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Aen Kishkishiyak Ka Kee Ishe Pimawtishiyawk - Remembering Our Culture SUMMER 2009


There Are Happenings In Our Community!!

ith the Framework Agreement, the Protocol Agreement, and the Duty to Consult issues, your council is working to ensure your community is informed and up to date on environmental matters. Council has prioritized some of the pending applications of interest in this area, of which we need to be informed. We cited the hydro corridor; the nuclear rebuild; the nuclear waste deep repository; wind generators; gravel pits; all issues concerning our precious water; towers for cell phones and internet. These issues affect environmental balance and must be addressed. Throw into the picture genetically altered seeds; chemical fertilizers and pesticides as well as chemical additives used in and on our food; the spreading of human waste sludge on our fields; the feeding of chicken manure to cattle; or dead and diseased animal parts fed to animals that will eventually be in our food chain. Education-Employment With the Duty to Consult activities in the forefront, we are finding that there are positive ways to help community and youth with future jobs. There needs to be a Métis presence in the work force, and we need to know and meet the needs of the job market. A meeting was held recently by Hydro One to inform the local Métis community about proposals for tendering projects with their company, apprenticeships and summer employment opportunities for youth. We were informed of student co-op programs and internships with 4 – 16 month work terms; summer student programs outreach for Aboriginal students and fellowship program pilots with Ryerson and McMaster Universities . The skilled trades apprenticeships mentioned were powerline maintainer; utility arborist and electrician. Check Hydro One’s website for more information. July 26th General Meeting Council needs your input in assembling an

by Senator Leora Wilson

The Good Path Symposium

Jean Couture and Leora Wilson recently met well-known actor and musician Tom Jackson, who entertained at The Good Path Symposium, presented by the School Boards of the Barrie Region and sponsored by the Aboriginal Education Office, Ontario Ministry of Education, to school board members, FNMI (First Nations, Métis & Inuit) Committee members and teachers. Rudy Couture and Leora Wilson represented the Métis community with a Métis fiddle workshop, and Scott Carpenter exhibited Métis Culture display and a powerpoint presentation. A large group of aboriginal presenters held workshops on various subjects related to the prevalence of aboriginal student drop-outs.

agenda to address the concerns of our community. We invite you to attend a general meeting on July 26th at the GOSMC office at 380-9th St E. We will hold an open forum to hear your concerns and try to answer your questions. We also invite sharing of concerns about housing, jobs, health issues, etc. We need to know our community and what your needs are. Keep in mind that the more community involvement, the more chance that we will be chosen to host more programs, such as housing, long term care, healthy babies, etc. We remind you to make use of the Health program currently in place at our site.

Council Elections This Fall This fall there will be an election for council members. Watch for further notices with more information. Current open positions that can be filled immediately on an interim basis are secretary and treasurer. But you are invited to stand for any elected position in the next election. If you feel you have time and talent to contribute to council and your community, we invite you to offer your services. Information about any or all of the concerns mentioned can be obtained from Leora ( 519-986-2746.

Aboriginal Day Picnic 2009 Program

Harrison Park Community Centre, Owen Sound - June 28, 2009 at 1:00PM - 1:00PM Grand Entrance of Council, Elders & guests - Traditional smudge and prayer - Potluck meal by community - Venison stew, bannock, rice

- Children’s activities and traditional games (snowshoe races, sack races, etc) - Basic Jigging instruction by Rebekah Wilson

- Metis fiddling by Rudy Couture - Music by: Rudy and Jean Couture RC&B (Rocking Country and Blues) Band

Prize draws hourly or more often (community donated prizes) ~ Bring lawn chairs, small gift for prize draws

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Eco-Friendly Open House - You’re Invited by RAY RACICOT


