not speak English — your goods will be delivered fast-n-easy to your door.

What is the price of ME Token now? The issuing price of the token was $0.014, but now the sales price was noted up to $0.28 per token. The price depends on many factors. Our token has 6 levels of liquidity. Having in mind that ME Token shall be listed at exchange within a month, we assume the token’s price will be doing good. Tell me about the lottery you organized for the

guests of the coronation organized by Beauty Contests Group. We asked all the guests of the event to put their business cards in the lottery box and pulled out the business card of one of the lottery participants at the end of the show. The main prize was a certificate for 50,000 ME tokens. I would recommend to the winner to keep these tokens for a long time since the prices for cryptocurrencies have huge growth potential.

What are your next steps? All.me app is already up and running and you can download it from Google Play and App Store. The team is working now on the further development of all.me, we constantly add new features. In 2018 we are going to activate the ads accounts and to launch the marketplace. As for the ICO, it will start in the IV quarter of this year. We have successfully finished the presales and have raised over $30.5 million. Anyway, we are proceeding with ME Token listing even before ICO starts, because we do believe in the future liquidity of the token due to its economic model,



Luxury Style

S.S. DELPHINE the exquisite yacht that always makes an entrance!


. S. Delphine is one of the most unique yachts for charter in the Mediterranean fleet. She’s got a very interesting history with periods of flourishing and total decay. In 2015 new life blossomed on the yacht. Young passionate and enthusiastic crew were hired under the management of Cobrera Yacht Consulting Monaco, with dynamic Lionel Lebugle at the helm. Lionel, tell me about your company. COBRERA YACHT CONSULTING MONACO was created in 2011 as a management company taking care of a fleet of Monaco based yachts. We also organize charters and special events on yachts. We are located overlooking Port Hercule at 9 J. F. Kennedy Ave, 98000, Monaco. Is the management of SS Delphine rather challenging for you? Well, it’s been two years of intensive work with my team at the Naval Rocha Shipyard in Lisbon that has brought the ship to the highest level of maintenance needed to comply with the rules for passengers safety onboard. This month, November 2017, the SS Delphine will finalize the audit with RINA Classification Society and become ISM / ISPS / MLC compliant for a Passenger Ship. At what point did S. S. Delphine become a symbol of Monaco? On the 10th of September 2003, H.S.H Princess Stephanie of Monaco christened the SS Delphine after a three year and 45 Million Euro restoration in Bruges — Belgium. The classic beauty and sheer elegance of the SS Delphine embodies everything that Monaco holds dear.



Never once did it cross any owners’ mind — past and present, to change the perfectly functioning steam engines into diesel ones.

Her original owner, Horace Dodge of the Dodge automobile empire designed her unique quadrupleexpansion steam engines, which still work today.

What is the most interesting fact about this yacht? In 2007 she sailed to Montenegro to take a starring role in the Hollywood production of the movie The Brothers Bloom starring Rachel Weisz and Adrian Brody. Is it true that SS Delphine is the last and the largest active steam-driven yacht in the world? There are a few other steam yachts and ships around, but none in this class is still actively used as a yacht. Her original owner, Horace Dodge of the Dodge automobile empire designed her unique quadruple-expansion steam engines, which still work today. Were you thinking about replacing her steam engines with smaller diesel units? Never once did it cross any owners’ mind — past and present, to change the perfectly functioning steam engines into diesel ones. Dodge designed and built the steam engines himself and they're very environmentally friendly. Steam is a smooth sail, while diesel super yachts vibrate. What modern amenities and water toys can guests onboard enjoy? The ship was restored as close as possible to the original state and the Tiffany interior using documents from the 1920’s, visits to Maritime Museums and extensive historical research. Of



course all modern comforts were incorporated. Paintings in keeping with the 20’s style can be lowered at the push of a button to reveal a large TV in the salons. All cabins have flat screen televisions, DVD Players, music systems, safes, minibars, and are all interconnected by telephones throughout the ship. Watersports play a large part in the attraction of the ship and thus she carries wave runners, water-skiing equipment, waveboards, a slide, 2 kayaks, inflatable, towable donuts, wetsuits and fishing gear. There are also 2 inflatable tenders and 2 classic tenders capable of carrying up to 10 guests. Bono, Prince Albert of Monaco, Prince Hendri of Denmark were among the highest guests on board. What other celebs visited the yacht? She has hosted dignitaries including Formula One racing star Kimi Raikkonen, the French luxury-goods giant LVMH and the prestigious jewellery firm Van Cleef & Arpels. In December 2016 the Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa also visited the SS Delphine with a delegation of his ministers. What are your prospects for the upcoming season 2018? She will cruise the Mediterranean, Adriatic and possibly Aegean Sea. Further in time, we think about the Baltic and North European waters.

Steam is a smooth sail, while diesel super yachts vibrate.






owadays traditional food is particularly desired. All those fresh and healthy products bought directly from the producers… Chicken raised in free range… Home cooked sauces and other delicacies bringing you back to your happy childhood memories… And today we would like to talk to Maxime Berisset, a born businessman always seeking the new business opportunities who in 2016 created the unique Rôtisserie brand. To date, the brand already has two own points-of-sale in Nice, one — in Beausoleil and one unique Léon Food Truck.

Léon can be rented for private events, which is very unusual: a food truck for a professional seminar, wedding or birthday, isn’t it a great idea? So how did you come up with the idea of Rôtisserie? Well, I do love new challenges! And being engaged in various professional activities, I don’t really have enough time to have a square meal during the day — I often have to eat in a hurry and on the move, or when I finally reach my home at night having no wish for cooking. What is more, I’m a gourmet by my nature, you know, and not a fan of fast-food. Therefore, I saw that there was a lack of healthy roasted chicken food on the market, which would be available to take away or order from home when there is no time or desire to cook a meal. Moreover, I do love chicken! However, in Nice it’s hardly possible to find a real French chicken raised in free range with door-to-door delivery and garnished with something more exclusive then French fries! That’s how the idea of Rôtisserie was born… How does Rôtisserie differ from other restaurant services for delivering food? We offer traditional food, using the best fresh and healthy products bought directly from the producers. Our poultry is of French



origin, marked with Label Rouge, which means that the products are of the highest quality! We peel, cut and cook vegetables and every day receive bread and fresh pastries. However, we also develop ourselves in gourmet food as consumers want to eat natural and delicious food of high quality — we offer the dainty side dishes instead of French fries: Gratin Dauphinois, baked vegetables, eggplants with parmesan and even truffle puree! Each recipe has been created by our Chef de Cuisine Antoine Marret with the sole purpose of delighting your taste buds. Why it is so important for Rôtisserie to use organic products? For me, to offer organic products is a way to be socially and environmentally responsible which means giving priority to thoughtful agriculture and respecting those who care about the quality of the products they consume, rather than the quantity of them. We have a choice of organic meat and poultry, organic wine and even lemonade!

In June you launched the Léon Food Truck, tell us more about it! There are many food trucks in our region, but the majority of them sell beef burgers. It seemed to me a good idea to step back from what we usually see at our points-of-sale and sell chicken as the main ingredient directly from a food truck, which can move through all the big events in the region! But except for the high-quality menu, there are fresh seasonal products and recipes created specifically by our Chef de Cuisine Antoine for Léon Food Truck! So what’s next? In 2018 we are planning to open two more pointsof-sale in Côte d’Azur. But I have a much bigger goal — to bring Rôtisserie brand to the biggest cities of Europe, so that it becomes a reference of French roasted chicken!

We serve with pleasure, joy and happiness! 45


Event The President of TheGlam Management Group Yulia Berisset dressed up by Aixcess Mode Paris

The Ptesident of “Miss Prestige Cannes International“ Reda Karosiene wearing Elena Bieber dress and Money Art Berlin jewelry

Cannes Film Festival 2018 with DONA PR agency

Top Model Victoria Silvstedt is shining with Money Art Berlin jewelry

Photo credits @Laurent Loiseau

The President of DONA PR Agency Angela Donava wearing dress by Leonard Paris, Carmen Steffens shoes, Money Art Berlin pendant and Terra Bella by Pascale Guin bracelets


ngela Donava, the owner of the DONA PR agency in the south of France brilliantly held the yet another season of the Cannes Film Festival. Organized showroom, prestigious evenings and a glamorous red carpet, meetings with celebrities from all over the world, photo projects and interviews. The next season for new meetings and projects is under preparation.








