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Celebrate the ride at the 30th Annual Biketoberfest®, October 13-16, 202 feature gatherings, concerts, racing , and beautiful fall scener y for bikers to rock, rally and ride. Plan your trip now at B i ke t o b e r f e s t . o r g .

, 2022 in Daytona Beach, FL. The 4-day rally will rs to experience the ride of their life. Get ready to 1



SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 2022 AT 5 PM BIKERS IN THE OUTFIELD - Join us for our Annual Bikers in the Outfield event to enjoy some American Freedom & Baseball! Lakeland Flying Tigers VS Dunedin Blue Jays location: Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium Gates Open 5:00 PM Bike Parade on the Field 5:45PM First Pitch 6:00PM Fireworks at conclusion of game ****Special Bike Parking**** A special ticket package is available now for only $16 and includes your ticket for the Lakeland Flying Tigers baseball game and a specialty souvenir t-shirt. Proceeds from this package go directly to the Lakeland Boys and Girls Club of Polk County. SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 2022 AT 8 AM WCFRS NITTY GRITTY YBOR CITY AND LARGEST POOL PARTY! - READY TO MAKE A SPLASH?!?! Join us on August 13th for our NITTY GRITTY YBOR CITY PARTY, followed by WCFRs LARGEST POOL PARTY! So the day will start with two rides, one originating in Manatee County, and one in Pasco County. Pick your ride accordingly. After the ride, all groups will convene in Ybor City around noon for an afternoon of shenanigans. If you've done Ybor with us before then you know! Food, Drinks, Shenanigans...can you say Coyote Ugly?!?! At approx 3 to 3:30 pm (about the time the rains will start) we will head over to the new Hampton Inn at 10240 Causeway Blvd, approx 7 minutes away from Ybor. Can you say WCFRs largest Pool Party! The hotel has a new pool and in August, after the rain, you know how hot and muggy it will be, so join us at the pool! BYOB for the biggest pool party of the year! After this, there are options to go out again in Ybor, maybe The Castle? Feel free to join in the days festivities at any point! Breakfast, The Ride, Ybor City, The Pool Party, The After Party. SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 2022 AT 9 AM – 5 PM - GATOR HARLEY-DAVIDSONS 29TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY - Time to celebrate 29 years with the Malik family. We will start the morning off at 9am with vendors, 50/50, giveaways and breakfast with "Toasted" Food Truck. Live music with Pete & the Invisible Band starts at 9:30am at the Fran Haasch Pavilion. 10am the Gator Hut Bar opens and the registration for the Radical's Baggerz & Tailz competition also opens at 10am. Sign-ups will be by the big white tent up front. The Firefighter Charity "Back Draft Grill" will be serving up their delicious food around 11am. From 1-5pm you will not want to miss the fun on the other side of the dealership with Rock Hard taking the stage at the Fran Haasch Pavilion. Don't forget we have a great selection of new and pre-owned motorcycles, the gals in Motorclothes has an amazing line of merchandise and the guys in Parts & Acces are ready to help you upgrade your bike. Come celebrate with us.


Welcome to August, It’s Hot, It Rains a lot and all I know is I can not wait for Football season to start! Be safe out there when riding, you never know when you will get caught ion a downpour or just cooked by the sun all day. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated when riding. We are gearing up here at Full Throttle for the great riding season we all love, Oct thru March/April. I can tell you one thing, there are a lot of events being planned right now so buckle up, it’s going to be a great season. Full Throttle is at bike nights at least three times a week. Right now, there are a few good ones you should stop by and see. First, on Tuesday nights, you have two that happen every week. The first one is at Tampa Joe’s with Bay Area Riders. This is a fun and chill bike night and draws a good amount of sport bikes and cruisers. The second Bike night you need to stop at is at Riveters on Dale Mabry Hwy. Riveters is a fun place with a Rosie the Riveter theme and amazing food. They are also located just south of Raymond James Stadium. Also, once a month on the last Tuesday of the month is Kickin Wingz Bike Night. They always have vendors, and live music and is a great time! Wednesday Bike night is always Quaker Steak and Lube, but the 3rd Wednesday of the Month Full Throttle will also be at Circle S BBQ for their oncea-month Bike Night. We kicked off this bike night in July and it had a huge turn out of Jeeps and Bikes and let me tell you, I had some of the best BBQ ever that night so come with an empty belly for some good BBQ. Our last weekly bike night we are always at is at OCC Roadhouse for the Bert’s Great American Bike Night. This bike night has grown and is getting huge! They have free pool, great food, and multiple bands on bike night. If you haven’t been to Bike night on Thursday Night to OCC you


