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workforce DELAWARE


About the Publisher The Workforce Delaware Magazine is a Social Enterprise project of The Elizabeth House Family Life Center, Inc. We are a nonprofit community organization serving disadvantaged older youth and adults through Education Services and Workforce Development Training programs Our goal in publishing this magazine is to bring more visibility to our Workforce Development programing while leveraging funds raised from our supporter advertisements to expand our work.

Our editorial focus:


Our mission:

The mission of the Workforce Delaware Magazine is to serve as a platform for the multiple voices in our community willing to share knowledge, Information, resources and opportunities with those searching for work while offering job and career seekers a platform to share their issues and concerns with prospective employers in need of good workers. We believe that everyone’s input is valuable, the job seeker and the job creator, particularly as it relates to one of our nation’s greatest economic resource and asset…the Workforce. All are invited to join the discussion including small and emerging business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate, government, education and nonprofit leaders, freelancers and contractors all who have an interest in creating and expanding Work and Workforce Opportunities in the State of Delaware and throughout the Delmarva region. Oh by the way! This project will allow us to create jobs for the community as well. Join us! Join us!

INNOVATION is at the heart of all Workforce Delaware content. Through this lens, we focus on six core themes:

• Faith, Work and Economics – Integrity, values, skill, focus and determination are critical factors in Workforce success. • Job Creation in a Volatile Economy – Who are the Creators of Jobs in our community? A Look at their Success. • Entrepreneurship and Small Business – The backbone to our economic success is in the hands of the least recognized. • Industry Trends in our State/Region – Where are the Jobs…Really! • High Tech/No Tech - Blue Collar/White Collar – Inviting credible discussions about job opportunities for everyone. • Education and Training - Helping workers find pathways from entry-level to professional level jobs preparing them to succeed on every rung of the ladder between achievements and over time.

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workforce DELAWARE







Small Business

Faith, Work and Economics

Jobs & Entrepreneurship

CLOSING DATE: 12/10/2013 ON SALE DATE: 12/22/2013

CLOSING DATE: 1/10/2014 ON SALE DATE: 1/26/2014

CLOSING DATE: 2/10/2014 ON SALE DATE: 2/26/2014




What Going on in Health Care?

Education &

Information &

CLOSING DATE: 3/10/2014 ON SALE DATE: 3/26/2014

CLOSING DATE: 4/10/2014 ON SALE DATE: 4/262014

CLOSING DATE: 5/10/2014 ON SALE DATE: 5/26/2014




Diversity in the Workplace

A Look at Retail &

The Big Deal for Workforce

Training Opportunities

Service Industry Jobs

CLOSING DATE: 6/10/2014 ON SALE DATE: 6/26/2014

CLOSING DATE: 7/10/2014 ON SALE DATE: 7/26/2014



Most Innovative Companies

The Best Jobs in Delaware

CLOSING DATE: 9/10/2014 ON SALE DATE: 9/26/2014

CLOSING DATE: 10/10/2014 ON SALE DATE: 10/26/2014

Computer Technology Jobs

CLOSING DATE: 8/10/2014 ON SALE DATE: 8/26/2014


The Green Machine and Construction CLOSING DATE: 11/10/2014 ON SALE DATE: 11/26/2014

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workforce DELAWARE





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Female – 34% Male – 66% More than 80% of Workforce Delaware readers are between the ages of 21 and 60 College Graduate – 28% Average household income $80K5,000 85% of Workforce Delaware readers are frequent internet users.

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Creating jobs in Delaware >P4

Benefit of Art Education >P10


workforce DELAWARE

A Free Monthly Publication Presenting Multiple Voices in the Workforce

Published by The Elizabeth House Family Life Center, Inc.

The Creation of



Minimum age

to work in the state >P8

Work for Ex-Offenders Delaware seeks ways >P11

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workforce DELAWARE



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The www.defendernetwork.c creation of By MAYA RHODAN Workforce Delaware staff


hen President Barack Obama addresses a joint session of Congress on Thursday, he will face a business community both desperate for a boost in ailing sales and deeply skeptical of the government’s ability to help. Bob Greifeld, CEO, Nasdaq-OMX: ‘U.S. companies need the ability to recruit the best workers....We must increase the number of “The labor H-1B visas available and market has shown reform the employmentbased green card process.’ absolutely no Pressure on recovery,” There’s politicians to act is no scenario in growing. By any measure, the job which the labor market’s recovery has market doesn’t been weak. Last Friday, continue to need the Labor Department help three to four reported that on balance no new U.S. jobs were years from now” created in August, the said Harvard worst showing since University economist last September, and Lawrence Katz. well below the 125,000 needed to keep up with population growth. The White House’s own projections call for unemployment to average 9% through 2012. According to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, more than 70% of Americans think the economy has yet to hit bottom. Without action from Congress, two economic-stimulus programs—a payroll-tax holiday for workers and emergency unemployment-insurance benefits—will expire by year-end, causing a loss of 750,000 jobs in 2012,

