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KaVo DIAGNOcam – a whole new perspective on caries t Significantly improved diagnosis quality – in unsurpassed image quality t Ideal for patient information and outstanding monitoring t X-ray-free imaging method for caries identification KaVo DIAGNOcam – simply illuminating

Find out more about KaVo DIAGNOcam:

KaVo Dental GmbH · Arjaan Tower 9th Floor · Dubai Media City, UAE · PO Box 71569 Phone +971 4 433 21 86 · Fax +971 4 457 93 73 · Email: ·



Saint Joseph University May 28 - 30


BIDM 2014 September 18 - 20

Jordan University of Science and Technology in Irbid. May 7 - 8


FDI Annual World Dental Congress September 11 - 14

Dubai Qatar

October 9 - 10


KDA November 20 - 22


AEEDC February 4 – 6


CAD/CAM and Digital Dentistry May 8 - 9


APCD June 17 - 19

Tunisian Dental Association February 7 – 8

Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia

Stars meeting April 2 - 4

Saudi Orthodontic Society January 28 - 29

Saudi Dental Society January 12 - 14 Dental News Yearbook 2014


2 Dental News Yearbook 2014

In the realm of science fiction everything is possible. In the realm of digital Dentistry everything we dreamt of may come true. From now on, we can take a digital radiograph, intra oral or extra oral, and share it with the specialist far away, instantly! We can see more, probe inside the anatomical structures and reconstruct in 3D all on our high definition screen. We can take a digital impression of the full mouth and share it via an internet connection with the dental lab for a smoother and swifter workflow. Developers are dedicating their times to secure higher accuracy and speed in the world of digital scanning, diagnostic software and sharing solutions. One visit prosthodontics is no more science fiction, it is reality, and many companies are offering a multitude of solutions that ease the way for both the dentist and the patient. Not sure about the color to choose, no problem, the digital shade taking is here to help. LASERs are no more the weapons of outer spacer warriors but tools in the hand of the dentist to practice his art and science.

Swifter workflow

Electronics are used outside the IT industry to scout the inside of the root canal and determine the apex location. 3D printing is not only for rapid prototyping in jewelry and car manufacturing, it is also for preparing a set of aligners for orthodontic purposes where you can see the post op result before beginning the treatment.

Art and science

Beyond offering exciting youth games, iPad applications can be even used by patients and dentists to show the best smile design they dream of.

Best smile design

In this 2014 edition of the yearbook, Dental News invites you to explore the wide variety of solutions that will ease your practice and offer a better service to your patient. Dr. Tony Dib

Dental News Yearbook 2014


COMPANY PROFILE company name country of origin website

A-dec USA

As one of the largest dental equipment manufacturers in the world, A-dec designs, builds, and markets much of what you see in the dental treatment room, including chairs, stools, delivery systems, dental lights, and a full line of accessories. A-dec’s primary focus is to create innovations, simple solutions and superior services that deliver value to the customer and help dental professionals perform healthier, more efficient dentistry. At A-dec we strive to be the preferred choice of dental equipment for our distribution partners, dentists,

hygienists, schools, and government organizations worldwide - a mission the company has adhered to since it began 50 years ago. Despite the problems facing many countries within the area, through our network of dedicated authorised dealer network, A-dec are proud to continually to grow within the Middle Eastern Region. Our dealer partners ensure that not only do our customers receive the very best dental equipment products but they also receive the very best in terms of service and support.



Building 390, Road 3009, New Zinj, Manama 330 KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN Phone: +97317239399

3rd Floor, Darshan Towers Woodvale Grove, Westlands Nairobi 00100 KENYA Phone: 254.20.4445307

HIGH TECHNOLOGY COMPANY 17 Omer Bin El Khattab Street Sheraton Heliopolis Area, Rawda Cairo, 11799 EGYPT Phone: 202.2267.7210

TAMER LEVANT Nawroz Post, P.O.Box 50, Italian City, Villa 570, Erbil IRAQ Phone: +964 750 1440 400

SALBASHIAN TRADING CO. 128 Wadi Saqra Str. Amman 11118, JORDAN Phone: +962 6 464 5845

AIMAR & CIE 17 Rue Paul Doumer Oasis Casablanca, 20000 MOROCCO Phone: +212.522.25.71.51

4 Dental News Yearbook 2014


ABDULREHMAN ALGOSAIBI G.T.C Algosaibi Building, King Abdulaziz Avenue, Riyadh 11411 SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966 1 4793 000


Tamer - Sim Building, Midan Street Dekwaneh, Beirut, LEBANON Phone: +961 169 4000

19 Rue Tarek Ben Moussa Khaznadar Tunis, 2017 TUNISIA Phone: 216.23.441.565



PC 100, Ruwi Way 2716 Bldg 996, CBD Area Muscat SULTANATE OF OMAN Phone: 968.24793750

Street No. 5 Haddaa Assakaniah Zone, Sana’a, YEMEN Phone: +967 1472 533



Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Phone: +971 4 282 1717

Hawally, 32060 KUWAIT Phone: +965 571 1760

A-dec 400 combines versatility with elegance Emphasizing flexibility, access and comfort, A-dec 400 satisfies the need for less complexity and more style at a competitive price point. The new A-dec 400 gives dental teams an option for a truly ambidextrous configuration to accommodate doctor preferences. The Radius delivery and support modules quickly and easily rotate around the chair for complete left/right compatibility. A-dec 400 optimizes ergonomics with an ultra-thin backrest and positioning of controls and ancillaries, while eliminating unnecessary movement. Doctors are able to Radius-mount a monitor, light, control, cuspidor, and assistant’s arm. The front-mounting location offers flexibility for limited space, while providing excellent ergonomics for operators who prefer side delivery. The structure of the new chair exceeds industry standards for strength, rated for a 400-lb. maximum patient load. The new armrest design also gives patients a particularly sturdy and secure grab point. For customizable styling, doctors can choose between sleek seamless upholstery and plush sewn upholstery, A-dec’s

wide range of color options lend themselves to the A-dec 400 contemporary aesthetic and robust design elements.

Introducing the A-dec LED Light, a superior source of brilliance for all that you do Exceptional Illumination. Flood the oral cavity with light for improved vision. The A-dec LED light features three intensity settings of 15,000, 25,000, and 30,000 lux— without compromising a consistent 5,000K neutral white colour temperature and high colour rendering index for accurate tissue analysis. Unparallelled ergonomics, automatic hands-free operation turns the light on when the chair back reclines and powers off when the chair moves to the entry/exit position when used with A-dec 300® or A-dec 500® systems. The A-dec LED light glides effortlessly for unlimited positioning with

three axes and 540° of rotation. Simple, clean lines ensure easy cleaning. Illuminate without curing A-dec’s cure-safe mode provides brilliant yellow light at 25,000 lux, enabling the dental team to work effectively without curing photo-initiated resins. Dental News Yearbook 2014


COMPANY PROFILE company name country of origin website


With more than 50 years’ experience in dental medicine and ENT surgery and cosmetic dentistry, Bien-Air offers a range of solutions and products which are globally renowned for their excellence. 100% swiss made, Bien-Air products are designed and manufactured in the heart of the famous watch valley, at its sites in Bienne, Le Noirmont and Saignelégier. Famous for its implantology systems and its handpieces, Bien-Air Dental is also the world’s largest producer of superior quality micromotors for dental medicine. Bien-Air Dental is the official supplier of the most prestigious brands of den-

tal units. Ergonomics, precision and reliability are at the core of the development of every new product. Paying careful attention to professionals every day, Bien-Air has made numerous innovations, setting the bar even higher. A true culture of excellence sitting perfectly with the tradition of Swiss Made products. Our promise for the future is to continue to innovate, to offer you the most advanced and most reliable instruments to make dentists’ work easier day after day, for the comfort of their clients.



Alfanar Building, Estiqlal Highway East Riffa, BAHRAIN Phone: +973 1 749 0040

Saydeh Center, Sarba Highway 3Rd Floor, Philips Bldg Jounieh, LEBANON Phone: +961 9 640 321



33 North Saba Ave Tehran, IRAN Phone: +98 21 6646 7007

Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966 14645359



Al-Mansoor Hay Dragh Block 603, Alley 17, House 11 Baghdad, IRAQ Phone: +964 1 542 8125

Al Wahda Street Sharjah, UAE Phone: +971 6 559 2481



233 Wasfi Al Tal St. Al Dahnoon Business Center Amman, JORDAN Phone: +962 6 535 3379

Sana’a, YEMEN Phone: +967 736003353

AL-BADER SCIENTIFIC Safat, KUWAIT Phone: +965 22 461 116

6 Dental News Yearbook 2014

iChiropro The best way to your success The iChiropro by Bien-Air is a revolutionary physiodispenser, controlled from an iPad and equipped with some of the best-performing attachments ever designed. Its CA 20:1 L Micro-Series contra-angle handpiece is equipped with an internal irrigation system for greater comfort, and the lifetime-lubricated ceramic ball bearings of its MX-i LED micromotor ensure an exceptional service life, with no maintenance required. The multi-user iChiropro incorporates the complete sequences of the leading implant manufacturers. It also offers the option of saving and exporting operation data, in the form of graphics and tables. This data is attached to the patient file built into the control interface. Available from the Apple App Store, the iChiropro application will regularly offer new functions, in order to ensure this extraordinary implantology system is constantly being updated.