are really missing out! Last is Peggy’s Corral on the Last Thursday of the month. DJ Brian Akin throws a great party at Peggy’s Corral with slow races for cash, big wheel races and other great biker games played all night. Peggy’s corral is in Palmetto over the Skyway Bridge. We have announced that we are having our FULL THROTTLE 26th Anniversary Party at Lead Foot City in Brooksville November 5th from 11am till 10pm! This is going to be a new location for us, and we are very excited to be partnering with them for this huge event. We like giving back to the community so on our anniversary party we give back $100 for every year we are celebrating, this year we are giving away $2,600 for our 26th anniversary. Everyone can sign up ONCE for FREE! And we will pull peoples names at the top of every hour for them to win $100 cash! Besides that, we will have 4 MMA exhibition fights (2 men’s fights and 2 ladies fights) which will be free to watch. We have live bands, axe throwing, stunt riders, $1,000 bikini contest, burn out competitions, slow races for cash and a HUGE 15 class bike show with $500 for best in show, $250 for FT Choice and $250 for Lead Foot City Choice! We are looking for vendors and sponsors at this time, call us at 727-935-4875 or email tonyc@ floridafullthrottle.com Not sure if you noticed or not but the cover of this month’s magazine is a little different than what we normally have. There are not a ton of event happening, so we put it out there that the cover was available for purchase. Bob contacted us with his new build and said he wanted to feature his bike on the cover and do a two page spread inside, I said “heck yes, let’s do it!” He named this bike Ms. Molly and you can read all about his bike build on pages 30 and 31. Gemini Customs did an amazing job finishing this bike and it turn out awesome! Also, congrats to the photographer Shaylee Tessaro who took some great shots of this bike for us to use in the magazine. If you would like your bike featured in the magazine, contact us at 727-935-4875. You can do a single page, double page or even on the cover if we have it available and your budget fits. Yes, unfortunately we cannot do pictorials on bikes for free as we are a free publication, but it will be so worth it to see your bike in Full Throttle Magazine. Be safe, be smart, don’t drink and ride and I’ll see you soon! Don't forget to come out on August 3rd to Quaker Steak and Lube Bike Night to help support Bane, the Quaker Steak mascott "pit bull" who is there every Wed usually wearing sunglasses and getting his belly rubbed by everyone. He is recouping after being hit by some young kids out joyriding and has a ton of medial bills, but he seems to be pulling through.








Yay it’s August in Florida! The Gulf Coast Diva Angels are trying to beat the heat by riding outside of the hottest part of the day, finding shade to ride and park in, packing plenty of water to stay hydrated, and sunscreen. There are plenty of evening events for a less than sweltering ride where you may see some Divas gathered, such as bike night at HighSide Café, music and grub at Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse, Peggy’s Corral, Woody’s River Roo or the myriad of southern venues that offer good music and cool ambience. There are also the daytime events that you just


don’t want to miss, such as Peggy’s Corral Hawaiian Luau or the Quaker Steak Coming 2gether for Kelly fundraiser. Diva sisters love to get together! The Diva Angels may be birthing a couple new chapters in Detroit, MI and Boca Raton, FL. If you live in either of these areas and would like to join the Diva Angels, please message our membership director through our website’s contact us. Check out our website http://www. divaangels.org/ to find a chapter near you or visit us on Facebook at https:// www.facebook.com/DIVAANGELSGULFCOAST/ we are a 501c (7) not for profit organization. Ride safe and rubber side down. COME RIDE WITH US! Diva Kat – Diva Angels Gulf Coast Chapter


















It has been said there is a new breed of males out there apparently. I say there is a new label to define true, genuine age old honorable masculinity. We all know about the Alpha male who is known to use force, fear, power and authority to intimidate and get what he wants. We also know about the Beta male with a reputation to be a softy, accommodating “yes-man” of sort often times associated with and highly supportive of things perceived as less masculine. The Beta male assumes a passive or subservient role in social or professional environments. My findings also revealed the Gamma male closely tied to the Beta male but deemed as adventurous and upbeat. They are a friend of many and love to explore. A Gamma male is in touch with their feminine side and is not afraid of showing his emotions. They understand the feelings of those around them, especially in regards to women. Then there is the Delta male who are your average Joes. They are not the smartest, strongest, or most attractive. Nothing really stands out in intelligence or physicality. Delta men are hard workers and extremely competent at what they do. They do the work and get things done. Deltas find it very hard to open up and trust people. A Delta may also have been a former Alpha that decided to let go the Alpha existence for a more peaceful life. Then there is the mystical “Sigma Male”. They understand the importance of being social but they prefer being alone. They enjoy few friends and that’s enough to them. They prefer doing things and figuring things out on their own without depending on anyone. They learn and acquire the skills they need to execute any project they set their mind to. They are self-sufficient with skills to offer. They are known to face their fears. They own their mistakes. They can be alone for extended periods of time to find solutions to the problems they face. They will ask for help only when they know they can’t solve a problem by themselves. They view their fears as milestones and challenges to overcome rather than cave into being afraid. They see fear as “temporary”. They know all have fears and all can overcome their fears if they put their mind to it. They can fight their inner battles and find purpose. They know what to do, when and how to do it. They will know themselves in depth which is often referred to as “self-aware” which by the way takes a crap-load of work and years to achieve. They will know exactly the qualities and affinities in the life-partner they want. Sigma male will have clarity of mind and map-out how to get to their objectives in alignment with their purpose. That is, short term, mid term and long term. They spend 80% of their time planning


and the other 20% of time executing. Not afraid to say no if requests are not in line with their objectives they can be perceived as arrogant or judged as selfish. Sigma male understands the value of theirs and other people’s time. Their weeks are planned ahead. This is why they treat requests on needs and wants basis. They will adapt and be sensitive to emergencies sacrificing their priorities accordingly. They are logical beings more than emotional or reactive. While it is common to the average mortals out there to feed their ego by comparing themselves to others, Sigma males don’t waste their time doing that. They are always in competition with themselves seeking to grow in all dimensions of life. The Sigma celebrates his achievements but does not let it get to his head because he is always in pursuit of the bigger picture. They have confidence and they believe in themselves. Others are often found jealous or insecure in the face of a Sigma male. Sigma males practice realistic optimism. The Sigma does not give up easily because he believes there is a solution to every problem. They set their minds on achievable objectives. They are deemed to be some of the most successful and sought-after individuals. Other men copy them but they never copy others. The Sigma male is in my opinion what every man was/is designed to be. Independent, honorable, humble, strong, confident, self-aware, self-sufficient, loyal, generous, trust-worthy, discerning, relentless, resilient, creative, resourceful … and the list goes on. The Sigma male is not a new breed of men. We just allowed ourselves to lose our ways in raising good men. We fractured ourselves in pieces of characters as described above i.e. alpha, delta, gamma, beta … when in

fact the Sigma encompasses all of them in one single package. I would be remiss if I did not point out there is also a female Sigma version. Both much like the yin and yang. The more I researched these characters the more I found myself inspired with words, concepts and, lost realities that resonated deep within me. When I read the news out there and when I look at social media. Both genders screaming for affirmation and acceptance seeking deep human connections baring it all both physically, emotionally and, even spiritually. If you pay close attention my good friends and if you discern between all this confused fog, both Sigma male and female are still very much there and here with us all. They are within us all if we pay close attention and if we follow their lead; silent, steady, moving along and forward pioneering through all the junk without being distracted by all the noise, we will know victory within. The media does not want you to see them. They are too stable. Too strong. They can’t be controlled or manipulated. Despite that, I am seeing more and more Sigmas out there. Perhaps a wishful reflection of who I strive to be within deep down. Regardless, Sigmas are rising infusing some good doses of authenticity into this confused mass. I will not name anyone. Open your eyes. Observe and dare to be inspired by who you really are deep down. Dare to stand in the face of adversity. Dare to grow. Dare to say “I was wrong let me fix me”. Dare to give yourself a chance. Dare the Sigma in you. Male, or female. We are in a good place. Striving to be Sigma will cost you a great deal. Perhaps even relationships or friendships. I know first hand. Sigmas look in the face of destruction and evil. Then they smile at the glorious satisfaction of battles in front of them knowing they are living life in full force forging ahead for themselves yes but also for their loved ones. They are lions. Not sheep. Sources: Internet research Facebook: www.facebook.com/floridanighttrain IG: Florida_Night_Train Photo Credit: Lecia McDermott Courtesy of: www.Icicles.com Model: Shalimar E.








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