10 BD. CARNOT 06300 NICE


LÉÔN by RÔTISSERIE FOOD TRUCK à suivre sur le site

04 97 08 30 39 04 93 89 83 91 04 93 17 44 11 06 42 22 83 08

ilove-rotisserie.com info@rotisserie-group.com


Mrs. Universe 2018 The Official Coronation of the most beautiful and honorable Mrs. Universe Monaco, Lithuania, France and Eastern Europe was held in Monaco




n the 8th of June 2018 Monaco was exploded by the Official coronation of Mrs. Universe Monaco, Lithuania, France and Eastern Europe organized by the Beauty Contests Group in the heart of Monte Carlo Le Metropole. Beauty Contests Group which consists of 3 beautiful women Yulia Berisset, Kateryna Fesenko and Reda Karosiene who have been united by the common aim — to set up and develop beauty industry here, in Côte D’Azur, — is National director of Mrs. Universe Beauty Pageant for Monaco, France, Eastern Europe and Lithuania. The main criteria for Mrs. Universe is to have social status, she has to be beautiful inside and out, has excellent career, be involved in charity and always develop herself in all fields of life. According to the licenses Beauty Contests Group is authorized to select and title the most worthy candidatures and make official coronation. From this date they are officially the Newly Born Queens and become the most beautiful and honorable women of the year in their countries.

The all.me app is now available in Apple stores and Google play worldwide.

During this night the most honorable and beautiful Mrs. Universe of Monaco, France, Eastern Europe and Lithuania were officially crowned and titled. Beauty Contests Group Event was strongly supported by local and international Sponsors.



Fortuna Fleurs decorated tables and kindly offered to participants beautiful flowers compositions. This based in Nice company has several directions of activity from creative flower bouquets to decoration of the Events. The Company is working 24/7 and always ready to turn even the smallest event into something special! You can check their works via social networks Fortuna Fleurs and or contact them directly via fortunafleurs@gmail. com or what’s up/ viber +33637709898 +337783235585 Honorable guests were tasting wines from Chateau Font du Brock provided by XPA “Les VinsDauteurs” one of the biggest local distributors of wines, champagnes and exceptional spirits. During the beautiful Evening in Le Metropole Monaco, the All.me company introduced to the honorable guests and press the new digital worldwide network that brings together a social network, a market place, and a crypto bank where all users can chat with friends, share any content, buy and sell goods on a marketplace, be rewarded, make transfers and savings.

This year Monaco will be represented on International Arena by the TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD 2017, the President of Charity Foundation “Talented Children Evolution” Julia Gershun. The representative of France became an extremely talented singer “Olla” Olga Davrishova. Stunning Miss Siberia2002, Miss Audience Choice award, super model and actress Natalia Kapchuk received a title of Mrs. Universe Eastern Europe. Lithuania will be represented by Mrs. Model TOP of The World 2018 Veronika Denisova.



Moreover, co-founder Artak Tovmasyan of all.me digital network carried out the lottery! The winner Madame BIBI who resides in Monaco received a certificate of 50 000 ME Tokens. By the way, having its issuing price of USD0.014 per token, now the sale price was noted up to USD0.28 per ME Token within all.me network. Having in mind that ME Tokens shall be listed at exchange within a month, we would like to wish the winner future growth of her gift price. Hand Made jewelry designer Noushka Necklaces offered beautiful exclusive presents to the newly born Queens. Good to know that all pieces are available to shop via WWW.NOUSHKA.COM And a special thanks to the wonderful musical group The Beau Ties who eagerly entertained the honorable guests the whole evening. Beautiful Hostess Polina Rudnytska was prepared to the Event by the beauty salon Cool Bay So B which located in Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Cool Bay So B also supported organization of the official photo shoot the next day by providing the venue and styling.




Let the beauty save the world! ''Beauty. Talent. Personality — that‘s how I understand a meaningful beauty of a women,'' — presents her new project Reda Karosiene. Cannes is a luxurious and glowing city of French Riviera, famous for its annual Red Carpet of the International Film Festival, which has been gathering together crowds of celebrities, entertainers and media representatives for 70 years. Not surprisingly here was created a unique project — the beauty contest ‘’Miss Prestige Cannes International”. It was started on June 16, 2018 by charming Reda Karosiene, Mrs. Lithuania –1994 and the member of Beauty Contest Group. The aim and idea of this beauty contest is to gather together the already-established and celebrated beauties from different countries, who are ready to contribute their talents and experiences to charity projects and to create a better world around us. Participants from all over the world competed in the Final and had the opportunity to be noticed and appreciated by the celebrities of the world of cinema, art, fashion, sports, and do useful networking. This beauty event took place in the exclusive and elegant residence of Parc du Cap, the Pearl of Cote d’Azur, belonging to @caudwellcollection. It presents luxurious, unique and modern apartments and offers breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea and Estérel



mountains. The guests of the evening had a unique opportunity to watch the lights, beauty, dance and music show, spend wonderful time at a gourmet dinner and enjoy special perfumes created by Exaltatum for this beauty event. The title “Miss Prestige Cannes International-2018” (the queen of the queens) has won a stunning Kristina Mischenko — actress, singer, model, the winner of multiple Russian and international Competitions (First place — Miss

Many world-renowned celebrities have drawn their lucky tickets here, in the city, which gives the chance to anyone who strives to make their dreams come true. Snow Queen in China, Mrs. Russia 2015, Mrs. Europe 2015 in Spain, Mrs. Universal 2016 in the USA), as well as a Beauty Contests organizer in Moscow and a founder of the model children’s school “Fashion Kids Models”. 1st runner up became Maria Vacheva — Mrs. Bulgaria Universe — 2017, Playmate Bulgaria — 2011, Best Photomodel of Bulgaria — 2015; 2nd runner up became Elena Arabova from Cyprus. She is the winner of beauty contest ‘’Miss Prestiges Cyprus — 2018’’, collaborated by Cyprus TV emission Femme Fatal, the partner of Miss Prestige Cannes International in Cyprus.




The world’s best riders in Monaco


he 13th Longines Global Champions Tour of Monaco and 23rd Jumping International of Monte-Carlo, came to a close after 3 spectacular days and nights in the Port Hercules. The magical back-drop of Port d’Hercule and the iconic Prince’s Palace in Monaco once again provided the incredible venue for the feast of top-class show jumping alongside the world-famous harbour of Monte-Carlo and delivered fantastic entertainment from the 28th to 30th June 2018. Watched over by the super-yachts and nestled in the former Formula 1 pit lane, this event is truly unique in the world of show jumping and drew crowds from all around the world. The best international riders and horses descended on the Principality to face challenging technical courses in one of the smallest arenas on the Tour, where daring, scope and bravery are the key ingredients required for a successful charge. The numerous spectators were dazzled and conquered by the tactical battles of the teams in the GCL and by the performance of Shane Breen with Ipswich van de Wolfsakker who took the LGCT Grand Prix du Prince de

Monaco presented by Sapinda. The Monegasque stage of the Longines Global Champions Tour and the GCL, compared to motor sport but in an equestrian version, is the 3rd sporting event of the Principality following the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and the Tennis Masters. Created in 2006 by Jan Tops, who was himself a top show-jumper, the Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) is a prestigious circuit that brings together the World’s best showjumpers in classes that are impressive for the public to watch, and offer generous prizemoney. The enchanting Riviera location and luxurious facilities at the Monaco event combined to deliver a stunning experience for families, VIPs, sponsors, owners and riders. Over the years, HH Prince Albert II of Monaco and members of the Royal Family have joined business leaders and celebrities to cheer on the riders. Partnering Ipswich van de Wolfsakker, Ireland’s Shane Breen signed that evening, one of the best victories of his career, and his first on the Global Champions Tour. Visibly moved as he left the ring, the rider who stopped the clock at 35.56 sec, confided



“It’s a great honour to be here, Ipswich still lacks a little experience at this level, we had the last fence down at Miami, the same at St Tropez… but today he was just fantastic ! He was surprisingly calm, he can get a bit stressed. In fact I was a bit nervous with the shouting from spectators watching the football match being transmitted live alongside, but he remained very focused and did three super rounds with the GCL.”

© Sportfot.



Louis Giret Founder of MP Trainer Program

How far are you willing to go ?

MP Trainer is a VIP coaching agency in Monaco. Professional trainers, Yoga teachers, Pilates professors are available from Monaco to St. Tropez. Collaborating with the best professionals, we are training in a private gym, home, yacht, in a business trip.