Micro-Series Welcome to a new dimension The MX2 LED micromotor by Bien-Air coupled with the Micro-Series attachments, provides an assembly 30% shorter and 23% lighter than a standard set (no larger than a turbine), with unrivalled comfort and the same performance levels as the famous MX guaranteed. Ideal for endodontics, the MX2 micromotor proves exceptionally stable and powerful, even at low speeds (100 rpm), thanks to the Smart Logic electronic control. Equipped with lifetime-lubricated ball bearings, the MX2 is maintenance-free and guaranteed for 3 years. By reducing the size as much as possible, the balance point of the instrument/micromotor assembly has been moved noticeably forward. This results in perfect balance. The force required to keep the instrument in the hand has been significantly reduced. This allows for more accurate movements, with less fatigue at the end of the day.

Micro-Series, perfectly balanced instrument and micromotor combinations, with no compromise in terms of performance.

Dental News Yearbook 2014


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BISCO, a global leader in aesthetic dentistry continues to develop innovative products for contemporary dentistry. At BISCO “Adhesion is our passion” and we dedicate our lives to understanding and improving the bond. We understand the importance of the supporting layer of the restoration. Whether you are working with implants, zirconium, ceramics/lithium disilicate, or porcelain fused to metal we focus on dentistry from the bottom up so your patients can enjoy top down esthetics. BISCO

proudly manufactures its materials in the United States and markets its products through highly trained, focused distributors outside the United States. At BISCO, we understand that product quality, consistency and freshness are of great importance. BISCO Dental Products are available worldwide with award winning brand names such as ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL®, AELITE™, DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL™, eCEMENT™, TheraCal LC® and Z-PRIME™ Plus.


ALPHA MEDICAL Bneid Al-Qar, Block 6 Str. 63, Bldg. 15, Floor 13 Code 22073 - Salmiya KUWAIT Phone: +965 2 2478611

BASAMAT MEDICAL SUPPLIES (BASAMAT PHARMADENT) Jabal Al-Hussein, Al-Razi Street, Building #125, Amman JORDAN Phone: +962 6 5605395



AMG Building Al-Buhtari Street , Al Zahra District KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966 1 4766828

Sed el Bouchreih Imad el Hachem Center Beirut LEBANON Phone: +961 1 253107

8 Dental News Yearbook 2014

PASA DENTAL Millet Cad. Karagul Is Merkezi No.102 - 34270 Findikzade Istanbul, TURKEY Phone: +90 212 531 29 71

D.K.S. CO. Bolourchi Medical Equipment No.508, Radisson Hotel Deira Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Phone: +971 4 2210151

DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL™ Adhesive Cementation System BISCO’s DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL™ is perfect for reliable, high strength cementation with easy clean-up! It’s extremely high, consistent degree of conversion in both self-cured and lightcured modes, is required by today’s stronger restorations. In addition, DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL has low film thickness to assist in effective seating and offers diagnostic radiopacity for that perfect margin. Unique to DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL is its 2 esthetic shades, Universal and Milky White. Universal can be used for most restorations while Milky White can be used to mask darker tooth preparations. DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL has been maximized to reduce its sensitivity to operatory and curing lights resulting in a longer gel phase and ease of use to cement all restorative options.

DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL is compatible with all dental materials, and when coupled with ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL®, Z-PRIME™ PLUS and/or Porcelain Primer, it is the only product combination for all indirect restorations. This combination of products provides high retention and durability of indirect substrates in an easy-to-use kit.

eCEMENT™ Adhesive Cementation System for Lithium Disilicate Restorations Designed to be a complete system for the easy cementation of lithium disilicate restorations, BISCO’S eCEMENT™ is a kit featuring high strength resin cements formulated to provide esthetics at the margin and long-term retention of single- or multiple-unit restorations. The eCEMENT™ kit includes a combination of innovative and effective products coupled with all the components needed for cementation of lithium disilicate restorations. eCEMENT™ is compatible with crowns, bridges and veneers regardless of whether the restorations are milled or pressed. The cement also provides shade stability and is radiopaque. eCEMENT™

is your all-in-one kit that will save you time and money when placing lithium disilicate restorations.

Dental News Yearbook 2014


COMPANY PROFILE company name country of origin website


Cavex Holland BV in The Netherlands was founded in 1908. Due to ongoing inbound research & development and a strong focus on customers’ needs, Cavex evolved into the rock solid, innovative, global company it is today. Modern Cavex is a highly competitive, manufacturing organization with a distinct assortment of high quality, branded and OEM products, available worldwide. The

Cavex assortment comprises impression materials, composites, bonding systems, hygiene products, endodontic products, a home bleaching system, laboratory products and temporary materials. Cavex will continue to create and produce new products in close cooperation with its valued customers. We value your input and your impression will always be our main concern.




21, Rue Boumenir Mouloud 26000 Medea, ALGERIA Phone: 00-213-25-596277

Dent-All, Bakhtiari Street Erbil, IRAQ Phone: 00.964.66.2100.252

91, rue Abou Alaa Zhar Quartier des Hospitaux 20100 Casablanca, MOROCCO Phone: 00.212.522.86.39.10



Costas Papaellinas Organization Ltd. 1500 Nicosia, CYPRUS Phone: 00.357.22.863.100

ERZING DENTAL SUPPLY 13, 26th July Street Cairo, EGYPT Phone:

YEGANEH CO. Dental Supplies No. 1&2 Marjan Arcade, in front of East Terminal Tehranpars, Damavand St. Tehran, IRAN Phone:

BURGAN DRUGSTORES 18 - Moh’d Khamis Raba’ee Street (Tla’-El Ali) next to Arab Community College 11118 Amman, JORDAN Phone: 00.962.6.533.7910

10 Dental News Yearbook 2014

Abu Dhabi, UAE Phone: 00-971-2-6775447

DIÉTI-PHARM Beirut, LEBANON Phone: 00.961.1.447.603

GÜLSA TIBBI CIHAZLAR VE MALZEME SAN TIC A.S. Meriç Mah 5627 Sok. No.: 10 Camdibi Bornova Izmir 35090, TURKEY Phone:

MSI EQUIPMENTS MEDICO-DENTAIRES R6, Rue Abdelkader Mhalla Monastir 5000, TUNISIA Phone: 00-216-73-449-401

BENGHAZI DENTAL CENTER Benghazi, LIBYA Phone: 00218-61-223-3089

BATTERJEE NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL Stores and Pharmacies Jeddah 21411, SAUDI ARABIA Phone: 00.966.2.660.29.23

BATAL CHEMICAL STORE P.O. Box 3968 Damascus, SYRIA Phone: 00.963.

INTER MEDICAL SERVICE 7, Bis Rue de Cologne 1002 Tunis, TUNISIA Phone:

MOHAMMED A. HAJAR TRADING CO. Dental Equipment Center Sana’a, YEMEN Phone: 00.967.1.218.750

Cavex Alginates Superior in strength, control and balance

Cavex ColorChange aÚ©ÚlJîÓÚl £v¨Ó ¬¨J ÚÓÜJX v aÚ JÓÜÚÓvÜ aÚ å¨bÜ ¬¨J Úb¬ ¬åÐÚb J¨ v

superior tear resistance


5 years shelf life

Cavex GreenClean vÚv ÚÚb v¨ÜÚJ ¨JÜvÚJ¨l î»Óå£ÚÐv£¬ëvÐ vÓ Ú v£¬¨ÚJЬ£J JÐÚ Ú ôôÚb vJ¨ÚÜÐJîÓ

Cavex ImpreSafe aÚ Ú aÚ Ú aÚ Ú

ÓÚXJbÜvÐ JiÚë ÐåÓvÓÚJ¨Ú å¨ ¨Ú åÓÜÚÞÚ£ ¨åÜvÓ ³ ÜÐvÚ¬ Úb¬¨bv¨ÜÐJÜvÚ ¬ÐÚ¬ëvÐ ÞôÚìvv ÓÚl Ó ¨ vbÜvlÚ £»ÐvÓÓ ¬¨Ó 4J vÚ ¬ÐÚJ ¨JÜviÚ»¬ îvÜ vÐ J¨lÚÓ b¬¨vÚ £»ÐvÓÓ ¬¨Ó 2011

Top Infection Control Product

CAVEXYOUR IMPRESSION IS OUR CONCERN Cavex Holland BV, P.O. Box 852, 2003 RW Haarlem, The Netherlands. Dental News Yearbook Tel +31 23 530 77 00 Fax +31 23 535 64 82



COMPANY PROFILE company name country of origin website

Coltène/Whaledent AG SWITZERLAND

Coltène has been the leading developer and manufacturer of high-precision impression materials and innovative, aesthetically pleasing filling materials since the mid-sixties. In 1990, the Swiss Coltène AG joined forces with the American company Whaledent Inc., a producer of technical dental consumables established in 1956 in New York. Since then, the combined Coltène/Whaledent brand has brought polymer chemistry-based impression and filling materials, a broad range of high-precision mechanical instruments,

dental pins and posts, carbide and diamond burs and other rotary instruments, as well as a comprehensive offering in the area of hygiene and patient safety, to international markets through sales partners. Coltène/ Whaledent is an international leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of dental products, tools and small equipment. Coltène/Whaledent’s state-of-theart production facilities are located in Switzerland as well as in Germany, Hungary and the USA.




