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PR-Agency, Miss TheGlam Monaco int., TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

TheGlam Management Group is the brand new and unique society of women from all over the world! The main purpose of our activity is the creation of the brand new and unique female society, women of new generation – so-called TheGlam girls. TheGlam Management Group was founded in May 2011 and based in Monaco, but we are able to work and working everywhere throughout Europe! Nowadays we have two main offices: Kiev and Monaco. TheGlam is a completely new, unique and one of a kind Community of Girls, who can be rightly called enviable brides and perfect wives! TheGlam Girls are not just the girls... All of them are young, beautiful, successful and mature women with a rich inner world, having their unique personal history, who are constantly moving forward, developing, striving to gain knowledge of the world and themselves! Despite on the fact that the girls have already established themselves as independent personalities, they possess deep moral and family values. Those of them who still on the way to meet their “the one” are family- and serious relationship-oriented only. We are very selective when it comes to choosing which girls will be eligible to become members of our community, not every girl may be invited to join, the unique selection and training system ensures that all of the girls, who come to our community have the high standards, character and a lot of deep-seated interests in their lives. The Glam Girl means a girl of the new millennium, who is harmoniously developed in all spheres of life, good-looking and attractive, educated and will become even better wife, mother and friend. She is truly the girl all the guys dream of! She is fully self-realized in her life, feminine, always a welcome guest in any company, an ideal companion and girlfriend for any man.


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TOP PHOTO MODELS: New Faces INSTA STARS: Famous Insta Models SUPER MODELS: Kendall Jenner, Karlie Klos, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Kaia Gerber and etc. FASHION STORY. Valerie Lee QUEENS TALK: Miss Europe 2017, Miss TheGLAM Monaco 2017 REALFASHIONIST: Zaklina Berrido Pisano STORY OF SUCCESS: Martika Caringella, Alana VENUM, Anar Damdinsuren

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BEAUTY: I need 1 year to return a woman 20 years ago INSTA MOM: Aliya Baitugaeva SELF MADE: Fashion designer Olesya Malinskaya

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CHARITY: Give a little, help a lot HEALTH AND SPORT: Christopher Kebreau BUSINESS: Citizens of Everywhere CHILD MODELING: Tips for Parents LUXURY STYLE: S.S.Delphine

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EVENT: 2017 Daily Front Row’s FASHION MEDIA AWARDS, Spectacular Ocean — GALA DINNER, The MTV Video Awards, Miss TheGlam Monaco international

CONTACT US www.the-glam.com luxurymag@the-glam.com, Info@the-glam.com www.instagram.com/theglammag_ +33 7 81 81 70 42






Great Britain


mrsfrance2017@gmail.com +33 7 81 81 70 42 +33 6 38 81 45 91 +38 0 50 088 88 88 www.facebook.com/mrsuniversefrance/ @beautycontests_group


Most of all I'm proud of our beauty contest Miss TheGlam Monaco International, as we did not plan to do it actually, our task was to help with the organization of the event. As a result we created it from scratch in 3 weeks and blew up the entire Cote d’Azur! We had so many guests that there was literary no place for them to seat!




ach of your projects involves women who are not only beautiful, but also successful. Why do you think it is not enough for a woman to be just a pretty face? Well, it may be enough for a good and ordered life. But I guess a modern woman does not need much from this world, she needs ALL! Not only beauty or money, success or family, she needs all these components for her happiness.

Children. Moreover we received additional licenses for our international beauty contest Mrs.Universe, and now we will send candidates not only from France, Monaco and Lithuania, but also from Britain and Lebanon. In general we try to make all our events charitable, cause there cannot be true beauty without compassion.

Tell us about your daughter. Does she enjoy attending your events? Yes, she is the smallest guest of our events. She studies at British school, is fond of photography, drawing and astronomy. With her I learned all the planets and properties of the solar system. And, of course, from the very childhood she likes to participate in photo shootings. She was even on the cover of one children's magazine. Also she adores swimming and water, like her father.

er 80% bring only 20% of the results. So the whole secret of time management is to understand which 20% of our efforts will bring you the maximum result and avoid urgent, but not important matters.

Last year in winter you had an incredible charity event "One night miracle in Monaco". Do you plan to organize something this year? No, this year we have already taken part in a large-scale charity event, Ocean Gala Dinner organized by Caudwell


How do you manage it all? Share your secrets of time management. To be honest, I don’t really manage to do all that I would like to. There are always more thoughts and projects in my head than time, so I have to slow down a bit and direct efforts at the most important things. I support the Koch's 80/20 theory: only 20% of all our actions bring 80% of the results, while anoth-

What do you like the most about Cote d'Azur? The climate, of course, and also a very grateful audience that is always glad to enjoy interesting events and can appreciate everything you do. Share an exclusive beauty secret from Katerina Fesenko. Mental detox‌ You need to clear your thoughts and feelings, and get through internal conflicts — then you become younger and younger, regardless of age. 2017

Our main project is the TheGLAM PR agency — we discover to Europe new top and photomodels. We cultivate the image of the model, starting from the photo shoots with top European photographers, to mentioning them in the media and developing social networks, as well as collaboration with the brands. We also have the Top25photomodels magazine and now work hard on the new direction of digital marketing.




there are disputes, but these are trifles, really, that are very quickly forgotten. What is your most ambitious dream? To establish the largest publishing house and the largest advertising company. But this is not just a dream — I study every day and attend many trainings and seminars to make it happen.

o w does your day begin? It begins with coffee and the latest news in the world of fashion and show business. What distinguishes Top25photomodels from other tabloids? It brings focus on models: we are looking for interesting types and potential in every young and pretty girl. By the way, beauty is absolutely not important in modeling today. There is a clear tendency towards accentuating the imperfections or, better to say, peculiarities, such as gap between teeth, large forehead or distance between eyes, hollow cheekbones, narrow lips, etc.

You are also a popular abstract artist. Last year, your painting "The Soul of the Ocean" was sold at a charity auction… Yes, it is very important for me to help others. I am planning to launch a charity fund to help children from Ukraine, as in winter many of them don’t even have warm clothes and shoes, not to mention the seriously ill children who need treatment. I'm glad that my paintings can help them. Also I create paintings to order. Most often they are ordered by architects from France, Italy and Switzerland willing to create unique designs at homes, hotels and restaurants. I’ve recently finished 5 paintings for a boutique hotel in Geneva. In spring I plan to have an exhibition in Milan and Geneva. I never paint when I feel blue or tired, cause it'll be energetically transmitted. My paintings bring good luck and well-being because I paint them at the peak of positive emotions. Three beautiful and successful women in one team — is it easy for you to work together? Surprisingly enough we get on very well. We are like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. Of course, sometimes


So what are your next steps? There are many interesting projects ahead! Now we set for Dubai, expanding distribution and organizing there one very global and interesting event with the European celebrities and Instagram stars. Our event will be seen by more than 10 million socially active audience. What’s your favorite place in the world? Italy, definitely, as people there are very open and friendly. In summer it’s also France, and in winter — only Asia. Share an exclusive beauty secret from Juliya Delani. Eat less, move more!:) Of course it’s all about eating healthy food, vitamins, sleeping well and not drinking alcohol. But most importantly, you should avoid stress — then your beauty and youth will stay for long.




ho creates your outfits? I create my looks myself and prefer clothes by young designers. I'm not a fashion victim: for me “fashionable” means clothes that fit perfectly and flatter the curves. Although I try to follow the latest trends, I like more classic, feminine looks. Today fashion is very diverse and there are many cool brands with stylish pieces that only a few people know. It gives opportunity to stand out from the crowd, especially in Monaco. What is TheGlam’s mission? We want to create a new and unique community where a woman can prove herself and show all her virtues. Nowadays popularity has become even more important than appearance. And we’re working to develop it among our clients. TheGlam Girl is a girl of the new millennium. She strives for beauty, doesn’t give up evolving herself and working. Smart, beautiful and ambitious, and most importantly, not scared to open up to the world. During our work there have already been cases when a young model, a student or a housewife broke into the world market of fashion and beauty in less than 1 year! So I don’t exaggerate the abilities of our team. A woman against violence and in defense of children — under this motto was held the contest "Mrs. Universe France, Monaco 2017". Why was this topic chosen? This topic has always been crucial. Whatever deep and beautiful inner world a woman has, we are still a weaker

sex, and as a rule, men always dominate. Unfortunately they may often do it through assault and many women feel helpless. Our mission is to show those who suffer domestic violence that there’s always a way out. After all, we are treated the way we allow it. Not everyone is able to say NO for various reasons, but many follow the leader. And we choose the most worthy and respected woman in the country, who undoubtedly must be strong and set an example to others. You pay much attention to charity. What are your future plans? Where beauty reigns, there is always a place for mercy. We are planning to organize two major events next year in Monaco: Mrs. Universe France, Monaco, England, Lithuania and Lebanon, as well as Miss TheGlam Monaco International 2018. We are going to link them with children’s charity fund. Today we cooperate with two global organizations — Arctic World Club, which helps children in South Africa and the Caudwell Children Foundation helping children in Europe with Down’s Syndrome. Your work needs a lot of energy. And how do you relax? I like spending time with my family. My husband and I often go to Italy or France for a weekend. I really love SPA. Sometimes, a good relaxing massage may go for a week of vacation! I also like walking on the seashore. As a rule, I leave my phone at home and go for a walk or a jog: the power of water has an incredible effect on me, it’s relaxing and energizing at the same time. The best ideas come at these very moments. What do you do to stay fit? It's no secret that to look good you need to work hard. And a woman can’t have days off in this! 8 hour sleep is very important to me. Also I don’t eat red meat and try to stick to a low-carb diet. Most recently I’ve fallen in love with Ashtanga yoga. It settles the nerves and gives harmony to the body and spirit, which is so important today, in the time of stress and endless races. What is your most ambitious dream? To gather all the most famous, beautiful and successful men and women of the Planet in one place and arrange the greatest celebration of women's beauty in the world.



All my days are different, that's why I love my job. As I lead several projects at the same time, I constantly meet new people and do a lot of traveling. Almost every day I have training and dinner with my beloved husband — we almost never miss this ritual. I go to sleep at about midnight, an 8-hour healthy sleep on weekdays is extremely important to me.



Dress: Elena Bieber Photographer: Ekateryna Kurilovich

Viktoria V Vi ikt ktor oria ia h has as degree deggre ree in in fashion fas ash shion hion hi on design, des esig ign n,, but but at bu at the the moment mom men entt she sh he likes like li kes to to work woorrk on on the the he other ottheer side side d of of the the camera came ca merra me ra as as a model. mood m deeel.l.l. In In adaad dddition, her d ti di tioon, this this work wor o k allows allo al lows lo w h ws err to to travel ttrraavveell around aro roun und the th he world, worl wo rld, d, collect col olle lect le ct pleasant pleeassan a t impressions imp im prres esssiion ons and a d unique an uniq un ique ue emotions. emo m ti t on o s. s Despite Desspi pite itee the the he external exxtteerrna nal fragility, frraggiillitty, tthe he love loovve too shopping sho hopp pp piin ng and and beautian beeau b auttiiful things, ful tth fu hin ngs g , Victoria Vict Vi ctoor oria i aadmits dm mit itss that th haatt she sh hee has has as a completely character and com co mple mp l te tely lyy vvirile irrille ch cha araccteer aan arac nd ttoo ffind ind her in heer h in i tears tea ears is is a rare raree possibility. posssiibi b liity ty. It’s IItt’s ’s no no wonder woon w nd deerr that tth hatt for for her her e there the here re is is nothing nootth hin ng impossible impo im poss ssib sib ible le and and nd this this th hiss is is the th he model’s m de mo del’ l s motto l’ mootto in mott in life! lif ifee!!





