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4 t h African Conference on Sexual Health and Rights Addis Ababa 9 t h to 12 t h 2010 Mission Report Submitted to: African GLBTI Alliance The Hague, Netherlands

Report Submitted by:

Jeremy Mirie Director

Kenya Association of Sexuality Education (K.ASE), Mp aka House, Nairobi Kenya


Mission Goal: Attend the 4th African conference on sexual health and rights in Addis Ababa Ethiopia on the 9th -12th February 2010 and enhance cooperation with GLBTI representative in Africa towards building a strong African GLBTI Alliance Cross-cutting thematic Objective: Identifying gaps and opportunities existing in Africa towards easy administration of the continent through capacity building and sexuality education and research

Mission Objectives and Task:  Identify key organizations, institutions and individuals to partner with towards developing themes and key interventions for the African GLBTI Alliance  Facilitate the integration of key issues on sexual rights and HIV/AIDS within the African GLBTI Alliance  Identify funding opportunities for the African Alliance on GLBTI  Review and identify existing gaps in Africa in provision of HIV/AIDS services for GLBTI in Africa  Organize and coordinate strategic interventions for the African Alliance on GLBTI through networking and presentations during the 4th African conference on sexual health and rights  To keep electronic updates to all organizations mobilized and share strategic plan of action for the African Alliance on GLBTI  Seek the possibilities of organizing Pan-African conference/workshop towards development of African partnership and resource mobilization  Record relevant events/issues that happened during the conference and specifically issues affecting GLBTI in Africa, access to quality health care for HIV+ MSM  Document history of human rights violation in African countries through conference bulletin and presentations of GLBTI representative from different African countries  Harmonize comments and recommendation of GLBTI representative from different African countries and engage into a vigorous follow-up

Overall Goal: Promoting sexual health and rights, social justice and access to quality HIV/AIDS care and prevention among GLBTI people through resource mobilization in Africa Specific Objectives:  To interact and meet African GLBTI representative and establish tangible working relationship through exchange and conference forums  To build the momenta tum of the African GLBTI Alliance and her operational mission in Africa  Establish exiting gaps among African GLBTI organizations and seek to learn the achievable goals  Establish capacity building efforts and funding for the African GLBTI Alliance  Seek the up-coming African conference on sexual health among GLBTI people in Africa and pursue to promote the African GLBTI Alliance  Promote the Pan African GLBTI umbrella body through my presentation on sexuality in Africa  Integrate the African GLBTI Alliance to be co-conveners of the 5th African conference on sexual health and rights which will be held in Egypt in 2012 Mission Strategies: Information gathering & distribution of research findings among t h e African GLBTI representative Around forty GLBTI representative and NGO's in Africa were mobilized and briefed about the GLBTI alliance both informal and formal through workshops and poster presentations Alliance building & cooperation with key African players on sexual health and rights The mission mobilized the African Federation on Sexual health and rights which is managed by Dr. Esiet who is also the director of Action Health Inc operated AHI in Lagos Nigeria. The African GLBTI Alliance will be sending fellows to attend the SLDF each year from different country and a brief introduction about the alliance to be sent to IPPF (ASAP) Research development & documentation Despite the fact that many research have been undertaken very few have directly involved GLBTI, hence the Alliance will seek to

disseminate and conduct educational research to understand the existing gaps in provision of human rights services and litigation. University of Capetown want a short intervention program of the alliance (ASAP) through the Afriacn Gender insitute Prof. Jane Beenette, we seek to be involved in developing African based feminist Associateship on gender and human rights during her her next associateship which will be held in November 2010 in Capetown. Campaigns and advocacy All the GLBTI representative agreed unanimously on the gaps and weak organizational structure with low funding The Alliance will Seek support from the African Federation on sexual health, World Association of sexual health in which K.A.S.E is member, IPPF will support administratively for the realization of this dream through attending regional conference on sexual health and rights (a brief statement from the alliance should be sent ASAP) About the Kenya Association of Sexuality Education(K.A.S.E), and greater role at the conference

Mission: Promote greater understanding of human positive sexuality and gender dynamics in Kenya and Africa in General through promoting positive debates and forums on sexual pleasure and rights for young people. Much more;KASE wish to establish a generation of young people who are empowered and vigilant to understand the changing political economies, multi-culturalism and exposure to mass media to engage vigorously-even vicious-debates and dissentions around the meaning of sexual bodies and sexual citizens.