Contacts: mptrainer.lg@gmail.com +33786238747

Luxury Property



"PARC DU CAP" the quintessential French Riviera lifestyle


audwell Collection is a luxury residential development company having assets in the most desirable locations in the United Kingdom and France. Since late 2015 when ”Parc du Cap” family residence was completed the company has really set a new standard for luxury residential development in the Cote d’Azur. Today we are talking about this unique place with it’s beautiful representative Modesta Vžesniauskaitė. What was your biggest ambition when “We are so proud of our service, you were building ”Parc du Cap”? our nature and our gorgeous We wanted to create something unique and absolutely gorgeous. Nothing else like ”Parc du 360 views. By cloudless weather, Cap” currently exists on the Côte d'Azur. It has you can see Saint-Tropez, all the the best service which is desirable for wealthy people who want to have a tranquil luxurious vaAlps, even Italy! It’s unique and cation without being disturbed. The residences absolutely amazing, especially at include from one-bedroom apartments to 3-story Penthouses with private rooftop pool terraces, sunrise and sunset.” private Spa with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, treatment rooms, ice room, jacuzzi, hammam, and minutes to Cannes, only 30 minutes to Nice airport, 1 full gymnasium, beautiful Japanese gardens and truly hour to Monaco, 1.5 hour to the mountains… And of fantastic views. We do respect our guests’ privacy, that’s course SPA is open the whole year long. why we provide 24hour security and concierge service. It is described as the modern living with a tradiWhen you look at “Parc du Cap” you feel that the tional outlook. What do you mean by that? There is amazing Provence style in our apartteam created it with extraordinary care, style and ments — with all those gentle shades of blue and passion… Yes, it was the highly experienced and talented team French designs. Our message is never forget, that we of world class designers and development managers. are in France. At the same time we provide high level My partner John Caudwell and I were involved in of modern services, for example special Ipad system: every single detail to make sure that everything would you can manage heating, TV, lights, staying in bed. be of the best quality. We wanted to combine beautiful Now is Regatta season, isn’t it? designs with the finest materials and craftsmanship to Yes, it’s a wonderful time! Summer brings with it the create inspired living spaces for its discerning clientele. Mediterranean’s classic yacht regatta season. We’re Is it good for a full-fledged summer vacation for proud to be launching the festivities right here in Antibes with the famous Les Voiles d’Antibes. Just a short drive the whole family? Yes, absolutely. Here you have everything you may from Port Vauban, residents of “Parc du Cap” are idealever need. And not only for summer season. The lo- ly placed to enjoy the festivities at their leisure, but those cation is fantastic: moments away is the beach, 10 looking to get in on the action might consider renting a minutes away Cap d’Antibes and Juan-les-Pins, 20 private yacht for the event — we have plenty of them.



Queens Talks

The image of Julia GERSHUN has been gracing the glossy covers and she has shootings for the trend setter magazines such as L’OFFICELE and VOGUE. Having the most prestigious awards in fashion & beauty and being the winner of many beauty contests, this year Julia will present Monaco at the contest “Mrs. Universe 2018”, which will be held in December in the Philippines. Apart from her successful modeling career, she devoted her life to television and charity. All her projects are designed to make this world better. 60





Are you planning to develop in this sphere? Yes, I continue to study in London and Monaco in art directions and acting.

foundation ”Development of Gifted Children”, aimed at supporting and fulfilling potential of children from low-income families. We have many projects. The last one was the Chess Tournament held in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, timed to St. Nicholas Day. Within the framework of the tournament we also conducted an auction of creative works of physically challenged children. We are trying to implement many various development programs and auctions not only in Kyiv, but also in London: for instance my lot — a rook made of sacred Jerusalem stone — was successfully bought out to help the operated children. There was also a New Year photo exhibition with my image organized in Monaco, — all the collected money was sent to charity.

Tell us about your charitable foundation. In 2015, I founded the charitable

What projects are you working at now? Now I am hosting very serious

You have so many professional interests! Tell us more about them. Yes, I have two degrees: in physics and mathematics and diplomacy, and I also graduated from the Higher School of Television on the Inter channel, which helped me in building the career of a TV presenter. I got an invaluable experience working as a presenter in the programs ”Society Column”, ”Cultural Diplomacy”, and I was honored to be the hostess at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, which took place last year in Ukraine.



Political TV Show in Ukraine and preparing for new television project « Dancing with the Stars ». How do you manage all these and where do you get energy from? My secret is simple — love and the endless faith. I do what I love, and I love what I do! If you look at the distant future, what do you want to dedicate your life to? I consider that the most important thing is to be useful to the world, to leave a trace in history and to make our loved ones happy! This is what I will dedicate my life to!

Queens Talks

Natalia KAPCHUK, Mrs. Eastern Europe Universe 2018, is a woman of many facets: a model, an actress, a TV presenter, a business woman and a passionate modern artist. One of her missions in life is helping others and she hopes that this honorable title will allow her to get involved with more charity work. 62





You are regularly part of numerous fashion events across the world, including fashion shows for Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Cartier, Philipp Plein and other international designers. Who is your favorite designer and what are you favorite brands? My taste in clothing has been changed though out time but what I’ve always enjoyed is to mix cheap and expensive brands. My favorite ones remain Tom Ford, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Top Shop and Zara. My recent love is Zimmermann. What inspires you when you create your art pieces? There are so many things that inspire me, especially nowadays when it’s so easy to travel around the world and also discover things online. Recently politics inspires me a lot: I made a few pieces based on political leaders with a touch of irony in it. And I’m planning to do more as they are getting very good reviews.

I know that you take classes in Los Angeles and London to learn new techniques. What is your favorite technique? I always like experiments: in cooking, in art, in a way I dress. Even the style I use in my artworks is called Mixed media. I just can’t pick one medium, I want to use all of them: acrylic, oil, spray paint, collage, resin… Your mother is a sculptor, isn’t she? So you have it in your genes, right? Yes, I studied art since I was 6 and all my childhood I spent in my mom’s ceramic studio where I was making small sculptures out of clay and selling them after. Isn’t it difficult to be not only beautiful, but also determined and intelligent woman? Of course nothing comes easy. And most people think that beauty and brains do not go well together. But if you are determined and strong in your beliefs everything is possible. As for the difficulties in



my opinion jealousy is the worst thing, but I don’t judge people who couldn’t succeed in their life. What projects are you working on at the moment? This summer I am taking a course at Christie’s on a contemporary art market. I am planning to open my own gallery space representing up and coming pop artists. I’m also working on my solo show which I’ll do in London. Do you have any interests nobody is aware of? I love boxing, it gives me so much energy! In summer I also love puddle boarding and playing beach tennis. What is your main beauty rule? Good sleep is the main beauty rule! And also drinking Kangen water which makes our body more alkaline as it has much higher PH level than any other water.

Queens Talks

Olla-la Mrs. France Universe Olga Davrishova is a talented singer who is wellknown in France and all over the world as Olla. She was born in St. Petersburg but has been living in Monaco for several years. Here, on Cot d’Azur, Olga found her audience and admirers of her creativity.







What do you like most about life in Monaco? The main thing for me is the opportunity to create my own music. Here, in Monaco, and in general in the south of France, I found the unique atmosphere of worthy wealth, if you know what I mean. To become successful here having money is not enough. You need traditions. Sense of taste. Aesthetics. And I’m happy that I’ve found my sounding and environment here. Now you’re entitled Mrs. France Universe. You even look like a French lady — very gentle, feminine and stylish. Who is your favorite designer? Would you like to try yourself as a designer? Feminine, gentle and stylish — the ideal of the real lady, and I feel myself just like one. My favorite designer is Alexander Vauthier. He understands the needs of a

modern successful woman very deeply. And no, I’ve never seen myself as a designer. I am the music, and the music is me. There is no place in our tandem for something else. Have the standards of beauty changed today, in your opinion? Definitely. First of all, to be beautiful you need to be real. The era of plastic Barbies is over, now people appreciate and perceive only sincere, deep content. I am sure that an important component of success today is individuality, spontaneity, — something that will distinguish you from the crowd. What can always be found in your purse? Headphones, a flash drive with playbacks and cell phones. Sometimes there can also be an ear monitor — in case of the unexpected performance!



What helps you to stay fit? I am from a very sporty family and I do believe that sport is life. My mother is a master of sports in snowboarding, almost number one in the former USSR. I really love both snowboarding and mountain skiing. In the mornings I run, it’s good that on Cote d’Azur you can run the whole year long. I also swim and go to the gym. What is your biggest dream? Get the Grammy’s ”Best Singer” and ”Best Song” awards. But seriously, all my dreams of course are only connected to music. I want to create good music for people and make the world better.

Queens Talks

Alexandra PEFFER, Mrs. Dubai Globe 2017, is a beautiful mother of three wonderful children and a citizen of the world who is always open to new challenges and opportunities. She has many interests but as a professional fashion stylist, she likes bringing out the inner beauty and uniqueness of every single woman.







How long have you been living in Dubai? I was born in one of the coldest parts of the world — Yakutia, Russia. Yakutian climate is very severe. Summers are cool and winters are long, frigid and dry. I always had a dream that someday I would live in a beautiful place where sun is always shining, and your hair is being blown by the warm sea breeze. The past 8 years I have been living in the Persian Gulf Area. First in Saudi Arabia, then in the UAE in amazing Dubai and recently I’ve moved to Qatar. Now I know that all the borders are in your mind and only you can build them or break them. Last year you were crowned Mrs. Dubai Globe. Tell us about this experience. Yes, I took part in the most

prestigious beauty pageant for married women in the world, Mrs. Globe, where I became a semi-finalist and won the media’s choice award. It was a challenge and a very exciting experience that opened many new opportunities for me, I was privileged to meet very interesting people, and did many things I’ve never done before. You are a fashion stylist, what are your future plans in this field? I consider myself as a very fortunate woman. I have a wonderful family and my hobby has become my business. I work in fashion. I help women to look stylish and reach their goals. In the near future I am planning to work on a new fashion projects in Qatar. Doha is an incredibly developing city with a very ambitious vision.