Mark Twain once said “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” The Ukrainian supermodel Anna Vasylevska knows exactly what it means. Everything she does is full of love and devotion — whether it’s bringing up her son, judging the most prestigious European beauty pageants, playing the leading role in films and theatre performances or shooting for the top brands…

“To become successful a pretty face is not enough. You need great work capacity and hardworking skills, ability to pose and get through never-ending castings, to beflexibleandcompliant… Those who are willing to work — get the jobs. I do know it. I was often told “no”. She is truly passionate about her work, her family, her personality and her life as a whole. Anna is sure that the more you love yourself, the more love you give to the world. That’s why no day in Anna’s life lacks personal care. It may be a good work-out, a massage, some daily beauty routines — but every day her body should feel love and care. Being a professional model and actress Anna

Jacket: Victor Victoria Shirt: Massimo Alba Skirt: Biba Gloves: Pepe Jeans Scarf: D-Exterior Rings: Patrizia Pepe Bracelet: Patrizia Pepe Boots: Carvela Kurt Geiger





Gilet: Vladimiro Gioia Shirt: Vivetta Trousers: La Perla Earrings: Stylist's own Bracelet: Rosantica Bag: Benedetta Bruzziches

knows how important is to invest into yourself and develop your skills. Being a beautiful woman, Anna is sure that appearance is not crucial for becoming a successful supermodel. You may not believe it but Anna wasn’t accepted to the modeling school at the age of 13 because of the excess weight and “very conspicuous appearance”. With her own experience she shows that if you set a goal and work hard you’ll achieve it! At the very beginning of Anna’s stunning career she felt the lack of acting skills and went to acting classes. Her musical education came in handy when she was invited to play in the theatre. Anna had to prepare 2 songs and her performance was a great success! Talented is who talented does, indeed! Aside from performing in the theater Anna Vasylevska starred in several films. The directors notice how magnificently she is getting into character. Her ambitious dream, or better to say — the goal she sets for herself — is to star in Hollywood, to get a leading role in a film of an Oscar-winning director who will be able to reach her potential and reveal her insights. Another goal is to work with top European brands. Anna is often compared to Monica Bellucci for her inner graciousness and this slight Oriental look so she would suit perfectly for Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign. Anna has been often invited to jury the beauty contests. It’s not surprising as she has been working in modeling business for 15 years. During this time she has not only built a success-

ful modeling carrier herself, but also held classes in model school and prepared girls for competitions. Knowing this sphere inside out Anna Vasylevska is a perfect judge — she understands the participants and therefore is very objective. And usually it’s enough to see the first entrance for her to define three winners. Anna is also known for

“When you take a piece of clothing, think — what will it say about you? You need to emphasize yourself, your inner you, not the clothes. Never wear clothes only because they are in. You will look the same as many other girls who strive for being trendy. Always think what you want to say to the world with your look.” A top-rated supermodel

“I’m loyal but fair. If a person has already come on stage — it’s already 5 out of 10! The vast experience I have helps me to be fully objective. On student beauty contests there are one criteria. On Miss pageants — other. On Mrs. contests appearance goes into the background, the more important is the girl’s inner world and what she has achieved in the social sphere. Right now I am going to a model competition in Poland — it’s not for the beauty queens, but for those who will receive contracts with top brands. I’m happy that I have this huge experience, it’s really priceless!” her pure taste and stylish looks. Working with professional stylists and directors, staging beauty contests and runway walks — for so many years she has evolved great sense of fashion. “I don’t like oversize clothes. I think that woman should be sexy and I try to accentuate all my feminine curves. I love good fabrics, hats and lush looks. And I don’t like many small details.” Exclusive advice from Anna Vasylevska on how to find your style:



working with the biggest brands, a talented actress and a professional stylist, Anna Vasylevska is also a TV journalist by profession. And she is going to have her own talk show one day. “I love everything that I do — every shooting, every film, every advertising campaign — I feel like all my dreams come true and with every new project I am becoming the better version of myself, better and happier. I am sure that the best is yet to come. My major role is waiting for me.”

The main secret of beauty is good mood, good sleep and love

Dress: Rhea Costa Earrings: Stroili Bracelet: Stroili Ring: Stroili Shoes: Jimmy Choo



What can you find in Anna’s purse? • sport suit • comb • healthy snack (nuts-andhoney bars or brittles)

“Just love what you do” 19


ANNA’S STYLE: • elegant • feminine • grand



“On the way to perfection” 21


GOALS: • • • •

To get a leading role in Hollywood film To become Vogue magazine cover To become the face of Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign To have my own talk-show

Jacket: Pepe Jeans Sweater: Stylist's own Trousers: La Perla Hat: Pasquale Bonfilio Earrings: Stylist's own Bag: Benedetta Bruzziches Shoes: Albano





EDUCATION: • 1st – Zaporizhzhya Institute of Economics and Information Technologies • 2nd - Institute of Journalism of T. Shevchenko National University of Kyiv • Also studied acting in MIST studio theatre for 1 year



Fur Coat: Vladimiro Gioia Sports Bra: Under Armour Shorts: Under Armour Hat: Under Armour Gloves: Metrocity Shoes: Daisy Street


My strongest (and the weakest at the same time) features of Anna’s character are social skills and openness.




Photographer: Alex Kipenko Stylist: Allegra Ghiloni Model: Anna Vasylevska MUA: Chiarascaf Styling Assistant: Simone Baggio


I think we all want justice and equality, a chance for a life with meaning. All of us would like to believe that if we were in a bad situation someone would help us. 26




the golden standard of beauty


ngelina Jolie is like Chanel — she never goes out of style. All the men want her, and all the women want to be here. There are obviously many beautiful women in Hollywood, but only a few generate the same kind of overwhelming interest across genders and sexual orientations that she does. She hasn’t always been a style icon. Being a Hollywood’s Wild Child in the “90s she used to make rather strange fashion choices. But once If you ask people what they’ve a Goth girl with vials of blood around her neck evolved into one of the most admired stars of always wanted to do, most people her generation for her humanitarian work and haven’t done it. That breaks her impeccable style sense. Jolie's reputation began to change positively my heart after she, at the age of 26, became a GoodPerfect example is Saint Laurent tuxedo during the will Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Since then she has estab- Bafta awards. Not to mention a gam-flashing Atelier lished several charitable organizations, from a daycare Versace black gown with the high split and lots and lots facility for children afflicted and affected by HIV in of leg. This look may well become as iconic as an image Cambodia to the movement committed to providing of Marilyn Monroe with her white dress flying up. The special thing about Angie is that she shows poise legal counsel to unaccompanied immigrant children in the U. S. Her public image is strongly tied to her beau- and elegance, whether wearing leather pants or a ball ty and sex appeal. Vogue, People, and Vanity Fair have gown. When in 2014 Angelina Jolie was presented called her the world's most beautiful woman, while with the Insignia of an Honorary Dame and received Esquire, FHM, and Empire have named her the sexi- it from the Queen at Buckingham Palace, she wore the est woman alive. Sure, a Nobel laureate could give the chicest dove grey wool crepe suit, with a fashionable same message as she does in her humanitarian work, skirt below the knee. She is not afraid to look plain. By but it may reach only a handful of people. Angelina is the way one of Angelina’s signature looks is a slicked using her celebrity and beauty in a heroic way, and she back ponytail, which draws attention to her gorgeous is reaching millions of people worldwide. The beauti- features. She proves that you don’t always have to ful mother of 6 children (three of whom were adopted) wear your hair down to look chic. The same is with she proves that her true beauty comes from within, set- her makeup choices. The less it looks like Angelina is ting an example of someone who cares about others wearing makeup the more stunning she looks with all that glowing skin, long lashes and full lips. and is passionate about giving back. It is clear that her looks are what predominantly Anyway, no one will argue that this woman has got a killing sense of fashion and we could all learn a thing draw attention of people, but it is her charisma and or two about beauty and style from her. She has been boldness, adventurous mischievousness and self-sacriwalking the red carpet since she was a kid — and it ficing humanitarian work that are to admire. And she shows. She doesn’t need much to look stunning: most is using her image very wisely — she takes advantages of the time she goes for classic and black looks. While out of it, getting the world’s media attention for global staying true to this style, she still knows how to surprise. causes that she stands for.




The “BOOTY BOOM” how Kim Kardashian made hourglass curves trendy again


“In recent years I'm, like, too cool for duck face. So that doesn't happen.”

im Kardashian has climbed her way from reality shows and leaking sex tapes to the world of high fashion. Now she is sitting front row at shows like Givenchy and Balmain and wears outfits designed for her by brilliant Jean Paul Gaultier and Alber Elbaz of Lanvin. Many people say that she is just famous for being famous. But she is obviously today’s greatest fashion icon and trend-setter. One of the trends we could forever thank Kim for making popular, it's tight, body-accentuating clothing, from dresses and bodysuits to tight jeans and pencil skirts. Being also an icon of the fuller booty trend, Kim looks absolutely different from the pale willowy models and it’s no wonder that she is proud of her famous curves and wants to show them off! Kim's bum hasn't just broken the Internet, it's broken the way a whole generation of girls see themselves. A decade ago women tried hard to make their buttocks smaller but today they Google ways to make them even bigger! Even on the

“Well, a bear can juggle and stand on a ball and he's talented, but he's not famous. Do you know what I mean?”



“I’ll cry at the end of the day… not when I have fresh makeup on.”



red carpets celebrities are much more interested in showing off their barely covered derrieres than their ample cleavage. “We’re Officially in the Era of the Big Booty,” — stated a Vogue headline. Girls scream for “Brazilian butt lift,” in which fat is liposuctioned from other regions in the body to “pop” the butt. Also an entire fitness industry has emerged on social media dedicated to building a Kardashian-style derriere without going under the knife. Women are not afraid of looking womanlike anymore. They don’t want to be a rack for clothing, they want to rock — like Kim. Being a fashion icon, Kim Kardashian is also a good entrepreneur who has profitable side businesses. Except for being a founder of the television production company, Kimsaprincess Productions LLC, she also owns D-A-S-H clothing boutiques (together with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe), designed a variety of clothing and products, released the successful 2014 mobile game “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”, launched her emoji pack for iOS devices called Kimoji, which had a number featuring her bum and after having babies with Kanye West also launched a children's clothing line. Isn’t it too much? Not for a girl like Kim. This year she also launched her own makeup brand KKW — https://kkwbeauty.com/. First came the Crème Contour and Highlight Kit that were sold out during the first 3 hours on sale. And it’s not surprising, as 103 millions of followers on Instagram admire her makeup that always looks picture perfect. Kim is not only a woman, who made full booties “in”, but also the one who turned everyday makeup into art and made face-countering technique a cultural phenomenon. Well, she herself is a “pop culture phenomenon”. It’s not me saying. It’s Vogue.