Jaber Mubarak Street, Sharq 22052 Salmiya, KUWAIT Phone: +9652 2454924

Al Jelaiat St., No. 37, Bin Omran DOHA, QATAR Phone: +974 4469888



12 Eleskander Elakbar Str. Elazarita EGYPT Phone: +204860245

Beirut - Dekwaneh, LEBANON Phone: +9611 694000






Elberka Str. No. 1 LY - BENGHAZI, LYBIA Phone: 061223309

Matérial et Produits Dentaires Z.I. Charguia - Rue No 7 2035 TUNIS CARTHAGE, TUNISIA Phone: +2161/782 500



Int. Medical Advamced Technologies Al. Jawhara Trading Centre No. 45 Al-Mansour, 14th Ramadan St. 10013 Baghdad, IRAQ Phone: +9641 5434324

22, Rue Ahmed al Maqri, Racine 20050 Casablanca, MOROCCO Phone: +212 22364482


Bahwan Healthcare Centre LLC.


MUSCAT, OMAN Phone: +968 24701557

Hadda Street, Al-Jama’a Post. Sana’a, YEMEN Phone: +9671 245 330

58, Tijjar Road, BAHRAIN Phone: +973 17276176

Al-Madina Al-Munawara st. Faisaly Trading Bl. No. 295, Amman, JORDAN Phone: +962 65665481

12 Dental News Yearbook 2014

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +9662 4621613

CITY PHARMACY CO. Hamdan Street Al Otaiba Bldg., 9th Floor Abu Dhabi, U.A.E Phone: +9712/6323016

HyFlexTM CM - The regenerative NiTi file No shape memory + Extreme flexibility = Superior canal tracking HyFlex™ Controlled Memory NiTi files have been manufactured utilizing a unique process that controls the material’s memory, making the files extremely flexible but without the shape memory of conventional NiTi Files. This gives the file the ability to follow the anatomy of the canal very closely, reducing the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation. Furthermore the files can be pre-bent, similar to the way of stainless steel. Regains shape after heat treatment = Multi-use HyFlex™ CM NiTi files respond to excessive resistance with straightening of the spirals, which avoids binding to the walls and therefore increases fracture resistance. This form adaptation can be reversed quickly by heat treatment. HyFlex™ CM NiTi files with Controlled Memory are up to 300 % more resistant to cyclical fatigue compared to conventional NiTi files. HyFlex™ CM NiTi files are sterile and ready for use.

Dental News Yearbook 2014


COMPANY PROFILE company name country of origin website

DENTSPLY International USA

For over a century, DENTSPLY International has been committed to providing the dental community with innovative, high quality, cost-effective dental products. The Company’s aim is to deliver solutions ‘For Better Dentistry’ that benefit practitioners and patients everywhere, optimising our global resources to lead the industry in innovation, quality and service. A unique feature of the organisation is that these solutions

cover the entire life cycle of the tooth, from preventive care to tooth replacement. The Company has grown to become the largest manufacturer of professional dental products in the world. From facilities in more than 40 nations and six continents, the Company distributes its dental products in over 120 countries under some of the most well established brand names in the dental industry.



Gulf Pharmacy & General


NS Dental

Phone: +973 17 239385

Phone: +965 1887 744

Phone: +212 522 951238


M/S Yiaco Medical Co.

Sothema Dentaire

Middle East Dental Supplies

Phone: +965 484 6258

Phone: +212 522 320606

Phone: +202 590 5779


Middle East Int’l Trading Phone: +202 224 19296

High Technology Company Phone: +202 226 77210 IRAQ

Tamer Levant Ltd Phone: +964 7501 440400 JORDAN

Nabih Nabulsi Drugstores


Toff Dental Phone: +961 181 0623

Phone: +961 4 525278

Sala Medical Complex Llc


Al-NaqqaForDental&Medical Phone: +218 21 7118634

Ibn-Rushd Drug Store

La Medico Dentaire

Phone: +962 6560 6785

14 Dental News Yearbook 2014

MuscatPharmacy&StoresLlc Phone: +968 2481 4501


Abu-Shehab Int’l Est Dental Sup

Phone: +968 2479 3750

Pharmacol Sal

Phone: +962 6569 1681 Phone: +962 6552 6162

Bahwan Healthcare

Phone: +212 522 364482

Academy Dental Phone: +212 522 862671 y.elfassi@academy –

Phone: +968 2448 5159 QATAR

Germinmed Phone: +974 442 72148

Masar Medical Phone: +974 4436 4371

PROTAPER NEXT™ THE NEXT GENERATION OF THE ENDO GOLD STANDARD PROTAPER NEXT is the newest innovation to the PROTAPER® UNIVERSAL system, which has been the gold standard in endodontics for many years. PROTAPER NEXT features the same variable taper design that clinicians have turned to for more than a decade, but refined to improve performance for fully-tapered, predictable shaping and greater procedural efficiency that will handle the vast majority of root canal treatments. Key features: s - 7IRE® NiTi alloy for increased flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue s 0ATENTED OFF CENTRE RECTANGULAR CROSS SECTION FOR GREATER STRENGTH AND MORE SPACE FOR DEBRIS s /NE TORQUE SETTING ONE SPEED SETTING AND ONLY TWO FILES PER TREATMENT FOR THE MAJORITY OF CASES s 3WAGGERING ACTION THAT REDUCES BINDING AND IMPROVES DEBRIS REMOVAL s &ASTER SHAPING s 3INGLE USE AND PRE STERILISED PROTAPER NEXT is a complete system solution for all the steps of the endodontic procedure.



Bashir Shakib Aljabri & Co

Abdulrehman Algosaibi GTC Al-Hayat Pharmaceuticals

Phone: +02 670 0430

Phone: +966 147 93000

Phone: +971 655 92481

Al Razi Med. Supplies

Asnan Est.

Phone: +966 265 20131

Phone: +966 1 491 6327

Phone: +971 2666 6037

Cigalah Trading Est.


Phone: +966 2614 8394


Saudi Import Company (Banaja)

Phone: +216 715 65561

Phone: +966 265 11111, Ext 301

Prime Medical Supplies Est

Gulf Medical Commercial Agency Phone: +971 653 31169 YEMEN


Al Asbahi Trading

Medical Vision Est.

Phone: +216 718 07270

Phone: +967 121 3214/404277

Phone: +966 1405 7275


Hawares Est.

Phone: +216 733 47939

Phone: +966 1462 1613

Dental Dental News News Yearbook Yearbook 2014 2014

15 15

COMPANY PROFILE company name country of origin website


DÜRR DENTAL AG was founded in 1941 by brothers Karl and Wilhelm Dürr from Gechingen in the Black Forest. The precision workshops were set up in StuttgartFeuerbach. The headquarters of the German company are now located in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Today, dental/ medical practitioners around the world are pleased to trust in the engineering designs of Dürr Dental. The company offers numerous system

solutions in the fields of compressed air, suction, imaging, dental care, and hygiene. “With its developments, Dürr Dental is setting standards for innovation and technology. We have the right solution for all requirements” stresses Martin Dürrstein, CEO DÜRR DENTAL. To ensure the highest possible level of quality, the company carries out practically all production within the business location of Germany.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS: DÜRR DENTAL MIDDLE EAST PO Box 87355. Al Ain UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Phone: +971 50 550 8412 Fax: +971 3 7675615

The Tyscor Pulse technology terminal New software from Dürr Dental Before beginning each working day, you can be reassured to know that all systems are operational and properly functioning. The Software Tyscor Pulse clearly summarises all relevant data on the monitor, just like in a control centre. The software shows the operating condition, any errors and provides support during diagnostics and maintenance. This simplifies the work of the surgery team making visual inspection of the device largely redundant. The tandem compressors, the amalgam separator CA 4 and the Power Tower Silence 200 are equipped with the compatible control unit for utilising the new software. The dentist and his team save time and can see the condition of the connected devices at a glance.