You are a beautiful woman, a stylist and mother of three! How do you manage to find time for everything? Most of all I dislike a boring life. I am a very active woman. I enjoy working on my projects and spending time with my family. All the time, I am exploring new facets of myself. For example, recently I’ve found out that I enjoy skydiving! I can easily pack my bags and go to explore new countries not as a tourist but as a resident. My husband is on the same page with me and our family is always open to new adventures. Share your personal philosophy with us. Live, Love, Laugh!

French Creator Silk Leather & Cashmire

V.L CarrĂŠ de Soie lifestyle with elegance www.carre-de-soie-vl.com instagram.com/v.l_carre_de_soie_

Cool Bay // SO.B Monte Carlo Bay Hotel Level -1 40 Avenue Princesse Grace- 98000 Monaco +377 98 06 01 15 www.coolbay.mc // info@coolbay.mc

Lifestyle You won several titles at prestigious beauty contests, what is next? Yes, this year I was invited to participate in many beauty contests, the last title I’ve got was Miss Federation. After this victory, I was invited to participate in Miss The Glam Monaco and will represent Russia this year at this contest. Would you like to continue your modeling career? I’ve never been engaged in modeling business professionally, but I was often invited to participate in wonderful beauty contests and shows. I hope to win Miss The Glam Monaco contest and get it over with. I am a professional nutritionist and I want to continue developing my skills in this field. Would you like to host a TV program on dietology? I am often invited as an expert in dietetics to various events. And I’d like to host a program dedicated to healthy nutrition and tell people more about dietary guidelines and maybe cooking some healthy meals in the meantime. What is the difference between dietetics and nutritiology? Both nutritionist and dietician are engaged into organizing

Irina Pisareva is a certified nutritionist and dietician working with the most prominent people and celebrities. She studied nutrition and lifestyle coaching in France and uses innovative approaches in her work. Looking at this beautiful and successful woman owing many beauty pageant titles you really feel inspired to change your life for better. proper nutrition. However, their approaches are slightly different. A dietician selects the correct and well balanced diet, and a nutritionist, in addition to this, investigates the effect of nutrition on the human body as a whole. What do you think about vegetarianism and raw food diet? I am not a vegetarian. After all, the human genome is decoded, and now we know for sure that we are ”animals” and animals eat meat. Our body needs vitamin B12, which can’t be found in plants. Because of the lack of the vitamins the absorption of proteins is impaired. And the most important disadvantage of vegan lifestyle is unbalance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Can a person stay fit by just going in for sports without changing diet? Of course not. Sport doen’t reduce weight. The most important thing is to have a well-balanced diet, consisting of those products that fit this person according to his or her ethnicity and to exclude foods that cause food intolerance. But sport, of course, is necessary to keep body in good shape and bulk up.


Secrets of healthy nutrition from Irina Pisareva 72


5 "NOTs" in healthy eating: no sugar, no smoked meals, no starchy food, no coffee, no fatty and fried food. What books do you recommend to those who want to change their diet? One of the last books I read is TRANDSCEND by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman’s ”Nine Steps to Living Well Forever.” Be sure to read them and think. What trainings are you planning to visit in the nearest future? Nutritional science is quite young and I try to attend all new seminars and conferences. On August 16, I’m going to the Internation Conference on Sport Medicine and Nutrition in Ireland. Do you cook by yourself? Yes, I do. However, I don’t cook too complicated and compound meals. My food is easy to prepare and therefore doesn’t require much time. And I always think through the menu for the next day. Share your beauty secrets. Always moisten your hair with fresh water before swimming in the sea or pool so that it doesn’t absorb salty or chlorinated water. And smile, of course — it’s the simplest and the most effective way to look better! How do you manage to combine a successful career, family and self-realization? I love my profession, because my mission is to help others become more healthy and happy. Managing everything is easy if you have a clear plan for the day.


TOP 5 myths about healthy nutrition — comments Irina PISAREVA, a certified nutritionist and dietician: 1. Proper nutrition is not tasty. This is absolutely not true. On the contrary, healthy nutrition is tasty and varied. There are many useful and delicious recipes. 2. Having snacks is bad! Having snacks is a must! It’s important though to choose the right snacks — nuts, dried figs, baked apples, etc. 3. Carbohydrates should be cut or removed from the diet! Here is a misunderstanding: which exactly carbohydrates should we remove? It’s necessary to get rid of simple carbohydrates, as they don’t promote satiety. But complex carbohydrates are important if you decided to start eating healthier. 4. Diet soda is good for health! No, it’s just a marketspeak! Not all sodas that use artificial sweeteners are low in calories or sugar-free. 5. Black bread is more healthy than white one! It’s better to eat wholegrain and branny bread. 2018

Celebrity MOMS

Career: Cindy is a living legend in the fashion industry. She made a name for herself doing commercial jobs like her iconic Diet Pepsi commercial, while also landing high fashion gigs like walking for Versace. Her years of success at modeling made her an international celebrity that has led to roles in television and films, and work as a spokesperson. Kids: she has two children, Presley, 18, and Kaia, 16, who have arrived on the modeling scene like a pair of sonic booms. The rising model Kaia has inherited her mom’s genes, and has already worked with brands like Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent, and Versace. Presley Gerber, is also making a name for himself in print and on the runway. In January 2018, Presley joined Kaia as the face of Calvin Klein Jeans’ global advertising campaign, and then walked for Balmain at Men’s Paris Fashion Week 2018.

Cindy Crawford Origin: the USA Age: 52 74


Lifestyle and beauty tips: Though Crawford uses her home gym every day, she incorporates a hike or fitness class into her routine at least once a week. Her recent hobby is pole dancing. Of course, a huge part of her staying fit is her diet. Before she can enjoy breakfast, Crawford must have a mug of green tea. Then goes a protein shake which gives energy. She has a genius trick to limit her cocoa cravings: “At the end of lunch, I always have a small piece of dark chocolate — it tells my body that I’m done with my meal.”



Celebrity MOMS

MADONNA Origin: the USA Age: 59 Career: Madonna is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. Kids: Not long ago Madonna has posted a photo with all her 6 kids — Lourdes, 20, Rocco Ritchie, 17, David Banda and Mercy James, who are both 11, and 4-year-old twin sisters Esther and Stella, at her 59th birthday party in Italy. Out of her six children, four of them are adopted. Madonna is working hard to build her children incredible careers. She has set herself the task of masterminding Lourdes Leon’s dance dreams, Rocco Ritchie’s future in art, Mercy James’ ambition to be the a female Kanye West and David Banda’s bid to be a footballer. The pop star is even considering a new project in Malawi, where she wants to establish a soccer academy.

Lifestyle and beauty tips: Madonna is a fan of power yoga, practicing it for two hours every day. She has also succumbed to the newest health fad to hit the UK — Biological Terrain Analysis, from Dr Laz Bannock — who uses medical analysis to pinpoint problem areas in diet and lifestyle. The procedure assesses body fluids to get a picture of overall health, including ageing, immunity and energy levels. Also Madonna follows the macrobiotic diet. According to macrobiotics, meat, dairy products and sweeteners like sugar should be avoided, along with black tea and carbonated drinks. She has a personal nutritionist who helps create her meals according to these macrobiotic, low-fat, vegetarian principles. 76




Celebrity MOMS

Career: Melanie Griffith is one of America’s most famous actresses; she has been working on television and movies for many decades. She started off quite early when she was featured in a commercial being nine months old. Melanie Griffith’ parents were both actors – her mother is a Hitchcock’s The Birds actress Tippi Hedren. Kids: Melanie has three children: Alexander Bauer, Stella Banderas (born in the marriage with a scrumptious Antonio Banderas) and a well-known Dakota Johnson, the “Fifty Shades” star and face of Gucci Bloom. The 60-year-old movie star is frequently seen out with her famous daughter and is obviously her biggest cheerleader.

Origin: the USA Age: 60

Melanie Griffith 78


Lifestyle and beauty tips: The many facial changes have, in part, coincided with the ups and downs of Melanie’s life. Married four times, she has struggled with alcohol and drug addictions but after suffering two seizures of epilepsy during 2011 Cannes Film Festival, she decided to manage her stress level and think more about her health. Now she is a big fan of hot yoga to help keep her in shape. She also likes biking, swimming and walking with the family. Melanie also takes vitamins and mineral supplements.