TOM FORD Fucking fabulous

Now everything is popular at the same time, and you can wear vintage of anything, so there isn’t one trend anymore. If you have an amazing '60s jacket or an amazing 80s jacket, you can wear it




ucking fabulous” — it’s the name of Tom Ford’s latest limited-edition fragrance, set to launch exclusively at the brand’s directly owned retail stores just in time for his Spring/Summer 2018 runway show in New York. But isn’t it a bang-on description of the designer himself? Long time ago when Gucci was far from being a brand one flamboyant and hard-working American designer rocked the fashion world with his bold reinvention of the company and saved it from near bankruptcy. Tom Ford was in charge of designing 11 product lines and worked eighteen-hour days. Later on he became also Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent. When he left in 2004 Gucci Group was valued at $10 billion. And you know how many people were hired to split the work Ford had done? Four! But of course he didn't leave empty-handed: according to Forbes he retained stock options worth around $100 million and reinvented himself as the “Tom Ford” label and… Oscar-nominated filmmaker! He dressed Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Daniel Craig, Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Julianne Moore, Hugh Jackman — we may continue enumerating celebs admiring his talent forever! And his Spring/Summer 2018 runway show was an unofficial kickoff to the week, drawing a significant list of celebrities and supermodels: Kim Kardashian West, Julianne Moore, Ciara, Cindy Crawford, Doutzen Kroes, Chaka Khan and Liberty Ross were among the well-dressed ladies in the front row, and the diverse runway casting included many of modeling's biggest names, like Joan Smalls, Binx Walton, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Ford is a great fashion influencer. He not only


I've never understood people who want to do something and be number two, or number four or five or 47 designs clothes, but also shoots ad campaigns and manages the licenses Estée Lauder, Marcolin and now, watches with Bedrock Manufacturing, with which Ford partnered to develop Swiss-made timepieces that will launch in 2018. It’s a strategy that has worked. Tom Ford sells about 1.6 million pairs of eyewear a year, and in Estée Lauder’s latest fiscal year, sales of the Tom Ford fragrance and cosmetics businesses combined were up 52%. Ford lays out his ambitious plans to become one of the top five luxury brands in the world, with annual retail revenue on track to hit nearly $2 billion in 2017, according to market sources. What is his secret? Well, he is both criticized and loved for his bold designs and provocative ad campaigns. The New York Magazine wrote “Every season, Ford created an „It“ piece, a must-have, a season-defining trend, photographed to death, knocked off ad nauseam.” Sure, there have been missteps — like Ford's Penis Pendant Necklace, which stirred up a controversy with Christians who mistook it for an obscene crucifix — but nothing that Ford couldn't handle. There’s something inherently straightforward and, really, American about Ford and his brand. Sexy, shiny, bold and… fucking fabulous. 2017

New Faces

Olga Filatova 32


Having degree in psychology, Olga Filatova is a very sociable person and a real empath. She likes spontaneous journeys and can make friends with everyone! Being also a stylist and designer she has true fashion taste and inborn sense of style. From the very childhood she liked to dress dolls, do makeup and hairdos to her friends. Right now she wants to realize her potential in modelling and dreams about a successful modelling career in the USA.



New Faces

Elena Abrosimova 34


For Elena Abrosimova beauty means harmony in everything. This was reflected in her education, as well as professional activities and hobbies. As an ecologist she finds inspiration in interacting with nature and traveling. Her other interest is art. Elena’s works may be found in several exhibitions all over the world. Now Elena is working in beauty industry and runs her underwear store “le Reve�, thus making women even more beautiful.



New Faces 19-year old promising model Alesya Drokova has an extremely versatile personality: she plays the piano, adores travelling and extreme sports, and what is more — she likes cooking! This girl easily shatters the myth that beautiful women can’t cook: in her home town she makes home-made cakes to order! As to extreme sports — Alesya is fond of climbing. The most memorable trip for her was a trip to the Spanish mountains, where she had a chance to see live vultures! The girl believes that travelling is the best medicine and it helps to feel you alive.

Alesya Drokova 36




Insta Stars

Clarissa Marchese After charming Clarissa Marchese had won the title of Miss Italy in 2014, she travelled all over the world as an Italian ambassador to Japan, China, Canada and the USA, where she decided to stay. Her mother was born in the USA, so having American ancestry the girl moved to Miami, Florida. In Italy she worked for Canale 5, an important Italian TV network and in Miami she works as a web influencer. Clarissa has always liked to work as a TV presenter. For her it’s like entering people’s houses and telling them stories or simply bringing some good mood. On the other hand Clarissa is not sure whether she will participate in some other beauty contest again.

“ I d o n’ t k now where I’m going to settle down — I still have so many things to do… Maybe I will come back to Italy one day” — says the model.


Ph : Davide Ambroggio Mua : Fausto Cavaleri






Insta Stars

Victoria Barbara A born influencer, Victoria Barbara has transformed her natural beauty and love of fitness and healthy lifestyle into a successful modeling career, gracing the pages of GQ, Sports Illustrated, Women’s Heath, Maxim, and Marie Claire magazines. Being an Ambassador of The Little Lighthouse Foundation in Miami and Robert Sena’s Charity, she is also an Ambassador of Generosity Water and the face of their 2018 Campaign. Their slogan is “We are generous to our health” and this is also Victoria’s philosophy. “For me healthy lifestyle means balance. Mind — Body — Spirit” — says the model.

Through her beauty and dedication to health, she has cultivated a strong following as a fitness and lifestyle mentor to thousands of people. She offers her followers educational and entertaining advice on cooking, especially organic and environmentally friendly products, interior decorating, and fashion.






Insta Stars

Alina Lobacheva is often called the lost sister of Kim Kardashian. The reason is her hourglass feminine figure. The Instagram model is flattered by this comparison as Kim and her family are world famous trendsetters. Alina is also known for her stylish looks. She is a PHILIPP PLEIN SPORT ambassador and confesses that PHILIPP PLEIN and Gucci are her favorite brands. Alina likes that modeling gives opportunity to travel a lot and you never need to worry about new beautiful photos for Instagram. Her dream is to visit the USA — Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. She loves America for its incredible and unique atmosphere. But at the same time modeling may be very tiring.

“People think that it’s a piece of cake, but in fact you need to work hard to achieve good results. Sometimes you even don’t have a chance to eat!” — says Alina.







Insta Stars

Viktoria Snisarenko is a world-famous top model working with such prominent brands as Max Factor, Pierre Cardin, Swarovski, Vichy and many others. She is a beautiful and ambitious girl who always achieves what she wants. At first she treated modeling as a profitable hobby, but when she started to get serious contracts, she fully committed herself to modeling career. Viktoria is sure that to be successful you need to stay yourself in any situation.

I was a very romantic girl and dreamed of becoming a flight hostess. Even now, after hundreds of hours spent on the plane, every flight is special for me. I love flying. The sky is so romantic!



Jacket: Giorgio Armani Overalls: Ermanno Scervino Earrings:Rosantica






Photographer: Alex Kipenko MUA: Elisa Ferranti Style: Angelina Lepper

Insta Stars

Anastasia Kvitko and her American dream


FOLLOWERS Anastasia is the founder and the face of her own swimwear brand “AC305”exclusively designed in collaboration with fashion designer Eliya Cioccolato. Being a very creative person, she likes drawing and designing her swimsuits collections. Anastasia also would like to get a role in a feature film. She has a vast experience in shooting in music videos with American stars but her dream is to star in a real movie. Another her passion is fitness. In childhood Anastasia used to do athletics, which contributed to her fantastic physical form. Now she is very busy modeling, but still finds time to go to the gym 4 times a week to stay fit and maintain her curvaceous figure. The girl also chooses healthy diet: she doesn’t eat meat and chicken and avoids fast food.




“I want to recommend all the girls to love yourselves as you are and be confident in your natural beauty. A n d re m e m b e r that the main secret of beauty is a healthy diet and sport. It’s as easy as that.”

“To be honest I love my whole body but my favorite part is my derriere”- says the model. Right now Anastasia is working on her special App that her fans would be able to buy in Apple store and where they could see exclusive photos and videos and communicate with the model. Anastasia Kvitko is often called “Russian Kim Kardashian” but it is something that she is not so happy about as her body is the result of hard work in the gym and not the plastic surgery — she explained. She is ready for more fame on Kim Kardashian's coattails. “We’re absolutely different with Kim and I don’t understand why people constantly compare us”. “I want to recommend all the girls to love yourselves as you are and be confident in your natural beauty. And remember that the main secret of beauty is a healthy diet and sport. It’s as easy as that.”




Insta Stars


Dasha Mart is an Ambassador of PleinSport, the world's first luxury active sportswear brand. Her everyday style is also active and sporty: she never wears purses and prefers taking bags to the gym, where she spends a lot of time to keep her long-legged hourglass figure in perfect shape. Dasha does not stick to any diets but pays a lot of attention to her nutrition and go




Valeriya Mytnik

in for sports regularly. She used to do rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating as a child. No surprise that now Dasha can easily do a gracious leg split!

Dasha Mart is a model, photographer and an Instagram star with more than 1.3 million of followers. She is mar-

Irina Okuneva

ried to the Belarus hockey player Alexander Borodulia, whom she knew for 10 years before getting married. Dasha does not consider herself a star but in fact she is the one of the top Instagram influencers. Many girls want to look like her and many men want her!



Insta Stars

Gayana Bagdasaryan “I break stereotypes and I like it!” Gayana Bagdasaryan is an Instagram model and film actress who became an Instagram phenomenon for her amazing photos and enormous popularity. Her army of 1.9 million followers are interested in everything about her: her lifestyle, what she eats, what brand of the underwear she wears, to what gym she goes and what exercises she does to shape such perfect booties — especially now, when hourglass figures are in trend. Gayana motivates not only girls to look sexy, but also men, who are more than half of her followers. Gayana loves her body and pays a lot of attention to preserve its natural beauty. She admits that since school PE (Physical Education) was one of her favorite subjects. So now she is a very active person and never skips trainings. She has stretching 2 times per week and yoga and total body workout 3 times per week.






“I believe that the secret of my success is that I show myself the way I am without trying to play a role. No clothes will glam up your photo more than your beautiful body.” — says the model. The girl who is often criticized for her provocative and sexually explicit photos and videos took part in many reality shows, but one of her most ambitious dreams is to get a leading role in a blockbuster. She is absolutely comfortable with filming in steamy love scenes. She loves to show who she is and be sincere. Yes, she is a sexy femme fatale, why should she pretend to be someone else? Gayana is also known for her sense of style. Having no style icons she likes to show her individuality in clothes she wears. “I never run after something that is “in”. I create my own fashion, getting carried away by my imagination, giving life to all those sexual images that are in my head!” The successful model is happy that her boyfriend totally supports her in everything and this is her main motivation. “I believe in love, I believe in energy. When you love and you are loved, then incredibly powerful energy is released. It inspires me to create new beautiful images and exciting videos that would electrify the air”.



Insta Stars

Olga Abramovich Olga Abramovich is a lifestyle and beauty blogger from Perm, Russia. She has 1.3m followers and shares beauty secrets in her Instagram and Telegram channel. For her Instagram is not work. It’s just a place for life and beautiful pictures. “The fact that I receive beautiful things, live in classy hotels and make beautiful photos for them is a great bonus. Thanks to this, I have a lot of great friends all over the world” — says Olga. She is very interested in healthy nutrition. Right now Olga is reading “Alive and dead foods” by Sergei Malozemov. She tries to stick to several important rules: no carbohydrates in the morning; light protein and vegetables for dinner; no salty food; no beef and pork; no cereals, except for buckwheat and quinoa; pasta — very rarely; no bread and other starchy food; no cottage cheese and soymilk instead of bovine milk. At the moment she is also giving up on lactose and casein, because of intolerance. At the same time she can eat meat or pizza if she really wants it, but it happens once a year or even two. Olga is also fond of reading psychology books and spends much time thinking about self-development and importance of being inspired. Right now Olga’s inspiration is her beloved man. “The woman unlocks herself in good relationships. It’s important to find a man who literary worships the ground you walk on! Then you’ll become very feminine and mild. Even the face features, gestures and gait may change if woman is in love. My beauty secret is simple. It is love.” Olga says that with this man in her life many changes happened, even her photos in Instagram became less explicit. She is on her way to big changes as a personality and is going to show it to her followers very soon.







Super Models


Jenner Origin Kendall Jenner, born in 1995, has English, Scottish and Irish ancestry, with varying degrees of Dutch, German and French background as well. A big family In total she has nine siblings. With her younger sister Kylie, they have the same parents. Burton, Brandon, Brody and Casey are siblings from her father’s side while Kourtney, Kim, Klhoe and Robert are related to her from her mother’s side. Scandal in the family Her father, a retired Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner, underwent a gender transition in 2015 and he renamed him(or her?)herself to Caitlyn Jenner. 54


Social media modeling Harper’s Bazaar called Kendall Jenner the leader in “Social Media Modeling” while Vogue magazine stated that she leads the “Instagirl era”. Really, the supermodel is not being shy to share the details of her personal life. Now she has almost 84 million (!) followers in the Instagram. Charity Kendall Jenner often auctions her personal items, donating money to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.