16 Dental News Yearbook 2014

The new VistaScan Mini View with touch display Compact, high resolution and intuitive to use Obtain digital radiographs in high resolution with the VistaScan Mini View. The new DĂźrr Dental image plate scanner has a large touch display which can also be used to operate the ScanManager. The ScanManager will optimise the surgery workflow. The radiographs can be displayed on the high definition touch screen. The possibilities of working with WiFi or wired network, with or without a PC means greater flexibility. The VistaScan Mini View is able to process all intra-oral film sizes. If surgeries also require extra-oral images, the new VistaScan Combi View digitises intraoral sizes S0 to S4 as well as large panorama and ceph images. As a larger version of the VistaScan Mini View, it has the same innovative functions.

VistaPano Precise pictures improve diagnosis and workflow Duerr Dental, with all their experience and expertise in the X-ray field, set new standards for panoramic X-ray with VistaPano S. The S-pan technology makes it possible to receive the best image quality with all important diagnostic information clearly visible in just one panoramic picture. Despite this great image quality, the 7 seconds mode (full panoramic) makes sure the patient is exposed to the lowest possible dose. With 17 different diagnostic programs the dentist is provided with a wide diagnostic range. Digital X-ray improves the workflow because the images are immediately available for diagnosis. VistaPano`s intuitive 7“ touch-display provides an efficient and easy workflow. Radiographs can be optimised with the DBSWIN imaging software. They can even be sent by email or presented to the patient via the Duerr Dental Imaging App. Dental News Yearbook 2014


COMPANY PROFILE company name country of origin website


Founded in 1931, FKG Dentaire SA is today at the very cutting edge of development, production and distribution of endodontic products, for example NiTi and stainless steel root canal files. Precision and quality has always been central to FKG and the company is naturally based in the heart of the «Watch Valley» home to most Swiss watchmaking and microtechnical companies. FKG has broadened the distribution network to more

than 80 countries worldwide and its products are certified according to international regulatory standards and requirements. The Swiss Venture Club awarded FKG “Western Switzerland Company of the Year 2012” an honour for the company’s dynamism, high product quality, and its continuing innovation.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS: Abu-Shehab Int’l Est Dental Sup - JORDAN


Phone: +962 6560 6785

ALGERIA T +213 0 4158 1124

5 Otuka Bypass Assembly Road Umuahia, NIGERIA T +23 4 1440 6185




Noordheuwel, JOHANNESBURG T +27 1 1954 4808

ZIE Les Sables ETANG SALE Réunion T +33 2 6238 1353

12 Eleskander Elakbar St., Elazarita, Alexandria, EGYPT T +20 3486 8733



ACCESS DENTAL COASTAL CC Cape Gate, Captown SOUTH AFRICA T +27 2 1979 1090

PROMOSCIENCES Z.I. Charguia I Rue N°7 TUNIS T +216 7178 2500



TURAN UYSAL DIS MLZ. CHZL ITHALAT Millet Cad. Sair Mehmet Emin Sok. Istanbul, TURKEY T +90 21 2586 5279

NEW DENTAL Labinoti 38 Tirana, ALBANIA T +355 4226 9859

Hay My Abdellah, Rue 246, N°25-27 CASABLANCA, MOROCCO T +2 2 5 2287 2987

9, Navoi Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN T +99 87 1244 4910


DROGUERIE TAMER S.A.L. Tamer Building, Midan Street Beirut, LEBANON T +961 169 4000


MEHR TABAN CO. Apt. 54, No. 14, Taban Complex Tehran, IRAN T +98 21 8879 0983

18 Dental News Yearbook 2014

Amman, JORDAN T +962 6565 6551 Familycare Building, 1st Floor, Al-Rai, KUWAIT T +965 2473 6345

iRace sequence, quick, effective and safe Thanks to their exclusive features, only 3 iRace rotary NiTi files are needed to treat most cases (straight, slightly curved and/or large). iRace sequence is easy to learn and to use, meaning considerable time saving. Exclusive advantages s %LIMINATION OF SCREWING IN EFFECT THANKS TO THE ALTERNATING CUTTING EDGES PAT ented design s /PTIMAL CUTTING EFFICIENCY WITH TRIANGULAR CROSS SECTION SHARP EDGES s 0ERFECT GUIDANCE OF THE INSTRUMENT WITH THE EXCLUSIVE ROUNDED 3AFETY 4IP s %NHANCED RESISTANCE AGAINST FATIGUE AND CORROSION THANKS TO AN ELECTROCHEM ical polishing s %ASIER IDENTIFICATION OF )3/ SIZES LARGE RING AND TAPER THIN RING ON SHANK s $EPTH MARKS TO DETERMINE INSTRUMENT S POSITION AND WORKING LENGTH s 3AFETY-EMO$ISC 3-$ FOR AN EASY MANAGEMENT OF METAL FATIGUE AND NUM ber of uses

Rooter, light up your work Rooter ensures an optimal, efficient and safe root treatment, thanks to its powerful white LED focused on the work zone, as well as exceptional ergonomic design, with a small head contra-angle and the possibility to work through 360° in 5 positions. In order to lighten your workload, Rooter allows you to preset 10 different torque/speed programmes in its internal memory. 3 memory locations are factory pre-programmed for the iRace and BioRace sequences, as well as D-Race instruments. Cordless, Rooter gives you freedom of movement, while its Lithium-Ion battery allows you to treat about 30 patients. The motor offers a vast range of speeds, from 250 to 1200 rpm and its torque can be set precisely to 9 settings from 0.5 to 3.5 Ncm. Main technical advantages s 0OWERFUL WHITE ,%$ LIGHT s 7IDE RANGE OF SPEEDS TO RPM AND TORQUE TO .CM s PROGRAMMABLE MEMORY LOCATIONS OF WHICH FACTORY PRE PROGRAMMED s !UTO REVERSE DISENGAGE MODE

COMATE LTD Makkah Highway, Building 316, Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA T +966 1 1463 3361

CONFIDENT SALES INDIA PVT. LTD. Pete Channappa Indl. Estate Bangalore, INDIA T +91 80 2348 2153

DUBAI MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Al Khan Street, Sharjah, UAE T +971 6530 8055 and for OMAN and QATAR



69-C, Jail Road Lahore, PAKISTAN T +92 42 3755 0021

23, Avenue Sidi Boukhari Tanger, MOROCCO T +212 5 3994 7795 Dental News Yearbook 2014


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For over 90 years, GC has been recognised by both dentists and dental technicians alike as a provider of consistently high quality products that are easy to handle, as well as being capable of delivering the highest service standards. Through intensive cooperation and continual dialogue with dentists and technicians, GC is in a position to anticipate trends and identify needs and product

requirements at very early stages. GC leads the way in glass ionomer technology and is well known for more than 20 years of expertise and progress in the field of gypsum products as well as impression and investment materials. In recent years GC has added further strategic fields to its portfolio, in the form of innovative systems and products in Aesthetic Dentistry and Minimum Intervention.




Doha, QATAR Phone: 00974 4 4863457

Casablanca, MOROCCO Phone: +212 (22) 82 31 34




Tehran, IRAN Phone: +98 21 66 5 66 007

Nicosia, CYPRUS Phone: +35722466000

TUNISIE Phone: +(216) 71 78 25 00




AMMAN, JORDAN Phone: +962.6.567.58.99

UAE, DUBAI Phone: +971.42.821.717

Damascus, SYRIA Phone: 00963 11 231 2551




Sharjah, UAE Phone: +971 6 5308055

Damascus, SYRIA Phone: +963112220211




METN, LEBANON Phone: +961 452 42 47

Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966-2-6691 333

Manama, KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN Phone: + 973 17592291

Kuwait City, KUWAIT Phone: +965.222.47.444

20 Dental News Yearbook 2014

Large restorations made simple at chair-side with GC everX Posterior GC everX Posterior is a fibre-reinforced composite designed to be used as dentine replacement, in conjunction with a conventional composite such as G-ĂŚnial Posterior or G-aenial Universal Flo used as enamel replacement. The short fibres of GC everX Posterior will make it a perfect sub-structure to reinforce any composite restoration in large size cavities. Fibres will also prevent and stop crack propagation through the filling, which is considered to be the main cause of composite failures. Thanks to its unique properties, GC everX Posterior opens new possibilities for restorations of extensive cavities at chairside and is the answer to the growing demand for an economic restorative alternative for big size cavities.

EfďŹ cient polymerization and all-purpose – GC G-CEM LinkAce guarantees secure cementation GC G-CEM LinkAce is a dual-cure self-adhesive universal resin cement delivered in double barrel automix syringe, designed for the adhesive luting of all-ceramic, metal or composite indirect restorations. Offering the highest polymerization in self-cure mode, G-CEM LinkAce ensures perfect results, regardless of the type of prosthetic material that is being cemented. The proprietary phosphate monomers of G-CEM LinkAce guarantee an unsurpassed bonding durability. The high wear resistance and colour stability give peace of mind when luting CAD-CAM and metal-free restorations.