Celebrity MOMS

Claudia Schiffer Origin: Germany Age: 47 Career: Claudia Schiffer is a supermodel, actress and fashion designer. She rose to fame in the early 1990s as one of the world’s most successful models. She has appeared on more than one thousand magazine covers and holds the record for the model with the most magazine covers, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Kids: Schiffer has three children: son Caspar Matthew and daughters Clementine Poppy and Cosima Violet. Claudia is a naturally protective parent. ”We used to live in London, and when [my kids] started school, there was a lot of attention and paparazzi at the gates. We decided to move to the countryside, where they can have a kind of normal life. We are trying to keep them away from everything for as long as possible until they, one day, voice what they want to do.” — says Claudia.



Lifestyle and beauty tips: Claudia never leaves home without illuminator and a lip balm, which can help look awake and fresh, even though you’re really sleeping. As for her diet, Claudia has 3 meals a day, with no snacks in between. She likes her food to be as natural and chemical free as possible. She doesn’t drink alcohol and steers clear of caffeine. When it comes to exercising, Claudia is not much in favor of intense cardio workouts such as running. She prefers Pilates because it helps her keep her legs in shape while looking feminine.



Celebrity MOMS

Career: Yolanda started her career as a young model signed to Ford Models. She left the Netherlands for New York City and launched a successful career before marrying Mohamed Hadid, and later David Foster. Kids: She is a mother to models Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Anwar Hadid. Gigi and Bella have quickly become fashion royalty. Both have starred in countless campaigns and walked for nearly every major brand, including the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The two most recently appeared on the cover of British Vogue for March 2018. Having nurtured her own offsprings, Yolanda is now turning her attention to the next generation of wannabe supermodels with new TV show Making A Model.

Lifestyle and beauty tips: living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to her, but it became even more crucial after suffering with chronic Lyme disease for many years. Her main rules include drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated and detoxing at all times; eating organic because pesticides can be toxic and affect the immune system; getting enough sleep and enjoying salt baths. Her daily Epsom salt baths with lavender oil help her detox and relax, as they are calming for the nervous system. Sometimes she likes to combine them with organic baking soda or apple cider vinegar.


Hadid Origin: Netherlands Age: 54 82




Celebrity MOMS

Lifestyle and beauty tips: Kris Jenner says achieving her svelte look at the age of 58 is far from easy so she gets up about 4.30 am every day and workouts. Her favorite nighttime routine is cleaning skin before bed: she gets a hot washcloth and puts it on her face. She also pays a lot of attention to her style. ”When I go shopping, I only pick things I just love. It’s hard to go wrong with your style when you wear things you simply adore.”

Career: Kris Jenner is an American television personality, entertainment manager, producer, businesswoman, and author. She rose to fame starring in the reality television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kids: With Kris as ”Momager” — a term she trademarked in 2012 — she used the show’s success to forge new deals for each of her six children. Without Kris, Kim might not have pulled in a reported $30 million in 2017. Kendall wouldn’t necessarily be an in-demand model … Kourtney and Khloé and Kim might not have three retail stores, a hair-and-makeup line, bronzer line, and a children’s clothing line… Kendall and Kylie might not have licensing deals with PacSun, Steve Madden, Topshop and Sugar Factory, etc.

Origin: the USA Age: 62

Kris Jenner 84




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VALERIE LEE knows how to set goals and achieve them. She speaks 4 languages, doesn’t miss trainings in the gym and attends many different courses. And right now she is on her way to her biggest dream — she is wor.



LIFESTYLE • Describe your average day in 3 words. • Studying. Training. Leisure. 87


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Anything funny happened to you lately? In fact, something funny happens to me and my friends all the time! The last thing I remember is us playing the wish game — then guys went to the supermarket dressed in night robes! 88


What inspires you every day for the new achievements? No matter how strange it may sound, but looking at celebrities and models on Instagram makes me willing to achieve the same! 89


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What is the boldest thing you've ever done? Recently I’ve ridden the most terrible roller coaster in the theme park. I felt very brave at that moment, lol. 90


Where is the most beautiful place in the world for you? For me it’s the USA, namely — Los Angeles. I would live there, really! 91


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What would you choose: diving with the sharks, bungee jumping or flying in a hot air balloon? Flying in a hot air balloon, I guess. I have always dreamt about flying and enjoying all the beauty of our country. What 3 celebrities do you admire? Kendall Jenner, Cameron Dias and Justin Bieber. TOP 25


2017 2018

Earrings: Makova Jewelry

Bag: Iren Arno

MODELLING CAREER What is the best and the worst in being a model? Sometimes it can be really tiring. But the best in it — is the result! What was your most memorable photo shoot and why? It was October and the weather was quite cold, but the shoot was outside and in summer dresses. I was very cold, but still it was fun. Who is your favourite photographer? Sasha Samsonova. What is your favourite style? I like something in the style of 80–90-ies, now it is very trendy. 93

What is the favourite part of your body? Legs, I guess DREAMS What superpower would you like to have? The ability to heal people. It’s very cool. Where to spend a week — in the past or in the future? Definitely in the future! If you could now meet yourself as a child, what would you say to her? Pursue your ambition and you will achieve it. 2018



LIFTING GYM Face Fitness Center by Natalia Mamciur


atalia Mamciur is an International Star, soloist ballet dancer of the Opera Bolshoi of Moscow and principal actress of the Moulin Rouge de Paris. During her international career, she has been developing a new Know How technology regarding a Face Fitness method called LIFTING GYM® www.liftinggym.com Today, after having successfully carried out Face Fitness lessons, seminars, and training courses in medical or sport centres and theatres she is the only one mimic and facial muscles expert invited to anti-aging congresses. She is beauty professional, at the head of the LIFTING GYM® company.

Today people’s the biggest demand is to go more and more natural, be it in food habits, lifestyle or beauty care. Both, Women and men are very much concerned about their appearance which is an important contributor to self esteem. Face Fitness LIFTING GYM® is the way to feel and look younger naturally while keeping your unique personality without face mutation. We have to adopt face training in the same way we understand the necessity of body training!! This trend is on today, and the biggest stars such as Nicole Kidmann, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Meghan Markle and many others were the first to say it loud that they don’t want to proceed with any beauty interventions other than Face Fitness. What do you mean saying Face Fitness LIFTING GYM®? Like all over the body our face consists of 57 muscles 15 of which are mimical, specifically those where the LIFTING GYM® method shows efficiency. Instead, LIFTING GYM® is an unprecedented alternative technique to create new and correct existing muscles memory. This technique also fills lips, cheekbones and nasolabial folds with a new developed muscle mass, the same as in body building. The good thing is, these face muscles are very thin and they react much faster to training so visible result can be obtained even after a few sessions! What type of exercises does the LIFTING GYM® method offer? LIFTING GYM® method consists of well planned, controlled, and alternate movements of contraction,

Can you tell us more about yourself and your Know How? Born at the backstage of the most famous theatres in the world and known as LIFTING GYM®, our facial gymnastics, so called Face Fitness is practised successfully by actresses, singers, dancers, and also by fashion celebrities and politicians.



relaxation, and stretching. Each exercise starts with a Yoga phase, then comes to the more dynamical Face Fitness, then lifting fixation and ends up with a muscle vibration to eliminate the excess of lactic acid. However, bear in mind that, as with any sport, results are in accordance with efforts! Such a unique combination is known to give the longest lasting result and it is so much exceeding expectations that it looks incredible. To understand better, the skin is directly attached to the muscles therefore when muscles become more tonic, the skin naturally gets a lifting effect. You can see the ingenuity of the method by the positioning of hands on the face in order to avoid new wrinkles forming. This is the guarantee that the method is not only effective, but as well safe. How can you guarantee that the method is effective and safe? The results I obtained with clients within past 10 years are obvious. My method is the only one having the privilege to be represented during Anti-Aging Congresses. Results have been dermatologically observed in the laboratory of the Rome Dermatologic Institute by Dr. Giulio Ferranti, anatomo pathologist in dermatology. All positive feedbacks from my clients and Doctors in USA and Europe led me to the idea of opening some LIFTING GYM® franchisee centres to spread out the benefits of the method. Together with my partner Pierric Bourbin we have received a lot of interests coming from Florida, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Paris so we expect to open 5 centres in 2018. What kind of professionals are you looking for to create a LIFTING GYM® centre? We are recruiting franchisees with proven commercial expertise in the Beauty business like Aesthet-

ical clinics, Beauty institutes, Wellness centres, Yoga or Natural Health Centres, SPA centres etc… Professional recognition and adequate reputation, exclusive use of the BEAUTY SYSTEM, luxury and professional products along with the LIFTING GYM® facial exercises. Do you also sell cosmetic products? In fact, the BEAUTY SYSTEM was initially designed to enhance the effects of the LIFTING GYM® Face Fitness and consists of 2 anti-aging face kits, one Basic and Advanced — Master Class program. Each kit contains some didactic material and 3 luxury products: filler, “6 in one” silk gel and a specific face cream. These innovative products have been carefully formulated for LIFTING GYM® by doctors in Italy in accordance to CE regulation, with agreement from the extremely conservative European Department of Health There is no competition with this absolutely original and unique BEAUTY SYSTEM as it is the only one combining Face Fitness with innovative beauty products thanks to the latest generation of Nano technological research and using the Dow Corning expertise. Who are your clients? Every person, man or woman, who wants to take care of their appearance in a healthy and natural way and ready to invest their time and efforts is a potential client. We can always find a solution with individual or group lessons to meet the client ‘s requirement to look and feel younger! LIFTING GYM® being at the foremost of this rapidly develop-



ing business we intend to maintain and develop our leadership with the help of our Franchisees, for the well being of our clients. NATALIA MAMCIUR — Founder, President natalia@liftinggym.com what’s app +33 644 14 13 37 PIERRIC BOURBIN — General Manager pierric@liftinggym.com +1 242 524 7022 what’s app +33 661 67 01 01