Super Models

Hailey Baldw Origin Hailey was born in Arizona, US, in 1996. Her Brazilian mother is of Italian and Portuguese descent and her father has English, Irish, Scottish, French and German roots. Ballet dancing Hailey went to the prestigious American Ballet Theatre School. So I guess that walking in a really high heels on fashion runway — is nothing but a piece of cake for her.

Famous family Hailey’s father, Stephen Baldwin, is one of the four “Baldwin brothers”. Not only her well-known uncle Alec Baldwin, but all of them are actors. Coming from such a famous family, Hailey even had to switch to homeschooling after the eighth grade.

Bieber’s girlfriend-to-be There is some mystique around her relationship with Justin Bieber. For almost an entire year, Beliebers around the world speculated that Jailey (Justin + Hailey) was bound to be “official” in the near future. We’ll see…






Super Models


Smalls Origin Joan Smalls was born in 1988 in Puerto Rico. Cindy Crawford’s favorite model Cindy Crawford called Smalls one of her favorite new models. „She has great style — sexy and elegant with a touch of tomboy thrown in!“ — wrote Supermodel in Facebook. Music Once she appeared in Ricky Martin's „It's Alright“ music video. She also was a cohost (along with model Karlie Kloss) of the MTV fashion series House of Style. In 2013 she was featured in Beyoncé's "Yoncé" video. Then she co-starred with actor Michael K. Williams in the music video and short film for the American rapper ASAP Rocky's track "Phoenix". Maybe Joan should start a musical carrier for a change? 58


Global Fashion Innovator In 2017, W Hotels Worldwide appointed Supermodel Joan Smalls the first ever Global Fashion Innovator. Smalls will add her signature style and taste to the W Hotel guest experience. Charity Smalls is involved with a non-profit organization called Project Sunshine, where she helps children with medical needs. She is also involved in ‘Jeans for Refugees’ campaign, a Johny Dar project and artistic fundraising initiative helping refugees around the world.



Super Models






The mighty Instagram Tyra Banks discovered her through the Instagram account and invited to participate in the 21st season of America’s Next Top Model. Today, Winnie’s Instagram has over 1.8 million followers.

Origin Winnie, who has Jamaican ancestry, was born in Toronto, Canada. Rare disease The model has a rare skin condition called Vitiligo, which occurs when the cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning. Winnie has accepted who she is and rejected the idea of dyeing her skin, using UV light therapy, medicines or surgery. She’s proud of her skin and does not want to hide it.

Debut in musical video Winnie has appeared in the music video for Beyonce’s hit single „Freedom“ from the album Lemonade (2016).

The inspiring figure Winnie also wants to inspire others, especially those who suffer from the same condition. She even gave a TED talk on the subject and helped many people to believe in themselves.


Harlow 61


Super Models


Klos Origin Kloss was born in 1992 in Chicago, Illinois. The ugly duckling Being very tall (1.88 m), Karlie felt like an „odd, tall duck“ in the childhood. But then she started classical ballet and her modeling carrier and started to feel much more confident. Family- is everything Family is number one for the model. She has three sisters, five dogs, three cats, a rabbit and a horse.

Best friend She’s besties with Taylor Swift. Once she made an appearance in Taylor’s „Bad Blood“ music video. Taylor even allegedly has a separate room in her house, just for Karlie, when she comes over to stay.

Charity In 2016, she started the charity organization Kode With Klossy, a coding camp and career scholarship program that works with partners like the Flatiron School to facilitate learning programs and create a community for young women in tech.





Super Models


Lima Origin The blue-eyed, darkhaired beauty was born on June 12th, 1981, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Her father is European and her mother is Brazilian having African and Amerindian blood. Unexpected success When she was 14, a friend asked her to enter together Ford’s „Supermodel of Brazil“, as she was too nervous to go alone. Lima ended up winning this competition and taking the second place at the „Supermodel of the World“.

Staying fit Adriana once said that before the birth of her lovely daughters, Sienna and Valentina, she had never been to gym. Now, she stays fit by boxing at least twice a week during 90 minute sessions. Pirelli’s 2013 edition Adriana became the first pregnant woman to be featured on Pirelli’s calendar.



Charity She does a lot of charity work for the orphanage, Caminhos da Luz, located in her hometown. Adriana has also helped to raise funds for St. Luke’s hospital in Haiti, which gives expecting mothers access to medical services. 65


Super Models


Kerr Origin Miranda was the first Australian Victoria's Secret model. She was born in 1983 in Sydney and began modeling in the fashion industry when she was 13, winning the 1997 Dolly magazine model search competition. First pregnant model for Vogue She became the first pregnant model for Vogue when featured in Vogue Australia, being six months pregnant at the time of the shoot. Kerr has frequently been listed one of the sexiest women in the world. Beautiful bride In 2015, Kerr began dating billionaire and Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel. On 27th May 2017 they married. Her stunning Dior wedding dress was inspired by Grace Kelly. 66


Book author Kerr released an inspirational self-esteem, self-help book “Treasure Yourself�, aimed at young teenage girls. Charity Her charitable work includes Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and Children International. Once Kerr posed naked, chained to a tree, for an issue of Rolling Stone Australia, to raise awareness for the endangered koalas. She also donated $100,000 to an elephant hospital in Thailand.



Super Models


Kroes Origin Doutzen Kroes was born on 23th of January, 1985, in the village of Oostermeer, with approximately 1,600 inhabitants, in the rural province of Friesland, Netherlands. A speed skater Before becoming a model, Doutzen wanted to be a professional speed skater. No wonder, as both her parents were champions in speed skating in the 1970s. Another world She had never heard about Victoria’s Secret before she signed a contract with the brand. This is because they read papers in her family, not magazines. And coming from the north of Holland, she visited Amsterdam only once before she went to New York. 68


Staying fit To stay in good shape, the model practices jumping rope, speed-skating, shadow boxing, ice-skating and surfing. Charity She is one of the active members of Dance4Life, a Dutch non-profit organization that uses song and dance to educate youth about HIV and AIDS prevention. She also boarded the first Dutch commercial flight to space in 2014 as part of their charity initiative. 69


Super Models



Kaia Gerber Origin Kaia Jordan Gerber is the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford and a model-turned-businessman Rande Gerber. Kaia's father is Jewish, while her mother is of German, English, and French descent. She was delivered via a home birth in Los Angeles, California. Good start Despite her young age (Kaia is 16), she has already appeared in several fashion magazines and campaigns, starting with Versace when she was 10, a French Vogue cover with her mother a few years later and her first solo magazine cover when she was 14. Fashion family Kaia isn’t the only model kid in the family. Her older brother, Presley Gerber, 17, is also a rising model who’s been featured in Versace, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, and Carine Roitfeld’s, 61, CR Fashion Book. Extreme hobbies She likes going on hikes in the mountains and canoe rides with her family. 71


Super Models

Coco Rocha Origin Coco Rocha, born on September 10th, 1988, is a Canadian model who has Irish and Ukrainian descent. Her real name is Mikhaila Rocha. Flying high Her family works in the airline industry. Her mother Juanita Rocha is a flight attendant and her father Trevor is a ticket manager. Modern technologies Coco Rocha became the first high fashion model who had been photographed by the Lytro Camera. This innovative gadget takes a so-called „living picture,“ meaning that focus and zoom can be adjusted even after the picture is taken. The model said she had simply got in touch with the company after reading about them on the website. 72


Digital model manipulation Rocha is one of the few models who have spoken out against the prevalence of eating disorders in the modeling industry. She also participated in „Photoshop-free“ campaign. On her blog Rocha said she hoped that such shoots could „balance the scales a little by pulling so far back from what has been the current trend of total digital model manipulation.“



Fas ion h Story VALERIE LEE knows how to set goals and achieve them. She speaks 4 languages, doesn’t miss trainings in the gym and attends many different courses. And right now she is on her way to her biggest dream — she is wor.



LIFESTYLE • Describe your average day in 3 words. • Studying. Training. Leisure. 75


Anything funny happened to you lately? In fact, something funny happens to me and my friends all the time! The last thing I remember is us playing the wish game — then guys went to the supermarket dressed in night robes! 76


What inspires you every day for the new achievements? No matter how strange it may sound, but looking at celebrities and models on Instagram makes me willing to achieve the same! 77


What is the boldest thing you've ever done? Recently I’ve ridden the most terrible roller coaster in the theme park. I felt very brave at that moment, lol. 78


Where is the most beautiful place in the world for you? For me it’s the USA, namely — Los Angeles. I would live there, really! 79


What would you choose: diving with the sharks, bungee jumping or flying in a hot air balloon? Flying in a hot air balloon, I guess. I have always dreamt about flying and enjoying all the beauty of our country. What 3 celebrities do you admire? Kendall Jenner, Cameron Dias and Justin Bieber.

TOP 25



Earrings: Makova Jewelry

Bag: Iren Arno

MODELLING CAREER What is the best and the worst in being a model? Sometimes it can be really tiring. But the best in it — is the result! What was your most memorable photo shoot and why? It was October and the weather was quite cold, but the shoot was outside and in summer dresses. I was very cold, but still it was fun. Who is your favourite photographer? Sasha Samsonova. What is your favourite style? I like something in the style of 80–90-ies, now it is very trendy. 81

What is the favourite part of your body? Legs, I guess DREAMS What superpower would you like to have? The ability to heal people. It’s very cool. Where to spend a week — in the past or in the future? Definitely in the future! If you could now meet yourself as a child, what would you say to her? Pursue your ambition and you will achieve it. 2017

Queens Talk


My plans now are to work as much as possible; to win the title of Miss Europe World is not a hardest part, the hardest is to keep it all the year. So many interviews all over the world are still waiting for me.

MARIA SLUSNYTE The heroine of the rubric, the owner of the Miss Europe 2017 title, will talk about her path to victory in the prestigious European competition, about life and changes after him, as well as about future plans 82


y name is Maria Slusnyte, I’m from Baltic state Lithuania. Few years ago I participated in Miss Fashion TV in Cyprus and I was placed in top 10. Also when I was teenager was a competition in Lithuania and I have got a title of miss photogenic. Last year my friend became a Miss Europe World 2016 competition; she asked me, if I would like try to participate this year. I filled form and send to this organization. Commission made interview and then decided which girls can participate. I was chosen to represent my country! Very happily and super exited went to Beirut to meet girls from all over Europe. There was not so easy first days, because I arrived couple days later than others, so girls already knew each other and have made friendships. Later I became friends with Miss Moldova, but other girls were very nice and friendly too. All of us spend around 3 weeks in Lebanon; we were visiting all country round and discovered a lot about this beautiful piece on earth. All this time was very intense, during the day we were visiting all sponsors and got beauty advices and treatments from specialist. After this we had rehearsal and then late dinners, bars and night life. In Lebanon night life is part or culture, so it’s very important to see it. So was quite hard every day.

My daily eating habits changed 1 year ago when I started read books and watch documentaries about it. So I decided stop using and eating animal products. I feel so great about myself; my skin is gloving, hair is shining like never before and my mind in the happiest level ever.

Clutch: Makova Jewelry


MISS EUROPE 2017 My dream and goal in life would be to create family with man I love and be very successful in career. I want to create my own clothing line for women; it’s my biggest plan for next year. My plans now are to work as much as possible; to win the title of Miss Europe World is not a hardest part, the hardest is to keep it all the year. So many interviews all over the world are still waiting for me. I’m planning to join to charity foundation for children hospitals. My dream and goal in life would be to create family with man I love and be very successful in career. I want to create my own clothing line for women; it’s my biggest plan for next year.