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Hu-Friedy USA

Hu-Friedy’s History: Since 1908, Hu-Friedy has been putting the highest quality and most innovative dental products in the hands of dental professionals worldwide. Today, as one of the world’s leading dental instrument companies, we continue with our commitment to advancing dental performance by providing world-class service, support, education and peer communities to go along with our great products. We’re committed to making sure the best perform that way. Hu-Friedy stands behind each of our 10,000 products, giving us an unsurpassed reputation as an industry leader for dental instrumentation, over a wide range of product categories. Hu-Friedy’s Headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Chicago, USA. There are branches located in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Japan. This international presence allows Hu-Friedy to serve all of our customers, with Customer Care, Sales, and Marketing specialists worldwide. European Operations: Hu-Friedy’s European presence is very strong with 3 branches in The Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Dr. Fabio Molinaro is the Managing Director Sales& Marketing in Europe and has a vast experience in dental industry. He is supported by a team of experts in different specialized areas: sales, clinical

training, marketing communications and customer care. The products: High quality materials, high standards of production, and a high level of service for over 100 years have made Hu-Friedy an industry leader in dental manufacturing, covering a wide range of products categories such as diagnostic, surgical, periodontal, restorative and endodontic, orthodontic and IMS. Most of our instruments are made from our exclusive Immunity Steel, a special alloy steel base with a proprietary blend of chromium and carbon. This allows the instruments to maintain operational standards even after prolonged periods of use, without corroding. A special triple-tempering process of heating and cooling provides the instruments with their strength and flexibility, ensuring long-term quality and precision. Affiliations: Hu Friedy, the company that introduced the world renowned Gracey Curette, is affliated with many universities worldwide as well as Key Opinion Leader dentists and researchers in various specialties. Hu-Friedy products and services are especially exceptional because they are developed in conjunction with the very people who will use them - industry thought leaders, specialists, private practitioners, schools and educators.




Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA Phone: 0096614766828

Amman, JORDAN Phone: 00 962 6 560 5395

Cairo, EGYPT Phone: 0020233022793




Doha, QATAR Phone: 00974 4436 – 4371

Sharjah, UAE Phone: 0097165592481

Istanbul, TURKEY Phone: 0 216 466 83 83




Casablanca, MOROCCO Phone: 0021222862086

Limassol, CYPRUS Phone: 357 25818181

Kuwait, KUWAIT Phone: 009652247248 Email:

GULF PHARMACY Manama, BAHRAIN Phone: +973 17 239371,

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PHARMACOL Beirut, LEBANON Phone: 009614524247

Black Line Collection The New Black Line Collection is exceptionally well suited for periodontology and implantology. The black coating is made of aluminum, titanium and nitrate and matted handles and black working tips considerably reduce reflection in the operating area. This is of particular benefit when working under loupes or microscopes.

EverEdge® Hu-Friedy’s EverEdge® Technology is unlike anything you’ ve experienced before in a scaler. You’ve combined state-of-the-art technology in metallurgy, heat treatment and cryogenics to create a superior stainless steel that keeps your scalers and curettes sharper longer. That means less frequent sharpening, less hand fatigue, and greater comfort throughout the day.

Pedo Crowns The Pedo Crowns made by Hu-Friedy guarantee not only proper tooth function and a perfect bite, but also allow the placement of space maintainers. Moreover, since the crowns can be easily adapted, the treating dentist gains time for planning the therapy and instructing the patient.

IMS Total Hygiene Solution Every dental office – from small to large, from dental clinics to hospitals – can benefit from the IMS system. IMS helps your practice meet stringent infection control Standards: all you need for organizing, cleaning, packing, sterilization and maintenance of your instruments.

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KaVo was founded in 1909 by Alois Kaltenbach in Berlin. In 1919, Richard Voigt joined the company and together, they established the production site in Biberach/Riss, Germany. For over 100 years now, we have been developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality products that set new market standards. KaVo has made a significant contribution to progress in dentistry with its consistent innovations. KaVo has currently over 2,200 patents and utility models that have been granted in Germany

and abroad making us one of the International leaders in the dental sector. Our core business is focused in the fields of Dental Instruments, Dental Equipment, HighTech and Imaging. Our particular product highlights include our turbines, the handpieces and contra-angle handpieces, the diagnostics, the laser therapy, the surgical interventions, the treatment units as well as the multimedia, x-ray, dental technology and CAD/CAM.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS: PANODENT IMPORT/EXPORT 11 Rue Abdelkader Stambouli El Mouradia Algiers, ALGERIA Phone: +213 5 52 68 42 62

TAMER LEVANT LIMITED (Gendex) Italian City, Villa 570 Erbil, IRAQ Phone: 964 7501440400

BLUE MEDICAL 2 Bldg. Zerktouni 6th Floor, Appart. 16 20140 Casablanca, MOROCCO Phone: +212 522 22 58 46

EURL EXPERT DENTAIRE Algiers, ALGERIA Tel: +213 559148230 GULF CORPORATION FOR TECHNOLOGY Manama, KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN Phone: + 973 17239399 TECHNOWAVE SAE Rama Tower, the Ring Road, Katamia, Cairo, EGYPT Phone: +202 27276000/1/2/3 AL JEEL MEDICAL & TRADING CO. Riyadh, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966 1216 8222 AGMEST MEDICAL Karrada Kharij, Hay Babil Baghdad, IRAQ Phone: + 964 17189418


CEZAR Jaffa Street, Kharraz Building, 4th Floor Ramallah, PALESTINE Phone: +970 599904050

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MASAR MEDICAL Al Shamsi Bldg. #1, Al Wahda Street, Sharjah, UAE Phone: +971 65592481 Healthcare Dynamics Company Salem Al Moubarak street Zahra Complex 2nd Floor #9 Salmiya, KUWAIT Phone: +965 25728035 MISHKAT MEDIAL GROUP Hai Almutanabi, Al Mansour Street, Bldg. 13 Dist. 615 Baghdad, IRAQ Phone: 964 7901569728

TECHNOLINE MEDICAL LTD. Bait Hanina East Jerusalem, PALESTINE Phone: +972 525551833 DENTALTECH Brasilia Street, Hekmet bldg., 1st basement, Baabda, Beirut, LEBANON

Phone: +961 5950 0707 MASAR QATAR Al Kindi Complex Doha, QATAR Phone: +974 40160551

Caries diagnosis with KaVo DIAGNOcam With your KaVo DIAGNOcam you will get images that give you additional insight – immediately, without X-ray radiation, for even greater diagnostic reliability. KaVo DIAGNOcam uses the structures of the tooth as light conductors. Simultaneously, a digital video camera captures the context. With KaVo DIAGNOcam you will get images that give you additional insight – for even greater caries detection reliability: s 3IGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED CARIES DETECTION QUALITY n IN UN surpassed image quality s )DEAL FOR PATIENT INFORMATION OUTSTANDING MONITORING s 3IMPLE OPERATION n EASILY INTEGRABLE s )MMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT 8 RAY RADIATION

KaVo ARCTICA CAD/CAM System The dental KaVo ARCTICA CAD/CAM System provided numerous possibilities to use dental CAD/CAM efficiently, cost-effectively and precisely in the laboratory and dental practice: Benefits of the dental KaVo ARCTICA CAD/CAM systems s (IGH COST EFFECTIVENESS OF INVESTMENT DUE TO AN EX tremely wide range of applications and material versatility s -AXIMUM PRECISION FOR ALL RESULTS COMBINED WITH EASY handling s (IGH FLEXIBILITY AND FUTURE SECURITY n DUE TO OPEN #!$ CAM interfaces, a diversity of possibilities of integration and the possibility to process additional materials from other providers.

