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Wyoming Area Students Elect Obama as the 44th President!

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Spring - 2009

Issue 1

And the 2008 Homecoming Queen is... by Mandie Rambus ‘09

Even though homecoming has come and gone it was an experience that will always be remembered. On Oct. 3, 2008 Krissy Williams was announced as queen of the court. She was only one of the five girls selected to this years homecoming court. The other members included: Lenetta Pesotini, Audra Amico, Stephanie Doran, and Allie Scalzo. As part of the homecoming tradition, each homeroom gets involved by decorating their doorway in which the court

judges. The girls and their escorts also attend a three period luncheon in the school cafeteria, and a pep rally at the end of the day. Each member of the court selects two escorts, one for the day and one for the night. This years escorts were: Phil Patchoski, Andy Kudasik (Lenetta Pesotini), Joe Demark, Kenny Bryden (Audra Amico), Ryan Carr, Chris Scatena (Allie Scalzo, Mike Schutz, Peter Adonizio (Stephanie Doran), Nate Bowden, and T.J. Pilarchik (Krissy Williams). Each of the girls said they were surprised when they heard

College Fair Brings New Possibilities by Gina Sabatini '09 Sixty-two schools set up tables, piled with brochures, postcards, and pens for the annual College Fair at Wyoming Area. The fair took place on Wednesday, September 10, in the cafeteria. Colleges and universities from all over the state and surrounding states were here to inform the students of the programs each school could offer them. Some of these programs include theatre arts, engineering, and nursing. The guidance department believes holding a college fair every year is invaluable to those students planning on higher education. Many students, like junior Mitchell McCabe, agree. “You were able to ask what they had to offer, and the pamphlets were really helpful.” Even underclassmen, l i k e sophomore Holly Ference, found the fair to be worthwhile. “The fair is really beneficial because it opened my eyes to seeing that college is an important step in life, and now I know that I have a lot of options.”

At least three-hundred students attended the college fair, talking with admission representatives and filling out postcards to request more information. Some representatives came from schools as far as Delaware and New York, and a large majority came from Pennsylvania cities including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. “I plan on going to Penn State,” McCabe said, “but the fair allowed me to see what other colleges are out there.” The college fair was successful this year in exposing students to many of the options they have when selecting which colleges to apply to. “I went looking for a school, and West Chester peaked my interest,” said Ference. “They were helpful in explaining their theatre program to me, and it sounds really good.” It is without a doubt that the college fair will be continued in the future. “Absolutely,” Mrs. Rabel of the guidance office remarked, “this should be run every year.” With sixty-two colleges in one little cafeteria, the possibilities are endless.

their names called as members of the court. Stephanie Doran said, “It was one of those moments I’ll never forget.” Audra Amico said, “It was such an honor to think that all of my classmates would nominate me.” The evening was a success and the girls and their escorts looked both beautiful and handsome. Sitting From left: Stephanie Doran, Allie Scalzo Standing from left: Audra Amico, Lenetta Pesotini, and Krissy Williams Photo: B. Rogan

Senior’s Annual Halloween Parade by Sadie Smiles '09 On Wednesday, October 28, the Wyoming Area seniors strutted their stuff through the halls in the annual Senior Halloween Parade. As usual, many of the costumes were witty and humorous, while some seniors remained classic. A few costumes were parodies of people we know all too well, but most notably, Kevin Taylor and Sarah Bolton took on our beloved hall monitors and became their spitting images. There were a few costume controversies, the main problem being one that the administration has been working hard to eliminate in everyday dress some of the girls (and boys) wore tops that were too revealing and skirts that were too short. This was solved simply by requiring students to wear shorts or pants of some kind undearneath the costume until the parade. In the words of Amanda Reed, a senior who dressed in an Ancient Roman costume, the parade was a way for, “Seniors to celebrate their last haunt.”

Left: Allie Scalzo, Lenetta Pesotini, Chelse Martin, Krista Musinski, Amanda Taylor, Samantha Miller, Noelle Balent, Katie Kuglar Below: Kaitlyn Falzone, Gabby Thomas, Mrs. Klepadlo, Danielle Lombardo, Linnae Aufiere Photos: T. Callaio


The People Who Made This Possible ... From the Editor

Sadie Smiles Editor-in-Chief Layout

Miss Argento Journalism Advisor

Tony Callaio Technical Advisor Graphics/Layout

First and foremost, I’d like to welcome everyone back to school for the 2008-2009 year. With the first and second marking period already a thing of the past, it seems as though we can count on this year to fly by. There is one thing I can’t help but comment on - this year seems to be full of change. For me, this change has to do with my transition into being a senior. This is a big leap, and I’m sure many of my classmates would agree. PSSA writing format is abolished, Winter Formal is accessible, and most importantly, Senior Projects have begun. I feel like many things, besides my title, are turning a new leaf. Change has also come to the entire nation with the election of a new president, Barack Obama. Obama won on a platform that promoted, well, change, which goes to show that us seniors aren’t the only ones ready to take on someting new. However, no matter what these changes may entail, let’s try to welcome them with optimisim - and you can be sure that the Warrior Wire will be there to cover them all.

Period 6 Journalism

Marvee Shah Contributing Writer

Period 8 Journalism

Photos: T. Callaio

If you’re interested in being a part of the next edition, join the Journalism Club! We’re always looking for writers, someone who has an eye for photography, or someone who loves the challenge of being an editor. See Miss Argento in room 182 for more information.

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