HAFEDH DAKHLAOUI Born to be the actor Hafedh DAKHLAOUI is a born actor who owes his peculiar appearance to his mixed genealogical tree rich in its diversity. Born in Tunisia, Hafedh is a true man of the world, knowing six languages, including Russian, English, French and Spanish. Having moved to Monaco in 2010, he quickly took root here but thanks to his work, he had an opportunity to travel around the world and get absorbed in different cultures. How did you start you acting career? Everything began at my school where i got my first part ever in a Franco-Tunisian movie with great actors, I knew then that all I wanted to do is act . Later everything restarted from my trip to United States. How come you speak so many languages? Well, I have many passions in life, and languages — is one of them. I have always been good at languages and quickly learned French and English in the childhood. Though I ended up getting a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management, later I got involved into academic studies of languages and sports. Then, having moved to France and later in Monaco, a country I fell in love with, I met many Russians and was impressed by their culture. That is why I started learning Russian language. And later I lived in Ibiza for some time where I also learned Spanish. You are also a sportsman, aren’t you? Yes, being a sportsman runs in my blood. Since both of my parents are swimming champions (as well as my uncle and brother), I spent most of my youth in a swimming pool participating in national and international competitions. I also became part of the swimming team of Monaco. Now I am also boxing everyday as my next role is a role of an English boxer from 1900 and I am trying hard to shape my body for the role. Do you like extreme sports? I do some skydiving, but I am not an adrenaline junky. I just like to face my fear and learn more about myself. How many films have you starred in already? Everything began from my trips to the United States including Los Angeles and New York, where I made an encounter with Alexander



Nevsky who gave me the first chance in «The Black Rose» movie, after what I decided to devote myself to the cinema. Few months later, I was hired for a movie shoot «Showdown in Manila» produced by Marc Dacascos in Philippines. My third important influence I got from production of Andrzej Bartkowiak «Maximum Impact». Next month I am shooting in a new movie in Russia. Do you attend acting classes? Yes, I think, it is very important to improve skills, so 2 times per week I attend Howard Fine Acting Studio. I get a lot from my classes with Wendy McKenzie and Michael Shannon. Also from time to time, I go to New York to study Shakespeare with the famous Patsy Rodenburg — the best teacher is the one who can act. What is your dream role? My dream role is a role that would inspire and affect the lives of other people. I’d like to be the cause of a life change or, let’s say, enlightment. How do you prepare for the role? First, I do a background search and investigate the character’s life, time place, origins, his past… Then I try to live exactly as my character does. So if it’s a boxer I take the same lifestyle training every day, watch boxing matches, try to learn every small detail — it is very important. Do feel yourself a Tunisian or more of a European? As a proud citizen of Tunisia and France, which I consider my “father” and “mother” lands, as one gave me life and the other — opportunities, I am glad to represent my two nations in the very competitive Hollywood market. They both are in my heart forever.



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TRUST events is an international company that creates tailor-made events for highend clientele. Today we have a chance to talk to charming Jana JURCENKO, cofounder/CEO of the company.

What kind of high technologies are popular in today’s luxury events? Nowadays, what is considered to be really luxurious is taking care of the environment, limiting the use of plastic or paper and switching to an alternative energy. In Russia, for example, tons of plastic and materials that are used for decoration, cannot be recycled. In the south of France, of course, landscapes replace any decor, but for maximum rejection of plastic, we use spectacular modern technologies, such as holograms, alternative or augmented reality, 3D projections both on walls and even on tables during dinner. There are also programs and social mobile applications that we develop specifically for large-scale events. Do you have interesting force majeure stories? Experience allows you to be ready for both the force majeure weather conditions and traffic jams. In fact, we specialize in the events of “last minute organization”. One day we had to deliver a saxo-



phonist to an event on a private plane in the absence of other options. Sometimes there are force majeures with worldwide celebrities, but everything is solved by an adequate dialogue and humanity.

Founders of Trust Events : Katerina Krizanovska and Jana Jurcenko

What should you always keep in mind when you organize luxury events? Of course, it is important to think about how the napkins are placed on the table and what color they are, but a much more important thing that we invest is energy. And every client of our company, who has reached certain point of success, has a strong intuition and appreciates the energy that we give. Another important thing that we have understood — we can also choose our clients. We work with those who are sincerely loved and respected, and only then there is complete dedication and 100% result. What new projects are you up to? During summer season, we have projects every week, preparing for them takes every single day. In winter, we have a quieter season and we are developing the company, social networks and preparing social projects. We want to participate in events that carry the idea of helping people and the environment. This we learned both from teachers of the University of Monaco, as well as our customers, who instead of gifts ask guests to donate funds to charitable foundations. We have registered the brand GLOBAL WARMING OF HEARTS in Monaco, the idea of which is that everyone can help someone under the slogan “kindness is the new luxury”.



IN Style

HIT THE SUMMER WITH PERFECT SWIMWEAR Have you ever thought that understanding your body shape is the key to your perfect swimsuit style?


hen you know your true size and what your body shape is you will easily find a swimsuit style that fits you best. Knowing your body type and understanding what kind of swimwear works for you, will accentuate your best features. It

means you will look stunning on the beach or by the pool. To find your most stylish swimsuit, first try to find what basic body type you belong to. To understand your body shape, look at yourself in a full size mirror in your underwear. Stand with your legs together and your arms a little bit away from your sides. You can ask someone to trace your shadow-figure in the mirror with the lipstick. Or ask someone to take a picture of you, focusing the camera on the center of your tummy. Analyze your body image and try to find what shape you belong to.



Your shape is characterized by: — A defined bust — A defined waist — A neat bottom — Neat hips — The same width of your shoulders and hips — Balanced proportions — Wear the same size on your top half and bottom If this is you… You are such a lucky girl! You can go with almost anything you wish. The trendiest swimsuits will look great on you. But remember one thing! Keep it balanced. If you go with one-



piece or two-piece always keep it visually balanced between top and bottom and accentuate your waist. The high-waisted style will work incredible for your hourglass body. If you don't identify yourself as the neat hourglass shape, don't worry, you can always use some styling techniques to make your body look like an hourglass.

FULL HOURGLASS Your shape is characterized by: — Bigger thighs — A curvy bottom and hips — A small waist — A full bust — Balanced proportions — Wear a slightly larger size on your top half than your bottom Did you find your body like that? Great! In this case go with waist defining suit. One-piece V-line suit may compliment your curvy lines. Vertical stripes elongate your silhouette and accentuates your sexy curves. Statistics say that the TRIANGLE SHAPE is the most common shape of women’s body. Ladies with this type of body often call themselves as a pear. If you are not too happy about your curvy hips don’t be sad! They say that women with this type of body are the most desirable by men. Your shape is characterized by:

— Full hips or thighs — Maybe saddlebags — A defined waist — Hips wider than your shoulders — A small top half as well as small bust — Wear a larger size on your bottom half than your top When looking for the perfect swimsuit, try to attract attention to your top part. Your hips are wider than your shoulders. Try push-ups, details and bright prints on the bra. Boy-shorts as bottom are not the best choice. Try Brazilian bikini. The



GLE. Usually ladies with this type of body have amazing slim legs even if they gain some weight. If your body looks like the inverted triangle your shape is characterized by: — Your bottom half is smaller than your top — Little definition between waist and hips — Flat hips and bottom — Straight and squared shoulder line — Shoulders wider than your hips — Wear the larger size on your top half than your bottom If your body shape is inverted triangle and your shoulders are wider than your hips, do not go with high neck or thin strap swimsuit. Try deep V-neck swimsuit with moderately wide straps. If you are looking for a two piece swimsuit, the one with details on the bottom will work best for you.