NATIONAL HEALTHCARE GROUP Independence street Libyan Insurance Company Bldg. 4th Floor, Office #2 Benghazi, LIBYA Phone: +218 927809179

BAHJAT CHATTA DENTAL SUPPLIES Fardosse Street, Bldg. Ibn Zeidoun Damascus, SYRIA Phone: +963 112220211

SEGEHO 7, Rue Jebel Lakhdhar 1006 Bab Saadoun, TUNISIA Phone: +216 71561561

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Kerr USA

‘Your practice is our inspiration’ our brand promise underpins how we as Kerr, in Europe and the Middle East, is unwavering in the commitment to innovation. Our breakthroughs in composites, bonding agents, impression materials, cements, burs, rotary equipment and restorative accessories have contributed define modern dentistry. Kerr’s rich product portfolio reflects our commitment to listening to, understanding, and meeting the needs of our Customers. Over the past 120 years, Kerr Corporation has secured a reputation as one of the most trusted names in premiere dental consumables. The

company’s business philosophy is simple: Only by listening closely to the dental professional can we develop the products and strategies that will ensure we serve best our Customers. Together with other companies of the KaVoKerr Group - the Danaher Dental Platform - we are united in taking the dental professional on a journey through our wide range of products, conceived for an all-round customer experience. Kerr in particular plays a major role in all dental procedures and is the only company able to offer this.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS: Al-TURKI MEDICAL Group (AMG) Malaz, SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966.1.476 82 46 Qomel Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966 11 288 6660 ATC - ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY CO. Hawali, KUWAIT Phone: +9652227444 Dental House jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966.2.6706614 QOMEL Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA Phone:+966 11 288 6660 Dubai Medical Equipment Sharjah, U.A.E. Phone: +971 6 5540206 SHARQ DENTAL Doha, QATAR Phone: +974 5548 2885 CITY PHARMACY AbuDhabi, U.A.E. Phone: +971-2-6323016 NMC TRADING Dubai, U.A.E. Phone: +971 421 72731

26 Dental News Yearbook 2014

DUBAI MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS Sharjah, U.A.E. Phone: +971 6 5540206 DROGUERIES TAMER FRÈRES Dekwaneh, LEBANON Phone: + 9611694000 A & K MEDICAL GROUP Fahaheel, KUWAIT Phone:+965-848382 INTERNATIONAL WORKS Salmyiah - KUWAIT Phone:+965 25735199 Gulf Pharmacy KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Phone: +973 17 239371 STAR GROUP FOR IMPORT & EXPORT Cairo - EGYPT Phone: +202225251121 Sipromed S.A. Casablanca, MAROC Phone: +212 5 22 86 39 10 I.M.S. Tunis

Phone: +216-71-799 396 Alfiras Scientific Bureau Baghdad, IRAQ Phone:+9641 885 20 26 Al Farsi National Enterprise Al Khuwair, SULTANATE OF OMAN Phone: +968 2448 5625

Prodent S.A. Beirut, LEBANON Phone: +961 1 612 216 Safwan Trading Giza, EGYPT Phone: +202- 330 22 792 Al-Alameya Alexandria, EGYPT Phone: +2-0122-1725605 Amed Dental Casablanca, MAROC Phone: +212 522 82 31 34 PRO-MES TUNISIA

Phone: +216 98 439 104 Basamat Medical Supplies Amman, JORDAN Phone: +96265605395 National Health Group NHG LIBYA

Phone: +21 892 7809 179 The Best medical Amman, JORDAN Phone: +962.79.5177993 Purity For Medical Supplies Amman, JORDAN Phone: +962 79 576 5249 Prohealth Line LTD Iraq, ERBIL CITY Phone: +964(0)750454 4479

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“Providing durable and elegant, yet competitively priced product” has been NSK’s philosophy since it was established in 1930. Specialized in super high-speed rotary cutting technology, NSK delivers a variety of high quality and extremely cost efficient products to the dentistry. NSK focuses on satisfying diverse customers’ requirements through timely product development backed up with unparalleled production engineering and Innovative technology.

The design concept for all NSK handpieces especially takes into account the varying strengths, sizes and movement capabilities of human hands. NSK provides a wide range of products that perfectly suit your exact needs. Please contact NSK authorized distributors and its reliable sub-dealers for genuine NSK products with full after-sales service.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS: DOUSTKAM CO. INC No.31, Sh.hamid Sedigh St., South Bahar St. Tehran ZC 15618, IRAN

Phone: +98-21-77527140 DROGUERIE TAMER S.A.L Beirut, LEBANON Phone: +961-1-694000

AL-SAYAFE MEDICAL & PHARMA SUPPLIES COMPANY W.L.L Masuod Al Masuod Bldg, ground Floor Rm # 1&2, Ahmad Al Jaber Street, Sharq KUWAIT

Phone: +965-22-454924/5 TAMER LEVANT Italian City , Villa 570 Erbil Northen

SAFWAN EGYPT 12411, Giza Giza-Mohandessen, 10 Lebnan Street, Giza, EGYPT Phone: +20-2-33022792 CITY PHARMACY Flat#901 9F, Al Otaiba Tower, Sh. Hamdan St. , ABU DHABI

Phone: +964 750 1 440 400 SALBASHIAN TRADING CO. Amman 11118 128 Wadi Saqra St Amman



Phone: +971-2-6732954

Phone: +962-6-4645845

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MAGHREB DENTAL INDUSTRY - M.D.I. Lot N°24 - Zone de dépôt d’El-Kerma BP 354 Zerbani Med 31106 Es-Sénia-Oran, ALGERIA Phone: +213-41-335890 YEMEN STORES FOR DRUGS & MEDICAL SUPPLIES Amman street, Sana’a, YEMEN Phone: +967-1-444622 BASHIR SHAKIB ALJABRI & CO. Jeddah 21423 Subhan Bldg., Behind Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corp. Al Anaam St., Mushrefah District, Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966-2-6700430

Innovative Self-generating LED With the built-in dynamic integrated mini power generator, NSK DynaLED Turbines deliver long life, daylight quality LED illumination when connected to any standard non optic air tubing. Clinicians can instantly gain the advantage of LED illumination on their existing or new dental equipment, simply for the cost of the Turbine. NSK has chosen stainless steel for DynaLED Turbines as a high priority for durability and stable, long term function.

LIDER DIS ITH, IHR SAN VE TIC A.S. Fevzi Cakmak Sokak No. 11-5, Kizilay Ankara, TURKEY

Phone: +90-312-2316485 BASAMAT MEDICAL SUPPLIES (Pharmadent) Jabal Al Hussein, Al Razi St., Amman JORDAN

Phone: +962-6-5605395 MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES CO. (PHARMADENT) Qurum al Harty Complex Sultan Center Bldg. 2nd Floor, Muscat OMAN

AL MGD CO. 3 Jaraba St., Ben Ashour, Tripoli LIBYA

Phone: +218-21-3610154

HIMAT CO. LTD. FOR INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Al Mansour, 14th Ramadan St. Al-Jawhara Trading Center No.45, Baghdad IRAQ


Phone: +216-71799344

Phone: +964 790 1317209 AIMAR & CIE 17 Rue Paul Doumer OASIS CASABLANCA 20410 MOROCCO

BASHIR SHAKIB ALJABRI & CO. Riyadh 11555 Riyadh

Phone: + 212 522 25 71 51


Phone: +966-1-4643221

Phone: +968-24567561

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Advanced Apex Locator NSK created SmartLogic, a next-generation Apex Locator which removes virtually all signal interference from the root canal itself to precisely detect the location of the apex. Its stylish and space-saving body requires only a small room, and the tricolour LCD panel allows clinicians to accurately monitor procedure progress. Depending on the file tip location, the three different alert sounds of iPex II ensure precise procedures, help reducing operative time.

Compact and Sophisticated Surgical System NSK Surgic Pro+ is a compact, stylish and fully integrated system with all necessary functions for oral surgery and implantology. Incorporating the unique NSK Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC), it guarantees accurate speed and powerful torque control (up to 80Ncm), consistent with the real time performance exhibited on the large illuminated LCD. The data storage facility can record the operation information up to 100min, and can be downloaded with a USB memory stick.

30 Dental News Yearbook 2014

Dental News Yearbook 2014


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Renfert is a German, owner-managed mediumsized company, founded 1925. Renfert develops and manufactures high-quality dental equipment, instruments and materials which are supplied to dental laboratories and dental practices by 450 qualified distributors worldwide. Renfert products are renowned for their high practicability, functionality, and longevity with a wide range of useful functionalities and added values which facilitate the daily work in dental laboratories and dental clinics. As one of the leading manufacturers worldwide

in many product areas, Renfert product range offers moreover a highly attractive price-performance ratio. The Renfert Company is always heading for future oriented solutions, especially in areas related to product development and production. The intense contact with end users and their everyday demands at work are the motivation for the continual improvement of the product line. Customer satisfaction, product quality and optimization of working processes are top priorities at Renfert.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS: AL-SAWARI PHARMA & MEDICAL STORE SHARJAH, UAE Phone: +971(6) 573 50 70 MIDDLE EAST INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. LTD. Eg 7 Amin Al-Kholy Str. Cairo, EGYPT Phone: +20(2) 22419296 Ebda-dent Sharqia - Attar st. Baghdad, IRAQ Phone:+964(7810)785511 EDC, EUROPEAN DENTAL CENTER IQBakhtiari Street Erbil, IRAQ Phone: +964(750) 662100251 INTER MEDICAL SERVICE 7 bis Rue de Cologne TUNIS Phone: +216(71)799344