’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to an open house. Our house is not your every day, run of the mill house. It’s an eco-friendly home powered by renewable energy. It is built with a passive solar design that takes advantage of the sun’s BTUs to do part of the heating. The wood cookstove provides the rest of the heat and supplies us with hot water in the winter. Our electricity is all generated on-site by our 960 watt solar array and 1000 The Racicot’s have addressed life’s ‘vicious circle’ with watt wind generator. their round eco-friendly home near Desboro. They will show it off during a tour for the Grey Owen Sound Métis Our house is round, as we community on Aug. 1st. have learnt from the birds and the beavers that building a round structure produces the most amount of square foot area with the least amount of materials. A building 20X40=800 sq. ft., a 30X30=900 sq. ft. and a round house with a diameter of 38.2 feet will give you 1146 sq. ft. all using the same amount of material as they all have a perimeter of 120 lineal feet. The walls are made of cordwood cut from cedar. You can use any type of softwood wood you have on the property to help keep the cost down. The walls are 2 feet thick producing an R-value of 35. By incorporating a sod roof, we have kept the 1170 sq. ft. of carbon sequestration capabilities of the soil that would have other wise been lost by the home’s footprint. As much as possible, we have incorporated used materials in the building. Recycled doors, windows, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, hot water tanks, you name it. If we could find it second hand, we used it. I hope you will join us on August 1st from 1pm to 4pm and see that switching to a more sustainable lifestyle can be accomplished for a reasonable price. Our home is located at 135616 concession 8 Desboro. Directions: From Desboro follow concession 8 south past sideroads 5 and 6 then it’s the 4th driveway on the right.

We Welcome New Faces On Council W ith challenging times ahead for the Grey Owen Sound Métis, as well as the Métis Nation of Ontario, we welcome these new faces on council. At left is Ray Racicot of Desboro (Councillor). At right is Wilma Lindsay of Durham, (Councillor). Citizens should note that community elections are slated for this fall. Think of who you’d like to see nominated.

Captain Of The Hunt Issues Reminder



hope this note finds you all well and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. I would like to remind all harvesters to check the expiry date on their Métis Nation of Ontario harvesting certificates. Many are to expire at the end of August and now would be a good time to send in your renewal application. You can pick up an application at your local office, download one off the MNO website or I can e-mail or snail mail you one. Simply fill it out and mail to me with the $60.00 fee to the address below. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the harvest. Happy fishing and hunting! Louise Goulding Captain of the Hunt - Georgian Bay Moon Island, Sans Souci c/o Box 29, MacTier, Ont. P0C 1H0 705-746-4974

Métis Attend NWMO Session


hile the general public stayed away in droves, our local community was wellrepresented when the NWMO (Nuclear Waste Management Organization) held a come-andgo information session in Walkerton recently. Early indicators are that of the 20 people in attendance, four were from Grey Owen Sound Métis council. The NWMO is criss-crossing Canada looking for willing communities to store high-intensity nuclear waste under the Canadian Shield for an indefinite period. The firm claims the ideal site to be one with minimal surface, or underground natural resources, no food, water, wildlife, or population. The project would have to offer safeguards to neighboring communities, facilitating transport to and from the storage area. With five existing nuclear facilities, the most of any region in Canada, Ontario seems a strong candidate to house the proposed facility. No anti-nuclear discussion was entertained, as the mandate was storing ‘waste already produced’ and presently stored on-site at each nuclear generator. Representatives indicated the ‘winning’ community would receive contracts, jobs and economic boosts from housing the repository. No plans to downsize the Canadian nuclear program, which continues to produce enough waste to necessitate more such repositories, emerged from the Walkerton session.

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Coming Events Calendar


ood People Aboriginal Festival: June 19, 20 and 21st, 2009 at Grey Roots Museum, Owen Sound. On Saturday, June 20th, see Métis display by Scott Carpenter, demonstrations, drumming, dancing, workshops, craft market, art show, children activities, music and more. Visible Grey Owen Sound Métis presence requested. Contact Sarah Clark at 519376-3690, or email sclark@greyroots. com, or email Malcolm Dixon at


tions, see article on page 2.


étis Day: August 8th, 2009. Festivities to be held in Discovery Harbour, on Penetanguishene Bay, Midland, ON. For more info, email:


nnual General Assembly for the MNO: Sudbury, on August 21 - 23, 2009.


endezvous Celebration: September 19th, Lafontaine.

boriginal Day Annual Picnic: June 28th 1:00PM-4:00PM, Harrison Park Community Centre. Grand Entry, Potluck lunch, Music, Games, Prizes and Draws, Family visiting. Bring your potluck meal, lawn chairs and small prizes for draws. Assistance will be greatly appreciated.

estoring The Circle Mandige (The Gathering): 3-day conference. Bayshore Arena, Owen Sound, Sept. 28-30, 2009. All inquiries: Linda Boyle at 519371-5405.



eneral Community Meeting: July 26th, GOSM / AHWS office, 380-9th St. E., Owen Sound at 1:00 pm. All welcome. co-Friendly House Tour: on August 1st, 2009 at home of Ray Racicot at 135616 concession 8, Desboro. For direc-


April 25th O.P.A. Métis Regional Forum Report by JEFF WILSON


he Ontario Power Authority has been directed by Ontario Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, George Smitherman, to enlist involvement by Métis and First Nations interests in green energy generation projects. Said plan was outlined in an April 25, 2009 Ontario Power Authority Métis Regional Forum, held at the Airport Hilton Garden, in Malton. All this would follow legislative ascent of the”Green Energy Act” (Bill 150), clearing the way for vast legislative changes to all levels of government. Any proposed Green Energy projects would require a Métis community to have at least 50% ownership, with one person (a Métis) required to co-sign for a loan through the Ontario Finance Corporation. Any project plans would also be required to meet stringent fiscal and operational standards set out by the Ontario Power Authority. Successful plans would be fast-tracked into the “Feed In Tariff” (FIT) and “Smart Grid”. Métis attendees voiced some clear concerns and were told that there is ongoing research into energy storage, while no contingency will be in place for research/development & private entrepreneurs. Apparently plans are in place for train-

omputer Training: Anyone looking for free computer training, call the Adult Learning Centre at 519-376-6623 Ext. 3.


all Elections: Your nominations for all positions on GOSM Council are invited. Details in next Outpost. ing Métis in the field of practical electrical work, electrical engineering and power management. Clear promises were made that all ideas and concerns from the meetings would be brought to the attention of Minister Smitherman. Meetings taking place in Thunder Bay the previous weekend (Apr 18) were apparently attended by most of the Malton participants. Details of

Senator Roland St. Germain MNO Stalwart


enator Roland St. Germain continues to be a stalwart representative of the MNO. His committee work takes him to many parts of Ontario. He has been Elder for “Strengthening The Circle” which held a February summit on ‘violence against women’ in Hamilton. In March, he participated in the MNOTI Training and Education Consultation in Ottawa, as well as the “Duty-To-Consult” meetings in Toronto. In April, he officiated at the Historica Fair Adjudication at Grey Roots Museum, Owen Sound. In May, Senator St. Germain participated in the Urban Aboriginal Education Project, in Toronto. That same month, he was involved with the Aboriginal Cancer Care project, as well as a Canadian Addictions and Mental Health program, where he was involved in a ‘teach’ project.

this meeting, as well as a preliminary meeting in Ottawa, are available on the MNO website now. Details of the April 25th meeting should be available there shortly.

MNOTI Testimonial: Sarah T. E. Clark,

University of Ottawa, Bachelor of Education. Graduated June 2008


uring the four summers (2004-2008) while enrolled in university, I was employed at Grey Roots Museum and Archives by the Summer Career Placement (SCP) Programme, through the Métis Nation of Ontario. By the second summer, I was given the position of KidsCamp Coordinator, a new programme that was being developed. There I developed the skills of: programme planning, creating programmes that were theme-based and educational; volunteer coordinator (of youth volunteers); talking with parents. I developed a programme from the ground up. The skills that I learned through this placement have helped me to achieve my goal of graduat-

ing from a bachelor of education programme. For May and June of 2009, I have returned to Grey Roots to coordinate a three day event: The Good People Aboriginal Festival. In the fall I hope to supply teach in the Bluewater District School Board. The SCP programme made it possible for me to work at Grey Roots Museum and to continue to have opportunities there, now that I have completed my schooling.

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OUTPOST NEWS Region 7 Councillor Report Next Publishing Deadline is AUG.

31, 2009

Publisher: Leora Wilson ( 519-986-2746 Editor: Jeff Wilson ( 1-705-446-2535 GREY-OWEN SOUND MÉTIS COMMUNITY COUNCIL ABORIGINAL HEALING AND WELLNESS OFFICE 380—9th St. E., Owen Sound, ON. N4K 1P1. 519-370-0435 Co-ordinator Kuruvilla Makkappalil Email:




Youth Profile:


n May 20th 2009, the active chartered councils of Grey-Owen Sound, Georgian Bay and Moon River had the opportunity to review, discuss, and ensure that the signing of the Protocol in Region 7 did happen. The presidents of GOSMC - Malcolm Dixon, GBMC - Alden Barty, MRMC – Larry Duval, President of MNO – Gary Lipinski, Captain of the Hunt Louise Goulding and PCMNO Region 7 Councillor Pauline Saulnier were present to sign this legal document. Signing of this historic document represents Region 7 as showing the solidarity and unison of the collective right of Métis citizens in this area. It also firmly shows that the Right is not one that is individualized to each person but more of a collective Métis right as per the Supreme Court of Canada in the Powley case decision. It was history in the making and another milestone in the evolution of the Métis Nation of Ontario . As regional Councillor, after careful review of all the information contained in the protocol agreement, this signing was a proud and memorable moment. With this accomplished there is a lot of work ahead for the Regional Councillor and the Protocol committee. The topics being discussed relate to our “ Métis Way of Life” and our attempts to maintain the simple good life that we have always enjoyed in our homeland. Most Métis Citizens, at the Grass root level; have requested that the environment (water, animals, nature playground, air quality, etc) be maintained. We as Métis People need to have more consultation rights from the ‘get go’ as to what we think about the various projects that are being undertaken in our individual communities. The task of tracking various projects by government and other components is not an easy one. Our capacity needs to build from within the MNO to assure that we can keep up with all the demands being placed on the volunteer council members and citizens of


ravis Warwood, son of Nancy and John Warwood of Owen Sound , is 17 years old, and a Grade 11 student at West Hill Secondary School .


Travis Warwood

ravis finds the drama program there very interesting and enjoys the plays that are part of the curriculum. He aspires to become an actor, citing Jack Black, Seth Rogen, and Jim Carrey as role models. His leisure activities include swimming, wrestling and hiking.

MNO and also on our staff. President Gary Lipinski quoted “Duty to consult is only ONE department of what the Métis Nation of Ontario has to look at” but it does take up a lot of effort, time, capacity of staff and assurance that we are doing the right thing. As regional councillor in this region, I have used the new relationship funding to attempt to open up more lines of communication with all my Region 7 Community councils, to begin the dialogue on what the various councils are wanting, how they will achieve their goals, how they envision the future of the MNO, and to show appreciation for hard working volunteers on councils who are always willing to donate time and to promote our Métis Nation. Through these exercises, I was able to achieve more than I could ever have imagined. Relationships were made stronger; it promoted the team building of the liaison link. One must remember there is no “I” in team and that togetherness and strength in unison of our ONE COLLECTIVE METIS Right is a powerful tool. Hopefully through additional funding from the New Relationship fund, Region 7 councils can all meet together to review some of the findings, have more dialogues and just add some cultural celebrations to build and strengthen the kinship of our Region. The signing of the Protocol only signals the beginning of a lot of work and discussions ahead. I would like to thank those (volunteers and staff members) who have already worked hard and long hours to ensure that this process functions with ease. We have a great team that can only get stronger and better as it grows. Pauline Saulnier PCMNO Region 7 Councillor

OUTPOST NEWS - Summer 2009  
OUTPOST NEWS - Summer 2009  

The Summer 2009 issue of THE OUTPOST NEWS, serving the Grey Owen Sound Metis community, of the area of the city of Owen Sound and County of...