I wish all girls and women in this planet to be confident and appreciate what we already have. Stay positive and focus on your goals and you will get it! My diet is very strict, not only to stay in shape but also for staying healthy and young. I am eating only valuable food “superfoods”. My daily eating habits changed 1 year ago when I started read books and watch documentaries about it. So I decided stop using and eating animal products. I feel so great about myself; my skin is gloving, hair is shining like never before and my mind in the happiest level ever. And don’t forget about exercises! I work out 3–4 times a week. Mostly gym, swimming and playing tennis My hobbies include also esthetic beauty. I used to work as a make-up artist; it’s my biggest passion and my hobby. 2017

Queens Talk

Miss the Glam Monaco International 2017 Viktorija Taitanaviciute, known as Viktorija Lo, is 23 years old. This is her first title and she is not only a beautiful woman but also very talented in many different spheres. Her hobbies include travelling, water sports, hiking, surfing, painting... She has also finished acting school but her two biggest passions are cooking and fashion design. Right now Viktorija is studying fashion design at the University of Westminster, London, and also dreams about opening the restaurant at her favorite Bali Island. The girl is very determined and knows how to set goals and reach them. Now, after winning the Crown of Miss the Glam Monaco International 2017 contest, she has many ambitious plans. 84



IKTORIJA LO! Do you have a style icon? Kendal Jenner — her street style is always on point.

Let’s get to know better this year winner of Miss the Glam Monaco International 2017:

are beautiful inside and outside! The best team I have ever worked with.

What did you feel when you heard your name on the stage? I felt unforgettable emotions! I was happy and proud of myself. My mom has always said that happiness and success are following me and I guess it’s not only because of my name which means “victory”.

What do you wear in everyday Share your beauty secrets. Every day I eat a few figs and 7 life? I like good quality fabrics and olives and drink plenty of water. The women of my generation have black color. Mostly I choose this tradition which keeps them casual and comfortable looks: young and beauty for a long time! I am going to work on my new collection

What are your impressions about the contest? It was the first time I took part in beauty pageant. Before this I had only participated in singing and dancing contests. And it was fantastic! All the girls were amazing! It was a great experience with a bit of stress because I didn’t sleep well before the final day. TheGlam team, especially Katia and two Julias are the wonderful girls and I want to thank them very much for the organization and attention to all of us. They

Do you do sports? Yes, I am a runner. I run four times per week in the parks. When it is hot outside I prefer water sports.

of clothes and open my model agency. There is also one more thing that will make me very happy: I want to create a perfect family” – says Viktorija. “I am sure that a modern successful woman is the one who makes her dreams come true. This is what makes her happy, beautiful and successful

Do you stick to diets? No, but I eat a lot of sea food and greens every day. And sometimes I can even permit myself pizza or fat food. The one thing I don’t eat is sweets, I don’t really enjoy them.



black leather pants or black skinny jeans, a T-shirt, a leather jacket and overknee boots or sneakers. I always prefer to keep it simple but good-quality.

Fashion expert

REALFASHIONIST Zaklina Berrido Pisano


aklina Berrido Pisano @realfashionist is 49 years old. The beautiful mother of two and grandmother of two gorgeous girls aged 6 and 4, she is a style icon and a fashion marketing influencer. She has no Italian origins but her soul does: “Living in Italy is a privilege. It's like living in a museum under the open sky…“

What’s fashion for you? Fashion is fun. Joy. Escape from boring life, but not an obsession. It’s being open-minded. Not being afraid to experiment. Ability to travel… Today's media is telling us: you are “over” after 30. But I try to prove that it’s not true. What are your favorite brands? Italy is famous for style, cutting-edge fashion and high quality of leather goods. My favorites are: Cesare Paciotti, Giuseppe Zanotti, Casadei, Sergio Rossi, Bvlgari Dolce Gabanna, Gucci and Prada. But I shop at different shops: at thrift stores, high-end stores and even department stores. Love Zara and H&M Studio. I mix my fashion!



You like accessories: glasses, watches, purses. Are there some rules of wearing them? I've got a closet full of neutrals — navy, black, camel, or gray. It’s good to add some energy to the outfit with boldly-hued shoes, sunglasses and bags. I prefer to wear a neutral base with shoes and a bag in two different complementary colors. Scarf and sunglasses are my ultimate accessory. I always have one in my purse to transform a T-shirt into something that elevates my outfit to another level simply by making a knot. Who is your favorite photographer? Well, first, it’s my husband — he did many of my pictures and thanks to him Realfashionist grew up. Then — Mario Testino. You lived in many countries. Where is your heart? My husband is Italian. So as my heart is. Once I made a decision to move to Italy and never regretted. It's a place of a sun, joy and beautiful people. Beautiful beaches, history, architecture… Great food, amazing coffee and fashion at its best! Do you have a hobby? I read, constantly. It’s an opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge of the entirety of human history. Right now I'm reading "O Aleph" by Paulo Coelho, "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and »La bella addormentata in quel posto" by Luciana Littizzetto. What’s the most important thing in making an outfit? It’s a limited color palette. You choose a color scheme to build your wardrobe around, and then stick to it, so that each garment you buy works with every other piece. What is so trendy in fashion this fall? It's all about colors. Warm colors — Red, Pink, Fuchsia, Orange, then Blue, Green — monochrome look. Wearing one color is anything but boring! I would say that monochrome never goes out of style.



What helps you stay in such a perfect shape? True change starts at the end of a comfort zone! You don’t become a billionaire by working 40 hours a week. Extreme results require extreme efforts. I exercise all my life. For me it's a part of daily routine, as brushing my teeth. I take a good care of my body, cause it's a vehicle for my soul. I don’t eat refined sugars, flour, or any foods that have had pesticides sprayed on them. I eat avocado a day, rely on organic diet that consists mostly of vegetables and meat, fish, sea fruits and stay away from processed foods. No alcohol, no cigarettes. Lots of fruits, water and fresh juices. That’s all my philosophy. Share your beauty tips. Stay happy. Be optimist. Don't forget to moisturize.



Story of Success

“We are all brothers and sisters and we don’t need all these fights we have in the world. These are fights for nothing. The girl who wears my necklace supports this philosophy. — says Martika. — Don't just wear it… Be it — this is my call and the main idea of everything that I’m doing” 90



MY RELIGION the unique jewelry brand founder — MARTIKA CARINGELLA


artika Caringella is an Italian girl who grew up in Monaco. She is a digital influencer, a model, an actress, a TV presenter at French reality shows and a founder of a unique jewelry brand. It’s called “Peace Is My Religion” (P.I.M.R) and its wonderful necklaces can be found on the website www.itrustinpeace.com The philosophy of Martika’s brand is evident when you look at her pieces of jewelry: the internationally recognized peace symbol is placed in the middle of the necklace, in between the signs of different religions. The message is quite clear: peace — this is what really matters. The necklaces are not very expensive as not the real gold is used. The material is of high quality but still affordable for everyone. For now it is only yellow gold but by the end of the year Martika is going to start selling her necklaces also in silver and pink gold. Moreover, all the necklaces can be made of the real gold upon the request. Martika plans to develop her brand worldwide. Right now she is working on new collections. Jewelry is her passion, as well as music, art, photography, cinema and fashion. She has many different interests and she is happy to make friends with many different people every day. But the main idea is — no matter how different we are we should live in peace. Cause peace is our religion.



Story of Success

Of course such incredible success is the result of hard work. But there is also a touch of fortune. The beautiful and creative Alana was in the right place at the right time. At first, DIY videos did well. When this format was popular, she was among the first ones who started to present it right. “The audience think of me as of a close friend. I share my life, thoughts and advice, raise their spirits and, I hope, inspire them. They feel it and that’s why they are with me.”- says Alana. The one thing that upsets Alana is that the more number of the audience grows, the less time she is able to devote to everyone, as communication with her followers, as well as good feedback, is very important for her. Now she is focusing on humorous life sketches and continues to analyze what her audience like the most,

Alana Venum FAMOUS YOUTUBE BLOGER How to blow up YouTube? Ask Alana Venum! The Instagram star and model Alana Venum is the TOP lifestyle-blogger and influencer. Two years ago she and her husband decided to come back from Sweden where they had business, to Ukraine and create something new and cool. They did: Alana got her first million of followers in 1.3 years after the creation of the YouTube channel. It happened in a natural way, without advertising and collaborations with other bloggers. Now after two years of blogging she has almost 3 millions of followers! Alana Venum actually blew up the Internet. Every new video gains from one to three millions of views!



Alana Venum’s tips for newbiebloggers:



1. Work hard, shoot a lot 2. Love your job and don’t put money first. 3. Find yourself an icon and look up to him or her 4. Tirelessly repeat paragraph #1


trying to make content even better. “I love this and I feel like I'm in the right place. Money has never been the main goal for me, you know. I just love to create.” Of course with such popularity every day the girl receives many commercial proposals from various brands. But she chooses brands very thoroughly. Alana and her husband categorically refuse to work with alcohol, tobacco, spiritualism, personal hygiene products, medicines, binary shareholders and any other “scammers”. Although such companies usually offer the largest sums of money, they always refuse to cooperate with them as her good reputation costs much more. That’s why they give preference only to their favorite brands. Alana also invites stars to her videos. And though it doesn’t influence the number of views it is always good for content: new faces, new stories. “I would like to invite Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sometime. We could shoot "Exchanging partners" (laughs). It is obvious that Alana has very tender feelings to her husband Ruslan. She also calls him the best blogger ever and the example to follow. “I started it myself, but now he is an intrinsic part of the project. He invests his time, resources and ideas and supports me in every possible way, and I am very grateful to him!” Alana’s dream is to stay always young and preserve her love to husband, to life and to herself forever. By the way love to yourself she considers the main beauty secret for every girl.



Story of Success




s a person of contrasts: being a circus artist in her childhood, she’d been working in mining industry for 7 years. Right now she is a Director of the International Business Agent Company that runs beauty shops in Mongolia, providing women with the best European cosmetic and skincare brands. A businesswoman with versatile interests, a loving mother and a Buddhist — let’s find out how she manages to balance it all in her life:

Running business means serving others. Good quality with affordable price is our priority. You were among sponsors of Madame the Glam de Monaco 2017. Did you like the show? I fully enjoyed contestants’ final night. Amazing that women present themselves through beauty, fashion, culture, talent, country, family. I adore all the girls and I’m definitely very proud of Madame the Glam de Monaco team. Monaco is one of your favorite places, right? Absolutely! You know, when I was 7, my mom told me: “If you patiently exercise your daily workouts, you’ll become a talented artist and go to Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo for the Golden Clown prize”. It was my childhood dream! And when I was in Monaco for the first time I just loved it instantly — it’s small, beautiful, safe and people are so kind and good-hearted! I made lots of friends and business connections in Monaco. I guess I’ll stay here one day.



What’s your fondest childhood memory? My father was a bass guitar player and singer in Mongolia’s first stage band Soyol-Erdene in 80’s. My mother was a trapeze artist in Mongolian Circus. While my dad was performing in Germany for 6 months with his band, my mom and I performed in Gasser Olympia Circus in Switzerland for 2 years. We visited all the cities in Switzerland, even Nice Cote d’Azur. I’ll never forget the amazing birthday party that directors, artists and workers of Gasser Olympia prepared for me when I was 7. These 2 years in Switzerland was really a priceless experience! How did you start working in mining industry? So after my graduation I started to work in mining industry because of boom in that sphere. But then I began to travel a lot, registered my own company Ikhgarudai Trade LLC and started retails beside my office job at mining industry.

How do you choose brands for your shops? Running business means serving others. Good quality with affordable price is our priority. Because we are taking care of our customers’ beauty and skin health, I think more about manufacturers’ trustworthiness than famous brand names. Do you use many cosmetics in your daily life? It might sound funny, but I don’t put make up every day, just occasionally. For skincare I love essential oils and organic products. Lately I’m enjoying Le Chateau Du Bois of Provence which is made of the finest lavender in the world. What are your favorite European brands? I adore Yves Saint Laurent and Dior perfumes, Balmain cashmere clothes. Also I have fever for Agent Provocateur lingerie. As for shoes and bags, it is definitely Jimmy Choo.