LEAN COLUMN This body is common for models. Your shape is characterized by: — Narrow shoulders — Flat chest or small bust — Small or non-defined waist — Narrow hips and flat bot-

tom — Te e n a g e r - l i k e body — Wear the same size on your top and bottom halves If your body shape looks more like column. In this case your waist is visually almost same wide like your shoulders and hips. You are the one lucky lady who can wear monokini swimsuit. You also will look perfect in swimsuits which other ladies afraid of; such as ones which are decorated with chains, ties, fabric fringes, pearls and other details. Most important is to keep balance. Decorative elements should be on the top and on the bottom. Try to avoid classic Malibu style swimsuit. We all look so different and unique! Our bodies also look different. Don’t be sad if your body type is not iconic. Knowing certain body features which remind us about some geometric shapes will help you to look amazing in the right swimwear. The RECTANGLE Your shape is characterized by: — Straight shoulder line and ribcage — Straight hips and bottom — Very little waist definition — Average tummy — Wear the same size on your top and bottom halves Pick up a swimsuit which adds feminity and intrigue to your body lines. Try to create more curvy appearance to your body look. Choose the same print on the top and bottom. Play with ruffles and embellishments.



If you are a beautiful curvy sexy lady, your body may look be the ROUNDED shape. Your shape is characterized by: — Rounded shoulders line — Flattish bottom — Average to big bust — Fullness in the tummy area — Good shaped legs If you have more of a round shape body, you have sexy bust with a little belly. Try to avoid extra details on your swimsuit. Find the best looking halter neck swimsuit. This is the style with straps that go around your neck. A high waisted Bikini is perfect for you as well as a Tankini. And the last ultimate tip to purchase you the most flattering swimsuit! Do try a lot of different brands and designs. The more you try the better chances you have to find your best silhouette. And remember that color is important not less than the style. The right color together with the right style will make you shine like a diamond. Alexandra Peffer Personal Fashion Stylist IG @alexandrapeffer


very woman must have at least one ideal evening dress. I call it a WOW-dress. A WOW-dress is a dress that people don’t remember exactly how it looked like, but they can’t forget how stunning you looked at that night. How to find your WOW-dress? First, you should remember that a brand or a trend shouldn’t be crucial in taking the decision. The main point is how this dress fits you. The color and name of the brand is not what necessarily matters. The most important, is your silhouette the dress makes when you put it on. The dress should make your shape look perfect! The perfect dress make you feel like a queen.

Hailey Baldwin Maria Borges

Sara Sampaio

How to pick out


If you have a pear-like shape body, when you have nicely shape body on the top and you carry most of the weight on the bottom, try to accentuate your top part. Usually girls with this type of the body have hips wider than their shoulders like Jenniffer Lopez or Beyoncé. If your body looks like this, get a dress with a corset or fitted top and fluffy skirt. This type of the dress will really compliment your silhouette. If you are an apple type, it means you carry most of your weight g on the top part of your body and your top usually looks heavier than bottom. tom Jessica Simpson and Drew Barrymore mor are the examples of this body type. Try on empire waist dress. This dress will wil make you look so amazing. It is a dress dr with the waist line right under your yo chest. It will make your legs look like lik really long and chest not as heavy. If you are a petite girl like Eva Longoria or Victoria Beckham the best g dress for you will be a tea length d dress. It will make you look taller. If you have a boyish type figure your main focus is to visually Nicole Kidman

Kerry Washington itman Zabou Bre



accentuate your silhouette. Your aim is to give an impression that you have sexy curves. If your body looks like Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman or Cameron Diaz you may consider to go for a color blocking dress. This kind of dress will give the illusion of you having nice curves. This dress can have one color on the top and another color on the bottom or different colors all over the dress. Another good idea for a dress for boyish type of the body will be a dropped waist dress. It is a dress when waist line goes down to your hips and make your figure look curvy. Dropped waist dress looks especially good with sweet heart neckline. If you are a plus size girl you can go with whatever dress style you want. All you need is just to decide what you want to accentuate and what you want to hide. If you want to show your beautiful neck and décolleté go for empire waist dress and V-neckline. If you are not very happy with your arms select a dress with long sleeves. Remember, that the more hour glass shape you will look in your dress the better. Try to make your body visually look more balanced. If you have wider shoulders and lager bust don’t go for a halter dress, it will make you look even bigger. If you have a small bust a halter evening dress may look really good on you. You can also look for an embroidered or beaded top dress. This kind of dress will add some volume to your chest and will shimmer and sparkle at night. It is always a good idea for a party or glamour evening event. If you want to accentuate your full big bust like Brittney Palmer you can definitely go for a beautiful ball gown or an A line dress or corset style dress. But if you are short big busted girl better stay ay away

Penelope Cruz

Hofit Golan

from ball dresses. You will look like a fluffy roly poly woman. But you can still consider an A neckline for your dress, it will compliment your beautiful chest. If you have an hour glass figure like Scarlett Johansson or Monica Bellucci you are blessed with nice curves. All you need to do is to make a focus on your perfect waist line. Make sure you keep your naturally beautiful bode type when you select your best evening gown. Mermaid dress will make you look attractive. If your shoulders are really wide like swimmers have stay away from spaghetti strap dresses. They will make your shoulders look much bigger than they really are. Best thing for you is to go for thick strap bodycon dress. Your beautifully shaped legs will look stunning if you wear this dress style. Also you may search for a perfect peplum dress. It will help you to make your body silhouette look balanced and more hour glass like. It will draw attention to your hips and will make it even with your shoulders. If you are proud of your slim perfectly shaped legs like Sara Sampaio go for asymmetric dropping dress. I promise you will look gorgeous wearing this dress. It may expose one of your legs or it may be shorter in front and longer on the back side. When you find your WOW-dress don’t forget to finish your look with a matching WOW clutch, WOW shoes, WOW make up, WOW hair style and, a WOW attitude and smile! This will make you the queen of the night! Alexandra Peffer Personal Fashion Stylist IG @alexandrapeffer

Brittney Palmer lcro Natalie Ha





SHEIKHA MOZAH BINT NASSER “When I’m tired, I just go to my dressing room, sort out the outfits and try to find new combinations. I do not have a stylist, because I’m unlikely to find someone who could perfectly understand my desires.”



er Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned is one of the most admired and influential women in the world. The second of the three wives of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, former Emir of the State of Qatar, she has been constantly named as one of Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women. One of the reasons for that is her humanitarian work: since 1995, she has led education and social reforms in Qatar being a special UNESCO ambassador for basic and higher education. She herself is a well-educated woman and did courses in the universities of the USA. With the coming to power of her husband, the position of women in Qatar has improved significantly. They received the right to vote and drive, and the requirements for clothing became not so strict as in neighboring countries. Many people say that Sheikha Mozah is “the best thing that happened to Qatar”. Sheikha Mozah travels the world, meets international leaders and flaunts her fabulous fashion sense to her 436,000 Instagram followers. It’s hard not to be mesmerised by her natural beauty and not only for her important work but also for her fabulous wardrobe. Believe it or not, but this elegant woman is 58-year old mother of seven (!). And her immaculate sense of style is well-known all over the world. With her hair swept in trademark hijab, she has garnered a reputation for her remarkable designer outfits. She is a fashion icon and Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed Hall of Famer. Indeed, her style combines tradition and a researched conception of couture. Despite the stereotypes, Sheikha by her own example demonstrates that it’s possible to look charming and sexy without opening the body parts. She has an excellent figure, and she emphasizes this, giving preference to smooth feminine silhouettes. Her


wardrobe is a collection of elegant haute couture outfits: a few light-hearted Chanel dresses, intricate Dior jackets, stylish Armani suits, as well as Carven, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hermes, Ralph and Russo, Stephane Rolland, Valentino and much, much more, including local designers like Wadha Al Hijri. Stylish Sheikha was even referred to as a modern day Jackie Onassis by British designer Julien Macdonald. Journalists often ask, if she has a personal stylist. Sheikha Mozah says that she likes to dress up by herself. It’s a kind of therapy for her

“My style is embodying respect for traditions, but at the same time it is modern and practical.”




”I do a lot of HIIT (aka high-intensity interval) training, This is mainly because it's the fastest way for me to get my workouts done and the most effective way as well.”

"It just always made me feel super healthy, and I think one of the most important things is to take care of your body” photo credit Ryan Hattaway




manda Cerny is an American Social Media Personality, actress and fitness model who has become immensely popular as a YouTuber and Vine Star. She is known for her comedy sketches, often collaborating with fellow social stars. Sense of humor and sex appeal — this is her success formula. Her famous 6-seconds vine sketches simply exploded the Internet. Before Vine closed, Amanda had gained over 4.6 million followers on Vine. To date she has more than 50 million followers on all her social media accounts! Before opening her comedian talent, she worked as a model. Amanda started modeling at the age 15 and were a cover model for Health & Wellness magazine and a part of the Playboy Playmate of the month October 2011. This head turner has made her presence felt in the world of modelling and acting as well with her recurring role on American comedy TV series titled ”Adam Devine’s House Party”. She also has made guest appearances in a couple of films and the music video by the FartBarf band. She has also been roped in by many big names like ”Twentieth Century

AMANDA CERNY: funny and hot

"At the end of the day, everyone can have negative comments about what they don't like about themselves. That's the easy part. The hard part is being able to look in the mirror every morning and say what you love about yourself... Overall confidence is beauty." Fox”, ”Paramount Pictures”, ”Esquire”, ”Forbes 30 Under 30” and ”Comedy Central” for campaigning. GUESS Activewear recently announced her as the face of its Spring/Summer ’18 campaign. It turns out she’s got quite the background in fitness, too. At 13, she got involved in taekwondo (she’s a black belt) and later moved on to run track and cross country in high school. Being active became a lifestyle. Nowadays, her fitness routine has changed to accommodate her busy schedule in Los Angeles. Amanda has also been involved in a lot of Charity work for more than 8 years now. She has always shown concern for the proper and healthy development of underprivileged kids. While attending the Forbes Under 30 Summit she raised the issue about the necessity for fulfilling the necessities of children and urged people to raise money for the betterment of underprivileged children. Amanda has established her own foundation, the ”Play Foundation” .