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ALBAIRAQ MEDICAL CO. JO Alrazi Str. 145 Sammour Medical Complex 3rd Floor Amman, JORDAN Phone: +962(6) 5688261 HEALTHCARE DYNAMICS KW Salem al Mubarak Street, Zahra Complex Salmiya, KUWAIT Phone: +965(2) 5728035 DENTALTECH S.A.R.L. LB Brazilia Str. - Hikmeh Bldg Baabda, LEBANON Phone: +961(5) 950707 ALLAMYADENT COMPANY LY Abumelyana, Abuhreda Tripoli, LIBYA Phone: +218(91) 3165035 3S MEDIKAL TIC LTD.STI. Sok No 20 B Blok 16900 Yenisehir, Izmir, TURKEY Phone: +90(232) 3685410

D.E.M.I. SARL 11, Rue El Wahda 20000 Casablanca, MOROCCO Phone: +212(522) 441414 SALA MEDICAL COMPLEX MUSCAT, OMAN Phone: +968(24)485159 ALI BIN ALI MEDICAL Al Jelaiat Street 37 Doha, QATAR Phone: +974(44868441) 224 RAD TRADING EST. Abdul Rahman Algafeqy St. Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966(1) 2545411 BAHJAT CHATTA Damascus, SYRIA Phone: +963(11)2220211 Hossein Bolourchizad Isfahani IR No. 1 Arad Complex Esfahan, IRAN Phone: +98(311)2202984

Dustex master plus and Silent TS The tilt and slip resistant extraction box with the efficient extraction unit Silent TS is a closed and concerted system which protects the operator from splinters, dust and vapors directly where they originate: at the restoration. The extraction box offers best solution to unpleasant problems arising when finalizing provisories or when removing disturbing points from partial or complete dentures in the dental clinic. Its protective screen with silicone coating and bright illumination with 2400 Lux guarantee best working conditions and the sophisticated, ergonomic design and the armrests provide a comfortable working posture for fatigue-free work. The efficient and silent extraction unit connected to the grinding box ensures a clean and fast working procedure and maximum safety for your health thanks to the two stage filter system with 99,9% extraction efficiency. The filter material of both the fine filter and the dust bag are Class M and protect you optimally during work. The high suction performance of 3,300 l/min (volume flow rate) provides effective protection of air. The filter change-recognition and the automatic switch-on function can be easily and accurately adapted to suit each situation. Due to these special features the extractor fits in perfectly with laboratory and practice processing chains. Dental News Yearbook 2014


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Sirona is the world’s largest manufacturer of dental technology and is the clear innovation leader in dentistry. As such, Sirona is the preferred partner for dental practices, clinics, dental laboratories and authorized distributors worldwide. The company develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of dental products, including, CAD/CAM restoration systems (CEREC), digital intra-oral, panoramic and 3D imaging systems, dental treatment centers, hand pieces and hygiene systems.

Sirona develops and manufactures the majority of its products in Bensheim, Germany, the largest research, development, and production location in the dental industry. Sirona currently employs more than 260 engineers and scientists and over the past six years has invested more than $250 million in R&D. It is this commitment to reinvesting in innovation that gives us confidence that Sirona technologies will continue to drive the advancement of dentistry.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS: MEDI-TECH TRADING Authorized CEREC-Dealer 5 EL Obour Buildings Salah Salem Road Cairo, EGYPT Phone: +202-22624242

ALKAN MEDICAL 1, Wadi El Nil Street 11/12 Floor, Mohandiseen Cairo, EGYPT Phone: 2 33043511





Phone: +966 11 279.1150 CIGALAH GROUP (PRIVATE SECTOR)

Phone: +96522230600 MUSCAT PHARMACY


Phone: +968 24814501 W.R. Abdul - Hadi & CO Nadeen Building Al - Shaheed Street Amman, JORDAN Phone: +962 6 5059561 ALI BIN ALI MEDICAL CO

Phone: +973 172 32 170 IBN RUSHD DENTAL SUPPLIES 40 Princess Rahmah Al-Hasan St.Tla’a Al-Ali, Amman, JORDAN Phone: +962 6 552-6162

INTERNATIONAL BIOMEDICAL GROUP (IBG) 12 Gamal Salem - off Mosadak St., Dokki, Giza, EGYPT Phone: +2 02 3335 4104 IBRAHIM MOHAMED AL MANA CO.


Phone: +97143834262 DELTA MEDICAL SUPPLIES 64, El-Gaish, Str. Tanta, EGYPT Phone: +40 340 22 46 Identité Medicale S.A.R.L. Casablanca, MOROCCO

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Richa Dental Store Hazmieh, LEBANON Phone: +961 5 452555


Phone: +974 4 4863457 Groupe Dentaire Algèrien S.P.A. ALGERIA

Phone: 21814953

MSI Equipements Medico-Dentaires TUNISIA

Phone: 00216 (73) 449400

CEREC Chairside Solutions One visit dentistry CEREC is the unique CAD/CAM system for patient individual all-ceramic restorations in one single appointment. Together with CEREC you come quickly and safely to the desired results for both you and your patients: aesthetic restorations. A further important objective is also achieved, the creation of value remains where it belongs in your practice. To meet the individual needs of every single dentist we have expanded our product range to include two camera solutions and three different milling units making it even easier for you to make the right decision with CEREC for your practice.

ORTHOPHOS XG 3D The most popular x-ray unit in the world - Now in 3D With a perfectly designed 3D cylinder volume of 8 cm in diameter and 8 cm in height and a standard resolution of 160 Οm, ORTHOPHOS XG 3D is precisely tailored to the everyday routines of private practices: it can capture the patient’s whole jaw in a single span. The field of view is large enough to avoid the stitching of several 3D x-ray images and thus multiple exposure to radiation. Whenever you need to see more, the 3D module provides greater safety. In all standard cases, the 2D module of ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, with extensive panoramic and cephalometric x-ray programs, delivers the x-ray image you need.

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SOREDEX designs, manufactures and markets easy to use and innovative imaging solutions for dental and maxillofacial professionals. SOREDEX portfolio covers wide range of applications from intraoral, panoramic, cephalometric extending to large field-of-view cone beam CT for demanding ENT and CMF diagnostics. Close co-operation with imaging professionals give us deep insight of how to incorporate true diagnostic value to clinical work.

Our products are known for reliability, simplified workflow and excellent image quality. We are committed to fulfill these promises today and in the future. SOREDEX is the proud developer and manufacturer of these famous brands: CRANEX速, DIGORA速, SCANORA速 and MINRAY速. Our global distributor network is thoroughly trained and ready to give the best support and service for our systems.



MESCO ELITE MEMCORP District : 904, Street 4, Building 11/2, Baghdad- Hay AlWihda, IRAQ Phone +964 7704 445 769

DEKAT AL MOASHER LTD. Baghdad, Hay Babel 929 IRAQ Phone + 964 7823 228 833

Naccash, Sheikh Al-Khazen Str. Simitian bldg., ground floor Antelias LEBANON Phone +961 4 912 2532


Atasan Building, behind Hotel Al-Mansour King Abdul Aziz Avenue,Riyadh 11411 SAUDI ARABIA Phone 01 2910742 MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & MAINTENANCE COMPANY Jebel AlHussein, AlRazy Street, ASHRAF & CO. LTD. Building 95, Amman 11110, 13036 SAFAT, JORDAN KUWAIT Phone +962 6 5604 812/9 Phone +965 4332927

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Al Mazroui Medical & Chemical Supplies LLC., Postal Code 12, OMAN Phone +968 594 644

ARMANAZI CO. FOR ENGINEERING AND MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS Victoria Brigde, Mardam Beck Bd. Damascus, SYRIA Phone +963-11-223 5870

AL-MAZROUI MEDICAL & CHEMICAL SUPPLIES Dubai, UAE Phone +971-4-266 1272 almaz(at)

CRANEX® 3D New dynamics for your practice CRANEX® 3D is a high quality dental imaging system with panoramic, cephalometric and Cone Beam 3D imaging programs. The device is one of the most dynamic systems designed to meet a modern clinics’ challenging diagnostic needs. The system is very easy to learn to operate and it is as user-friendly as every other SOREDEX® device. CRANEX® 3D delivers very high quality images with full range of capabilities for general dental diagnostics with a versatile choice of programs. CRANEX® 3D Endo 3D program is designed especially for endodontics which requires very high image resolution. The 85 μm voxel size and SMAR (SOREDEX® Metal Artifact Reduction) algorithm helps in visualizing even the smallest details surrounded by radio-opaque objects.