Mongolia is one of the few countries with almost untouched natural beauty and resources. 95




arianna Yermakova can’t imagine her life without jewelry. After moving to France to study fashion management in 2003, she worked in Cartier International head office and later as an assistant boutique manager of Van Cleef & Arpels boutique located at the world-famous Place Vendôme. This is where she fell in love with the sparkling world of diamonds and precious stones. No matter how many fashion events and pop-up boutiques she organized later on, high jewelry has always been in her life. Now she is a Founder and Art Director of Makova Jewelry — a new, trendy and chic brand which will soon be presented in multibrand fashion stores. So how appeared the idea of your own brand? Well, I totally fell in love with high jewelry when working on the Place Vendome in Paris, among the highest jewelry houses like Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. Then I got married, moved to Cote d’Azure, had 2 beautiful daughters, Alexandra and Tiffany, but many of my former clients kept asking me for help with this or that piece of jewelry. They knew that I had been working with the best jewelers, accredited in large jewelry houses. This is not a workshop on the street corner, you know. It’s not so easy to get in touch with them and build long-term relationship. So if people wanted to do something exclusive with their own stones and be involved into creative process, they always came to me.

Can I come to you with my granny’s jewel and ask you to do something special and unic with it? Yes, if you found some old family jewel and want to refashion it or you bought a stone and want to create a beautiful design with it — any client’s fantasies can get real. All the jewelry houses actually did it about 100 years ago. But now not a single house will agree to refashion your jewel and put their brand on it. They think about making money, not saving yours. And I have one-to-one contact with all of my clients and they always come back to me. What’s your price range? €4 000 to €10 000. And if we use client’s materials, the price turns out to be more than affordable for an exclusive jewelry.



Are you going to present your line in multibrand fashion stores? Sure, it will be something trendy like cocktail brooches for clutches or two-finger dice rings that can be transformed i n t o earrings. What’s your favorite stone? Opal. There are no two similar opal stones. Those from Ethiopia are orange-green-white-yellowish, and Australian ones are blue-green. It’s a magical, mesmerizing stone. Also I love bright gradient stones, and green ones like tsavorite. What are your favorite jewel brands? Of course I like classic historical brands: Cartier, Piaget, Boucheron, De Grisogono, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, but there are also many modern brands that have veryy creative designs. For example Akillis killis jewelry has very cool bullet and puzzle designs, Nadine Ghosn with her hamburger ring, Fernando Jorge, amazing high jewelry from



Giampiero Bodino and many others. What are the main trends in high jewelry now? Ear cuffs are still popular, jewelry bags, rings that are worn on phalanxes and

can be bent. Also wearing different earrings in different ears is quite trendy. You are a beautiful woman! How do you find time to stay fit? You know, I’ve always been sporty! When I was 12 I started to ride horses — I even have one in Ukraine. Also I was in Ukrainian national team on snowboarding, even went to the youth Olympic Games! Now if I have time I prefer doing yoga and p pilates.



Tell us about your NeoVital Institute. How did it all begin? I’ve been living in Germany since 1996. At first I worked in sales for medical and cosmetic products. In 2011 I decided to start my own business and founded the NeoVital Institute for Aesthetic Skin Treatments. I visited many places — Japan, Singapore and many other Asian countries to acquire knowledge and skills I needed for my practice. I spent 2 years in China, where I studied techniques of massage and acupuncture — it really helped me in my concept of quitting smoking. You have offices in many countries and most recently — in Monaco. Why here? In 2016 I visited Cote d’-Azur and understood that I want to settle here one day. It was one of the reasons why I opened a branch here. Though I arrive once a month, I am available 24/7 for my clients by phone and messengers. The most important thing in our work is to give a feeling of security. Everyone has only one face and it should be beautiful and bring joy.

What can modern aesthetic medicine give? Aesthetic medicine allows doing almost everything that was not available to our moms and grandmothers. Women have always aimed for beauty, but they didn’t have opportunity to prolong it. Now we have stronger weapons against aging than massages and creams. It’s the state of our mind, which allows us to prolong youth consciously, living a healthy lifestyle. And also we can use available medicines: hyaluronic acid, Biobotox, injections stimulating collagen production (Radiesse)… Inside, we are much younger than our mothers at our age. Women used to feel old at 50. For me it's just the beginning. What are 3 must-have cosmetic procedures? Of course it’s hyaluronic acid injections — as we age we lose our natural collagen and fat. Then, Plasmolifting — injections of platelet rich plasma, obtained by using the patient’s own blood. The concentration of growth hormones in it is 9 times higher than in blood. And Biobotex. Threadlifting is also quite popular nowadays. Are there celebs among your clients? Yes, there are many opera singers, models. Many models, by the way, come to me to shape their booties. I am very good at it.

Dress: Elena Bieber

Natural beauty is in trend, but you still have many clients. Why? Every woman should take care of herself. We go to a dentist, right? And to “make” a face, to return its young and mischievous expression

Looking at beautiful Elena Krumholz it’s hard to believe that she’s a grandmother of 4 grandchildren. She’s always been interested in ways to preserve youth and now she seems to know exactly how to stop time. 98


Everyone has only one face and it should be beautiful so that no one could notice our hard work — it’s a real art! I always say: I need half a year to return a woman 10 years ago and a year — to return her 20 years ago. What are your future plans? I try not to not miss seminars on new techniques and educate my doctors. Also in Cote d’-Azur I met three wonderful women who bring beauty to the


Photographer: Ekateryna Kurilovich

world: Yulia Berisset, Reda Karosiene and Natalia Mamchur, a former prima ballerina from Moulin Rouge. I realized that in show business beauty plays a very big role. I want to accompany women to beauty contests, and my biggest dream is to take part in it myself. And after attending the Mrs. Universe Beauty Competition, I realized that everything is possible — you just need to take heart and do it. 2017

Insta Mom

ALIYA BAITUGAEVA super INSTA MOM of three “Never forget about inner harmony. You should be in harmony not only with members of your family, but also with yourself. Never force yourself. Live and enjoy your life.” 100




Aliya is a 29-year old charming mother of three from Kazakhstan who has the title of Insta Mum 2017 and almost 600k loyal followers. She is not only the best mum for her children and a popular blogger, but also a beautiful woman who manages to find time for herself: she goes to gym 3-4 times per week, reads psychology books and visits personal development trainings, as self-realization is very important for Aliya. She believes that only a successful and happy mother can be a great example for her kids. Once a week she and her husband try to “escape” for a couple of hours, leaving children with grandparents, as spending time together is also an important factor of happiness. Aliya has many dreams and plans: get her first million of followers, open a beauty salon, found a Mom Relief Fund for those who suffer domestic violence or are in challenging situation. She wants to see their children sporty and happy and never stop developing herself. Here are the recommendations of @Super.mamasita for all moms who don’t know how to find this harmony: 1. Every wife and mother should never forget that she is a woman at the first place. You must love, respect and take good care of yourself. It doesn’t mean that you have to be selfish, it just means that with your own example you show to your kids the importance of personal fulfillment. 2. It is very important to get your priorities straight. For example for me self-realization is on the first place. Then goes my family and after that financial well-being. Someone can say that it’s selfish. But I know that blogging is something that makes me happy and fills me with energy and positive emotions which I can share with my family. 3. You shouldn’t try to manage absolutely everything. At the end of the day you will be exhausted and not even close to doing really important things. So I recommend being quite easy-going to such things as washing-up, tidying, cooking, etc. Fortunately we live in the 21th century and there are many options we can use to help us in it.



“Every morning after my husband goes to work and my older children — to the kindergarten, I spend half an hour with myself — do make up and style my hair. It’s doesn’t take much to look good every day.”

Self Made



“80% of all the work I do myself, cause if you want to have something done well — do it yourself! I cannot trust anyone even to purchase materials. Moreover I really enjoy choosing and purchasing fabrics for my dresses all over the world. My favorite are delicate lace and exclusive embroidered materials!”, — says Olesya.



ince her very childhood Olesya Malinskaya loved beautiful outfits and drew princesses in amazing dresses. Being a creative person she felt that fashion design is the sphere where she could express herself. All her first dresses that she made for herself were always in the limelight and everybody wanted to have them. At that moment Olesya realized that it was her calling. Having sold her expensive car, she invested money in this business and created her first collection of evening dresses. Since that risky adventure 7 years have passed. For several years Olesya had a boutique in the center of Moscow on Petrovka Street. And last year she opened a boutique and renamed the brand from Olesya Malinskaya to Mallini Couture. Miss Malinskaya is convinced that talent is given from God and education is not so important. Indeed, Elsa Schiaparelli did not know how to sew or draw, but she became a sensation and an icon of fashionable Paris! Jean Paul Gaultier is also a self-educated person; he always played against the rules and liked to break stereotypes. Olesya Malinskaya is a self made woman too. The secret of her success lies in her wisdom and constant self-development. “A modern woman should be able to remain feminine and flexible. With a man — fragile, sensual and playful. With children and parents — affectionate and caring. At work — strict and confident.” As a child, she did acrobatics and could easily do a gracious leg split. She also likes yoga and swimming. Despite her beautiful figure by nature, she goes to gym three times per week. “I love to perfect myself. And I believe that a woman, if beautiful outside, should be twice as beautiful inside!”








“We think that if every girl instead of buying a just another piece of clothes purchases our “Fashion saves babies!” T-shirt it will be amazing! This simple thing can really save some kid’s life!” 106


GIVE A LITTLE — HELP A LOT ELENA BESUGLAYA lena Besuglaya is a young and beautiful woman who has a very beautiful mission: she is longing to help sick children from Ukraine. This is her calling and she does everything possible to make life of these little kids easier. She and two her close friends Anna Vergelskaya and Yevgeniya Tulchevskaya are the founders, ideologists and inspirational figures of the “Mother's Heart Foundation”, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Although their charity fund has been founded quite recently (almost 3 years ago), it has already been noticed by many volunteers, philanthropists and celebrities from all over the world who are ready to help seriously ill children and orphans. To bring such people closer together and to give them opportunity to help Elena organizes charity auctions which are always a great success! After the first event they managed to raise 339 thousand hryvnas and were able to buy the special equipment for a children’s department of the Institute of Neurosurgery, and after the second one they bought three rehabilitation devices to the orphanage! Elena is happy that they have already managed to help many kids and presented them a hope for a better and brighter future. She admits that one of the most memorable auction lots was a children’s embroidered shirt, signed by all the Presidents of Ukraine. Right now the girls are preparing for the new auction in February and also working at many other charitable projects. One of them is called “Fashion saves babies!” Elena and her friends are convinced that it important to help for your own soul, because indifference kills our hearts. That’s why her foundation is called “Mother's Heart” — she wants every girl to remember that there are no “someone else’s children” and recommends everyone think not only about outer but also inner beauty.


“We believe that the auction is one of the tools that can really helpchildrenastheparticipants purchase something that will always remind of someone’s saved life” — says Elena. 107



Christopher Kebreau (@pharmathlete) is a Doctor of Pharmacy who has been working in fitness industry for more than 7 years. One day he decided to start an Instagram page dedicated to provide people with fitness tips as well as his fitness journey. He wanted his page to be different from most fitness pages and make a page for the people to use as a resource and inspiration. In 2018 Christopher is planning to open a YouTube channel since he has many projects coming in the near future. In his exclusive interview for Top25photomodels he shared useful recommendations you should definitely follow to stay fit and healthy.