Self Made


Princess Jasmine of the beauty industry

“Beauty can change the way a woman feels, and an empowered woman is fearless; she’s unstoppable… She can take on the world.”


uda Kattan is a real social media phenomenon. In 2010 she created her blog @ hudabeauty and it quickly became the #1 blog in the Middle East and a top 20 beauty blog worldwide. Today her Instagram account has more than 25 million followers. Huda is ranked #1 on the ”2017 Influencer Instagram Rich List”, was declared one of the ”10 most powerful influencers in the world of beauty” by Forbes magazine, and she was chosen as one of ”The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet” by Time magazine in 2017. Impressive, isn’t it? Especially for a girl, who was not expected to work in beauty industry at all. Huda was born and raised in the U.S. and studied Finance at university. After moving to Dubai and starting a job in the industry, the recession hit and she was made redundant from her finance job. Her sister encouraged her to pursue her passion for makeup. Within days, Huda was on a plane half way to Los Angeles to study make-up at the Joe Blasco Makeup Artistry School. Incredible opportunities led her to work with excellent make-up artists, amazing brands, and some remarka-

“I used to look at Princess Jasmine [from Aladdin] for inspiration and relate to her. I loved her superlong hair and followed her makeup style, the Arab style — the big liner and lashes”.



“I promise I’m going to own the beauty world. In the way socialising will never be the same because of Mark Zuckerberg, or travelling will never be the same because of Uber, my vision is that the beauty world will never be the same because of Huda Beauty. I want to be the Oprah of beauty... bigger than the Oprah of beauty.” ble models and celebrities. Interestingly, in the U.S. her style in doing make-up was considered rather garish and vulgar. However, in Dubai where she decided eventually to move, the girl was a success: local women adore everything bright and catchy, all that wide dark brows, thick long hair, pouty lips, bronze skin — in general, everything that Huda creates in her images. Very soon, her blog became popular among local women who never go outside without full make-up and false eyelashes. Huda is also loved for her somewhat out there videos, such as how to contour your breasts and tummy. Her idea is that makeup is so much more than a way to look more beautiful, it’s completely transforming. Today Huda possesses the International beauty empire. But she has many plans. For example, this June premiered the 10-episode series, ”Huda Boss”, a reality-style series on Facebook Watch, promising an up-close-and-personal look at Huda’s life running a global cosmetics brand, created together with her sisters. In addition to the Facebook Watch show, Kattan will also host live Q&As on Facebook Watch with her fans and share her favorite beauty tips and tricks via Facebook Live.




I think we all want justice and equality, a chance for a life with meaning. All of us would like to believe that if we were in a bad situation someone would help us. 110




the golden standard of beauty


ngelina Jolie is like Chanel — she never goes out of style. All the men want her, and all the women want to be here. There are obviously many beautiful women in Hollywood, but only a few generate the same kind of overwhelming interest across genders and sexual orientations that she does. She hasn’t always been a style icon. Being a Hollywood’s Wild Child in the “90s she used to make rather strange fashion choices. But once If you ask people what they’ve a Goth girl with vials of blood around her neck evolved into one of the most admired stars of always wanted to do, most people her generation for her humanitarian work and haven’t done it. That breaks her impeccable style sense. Jolie's reputation began to change positively my heart after she, at the age of 26, became a GoodPerfect example is Saint Laurent tuxedo during the will Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Since then she has estab- Bafta awards. Not to mention a gam-flashing Atelier lished several charitable organizations, from a daycare Versace black gown with the high split and lots and lots facility for children afflicted and affected by HIV in of leg. This look may well become as iconic as an image Cambodia to the movement committed to providing of Marilyn Monroe with her white dress flying up. The special thing about Angie is that she shows poise legal counsel to unaccompanied immigrant children in the U. S. Her public image is strongly tied to her beau- and elegance, whether wearing leather pants or a ball ty and sex appeal. Vogue, People, and Vanity Fair have gown. When in 2014 Angelina Jolie was presented called her the world's most beautiful woman, while with the Insignia of an Honorary Dame and received Esquire, FHM, and Empire have named her the sexi- it from the Queen at Buckingham Palace, she wore the est woman alive. Sure, a Nobel laureate could give the chicest dove grey wool crepe suit, with a fashionable same message as she does in her humanitarian work, skirt below the knee. She is not afraid to look plain. By but it may reach only a handful of people. Angelina is the way one of Angelina’s signature looks is a slicked using her celebrity and beauty in a heroic way, and she back ponytail, which draws attention to her gorgeous is reaching millions of people worldwide. The beauti- features. She proves that you don’t always have to ful mother of 6 children (three of whom were adopted) wear your hair down to look chic. The same is with she proves that her true beauty comes from within, set- her makeup choices. The less it looks like Angelina is ting an example of someone who cares about others wearing makeup the more stunning she looks with all that glowing skin, long lashes and full lips. and is passionate about giving back. It is clear that her looks are what predominantly Anyway, no one will argue that this woman has got a killing sense of fashion and we could all learn a thing draw attention of people, but it is her charisma and or two about beauty and style from her. She has been boldness, adventurous mischievousness and self-sacriwalking the red carpet since she was a kid — and it ficing humanitarian work that are to admire. And she shows. She doesn’t need much to look stunning: most is using her image very wisely — she takes advantages of the time she goes for classic and black looks. While out of it, getting the world’s media attention for global staying true to this style, she still knows how to surprise. causes that she stands for.




TOM FORD Fucking fabulous

Now everything is popular at the same time, and you can wear vintage of anything, so there isn’t one trend anymore. If you have an amazing '60s jacket or an amazing 80s jacket, you can wear it




ucking fabulous” — it’s the name of Tom Ford’s latest limited-edition fragrance, set to launch exclusively at the brand’s directly owned retail stores just in time for his Spring/Summer 2018 runway show in New York. But isn’t it a bang-on description of the designer himself? Long time ago when Gucci was far from being a brand one flamboyant and hard-working American designer rocked the fashion world with his bold reinvention of the company and saved it from near bankruptcy. Tom Ford was in charge of designing 11 product lines and worked eighteen-hour days. Later on he became also Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent. When he left in 2004 Gucci Group was valued at $10 billion. And you know how many people were hired to split the work Ford had done? Four! But of course he didn't leave empty-handed: according to Forbes he retained stock options worth around $100 million and reinvented himself as the “Tom Ford” label and… Oscar-nominated filmmaker! He dressed Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Daniel Craig, Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Julianne Moore, Hugh Jackman — we may continue enumerating celebs admiring his talent forever! And his Spring/Summer 2018 runway show was an unofficial kickoff to the week, drawing a significant list of celebrities and supermodels: Kim Kardashian West, Julianne Moore, Ciara, Cindy Crawford, Doutzen Kroes, Chaka Khan and Liberty Ross were among the well-dressed ladies in the front row, and the diverse runway casting included many of modeling's biggest names, like Joan Smalls, Binx Walton, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Ford is a great fashion influencer. He not only designs clothes, but also shoots ad campaigns and manages the licenses Estée Lauder, Marcolin and now, watches with Bedrock Manufacturing, with which Ford partnered to develop Swiss-made timepieces that will launch in 2018. It’s a strategy that has worked. Tom Ford sells about 1.6 million pairs of eyewear a year, and in Estée Lauder’s latest fiscal year, sales of the Tom Ford fragrance and cosmetics businesses combined were


up 52%. Ford lays out his ambitious plans to become one of the top five luxury brands in the world, with annual retail revenue on track to hit nearly $2 billion in 2017, according to market sources. What is his secret? Well, he is both criticized and loved for his bold designs and provocative ad cam-

I've never understood people who want to do something and be number two, or number four or five or 47 paigns. The New York Magazine wrote “Every season, Ford created an „It“ piece, a must-have, a season-defining trend, photographed to death, knocked off ad nauseam.” Sure, there have been missteps — like Ford's Penis Pendant Necklace, which stirred up a controversy with Christians who mistook it for an obscene crucifix — but nothing that Ford couldn't handle. There’s something inherently straightforward and, really, American about Ford and his brand. Sexy, shiny, bold and… fucking fabulous. 2018

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