12 | Workforce Delaware | August 2013


according to an estimate by Moody’s Analytics. “The labor market has shown absolutely no recovery,” said Harvard University economist Lawrence Katz. “There’s no scenario in which the labor market doesn’t continue to need help three to four years from now.” The Journal talked to four groups of people who analyze hiring and hire workers themselves. Here are their views about how to spur job creation: Carlos Ghosn, CEO, Renault, Nissan: ‘The first would be research and development, promoted both publicly and through companies’ investments in R&D.... The second would be the development of infrastructure.’ Chief executives of some of the world’s largest corporations support repairs to aging infrastructure, financed in part by private money, and point to lower taxes and fewer business restrictions as ways to create jobs. “I travel the world on a regular basis, and U.S. infrastructure is simply not competitive,” said Tom Albanese, CEO of Rio Tinto, RIO +1.97% the global mining company. Dominic Barton, managing director of consulting firm McKinsey & Co., said pension funds, asset managers, sovereign wealth funds and private-equity firms are prepared to invest in infrastructure projects and could contribute $250 billion to $500 billion of equity capital to them over the next three years.

Workforce Delaware | August 2013 |13

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8 creating jobs

Terrible Questions To Ask In An Interview

T BANNER (full horizontal) 7 3/4” X 1 9/16”

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By Robert Half International

he success or failure of a job interview doesn’t rest solely with the answers you give the hiring manager. The questions you ask can also speak volumes. In a recent Robert Half survey, human-resources managers recounted the most unusual or surprising question they’ve received from a job seeker during an interview. Some of the highly questionable queries included: • “Do I have to be at work every day?” • “Would you consider going on a date with me?” • “Can I have three weeks off every three months to pursue my music career?” • “Can my husband finish this test for me?”

• “Is the boss single?” • “Do you want to take a ride in my new car?” • “Can you help me search for an apartment?” • “What job is this for?” Peculiar or presumptuous inquiries such as these can quickly undermine an otherwise solid interview performance. On the other hand, posing intelligent and informed questions shows the interviewer you’re a serious candidate while also helping you to determine if the role is right for you.

Here are some smart questions worth asking:

While researching your company, I learned that [fill in the blank]. Can you tell me more about that? Impress interviewers by making it clear you’ve done your homework. Learn as much as you can about the organization before your meeting.

20 | Workforce Delaware | July 2013

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creating jobs More: How To Bomb A Sure-Thing Interview

Closely review the company’s website, marketing materials and recent financial reports. Tap your professional network for anecdotal insights and follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Weaving some beyond-the-basics information you uncovered into your questions showcases both your interest and resourcefulness. What types of training and development programs do you offer? Generally speaking, it is unwise to ask an employer what the company plans to do for you once hired; at least until the interviewer has sent signals that a job offer is likely. But bringing up training and development opportunities in an initial interview isn’t the same as jumping the gun about salary, benefits or vacation time. Companies seek candidates who are committed to continually expanding their skills. If applicable, mention several pertinent proficiencies you’ve gained through professional development programs in the past. What are some potential career paths within your company for a person starting in this position? This question shows you’re goal-oriented and career-minded. It also emphasizes your desire to grow with a company. Considering the significant amount of time, money and resources that companies invest in hiring and training new staff, it’s beneficial to indicate that you’re looking to stay onboard long term. Why is this job open? Some questions are less about strategically pitching yourself and more about eliciting details that shed greater light on the job and the company. More: Are Employers Really Allowed To Ask You That? For example, it’s a good sign if the previous person got promoted or the position was newly created because the company is growing. If, however, there’s been high turnover or your would-be predecessor is “no longer with the company,” consider these warning signs that warrant another question or two. What do you enjoy most about working here? Job seekers don’t always think of it this way, but an employment interview is a two-way street, and the efforts to impress should go both ways. Good interviewers will play up the advantages of working at the company, because they want to win you over. Asking this more personal question and getting the individual to explain why she is with the company can provide invaluable insights. Pay attention to how the interviewer responds to this question. Was the answer delivered quickly, with detail and enthusiasm? Or was there an awkward pause followed by a vague, tepid endorsement? Remember: Happy, satisfied employees won’t have any difficulty describing what they like about their job and the overall organization.

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