Want to stay fit and healty? Ask



What exercises are extremely important for women? It all depends on a person’s specific goals and needs. For example, if a woman wants to build strength she would have to go towards exercises such as the Deadlift, the Squat or the Bench Press. On the other hand, if a woman wants to work on endurance she would need to do exercises that require more repetitions per sets. What lifestyle changes should a girl do if she wants to lose weight? The first thing she needs to do is to have a structured diet plan. When I say diet plan I don't mean a super strict one where all she can eat is broccoli and boiled chicken. I always promote gradual dieting which is where a person gradually cuts out certain foods. Let's say a girl workouts hard and eats pretty well but just loves to eat cake every night before bedtime - 7 days a week. What I would do is tell her to eat cake just 6 days a week. Once she has done a month with success, I would tell her to cut back to 5 days a week and so on until she is able to have cake only 1-2 times per week. Another way could be to cut the portion by half and still eat cake every day – it also will help her lose weight. Why is it dangerous to lose weight rapidly?

The first and most known reason is that when people lose weight rapidly they tend to gain it back fast because of all the cravings they accumulate over time by cutting too fast on food they enjoy normally. Another deeper reason is that your body and metabolism needs to readjust to diet changes. Going too fast from a high carbohydrate diet to a low carbohydrate diet can actually be dangerous and cause low blood sugar. And if a girl wants to gain weight?.. Same principle goes with gaining weight (muscle mass to be more precise). It is important to gradually increase the caloric intake from healthy sources and not take it as an excuse to eat more unhealthy food. Now it is popular to shape booties. What is the most important to achieve this goal? Yes, it became very popular through social media and workout videos. If you feel like your glutes are lacking in size, doing regularly heavy squats and deadlifts (reps ranging from 6-12 reps per sets) will definitely help you add some shape to them but you must keep in mind that genetics and body fat composition takes a huge part into this as well.



What supplements should we receive in winter to feel good? Regardless of the season it is important to have a good multivitamin especially if working out is part of the lifestyle. Another good supplement to take is fish oil (omega-3) which can help with maintaining a good cholesterol level. If we want to be more winter specific, I would say Vitamin C (to boost the immune system) and Vitamin D if not enough is taken from daily food intake (because there is less sun during the winter so our bodies produce less). Share with us a great workout complex for a good start of the day. So let's say you are in a hurry and it's the morning but you want to get moving! An easy way to get a quick session in to get your blood flow going is to do burpees but a modified version that will work your whole body all together. First, blast some good pumping music and then be ready to do some squats burpees push-ups. How to do it? Simple! When you do a burpee you have to go down and spread your legs apart and hands forward. Instead of going back up, do a push-up before and then jump back up. As you jump back up to put your hands in the air, squat first before going down and repeat the process. Have fun and kill it!


As the politicians are finding it increasingly en vogue to criticize globalism (“if you believe you're a citizen of the world, you're a citizen of nowhere” opined Theresa May recently), these investment managers are only proud to call themselves citizens of the world. The name of their new single family office, APOLIS S.A.M., means just that — a global citizen.


vgeny Denisenko, Ilya Gertsberg and Alexey Zarochentsev have recently moved to Monaco. Their collective background includes investment banking and research (Goldman Sachs, Lazard), accounting at “Big Four” and New York hedge funds. There is an ex-attorney and a CFA among them. But it is mostly years caring for family and sovereign wealth through both traded and private investments that define the team.


So how does “globalism” fit into investments? Evgeny Denisenko: the objective of our investment strategy — finding diversified income — became easier in the context of global portfolio.With interest rates still historically low, you have to go further afield to get decent yields in bonds and other fixed income instruments we own. We have all major geographies represented — US, Europe, LatAm, Asia, South Africa. There are strict country limits, however, and no position accounts for more than 3% of the portfolio. Also, despite higher yields found in countries like Argentina and Kazakhstan, this is by no means an emerging markets portfolio — our biggest allocation is the US

market, and we are continually impressed by the diversity and liquidity that can be found there.The US also has tax-advantaged instruments such as real estate investment trusts (REITs) whose objective is to maximize yield to investor. Speaking of taxes, Monaco is a perfect home base for yield-seeking investor — not having to worry about the local tax treatment of dividends, interest and short-term capital gains make portfolio manager’s job a lot easier. What do you think is a definition of a good portfolio manager? Evgeny Denisenko: 15 years ago, a good analyst or a portfolio manager was defined by his or her ability to uncover information. Today, it is the ability to sift through all the information that counts most. We continuously screen for attractive yield that does not come with a lot of risk attached. In doing so, we process a plenty of information, both from the macro-economic level and from ground-up research. As a starting point, we often run screens on Bloomberg terminal and compile lists of relevant ideas from investment banks and brokerages. It also helps to have a worldwide network of contacts among portfolio managers (and not only



them). With an overall plan for allocating assets in place, once a particular thesis is established (let’s say it is the price of oil bottoming out), we zoom in on each name on the target list — of which maybe one in twenty ultimately makes it to the portfolio. What is your approach to yield generation? Evgeny Denisenko: the concept of “yield” was well understood in our family — before the family office was established, we acquired and partially exited a portfolio of commercial real estate in Russia and Germany.So, as a natural development, we wanted to be in yield-oriented investments that are even more profitable, more diversified and more liquid, and we turned to public markets for that. This shift to investment management, coinciding with my move to Monaco, was how APOLIS came about. More recently, we expanded the concept of yield in yet another direction — why not lend to reputable developers, at much higher yield compared to quality bonds, and with real estate as a collateral? We have recently made one such deal with an established local developer and are evaluating several more across Europe.We also said to ourselves, let’s allocate some capital to the investment managers who are really good at this line of work (secured direct lending), provided that they operate in a niche where we have no presence. One such fund we invested in makes short-term bridge loans to individuals in the US secured by their real estate. Another one specializes in lending to middle-size companies in North America, where it achieves the kind of returns that are associated with much riskier junior lending and not the senior secured loans that the fund is underwriting. Have your team seen any interesting opportunities on the market recently? APOLIS team is proud of its ability to break the paradigms, just as the fund above that achieves atypical double digit returns as a senior lender. Speaking to them makes it seem as though the terms “global” and “opportunistic” are interchangeable. Most investors do not associate 30% annualized returns with bonds and other quasi-fixed income instruments– and yet that is what APOLIS was able to achieve on a number of its tradestimed right. These were bonds from top-quality issuers in Brazil, Turkey and Qatarpicked


off from those investors who got too nervous about country politics (which turned out to be “much ado about nothing” as far as markets were concerned), US alternative lenders bought at a steep discount to their accounting value and US bank loan portfolios bought cheaply as a result of an overhang from an earlier selloff in junk bonds. Luck also plays its role in the performance — a number of bonds were redeemed early and at a premium to market by the companies that issued them. However, without the rigorous selection process, such luck might not be possible. What are your investment goals? For all the exciting talk about their global, go-anywhere portfolio, the investment goal of APOLIS is pretty simple if not boring — to deliver consistent returns and stable income, and with low correlation to traditional stocks and bonds.The protection comes from owning bonds (and on rare occasions stocks) of quality companies that generate decent returns on capital and are not overburdened with debt (no C-rated bonds are acceptable). APOLIS will own bonds in countries like Russia, where economic or political conditions are less than ideal, if they are cheap enough and the companies can thrive in tough times. The team is also managing interest-rate Photographer: Ekateryna Kurilovich risk — the portfolio’s average duration is well under three years. Noting that the market is expensive, the managers are currently positioned for a downturn and took out some shorts in stocks. They are often cautious, opting for singles rather than “home runs”. What are your plans for future? APOLIS is now working to obtain a multi-family office license, so that other families and individuals in the Principality could gain access to its investment forte and the clubby private financing deals. There is a lot of cash sitting on the sidelines, and APOLIS team believes that it can be put to work generating consistent yield, without compromising on security. Looking forward, says Evgeny, the team’s success will lie in fighting complacency. “So often, investment managers get into a comfort zone and put themselves into a box. Our strategy is adaptable to all seasons and evolving. The search for yield is on. The world is big.” 2017




e see kids everywhere — billboards, catalogues, TV ads and product packages. And many of us think: “My kids could do even better!” Child modeling can really be a positive experience, developing confidence and self-esteem.

• • • • • • • • • •

Many children do enjoy being in the spotlight. They love being filmed and photographed and even trying on different outfits. So if it is about your child, you should try. We prepared some tips for you to know where to start.

No hats No makeup No pageant dresses No hair covering the eyes No closed eyes No drool or runny noses No “messy food face” photos or dirty bibs No naked “bathtub” shots No other children, people or pets in the photo No distracting backgrounds, such as piles of laundry, an unmade bed or a bright floral couch

1. Find a reputable agency

To find a good baby and child model agency, use social media and Google, and ask other mums about their experience. One of the biggest signs that an agency is conning you is if they ask you for money upfront. If an agency is trying to persuade you to pay any initial fees, especially if they’re costly, decline their offer and continue your search.

2. Don’t spend a fortune on photos

Now it’s time to start taking and sending photos. You absolutely do not need professional photos at this point, nor do you need a bunch of fancy clothes. Dress your child in something clean, casual and simple, preferably in plain color. Here is a short list of “no-no's”

You just need 3–4 clean shots: one closeup of your child's smiling face; another closeup with a thoughtful expression; one 3/4 body shot and one full-length body shot. In at least three of the four, your child should be looking directly into the camera.



3. No need for modeling classes

Your child does not need to take any kind of modeling classes whatsoever. It’s better to get your child a modeling agent, not modeling classes! She does not need classes on how to pose for a photographer. If she can follow directions (“hands in pockets… chin down… look up… smile!) it’s more than enough.

4. Get prepared…

There's always a fair bit of waiting around on a shoot while other children are styled and photographs taken. So take food and drink as well as books and games to keep your child occupied.

5. Off days

Sometimes children simply don't want to do what the photographer wants. Luckily, for really important shots such as magazine front covers, more than one child is booked so it takes the pressure off your baby. If she is having a bad day, she needs her parent to love her unconditionally.

6. Dealing with rejections

You just need 3-4 clean shots: one closeup of your child's smiling face; another closeup with a thoughtful expression; one 3/4 body shot and one full-length body shot. In at least three of the four, your child should be looking directly into the camera.

7. Have fun!

Rejection doesn't mean your child is not photogenic, and if you take things personally then child modeling is not for you. It can be hard to deal with, but it's just about getting the best shot that fits the client's brief. Companies set criteria for what they are looking for — ranging in age range, different races, ginger hair, blond hair, black hair or curly hair… If your little one is not what they are looking for, no matter how cute she is, they are not going to call you back.

The most important thing is that you and your kids have fun! Keep a good attitude and encourage them. If you get bored and impatient during the waiting, so will them. Bust out the activity bag, keep them alert (off the screens as much as possible because it breaks their focus), do interactive things to keep the awareness up, switch up activities every 15–30 minutes if it’s a long wait. Treat it like a wonderful adventure that they will remember forever!



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Luxury Style

S.S. DELPHINE the exquisite yacht that always makes an entrance!


. S. Delphine is one of the most unique yachts for charter in the Mediterranean fleet. She’s got a very interesting history with periods of flourishing and total decay. In 2015 new life blossomed on the yacht. Young passionate and enthusiastic crew were hired under the management of Cobrera Yacht Consulting Monaco, with dynamic Lionel Lebugle at the helm. Lionel, tell me about your company. COBRERA YACHT CONSULTING MONACO was created in 2011 as a management company taking care of a fleet of Monaco based yachts. We also organize charters and special events on yachts. We are located overlooking Port Hercule at 9 J. F. Kennedy Ave, 98000, Monaco. Is the management of SS Delphine rather challenging for you? Well, it’s been two years of intensive work with my team at the Naval Rocha Shipyard in Lisbon that has brought the ship to the highest level of maintenance needed to comply with the rules for passengers safety onboard. This month, November 2017, the SS Delphine will finalize the audit with RINA Classification Society and become ISM / ISPS / MLC compliant for a Passenger Ship. At what point did S. S. Delphine become a symbol of Monaco? On the 10th of September 2003, H.S.H Princess Stephanie of Monaco christened the SS Delphine after a three year and 45 Million Euro restoration in Bruges — Belgium. The classic beauty and sheer elegance of the SS Delphine embodies everything that Monaco holds dear.