Goal: Undertake national wide educational campaign to further understanding on sexuality and gender dynamics to further creation of a more informed adolescence and young generation which is vibrant and tolerant to human sexuality and pro-social justice and gender equality, through redefining masculinities and feminism

Methodologies of Interventions: Develop intensive discussions nationally on (a) theoretical approaches to sexualities and gender (b) research methodologies capable on engaging with critical issues of human sexualities in African and Kenya context.

K.A.S.E embark on national discussion forums, input, exercises, writing, and engagement through resource mobilization towards building a rich environment of understanding, and working with young people, women and men and institutions through research and curriculum development to further understanding and enjoyment of sexual freedom and positive sexual pleasure. KASE undertook the consultancy to map out African organization and seek to promote comprehensive structure for the African GLBTI Alliance.

About the 4 t h African conference on sexual health and rights which w a s held in Addis Ababa from the 9 t h to 12 t h 2010 The theme of the conference as sexuality and HIV/AIDS and the conference seemed to open up discourse on sexuality and how this lead to new insights in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Critical issues were discussed including interpretations of masculinity and impact of this on sexuality and HIV/AIDS; Gender Equality and Sexuality; Sexuality of people living with HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sexualities etc. These issues specifically addressed the most vulnerable groups often ignored within the discourse of sexuality as a result of multiplicity of social and cultural reasons, for example people with disabilities, young people, HIV+ people, sexual diverse groups etc. KASE responsibilities within the conference was mainly to stimulate the African GLBTI Alliance to fill the gaps and ensure that the conference provide an opportunity to define key issues for the interventions as relevant to GLBTI in Africa, taking into account of gender disparities, sexualities, HIV status, human rights violations based on hate crimes, involvement of HIV+ GLBTI people in Africa within the alliance and also participating on different workshop to ensure representation of GLBTI people in all set of documents of interventions.

Annexation 1 Organizations and Individuals approached:(other contacts will be s ent on due time) Galz: Zimbabwe GLBTI organization Mr. Chesterfield Samba: Operations manager email:

Mr. Marcelo Ernesto Ferreyra Program Director Latin America I G L H R C Grace Muema Ebassy of Sweden Assitant program officer Nairobi Email; David Winters program officer Human rights Ney York Email: Mr. Anas Shettima Director Partnership for Health Development (PHD) Email: Borno state Nigeria Salma Maouiidi Director Shahiba Sisters Foundation Naima Benlarabi University Profesor Department of letters Morocco Email: Marijke Mooij Program Officer Gender, women and development HIVOS the Hugue, Netherlands Email: Dr. Festus M. Ilako Deputy Country Director AMREF Email:

(N/B five Dutch NGO met in Nairobi in January to develop the five ye a r plan on sexual health, l will attach the report for you KASE is also a member of this plan.) Funmi Balogun Gender & rights Advisor IPPF, Nairobi Email: Leonard Zondesta Adolesents and youth advisor IPPF, Nairobi Email: Erick Guemne Kapche African Youth Representative YAM-IPPF, operates a network of fifty youth in Africa and we shall seek to publish information about the African GLBTI Alliance in Yam magazine. Director Cameroon National Youth Association for Family Planning Email: Dr. Mzi Nduna research psychologist South Africa and Canada Email: Bob Ransom Director Ethiopian Center for Disability and development Email; Rosemary Muganda Director Center for Adolence study Nairobi Email: Jean Witahaka youth coordinator PSI Nairobi Email: Anne Muthoni priject officer AMREF, NAIROBI Saida Ali

Young Women Leadership Institution Director Email; Wille Pronk Consultant COBADES Netherlands Email: Daveson Mulabi Malawi Natioanl University Malawi National GLBTI organization Email: Julian Davids Program Associate Engaderhealth South Africa Email: Mustafa Mukila Liberia National GLBTI organizational Email: Daly Estalif Family Health International Egypt Email: Kabita Antony Tanzania GLBTI Organizational Email: Mugesh Geshihor Director Rainbow Uganda Email:

Most of these organizations works on gender, sexuality, human rights, HIV/AIDS and research in Africa with an interest on sexuality and GLBTI issues in Africa. L will continue to send more contact to the African Alliance on due time.

Addis Ababa - African GLBTI Alliance Mission Report  
Addis Ababa - African GLBTI Alliance Mission Report  

Jeremy Mirie Director Mission Report Submitted to: The Hague, Netherlands Report Submitted by: African GLBTI Alliance 2010 Attend the 4 th A...