CRANEX® Novus e Your choice for easy dental imaging CRANEX® Novus e is a fast and easy-to-use digital X-ray system. It is designed for dental offices that demand a first class digital panoramic unit at an affordable price. CRANEX® Novus e provides excellent image quality with extended imaging values and enhanced operation with the ClearTouch™ control panel. Designed for fast operation and easy workflow, CRANEX® Novus e delivers maximum efficiency. With 9-seconds adult panoramic exposure times, the patient exposure dose is minimized, while reducing the potential for movement artifacts. Optional Bite-wing program produces images at lower radiation dose compared to intraoral bitewings (full mouth series). These extraoral Bite-wing images have more diagnostic information than regular intraoral images; complete view of the teeth from canine to 3rd molars with minimal overlapping. The fast exposure times and easy operation of CRANEX® Novus can dramatically improve the workflow in your practice. Dental News Yearbook 2014


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UNIDENT SA Switzerland

Specialists in cross infection control and manufacturer of hygiene and disinfection products for the dental surgery. The brand name Unident Swiss is synonymous with Swiss quality and offers a full range of products for dental instruments, surfaces, hands, suction systems and impressions. Unident S.A. is certified ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, quality management standards. Quality is at the heart of Unident and

forms the foundation of our products, our service to our customers and the safety of the users of our products. The Unident EcoEngage charter requires us to consider our manufacturing processes and the choice of raw materials, giving preference to those with a lesser impact on the environment and on the people who use Unident products.

MENA DISTRIBUTOR: Dr. NASR KAYED Area Manager UNIDENT SA Mobile +20 100 26 555 34 Email:

Micro 10® Excel New generation disinfection and cleaning concentrate for the treatment of dental instruments and burs. The unique design and patented formulation of Micro 10® Excel brings a perfect synergy of active ingredients, delivering unprecedented performance. Suitable as a holding solution or for use in an ultrasonic cleaner, Micro 10® Excel has a very economical dilution from just 1% and an excellent microbiological performance in just 5 minutes. A chloride free formulation guarantees outstanding material compatibility and anti-corrosive properties. Protection 4U, protection for your instruments!

Unisepta® Plus When time is critical, Unisepta® Plus is the number one choice in rapid disinfection for surfaces of medical devices. Ethanol based, Unisepta® Plus is effective in just 30 seconds on bacteria, Tb, Candida albicans and a wide range of enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. A fresh lemon fragrance and a smear and residue free formulation makes Unisepta® Plus an ideal solution for use between patients. Protection 4U, protection for your surfaces!

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Protection 4U


Swiss quality is at the heart of Unident Swiss infection control products. The Unident approach to quality brings unprecedented protection for you, your practice staff and your patients. Our new eco-designed packaging also reflects our commitment to a programme of continual improvement in our environmental performance.

5 reasons to choose Unident Swiss: Efficiiency Reliaability Proteection Quality Eco-ddesign UNIDENT SA | Rue François Perréard 4 | CH-1225 Chêne Bourg | Geneva Switzerland | Tel + 41 22 839 79 00 | Fax + 41 22 839 79 10 |

A mark of confidence

People have priority

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W&H Dentalwerk Austria

The family company W&H Dentalwerk, which is based in Bürmoos, Austria, is one of the leading providers of precision dental devices in the world. Innovative product and service solutions, a modern corporate structure, a strong focus on research & development, vision and a sense of social responsibility mean that W&H is a successful market player at local and international level. W&H has approximately 980 employees throughout the

world (around 650 of which are at the headquarters in Bürmoos) and exports its products to more than 90 countries. The family company operates two production sites in Bürmoos (Austria), one in Brusaporto (Italy) and 19 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America. All W&H products are manufactuered in Europe. For further information please visit

MENA DISTRIBUTORS: MEDEK S.A.R.L. Gecco Bldg., 6th Floor, Blvd. Jdeideh, SinEl-Fil, Jdeidet El Metn LEBANON

Phone: +961 1875401 GULF PHARMACY Manama, BAHRAIN Phone: +973 17232236 IMECO 4, Mohamed Moussa St., Azarita, Alexandria EGYPT

Phone: +20 3 4871264 ARAB MEDICAL & SCIENTIFIC ALLIANCE Khalil Salem Street - 11953 Amman, JORDAN Phone: +962 65528009 ISSAM BUREAU Hay Al Karrada, District 905, Str. 19, House No. 17 Baghdad, IRAK phone: +964 (0) 1 7182737

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ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Salem Al Mubarak Str., Salmiya, Cnr., Bahrain Str. - Block 62, 32060 Hawally KUWAIT


Phone: +968 24 79 62 18 AL-TURKI MEDICAL GROUP LTD. (A.M.G.) Al- Buhtari Street, Al Zahra district, 11412 Riyadh KSA

Phone: +966 5014766828 OUZOUN TRADING CENTER Al-Telyani Av., Omar AlMoukhtar St., Alhabal Building - Damascus SYRIA

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Phone: +971 26666037 AL-ZOMALA’A DENTAL CO. Taiz St. Opposite to Nasser workshop, Sana’a YEMEN

Phone: +967 1246567 AL-SAMIR TRADING CO. Maysaloun Str. Assasa Building, 1st Floor Nr. 12, Damascus SYRIA

Phone: +963/112225343 ACCROS TRADING COMPANY Doha QATAR

Phone: +974/4816511

Clean inside – clean outside In the new Assistina, W&H is launching, onto the dental market, a fully automatic cleaning and maintenance unit for dental handpieces. With the new unit, W&H is setting new standards in hygiene and maintenance and is offering a unit that is optimal for internal and external cleaning* and for the lubrication of turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces**. Now dental practices can concentrate on what is really important: your patients. The fully automatic Assistina 3x3 takes over the time-consuming process of preparing turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces for sterilization. Automatic internal cleaning During internal cleaning, the spray channels and gearing components of the instruments are cleaned with the special cleaning solution W&H Activefluid. Spray channels and gearing components are blow-dried to remove residues of cleaner. The thorough cleaning ensures that instruments operate correctly throughout their service lives. Automatic external cleaning W&H Activefluid cleaning solution is sprayed directly onto all instruments one by one. After allowing the cleaning solution to work for a short time, the instruments are blow-dried before the precise and automatic lubrication of the gearing components. Removing organic deposits ensures the safety of patients and staff and in combination with the subsequent sterilization guarantees perfect preparation Perfect instrument lubrication The precise lubrication of all gearing components with W&H Service Oil F1 extends the service life of precision dental instruments. Service costs are also reduced. The automatic oil feed supplies exactly as much oil as is required for optimal lubrication of the instrument. W&H Service Oil F1 is a product of W&H research and guarantees optimal maintenance for all W&H instruments. Instruments maintained in record time One to three instruments can be cleaned and maintained per cycle. The short cleaning process – corresponding to the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and Swissmedic – of approximately six minutes reduces the total conventional preparation time of instruments. With subsequent sterilization in the Lisa autoclave, the instruments are ready for use again in just 20 minutes: cleaned, maintained and sterilized. Hygiene and care at the press of a button The operation of the Assistina is intuitive; preparation starts at the press of a button. Training is not necessary. Dental News Yearbook 2014


Efficacy Contact Time 0






30 min

Bactericide Mycobactericide Candida albicans Fungicide Trichophyton HIV-1 PRV* (HBV) BVDV* (HCV) Herpes virus Norovirus Vaccinia virus Rotavirus 30 min

* PRV: Surrogate of Hepatitis B

Diluted at 1%

* BVDV: Surrogate of Hepatitis C

Diluted at 2%

Correct processing of instruments before and after patient treatment is of paramount importance. Micro 10® Excel offers superior cleaning power and an unprecedented microbiological performance, rendering instruments safe to handle prior to sterilisation. A chloride free formulation delivers outstanding material compatibility and anti-corrosive properties, that’s what we call protection for your instruments!

Patented formulation Suitable for all types of instruments and burs Fresh mint fragrance Diluted solution stable for up to 7 days

For information on the full range of Unident Swiss products or for details of your nearest dealer, please contact: Dr Nasr Kayed - Area Manager – UNIDENT SA Mobile +20 100 26 555 34 | Email

Protection for your instruments

Dangerous – respect the precautions for use.

A new generation of instrument product

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3Shape A/S Denmark

3Shape is a Danish company specializing in the development and marketing of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions designed for the creation, processing, analysis and management of high-quality 3D data for application in complex manufacturing processes. 3Shape envisions the Age of “Full Digital Dentistry,” and its more than 140 developers provide superior innovation power toward reaching this goal. 3Shape’s flexible solutions empower dental professionals through automation of real workflows, and its systems are applied in thousands of labs in more than 90 countries worldwide, putting 3Shape technologies at the peak of the market in relation to units produced per day by dental technicians.

MENA DISTRIBUTOR: Please contact 3Shape for Distribution partner. 3Shape A/S Holmens Kanal 7, 1060 Copenhagen,

Denmark Phone: +45 70272620 Fax: +45 272621 E-mail:

With TRIOS, 3Shape now brings its vast expertise and innovation power directly to dentists. 3Shape boosts its first-line distributor support network with a second-line support force of over 30 in-house experts placed in 5 support and service centers strategically located around the globe. 3Shape is a privately-held company headquartered in Copenhagen, with the market’s largest team dedicated to scanner and software development for the dental segment, based in Denmark and Ukraine, production facilities in Poland, and Business Development & Support Offices at several locations in Europe, in North and South America, and in Asia.