Never once did it cross any owners’ mind — past and present, to change the perfectly functioning steam engines into diesel ones.

Her original owner, Horace Dodge of the Dodge automobile empire designed her unique quadrupleexpansion steam engines, which still work today.

What is the most interesting fact about this yacht? In 2007 she sailed to Montenegro to take a starring role in the Hollywood production of the movie The Brothers Bloom starring Rachel Weisz and Adrian Brody. Is it true that SS Delphine is the last and the largest active steam-driven yacht in the world? There are a few other steam yachts and ships around, but none in this class is still actively used as a yacht. Her original owner, Horace Dodge of the Dodge automobile empire designed her unique quadruple-expansion steam engines, which still work today. Were you thinking about replacing her steam engines with smaller diesel units? Never once did it cross any owners’ mind — past and present, to change the perfectly functioning steam engines into diesel ones. Dodge designed and built the steam engines himself and they're very environmentally friendly. Steam is a smooth sail, while diesel super yachts vibrate. What modern amenities and water toys can guests onboard enjoy? The ship was restored as close as possible to the original state and the Tiffany interior using documents from the 1920’s, visits to Maritime Museums and extensive historical research. Of



course all modern comforts were incorporated. Paintings in keeping with the 20’s style can be lowered at the push of a button to reveal a large TV in the salons. All cabins have flat screen televisions, DVD Players, music systems, safes, minibars, and are all interconnected by telephones throughout the ship. Watersports play a large part in the attraction of the ship and thus she carries wave runners, water-skiing equipment, waveboards, a slide, 2 kayaks, inflatable, towable donuts, wetsuits and fishing gear. There are also 2 inflatable tenders and 2 classic tenders capable of carrying up to 10 guests. Bono, Prince Albert of Monaco, Prince Hendri of Denmark were among the highest guests on board. What other celebs visited the yacht? She has hosted dignitaries including Formula One racing star Kimi Raikkonen, the French luxury-goods giant LVMH and the prestigious jewellery firm Van Cleef & Arpels. In December 2016 the Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa also visited the SS Delphine with a delegation of his ministers. What are your prospects for the upcoming season 2018? She will cruise the Mediterranean, Adriatic and possibly Aegean Sea. Further in time, we think about the Baltic and North European waters.

Steam is a smooth sail, while diesel super yachts vibrate.




Kendall Jenner

Bella Thorne

2017 Daily Front Row's Fashion Media Awards

Amanda Steele


his year’s Daily Front Row's Fashion Media Awards held within NYFW (September 8) brought the chicest fashion and media influencers to the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown in New York City. During the big night 21-year-old model Kendall Jenner was named „Fashion Icon of the Decade“. To accept the award she came in a super stylish Giambattista Valli gown from the Fall couture 2017 collection, accessorized with a collection of dazzling Lorraine Schwartz jewels. Kendall brought along her sister Kim Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner who also looked splendid in their outfits.

Kendall Jenner

Kaia Gerber Model Lily Aldridge and photographer Mario Testino Ashley Graham



Model Ebonee Davis Roosmarijn de Kok Timo Weiland

Among guests of the show were spotted also the famed photographer Mario Testino who received the „Creative Director of the Year“ award, plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham and 16year old promising model Kaia Gerber. The beautiful daughter of Cindy Crawford stepped out with her brother — and fellow model — Presley Gerber for the Friday event.

Garrett Neff

Jordan Barrett Mariah Strongin



Jojo Fletcher

Mrs Monaco -Universe 2017 Natalia Shapovalova and F1 Pilot Mika Häkkinen


Spectacular Ocean Gala Dinner — a magnificent closure of a fourday fundraising marathon



Modesta Vzesniauskaite and John Caudwell

Mrs France, Vice Mrs Univers 2017 Anastasia Gorshkova and Mrs Monaco -Universe 2017 Natalia Shapovalova


cean Gala Dinner took place on 13/09 and was a culmination of a four-day fundraising challenge which saw cyclists’ journey from Tuscany in Italy to Monaco. The sparkling gala dinner which raised funds for Caudwell Children was held at the terrace at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, where the guests enjoyed exquisite food and superb entertainment overlooking the bay. Attended by some of Europe’s best-known philanthropists, celebrities and businesspeople, the evening was an overwhelming success. “In total we raised over £140,000 to help disabled children and their families through the life-changing services provided by Caudwell Children” - says Modesta Vzesniauskaite, a former Olympic Cyclist and Monaco resident. The event was her brainchild and she is proud that among the fundraisers were the renowned philanthropist, John Caudwell, and former Formula One World Champion, Mika Hakkinen. Other guests included Sergey Egorov, President of the Arctic Elite Sports Club, who sponsored the event, and the singer, Tallia Storm. The guests we were entertained by Marketa Hakkinen’s ‘Nordic Angels’ fashion show as well as performances from Tallia Storm and the Project Extreme dancers from Lithuania. Welcoming guests at the Gala Dinner were also Mrs Universe France contestant, Anastasia Gorshkova, and the stunningly beautiful Mrs Universe Monaco contestant, Natalia Shapovalova. With the 2017 event successfully complete, Modesta’s focus has turned to making next year’s event even bigger and better.

Mrs France, Vice Mrs Univers 2017 Anastasia Gorshkova and Mrs Monaco -Universe 2017 Natalia Shapovalova

UK singer Tallia Storm

Marketa Häkkinen, Ocean Gala Committee, Top Model of the World 2017 Julia Gershsun


UK singer Tallia Storm

President of Arctic World Club Sergey Egorov (in the middle)

Caudwell Children

he UK-based charity Caudwell Children was founded by philanthropist John Caudwell in 2000. It is committed to changing the lives of children by providing specialist direct family support, equipment, treatment and therapy as well as its annual ‘Destination Dreams’ holiday and their Enable Sport service. Thanks to a personal annual donation from Mr Caudwell which covers the charity’s administration and management costs, 100% of direct donations are spent on the children the charity supports. To date Caudwell Children has provided services worth over £40 million to over 25,000 children with over 600 different medical conditions. The charity’s ambassadors include Peter Andre, Joan Collins, Elizabeth Hurley, Rod and Penny Stewart, Rachel Stevens, Sir Bruce Forsyth and singer, Robbie Williams.

Reda Karosienne, John Caudwell and Modesta Vzesniauskaite



Hailee Steinfeld

Jasmine Sanders

Thirty Seconds to Mars

Jennifer Bartels, Kyle Richards and Mena Suvari

Joan Smalls

Sibley Scoles



he MTV Video Music Awards have always attracted the most outrageous outfits on the red carpet, such as Miley Cyrus’ metallic belt getup and Lady Gaga’s meat dress. But this year many celebs went for something classy. Katy Perry, the host of the 34th annual MTV Video Music Awards, led the way, wearing an elegant white one-shouldered gown by Stéphane Rolland. Vanessa Hudgens had a beautiful long red gown with ruffles and large sheer panel. Supermodel Heidi Klum showed up in a bejewelled gold gown by Peter Dundas.

Demi Lovato, who was fresh from the Mayweather boxing ring, where she had sang the American national anthem, wore awesome Zuhair Murad. However, a few celebs decided to shine a spotlight. Paris Jackson was among the most bizarrely dressed stars in a sheer Dior dress put on a white crop and shorts set. Outrages Nicky Minaj wore a Barbie pink latex jumpsuit custom designed by Zayna Bayne. And Pink seemed to mix things up in an over sized suit and tie. Ed Sheeran was the one who kept things casual and it didn’t keep him from winning the Artist of the Year award.



Shawn Mendes

Heidi Klum

The MTV Video Music Awards



Hailey Baldwin

Katy Perry

Nicki Minaj

Josh Peck

Lil' Mama

Machine Gun Kelly

Olivia Munn

Paris Jackson

James Arthur


Let the beauty save the world! The second edition of the Beauty Pageant in Monaco


he 23d of August 2017 the Grand Finale of the most posh and elegant beauty pageant in the world Madame TheGlam Monaco took place in a legendary place Jimmy’z Monte Carlo. Madame TheGlam Monaco is an International Online Beauty Pageant founded by TheGlam Management Group in 2016 exclusively for TheGlam Girls from all over the world. TheGlam is a completely new, unique and one of a kind community of women who



are independent, strong and beautiful with a perfect background and strong personal story! Like every year the competition had been going on for 3 days. Beautiful delegates from all over the world were very welcomed by Sass café Monaco for the elegant dinner. Besides main rehearsals, all contestants took part in various events, such as photo and video shoots in Monte Carlo Bay Hotel in haute couture dresses specially made by famous Lebanese designer Gaby Charbachy and beautiful necklaces of Noushka Neckleces brand. Port Hercules met Madame TheGlam Finalists with beautiful yachts and super cars. During the Event each of the women had a chance to present themselves, their country of origins, their interests, and aspirations. The judging panel consisted of Gaby Charbacy, Celebrity couple — big stars of French reality show “Les Marseillais ” Martika Caringella and Julian Guirado, who are, moreover, global digital influencers and models. Champion of Monte Carlo Polo Team Rommy Gianny also made his contribution in the difficult choice of the winner. Baroness of Monaco Celile de Massy who became a good friend of TheGlam team since the Pageant was invented. Of course, former Madame TheGlam Monaco 2016 arrived to pass the crown and was a member of honourable jury. Moreover, Vice President of Arctic World Club Victoria Loginsky and world champion cyclist and Ambassador of Caudwell children foundation Modesta Vzesniuskaite

Lithuanian beauty Victoria Lov, a design student from London aspiring to have her own clothing line, was crowned Madame The Glam Monaco 2017.



The other titles handed out during the event were: 1st Dauphine Madame TheGlam MONACO 2017 — Elena Abrosimova 2nd Dauphine Madame TheGlam MONACO 2017 — Oyungerel Gankhuyagl The Top Model Monaco 2017 — Alina Matus The GlamGirl Monaco 2017 — Nastasia Vals Madame Public Monaco 2017 — Kira Shine were also among judges. Many social influencers, fashion representatives, local and international press were in attendance. Despite on being only the second edition the beauty competition has already become highly popular and well liked. There were more than 3000 application forms this year and it was not easy to choose only six worthy finalists. Each year Madame TheGlam Monaco has new countries in competition. This year the Pageant had representatives of Lithuania, Monaco, Russia, Ukraine and Mongolia. The Event wouldn’t be possible without various partners and sponsors. Beautiful gowns adorned byContestants were designed by Gaby Charbacy. Anar Damdinsuren, a business woman from Mongolia who’s opened up the Mongolian market for international busi-



ness was one of the strongest supporters of the event. Working in skin care and beauty industry she offered to the Contest signature products of Skin Code and Catrice brands. Beautiful flowers and elegant necklaces for the finalists were gifted by Fortuna Fleurs and Noushka Necklaces. Nataliya Mamciur, the star of Moulin Rouge Paris and Theater Bolshoy of Moscow, founder of lifting face coaching and skin care products with renewal effect, was also the sponsor of the event. During the Show beautiful delegates also performed the catwalk for STYLAND brand which brightly emphasized the strong personality of each lady. The Glam team is now preparing many plans for the next year. “ The online casting is now open “ — girls are saying –“we are now working on spreading the franchises to much more countries therefore the Finale next year will be much bigger and interesting.”



Miss TheGlam Monaco International is the annual international online Beauty Pageant. The Grand Finale takes place in Monaco with the worthiest representatives of 12 countries. The online registration and casting is now open and all girls from all over the world who consider themselves worthy to have the most honorable title in World are free to try their luck now! Only 12 luckiest girls will arrive to the Grand Finale in September 2018. For registration and any inquiries please contact us via –email.

CONTACT US misstheglam@gmail.com @misstheglam


TheGlam Management Group

Profile for TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine #2  

TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine #2