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Is Coming to Ottawa Experience two unique group energy healings with Adam to maximize your own healing potential as you embrace self-empowerment. Dreamhealer Integrative Healing Workshop Toronto August 24th .... Ottawa August 25th Register Online at:


Dreamhealer Presents

Integrative Healing Workshop in Ottawa


ften when discussing energy healing the question of belief is mentioned. The pivotal question is not whether you believe in healing, but whether you believe that you can influence your own health. This has been the focus of my four best-selling Dreamhealer books, two DVDs and the transformational workshops that I have held for ten years. Participants experience two unique group energy sessions held at every workshop and learn techniques to focus their own innate healing abilities. The workshops often create an energy shift for participants that are described as a jumpstart to their healing. For the first time ever I am holding a one day workshop in Ottawa on August 25, 2013. For the past nine years I have been studying at University to bring a scientific framework to my natural healing ability and demonstrate that everyone has the ability to heal themselves. After receiving a B.Sc. (First Class Honors) in Molecular biology and Biochemistry, I have now nearly completed my studies to become a Naturopathic Doctor. As such it has only been possible

to schedule a few workshop events during each calendar year. The four Dreamhealer books are translated into over 23 languages and sold in over 35 countries, so I am constantly receiving requests to speak in different countries around the world. Many people travel overseas to attend workshops from all over the world. As I am Canadian and a First Nations Healer most of my workshops have been in Canada. Attendees are always an exciting mix of enlightened people from all walks of life, with 40% being healers themselves: M.D.s, N.D.s, D.C., RN, RMT, Reiki, Qigong and Yoga masters to name a few. It is encouraging to know that so many practitioners are interested in incorporating healing with intentions into their practices. There are also many repeat attendees, who re-focus their healing within the group energy sessions. Many people send their healing energy from the workshop to loved ones who are physically unable to attend. Thousands of others join the healing sessions remotely from all around the globe. Become self-empowered. Trust in yourself to do the work and make the difference in your own health. Register for this event on-line at

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July/August 2013

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342 Gladstone Ave. between Bank & O’Connor • 613.234.7974 •

HAtHA YOGA teACHer trAininG

With Abe Cartland and Matthew Harper

Begins October 18th Register before September 18th to save $200. For more information please visit

Free YOGA every tuesday from 12-1pm from July 9 to August 27 at City Hall. Classes will be taught by rama Lotus Yoga Centre teachers.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 8-Day Retreat + 3 Weekends Begins July 13, 2013 with Laurie Howe, Guy Tardif, Jennifer Stackhouse & Greg Kaps This life-transforming program is for everyone! Immerse yourself in the yoga teachings in this perfect balance of retreat and classroom study. Yoga Alliance 200 hour program.

Over 80 Drop In Yoga Classes per week Master Classes & Teacher Trainings 52 Armstrong St. , Ottawa near the Parkdale Market

July/August 2013

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René Descartes rightly stated that we are thinking animals. However, he did not go far enough. We are “To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub.” also capable of applying a technique I call “clearing thinking”. We, as human beings, he above quote from the “To are NOT the same as all the other be or not to be...” soliloquy in animal species because we are the Shakespeare’s Hamlet seemed to be only species capable of rational a perfect way to start this article on and conceptual thought. We are sleeping well. In my counselling also able to chose not to think. and hypnotherapy practice, I get However, we cannot think our way 3 to 4 calls a week from very sad out of thinking. The only way out and distressed people who are of this “psychological trap” is to getting almost no sleep. This highly TRANSCEND thought. motivates me as a healer because I We must use techniques that lead believe that a good night’s sleep is to “clearing thinking”. By that I mean one of the most important factors accessing a Supra-Consciousness in the overall physical, mental, and state through the experiential s Spiritual health of an individual. In s s e modalities and techniques n ll this article I will share some of the we mentioned above. smokin many tips and techniques I have for frui Another technique is to facilitating deep sleep. CONTINUOUSLY activate the I travel all over the world with the xie vagus nerve (the parasympathetic ty intention of studying and bringing nervous system) also called the self -esteem back to Ottawa many “psyche“play dead nerve”. This secondary t physiological” modalities that I nervous system parallels the weigh then share with my “partners in sympathetic nervous system which healing” (clients). Some of these are: COUNSELLING, COACHING controls the “flight or fight” response Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Cortical & HYPNOTHERAPY CENTRE mechanism in our eyes, heart, Field Re-Education (CFR), and larynx, diaphragm, esophagus, Richard M. Haney Gestalt Therapy from Esalen in Big Ph.D.(Counselling), Hypnotherapist jaw, thigh muscles, sweat glands, Sur, California; Grofian Holotropic (613) 234-5678 (613) 726-3636 etc. The vagus nerve is capable Breathwork and Hakomi from the of sending calming THETA brain Bank St. (in Centretown) Pinecrest Rd. Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, waves throughout our whole body New York; Jungian psychology at times of great stress, anxiety or from the Assisi Institute in Assisi, panic attacks. The brain waves that Italy; Psycho-Neuro-Biology from a we can generate are: conference held in Thessaloniki, Greece; floatation tank Beta (“busy mind”), Alpha (during yoga), technology and techniques from Montreal, Chicago, Alpha-Theta (during meditation), Theta (during New York, Burlington, Vermont and Naples, Florida; hypnotherapy), Delta I (during dream sleep) and Delta Cognitive Dialectic Therapy (CDT), and Buddhist II (during dreamless sleep) and Epsilon (gurus in lifeawakening techniques from the Harvard Department long practice). By training yourself to stay in “Theta of Psychiatry’s seminars on Cape Cod, Massachusetts state” your life will be enriched by many periods of and in Naples, Florida. The common thread that runs Delta II sleep each night. Theta state and Delta II state through all of these modalities is the premise that we, as are your Golden Self!! human beings, are whole and sentient creatures who are inextricably connected to ALL that surrounds us. There is no “inside” and “outside”. This is what Hippocrates This article was written in June of 2013 by: called Psyche. Richard M. Haney, M.Ed., Ph.D. (Counselling The writers who best embody this approach are the and Mediation) Italian psychiatrist, Roberto Assagioli (Psychosynthesis) and the pandit, Ken Wilber (Integral Psychology). In Richard has been practising Wholistic his book, “Thought as Passion”, Wilber points out how Counselling, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and strange it is that we human beings do not stay constantly Mediation for the past 25 years in Ottawa. aware that we are fully conscious. He asserts that we are Richard by phone: (613) 234-5678. By fully conscious whether we know it or not! Although it e-mail: is quite difficult to stay aware “all the time”, the reward for this is the elixir of life itself....Radical Presence!

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July/August 2013

Bringing Grief out of the Shadows…

Grief – Embracing the Pain By Vonne Solís, Angel Therapy Practitioner®


he second principle of Divine Healing teaches that the experience of grief is not limited to loss from death. People cope with many of the same grief symptoms from other losses due to the pain of separation and lingering feelings of longing. The attachment to whom or what has been lost will always determine the intensity of pain and length of time one suffers. The tools in Divine Healing related to this principle are not intended to cure grief, but rather encourage one to think differently about the pain experience in order to heal from suffering more quickly. The emotional pain you may be struggling with right now but cannot identify are likely symptoms of grief. This may include uncontrollable anger, irritability, frustration, hopelessness, depression, hate, blame, self-pity, paranoia, insecurity, fear and regrets. Identifying and embracing pain from any separation and its associated longing can help you begin to manage your life differently, and give you the insight to choose healing through a realistic practice. Every loss you have ever experienced has impacted you in some way. Whether or not you are aware of the origin of your pain, without understanding the effect it is having on your life today, you will have little if any control over the effective management of your future. There will always be an underlying resistance you feel that will persistently sabotage the best of your efforts to heal. In particular to loss and grief, western society discourages us to openly discuss our emotional struggles outside an acceptable setting (small circle of confidantes or support group) because most people would rather not know about our hardest challenges or most painful experiences. It reminds them too much of their own. Yet in order for any griever to feel totally supported in their grief, it is necessary that cultural attitudes shift about how we think about loss. Thinking we have to heal alone can feel frightening and overwhelming. By removing the social taboo that leads grievers to suffer silently, together we can all heal from the many lessons that suffering brings when we are more open and honest in our pain.

As you come to understand grief generally and personally, you can set goals to help you live more fully. For this you need support (work, family, medical community, school system) and you must claim what you truly need, not what others say you need. To make this distinction: 1. Get honest about what isn’t working in your life by identifying triggers that upset you. 2. Stop or modify burdensome activities and relationships. 3. Make your environment as soothing as possible. 4. Decide what you can and are willing to do for others, including loves ones. 5. Change your thoughts about what you think your life should look like. 6. Share your story when it feels appropriate. You may actually help someone! By always knowing what you need and setting realistic goals through every stage of grief, you can and will heal from pain. Any healing that comes from outside of you is temporary. Connecting to the sacred place within is where the reason for all things is made known. By being willing to surrender your need to suffer, you will learn that pain is not your enemy, but a powerful learning experience that can take you to a heightened level of healing consciousness. For more information on this and related topics check out Divine Healing at Chapters stores and online. For angel readings, grief consultation and other services visit

July/August 2013


Proper Food Prep Makes Crucifers Less Harmful and Nuts More Vital Judy Spence, RN, ND(QC)

The Crucifer Paradox Proper preparation is key to counteracting some of the goitrogenic chemicals naturally found in crucifers (cruciferous vegetables and seeds) especially by those who have thyroid disease. ‘Goitrogens are substances that suppress the function of the thyroid gland by interfering with iodine uptake, which can, as a result, cause an enlargement of the thyroid’; Wikipedia. The paradox is that there are natural chemicals in cruciferous vegetables that are extremely healthy. ‘Cruciferous vegetable consumption correlates with low cancer rates’; Nutr. Cancer 41 (1–2): 17–28. Chemicals in crucifers also help balance reproductive hormones, to name but a few of the tremendous benefits of consuming these vegetables and spices. ‘Sulforaphane which is in cruciferous vegetables enhances protection and repair of gastric mucosa in vitro and has many molecular targets and dramatic effects against ulcerative colitis and colon cancer’; Inflamm. Bowel Dis. 15 (8): 1164–73. Sadly, there are other natural chemicals in crucifers that can prevent the thyroid gland from incorporating iodine into thyroid hormone and functioning at maximum capacity. Merely fermenting cruciferous vegetables (sauerkraut) does not destroy goitrogenic enzymes. Many researchers suggest that those who already have thyroid disease (12% Canadians) pay closer attention to the need to boil these vegetables for 30 minutes before eating them rather than eating them in the raw state. The following is a partial list of cruciferous vegetables: horseradish, mustard greens, mustard seeds, kale, collard greens, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, broccoli (all types), cauliflower, bok choy, komatsuna, mizuna, rapini, turnip root; rutabaga, siberian kale, canola/rapeseed, tatsoi, arugula (rocket), field pepperweed, maca, garden cress, watercress, radish, daikon and wasabi. As you see from the list, these vegetables are known to improve health, to prevent and even to reverse some very serious diseases. Therein lies the rub and many researchers suggest that those who already have thyroid disease pay close attention to the need to


boil these vegetables for about 30 minutes before eating them. The 1 in 8 Canadians who have thyroid disease may do well to change their food preparation habits. Those who are feel continually exhausted and who eat any of the above raw vegetables either often or in large quantities may want to experiment by cooking all their crucifers for a trial period of 6-8 weeks while they observe if this change alone improves their energy levels. They can either continue cooking crucifers and/or can seek prescription thyroid lab work and possibly prescription thyroid medication. Whereas pharmaceutical manufacturers do not advise consumers against consuming cruciferous vegetables while taking prescription thyroid medication, they do warn against consuming calcium inside of four hours of taking these meds. I can only assume logically that goitrogenic enzymes in raw foods do not compromise the effect of prescription thyroid medications. Nothing in the literature indicates otherwise. Nature Soaks Her Nuts and So Should You Nuts and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors and toxic substances which, in nature, protect them until growing conditions are optimal. These natural chemical inhibitors (enzymes) and toxic substances (phytic acid) are removed easily in the outdoors when the environment is optimal for their growth. Rainfall rinses nuts and seeds

July/August 2013


Money Making Secrets Revealed


hat would you do if money weren’t an object? If you hit the lottery today, and you could do absolutely anything you wanted, what would that be? Think about it for a moment. Would you pay off your bills and your credit card? Most of you would probably say yes, and there would be an amazing weight lifted off your shoulders. You would then be able to sleep better than you did your whole life. However, after all your bills were paid, and you had the freedom to do anything, again, what would that be? Perhaps you’ve always had a dream car you wanted to buy. Perhaps you would remodel your house, your yard, or even move into a different home. Or maybe even purchase a second vacation home. Do you have a passion for traveling? Imagine if you could just hop on a plane tomorrow to a dream destination you’ve always wanted to go.   Why would knowing the answers to these questions be important? Because this is the very first money making secret that the elite don’t want you to know about. You have to have a dream. Most people miss this vital point. Most people don’t dream anymore because they look at how much income they have and how much money they make, and that determines what they want from life. Most people keep looking at their income and determine what they can have and what car they can drive. If you want to make a lot of money, you must define your dream and get a burning desire for its achievement.     There’s a lot of information these days on how to attract success, how to attract money and how to make millions. Unfortunately, most of the information and courses actually do you a disservice because the information isn’t fully accurate. In reality, it’s to the

SUCCESS SECRETS REVEALED! Wealthy benefactor, member of World’s most exclusive Secret Society reveals secrets of the rich and famous. Achieve Wealth, Romantic Love, Power, Luck and Vibrant Health. Free CD reveals secrets. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Limited time only. Call Toll Free 1-888-637-2357 for free CD advantage of the government to keep you suppressed, to keep you in debt and to keep you a virtual slave.    If you want to learn 10 secrets about making money that the wealthy use on a daily basis and you don’t, call 1-888-637-2357 for a FREE CD that I’ll personally send you. If you want to get out of debt and be successful, you must change the way you think, otherwise you’ll stay poor your entire life. Take control of your life and accomplish your dreams today.     Your dreams can come true. See yourself in your future, enjoying that vacation you’ve always dreamed, that home you’ve always wanted to own and raise a great family in. Now is your chance to receive a FREE CD revealing 10 secrets that will get you closer to financial freedom and achieving your dreams. David Kujawa

naturally. When it rains, nuts and seeds get enough moisture to begin germination that produces a plant. When we soak nuts/seeds we rinse off nature’s enzyme inhibitors and absorption inhibitors which enables us better access to their mineral and vitamin stores. Soaking times vary with the density of each nut/seed. Soaking tables are available on the internet. Raw foodies usually sprout the nuts and seeds after soaking them in order to further increase their nutritional content. It suffices, as a minimum, that they are soaked for a few hours before eating. Once soaked, nuts/ seeds are better tolerated. They can be stored in the refrigerator for days to weeks. Soybean can also inhibit thyroid function. As above, those who either already have thyroid disease or those who have a family history of thyroid disease are wise to avoid foods (ie: tofu, soy milk) made from soy. Judy and Gerry Spence are Level II and I NAET practitioners respectively. Judy is a Quebec Naturopathe. For a comprehensive computerized health assessment of your nutritional needs or of your allergies and sensitivities, contact the NAET Clinics of Ottawa (613) 728-2579 or Gatineau-Hull sector, (819) 661-1061

July/August 2013

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Breaking Free of the Matrix

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR) Healing with Divine heart to awaken the deep truth within.


nity consciousness cannot be born from the fracturing of the ego that has been rampant on this planet. It has led to self-absorption, isolation and separateness. It’s time to look outward to the whole of All That Is for the growth of mankind. You cannot operate from ego and know what it is to be whole. Ego excludes the purity of Essence, but it will make you believe that it’s necessary for your survival. It is not. Your wholeness is. Clarify and integrate the 3 layers of your Lightbody – your core manifestation template (12-tree grid), your chakras, and their crystal keys and hara line - and you have the foundation of the personal Divine human spiritual house, which is structured just as the universal tree of life. The Divine human is everything this planet needs to change from a fractured functioning to a whole functioning, as a unit of one consciousness where separation is the exception not the rule. The formation of consciousness bands comes through the collective when enough individual consciousness minds choose to focus their perspective on the greater whole: i.e. if event x happens in China, what happens in B.C., or how do the starving animals in Africa impact the nutrition of future generations? One cannot be separated from the other. In the same way, your own relationship with different aspects of you cannot be separated. You cannot tell yourself that your love in your life is void of the corruption of the collective astral heart that is mired in demonic possessions and lost souls. You can’t say that the traumas to your soul record 20 lifetimes ago are not impacting your sore back now. They do and they are rising to the surface to be acknowledged and released. This is the gift of ascension – to clear the debris from the dysfunction through the ages, and to purify the Spirit that has been weighed down by egoic traps and diminishments. Some have been natural effects of karma, and some have been deliberate displacements of the Lightbody to interrupt the spin of your merkaba – your inner vehicle of spiritual freedom. The micro in your life is only a reflection of the macro level on Earth. They always co-exist. One effects the other, back and forth, moving toward the equilibrium of pure Divinity, embodied in Earth’s body and your body. So how do you shift your consciousness to the greater whole? Begin to ask: “What has been the effect of my life today - my behaviours, words, emotions, thoughts and prayers?” The answers will likely reveal the links that one moment brings to bear on another. Nothing remains untouched. The moment you choose, breathe,


Are your patterns holding you prisoner? We can easily bring clarity & Divine healing to your 12-dimensional spiritual-energetic foundation to help you awaken to your deep truth within. Specializing in clearing stubborn patterns. pain & dis-ease  attachments  emotional triggers  traumas  ancestry  fears/phobias  karma  inorganic structures 

Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR) energy psychotherapy, thetahealing, vocal healing holographic multidimensional ascension clearing in person or by phone 613-253-2888

speak, or walk a vibration moves through the atoms of the Universe. Who or what is in its path is soon making its own choices based on yours, and so the vibration travels. Many of us already believe this. Challenge yourself to know this through direct experience. Ask within each day and watch the connections. Soon the veil of Earth’s matrix will begin to lift, so you can step out beyond the “net’ that holds us prisoner and into truth. It’s worth investing in this freedom. Copyright 2013 Melinda Urban All Rights Reserved Specializing in clearing stubborn patterns. Intuitively integrating holographic clearing of your multi-dimensional blueprint, energy psychotherapy, thetahealing®, and vocal healing. Appointments in person or by phone. Subscribe FREE to my newsletter – timely articles, tools and inspiration. 613-2532888, new website – blog, resources, case studies.

July/August 2013

Feel inspired and confident, naturally!


hat if I told you that you could lose weight or stop smoking, or learn to relax and enjoy your life more, while feeling inspired and confident? That your objectives would be achieved naturally, arising from a will that is so deeply embedded inside of you that it would feel like the most natural thing you ever done? And the good news is that through hypnosis the results last. For sure this is my personal experience and the one of many of my clients. In one study, the results indicated that adding hypnosis increased weight loss considerably and that hypnosis helped make the results last. 1

The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), the largest U.S. organization for health and mental health care professionals using clinical hypnosis, endorses the use of hypnosis for weight loss. 2 And this gentle process can help you move in the direction of your dreams. Many of my clients have seen their personal relationships improve. They see smoking as part of the past. And they see a future that they like. “Since our sessions I get so much more done, and I have a much better time doing it. So much more relaxed, calm, and centered, that I’m not sure how I actually worked before. And I haven’t smoked, not even once, in six months … I feel so much better! The changes that I’ve experienced in the last six months, thanks to you, will last me a lifetime and beyond.” P.M. But what is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a skill that helps you focus your mind and create new mental pictures to help you reach your goals. It’s really quite simple. In fact all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is a process you do yourself with the guidance of a certified Hypnotist. However, be rest assured, you always are in control. You begin by closing your eyes and then using mind/ body techniques to become relaxed. A relaxed state helps

you become receptive to receive the positive images you then create in your mind. These positive images become the mental blueprint that guides you towards the fulfillment of your goals. Hypnosis is similar to visualization with very specialized techniques that enhance the process. What it does guarantee, however, is that you have an easily accessible tool to help you eliminate underlying negative beliefs and replace them with more confident ones. This creates an easier pathway towards success, whether it is for weight loss, confidence, stress management or to stop smoking. “Thank you so very much to be a part of my life’s success! I loved the softness and the very process of our sessions. I also love the kindness of your words. Thank you! “ L. B.

Your imagination is extremely powerful, even more powerful than will-power. You may be very motivated to reach your weight loss goals. But if you continue to see yourself as an overweight person, harbor subconscious fears about losing weight, or if there’s a little voice inside that says you can’t do it, you are fighting an uphill battle. Through our sessions blocks are removed to allow your free will to manifest. The past can be healed. You can move forward and experience the type of life that you deserve. Lynne Cardinal is a fully Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques and Weight Loss. She has a PhD in Eastern Philosophy. Lynne has been offering Stress Management and Burnout Prevention workshops at the government and private sector for over 30 years. She is also a coach and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. Insurance receipts are available. For more information Lynne can be reached at 613.721.7888 or by e-mail at You can also visit her website:

July/August 2013



Rev. Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, Cert. Spiritual Coach, Teacher, Counsellor, Minister


ow, this moment, is all I have. It is all I have ever had. The past is a string of nows that no longer exist. So too, for the future; nows that will show up when and if they do. Now, the present is all there is. Time is one of the big illusions we operate under. I could more poignantly say suffer under. Guilt and shame over the past and worry about the supposed future cause us unlimited pain and suffering. When we believe we are molded by the past we do not give full attention to the present moment—now. When we spend our lives waiting for something to be different in the future ( then I’ll be happy), we miss the powerful presence of life happening now. Life is now in the present moment. NOW—breathe now. Connect with your breath, your life force. Feel the stillness beneath and within your breath. This is who you are—life force experiencing one moment, now. When I feel stressed for any reason, I say “ Now. Now I choose peace, joy, love whatever state of being I desire in the moment. I am here now and now is all there is.” This immediately takes me out of the worry of a future moment or the regret of the past. As I keep focusing on my breath, I find myself becoming more aware of the Beingness underneath the thought, the pure presence of who I truly am. The chattering busy mind slows down and I become one with my breath, my life force, my Being. We have been so programmed to believe we are the product of our past and that we can make things better in the future. Did anyone ever tell you that you are perfect just as you are now in this moment? There is no need to make a big effort to change. Life does that for you. Life, consciousness, is flowing through you, lovingly and intelligently guiding you in every now moment. Relax into the flow of this benign, loving and wise guidance. Trust in life. Your evolution is a co-creation of you accepting Life’s/Consciousness’s guidance and life aligning with your trust and acceptance.

Abundant Life Coach Spiritual Counsellor Psychotherapist www. 613-236-8852 Insurance Receipts Available Relax. Be still. Listen to the loving gentle guidance within. Life/ God/ Consciousness is you. You are both the script writer and the actor. It is all you. Co-creation at its best is when you surrender to the loving wisdom you are and stop letting the small mind think it is in control. Only your desire to remain separate, fearful and non-accepting of life impedes your connection to the divine flow that is your birthright (because it is you.) Remember the words of Jeshua--- The truth shall set you free. What is that truth? The truth is that you have never been separate from God/Life/ Consciousness. Separation is the biggest illusion of all. Live your divinity. Trust in Life and the intelligent, loving energy that guides you in every moment. Slow down and listen. Everything you need to be peaceful and to evolve is already in place waiting for you to welcome it in. Sherry is a psychotherapist, spiritual counsellor and energy therapist. She may be reached by phone at 613-236-8852. Email is or Rates ar $120 per hour and insurance receipts are provided. Evenings and weekends are availablee as well as regular work hours.

Healer and Channelling Expert 613-747-7813 10

July/August 2013

On Anger and Resentment By Kerry Palframan RN


remember waking up as a newborn and thinking, “oh no I’m back”. I rolled my eyes back in my head and was just so damn angry at my lack of autonomy, ability to walk and even worse, someone was changing my diaper. I have been working through layers of anger and resentment my whole life. You could say I’m a pro at it now! For many years I did not even recognize or realize I had anger issues. I felt depressed, but not anger. Through the help of my dreams I became aware of how deeply resentful and angry I really was. Then I began the learning curve of how to negotiate peace with these parts of myself. I did this mostly through meditation or just sitting quietly with myself and observing my inner reality (the way my mind and emotions interacted – somewhat like a husband and wife dialoguing inside of me – and the marriage was not a healthy one!). I learned I could not get rid of any emotion. Emotions are your built-in guidance system in life and are meant to flow (like water). What happens to most people is that childhood programming creates within you categories of emotions that you label either as good or bad (positive or negative). This, in effect, causes boulders or blocks in your emotional river and can hinder the flow. All emotions have a noble worthy cause in your life and are energy in motion (E-Motion). After years of working with my anger and getting to know it, I began to realize that anger is a great energy and my best ally. It protects me, creates healthy boundaries and always helps me move forward if expressed in healthy ways. Think of your emotions like putting gas in your car. If they are not flowing and you are stagnating or stuck in an emotional rut, you will have difficulty moving forward or creating and manifesting anything in your life. It certainly took me a long time to come to this realization but after I did I began to meet and greet every emotion I had as a worthwhile companion within me. I began to talk to all my emotions like I would a 7 year old (the age of the 2nd chakra) and allow them to dialogue back to me. When I feel anger or resentment I conjure up an image in my mind’s eye of what my anger looks like (or just get a sense or feel for it) and I talk to it. Yes, I talk to all my emotions like characters within me and every person has a house full of characters residing within them. I welcome my anger. I acknowledge it and honour it. I hold space for it to express itself. I may stomp my feet and scream (an appropriate way to discharge anger), or go for a stompy walk or clean the house.

Visit Kerry’s new website for a free mp3 guided meditation journey. Purchase other journeys; video workshops; her book and more. Anger energy is like putting super jet fuel in your car and I often choose to use that energy for a creative project. Otherwise I dialogue with it and act as if it’s my most beloved friend or partner that is having a confusing or conflicting moment in time. I ask it why it is angry and resentful. I ask it “what needs protection” and “what needs restoring” and create an answer on its behalf. Often I’ll make a list of all it complaints. I have learned to honour it, and all my emotions, in a myriad of unique and healthy ways. For more information on the noble, worthy role each one of your emotions plays in your life and how to use them to your advantage, visit for Kerry’s mp3 teaching on emotions or her booklet on Releasing Emotional Blockages. Kerry Palframan is a registered nurse by profession who now follows her true calling as a gifted visionary, intuitive life guide, healer and spiritual teacher. She offers personal intuitive readings by appointment and mp3 teachings and guided journeys on her website. Her book, Spirit Talk, is a “must” for understanding messages from your higher self and spirit guides. She has also produced a valuable guided meditation CD, Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides.

July/August 2013




have always been a medium since as far back as I can remember. I could see, sense, channel, and hear passed on relatives and friends around people. My assumption was that all people were having the same experience. It was not till one day on the bus, I turned to the woman beside me and told her that her mother was trying her hardest to get her attention, that it really came to my attention that others were not having this ability. The woman immediately broke down crying and told me that she had prayed for over 20 years for her mother to show her a sign. This made me wonder why I was hearing her mother so loud and clear and she was not. I feel this is so, is partly due to the fact that this is one of my gifts and being extremely sensitive it is easier for me and also for those passed on to see in my aura, that I am able to communicate with them. For the most part I feel it is peoples expectations of the experience of what mediumship is suppose to be, and due to the fact that they do not silence and still themselves enough to hear, sense and feel the enormous amount of paranormal, spiritual, and magical experiences going on around them at all times, that they too are not having mediumship abilities. If we took on a different view of death, and what the experience of passing on/death is all about, we would

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Marlene Stevens certainly experience death and passing as the divine experience that it really is. IF people where more aware that those passed on are simply leaving their bodies and that they are still very much alive in soul then more people would have the ability to understand better the nature of death and mediumship. Also they would see clearly what is actually taking place during the death process which can often began to occur months and months before the person leaves their body. This is why you will hear a relative express that they saw their passed on mother, sister etc, in a dream or vision months before they themselves pass on. For those who wish to learn the art of mediumship and developing their natural intuitive abilities please go to my website and sign up for classes or please read the extended article on mediumship and death and about some of my experiences working as a palliative care volunteer assisting the dying to cross over. Namaste, Have a very lovely summer! Sincerely Psychic, Healer & Teacher, Marlene Stevens Marlene Stevens is a Medical Intuitive, Healer, Psychic, Teacher & Life Coach. She is available for readings, consultations, lectures & Intuitive Development classes.


July/August 2013

A Journey Through the Moon: Renewal, Rebirth and Rejoicing By Maria-Hélèna Pacelli


n astronomy, the new moon is the time when the Sun and Moon are at exact opposite sides of the Earth and the moon becomes dark, no longer reflecting any light from the sun. This natural phenomenon has been the subject of myth and lore in cultures and religions around the world, marking a powerful cycle of renewal. The rituals surrounding the new moon are typically in worship of the divine feminine and traditional circles are reserved only for women, as a time coinciding with women’s moon cycle or menstruation, where women gather to pass through their cyclical changes and renew themselves. Historically, women have been excluded from major religions and rituals that worship the divine feminine in relation to the moon have been ostracized from mainstream religions and secular society. However, in seeking to transcend duality, new forms of spirituality are emerging that begin to blur the stark lines between male and female incarnations and recognizing that the divine qualities of feminine and masculine inhabit all beings. The Shakti Sacred Moon Circle has been gathering for each new moon since June 2011, holding space for gratitude and setting intentions that serve the times. By gathering and sharing space with one another, we heal together and crystallize our intentions by consecrating them in a circle. Each month we gather under a theme and journey together into the realm of energies that arise in each of our lives, holding sacred space in worship of the divine feminine which inhabits all beings, creatures and spirits on earth. Inspired by previous new moon ceremonies, this group gathers under independent tantric teachings from a position of self-inquiry. We work with the principle of amplification to set intentions that will serve us in moving through our life journey and actualizing the unique expression of our ‘selves’ so that we may bring forward the gifts that we have to deliver in this incarnation. Unlike other moon gatherings, this circle is genderinclusive and open to anyone who wishes to connect with the divine feminine energies of the new moon. Building on the energy of previous gatherings, we gather in every lunar cycle to renew ourselves and seek a fresh perspective on our lives, checking in with ourselves and each other and using this potent time to set intent in the spirit of gratitude. In the spirit of community we begin the ceremony with a potluck feast symbolizing the notion of sharing and abundance. With our appetites content, we move into sacred space to go within.

The format of the ceremonies uses the medicine of the moment and may include smudging, opening prayers or mantras, chants, music or art-making as the occasion calls for. The activities are determined based on the energies of the moment and the themes that we work with. These activities present an opportunity to connect with the ripeness of birthing energies as they offer the purest spark of potentiality. In the luminal space of the moon’s renewal, you are invited to contemplate all that life offers to be grateful for and offer intentions that serve the divine. With gratitude and service, Maria-Hélèna, Guardian of the ceremony Shakti Sacred Moon Circle

Free Your Neck & Back... ...Drop that STRESS

Biodynamic Osteopathy • Relief of Physical pain • Increased Energy & Mental Clarity • Deep Relaxation For appointment and more information call Joah Bates, D.O. (UK)


Over 25 years experience

July/August 2013


Quantum-Touch® Therapy:

were interfering with their ability to live their lives. Following many months of other treatments, these clients have discovered Aileen’s Oasis, and at the end of that very first session, the results seem to be more Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch Therapy than they could have expected. Two or three sessions Practitioner/Instructor, Empathic Life Coach later, they marvel at how well they orking with clients feel, how strong their bodies have presenting with head and become, and how all aspects of their neck injuries was not an intentional beings seem to have improved. decision for me. In fact, I had Something that we seldom speak Breakthrough in Energy Healing often worked with those who were about with Quantum-Touch therapy In Ottawa area serving Ontario & Western Quebec dealing with neck pain from is that it works at all levels and whiplash and stress in their work Holistic Wellness Coach throughout the entire body when places, but head injuries and the practitioners are doing their work. Aileen McKenna accompanying spinal conditions, When I work upon the spine of my Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner caused me much stress as I fully client, healing is taking place in the Certified Quantum-Touch® Instructor understand what hinges upon Associate Polarity Practitioner organs, in the limbs, and many clients these injuries being resolved. The Empathic Life Coach are aware of this as they feel tingling Certified Aromatherapist first time, I really had no idea what down their legs, and perhaps even Certified Small Group Facilitator to expect when I realized that the feel pain in different parts of their Certified Facilitator – Open Space Technology person on whose head I had placed bodies. Similarly, as I work upon my hands, had been involved in a Aileen’s Oasis their heads, they feel much energy car accident some years previously, 613-228-2272 movement in their heads, but may and continued to have what she 613-795-3751 also feel pain or other sensations in called migraine headaches. I was other parts of their bodies. We work in front of a large group of people as the witness, holding the space for interested in taking the Quantumthe healing to take place, within a Touch class, and as I placed my system knowing that the energy goes hands upon her head, and felt the where it is needed. If I am working boney structure that was clearly not where I would have in an area that is not the main part of the body where the expected to feel a bone, I moved my hands and asked injury has occurred, or where the main damage needing the person volunteering for the demo to sit down. I then healing, I know and trust that the healing is taking place placed my hands upon her had in a different placement, exactly where it needs to be. All is perfect, and as it and she asked me to stop as she was beginning to feel should be where Quantum-Touch therapy is concerned. nauseous. Anyone who has worked with those who have suffered a concussion, will recognize that this is a Aileen M. McKenna is a Certified QT Instructor and common symptom following that injury. From training Practitioner, certified as the first Canadian instructor in somato release from head injuries I knew that it was in June 2004. She teaches classes to 1,000s of students common for the clients body to return to that place of across Canada, in the Caribbean and Scotland and sees injury as they are placed in a position where that injury 100s of clients annually in her private clinic in Ottawa. can be healed. However, I would have preferred to have Aileen has been offering energy healing in the Ottawa been prepared to deal with it, however, as it happened, area for more that 20 years, initially with Polarity the results were totally positive and the migraines did therapy and Cranio-Sacral prior to learning Quantumnot recur, and all other symptoms from that earlier Touch® therapy. You can reach her at 613-228-2272, or accident were resolved. by e-mail at or you can Since that moment I have worked with many clients check our her website at and the presenting with the long lasting symptoms that follow Quantum-Touch website at head injuries. I’ve worked with them doing distant healing for a client who had fallen on the ice, and hit her head on a cement step. Because she lived some distance from me, and was unable to drive, I worked with her daily for some weeks doing distant healing, and she shared the same phenomena of having all the initial pain and nausea as I first worked with her. That seems to be a common occurrence as the body prepares to heal from the inside out. More recently, I’ve worked with several clients with head and spinal injuries that

Working with Head and Neck Injuries


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July/August 2013

What is Anxiety?


o you wonder what is anxiety? The often debilitating state of being known as anxiety has its basis in a very natural function. Linked to the "fight or flight" response mechanism of the survival instinct. Anxiety appears as a feeling of apprehension or fear and often brings on such physiological responses as rapid heart beat, chest pains, shortness of breath and nausea. In this state the blood circulation is rerouted to increase flow to the muscles and secondary systems like the immune and digestive systems are slowed. The dangers that lie in anxiety in part are that they can easily lead to the creation of phobias. Negative reinforcement in childhood can cause a person to have an underdeveloped sense of self motivation and will lead to feelings of fear and discomfort when faced with the need to confront tough life situations. The inability to take charge of one's life will further escalate the problem by creating an ever-increasing feeling of worthlessness and impotence. This course can develop into severe depression if not treated. Sometimes this overwhelming anxiety can be brought on by the psychological prospects of the unknown. Existential anxiety can be brought on by one's contemplating their own mortality or questioning their worth in life. This form of anxiety is often traced to an obsessive-compulsive disorder of the mind. Fear of failure in one's tasks is referred to as "test anxiety". With the fear of failure and ridicule, those with an underdeveloped sense of self worth can succumb to the negative associations and create physiological symptoms that will further reduce the ability to perform and maintain a spiraling effect on the victim. This "test anxiety" can often follow a person beyond school and show up in later life in the work place by lowered performance and the inability to function socially. How can hypnotherapy help you overcome anxiety? My approach to treating anxiety has 2 components: uncovering the root cause and treating the symptoms. Cartain techniques are used for uncovering and reframing the root cause for the anxiety. By using different techniques to explore and re-frame your past experiences, you can change the negative ideas that fuel the anxiety. The second component in my approach is addressing the symptoms. These are addressed by teaching YOU, cognitive, behavioral and relaxation coping skills. YOU learn self-hypnosis and realted skills to control anxious thoughts and worries. You also learn instant relaxation skills to help you cope with tension and anxiety episodes wherever they occur.


INCREASE SUCCESS! By appointment in Ottawa and Burnstown, Telephone & Skype Moira Hutchison CTACC CCHT Life Strategy Mentor and Coach Phone: 613.432.1239 Cell: 613.281.0611

Are you ready to get unstuck? Call me! Hypnosis is an important component to your healing. When you learn and practice self Hypnosis, you can mentally practice and rehearse effective cognitive, behavioral and relaxation skills so that they become conscious and subconscious habits. Hypnotherapy is a natural, drug free therapy which helps you to release yourself from limiting beliefs, habits and patterns of thought, enabling you to enjoy more confidence, increased self esteem and the freedom to be who you want to be. There is a whole new road ahead. You can embrace the future that you want to live. It is possible to live a more peaceful and abundant life; free from self criticism, doubt and fear. Moira Hutchison CTACC CCHT Life Strategy Mentor & Coach 613.432.1239 Do you think loving, nurturing thoughts about yourself? Probably not! Perhaps, it’s time to GET RELIEF FROM YOUR “INNER CRITIC” If you want to start feeling better about yourself and your life - hop on over to and sign up for your fr*ee "Inner Peace Kit". Use the power of your mind to get you on track for feeling energized and confident.

July/August 2013


Opening Your Message Centre (Heart Chakra)

Soul Language. Open your Message Centre and your Soul Language will flow out. Develop your Soul Language further and you will be able to translate your Soul Language into any human language you know. You By Master Lynda Chaplin he Message Centre is the key energy and spiritual can connect with the Soul World to receive guidance for centre in the body. Also know as the heart chakra, your physical life and your spiritual life. Healing. The Message Centre is the soul healing the Message Centre is a fist-sized energy centre located centre. It carries soul healing power. It can offer soul in the center of your chest, behind the sternum. The healing for your spiritual body, emotional body, mental Message Centre is key for: body, and physical body. Soul communication. The Message Centre is the key Emotions. The Message Centre is the emotional for opening your four major spiritual communication channels: the Soul Language Channel, Direct Soul centre. To cleanse and purify the Message Centre can Communication Channel, Third Eye Channel, and balance your emotions, including depression, anxiety, worry, grief, fear, guilt, anger, and more. Direct Knowing Channel. Love, forgiveness, and compassion. The Message Centre is Experience the Power of Tao Song Healing the love centre. It radiates love within and without. Love melts all blockages Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and transforms all life. The Message Centre is also the forgiveness center. and Master Helene Ziebarth Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner Renowned Voice and Opera Coach, Professional Singer,Tao Song Singer & Teacher peace. The Message Centre is also the compassion center. Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity. Tao Song is the song from the Source. To sing a Tao Song is to offer healing Life transformation. The Message and rejuvenation from the Source. Centre is the centre for transforming – Master Zhi Gang Sha your life. Life transformation includes transformation of your relationships, finances, intelligence, and more. Master Helene Ziebarth Karma. The Message Centre stores a record of your good and bad karma from all of your lifetimes. To clear bad karma, one must cleanse the Message Centre. New York Times Bestseller! Soul intelligence. The Message Centre stores all the messages from all of your lifetimes. If your Message Center is highly developed, you can access the soul intelligence, wisdom, Master Lynda Chaplin and knowledge from all of your Tao Song Workshop lifetimes. Saturday-Sunday, August 24–25 • 10:00 am – 6:00 pm • $200 Soul enlightenment. If your body Experience the beauty and power of opening your Tao Song Channel with world-renowned Voice Coach Master Helene Ziebarth. Tao Song is the song from The Source. To sing a soul sits in the Message Centre, your Tao Song is to offer healing and rejuvenation from The Source. Join this extraordinary soul is considered to be enlightened. program based on Master Sha’s breakthrough Tao Song Singer Program. Clearing soul mind body Tao Song Blessings blockages from your Message By appointment • Receive Master Helene’s Tao Song blessings to transform any aspect Centre, and opening and developing of life with the frequency of Da Tao love, forgiveness, compassion and light. your Message Centre, are key to More than an invitation ... a sacred calling! transforming every aspect of your life, including health, emotions, Pre-registration is required. For more information, location and to register, please contact: relationships, finances, intelligence, Master Lynda • 416 255 8823 • and much more. Soul blockages • are bad karma. Mind blockages are Institute of Soul Healing & Enlightenment™ blockages in consciousness, including 888.3396815 • • negative mind-sets, negative


with Master Lynda Chaplin


July/August 2013

attitudes, negative beliefs, ego, and attachments. Body blockages are blockages in energy and matter. Use the Four Power Techniques® to open and develop your Message Centre: Body Power Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes. Place one palm over your lower abdomen and tap your Message Centre with your right palm or fingertips. Soul Power Say hello: Dear soul mind body of my Message Centre. I love you, honour you and appreciate you. You are the key energy and spiritual centre for my life. You have the power to open yourself fully. You have the power to heal and transform every aspect of my life. Do a good job! Thank you! Mind Power Concentrate and focus on your Message Centre. Visualize a golden light ball spinning in your Message Centre, clearing the blockages. Sound Power Chant repeatedly, silently or aloud: Divine Love or Divine Light Close your practice by saying: “Hao. Hao. Hao.” Hao is Mandarin and means perfect, or get well. It is an affirmation and a command. Then say “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Practice three to five minutes per time, three to five times per day, silently or aloud, the longer the better. You may be very surprised after doing this practice. You could feel more relaxed. You could feel inner joy and inner peace. After doing this practice regularly, the way that you deal with your life, including healing, relationships, and finances, could be dramatically transformed.

Master Lynda Chaplin is a Divine Channel, Disciple and Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha – world-renowned Master Healer, Spiritual Leader, Divine Channel and New York Times bestselling author. To learn more about the power of soul and to experience powerful soul healing blessings, join Master Lynda for a Soul Healing evening or workshop. To contact Master Lynda call 416.255.8823 or send an email to

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July/August 2013


Why Forrest Yoga is For You!

By Ana Forrest, creatrix of Forrest Yoga and author of the new book, “Fierce Medicine: Breakthrough Practices to Heal the Body and Ignite the Spirit” “Forrest Yoga is in essence all about the truth of what works. I developed Forrest Yoga as I was working through my own healing and helping solve my students’ problems. I created Forrest Yoga to fill in the gaps that the other yoga systems lacked. Part of my inspiration for Forrest Yoga truly, was the lack of assistance I had in my own process from the yoga systems that were already out there. Forrest Yoga provides the support and the tools to delve into life’s intricate challenges, and deal with physical, emotional and soul injuries. Forrest Yoga is absolutely for everyone. Forrest Yoga is not an ‘easy’ practice, but it’s for all ages and abilities and if you’re injured, it’s the perfect place to come and learn how to work with your injury or trauma and start to heal yourself. A beginner does beginner poses. An injured person is taught to modify the poses to heal the injury. An advanced person learns more advanced poses. We teach what is appropriate to the student. A basic Forrest Yoga class starts with setting the intent; then breathing exercises that cleanse brain, blood, and steady nervous system, followed by warm up poses including twists, forward bends and abdominals. After the warm up comes the hot part: sun exercises and B series with vignettes, handstands and forearm balances, leading toward the apex poses of the class. The carefully designed sequences warm you up for the more advanced poses, and then warm you down from them in an intelligent way. The last section of class down-regulates the nervous system in to savasana. We practice in 80-degree heat because sweating is part of the cleansing and healing properties of Forrest Yoga and embodies the sacred Sweat Lodge. Throughout the class, the teacher is cueing and encouraging deep, revitalizing breathing in every pose. What we are facing now is not the same thing as our ancestors. For example, we have a host of ailments and structural problems that our bodies are manifesting today due to our lifestyle. Because we sit for hours with terrible posture in front of computers and TV and on our furniture, it has a foul


effect on our digestion and elimination processes. Every culture that I work with has really bad problems with assimilation and constipation. People are constipated everywhere I go. Do you understand that our own shit poisons us? Our people are plagued with painful low backs, necks, wrists, headaches and breathing problems. There is an epidemic of respiratory, immune system issues due to pollution that we all live with. Also epidemic are high stress levels and the diseases that stem from stress. Some more of the problems our people face are an inability to hold focus. We have hyper-stimulated brain patterns all the time, so our people are getting spacier. People’s ability to focus on what they are doing and what they are feeling is really fractured because they are profoundly disconnected from their body intelligence and breath. This mind/body disconnect means people have lost a crucial skill for moving through life in a wise way. Forrest Yoga is teaching our people how to gather intelligent information based on tracking the feelings in body. Through Forrest Yoga you get your physical health and strength and also a place in which to call and welcome your Spirit back home. Forrest Yoga teaches how to embody your Spirit. The separation of body and Spirit has created deep anguish for our people. Each Forrest Yoga pose becomes a fascinating arena to explore embodying your Spirit.” July 26, 2013 – July 28, 2013 Workshops with Ana Forrest in Ottawa PranaShanti Yoga Centre 52 Armstrong Street Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 2V7 Canada (613) 761.9462, Ana Forrest has been changing people’s lives for nearly 40 years.  An internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing, Ana created Forrest Yoga while working through her own healing from her life’s trauma and experience.  With thousands of licensed practitioners around the world, Forrest Yoga is renowned as an intensely physical, internally focused practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life.

July/August 2013


L’ Essence-Ciel Books


ring the Angels into your life

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Come live the experience at L’Essence-Ciel where everything serves to restore harmony.

Essential oils

Always with the angels, Monique Briand transmits angelic teachings through workshops, conferences and private readings.


Connecting with your angels.Teachings on how to perceive and interact with them in a natural way to live more joy, peace and love on a daily basis.A wonderful and lasting experience.


Demystifies this esoteric medium and introduces you to its different uses and methods.Facilitates the understanding of oneself and others and brings concrete help to decision making.All you need to know to get you started with this excellent tool.


– $ 100


– $ 50

Brings awareness to the energies which surrond and affect us. Encourages the conscious choice of using Universal life force; a practice which transforms our lives in a healing way. Makes us responsable and capable of creating a better world. Initiations and teaching Level I,II and Master teacher. Information and schedule at 568-2643.

Herbs Magic Feng Shui

Information at L’Essence-Ciel:568-2643

Private Readings –

$ 90

For those who are searching and ready to connect with their TrueSelf.Individualized teachings and answers to personal questions.Guidance concerning your path. By appointment at 568-2643.

Les essences vibratoires sont disponibles à L’Essence-Ciel

The Angels are present at 867, RUE JACQUES-CARTIER, GATINEAU (819) 568-ANGE (2643) OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK July/August 2013

Monique Briand,



Legacy: Not a Love Story with the Earth Part I

Ian Prattis ey there Mr. Prime Minister, President, King, Despot, Corporate Mogul and globally cloned counterparts – congratulations from the new century. The year is 2101 to be exact, eighty eight years from your present time. We notice that your policies and corporate acumen created a systematic cascade of failing ecosystems on planet Earth. This was a remarkable feat on your part, as you had all the science, studies and reports in front of you to stop the destruction. Remember the one liner from Bill Clinton that won him an election - “It’s the economy, stupid.” May we remind you of the obvious: “It’s the ECOLOGY, stupid.” The economy is a mere sub set of the mother lode of ecology and you have successfully screwed that source up. On your watch not only did the financial collapse signal a dangerous global watershed, the world food system crashed as a consequence along with the train wreck of chaos brought in by climate change. Nobody did anything to rein in the usual suspects. Come and see through eyes from 2101. Are you aware that by 2101 thousands of millions of people died from thirst, starvation and disease? With death arriving from every pestilence available, some of it created in your counter-intelligence labs. The countless millions who have died do not include the many wars waged over scarce resources. And the reason for such wars? Your greed for money, control and power led directly to the cascade of disintegrating eco-systems essential for the support of life. It was amazing how you silenced and muzzled the climate change scientists, the oceanographers screaming that the ocean eco-systems were disintegrating, and how you ignored citizens with the integrity to save the earth. Maybe our species will be eliminated while it plays with distraction technologies. What a serendipitous aid for your ambitions to so distract the world’s populations from what was happening right under their noses. Folks did not realize that you were bringing them to the brink of elimination. Neither did you realize this. Our team from 2101 studied your minds yet did not find a species death wish lurking there – so whassup? Aaaah – our mistake – your minds were so tiny, without an ounce of generosity. Not what we expected to find. But there it was – you could not see beyond the next election, the next million dollars. It was our fault that we failed to see that you had inherited the Nero gene – fiddling while not just Rome burned, but the entire planet was allowed to burn.




Engaged Buddhism in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh Nucleus of Friends for Peace Canada Teachings every Thursday 7.00pm - 9.00pm Pine Gate Meditation Hall 1252 Rideout Cr, Ottawa, ON K2C 2X7 Contacts: • 613 726 0881 Mr. Harper, you failed your country and the world – on the big things and the little things. What could you have done? Why did you not shift away from a carbon based economy? Why did you not protect the bees by banning all pesticides that killed them? Agricultural systems in Canada and around the world collapsed as there was no pollination after the last bee hive perished. The Global Marshall Plan created a blueprint for an eco-social market that would sustain the earth, respect cultures and finance voluntary simplicity. Did you even read their brilliant Manifesto? The list of your wrongdoings could go on for a hundred pages. Mr. Prime Minister, President, CEO - who should you have listened to? You could have listened to Rachel Carson, rather than turn on the pharmaceutical industry jets in a carpet bombing campaign to discredit her. The extraordinary writers and campaigners for the Earth runs a very long gamut from Bateson, Suzuki, McKibben, Gore, Gladwell, Hawken, Korten, Lovelock, Anderson, Monbiot, Radermacher, Shiva, Wilson to the Union of Concerned Scientists. Prattis even entered the earth gambit with his 2008 book Failsafe: Saving The Earth From Ourselves. David Suzuki endorsed it and wrote the foreword, aboriginal leaders delighted in his advocacy. His point was that in every mind there is a Failsafe that would activate when matters grew so bad that moving to a new mindset would be inevitable. He argued that the notion of innate earth wisdom, when combined with tipping points in the mind and counter culture, would be sufficient to change our collective mentality in the direction of better earth stewardship. But there was a huge obstacle in the way, not anticipated. That was YOU! Your shared Nero gene had circumvented any possibility of a Failsafe in Consciousness from kicking in. Your manipulation of distraction technologies was a brilliant strategy to protect your interests. Ian is the resident dharmacharya (teacher) at Pine Gate Sangha and founder of Friends for Peace, which has a mandate for peace, planetary cars and social justice.

July/August 2013

John of God’s

Crystal Bed Therapy Sensations


he concept of the Crystal Light Bed, was channeled to John of God who then had it developed for practical use and incorporated it as an important healing modality at his healing center affectionately known as “the Casa,” in Brasil. The Crystal Healing Beds are available to all at the Casa and around the world. The Entities (Healing Spirit Guides who work through the lights and through John of God) recommends them for rejuvenation, alignment and balancing of our energy fields, which in turn aids in the process of spiritual and physical healing.  One such  crystal light  bed is  here in Ottawa and available for the community to use. Experiencing the crystal lights for some can be an awareness development exercise, as the  experience of the crystal pulsing lights over the body starts to take effect. According to Robert Bruce and his book on Energy Work.....While primary centers may become active and produce noticeable throbbing and tingling sensations there may not be any noticeable spiritual phenomena. This can be likened to starting the engine of an automobile but not engaging the gears. It will just sit there ticking over, waiting for someone to drive it away. Spiritual abilities and phenomea take time to grow, barring natural ability. Energy work encourages this growth process. Your intentions are also important and frequent affirmations - like, I have visions, I am clairvoyant, and I see energy et cetera- will help. The base center  may be  the first structure to be targeted for development. Extra stimulation in this area will help the whole energy body. When this center begins to activate, noticeable tingling and/or throbbing and pressure sensations will be felt in the perineum area. Sensations will eventually move  upward to all the chakra centers. Most people undertaking energy work will experience only mild sensations to begin with. A light sensation with slight pulsing and tingling sensations are excellent for general energy work and development, but everyone is different and some people have more sensitive energy bodies than others. Energy work can cause a variety of weird sensations. The most common primary center-related sensations include throbbing, pulsing, tingling, and fluttering. Other feelings include localized warm and cool sensations, mild cramping, tightness, heaviness, and pressure. Active primary energy centers and structures affect nerves and surrounding muscles in unusual ways, often causing localized muscular twitching and spasm. Strong throbbing energy center activity can be felt by touching the area with your fingertips showing that these are physical sensations, and therefore, involve physical nerves and muscles.

Strong sensations, pressures, and even pains are usually cause by energy centers and structure awakening from dormancy. This is generally only a temporary condition, like using muscles that have not been worked out for a long time. If uncomfortable or painful symptoms appear, the golden rule should be applied: stop and take a break. Sometimes body awareness-based energy work will bring physical ailments out into the open. When energy work is first undertaken, it is common to experience strong intermittent energy sensations for the first few weeks. These sensations soon reduce. When this happens, many people think they are doing something wrong or the practice is not working anymore. but this is perfectly normal. Do not judge energy body activity and development by the strength of the sensations you feel. Strong sensations will always reduce as the energy body, and the physical body and its nerves, adapt and evolve. Stimulating the energy body of the higher centers, can cause supporting energy structures to activate in a noticeable way. The facial area is extremely sensitive and some unusual sensations can result. While these are rarely intense, they can be distracting, and these sensations are commonly called cobwebs. Cobwebtickling, tingling, and stinging sensation may start at any time and causes increased energy flow. It is likely that the energy flowing over and through the supporting structure in the facial area overstimulates the nerves there, causing the cobweb sensations. The best way to handle cobwebs is to ignore them. Try to resist the urge to scratch, as this will break your concentration and disturb your relaxed state. A sensation similar to cobwebs can appear directly over the site of any chakra. this is a tickling, tingling sensations. This signals that a center is active at a more refined level than that which produces throbbing and pulsing sensations.   For more information on John of God’s Crystal Light Bed call 613 789 1318 or email

July/August 2013


What You Cant See Can Still Hurt You The invisible health hazards of electromagnetic fields. The 21st century smog


MF’s are every where and that’s precisely the problem. At the present time the greatest polluting element in our earth’s environment, more serious even than global climate change and chemical pollution is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. Artificially created EMF’s are 100-200 million times greater than what excised just two generations ago. Every minute of every day weather we are awake or asleep we are exposed to a constant barrage of man made electromagnetic frequencies from sources that include Power Lines, Cell Phones, Radar, Microwaves, Satellites, Ham radios, Computers, Wi-Fi hot spots and Smart Meters. Even if you don’t have any of this in your home it’s what your neighbours have in theirs. Doctors are seeing that radiation once considered safe is now correlated with the increase in Cancers, Birth Defects, Depression, Learning Disabilities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease. Since we have embraced the wireless age, there is no turning back. Protection will be essential to ensure your ability to not only survive, but also thrive in the wireless 21st century. All of our protection products are earth friendly, (MADE IN CANADA) EMF Home & Work Balancers, Car Balancers, ADR Disc. (For cell phones), Gold energy cards & plates (Align chakras and open meridians) Energized jewelry, Soil balancer for house and garden plants. (613) 842-4758 ~ “Have A Balanced Day”

Cancer and Sexuality

by Marlene and Bob Neufeld tudies have demonstrated increased survival for married people diagnosed with cancer over single people. On the other hand, a cancer diagnosis can be emotionally hard on the person with the diagnosis, the spouse and the relationship. One important way couples connect is through their sexuality. When Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2006 we used all the skills we taught other couples to ensure that our sexual relationship stayed strong. Some of the tools we used were: • Presence: A cancer diagnosis can pull people towards a frightening, uncertain or painful future. Learning to be present with what was really going on was assisted through our mindfulness practice. We also continually reminded ourselves to focus on what we could control, and let go of the rest. Presence allowed us to remain physically and sexually connected. • Emotional literacy: Often our sex lives suffer when we are under stress because we are locked in anger or fear and don’t know how to express it in safe and friendly ways. Learning to express authentic emotions in a non-blaming way became very important as we journeyed through the fear of what was happening, and the future. • Approaching our discomfort: Our teacher, Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks taught us that if we could connect emotionally and express our feelings while being present to what our partner was experiencing, it could open the flow of love and support between us. This required us to approach our fear rather than to move away from it. • Share & Listen: Various aspects of a couple’s relationship are affected by the cancer experience. Depression, fatigue, nausea, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and other physical or emotional problems may lower sex drive or make intercourse difficult or painful. Learning to talk openly about everything that was going on was important. Part of


Rosemary Murray-Lachapelle, Jungian Analyst, ML.S., M.A. Dipl. Analyt. Psych.

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Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts, International Association of Analytical Psychology


July/August 2013


The Planetary Consciousness. We are its Petals. It is the Lotus.

The planetary consciousness is the return to Christ incarnate in man. This is the road to wholeness in the plan of evolution. Each one who is in the plan of creation is a unit of consciousnes, a spark of divinity of man who receives the world by the word of Love which is given him through the satguru or living master of sound, who is the receptacle of love in men and is the master’s voice of love in its growth from infancy to maturity. The lotus of life is the reason for the purpose of life as men know it. Each man representing a lotus, which is turning down in his birth, turning upward slowly in infancy

CREATE CLOSER LOVING RELATIONSHIPS Marlene & Bob Neufeld A Couple helping Couples learn life-changing relationship skills

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our practice involves telling the truth in an unarguable way, focusing on what our body is experiencing. This proved to be an aphrodisiac. • Curiosity: Bob’s treatment included taking a testosteronereducing drug. The oncologist said he would experience total loss of desire. We got curious, and learned that desire doesn’t just come from hormones, it also comes from intention. We set the intention to remain sexually connected throughout the period, letting go of the goal of intercourse and focusing instead on giving and receiving pleasure. We viewed the lowering of physical desire as an opportunity to experiment and learn something about ourselves and each other. We strongly urge couples with a cancer diagnosis to not lose sight of their relationship during this stressful time. This is part of a longer article on Cancer and Sexuality that is being published by the Cancer Knowledge Network ( If you want to read the entire article you can also find it on our website. Marlene and Bob Neufeld are a couple who help couples learn life-changing skills and create closer loving relationships with one another. For more information call 613-594-9248 or see

and opening fully at maturity to receive the soundless voice which is its first taste of freedom. Many who read these words are in doubt, and will receive recognition of their doubt. This is the karma unfolding. Each who upon reading the words of the message knows he has received the call, and comes through the first trial by fire. This is the initiation of the numbered who claim the chosen One as their own. The will of God is the “Priori della Moss” of this time. So is it in the world today.

The Will to Perfection. Practicing Each Day.

Let us now begin to pray. The word pray is the word we use when we honour God and the light we seek within. To meditate, is the word we use when we assume a silence by the body and mind and wait for inspiration. We give the body mind rest to insure the growth process. Now in this practice we constantly search our minds for the word of God to appear. This appears as a reflection of God’s name or the mantra which is given to us.

This is how we attune. Now in this way, begin to breathe more slowly and mindfully, and to feel a vibration in the self as if it were asleep, and now awakened. It may begin anywhere. The legs, the hands, the neck, the face. Slowly breathe and concentrate upon the word of God which you hear. This is how we improve our vibration slowly. Know that each word vibrates differently and each word brings you closer or farther from the goal. With this in mind, say Om, or God, or Love.

Lotus of Life Teachings

The promise of our forefathers was to receive direct knowledge, to give knowledge, and to receive the work of the master of life by the teaching of the lotus of life which is the personal love of God in man as a bridge to self-hood. In this work one strives to become the work of God’s will, inviting the love of the Universe to enter our Hearts, receiving the gift of the Universe which is knowledge of the Word, whereby we may work toward the way of Love through self-abnegation. Only the work of the Lord exists in the world. All else is naught.

Part 5 of Sonja Muller’s Sound and Light will be in the next Tone

July/August 2013


Working Out Distress Written by Alexis Nicol


’ve just been through a harrowing experience with a glimpse into the pain a suicide victim might endure and let me tell you it’s not an experience I’d ever want to revisit! I was drowning deep in a well of sadness and no matter what I tried I wasn’t able to find relief. I have gone through some tough times but this one hit me pretty hard. I kept replaying the past over and over again trying to figure out where I went wrong and when did it start. This particular situation triggered months of tears, emotional pain and finally a trip to the hospital. I couldn’t take it anymore so I wrote a letter that expressed the great sadness I felt. After one week passed, then two without a response; I felt totally dejected. I kept going over and over the relationship trying to figure out what I might have said or done, but to my dismay nothing came to mind. The hardest thing for me was not knowing why. I began to see that what I had thought started last summer has really been accumulating for years. I was repeatedly lead back to the same question: Why?. Was it because family, friends and lovers didn’t think I was worthy of an explanation? It seemed that I was always left wondering what the heck I had done, always blaming myself. No one would give me a reason!



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“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!” – PSALM 100

Sundays 9:00 AM St Luke’s will be hosting a ‘drop-in’ choir during the summer months. Come to the rehearsal at 9 am to sing at the 10 am Holy Eucharist. A great opportunity for choristers who are ‘choir-less’ for the summer, or for those who just want to sing!

Alexis Nicol

 Reiki  Reflexology  Reconnective Healing®  ACIM 613-263-7925 Woe was I, yet another weekend alone and in tears. Sadly, I felt guilty, worthless and somewhere in the back of my mind thought I deserved to be treated this way. I began to picture myself hanging from a tree, wondering which branch was strong enough to bare my weight. My mind was totally out of sync and I couldn’t comprehend why I wasn’t able to figure out how to get myself together!! During this time I would hear the words repeated from a song: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. After many prayers for guidance and understanding, I received an answer. Or at least I heard one, better yet - I finally listened! It seems that the Universe has been trying to get Its point across to me for years. I guess I just wasn’t ready to receive it – until now! If we live our lives being guided by Love, truth, honesty and compassion then we are being authentic. It is everyone’s choice how they perceive our actions and words. This is key: their perception is their perception! Your actions are your actions – were they done from a place of Love and honesty? That’s important and what you need to know. I was and still am ignorant of the reasons for the problem but it is something I’m not carrying anymore. Whether or not I receive an explanation will not change who I am. It took many tears for me to finally realize that it is up to me to let others perceptions be theirs. I learned that I cannot be responsible for someone else’s choices. However, I am responsible for being truthful to who I am. You are responsible for how you choose to perceive and be. If you choose Love and honesty for yourself you can be a guiding light for someone else. This didn’t kill me and now I am stronger! Please contact me for information I can be reached via email at or by phone at 613-263-7925

WWW.STLUKESOTTAWA.CA 760 Somerset West, Ottawa, ON



July/August 2013

Separation And Divorce Support Group – Off To A Great Start


n Thursday, June 20, my new separation and divorce support group held its initial organizing meeting. A small group met with me in the lovely Penthouse Lounge of the Cartier Suites Hotel in downtown Ottawa for two hours to discuss their experience with separation and divorce and to talk about what they would like to see in a support group. Although the details of each person’s experience varied, some common themes emerged. One of the main themes was that separation and divorce are stressful experiences on many levels – legally, emotionally, and financially, just to mention a few. Coping with these stresses is one of the biggest challenges many people will face in their lifetimes. In fact, the group decided to make “Coping with the Stresses of Separation and Divorce” the topic of our next meeting on Thursday, July 18. Who should attend? The group is open to anyone with some experience with separation and divorce. You may be just starting to think about separation, you may be actually going through the process now, or you may have been divorced for many years. You can be male or female, old or young, straight or gay, have children or not, be legally married or living common law. All are welcome. Do you have to come every time? No, of course not. I expect that there may be some people who come for each meeting, others who will attend occasionally, and still others would just like to be on the email list and hear about the programs being offered each month. A regular commitment is not required. What will we do in the group? There was a consensus that for the first part of every meeting, there would be a loosely structured program. This could involve me facilitating a discussion around a particular topic, like dealing with the particular losses that occur around separations (less money, less time with children, loss of personal self-esteem and confidence), talking about the spiritual aspects of separation, or just remembering that there is life after divorce. There could be a discussion about a particular book or movie, I might show a relevant video, or offer a mini-seminar on the types of divorce rituals that are gaining traction across the US and Canada. We might invite occasional guest speakers, or I may give a mini-lecture on what I have learned from working with over 5,000 separating couples over the years. Then, during the second half of every meeting there would be ample time for people just to talk about what they are currently experiencing, to listen to other people’s stories and to share what they have learned – anything from small tips to important pearls of wisdom

- from their experience. Even with our initial small group everyone gained something from hearing the others talk about what they were going through and, as a result, they felt less alone. (I made the point that, while most people want to talk about their experiences, it is perfectly OK just to come and listen. Sharing can be cathartic and useful, but is not mandatory!) Logistics. The group felt that meeting twice a month (e.g. the first and third Thursdays of most months) would be a good timeframe. All meetings will run from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Cartier Suites Hotel in downtown Ottawa (180 Cooper Street, just off Elgin). All meetings are completely free of charge, though I would appreciate an email from you letting me know you will be attending (so I make sure I have enough chairs!) Hope to see you on July 18! Evita Roche was Canada’s first full-time lawyer-mediator. Since 1979, she has helped over 5,000 couples mediate the issues arising from their separation. In the 1990’s Evita was a Professor of family law and mediation at the University of Ottawa Law School, where she received the first Excellence in Teaching Award. Her private practice is restricted to separation and divorce mediation, and she frequently delivers seminars on subjects related to family law.

July/August 2013


Acupuncture and poor sleep

By Steve Ryu, R.TCMP, R.Ac. aving an occasional sleepless night because of stress or a broken heart is something we all know. Usually this condition improves after a couple of days and we don’t think of it anymore. A lot of people, however, are suffering from something called insomnia, not being able to fall asleep or constantly waking up at night. Not just one night, but every night. As a result they have to take medication, that can lead to addiction and sleeping is getting more and more difficult. These people become irritated during the day, are constantly over-fatigued and have a hard time concentrating. They can cause accidents in traffic and their performances in their work will suffer. Eventually this lack of sleep can make a person depressed, knowing that he or she is not able to keep-up with daily life. How can we develop sleeplessness? Main causes of insomnia are the use of certain medication, high doses of coffee, nicotine, alcohol or drugs, severe pain, disturbance of night-and-day rhythm (jet-lag) and of course periods of stress, emotional instability and depression. Also certain foods can cause a person to have a restless night, like hot and spicy food or too much fat. Another important reason for sleeping well is a good bed and mattress. When our body is supported well during the night it is easier to relax, because there will be less strain on the ligaments and joint capsules and our muscles don’t have to interfere. It will be clear that a regular day/night rhythm and a good balance between healthy food, physical activity and relaxation is a must for a sound sleep. Try to stay away from medication as long as possible, because in the end it can create even more sleeping problems. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine insomnia can have several causes. Emotions like anxiety and worry will weaken the energy (Qi) of the Kidneys and Spleen. The Spleen is said to “govern the Blood”. Weak Spleen Qi will also make the Blood weak. Blood has a yin character and when yin is weak it cannot control the body during the night and so yang will be active and disturbs the sleep. Again when yin Qi is weak it will also affect the yin of the Kidneys. When the Kidneys are not able to control the Heart, the Heart will overreact and Heart fire will rise (yang). This will automatically lead to insomnia, because at night yin needs to prevail. Long term stress and emotional disturbances will have a negative effect on the yin Qi of the Liver. As a result the Liver fire will rise and cause insomnia. Finally, when there is a digestive problem, Spleen and Stomach are involved and can create damp-heat, which eventually can lead to insomnia.



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Symptoms can be different: Deficiency of Spleen and Blood will create difficulty to fall asleep, palpitations, poor memory, listlessness etc. When Heart and Kidney are involved the patient will be impatient, irritable and dizzy and can have lower back pain together with insomnia. Rising Liver fire causes irritability, dream-disturbed sleep, headache and a bitter taste in the mouth and finally with Stomach dysfunction there will be insomnia with fullness, abdominal distension and belching. A proper TCM diagnose will point us in the right direction. With acupuncture we can tonify the Spleen and the Blood, control the Heart fire, strengthen the Kidney, balance the Liver and remove damp-heat. Acupuncture uses the body’s own energy and increases the immune system. There is no need for medication with possible addiction and the patient will eventually heal him/herself using the strength that’s inside him/ her. Steve Eun Kyu Ryu, R.TCMP, R.Ac is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner at New Life Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Center in Ottawa. He is affiliated with Ottawa Fertility Centre and Riverside Acupuncture & Wellness Centre for infertility treatment. For further information or to make an appointment call 613863-6906 or visit website or

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From Adult to Elder – the Wisdom of Slowing Down


’ve recently realized how much we want quick answers even to profound questions. We promote and reinforce the multi-tasking, frenetic pace of life such that if we can’t do two things at the same time, we’re not operating at maximum efficiency and there’s something wrong with us. I think we’ve all been there, done that. As we enter the fall season of our lives, many of us have been so busy being busy that we are worried and some even petrified of having nothing to do. A client of mine said she was clear she would never get busy to the extent she did while working and is now spending much of her time meditating and meeting like-minded people talking about philosophy and spirituality. She loves telling people at parties that she is doing nothing because they often gasp, or take a step back in shock that anyone could wish that for themselves. This person is obviously doing something worthwhile, quiet contemplation, engaged from the inside out. It is often not seen that way.

I was certainly one of those who could not see the value of inner contemplation nor have the patience to do so. With time, I got to experience the profound revelations that show up when sitting with a particular problem or question, in the quiet, and allowing the answers to come up rather than forcing them. The problem with busyness and quick answers is that it keeps us on the surface of our life, at the superficial plane and does not allow depth. When we get an immediate answer it stops the inner query. When allowed to engage, our inner Self very often reveals to us a much richer and deeper view of a problem as well as much more viable options. As we age, it seems to become a stronger need to connect to our soul which seems to communicate much louder in the silence. To explore deeper questions such as what is my inner wisdom, what brings meaning to my life, what is my legacy, are questions best answered by sitting with them for a while and on a regular basis. Having been the ‘queen of quick answers’ myself, it took a lot of perseverance to do this, however, it has definitely been worth it. Thérèse Kelders offers personal consultations and programs to facilitate people transitioning from adult to elder, to realize a more meaningful and fulfilled life. I would love your opinions on this article. Please go to my Website (, under Blog, click the title of this article then put in your comments.

I will be at the Ottawa Valley Midsummer Herbfest in Almonte on Sunday July *� S� PIRITUAL�HEALING�*� E� NERGY�M� EDICINE�*� S� HAMAN� J� OURNEYING� *� S� OUL�R� ETRIEVAL�*� P� AST�L� IFE�J� OURNEYS�*� 28, 2013, giving a presentation on: a Major Life Transition – from Adult to H� EALING�K� ARMA�*� H� EALING�B� AD�M� EDICINE�*� G� ETTING�Y� OUR�P� OWER�B� ACK�*�D� ESTINY�W� ORK�*� U� NDER-� Elder: Harvesting our Wisdom. Hope HY�Y� OU�C� AME�H� ERE�*� A� ND�M� UCH�M� ORE� .� to see you there! STANDING�W� NEW O� TTAWA�P� ROGRAM�B� EGINS�S� EPTEMBER�2013� - C� HECK�W� EBSITE�FOR�M� ORE�I� NFO� S� ESSIONS�B� Y�A� PPOINTMENT�O� NLY�AT�(613) 274-3708�

WWW� .T� HE� 8� TH� FI�RE� .C �OM� July/August 2013


Is radical surgery the best way to avoid breast cancer?


It might be in your genes, but it doesn’t have to be in your future.

Michelle Thibodeau Registered Holistic Nutritionist Certified Cancer Coach

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ngelina Jolie’s brave decision has gotten a lot of us wondering, “Are gene testing and mastectomy the best ways to lower my risk of getting breast cancer?” The actress sent a bold message with her opinion piece published this spring in The New York Times: A woman at genetic risk should feel empowered to remove both breasts as a way to prevent the disease. Jolie revealed that she has had a double mastectomy because she carries a cancer-causing gene mutation known as BRCA1. The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, in and of themselves, do not make the disease. There is a grave misconception that you are at increased risk if you carry these genes. These mutations vary widely and are remarkably rare in the general population. As a Nutritional Oncologist, I believe women should use a more holistic or natural approach for prevention and treatment. By using the best practices in Holistic Nutrition tailored to your unique body composition and lifestyle, you can actually correct the nutritional causes of disease and help prevent serious illnesses from developing. If you feel you have a high risk of getting breast cancer (because it runs in the family or because you’ve tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation) there are other effective ways you can prevent cancer from developing. Here are five actions to lower your risk of developing breast cancer – even if it runs in the family: 1. Eat raw cruciferous vegetables, like arugula, broccoli, kale and radishes. These contain a potent anti-cancer nutrient called Indol-3-Carinol (I3C) that can halt breast cancer in its tracks.

Specializing in Cancer Risk Management, Nutrition and Lifestyle Oncology

2. Get your Vitamin D. Through supplements, Vitamin D is known to inhibit nearly four out of five cancers, including breast cancer. 3. Regular, moderate exercise such as yoga, jogging, biking, swimming, fast-paced walking or a favorite sport all help by protecting against stress-related disorders and depression, which is critical for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Research has shown that patients who exercise regularly have half the recurrence rate than those who don’t exercise. Mounting evidence strongly indicates that exercise should be a part of standard cancer care. 4. Avoid mammograms as many scientists and physicists have acknowledged that mammograms can cause cancer because they emit ionizing radiation directly into the breast and heart tissue. Dr. John W. Gofman, an authority on the health effects of ionizing radiation, estimates that 75 per cent of breast cancer occurrences could be prevented by avoiding or minimizing exposure to the ionizing radiation. This includes mammography, x-rays, CT’s and other medical sources. If you have too many mammograms, sooner or later they will likely detect breast cancer because they caused it. 5. Eat well for optimal health. Proper nutrition is critical in fighting against cancer. Cancer prevention starts with you! Aside from these five tips, there are many other nutrition and lifestyle changes that can be made to aide in protecting the body from cancer. You have the ability to prevent and reverse serious health problems without spending a fortune on testing or undergoing drastic measures. Get your copy of the free report 9 Things your Oncologist won’t tell you at Michelle Thibodeau of Nu Healings Nutrition is Ottawa’s only Holistic Nutritionist who is also a Certified Professional Cancer Coach. She offers programs in Nutritional Health, Risk Prevention and Cancer Coaching. Michelle knows first-hand what it’s like to live with cancer. Hear her story and learn more about her professional services at


July/August 2013

A Unique System of Healing and Teaching

I do both hands-on and distance work. I have a growing client base in other parts of Canada, as well would like to introduce myself and to a unique system as in New Zealand and Australia. It is my great honor of healing and teaching. My name is Barbara Waterfall. to assist other healers and practitioners, as well as I also carry the name of Yellow Thundercloud Woman, spiritual seekers with one’s ongoing emotional, mental, which speaks to my carrying the Medicine of “the Calm physical and spiritual development. As well, I have after the Storm.” I began my path as a Healer twenty- been sharing and teaching what I have learned from my eight years ago. I have opened up a healing practice in many teachers. I know there are many qualified and Ottawa, having recently moved from Vancouver Island. competent practitioners to choose from in the Ottawa Many First Nations Elders refer to me as “The Healers’ area. If you feel a resonance with this Service to Life I Healer.” I also serve as an “Accredited Messenger look forward to speaking with you to see if this Service for the Ascended Host,” and am the Founder of “The is a unique match for you. Institute of Divine Justice.” I lived in Ottawa many years ago when I was Barbara Waterfall, M.S.W., Ph.D., studying at Carleton University in social work. My The Healers’ Healer spiritual education involved studying from Indigenous 613 523-5367 Elders, and my career life was motivated by a passion


for social justice. I must say though, at that point in my life I was what many would refer to as a wounded healer. I carried a lot of emotional, mental and physical pain. I required meeting just the perfect people who could assist me with my own unique development. I kept praying and asking for assistance. The answer came in the form of spirit leading me to move away in 1991, to embark on the most amazing spiritual journey. This journey led me to meet, to work with, and to study from many beautiful spiritual leaders, Elders, medicine people, teachers, mentors and healers in various parts of Canada. My spiritual journey has been a rigorous and disciplined path, and I follow the protocols given to me by my Indigenous teachers. My path has included embarking on the Sun Dance road, which if you do not know -- this is a sacred path to some Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. My path has also involved my having spiritual experiences with the Angelic and Ascended Mastery Realms, and I have received in-depth esoteric teachings in Mystery Schools pertaining to the Ascended Master Teachings. The knowledges that I received from my many teachers are such precious treasures. They have served me well, as well as the many people that I assist in my practice. Currently I have been called upon to integrate Indigenous practices and other forms of counseling and healing, with the Ascended Master teachings. The result of this is that I have developed a unique System of Healing and Teaching. In my practice, I respect the uniqueness of every person who comes to me, and make use of the healing modality(ies) that would best suit each person I am working with. To that end, I have been known to integrate modalities of Indigenous healing, Reiki, the transformative breath work of Wholistic Rebirthing, the musicality of working with toning, sounding, singing, chanting, drumming, and playing crystal singing bowls, of esoteric practices from the Ascended Masters, with traditional forms of counseling practice.

A Message from the Maha Chohan Nee:

Through the Hollow Bone, Yellow Thundercloud Woman/Barbara Waterfall


las, you have woken from a very long winter’s sleep. You fell asleep and fell into the illusion of duality. While an illusion, duality has caused much suffering.  Now you are awake.   It is springtime in this new cycle of your development. You know that you are a Creator Being. In truth, you are an individualized ‘Presence’ of Mother/Father God/Goddess. Dear One, you are responsible for your Creations.  Let us jointly Co-Create this new Era of Peace -- of Respectful Co-Existence.  I encourage you to make it your priority, learning about the truth of your existence, and your reason for embodying on this Planet at this time.  Learn of the Mighty Truths and Practices that were once shrouded by a Veil of Mystery. You have been given many gifts.  One Mighty Gift is the Sacred Fire, the Flames and Rays of God/dess All That Is. This gift is free and is yours for the taking.  Learn of how to apply this gift.  Take Command of the Sacred Fire, and Become the Mighty I AM Presence in Action.   There are Great Changes Taking Place on This Planet.  Many have proclaimed doom and gloom.  Be not afraid.  Take up your role in the Co-Creation of a new Era of Peace.  In truth you are Powerful in ways that you must now own.  Know that you are not alone.  There are many of us in the Higher Realms who wish to be of assistance to you.  We are here to serve you.  Know that you may call on me, and any of us at any time.  If it is your desire, we will take you by your hand, and we will guide you to your Happy Destiny.

July/August 2013


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Visit or call 613-761-9642 (YOGA) for more information Tune Up and Flow with Caterina DattiloCaron July 3 & 14 This class includes the use of yoga therapy balls to release deep muscle tension followed by a Hatha Yoga Flow segment. FREE Open House for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training July 6, 12:30pm Interested in deepening your yoga practice on and off the mat? Come out to meet our trainers, learn about our program and ask questions. Double Gong New Moon Meditation with Devinder Kaur – July 9, 5:45pm Two Gongs played at the same time! Every New Moon, we have the opportunity to manifest a new beginning and when we come together with such an intention our efforts are enhanced. Prana Flow with Greg Kaps – July 13 and 27. 1:00pm Prana Flow classes are breath inspired journeys that offer a complete spectrum of rhythms from meditative and rejuvenating to the challenging and empowering. Kundalini 101 with Devinder Kaur – July 16, 7:30pm Kundalini Yoga 101 is the ideal introduction to Kundalini Yoga. If you’ve never tried Kundalini Yoga or don’t know how to get started, this workshop is for you! Vinyasa, Zumba & Yin with Maria Figueroa – July 19, 7:30pm Three incredible forms of movement blended into one great class. Forrest Yoga with Louise Cameron – July 20, 1:00pm An inspiring yoga practice that builds flexibility, intelligence and strength while helping deepen the relationship with your authentic self. Bliss Yoga with Melissa Delaney – July 21, 4:00pm Enjoy a nurturing and relaxing class incorporating gentle, flowing movements to recharge and unwind while receiving the healing benefits of touch through massage. Full Moon Gong Meditation with Devinder Kaur – July 23, 5:45pm Learn the astrology for the Full Moon and do a short yoga set (kriya) and meditation. Class concludes with a deep relaxation with the healing sounds of the Gong and Crystal Singing Bowls!


FORREST YOGA - Ana Forrest is returning to PranaShanti July 26-28 Forrest Yoga helps you connect to your coregetting strong and centered. It uses heat, deep breathing and vigorous sequences to sweat out toxins. The long holds within the pose progressions help you flush, oxygenate and rejuvenate every cell. Suitable for all levels. Friday - Celebrate Your Practice (1 of 3) Saturday - Luminous Core Saturday - Celebrate Your Practice (2 of 3) Sunday - Unraveling The Mysteries Of Hips, Neck & Shoulders Sunday - Celebrate Your Practice (3 of 3) Kids Yoga Summer Camp with Jamie Reardon - July 29-August 2 Our yoga campers will make new friendships and memories to cherish. Kids will experience the benefits of Hatha yoga, as well as traditional camp activities. We will explore daily yoga themes in a positive and non-competitive atmosphere. Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – Summer Intensive begins July 13 Our Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program offers the possibility to really dive into the teachings, physically, mentally and spiritually. 200 hour Yoga Alliance program including 180 contact hours and 35 personal hours held during an 8-day retreat and 3 weekends. This format provides future teachers exposure to as much knowledge and hands on practice teaching time as possible. LifeForce Yoga® Master Class Weekend with Amy Weintraub – September 27-29 LifeForce Yoga® weaves the power of an ancient discipline with current scientific findings to help you release what’s no longer serving you—without a story attached! In this inspiring workshop, you will learn and practice breathing exercises, easy postures, guided meditations, and other experiential yogic tools for managing your mood. Functional Anatomy/Therapeutic Training with Marlysa Sullivan – October 25-28 This is an experiential course where we explore the major muscles and joints of the body and how they relate to yoga practice. This course will enable you to have a better understanding of how to practice asanas safely and in a way to focus on specific muscles and muscular/joint imbalances in your and your students practices.

July/August 2013

Four Power Techniques™ for Healing & Rejuvenation – FREE TELECONFERENCE Tuesday, July 23, 7:00 – 8:30 pm. Divine Channel, Master Lynda Chaplin shares Soul Healing techniques using Body Power, Soul Power, Mind Power and Sound Power to self-heal, help loved ones, humanity and Mother Earth. Pre-register with Susan at 613-276-7132, Sara at 613620-1996, or Soul Masters: Dr. Guo & Dr. Sha Film Screening & Divine Healing Hands Blessings Friday, August 9, 7:00 – 9:30 pm, FREE. This inspiring documentary reveals breakthrough techniques using Soul Power to heal. Meet Master Zhi Gang Sha and his beloved spiritual father, Master Zhi Chen Guo – two extraordinary healers and spiritual teachers. Your heart will be touched as you witness their commitment to serve humanity. Contact Sara Brauner at 613-620-1996, or email Soul Healing Evening with Divine Healing Hands Blessings Friday, August 24, 7:00 – 9:30 pm, FREE. Experience the power of soul healing to transform your health, emotions, intelligence, finances, relationships, and more with Soul Healing blessings from Divine Channel, Master Lynda. Contact Susan McNeely at 613-276-7132 or Sara Brauner at 613-6201996, or email Tao Song Singing Workshop Saturday-Sunday, August 25-26, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, $200. Join Master Lynda Chaplin, Divine Channel and Master Helene Ziebarth world-renowned voice coach to build the connection between soul, voice, breath and body. Experience the power of soul song and practices to transform your life. No singing experience necessary. Preregister with Master Lynda at 416-255-8823, or email

Calendar ... Conferences ... Workshops 340 Gladstone Ave. 613.234.7974 Ashtanga Immersion Weekend Join Level 2 authorized teacher, Elise Greenspoon on this journey of self-discovery and gain an experiential understanding of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and its profound effect on our bodies, our minds and our souls. July 5-7 Fri: $30+hst Sat: $90+hst Sun: $90+hst Weekend for $150+hst Sadhana Approx. 1-hour yoga/postures plus 1-hour beautiful chanting meditations. Challenging and exquisite, it gives you victory and strength in your life. July 7 and August 4, 5-7am Free Partner Yoga Enjoy this fun and interactive class with your partner, friend, workout buddy - everyone is welcome to attend! July 21 11am-12:30pm $40+hst per pair Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth This course is for a pregnant woman and her partner (in life and/or birth). Whether you are planning a hospital or a home birth, this session will be beneficial for you. July 21 11am-6pm $120+hst per couple Intro To Yoga Therapy This workshop will begin with a short lecture followed by an experiential practice. July 27 1-3pm $40+hst

Yoga with Dev 10 days yoga training course (Deva Yoga Level-1) at Forest Hill, 6501 Campeau Drive, Kanata, ON K2K 3E9, July 15 to August 19, Mondays and Fridays at 06.30 to 08.00 pm. Register online, Web: Contact: Phone: 613-355-1791. BodyTalk Access for Animals Sept 20th 5:30-9:30pm, 21st-22nd 9-5pm Come learn 5 fabulous energy techniques to improve your animals well-being. Reduce stress, improve conditions like allergies-arthritis, and so much more. For info contact Kim Swan or Register

340 Gladstone Ave. 613.234.7974 UPCOMING TEACHER TRAINING: 40hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Begins September 11 This program is designed for certified 200hr yoga teachers, prenatal educators, doulas, and anyone who works pregnant woman and their families. This program will allow you to deepen your knowledge of yoga principles and practices as related to pregnancy and birth. It is suitable for yoga teachers and body workers wishing to strengthen their skills when working with pregnant women. 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training With Abe Cartland and Matthew Harper Begins October 18th Your investment: $2700+hst or Early-bird: $2500+hst if registered before September 18th Yoga for Seniors Teacher Training Part 2, October 25-27 $350+hst For each part. Save $30+hst if you register before September 25th “DreamTime” A Shamanic Sound Healing Journey July 10th, 7:30 to 9:30pm at the Subud Hall, 357 Wilmont Ave, $25 Let the powerful shamanic sounds of didgeridoos, gongs, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, spirit drums, rainmakers, chimes, flutes, turtle rattles and enchanting vocals take you on a profound spiritual journey to your higher self. This is a lying down event. Please bring mats, lots of blankets and pillows! “Shamanic Dance Medicine” July 12th, 8 to 10pm, at Surround Circle Yoga, 15 Aylmer Ave, $15-$20 A Trance Dance Healing Journey, guided by the powerful live vibrations of didgeridoos, medicine drums, turtle rattle, gong, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, native flute and enchanting vocals. Let your body be moved and your spirit connected by the sounds washing through you. “Awaken” Be reborn with Shamanic Sound and Breath Work! July 13th, 7:30 to 10pm, at Surround Circle Yoga, 15 Aylmer Ave, $30 Join us for a deep transformational journey, combining Breath Work with the powerful, live healing vibrations of gong, didgeridoos, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, spirit drums, native flute and enchanting vocals. A shamanic journey to rekindle our true essence, reawaken the desire to offer our gifts and walk our path of destiny. This is a lying down event. Please bring mats, lots of blankets, pillows and water!

July/August 2013

Quantum-Touch® therapy Introduction and Demonstration July 26th, 2013 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Snowbird Summer Haven Resort White Lake, Ontario Information from Aileen McKenna Aileen’s Oasis Come to hear what this new work is all about and experience the feeling of energy, share stories, ask questions, feel relaxation and energy flow through your being Quantum-Touch therapy Level I Certificate Training weekend Saturday and Sunday, July 27th and 28th, 2013 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Snowbird Summer Haven Resort White Lake, Ontario Information from Aileen McKenna Aileen’s Oasis 613-228-2272, by cell at 613-795-3751 Or toll free at 1-866-493-0236 In a few short hours you will learn how to run energy using meditation and special breathing techniques that will allow you to heal yourself, your friends, family, plants and animals. You will be learning from the first Canadian Quantum-Touch Instructor P R A N IC H E A L IN G T RAI N I N G BASIC PRANIC HEALING (level 1) July 13-14 (Sat/Sun) 10am–5 pm, $350+tx. This course teaches the connection between the physical anatomy and the energy body (i.e. auras, chakras, meridians, nadis). Learn how to scan the condition of the energy body using your hands, and increase your sensitivity. Learn and practice self-healing and distant healing. Understand energy hygiene and the laws of karma & manifestation. ADVANCED PRANIC HEALING (Level 2) Aug 10-11 (Sat/Sun) 10am-5pm, $450+tx. Learn advanced techniques to safely access higher frequencies of energy using colour pranas. Practice advanced scanning techniques and learn how to treat more serious diseases. Learn powerful techniques to stimulate the immune system and cleanse the blood and internal organs. Study methods of cell regeneration for rapid healing, and methods of reprogramming diseased cells. For information and to register, contact Faye Healey at 613-282-0801 or email, or visit Find us on Facebook:


DIRECTORY • Groups ISUL GROUP INTERNATIONAL. RON CHAPMAN. Meditation classes and seminars. 232-1160. PATHWORK® Practical spiritual wisdom that lays out a step-by-step journey into personal transformation and wholeness. A challenging yet compassionate voyage of discovery to the Real Self through the laqyers of our defenses, denial and fear, guided by our own inner authority. Ottawa info: SUFI ORDER OF OTTAWA

• People RON CHAPMAN. Classes and seminars, meditation all levels, private consultations 232-1160. NADINE LA BELLE, M.A. Body, mind, spirit Integrative Healing®. 613-258-7492. T. M. (THOME-us MARTee) TEGTMEYER, coaching and teaching transformation:; Phone: 613.769.5575. BARBARA WATERFALL, MSW, Ph.D., Reiki Master Founder of Institute of Divine Justice, Transformational Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Singer/Musician and Song Writer, and Community Builder. (613) 523-5367

• Places MOVEMENT OF SPIRITUAL INNER AWARENESS (MSIA) (an ecumenical church), Ottawa-Morin Community. Weekly, Thursday, 7:30 pm services, followed by fellowship, at 103 Westpark Drive, in Ottawa: call to reserve. Marriages and spiritual counselling by appointment. Peace Theological Seminary Courses: as scheduled locally, by correspondence and by internet. For information or to reserve: or 613-841-1458

• A Course in Miracles COURSE OASIS. Courses, support and study groups, spiritual gatherings, individual mentoring, books. Mary Anne Buchowski and James Gregory, 613-726-0195. Email: courseoasis@; Website:

• Acupuncture CHINESE TRADITIONAL ACUPUNCTURE & NATURAL MEDICINE CENTRE. TCM. DAC. Jia Jun Huang & Annie Huang. Graduate of Shanghai Medical University (1960). Over 45 years experience. Member of Chinese Acupuncture Association of China & Canada. Acute & chronic pain, Accident. Sports injuries, Arhtritis, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Insomnia, Stop smoking, Menopause, etc. Disposable needles are used. Insurance coverage. Free parking. One of the largest herb stores in Otawa. 613-235-5504. 867 Somerset St. W. Ottawa.


HARMONY ACUPUNCTURE, Rural Kanata location, Alice Kwasniok, Dr. Ac. and TCM, MSc, member of CMAAC, graduate of ACOS, Nelson, BC. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for prevention and treatment of a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Weight loss and detoxification, anti-aging facial rejuvenation. 613-832-0658. PAIN RELIEF; correction of chronic conditions; addiction relief; weight loss; pro-active tune-up for health maintenance. Meridians Clinic (613) 728-2579 SUNRISE COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE clinic offers affordable treatments on a sliding scale from $15 to 35 ( +HST). You pay what you can, no questions asked. There is an additional $10 for the first treatment only. 20 years of experience. 613-853-9099.

• Addictions SEX ADDICTS ANONYMOUS (SAA). A 12 step group to stop compulsive behaviour. Phone 786-1060.

• Akashic Records PATRICIA V. LACROIX, Psychic Medium, Empath, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist. Akasha is the fundamental energy at the very core of creation. All that is created emanates from and returns to the energy of the Akasha. Held within the Akasha are the individual records of each soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return. Every thought, word, deed and intent generated by each soul’s experience is recorded within the Akasha in one’s personal Akashic Records as well as in a collective recording of the experience. Accessing information from the Akashic Records gives us Divine insight as we create and manifest our desires.

• Alexander Technique ELENA CALVO. Certified teacher(England) Personalized mind and body work. English, Spanish, and French spoken. Health Insurance covered. (819) 771-0110. THE OTTAWA-HULL SCHOOL FOR THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE, Richard Albert, Director. Health insurance covered. I now offer Alexander lessons in my office or at your home 819-456-3484; or visit BRIGITTE CARON fully bilingual, certified teacher (also speaks Spanish). 317 Chapel (@ Laurier). 789-7972.

• Allergy treatment ALLERGY & CHRONIC CONDITIONS. 10th year serving Ottawa-Outaouais. Judy Spence’s Medical background assures your program

July/August 2013

is tailored to your individual health needs. NAET is excellent for treatment of allergy & infection as well as Autism, CFS, FM, MCS, ADD & other chronic and conditions including pain. Doctorate of Natural Medicine (DNM), Acupuncturist., Advanced Level 2 NAET, Advanced 2 BioSet, Laser Acupuncture Detox & Lymphatic Drainage. Western medicine meets Eastern medicine to correct persistent and acute health issues.  State-of-the-art computerized testing. The NAET Clinic of Ottawa is a full service, full time practice and also offers Hypnosis, Homeotoxicology, Auricular Medicine, Ion Detox Foot Baths,  Sauna Detox, Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Programs. 613-728-2579. Quebec location: 819-6611061.  On parle francais.

• Angel Therapy ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® Diane Lanthier incorporates various modalities, including family constellation work, into a unique and compelling Emotional Freedom Techniques session. EFT is gentle yet powerful energy work that allows you to release any negative memories and feelings that are blocking you from moving forward in life. 613 297 8293,, THREELIGHTS HEALING INC I am a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner/ Certified Intuitive Life Coach/Usui Reiki MasterTeacher/Certified Magnified Healer/Clairvoyant Medium. Integrated Healing Therapy Sessions with messages from your angels. Contact: 613.271.8775 or VONNE SOLIS. 613-258-3550 DISCOVER YOUR WISDOM WITH SOUL COLLAGE®. Fun, creative workshops and one on one sessions., Elise Laviolette 613-864-6377, BARBARA WATERFALL is a conduit for the Ascended Master, Angelic and Elemental Realms, offering empowered Higher Guidance, as well as profound Transformational Healing Sessions, using the modalities of Wholistic Rebirthing, and Advanced gTummo (Sacred Fire) Blessings. (613) 523-5367 HEALING ANGELS OF THE ENERGY FIELD, Integrated Energy Therapy-Master Instructor and Journey Practioner. Learn how to connect with your angels and be the best you can be. Contact Susan at 613-220-6551 or email me at

• Aqualead AQUALEAD ENERGY - Healing water, environmental healing. Level I, II and Master classes. Free of charge, donations accepted. Sabine Blais, Aqualead & Reiki Master. email for schedules, www. (819) 230-6638.

DIRECTORY • Aromatherapy PLANET BOTANIX fills all your pure essential oil needs! We carry over 100 oils and other supplies. Purchase products from our line of all natural bodycare. 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444, PROMOTE WELLNESS with AROMATHERAPY! One hour sessions - $40. Available Thurs., Fri. and Sat. at Classy Nails & Spa Inc. (613-834-9922) 260 Centrum Boulevard, Ottawa

• Art / Art Therapy SCULPTURE FROM THE HEART: a powerful creative process working with the whole person, energizing and grounding. Free introductory session. Hilde Paz - BA Visual Arts, qualified Steiner sculpture therapist, Tobias School of Art, UK (1988). individuals and small groups. Info: 613 829-3408 JOURNEY THROUGH THE RAINBOW: Participants gain a greater understanding of themselves by exploring the seven colours of the rainbow through art, visualization, sound and food. A “sense”-ational experience! Tammy Smith 613-799-1022

• Ascension Healing NEWLY-ACCESSIBLE LIVING TECHNOLOGY INTELLIGENCE for clearing stubborn, limiting energies from your 12-D Divine blueprint.

• Astrology JACQUES GIASSON: Professional Astrologer with a background in psychological counseling and 28 years of experience. Become aware of your path and take advantage of your challenges and opportunities, natal, actual and future. Call: 819-770-9259. JUDY JIBB, Astrologer CertFAstrolS 613 304 4255, 11th House Astrology Group, open to all levels, to exchange & learn, 2nd Monday of month (Sept.June), 61 Main St. Ottawa. Info:. 613-821-4839.

• Aura Photography AURA PHOTO & Chakra Balancing Aura pic & interpretation, Colour therapy, Clear blockages, Healing. Rina Soucy 613-841-8651

• Ayurveda NOEL SMITH-SPARROW: Ayurvedic lifestyle Consultant, phone: (613) 294-7798

• B. O. S. LAURIE FRASER, certified B.O.S. practitioner. Excellent results: emotional issues (depression, anxiety, grief), pain, disease, allergies, mould, menopause, infection, insomnia, etc. Spiritual

development, chakra work. 613-721-3781

• Beauty and Health HOLISTIC ESTHETICIAN. Non-surgical Facelift hydrate, rejuvenate, healing your skin.Pure organic skin care product. Call Dina 613-526-1255 NATURAL BODYCARE by a certified aromatherapist. Natural makeup, cleaning products: Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444

• Birth Doula BIRTH DOULA offering 3 educational prenatal sessions, continuous birth support & 1 postnatal home-visit. Offering a wide range of holistic resources, including Hypnotherapy, Massage & Aromatherapy for pregnancy, birth & beyond. Visit: 613.282.6001

• BodyTalk KRISTIN PETERSON: Registered Massage Therapist, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner & Certified Acupuncturist or LORI HOLLOHAN, M.A. Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Reiki II. Tel: (613) 866-7091; Email: info@; Web:

• Bowen Therapy BOWENTHERAPY OTTAWA Bette Madigan. Certified Bowen Therapy Practitioner (advanced) 376 Churchill Ave. Suite 203 (Westboro Clinic) insurance receipts available. Call 613-722-4249 or e-mail MARIANNA MEDVID, Registered Bowen Therapist, Homeoplus Outaouais Clinic, Hull. Pain relief and body balancing. 819-777-1818 (w) or 613-291-6651(c); THE BOWEN APPROACH - Gently restoring your health. PAIN, digestive & respiratory issues and more. Certified Bowen Practitioner (Advanced) 613-799-3315. BOWEN TRAINING ACADEMY, Janet Riley, RN, Licensed Bowenwork® Instructor. Courses in Ottawa and across Canada. 613 848-2083 BOWENWORKS OF KINGSTON, Andrée Boisvert, Certified Bowenwork® Practitioner, 920 Princess St., Suite 105, Kingston, 613331-3625,

• Buddhism

Nucleus of Friends for Peace Resident teacher: Dharmacharya Ian Prattis - True Body of Wisdom INTRODUCTION TO AUTHENTIC ZEN TRAINING through instruction in zazen (sitting Zen) and kinhin (walking Zen). First Saturday of each month, 2-4 PM. Pre-registration required: or 613-562-1568. Zen Centre of Ottawa

• Ceremonies CARRIE RATHWELL, CEREMONIALIST. Personalized ceremonies created for and with you: weddings, funerals, baby and family ceremonies, rites of passage, pet funerals, shamanic journeys for ceremonies, and more. 613-2371473.

• Chakra Balancing Rica 613-257-8362

• Channelling DONNA KINNIBURGH, Internationally Renown, Deep Trance Medium (Edgar Cayce Style) Is now accepting Limited Appointments – 613 649-8245

• Chiropractic ACTIVATOR CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC. Restore proper spinal balance safely and comfortably with the precise low-force activator analysis and instrument. Dr. Stephani S.Dunk 613-226-9800. Baseline @ Prince of Wales

• Church CHURCH OF PERFECT LIBERTY, Ottawa,ON. (613-225-1850)

• Cleaning GREEN CLEANING since 1988. Completely insured and bonded. We clean both homes and offices. Personalized friendly service with all healthy products. 613-7311532 or email

• Clinics PLANET BOTANIX, 301 Bank (Somerset) 5674444: visit our website for a list of practitioners KILLENS REID PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC now offering TCM with acupuncture practioner. Other services, Osteopathy, Vodder Lymphatic Drainage, Vestibular Rehab, Urinary Incontinence Rehab, Massage Therapy, Orthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapy. www. (613) 594-8512.

PINE GATE SANGHA - pinegate.htm - Engaged Buddhism in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. 1252 Rideout Cr; 613 726 0881. Thursday meditation and study class 7:00pm; First Saturdays of each month - dharma talk and pot luck supper 5.00pm.

July/August 2013


• Clubs OWLS Club: socially-responsible club for ladies 40+, for friendship, support and co-creation. For info or to join:

• Clutter FROM CHAOS TO ORDER - bring on the Flow. Edie Lane Feng Shui Consultant, DeClutter Specialist. 613-565-1919

• Co-dependence Issues YOU CAN RECOVER FROM CODEPENDENCE. Your guide and spiritual counsellor, Deanna Rutherford, invites you to call for a consultation – 613-829-9102.

• Coaching ACADEMY OF PERSONAL AND RELATIONSHIP COACHING www. Coaching concentrates on healing and empowerment and deemphasizes being clinical and helping. Richard Haney is a wholistic coach who brings a wide range of skills, techniques and modalities to each coaching interaction. He provides warm, heart-connected and empathetic coaching. Please contact Richard Haney to enhance your life and make the most of each moment. Listening well is the most eloquent sign of caring. Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy), 234-5678 or 726-3636. T. M. (THOME-us MARTee) TEGTMEYER, Functional, Integrative and Vibrational transformation. By appointment only. Phone: 613.769.5575 ANNA MARANTA: Coaching, Counselling, and Spiritual Direction from an Integral Perspective. Call: 613.867.5505 or email: MARLENE NEUFELD, MSW, RSW, AND BOB NEUFELD, M.ED., help couples create closer loving relationships. We specialize in two-on-two couples coaching/psychotherapy. Experience our life changing approach which will help you learn skills and techniques that facilitate lasting personal change in a faster and easier way than traditional talk-therapy. We each have over 37 years experience in helping couples/people create more satisfying relationships/lives. For more information or to arrange a one-hour no-chargeto you initial consultation see or phone 613-594-9248. SARA WALLACE, Professional Co-Active Coach. Helping clients embrace their passions, dreams and natural talents to create fulfillment in every area of their life. Career, Relationship, Creative and Life Transitions coaching. Curious?- Contact me for a complementary 1/2 hour session. E-Mail: info@sarawallace Phone: 613-680-4122 Web:


• Counselling CAROLINE ELSON a Wholistic Lifestyle Counsellor. B.Sc M.Ed,CCC 613 282 7905, Starting where you are, moving to create the life you want. Explore the physical, mental and emotional through traditional and alternative forms of counselling. Individual and Couple. ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst and psychotherapist. Individual therapy to address your unique concerns. (819) 568-0282 ACADEMY OF COUNSELLING. Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy) Specializing in individual and couple counselling and in comprehensive family mediation. Also specializing in bereavement, career and stress counselling. Richard is an empowerment counsellor who is heavily influenced by Roberto Assagioli (Psychosythesis), C.G. Jung, Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy), Alfred Adler, Milton Erickson, Ken Wilber and Stanislov Grof (Holotropic Breathwork). 234-5678 or 726-3636. Web: NURTURING A LOVING RELATIONSHIP with your embodied wisdom thru Focusing, NVC & Yoga. Phone/Skype, in person. Shulamit Day Berlevtov 613-868-9642 KATHY GLOVER SCOTT M.S.W., professional, experienced Reiki Master/Teacher (Ascended Levels). Reiki to the 21st degree, 5th Dimensional Consciousness Program, Reiki and Crystals and Root Cause Release Work. Classes and individual appointments (some covered by extended benefits). 613-271-8636 MARY O’KEEFFE, MA., MSc., Clinical member, Ontario Society of Psychotherapists. Mindfulness & Compassion-Based therapy, for emotional balance, anxiety, stress, burnout, grief, relationship and childhood issues. Experienced therapist, Integrative & Holistic...613-608-7809 REV. SHERRY HARRIS, MSW, RSW is a heart-focused psychotherapist, certified spiritual coach, counsellor, teacher, minister and energy therapist. She works 7 days a week and offers receipts reimbursable by most insurance providers. She may reached by phone at 613-236-8852 or by email at Her website is www, If you cannot come to her, appointments may be done by phone or Sykpe or in your home (travel costs added to the session fee) Hourly fee: $120. ALYCE SNOW - M.Psy. (over 40 yrs exp.) Grandir ensemble au rythme des saisons .. Developing one’s feeling of wholeness/harmony Famille - couple - individuel - mini groupes Growing pains -relationships -life transitions Mieux traverser les moments imp/ difficiles Stress relief through artistic self-expression .. Vers une meilleure contribution sociale *daytime or evenings (613) 741-5632

July/August 2013

LUC DUMOUCHEL, MA, CCC. INDIVIDUALS/ COUPLES. Anxiety, ACoA, communication, depression, emotional dependency, infidelity, loss, separation, sexual problems, GLBT issues, self-care, spirituality. Ottawa/Hull. Insurance/sliding scale. Bilingual. 613-2359813 SONJA MULLER, R.N, Healer, Sat Guru Teacher Ashtanga Yoga Therapist, and Health Coach. Practicing the Path of the Rose in the Lotus of Life as a teacher of the Revealed Teachings of Christ. Renewal of faith, and spirit through conversion and the path of the rose of spiritual understanding and awakening. 613 795-4583. Retreats, personal therapy, path work, initiation, workshops, trainings by appointment. GET RESULTS @ FREE COUNSELLING AVAILABLE for people dealing with death and dying. 613-828-2836 BARBARA WATERFALL, MSW, Ph.D. Explore the transformational and powerful practice of Wholistic Rebirthing. Described as “the Grandmother I have always been looking for,” Barbara gently facilitates the release and the removal of the cause, effect, record and memory of trauma, and other emotional residue of distress. (613) 523-5367

• Couples MARLENE AND BOB NEUFELD help couples who want to create a closer, more loving relationship with one another. Learn how to avoid the common relationship problems of criticism, defensiveness, or just drifting apart. Experience Bob and Marlene’s life changing approach, which includes their ability to bring a couple’s perspective to helping other couples. We each have over 37 years experience in helping couples/people create more satisfying relationships/lives. For more information or to arrange a one-hour no-charge-to you initial consultation see or phone 613-594-9248.

• Cranio-Sacral Therapy JOAH BATES, D.O.(UK) Biodynamic Osteopathy. Creating a space for self-healing through structural balance. Over 25 years experience. 613-742-0011. DENISE GAULIN, B.A., CST Since the early 1990’s, Denise offers individual CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and SomatoEmotional Release (SER) sessions; she also has a specialization and a vast experience in pediatric CST and Visceral Manipulation (Barral). Denise is a certified CranioSacral therapist and certified teaching assistant for all levels of coursework (Upledger). Tutorials are offered to students of CST and SER. By appointment. Tel. 613-738-9080 WELLNESS WITH MOIRA: CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release Sessions. Specializing in self empowerment for healing and health. Insurance Receipts. 613.432.1239

DIRECTORY AVIVA COHEN, Happy Body Works on Main Street,, 613-6975644. Receipts available. Light-touch soft tissue and nervous system therapy. Targets dysfunction and honours body’s own intelligence for healing. Also decreases depression, anxiety, stress. Increases range of motion, longevity, quality of life. BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care!

• Crystal Healing LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Beautiful hand-picked crystals & jewellery. Workshops. Home parties. Crystal Healing sessions. 613-868-8468. Join my mailing list, send an email to:

• Crystals ASCENSION HEALING – Full-time Crystal Shamanic Healing Practice: Crystal Healing, Soul Retrieval, Entity Extraction, Ancestral Healing, Space Clearing ▪ 2-year Certification Training Program in Crystal Shamanism ▪ Crystal Workshops ▪ Sacred Travel ▪ Crystal Store: Geodes, Crystals, Jewelry, Books, Shamanic Supplies. Karen Osborne:, 613798-2828

• Dance DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE: Join us in simple, meditative multi-cultural circle dances that use sacred phrases from the many sacred traditions of the earth to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and others. For more information call 613-594-9248, checkour schedule at www.marleneandbob. com or email BELLY DANCING FOR FUN! Awaken your own Goddess of Dance. Tracey @ 613-241-3397 or PEACOCK DYNASTY DANCE STUDIO: Specializing in Bollywood, Indian Classical Dance Style-Bharata Natyam, Indian Folk, & Persian/Bollywood Fusion. Please contact Sem at or 613-286-6484 or visit

• Dementia AN ALTERNATIVE, UNCONVENTIONAL, AND HOLISTIC approach to Memory Loss. Mark Andrews 613-257-0003

• Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Detoxification Rica 613-257-8362 ION CLEANSE” Foot Bath Detox, fast, easy, effective way to detox the body in 30 min. Also offering “CHI MACHINE and FAR INFRARED DOMES’ sessions. Insurance coverage. Christianne Akyna-Foley 613-8423337 OTTAWA WELLNESS & DETOX CLINIC. IONCLEANSE™ FOOT BATH with full nutritional support for the ongoing process of detoxing. Nancy 613-596-0260 ION CLEANSE FOOT BATH - Removes accumulated toxins from your body through the pores in your feet. Linda O’Connor 4406 Old Kingston Rd. Lombardy. (613)272-2739

• Dowsing OTTAWA DOWSERS, 2nd Wednesday of the Month Routhier Community Centre 172 Guiges St.(Cumberland/St. Patrick) 7-9:30pm. Pendulum, L-rod, Y-rod, bobbers and more. 613-596-0260 LEARN THE ART OF DOWSING using various tools and techniques. Individual and group classes. Nancy 613-596-0260

• Doula DEATH DOULA and End-of-Life Shaman, Oneon-one consultations, workshops, mediumship. Trained to aid and support individuals in their dying processes. Debbie Charbonneau, 613823-0384,

• Dreams ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst and psychotherapist. Therapy practised with sensitivity to material from the unconscious such as dreams. (819) 568-0282

• Ear Candling EAR CANDLING - HYGIENIC. Fireresistant head cover. Riverside Health Centre. Dina (613) 526-1255.• Eco-Friendly

• Eco-Friendly ADORIT BOUTIQUE. Fair Trade Eco-fabric Boutique. Tarot Readings every Saturday 12:00 - 6:00pm. 153 York St. Ottawa. (613) 241-8354

• EFT & Energy Medicine COMBINING THE POWER OF DONNA EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE AND EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE to release blocks and empower you to step into your magnificence. Catherine McLenaghan, certified Donna Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and certified

July/August 2013

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. Call 613-730-0411. Private sessions and ongoing

• EMF Balancing P.W. EMF BALANCERS, Home, Work, Auto. Steve Priebe (613) 842-4758,,

• Emotional Freedom Technique EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL PAIN AND STRESS can lead to physical pain and illness. Life is too short to live with pain of any kind! EFT is an important tool in getting rid of pain - and also in removing the negativity that blocks you from manifesting and attracting the positive and allowing for fullness of self and your divine plan. Tap into emotional freedom - try it on EVERYTHING! Diane Lanthier (613) 2978293 VIOLETTA BOROWSKI, BEd, CHt, EFT Cert-1, SPHE-RE Through this gentle tapping technique, release emotional, mental, spiritual blockages and im-balances on all levels that were preventing you from experiencing peace, happiness and success in your life. A healthy emotional state, will immediately activate physical healing and well being. 613-808-4822

• Energy ENERGY TRANSFORMATIONAL FACILITATOR The Art of Neutrality - sessions available by phone, distance or in person Yvette Marie-Claire Guy 819 771-8858 EXPLORE THE USE OF ARCHETYPAL ENERGY FREQUENCIES to clear-change-enhance patterns-take action rather than reaction. Nancy 613-596-0260

• Energy Healing LAURIE FRASER, B.O.S., holographic healing, Reconnective, facade healing, past life. Excellent results: anxiety, depression, insomnia, hormones, disease, allergies, pain, addiction, spiritual blocks. 613-721-3781. MARTIN DESLAURIERS – Physical and emotional healing. From injuries to chronic diseases, pain, burnout, grief. Grounding and self-healing group sessions. 819 965-0108 ext 101 – LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Highly effective energy medicine. Stress, childhood issues, depression, pain, grief. In person or distance, people & pets 613-868-8468 QUANTUM HEALING -Past Life Regression; Any health issue, Any Question -Dolores Cannon Hypnotherapy Method - Contact Nancy McColl 613-237-4904 email: VIOLETTA 613-808-4822 The goal is for you to reduce or eliminate your


pain rapidly & effectively. Let’s work on you using EFT along with other tools for your mental, emotional, and physical well being. EFT Certified HEALING FROM WITHIN. Energywork and Bodywork through Inner Knowing. Contact Jim Holland at 613-824-1181 THREELIGHTS HEALING INC Experience the amazing healing benefits of integrating your Healing Sessions with messages from your Angels. Private treatments & Classes/ Workshops for all levels. Contact: 613.271.8775 or

• Face Massage FACE MASSAGE (REJUVENATING) The Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage. Two day Certification course with Debbie Boehlen. 905.714.0298.

• Facial Rejuvenation Burnham Systems Facial Rejuvenation is a powerful AntiAging Holistic Therapy. Realignment and toning of facial muscles; Release of physical and emotional blockages; Deep renewal of body and spirit. Jurlique Organic Skin Care. Gayle Mickelson 613.830.5764

• Feng Shui BALANCE - HARMONY - ENERGY Enhancing spaces that transform your life. Registered Interior Designer and Certified Feng Shui Consultant. Specializing in Space and Clutter Clearing, Space Planning, Design and Decoration, Colour and Light, Renovation and Construction. Pamela Burns, ARIDO, IDC, Reiki Master (613) 741-4055 CLEARING THE ENERGY OF YOUR HOME can be magical. Move to the next level of your healing. Contact Edie 613-565-1919 FENG SHUI OTTAWA. Maggie Huang, Feng Shui Master practitioner and Consultant, have been providing professional consultations for homes and business-es since 2001, with a proven track record of success. She also offers workshops at East Wind in Westboro in the 4th Saturday of each month. Maggie has studied under Lillian Too, the world’s foremost Feng Shui Master from Asia. She applies her expertise using a combination of traditional and contemporary technique, practical on uplifting and envisioning your life. E-mail:, or visit 361Richmond Rd. 613 729-8813.

• Feng Shui Workshops PRACTITIONER/FACILITATOR LINDA THERRIEN from Life Health Healing Center provides two workshops. Introduction to Feng Shui with compass and Advanced Feng Shui with crystals both include certificates. Let Feng Shui in your home and in your life help you achieve Harmony, Abundance, Happiness


and more. Workshops are held on the third Saturday or Sunday of each month from 1pm to 5pm. Pre-registration required. Linda is the founder and teacher of Dimensional Meditation with crystals. Call: 613-824-4548 or visit FAMILY PLANNING CONSULTING using the highly successful Lunar Phase Method. One time fee of $100.00 includes personalized profile and follow up. Nancy at 613-324-4458 or fertility-wheel “WOMEN UTILIZING MIND/BODY TECHNIQUES such as hypnosis have a 42 –55% increased rates of conception” Engage the power of your subconscious mind to enhance fertility with hypnotherapy. Visit: 613.282.6001

• Flower Essences FLOWER ESSENCES can support you through all phases of life. Gentle release of blocks and patterns, healing of old wounds, assistance with acute or chronic issues. Californian, Pacific and Bach essences. Will treat animals. Barbara Schuster, FES-certified practitioner; 613-8204303 or

• Foot Orthotics DR. JEAN-FRANCOIS GAUTHIER B.Sc., D.C., C Ped (C) is a certified pedorthist, a trained foot health specialist. Providing solutions for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, etc. Restore proper foot, knee, hip and lower back balance with confortable custom-made foot orthotics. Conveniently located near Rideau Center, free parking: 418 Rideau St. Please call 613-241-3434. For more information contact us at dr.gauthier@ or

• Gifts PLANET BOTANIX, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444: eco friendly, recycled, unique and inspirational ideas!

• Gum Disease DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Hadoscan HADOSCAN Sessions available by phone, distance or in person Contact Yvette Marie-Claire Guy 819 771-8858

• Head & Neck Pain DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Healing From The Core AVIVA COHEN, Happy Body Works on Main Street,, 613-6975644. Receipts available. Tools for whole body presencing, pain and trauma releasing.

July/August 2013

• Healthy Bra HEALTHY BRA - Orthopaedic and Post-Surgical Bra (Medical Device License). No wires. No elastic. Custom-fit. Where health, comfort and shape matter most – Sizes 28A to 44KK. Comfy Posture Solutions 613-521-9100

• Health Kinesiology Rica 613-257-8362. Treat causes, not symptoms

• HeartMath® 1:1 Coaching BREATHE THROUGH THE HEART AND STOP REACTING UNCONSCIOUSLY. Self Regulation, Energy Management, Optimal Performance. Contact Robbin Zrudlo at

• Herbalism ANNE DRISCOLL R.H. is a traditional herbalist wise in the healing ways of plants. In her practice she blends the wisdom of herbcraft with modern scientific knowledge. She works with individuals to restore the innate balance and strength of the body. All remedies are custom created to address each person’s unique health needs. For both chronic and acute conditions - let plants walk with you on the journey to wellness. Call the Avalon Herbal Clinic at 613-6121181 or drop by on Saturday to Mother Earth Natural Health (747 D Richmond Road.)

• Herbs JUDY’S ORGANIC HERBS Canada’s favourite source for medicinal herbs & health items. Huge selection of highest-quality organic bulk herbs including Premium Herbs from our gardens, vibrant tinctures, oils & vinegars, custom formulas, Ayurvedic herbs, Best-Tasting Krispy Kelp, DEET-Free Insect Repellent, Poison Ivy Remedy, fresh Ginseng, Vita-Mix, LiteBook, Chi Machine, Far Infrared Hot House, large selection of books & more. Mailed to your home or office. Free e-newsletter. Consultations available by appointment. 613-832-8241 613-832-8241

• Holistic Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Homeopathy J.B. HOMEOPATHIC DISPENSARY. Jo-Anne Bazinet, homeopath. Member of S.P.H.Q., C.S.H., H.M.C.C. 2062 St. Joseph Blvd., Orleans, ON, K1C 1E6. (613) 830-0487. Consultations & products available. MARILENA GAVRILA - NUTRIHOM D.I.Hom(Pract.), RNCP, Registered Homeopath for acute and chronic conditions and Registered Nutritional and Lifestyle Consultant;;; (613) 842-9328

• Hotstone Healing Rica 613-257-8362

JOIN HOT STONE ENERGY THERAPIST and Reiki Master Pauline Brown A.N.N. member for the utmost in healing, relaxation, and a wonderful state of well-being. $75.00 for 90 minute session. Call: 819-684-7885 or visit: Receipts provided and gift certificates available

• Hypnotherapy WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE? Holistic hypnosis guides you to your unique solutions and a better life! Priscilla Corcoran, 613-859-3902 AVOID THE MEDICATION ROULETTE! Advanced Clinical Medical/Dental Hypnotherapist successfully treating anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, unwanted habits, fears, pain, smoking cessation, weight mgmt, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, low self-esteem, self-sabotage and more. Specialist in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Fibromyalgia, Migraine Headaches. Visit for info, verifiable credentials & free Tranquility recordingGrace Joubarne, CCHt, LAPHP 613-422-7027 Toll-free 1-888390-3553 RID YOURSELF OF OLD HABITS AND ADDICTIONS. Hypnosis and HypnoAcupuncture. SLEEP despite your partner’s snoring thanks to hypnosis. Weight loss, Drug, Smoking, Sex, Food and Gambling addictions. Age regression to correct decades old influences.  Hypnosis by Judy Spence (CH), National Guild of Hypnotists-certified. Ottawa 613-7282579 OR Gatineau: 819-661-1061. 1st session: $100. Subsequent $80. Insurance receipts. MARTINE BRISSON, hypnosis and alternative therapies. REDISCOVER THE JOY OF LIFE with the help of hypnosis, EFT, NLP, Eye movement Integration therapy, Psych-K, Reiki and IET. I get to the source of the problem to eliminate it. Only certified 5 Path (5 phase advance transformational hypnosis) in the region. Teacher of 7 Path self-hypnosis. Stress reduction, remove fears, anxiety, self-esteem, traumas and more. Insurance receipt available. Gatineau . 819-2056670 WENDY ARMSTRONG, CHt, MHt, Master Consulting Hypnotist, CCIr. You can create the life you desire NOW! 613-823-3316 wendy@ MOIRA HUTCHISON CTACC DHP Acc. Hyp.: With a blend of Hypnotherapy and Coaching, the focus is placed upon what YOU want and together we make it happen in the right way for you (613) 432-1239 ACADEMY OF HYPNOTHERAPY www. When talking therapy is just not enough to dissolve old emotional blocks...Create new pathways by trusting and following fresh images, empowering

suggestions and inspiring visions. Become whole again by re-membering and reconnecting forgotten parts of yourself. What inside! What outside! Consider the Whole... Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D.(Counselling Therapy) Hypnotherapist, 234-5678 or 726-3636. JAIME PALLEN CERTIFIED Hypnotist N.G.H member. Past lives interfering with your present explore how and what you can do to change it. Make an appointment @613-454-1429) or HYPNOSIS WORKS! Reach your objectives with Lynne Cardinal, a fully Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques and Weight Loss. She has a PhD in Eastern Philosophy from India. Lynne has been offering Stress Management, Burnout Prevention and Meditation workshops at the government and private sector for over 30 years. Insurance receipts. 613.721.7888 -

• Indian Head Massage THE CANADIAN CENTRE OF INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE. Two day Certification course with Debbie Boehlen. 905.714.0298. AYURVEDIC HEAD MASSAGE certification with Jackie Cave, Fusion School of Natural Health. 613-389-4344 or Experience the rejuvenating power of REIKI & INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE (IHM) with Juane, Reiki Master and IHM Certified Practitioner Available Thurs., Fri. & Sat. at Classy Nails & Spa Inc., 260 Centrum Boulevard. 613-834-9922 $40/60 minutes, $25/30 minutes.

• Infrared Sauna SAGE WELLNESS 340 Gladstone Book online or call 613-235-7243, Detoxify, Treat injuries, Pain relief, Weight loss, Reduce Stress, Improve Skin

• Intuitive Life Coach HELPING GUIDE YOU to live your best life! Kerry Palframan RN THREELIGHTS HEALING INC I am a Certified Intuitive Life Coach/Usui Reiki Master-Teacher/Magnified Healer/Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner/Clairvoyant Medium. Take control of your Life now. Contact: 613.271.8775 or

• Intuitive Numerology A NEW SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. Psychic Consultation. Laura Young 725-7232

July/August 2013

• Intuitive Psychic Readings LINDA THERRIEN World Known Medium Clairvoyant. Using Crystals, Chinese Astrology and Channeling Cards, my Readings consist of guidance in your work, health, love and Spiritual Healing. I am accurate, dependable and gifted. I am Founder of Dimensional Meditation with crystals, Past Life Regression Channeling Facilitator and a Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner. (613824-4548)

• Intuitive Readings MARLENE STEVENS 819 483 9915 Intuitive readings & tarot. Medium & Angel card readings. MOIRA HUTCHISON CTACC DHP Acc. Hyp.: Connect to your Higher Self and your Inner Wisdom. For insight, guidance, validation, inspiration and support. On-line, by phone and in person (613) 432-1239 GAIN INSIGHT, Guidance, Clarity, Direction, Validation and more. Kerry Palframan RN INTUITIVE COUNSELING, Reiki Training and Energy Therapies are accessible through practitioner and authour Cheryl Jiala Driskell. Please view my site for testimonials and details. Hope to see you soon. MICHELLE VEZEAU spiritual guidance to your life’s questions - insightful, profound clarity. 819 827-2579

• Journey JEAN BRAZEAU, Ottawa’s first Accredited Journey Practitioner. Give yourself the gift of freedom, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reclaim the truth of who you are. Works with children, teens and adults. Energy Medicine (Reiki Master, Shamanism, Universalis) NLP, WEL-Systems TM Institute Master Facilitator. Phone: 613-295-2756. EVELYNE LEMIEUX-NAULT, Accredited Journey Practitioner/Visionary Leadership Coach. Address the root cause of emotional and physical issues. Open to the wisdom, freedom and love within yourself. English and French. 613-824-3368.

• Jungian Analysis ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst. Depth psychology to address your unique concerns. (819) 568-0282

• Kinesiology CHECK Health Kinesiology / Rica Gerhardt T. M. (THOME-us MARTee) TEGTMEYER. Instructor: Touch For Health,® Brain Gym®, “Beyond Belief Synthesis”, “Ultimate Efficiency”, other. Phone: 613.769.5575


• Labyrinth ST. JOHN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Parish of March, 325 Sandhill Road, Kanata offers an outdoor, 11 circuit, paver Chartres design labyrinth open to the public at all times. We also offer an indoor, 7 circuit Petite Chartres permanent,painted labyrinth in the church hall. Contact the Parish Office for availability of our indoor facility. ( 613) 592-4747 or ARCHETYPAL DOUBLE ENERGY LABYRINTH learn the benefits and processes to utilize the emanating energy from two and three dimensional double labyrinths. Nancy 613-596-0260 HEALING CIRCLE LABYRINTH Set amid 1,000 evergreen trees surrounded by a garden sanctuary overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Paths are lined with chakra coloured plants and stones. Now scheduling workshops and candlelit evening walks. Call Liz at 613-925-1278 or

• Life Between Lives THIS IS THE SPACE between your current life and the one before. The times between death and re-entering the womb for another life. But what goes on in that time-space? What happens to the soul? This is journey to the other side to better understand the reason for which we came on earth. The process is profound, the session itself last up to three hours. Martine Brisson, hypnosis and alternative therapies Gatineau, 819-205-6670

• Life-Cycle Celebrant CERTIFIED LIFE-CYCLE CELEBRANT and trained labyrinth facilitator available for funerals, life event celebrations,memorials, anniversaries, naming ceremonies, special birthdays, pet funerals, pregnancies and other life events. Visit or call Patti at 613-253-3099.

• LifeLine Technique MASTERY UNLIMITED The LifeLine Technique™ offers you the opportunity to view symptoms of Pain, Fear, and Challenges as gifts for self-healing using the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude. To learn more visit: and call Graham Wiseman: 819-483-0667 email: graham@ or Judy MacLeod: 613-8507780 email:

• Light Body Acceleration LIPHE DESIGN.COM. pH Nutritional Microscopy. Donna Porteous 613 253 7467

• Low Impact Yoga LOW IMPACT HATHA YOGA www.zenforyou. ca The Zen for You Hatha Yoga classes are easy to do for people who have never tried yoga before. Manali Haridas, Certified Yoga instructor progressively teaches the yoga postures and different relaxation breathing techniques in a period of 10 weeks.


• Lymphatic VODDER METHOD. Effective treatment for acute & chronic conditions. Judy Spence, DNM, RN. 613-728-2579 NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Lymph drainage (Vodder), Reflexology, Shiatsu,  Massage. Twenty years experience. Receipts for extended health plans. Free parking. By appointment only: 613-798-8385. Lincoln Heights Rd. LYMPH DRAINAGE, MASSAGE. Detoxify body. Reduce cellulite, edema. Effective for fibromyalgia. Dina (613) 526-1255.

• Massage BODY MASSAGE & Manual Lymph Drainage. Reiki. Insurance coverage available. Riverside Health Centre. Dina (613) 526-1255. Also in Valdes-Monts, Québec. MOVEMENT HARMONY MASSAGE. Spinal alignment work, employing osteopathic techniques, attunement, Swedish & acupuncture massage. 33 years experience treating injuries and chronic back challenges in Orleans. Contact Heather Brown (613) 878-6480. ANN receipt available for insurance. LEARN INFANT MASSAGE. Kind gentle woman would like to teach infant massage to a parent and young child, aged birth to crawling (IAIM curriculum.) The classes will be 5 consecutive Wednesdays at a time convenient for you. We can meet in my south end studio or I may be able to travel to your centrally located home. There is not cost. Friends also welcome. For additional details please call 613.304.3427

• Massage Therapy LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE FOR CHRONIC ILLNESS Effective treatment of many chronic conditions. Judy Spence, DNM RN. 613-7282579  CALM CONNECTIONS Massage Therapy, 42 Holland Ave. Cathy Chatham RMT, Kirsten Greenleaf RMT. Tel: 613 792 3223 JENNIFER PRESLEY, RMT. Massage Therapy, Craniosacral, Reiki lll, Shamanic energy work. Vibrant Health Massage, 190 Somerset St W (at Elgin), Suite 208. 613-237-4400 NATURAL BALANCE MASSAGE THERAPY CENTRE Located in downtown Ottawa. Specializing in deep tissue / sports massage, pre / post pregnancy care, relaxation / stress reduction, headaches & chronic conditions. Gift certificates available. B6 - 130 Albert Street (between Metcalfe & O’Connor) Phone: (613) 566-3000 RIDEAU MASSAGE THERAPY - Feeling stress, pain,or just need to relax? Therapeutic massage can help. Providing treatment for acute and chronic conditions and injuries. Also trained in Acupuncture and Thai Yoga

July/August 2013

Massage. Free Parking. 418 Rideau St. 613-241-3434. More info at or contact Lori at BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care! KAREN MUNRO-CAPLE, RMT. Providing Healing, Relief, Joy! 1105-85 Albert St. between Elgin & Metcalfe. (613) 230-3527. RE - SELF - ING, a Journey to Wholeness, orthotherapie, swedish massage, reiki. Insurance coverage. Christianne Akyna 613842-3337 YONG KAI, RMT, Registered Massage Therapist. Stress & Tension, Back & Neck Pain, Stress & Tension, Muscle Strains, Headaches & Migraines, Sciatica, Tendonitis, Sport Injuries (613) 435-6988, cell (613) 852-4852. Insurance Accepted.

• Matrix Energetics MATRIX ENERGETICS - Facilitator in the Art of Transformation Certified Practitioner since 2007 sessions available by phone, distance or in person Yvette Marie-Claire Guy 819 771-8858

• Medical Intuitive MANUELA WERTHWEIN 613-231-4575. www. Medical Intuitive, Medium, Spiritual and Emotional Counsellor. Soul rescue. Reiki Master & Teacher. Colour healing. Teaches intuitition skills (private or classes). Releasing blockages and stagnated energy grids within the Human Energy Fields takes place regardless of hereditary, environment or inherent factors that may endure. Manuela will access the information in your biology and soul using clairvoyance as well as energy scanning with healing and Past Life Information. KNOW ROOTS OF ILLNESS; Shift; Change; Heal. Kerry Palframan RN

• Meditation CHRISTIAN MEDITATION COMMUNITY – There are about 40 groups in the Ottawa area that meet weekly to practice a way of silent, contemplative prayer using a prayer word or mantra, as taught by the late Benedictine Fr. John Main. For more information contact the Ottawa Area Coordinator at 613-841-2894 or or consult COSMIC MINDFULNESS, Meditation in the Tantra Tradition. Ongoing classes and guided meditations given by Chris Simmonds including, chakra awareness, and Sahaj Meditation techniques in the Tantra tradition. Attend an ongoing class or practice group. Advanced personal instruction is also available. Call Chris at 613730-2622 or Visit for more info.

DYNAMIC MEDITATION. Learn the lifechanging techniques of deep mantra meditation and mindfulness for peace and wellbeing. Introductory and advanced classes for individuals, groups, workplaces. Courses on mastering thoughts, healing emotions, self-care and empowerment, consciousness expansion, development of chakras. Call Jennifer Bernius at 613-721-3787; THE SILVA METHOD. Lise Blouin, Certified Silva Method Instructor. 1 800 226 4428 GROUNDING AND SELF-HEALING group sessions. Emotion integration and transmutation. 819 965-0108 ext 101 – A FORMAL INTRODUCTION TO AUTHENTIC ZEN TRAINING through instruction in zazen (sitting Zen) and kinhin (walking Zen). First Saturday of each month, 2-4 PM. Preregistration required: or 613562-1568. Zen Centre of Ottawa LEARN TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES that will bring the meditative process into daily living...ISUL method...Nancy 613-596-0260 WEEKLY MEDITATION Meditation on Twin Hearts: every Wednesday, 7pm: 5 Blackburn (Blackburn & Laurier, Sandy Hill). Join us for this beautiful guided healing meditation. No experience necessary, held on donation. Come every week, or come when you can. RSVP with Faye Healey:,

• Meditation on CD JENNIFER BERNIUS guides you through 5 soothing and inspiring meditations to calm your mind, relax your body and uplift your spirit. This CD, Into the Silence, with gorgeous musical accompaniment, will revitalize your daily meditation practice, helping to open your chakras and awakening you to the healing power of light. Cost: $20. 613-721-3787;

• Migraines DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Music & Healing FOR 29 YEARS have helped clients 2-82yr. with health concerns including ADHD, dyslexia, depression, cancer etc. Hands on approach using musical instruments. Call Shirley Schober @ 613-729-7758 BARBARA WATERFALL, MSW, Ph.D., Reiki Master -- Find your voice and take your place in the Universe, through Drumming and Healing Circles, Rituals, Advanced gTummo (Sacred Fire) Blessings, and Meditations with Crystal Bowls. (613) 523-5367 DEEP SOUL ENERGETICS – Deep core healing using sound, improvisation, creative visualization, DNA activation & energy

healing. Connect with Archangels and Ascended Masters. Pamela Holm MTA. 613820-1556

• Music Therapy PAMELA HOLM MTA - Exploring creativity unblocks stagnant energy/problems. Supports insight & healing. 613-829-1556

• N.A.E.T. ALLERGY & CHRONIC CONDITIONS. 10th year serving Ottawa-Outaouais. Judy Spence’s Medical background assures your program is tailored to your individual health needs. NAET is excellent for treatment of allergy & infection as well as Autism, CFS, FM, MCS, ADD & other chronic and conditions including pain. Doctorate of Natural Medicine (DNM), Acupuncturist., Advanced Level 2 NAET, Advanced 2 BioSet, Laser Acupuncture Detox & Lymphatic Drainage. Western medicine meets Eastern medicine to correct persistent and acute health issues.  State-of-the-art computerized testing. The NAET Clinic of Ottawa is a full service, full time practice and also offers Hypnosis, Homeotoxicology, Auricular Medicine, Ion Detox Foot Baths,  Sauna Detox, Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Programs. 613-728-2579. Quebec location: 819-6611061.  On parle francais.

• Naturopathic Medicine DR. KANDIS LOCK, ND. Licensed  Naturopathic Doctor. Digestive Disorders, Allergies, Headaches, Womens Health, Chronic Disease, Cancer. Come in for free 15 minute consult to find out how naturopathic medicine can benefit you (no treatment provided). 300 Preston St. 613-728-9100,

• Nutrition MARILENA GAVRILA - NUTRIHOM RNCP, D.I.Hom(Pract.), Registered Nutritional Consultant and Homeopath; Nutritional and lifestyle consulting for your individual and unique health concerns.; 613-842-0373. BODY CHEMISTRY TESTING & BALANCING for optimal nutrient absorption & vibrant health. Physical & Emotional healing begins at the cellular level. Sensible, Sustainable, Effective Nutritional & Lifestyle recommendations. Iridology, testing for Heavy Metal Toxicity, Adrenal Function, & Free Radicals. 613-7259013;

• Oral Health DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Orthodontics DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

July/August 2013

• Osteopathy JOAH BATES, D.O.(UK) Biodynamic Osteopathy. Creating a space for self-healing through structural balance. Over 25 years experience. 613-742-0011. DILEEP KORAH, BSc, BEd, ND. Classical osteopathy. Naturally treating the cause of pain and imbalance in order to re-establish optimal health. 200-2211 Riverside Dr. 613-521-5355

• Past Life and Spiritual Journeys ALLAN GREEN, Master Past Life and Spiritual Journey Facilitator since 1982; Allan sees what you see & feels what you feel. Eliminate Fears, Blockages, Pain from Past Life wounds. Find your Mission/Purpose, Meet Spirit Guides. Talk with People crossed over. Clear up people issues, that holds you back. 1-877-213-7576.

• Pranic Healing NO-TOUCH HEALING that works on the energy body (the blueprint of the physical body). Treats physical injuries & diseases, emotional, & mental ailments. (Broken bones, migraines, poor vision, liver disease, muscle pain, general fatigue, stress, anger, PTSD, neurological disorders, etc. as well as blocks to career, relationships, & financial success, and for maintenance of good health. The list is endless.) Email or call Faye Healey to book a session:, 613282-0801. Visit

• Qigong LAMAS QI GONG Association offers Qi Gong and Tai Chi courses at various locations in Ottawa. The classes are taught by Master Philip Lai (a certified naturopath therapist who has 30 years of experience teaching Qi Gong, Kung Fu and traditional Chinese medicine) and associates. Qi Gong helps to reduce your stress, control pain and allergies, strengthen your self-healing ability and increase your energy level. Training to become a certified instructor and private consultations with Master Lai are also available. For more information, contact Catherine at 613-737-0553 or visit CHOW QIGONG. Chow Medical Qigong exercises and meditation classes held at McNabb Community Centre, 180, Percy Street since 1986. Tuesdays 9:15-10:45am, Wednesdays 6:00-7:30pm. Chow Qigong is taught by certified instructors and helps to relieve stress and promote self-healing. Complementary 1st class. For more information contact OttawaChowQigong@

• Quantum TouchTherapy THE POWER TO HEAL Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch, Instructor/ Practitioner since 2004, first instructor in Canada improve physical strength, release physical and emotional stress, improve sleep, increase creativity, remove pain. Information on personal appointments and classes:


Aileen’s Oasis 613-228-2272, 613-795-3751, out-of-town enquiries at 1-866-493-0236, or by e-mail and check out.

• Raw Foods & Hemp EAT RAW, CREATE HEALTH. Share Raw, Create Wealth! Try our hemp Pulse, 26 raw and clean whole foods in one sacred geometry, tasty treat!

• Reconnective Healing PATRICIA V. LACROIX, Reconnective Healing Practitionerª. The Reconnectionª and Reconnective Healing¨. Visit: JACKIE LOGSDAIL, RECONNECTIVE HEALING PRACTIONER, and Reconnection™. Allow the universe to give you an energy healing through the mind, body or spirit. For an appointment or information call 613-440-1204 or email, ALEXIS NICOL – Reconnective Healing® Practioner and the Reconnection since 2005. 613-263-7925

• Reflexology VALCRON REFLEXOLOGY - the healing touch providing holistic reflexology to clients for over 13 years. Home-based practice in Orleans. Hospital, retirement & nursing home visits provided. RAC certified reflexologist, RN, SCM, MA, CCRP. For more information contact valerie cronin at 613 837 9435 BALANCE RELAXATION THERAPY. Reflexology, Ayurvedic Yoga & YOGA MASSAGE FOR BETTER HEALTH. Lori Chamberland, 613-2557934 NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Reflexology, Shiatsu,  Lymph drainage, Massage. Twenty years experience. Receipts for extended health plans. Free parking. By appointment only: 613-798-8385. Lincoln Heights Rd. DEB DESJARDINS 613-435-2100. Homebased in Kanata. REFLEXOLOGY ASSOCIATION OF OTTAWA offers Individual sessions (foot, hand or ear reflexology), private or corporate events, as well as fund raising events are available. We offer training towards certification as well as membership for professional Reflexology practitioners and students of Reflexology. Contact: ALEXIS NICOL - RCRT - Foot reflexology, receipts provided 613-263-7925. ENJOY AN HOUR OF HEAD, FEET & HANDS REFLEXOLOGY. Great for stress, relaxation and general well-being. Nancy 613-596-0260


• Reiki DINA. Usui Reiki Master. Harmonize body. mind and emotional system. Bring peace of mind. Sessions and training for all levels. Riverside Health Centre. 613-526-1255. LIFE HEALTH HEALING CENTER Linda Therrien, Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master/ Teacher. Weekly classes and treatment sessions. Founder of Dimensional Meditation with crystals, weekly private classes. Call: 613-824-4548 VISION REIKI- CATHERINE BASTEDO Holographic-Usui Reiki Master. Personalized Reiki classes in English or French; individual sessions, daytime/week ends. Online Healing Your Chakras clas­ses; Bird Vibes meditation decks. Nature Retreats in Muskoka. Call 819-778-2590 RAINBOW OASIS: Usiu Master / Teacher / Practitioner. Experience the natural healing, relaxing and balancing effect of Reiki Energy. For personalized sessions, contact Dianne at or call 613-733-9481 MANUELA WERTHWEIN, Reiki Master/ Teacher. USUI system of Natural Healing. Private treatment & classes, Level I, II & III. Spiritual and Emotional Counsellor. Medium. Medical Intuitive. Soul Rescue. Body/Mind/ Soul Intuitive. Past-life Information. Colour healing. 613-231-4575 www.VisionofSpirit. com WENDY ARMSTRONG, CRA-RT, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master. Sessions & training for all levels. 613-823-3316 wendy@wellness-centre. com iHEALING CONNECTION: Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki, QuantumTouch, Intergrative Energy Therapy, EFT and Magnified Healing. These holistic therapies will help you to relax, relieve stress and heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Roger, 613 322 7585, email; VERA & PESI SHROFF TRADITIONAL USUI Reiki Master/Teachers, are committed to selfempower individuals who commit themselves to healing & personal growth. They offer Reiki Treatments and Reiki Level I & II courses & Reiki Masters. Reiki is used for: Pain, Stress & Chronic Medical Condition Management, Anti-aging & Health maintenance, Improving Immunity, Increasing Vitality to bring Peace, harmony, balance, love, joy in one’s life. Reiki Exchange Healing Group every Thursday 7:00 p.m. Contact: Vera or Pesi at (613) 8290224 or email: BRING BALANCE BACK INTO YOUR LIFE. Melt away stress. Nurture your soul. Reiki is an ancient alternative therapy used in the treatment of many conditions. Reiki will balance the chakras and eliminate blockages to help you reach the road to full health. Call today and begin the journey to healing. Elsy David, RP, IARP tel: 613-798-6865 or

July/August 2013

ALEXIS NICOL – RMTT, Reiki Master Teacher Trainer. Private sessions and training, receipts provided. 613-263-7925 UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE-MASTER REIKI CLASSES 3 in 1 based on Usui Method...individual and small classes. Nancy 613-596-0260 ANNA GREEN, MA - SPIRIT WELL HOLISTICS – - 613-729-2775. Bodycentered Process Work, Spiritual Care, Reiki & Training, Chakras, Aromatherapy, Bach Remedies, Muscle testing, SET, EFT, Meridians/ Qigong. Assisting your journey toward an energy-filled life. Daytime - Civic Hospital Area. REIKI IN THE WEST END Stressed out? Aches and pains? Reiki can help you relax and feel better. Flexible sessions from 10 to 60 minutes. Contact Barb at 613-228-9176 or DEB DESJARDINS 613-435-2100. Homebased in Kanata. FINDING YOUR SELF - Reiki is a gentle technique for restoring and balancing your body’s natural energy to encourage better health. Reiki treatments are available on the Amethyst Bio-Mat. A true mind, body and spirit experience. Reiki Master, Linda O’Connor 4406 Old Kingston Rd. Lombardy. (613) 272-2739 JIKIDEN REIKI – FRANCINE MINEAULT, Reiki Master and Shihan, teaches Jikiden Reiki in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, in French or English. / info@ / 613 446-7307. KIM SWAN, Reiki Master Certified BodyTalk Practitioner & doTerra Product Consultant.,, 613 225-1127

• Restorative Yoga PATHWAY YOGA, Wednesday 1-2:30pm, Ease, Soothe mind and body through a series of supported postures nourished by the breath. This Iyengar yoga class is a haven if your energy is low, your stress is high, or you just want to be quiet and go inward. 613 806-9642 346 Richmond Road, 2nd floor

• Retreats TARA SHANTI RETREAT CENTRE Near Montebello, Qc. Large property, quiet location. Open year round. Max 5 persons. Yoga, polarity and Esalen massage. Also silent retreats. MAPLE KI FOREST * SPIRIT WATERS Unwind, Unfold, and Emerge Renewed. Secluded lakefront/woodland setting. Restorative, soothing atmosphere. Beautiful accommodations. Superb whole foods / Veg. cuisine. Yoga / Healing Bodywork / Infrared Sauna / Jacuzzi / 700 sq.ft. Yoga space, Workshop Studio. Welcoming individuals, couples & groups. 2 1/4 hrs. S.W. of Ottawa, near Tamworth. (613) 379-2227 info@

BEAUTIFUL LOG CABIN by a pond in a wooded area, private, ideal for retreat or peaceful getaway. Located near Killaloe, close to Algonquin Park. For rent all seasons call 613-625-2200. ALLAN & CATHERINE GREEN Personal customized Up-levelling Retreats for people using our services, on the Canadian Shield in OMPAH, 45 minutes North West of Perth. www.catherinegreen. net 613479-0299

• Rolfing JULIA BERG, Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner. 69 Holland Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 0X9. (c) 613-894-3663.

• Room for Rent Workshop space and therapy rooms available at Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444

• Schools THE 8TH FIRE - School for professional training and development in the Algonquin Healing Arts of Shamanism, Spiritual Healing, and Energy Medicine. Two-year professional training program and certification offered, among the most comprehensive Shamanic Training programs in the world, taught by a Traditional Algonquin Medicine Person. Many teachings are unique and exclusive to this training alone. Phone 613) 274-3708 or for more info.

• Shamanism (Traditional & Authentic) ALGONQUIN MEDICINE MAN - Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine, offering a comprehensive listing of services and ceremonies to help facilitate healings on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Traditionally trained Algonquin Healer available at (613) 274-3708 or

• Shamanism ASCENSION HEALING – Full-time Crystal Shamanic Healing Practice: Crystal Healing, Soul Retrieval, Entity Extraction, Ancestral Healing, Space Clearing ▪ 2-year Certification Training Program in Crystal Shamanism ▪ Crystal Workshops ▪ Sacred Travel ▪ Crystal Store: Geodes, Crystals, Jewelry, Books, Shamanic Supplies. Karen Osborne:, 613798-2828 LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Highly effective Shamanic sessions for anxiety, childhood issues, depression, abuse, pain, grief. In person or distance, clients worldwide. People & pets. 613-868-8468

• Shiatsu NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lymph drainage,

Massage. Twenty years experience. Receipts for extended health plans. Free parking. By appointment only: 613-798-8385. Lincoln Heights Rd.

• Skin Care NATURAL BODYCARE by a certified aromatherapist. Natural makeup, cleaning products: Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444 HOLISTIC ESTHETICIAN provide organic skin care product that purifie the skin - incorage skin self regulate. 613-526-1255.

• Sound Healing DEEP SOUL SINGING – Healing Vocals & Singing Bowls. Body/Soul/Mind. Individual/ group. Singer/songwriter/musician: Pamela Holm MTA 613-829-1556.

• Spa Days Rica 613-257-8362

• SPHE-RE NEW TO OTTAWA! In Pain? Experience this new Divine healing energy.

• Spiritual Centre OTTAWA SPIRITUAL PATHWAYS CENTRE, Weekly services, Sundays 10:30 a.m. with Rev. Nicole Moronval, President and Founder, Westboro Masonic Hall, 430 Churchill ave. N.

• Spiritual Counselling

family, & soul transformation individual & group sessions Diana Claire Douglas. www. 613-820-8850

• Tai Chi WEEKLY TAI CHI (Yang style) classes at PranaShanti (PS) Yoga Centre. Every Sunday from 1:30-3 pm. Suited for intermediate and advanced practitioners. For more info call Jurgen Portz at 613-721-7888 or PS at 613-761-9642.

• Tarot TAROT AND CARTOUCHE READINGS: I have been reading cards since 1986 and use the Mother Peace Tarot deck as well as the Cartouche deck. Eleanor Ann Rowan 613-746-6778 PERSONAL READINGS Tarot-Astrology Judy Jibb 613 304 4255, TAROT READINGS with DAVID CLOUDS. If you’re looking for a Reading, it’s a good indication that you would benefit from having one. I no longer . Read at Oh So Good Cafe but have moved to a home practice & house calls. Please visit my website, davidclouds. com, or ring 613 619 5977 TAROT INTERPRETATION BY SUZANNE DUC. Private consultation and party readings available. Home page at sdtarot. Contact (613) 841-2597 or suzanne. to arrange an appointment.

• Thai Massage

FACILITATOR & GUIDE: ConstellationWork, Soul Talk, creative meditation practices., reiki. Workshops/individual sessions Diana ClaireDouglas. 613-820-8850.

LORI MACKAY RMT- Thai massage stretches the whole body and helps remove deeply held tension in the muscles. 418 Rideau St.613241-3434 Free Parking. For more info contact Lori at or

YOU CAN RECOVER FROM CODEPENDENCE. Your guide and spiritual counsellor, Deanna Rutherford, invites you to call for a consultation – 613-829-9102

BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care!

• Spiritual Direction A ONE YEAR ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM for spiritual directors. The program is grounded in the Jewish wisdom tradition with an integrated interfaith component. Visit our website or email us at

• Spiritual Medium FIND OUT HOW LOVED ONES ARE DOING on the other side and more. Kerry Palframan RN ANGELA OHLMAN, PSYCHIC MEDIUM & SPIRITUAL COACH,, 613 913 8511,

• Systemic Constellation Work CONSTELLATIONS WITH SPIRIT: personal,

July/August 2013

• Therapeutic Touch THERAPEUTIC TOUCHª - profound relaxation, effective pain relief, supports healing on any level. For acute, chronic or emotional conditions. House calls, hospital visits available. Will also treat animals. Barbara Schuster, TTNORecognized Practitioner, 613-820-4303 or

• Theta Healing FILOMENA LAVIGNE is a spiritual - intuitive, advanced certified Theta Healing Practitioner, Reiki-Master and IET Master-Instructor: She believes wherever you are is always the perfect place to start uncovering, healing and evolving into the song of your truest heart. The song that declares your divinity and wholeness and brings


forth into your life the beauty that is residing in your truest brilliant-self. Appointments in person or by telephone at 613-596-9249 or email at

• Visceral Manipulation

about food, your body & yourself. Imagine what it would feel like to make friends with your body - forever. Visit: 613.282.6001

• Wholistic Dentist

DENISE GAULIN, B.A., CST offers visceral manipulation sessions for adults, children and infants. She is a certified CranioSacral therapist and has a specialization in pediatric CST and VM. By appointment. Tel. 613-738-9080

DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

AVIVA COHEN, Happy Body Works on Main Street,, 613697-5644. Receipts available. Gentle hands-on abdominal treatment dialogues with body’s proprioceptive awareness, facilitating physical and emotional trauma release. Improves structure and function. Complements conscious eating, exercise and supplementation for optimal health.

GROUNDING AND THE ART OF CREATING SACRED SPACE A two-day workshop about creating boundaries, clearing the aura, learning how to clear a space, how to be present and secure in your own energy field. Ideal workshop for energy workers, massage therapists, lawyers, social workers and anyone anywhere who works with or lives closely with others. For information and registration call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272, or by e-mail at aileen@

BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care!

• Visionary Art SPIRITPAINTING® – using the Lightwolf method. Offering workshops, exhibitions, books, reproductions, and originals on paper and larger pieces on canvas. Commissioned spiritpaintings® and readings are also available. For more information contact: Jen 613266-8063 or see

• Web Design A WELL-DESIGNED WEBSITE will help spread your message and grow your business. Contact us, and get an effective online presence today!,, 613-236-5758.

• Weddings WEDDING CEREMONIES. Rev. Evelyn Richter 613-596-2817;; www.revev. ca CO-CREATE THE GOWN OF YOUR DREAMS! Wedding, handfasting, commitment ceremony attire for all - bring your ideas to life for your special day. Tracey at 613-241-3397 or email Online portfolio: MARTINO‘S BRIDAL ALTERATIONS AND TAILORING. 30 years experience Tailoring for the whole family .by app. 613-739-5034

• Weight Management LOVE YOUR BODY WORKSHOP ~ discover the power of proven hypnosis techniques to easily re-pattern your thoughts, beliefs, habits


• Workshops

QUANTUM-TOUCH: The Power to Heal Certificate workshop in Quantum-Touch therapy, a powerfully simple modality that will transform your ideas about your health and your life. This wonderful modality can be used with other modalities and is very helpful for self-healing, distance healing, working with clients, friends, family, pets, water, and gardens. For information, call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272, aileen@ and Check out WWW.PLANETBOTANIX.COM for a full listing of upcoming workshops/certifications! 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444 KERRY PALFRAMAN RN offers a wide variety of esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual and personal growth topics, including: angels, spirit guides, past lives, intuition, dreams, chakras, your soul’s purpose and much more.

• Yoga MOUNTAINGOAT YOGA CENTRES serving Ottawa’ west end in Nepean and Kanata since 2003. Over 30 classes per week per location. Hot Power, Hatha, Yin, Prenatal, Restorative. Workshops and teacher trainings. PRANASHANTI YOGA CENTRE. A full-service wellness centre in the Hintonburg area of Ottawa near the Parkdale Market minutes from downtown and numerous public transportation stops. In our custom designed eco-friendly 8,000-sq.ft centre, our dedicated team of teachers and therapists offer a wide variety of classes in 4 spacious studios and specially designed therapies in our Consultation spaces. Our soothing atmosphere and inspiring setting will help you cultivate a deep inner state of body centered restful awareness that will benefit every aspect of your life. Our spa-like change rooms with ample showers, Infrared Sauna and full service boutique further support your healthy lifestyle. Open 7 days/week, 80+ classes/week. Workshops, teacher training

July/August 2013

programs, concerts and events offered throughout the year. 100+ free parking spaces, complimentary tea served all day. Relax, take your time, leave feeling renewed. Drop in for a visit! 613.761.9642 (YOGA) RAMA LOTUS YOGA CENTRE.   342 Gladstone Ave  613.234.7974.We have been providing yoga classes in a beautiful and nurturing environment since 1994. Choose from over 100 drop-in classes per week, plus several weekly workshops and a diversity of yoga teacher training opportunities. Practice the following styles of yoga: Ashtanga, Baptiste, Baby & Mom, Bikram, Hatha, Hot, Kripalu, Kundalini, Power, Prenatal, Sivananda, Therapeutic, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Yin/ Yang and Yoga Nidra. The Rama Lotus Yoga Centre is one of the largest studios in Canada. There are 4 spacious yoga rooms, and seven changing rooms for your comfort. Come relax and connect with others in our dedicated community space, and have a cup of complimentary tea. Our boutique offers a full line of yoga accessories, yoga clothing, related books, DVDs, CDs, meditation props, jewelry, snacks and other lifestyle items. We offer yoga with the intention of uplifting the global community. We invite you to become part of the Rama Lotus Yoga Centre! ADI SHAKTI YOGA CENTRE IN ORLÉANS/ OTTAWA EAST serving with gratitude since 2003. Director/Owner: Lise Ram Das Latulippe. Ottawa’s Home of KUNDALINI Yoga: humanity’s most ancient yoga. Beginners & Advanced classes of uplifting, fun & highly informative Kundalini Yoga taught by professionally certified teachers. Enjoy our healing ambiance, heavenly music, a cup of tea & community spirit. Private classes; Personalized Health-Longevity-Vitality Program; Yogic Numerology; Nutrition consultations; Reiki treatments & training; Vedic cooking classes; Yogic workshops; Annual Women’s Yoga Retreats; Concerts; Gong relaxation evenings; Pre-natal friendly yoga; Sunrise Kundalini Sadhana; Eng. & French classes; Books, CDs, DVDs, soaps, teas, mats, clothing. We are the Yoga gem of Ottawa East - Come Feel Great... One Breath at a Time! 1445-A Youville Drive, 2nd Fl., Orléans. Call 613 824-9189 SATTVA YOGA - A Kanata Yoga Experience Classes taught integrating a variety of yoga styles (Kripalu, Viniyoga, Structural Yoga, Vinyasa) as well as Somatic Movement & Pilates. A practice of balance, integration and compassion is offered: centering, breath work, warm-ups, flowing & static poses, relaxation, meditation and reflection. All levels welcome. Jo-Anne Stasiuk, MA. Professional Level Yoga Certification. 592-5936 or MAITREYA YOGA STUDIO offers you an amazing atmosphere where you can take a break from everyday life and find your own authentic mind/body experience. Over 25 classes weekly on our Open Class Schedule. Visit us online for our Registered Classes and Workshops at or contact us at 613-692-1515.


Dowser of the Year Award recipient, Nancy L. Bradley

YOGA & TEA STUDIO. Located on 10 acres of land in the beautiful village of Carp, near the Carp Farmer’s Market. Over 20 classes a week, for all ages, sizes and life-stages! Beginners, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, Hot, Gentle, Restorative, Prenatal, Baby&Me, Kid’s yoga and more! Yoga Teacher Training certification course available - see website. Nice selection of yoga mats, bolsters and other props, DVDs, CDs. Complimentary tea after each class! Experience yoga in the country fresh air just minutes from the urban outskirts! Conveniently close to Kanata, Stittsville and Almonte! Beautiful drive, peaceful setting, lots of free parking, why go downtown? 613-304-6320, PATHWAY YOGA. A beautiful, welcoming studio in the heart of Westboro. Learn how Iyengar yoga can lead body and breath, heart and mind along a brighter, healthier pathway. 613 8069642 346 Richmond Road, 2nd floor

• Zenith Omega CATHERINE GREEN, CANADIAN REGIONAL: Teacher/Facilitator Dissolve Emotional, Mental, Physical Blocks. Embrace Positive Change. DNA Upgrade Long Distance Available. 613-479-0299

CLASSIFIEDS • For Rent we have a Unique opportunity for both office and personal space for rent in Carleton Place. Well established massage and acupuncture clinic (20 years) in excellent location with a 2 bedroom apt. available. We are looking for a health conscious individual(s) to share space in our building. Clinic space can be rented separately if desired. Available September 1st. 613-253-3456 OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT IN KANATA. $550/month for 14’ x 12’ and $450/month for a slightly smaller office. 613-254-7310

• Weight loss products... Get Slim! Get Healthy! Call 613-880-6505 for info.

• Looking for... WANTED: RMT, At an established (1998) Natural Health Centre. Very reasonable rates and great co-workers Please call Denise: 613-913-2803


ancy L. Bradley of Ottawa, was chosen for the Dowser of the Year Award for 2013 by the members of the Canadian Society of Dowsers ( http:// ) and presented to her on May 26 at their Annual Conventional. This award is presented to a dowser who has made an outstanding contribution to Dowsing.  The trophy was designed by CSD member and former director Klaus Stalschuss. It is based on sacred geometry.  Nancy traveled extensively  from 1999, ie. Ecuador, Peru, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, China, Holland, Belgium, England, Greece, and Mexico, to study various healing practices before making her home in Ottawa in 2007. She was born in Toronto & raised her family in Simcoe County.  As a Holistic Practitioner and Teacher/Facilitator in the areas of Meditation, Dowsing, Reflexology, Reiki (Master Teacher), Archetypal Energy Programs, Ear Coning, Esoteric Healing, Stress Reduction Techniques, Nutrition (detoxification, food supplements, herbs, diet), and Ion Cleanse therapy she has helped herself and others make changes in their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual connections. She is the President of the Ottawa Dowsers Group ( http:// ) and a Member-at-large for the Canadian Society of Dowers. Over the years she has presented workshops at the Canadian Society of Dowsers and the American Society of Dowsers (Vermont, Chicago) on Personal Archetypal programs including Labyrinths & organized dowsing workshops in Ottawa. Contact info: Nancy Bradley, 613-596-0260 or

OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE in Riverside Health Centre. Excellent rate and wonderful co-workers. Located at Bank & Riverside. Dina 613-526-1255 for more info.

July/August 2013


Oneness with the Natural World


hy do we feel so good when we walk in nature? Is there some deeper understanding to the aweinspiring experience of wilderness? Nature is what brings us within to the place where we connect to the source of all life. Inside each and every one of us we carry the vibration of all aspects of our natural world. The streams and rivers that carry life giving waters throughout the planet also flows through the veins and water systems of our bodies. Our body is so connected to nature that every aspect is perfectly reflected in the human body. This innate connection to the natural world is a tangible physical and energetic connection through the organs of our bodies and our chakra system. As an example, it is through the navel chakra that we connect to the vibration of water. Notice how this chakra is where we hold the largest reservoir of fluids in the body, our bladder. Another example is the earth that provides fruits and nourishment to feed humanity is connected to the root chakra. Notice how this chakra contains the organs which produce rich manure for the earth. What comes from the earth returns to the earth by this chakra. The solar plexus, which is connected to the sun, is also called the personal power chakra and is the furnace of the body where we transform our fuel (food) into power. The Sun is a huge furnace of burning gases providing such immense power that even from such a far distance in space it provides warm radiant energy to our world. When we walk in nature and breathe in fresh air into our lungs we connect to the heart chakra, the emotional center of our energy system which is connected to the winds of change of our emotions. Notice that the lungs are located in this center and they are the organs that take in oxygen in the form of air into our body. When we exhale through the throat center, we are exhaling gasses in the form of carbon dioxide which is naturally found in the atmosphere of the earth and protects the earth from radiation of the sun. Between the Sun and the earth’s atmosphere is space also referred to as Ether. It is not surprising that the throat center is associated with ether, the substance of space that carries sound waves. It is through the throat center that we create sound as we exhale etheric substances into space. When the sun shines on our face it radiates all of the colours of the light making it possible for us to distinguish colour in nature. Each flower reflects back to us electromagnetic energy waves that our eyes read as colour. Every colour is composed of different frequencies of electromagnetic waves of energy that affects our emotional wellbeing. This explains why so many people love flowers and why the third eye center is associated with light. I would also say that thoughts are composed of images which utilizes different tones of colour and sounds, creating the movies we play in our minds, and would also associate the third eye with thought.


The crown chakra is associated with consciousness and higher thought, and is believed to be the source of all creation. The entire universe is vibrating with consciousness. Consciousness is found everywhere and in everything and is considered to be omnipresent. This consciousness is energy vibrating at different frequencies and is present in all forms in nature. The rock that you stand on is consciousness vibrating at a slower frequency that provides the grounding energy to support all life and connect us to the earth. The plants that you see that absorb the light vibrate at a slightly higher frequency and provides the energy vibration that fuels our bodies in the form of food and oxygen. The vibration of life force energy, consciousness, is vibrating at an even higher rate in animals, allowing them to roam the earth and waters that surround us living by instinct and inner knowing. Our consciousness and vibration allows us to have the ability to think and therefore gives us free will and creativity. We are the only species with the ability to create from thought. Animals know how to do things instinctively or when taught, like a horses and dogs that are trained to do certain things. But the act of creation requires the ability to imagine what does not exist and therefore requires consciousness that vibrates at a higher rate. We are the part of nature that creates with the mind. We have free choice to create out of fear, a low vibration of creative energy that results in more destructive creations that do not take into consideration all of the vibrations of creation. Or we can choose to create out of love, a higher consciousness vibration that connects us to our oneness with the Universe and our natural world. When we think that every thought has creative power and adds to the collective consciousness of the world, we can see how each and every one of us is important in the creation of our experience on this planet and the overall wellbeing of humanity. Then how can we learn to create from a space of higher consciousness? I would say it is by experiencing our oneness with the natural world that surrounds us that we can find the answer. Nature holds in balance all of the vibrations of consciousness that exist on earth. When we connect to

July/August 2013




ood day everyone, summer is here, and all around us will be the sounds and activities related to this wonderful season. The PL teaching today as I write, is Just Be Yourself . “Relax and express yourself freely without hesitation. This will allow you to live out your life to the fullest.” Just reading the teaching for the day brings a smile to my face. Words so simple, so true, yet not always the easiest to do. When you come to Perfect Liberty this is what we practice, in shared community we help each other to live more harmoniously with “Nature” . We aspire to be “One” with the “Universe” through the teachings of Perfect Liberty we are no longer alone in our search for inner peace. We have a PL calendar, that each day gives us a teaching to think about for the day. It consists of 31 pages for each day of the month for the entire year. The quote above was today’s teaching. Also for those of you wishing to read more, we have a Perfect Liberty newsletter, put out by the Church of Perfect Liberty, North America. The most recent issue has an article written by Rev. Heitor Iwasaki of the San Francisco Church, “Accept all Kanwaza Positively”. (Kanwaza =God’s act) and

Rev. Margaret Stapleton has written about PL Principle No.3. =^_^= To tease your taste buds, there is a recipe on how to make a Brazilian dish by Maria Allmeida . Our doors are always open to you, Rev. Eugene will be here along with Rev. Tiago to welcome you and answer any and all of your questions. Church of Perfect Liberty (613) 225-1850 1010 Hunt Club Road, Ottawa, Ontario Call or check our website for the date of the next “garage sale”


all aspects of nature we connect our chakras to all the vibrations of consciousness found in all of nature. Our body is a living map to higher consciousness that allows us to connect with each and every vibration of creation. As we open up our chakras in nature we connect with these vibrations and resonate with each and every one of them. It is then that we can experience the full and complete expression of our oneness with all creation. And it is from this space that we can create from higher consciousness. When you go in nature, consciously open your chakras to each vibration of consciousness that surrounds you and allow yourself to connect in oneness to the magnificent creative forces of life that surround you. The gateways of your body are the keys that unlock the gifts of bounty of this natural world and the inherent oneness with all of creation. Suzette is a Wellness Consultant with over 20 years meditation and mindfulness experience. She presently teaches workshops on how to connect with nature at the Wellness Learning Centre in Wakefield Quebec and in the beautiful Gatineau Hills (30 minutes from Ottawa). For more information about her workshops go to or contact her at

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July/August 2013


In The Lair Of The Crab Cancer, moon, the fourth house CANCER is ruled by the moon. It’s all about home and mom and what’s in the fridge for a midnight snack. When the sun is in the fourth house, it’s usually near midnight. The 4th house is at the bottom of the zodiac circle. So, granting the pendulum swing theory, if the fourth house is all about family dinners, family love, then it’s also all about the dark side of family. Family dysfunction. Incest. Oedipal complexes. Skeletons you know where. The Poet once said, all families are dysfunctional, by definition. The moon rules emotions. Cancers are the most emotional people you’ll ever run into, deep down, but they can have a tough exterior. Think crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans. They’re hard on the outside, but once you crack them open, you get to the tasty stuff. Fact: the moon is just as important as the sun. If the moon didn’t move so fact around the zodiac, we’d have moon sign daily forecasts in the local daily newspaper. The progressed moon. Progressed charts are kind of hard to explain. I was born on June 12th, 1955. If you look at June 17th, 1955, in an ephemeris, i.e., a book that delineates where the planets are in the zodiac on any given day, you would see the progressed chart for the fifth year of my life. Why it works that way, I have no idea. But it does work. If that isn’t a satisfactory answer for you, google it. Or write your own little treatise. I don’t really pay a lot of attention to the progressed chart. Most astrologers can’t be bothered to look at everything - asteroids,Sabian symbols, Arabic parts, fixed stars, etc. - there’s just too much. But I do. Even in a quickie twenty minute reading at the local traveling psychic fair, I will at least look at the progressed moon, which, give or take, moves at the rate of one degree per month. So, that means it goes around your chart over the course of 360 months. Or thirty years. Kinda like a Saturn return. So. Moon rules mom. Saturn rules dad. With some exceptions, depending on how twisted, how dysfunctional, your childhood was. And it looks like they’re moving in lock-step, in an awkward waltz, feet made of clay. When the progressed moon hits something in the natal chart, say, Venus, for example, the native is very likely to find herself in a circumstance relating to love, wine and/or poetry. So it triggers aspects. Just like the transiting moon does with that nasty Uranus/Pluto square in the heavens right now.


The moon will trigger that square this month when it’s in Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries, on each weekend in July. The void-of-course moon. Just before the moon changes sign, there’s a point that can span ten, or even twenty, degrees, or one degree or however many degrees when it doesn’t make a major aspect to any planet. This is called the void-of-course moon things like to go haywire then. It’s similar to Mercury retrograde energy, kinda sorta. It’s not a good time to sign contracts, leave on trips, do anything important. So most astrologers say. But I sometimes wonder. Since the moon is in transition, maybe it really isn’t a bad time to be in transit yourself. It could be a situation where there’s a fine line involved. If the moon goes void-of-course just about the time of lift-off, maybe that would be a good thing. I have been on trips when that’s occurred, and the trip, for whatever reason, went smooth as silk. The eclipse of the moon Well, as everyone knows, this is not a good time to be hanging out with folks who are werewolves or vampires. Or sociopathic types. Or psychotic types. Cops and emergency wards are at their busiest under lunar eclipses. You can look it up. The next lunar eclipse is on October 18th, on the 26th degree of Aries. Craig Grant is the astrologer-in-residence at the Crystal Dawn Bookstore on Dalhousie. To make an appointment, phone 613-241-2262. If you were born on February 27th, 1958, you have just won a one hour, in-depth astrological reading! Contact me a to claim it. Or to book a reading under the zodiac lights at Churchill’s Pub on Richmond Road or at the Planet Café in the Market.

Edgar Cayce (Ottawa) Search for God groups Success for the soul Meditation, study and application in a small group format

July/August 2013

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Laura’s Numerology News for July/August 2013 How to calculate your personal monthly number. Add the day of your birth to the month of your birth.  Then you will add the number 4 to your number. NOTE – If your final number adds up to double digits, add the numbers together again, and again, if you have to, until you get a single number. If you still have trouble, email me at

holiday in Aug is perfect. Money is tight, so think practicality and thrift. Aug. Are you looking for a change or perhaps a new love? Get excited, clean your glasses, watch your posture, and get your hook in the water, now. Factor in some fun with your family, too. 5. July Get your motor running and head out on the highway. Can you do this alone? You need a break. Try to meditate and calm your overactive mind if a holiday won’t work. Self care is required. Aug. – An old family issue could float to the surface, and slap you in the back of the head this month. Try not to get into arguments. If it means walking away, do it. Zen, please.

1. July. Kick back and place the focus on resting and having some well deserved fun. I know that it has 6. July - Do you have extra money? Spend it now. been a long crazy journey and you need to heal, now. Try to concentrate on purchases that will benefit your Lighten up and socialize, travel and focus on creative home and family. Careers can also change, now. pursuits. This will continue the healing process. Aug. Time for you to plug into the universe and Aug. Duty calls, and it is back to the grind. You can get reenergized. Rest, slow down and take a well still factor in some fun. Home and career obligations deserved time out. You will need lots of juice to get take you off the healing path this month. though the balance of the year, so take Aug. off if you can. 2. July. This is not the month to spend a whack of money. You have duties that you have to attend to, 7. July. I wish everyone under this influence could chill now. Everything moves very slowly now, so be very for the entire month. There is no doubt that you are patient. seriously reevaluating your life, now. Try to close as Aug. As you probably already have sensed this is a many doors and finish as many projects and take care very heavy work year, but feel free to have a small of yourself this month. vacation now. Is there a wedding or reunion in your Aug. There will be some endings and changes plans? Sorry, but usually the “fun” is around duty, connected to your career. You could receive a new too. opportunity that could start now or in Oct.

3. July. Get the heck out of the office. You will not be 8. July - Financial gain and new business endeavors are productive anyway, so take some or all of this month on the horizon. Do not take a vacation now. Get your off. This is the best time for holidays, so just do it. cash together to pay for trips that would start in Aug. Aug. - Put your credit card away and focus on paying This is a great buy or sell influence. This includes off your debt. Hunker down and try to be responsible. you, so get busy. Remember, this is a year of many big changes. Prep Aug. - Long distance travel is a wonderful use of Aug. is required. You may experience some unexpected situations that you might label “dramatic”. Stay loose and trust. 4. July. “Domestic responsibilities” are the words for the whole year and much amplified in July. A family

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9. July - Are there friendships or relationships in a state of transformation? Your emotions will be very close to the surface and will have trouble hiding them. Take some time to rest and heal. Aug. - You should have a fresher outlook, in Aug. You will meet new people and the past will make more sense, now. New endeavors, friends and partnerships materialize. This whole year is tough on your emotional equilibrium so try to relax and trust.. Laura Young is an intuitive numerologist and core belief modification coach. She is located in Ottawa, but can conduct phone or skype consultations anywhere. For personal consultations please email: or call 613-725-7232.

July/August 2013


The Problem with Psychiatric Diagnoses & SWAG by Grace Joubarne, Clinical Hypnotherapist

SWAG – (Scientifically Wild Assed Guess) = the way psychiatry operates.


rior to the advent of psychiatry and the pharmaceutical monopoly of our health care system, treatment involved lifestyle and dietary changes and empathic care from family, friend and the medical community. Most people recovered permanently from depression and schizophrenia, even while navigating the Great Depression and two world wars. Since the 1950s, drug companies have been dictating medical care. In fact, now more than ever, drugs are manufactured first and a use for them created later. For example, Ritalin and its cousins were manufactured first. Later, psychiatrists created a fictitious ‘disease’ feverishly marketed as ADHD and ADD, despite the fact that ethical doctors and researchers have repeatedly shown there is no scientific support for such claims. A most recent example is that of Bipolar Disorder in children. Bipolar Disorder was unheard of in children and extremely rare in adults until 2008 when Harvard Professor and Psychiatrist, Joseph Biederman accepted $1.6 million dollars from Johnson and Johnson to skew his research findings guaranteeing the ‘existence’ of this disorder and further to promote the use of J & J’s braindamaging antipsychotic Risperdal. People forget that a psychiatric diagnosis for feeling sad, hurt, angry, humiliated, fearful and other normal human emotions means they are ‘sick in the head’, primarily because doctors still falsely claim such feelings are caused by an abnormality of the brain. Science and the courts have conclusively proven since 1970, that this claim is purely creative pharmaceutical marketing of fraudulent proportions. Even if the patient completely recovers, and whether correct or not, that diagnosis will forever remain part of their medical record. These days, even menstrual pain is diagnosed as a mental illness and treated with antidepressants. Many people regret diagnoses profoundly when they are denied insurance, a security clearance or employment and especially when they learn that there is NO scientific evidence whatever to support any so-called ‘mental illness’, not even depression or schizophrenia and that many studies have shown that emotional issues, including schizophrenia, will resolve more quickly and permanently when the person is not medicated. Being told one is ‘mentally ill’ is truly disempowering, especially if told drug therapy will be life-long. According to sociologists Erving Goffman and Michel Foucault, “The power of a diagnosis is that it changes


the way people understand and identify with themselves”. It would seem to be an element of brainwashing, a conditioning for life-long drug use based entirely on an opinion. Not only are patients then doubting their own sanity, but often find themselves isolated and treated differently by society who have been led to believe that mental illness exists and that it is ’dangerous’. The fact is that violence in the schizophrenic and depressed was rare until psychiatric treatment took over. Psychiatrist Daniel Carlat referred to this ‘myth’ as neurobabble in Unhinged, stating that neurobiology and geneticists have found NO evidence of a role of chemicals, neurotransmitters or genes in ‘mental illness’. With a diagnosis, a doctor has safely passed judgment on a person’s morality by fraudulently disguising it as a scientific finding – he has decided for that person, based on his own personal biases, what is wrong with that person and with their experience of and reaction to life, and moreover, just how to ‘fix’ it. Yet, that very science is bought and paid for by pharmaceutical drug money; a voodoo science so useless that genuine scientists and ethical doctors abhor it. It seems that the biggest problem with modern life is that who we should be and how we should live is directed increasingly by self-appointed experts on humanity and their definition of what is ‘normal’. This leaves people buying into expert ‘opinion’ about what kind of people we should be, taking us further and further from ourselves. The result is profound unhappiness, a fear that we just won’t or can’t measure up and the reliance on drugs. Authority figures exercising their ‘powers’ like this are more dangerous then those using actual physical force – its subtlety results in such self-doubt in the patient that they can no longer trust their own instincts. The patient becomes an ‘emotional cripple’, paralyzed to do anything but agree with someone she is convinced knows more about her then even herself. The uniqueness of that person and their experience with life is never factored or acknowledged by conventional medicine. Gary Greenberg noted in Manufacturing Depression: ‘ a ‘mental illness’ can be eradicated simply by a vote as was done when homosexuality was removed from the diagnostic manual. This surely demonstrated that the only thing psychiatrist could do reliably was to diagnose diseases that did not exist. The DSM (psychiatric diagnostic manual) is truly great fiction needlessly and negatively affecting the lives of tens of millions.’ The current revolt over the DSMs listing of basic human life experiences as ‘mental illness’ in need of drug treatment was set in motion by the recent addition to the manual of grief as a mental illness. Now, if you grieve longer than a few weeks over the death of a partner or child, you can be treated with drugs for a ‘mental illness’!

July/August 2013


Sri Chinmoy Answers Question: How do prayer and meditation differ and can both be used if we are trying to help others? SRI CHINMOY: Prayer and meditation are medicines to cure us. As we go to a doctor for medicine to cure our physical body, similarly prayer and meditation are the medicines that will cure us in our inner life. Aspiration is within both prayer and meditation but the difference between prayer and meditation is this: when I pray, I talk and God listens. When I meditate, God talks and I listen. When we pray, we go up, up, up—our whole existence goes upward like a flame. Prayer can come from the heart, but there is always a tendency in prayer to desire something. When we pray we automatically act as if we are beggars who are crying to God to grant us a boon. This is the way we pray to God, asking for this and that, looking up at Him and crying to Him, but we do not know when or to what extent God is going to fulfill our desires. When we meditate it is nothing like that. In meditation we dive into the vast sea of Consciousness. We just allow ourselves consciously to enter into the effulgence of Light, or we invoke the universal Light to transform our ignorance into wisdom. We do not have to ask God for Peace or Light because we are swimming in the sea of divine qualities. At that time, God gives us more than we can ever imagine. The deeper we go in meditation, the more we expand our own consciousness, the more abundantly the qualities of Light, Peace and Bliss grow inside us. Aspiration is the only key for both prayer and meditation. Either we reach up to God or He comes down to us. Ultimately, it is the same. To eliminate strain while meditating or praying, try to focus all your attention on the heart, not on the mind. First try to see

Why Diagnoses? To be lawfully permitted to prescribe drugs, doctors require a ‘disease’ to treat. It does not matter if the psychiatric diagnosis is incorrect or damaging to the patient (which is about 100% of the time), as long as it meets the pharmaceutical agenda by legitimizing what would otherwise be illegal drug promotion. As well diagnoses facilitate insurance company reimbursements. Seventy-five years of drug therapy and mental illness diagnoses have taught us that you cannot drug, drink, eat, work, exercise, medicate or talk your way past a persistent ‘bad’ feeling. Regression-to-cause hypnotherapy, however, can help dissolve the root issues.


MEDITATION Free Ongoing Classes Relaxation, concentration & meditation Developing calmness, confidence & poise S Creating a life of inspiration & happiness S S

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the heart-source. From there you will feel a flow which will be going either upward or downward. Try to direct the flow so it moves upward from the heart. This flow, which is divine Grace, is like all-nourishing water that is being supplied constantly from its infinite Source: God. The most important thing is to pray and meditate every day. If one wishes to help other people, you must first get the inner capacity through your prayer and meditation. If you want to help people, then help people after you have received inner strength from your own prayer and meditation. Do the first thing first. If you pray and meditate you will get spiritual wealth. But if you try to help others without prayer or meditation, without your wealth, what will you be able to give them? Your prayers can help another person but you have to know how. You are praying to God and that particular person has God within him. When you pray for his welfare, you are not touching him directly, you are touching God inside him. The person you are praying for will get the most benefit if you pray with this idea in mind. Visit for further writings by Sri Chinmoy.

Hypnotherapy treatment for the normal issues facing humans in every walk of life have assisted clients back to a good quality of life, mastery over their own lives and self-empowerment for decades. For a drug-free, diagnosis-free resolution of emotional hardship and treatment for anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, qualified hypnotherapy can be your first and best choice. I welcome all enquiries. Grace Joubarne, CCHt, LAPHP offices: Ottawa & Belleville 613-422-7027, toll-free 1-888-390-3553 info@graceplacewellness. com for verifiable credentials.

July/August 2013


Reel Conversations and Synergy Chiropractic present

“I AM” by Tom Shadyac - a Documentary Wednesday July 17 at 6:30-9:00pm


e’ve heard it before many times ... “we are all connected”. Yes, you know it because you are intuitive, even spiritual and you feel the connection. It is real. But how do you explain it to others so they can understand and you still sound sane? Watch as Tom Shadyac lays out the facts gathered from his world tour to find the experts with the answers. Scientists, environmentalists and philosophers all share the facts that bring home the point ... “we are all connected”. See the scientific proof of the invisible force called the energy field, matrix, Love, God, Source or whatever else you want to call it. Learn about the evidence that proves the power of intention with living beings and non-living things. Be amazed by how easily the question shifts from “what’s wrong with this world” to “what’s right with

it?” Shift your own attitude toward oneness and raise your consciousness to new levels. Then, engage in a real conversation about this provocative documentary. Listen as others share their reflections and questions then offer your perspectives as you shift and grow. Join us on Wednesday July 17, 6:30-9:00pm Please register with Synergy Chiropractic at or 613-591-9151 Donations gratefully accepted at the door for two charities, Univera Serve First and the Wyatt Leamon Foundation . Visit to preview this extraordinary documentary. Cille Harris is a professional facilitator who loves to host real conversations on provocative topics to raise awareness of real alternatives. Dr. Craig Hazel is a family wellness expert and chiropractor whose mission is to make Ottawa the healthiest community in Canada.

Deva Premal & Miten: Music in the Key of Love  Mantra Singers Launch MantraFest Tour & New Album  “A DEEPER LIGHT”


he age of yoga is upon us. With yoga studios opening in every town across the United States, millions of people are enjoying yoga’s stress-reducing and life-enhancing benefits. In the world of music, many top recording artists are yoga aficionados, including Alanis Morissette, Nora Jones, Sting and Sarah McLachlan, who recently appeared on the cover of Yoga Journal. However it is yoga-based mantra chanting that is changing the way people listen to -- and feel -- the yogic effects of music. Deva Premal & Miten have been a central part of the chant-based culture shift. For the past 21 years the two have been merging the ancient mantras with new rhythms and musical beats, creating a sound that is deeply rooted in tradition, but appeals to a modern audience. Deva & Miten’s fans include Anthony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Cher, who featured one of Deva’s most popular chants, the Gayatri Mantra, on her Farewell Tour. Deva & Miten, along with band-mates Manose Newa and Maneesh de Moor, released a new album in April called A DEEPER LIGHT. To celebrate the new album, Deva and Miten are launching a MantraFest Tour with their friends and fellow mantra pioneers, The GuruGanesha Band. The tour, which kicks off Sep 10, 2013, extends from Montreal to Miami, and will visit Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, and Vancouver. For information on dates and locations visit


July/August 2013

Hypnosis for Insomnia


ne of the most unpleasant things in the whole world is not being able to sleep properly. Sleep is the most effective way to rest the body and the mind. People need to get at least 8 straight hours of quality sleep every single night in order to lead a healthy and balanced life, with lots of energy and strength to face the challenges of life. Unfortunately several people suffer from insomnia. This issue compromises their sleep. Not only is insomnia an irritating issue for those who have it but it is also extremely dangerous because people who suffer it can have their behaviours totally changed. A person that was once lovely and calm can become abusive and irritated. This, however, is not the person’s fault, instead it is the disease’s. Most people often avoid having this condition treated because they are afraid of having to use several strong medications or even having to spend thousands of dollars on doctors and hospitals. In fact most traditional insomnia treatments count with strong medications and constant visits to the doctor. Now, if you suffer from this condition and would like to have your sleep and health back without having to use so many medications or even having to visit a doctor often you can count with the special Ottawa hypnosis treatment. This treatment only involves hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used over the centuries to help people get rid of mental and

body illnesses, without having to use drugs. In case a patient has a sever condition where he will need to undergo surgery the Ottawa hypnosis technique will also be able to help. The brain will be set to a position where it will not have its pain receptors on, allowing the patient to have a much smoother surgery. This technique has helped people of all ages and from all over the world. This Ottawa hypnosis technique will allow patients to improve their sleep quality, getting totally rid of the insomnia signals. Hypnosis will relax the patient and allow him to fall asleep much easier, just like he did in the past. Hypnosis is also a treatment that offers great results in a short period of time. Only a couple sessions are enough to solve a huge issue completely. Hypnosis is also a treatment that has proven itself as a great method to change behaviour patterns in people. As hypnosis helps people relax, it also makes irritated and angry people feel much calmer and much more pleasant. Hypnosis is therefore a method that cures much more than one simple condition. It is a cycle. The better you sleep, the better you will feel every single day. Hypnosis will go to the very root of the reason that the person is angry and it will then modify it making the person become sociable again. For instance sleep distresses are often caused by stress and anxiety, therefore the hypnosis technique will go to the cause and simply erase it, giving the person the right to sleep well again.

You Can Lose Weight Without Painful Surgery Are you having trouble Losing Weight, Keeping it off & Killing Evil Cravings? Then Dr. Luke Michael Howard can help you even when nothing else has worked. With he's specialist brand of Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis all the way from the UK. Dr. Luke, owner of the LUKEnosis, is a Hypnosis Weight Loss Specialist, has a Masters degree in Hypnotherapy as well as a Doctorate in Psychology. Dr. Luke has been studying Hypnosis for over 17 years now and has trained all over the world. After over a decade, Dr. Luke is still the youngest person certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Dr. Luke has been featured in all forms of media such as Tone Magazine, CTV Morning Live, and CBC Radio. He has developed an advanced hypnotherapy technique that turns weak willed over eaters into empowered, slim & in control people in just 5 sessions. He says “This technique is so powerful we are achieving a 80% success rate. This is incredible when you think that Weight Watchers are only about 30% successful at best. This Powerful Non-surgical procedure has been well documented or FOX,CBS & ABC News as well as the Dr Oz Show.

Dr. Luke explains, “This powerful breakthrough technique combines the latest discoveries in hypnosis and the new science of personal achievement known as Neuro Linguistic Programming. This takes the power of hypnosis to a new level in helping people take back control of their lives.” Many local doctors are so impressed by the power of hypnosis that they are now referring many of their patients to Dr. Luke for his Accelerated Change Hypnoband Programme. Dr. Luke says, “I am currently building a Doctors Referral Network to keep local GP’s informed of my developments and to keep them informed of their patients’ progress. Many celebrities, professional business people, nurses and housewives have benefited from Lapband hypnosis, SO CAN YOU! The good news is that this incredible method of Losing Weight is available locally. The bad news there usually is a three to four week waiting list for an appointment but even the medical profession believes it’s worth waiting for


July/August 2013

“I walked out 25lbs Lighter!” Kate had been over weight for the majority of her life- nearly 27 YEARS! She had tried every type of Weight Loss Gimmick, Diets, Supplements, Gym Memberships even Personal Trainers but nothing worked, until she met Dr. Luke. She recently sent him this follow up email: “I promised I would do a testimonial for you. Here it is: The hypnosis TOTALLY worked...not only have I lost 25lbs I have not eaten at timmies...I have had NO DESIRE TOO!!! It really has changed my life!” Check out more testimonials at: you can contact Dr. Luke at 613-878-5874 to arrange an appointment.


Top sun safety myths debunked Why you should soak up the summer sun, shamelessly


ummer is finally here! And so is the heated debate… Is it safe to bathe in the rays of the summer sun or should we all take shelter? And what about sun screen? Consider this. All life developed and thrives under natural sun exposure. Ultraviolet-B rays (or UVB) from sunlight are the most effective, abundant and natural source of Vitamin D; a hormone that is involved in more than 300 reactions in the human body. Sunlight is a source of health and healing. It’s an essential nutrient; you need it for a healthy life so don’t avoid the sun - embrace it! Some benefits of sunshine include:

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Michelle Thibodeau Registered Holistic Nutritionist Certified Cancer Coach


Myth #1: Sun exposure causes skin cancer. The biggest risk for skin cancer is having fair skin – whether you use sunscreens or not and there is no substantial evidence that sunscreen protects from skin cancer. Melanoma usually appears in areas not exposed to the sun. Sam Shuster, MD, specialist in dermatology, says that melanoma occurrence decreases with greater sun exposure and can increase with the use of sunscreens. Myth #2: Sunlight causes other types of cancer. Reducing exposure to solar radiation may actually have the opposite effect. Sunlight actually produces immunity to cancer and research has found that cities in the northern latitudes had 150% more cancer than those in southern latitudes. Recent studies have found that the more sun exposure the less breast, colon, ovary, lung and prostate cancer along with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and 7 others.

Specializing in Cancer Risk Management, Nutrition and Lifestyle Oncology

imperative that you get enough, unprotected, sunlight on a regular basis. Not washing for at least 4 to 6 hours after exposure is also important to allow the completion of the process. If you bathe too soon the Vitamin D doesn’t have time to react with the oils in your skin. Use common sense. Our bodies will respond by developing a tan to a greater or lesser degree. Take it slow so your skin won’t burn; everything in moderation. - Excerpts taken from Healthy Living Report; Ted Koren D.C., & By Michelle Thibodeau of Nu Healings Nutrition is Ottawa’s only Holistic Nutritionist who is also a Certified Professional Cancer Coach. She offers programs in Nutritional Health, Risk Prevention and Cancer Coaching. Michelle knows first-hand what it’s like to live with cancer. Hear her story and learn more about her professional services at

Myth #3: You must layer on the sunscreen. Sunscreens appear to increase chances of getting melanoma and intensify your risk of developing vitamin D deficiency diseases. An SPF of 8 reduces UVB penetration by 98% and essentially eliminates vitamin D production. A review of studies led researchers to state: Epidemiological studies suggest that sunscreen use is associated with an increased risk of melanoma. Myth #4: You should you avoid sunlight. Because your skin makes Vitamin D only when you’re exposed to sunlight it is


July/August 2013

Health Canada: Homeopathic flu vaccines are effective & approved for use in Canada


here is no longer any reason to vaccinate children with conventional Big Pharma poisons, mercury, MSG and Thimersol ever again. Ten homeopathic flu vaccines have recently been licensed for use by Health Canada, adding to the growing list of homeopathic vaccines available to Canadians. Health Canada had already licensed homeopathic vaccines to prevent polio, measles and pertussis (whooping cough). Not only have they been deemed safe, but also effective, which should be a relief given that research is showing Big Pharma vaccines are simply ineffective and cause disabling, and often deadly side effects. These homeopathic vaccines have passed tests for safety and efficacy when used according to instructions provided on the labels. These latest 10 Health Canada licenses have been granted to a range of homeopathic flu vaccines called Influenzinum, which have been manufactured by BJ Pharmaceutical, Boiron and Homeocan and others. (Source: British Columbia Medical Journal, 2013, 55: 201-2), despite Big Pharma loosing its paid mouthpieces (medical doctors) to protest Health Canada’s decision. Even the British Royal family has relied on homeopathy and hypnotherapy since the 1800s. If you are wondering why CTV, CBC and other mainstream news outlets have not broadcast this life-saving information, you are not alone. We need to demand they provide balanced reporting and stop censoring information needed to keep our families healthy without having to resort to Big Pharma death jabs. They need to make the public aware that parents can complete the Exemption forms, have them notarized and placed on the child’s files to prevent involuntary/forced vaccinations with deadly vaccines.  Pro-pharma doctors and researchers ‘forget’ to disclose their financial and other ties to Big Pharma who produce harmful vaccines and neglect to tell us that $10 million dollar payouts to vaccine-damaged children are becoming the norm, with over $3.9 Billion having been paid out in a 10-year period alone for brain-damage due to conventional vaccinations. It is becoming apparent that Big Pharma might fool some of the people some of the time, but they can’t fool all of the people all of the time as tens of millions of people have abandoned conventional medicine and turned to alternatives. ~courtesy of Grace Joubarne, Clinical Hypnotherapist 1-888-390-3553

BREAKTHROUGH IN ENERGY HEALING In Ottawa Area serving Ontario and Western Quebec: Holistic Wellness Coach, Aileen McKenna AILEEN’S OASIS 613-228-2272 • 613-795-3751 •

Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner Certified Quantum-Touch® Instructor Associate Polarity Practitioner Certified Aromatherapist Certified Small Group Facilitator Certified Eco-Village Design Consultant Certified Facilitator – Open Space Technology

July/August 2013

A healing journey to a calmer state of mind...

Shiatsu Thai Yoga Massage Ayurvedic Therapies Reiki Reflexology Lomi Lomi Sound Healing Tree Essences Couples Services Crystals Advanced Skin and Body Care Therapeutic Massage RMT Organic Skin, Body and Hair Care

45 Rideau at Sussex, 2nd floor Telephone: 613.241.7770 email: 53

Reiki Time for the Family


s we all know, time is a finite resource and it is nonrenewable. Every day, we each get 24 hours of it. No more, no less. Every hour, we get 60 minutes, and so on. For most North American families, the competition for our hours and minutes is quite fierce. For most of us, this balancing act includes choosing between time spent with friends vs. family, work vs. leisure, exercise vs. computer time, practicing artistic skills vs. practicing sports, etc… This can easily become a non-stop merrygo-round, unless we can find a reliable mechanism Some families have found that Reiki provides them which slows things down on a regular basis, giving family members an opportunity to renew physical, with a mechanism to overcome this challenge. In a recent article published on the International emotional and spiritual energetic balance. Center for Reiki Training web page, Reiki Master, Kathie Lipinski explains how Reiki is used in her family which includes two sons. “We pick a time and share Reiki with each other. The boys are much quicker in their giving and receiving since they are pure channels. We usually scan each other to find the areas in need and then allow the Reiki to flow. If there is an illness or injury, whoever is available in the family will give Reiki. If we are all available, we give the person as much Reiki as they want. This has worked well with sports injuries, fevers and colds. We have found that the illness works through the process quicker and injuries heal faster.” Another Reiki inspired approach is to focus on the There is no SFC Workshop in July or August except Reiki principles as the starting point for launching a the following two Thursday evening events: family discussion. The Reiki principles are simple goals that everyone can aspire to. The Reiki attitude inherent JULY -- Thursday, July 4 (7:15-9 pm) SFC MUSIC-FEST: With Charles Gregoire And Heidi Brault in the words of its principles, such as: “just for today, I An evening of celebrating our unity with music. Come sing along with choose not to anger, just for today, I choose not to worry” Charles Gregoire and Heidi Brault as they lead us through a repertoire of can teach all family members valuable life enhancing Spiritual, International, Folk, Soft Rock and Old Tyme favourites strategies. Another principle focuses the mind and the emphasizing our unity. Lyric books will be provided that will need to be returned at the end of the evening. Location: at the Ottawa Citizen, heart on honouring our Selves, our parents, teachers 1101 Baxter Road (donations welcome) and elders, fostering gratitude and respect for those who help us on our path. Connecting to the Reiki principles AUGUST - Thursday, August 1 (7:15-9 pm) Talk: Allan Green: We are Becoming Homonoeticus Beings. Location: at on a regular basis can help family members develop into the Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (donations welcome) peaceful, loving and balanced individuals. By using Reiki whenever the opportunity presents SEPTEMBER - Thursday, Sept. 5 (7:15-9 pm) Talk: Remembering Your Soul Purpose, A Part of Ascension with Eva Jeannine Meloche. itself, family members will quickly learn how to use it As a Soul Purpose and Certified Career Coach for the last 18 years, Eva and when to use it, for their own highest good and that Jeannine will invite you to reflect and listen within to hear that "little of others. voice within" - your inner guidance - to re-examine your purpose to be on this planet at this extraordinary time of transformation and ascension So, add some Reiki time to your family life and start of the planet, re-discover your innate gifts and talents, your natural skills enjoying more minutes, hours and days with a better - what you do best -, and realign your lifework to serve at best the balance in that precious energy you share with your people around you, and the world. Location: at the Ottawa Citizen, loved ones. 1101 Baxter Road (donations welcome) Workshop - Sept. 21 (1-4 PM): How to Create a Business That Will Fulfill Your Soul Purpose. Eva Jeannine will guide you in discovering your soul purpose, your gifts and talents, develop your core story that will help you clarify who you want to serve, and create your signature system that will help you build a business that fits your soul purpose. Location: Hintonburg Community Centre, 1064 Wellington St. $20

SFC Canada website:


Joffre Carpenter-Ducharme

July/August 2013

Quantum BodyTalk by Dr. James Oschman


r. James Oschman, a Professor in quantum biology and leader in the field of energy medicine, is fascinated by the BodyTalk System and its integration of the important discoveries of quantum physics into this healthcare modality. The below scientific explanation of how the BodyTalk system works (paraphrased) was written by Dr. Oschman and included within Dr. John Veltheim’s, the founder of BodyTalk, newly released book: The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk: Healthcare Designed by Your Body (2013). What is BodyTalk? A consciousness-based, non-diagnostic holistic therapy that works to re-synchronize the body’s energy systems so that they can operate as nature intended. It is based on: 1) Quantum Theory, which explains the nature and behaviour of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level, and 2) Dynamic System’s Theory, which describes how the part functions as one with the whole. Dr. Oschman writes, “It has become clear in the quantum perspective of biocentrism that the higher intellect enables us to exercise control over what we manifest in our mind body organisms as reality, e.g. we are able to choose between different possibilities both for ourselves and those around us.” In addition, “To solve challenging biological and medical problems, we must learn to explore the living organism as a whole, rather than a synthesis of its parts’ behaviours [western medicine].” Thanks to BodyTalk, “What is emerging is an understanding of a quantum system that simultaneously entangles every part of the body of the therapist [with] every part of the body of the patient. It is a system capable of a definable ... shift in coherence that allows for ... a palpable shift in consciousness [leading to greater overall health]. After watching BodyTalk in action, one begins to suspect that living matter has some extraordinary properties that can [itself] encourage extraordinary healing phenomena.” Finally, “Quantum Physics and BodyTalk are providing possible explanations for a new way of viewing health. These discoveries are transformational to say the least [and] come at a time when many are looking to science and medicine as a way to transform global consciousness and lay a foundation for a new Golden Age.” Excellent results! Commonly addressed issues include areas of: Arthritis, Headaches, Back Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Stress, Sports Injuries, Sports Performance, Emotional Disorders, Learning Disorders, Infections, Digestive Disorders, Endocrine Disorders, Pain and Allergies.

“Body Talk has been an incredible blessing for myself and my family and Lori has been a huge part of this. Lori put me at ease from the moment I met her, she answered all of my questions and queries in her calm demeanour and even managed to connect with my very busy 4.5 year old daughter. Body Talk has helped me to regain movement in my shoulder (from an injury that happened over 25 years ago), decreased my environmental allergies, alleviated pain in my back and knees, but above all of that, it has helped my daughter to sleep longer and deeper at night than she ever has in her life (she suffers from sleep apnea). I am forever grateful for BodyTalk and Lori.”  - Gayle, Braeside, ON For more information and/or to book a BodyTalk session, please contact Lori Hollohan at: and/or visit her website at: Lori Hollohan M.A. is a Certified Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Cranial Sacral, Lymphatic Drainage and Reiki II Practitioner and a Hatha Yoga Teacher. Her practice is located in a BodyTalk office within a healing arts house at 484 Gladstone Ave. (at Lyon St). Lori is able to provide insurance receipts for her clients. The above mentioned book is currently available for purchase on the BodyTalk website at: and in the kindle edition at:

July/August 2013


Awakening into Oneness


Shift from Existing to Living!


neness University is a spiritual school in southern India with the vision of helping ordinary people from ALL walks of life, people of ALL faiths and paths, Awaken to higher states of consciousness. As an individual moves into higher states, it not only impacts their own life and those around them, it also contributes to the transformation and awakening of the entire planet. One of the ways our consciousness expands is through a transfer of divine, intelligent energy called Deeksha (also known as the Oneness Blessing). This gentle hands-on transmission of divine Intelligence is facilitated by lightly placing one’s hands on the crown of the participant’s head. The process works by creating a neurobiological shift in the brain and awakening the energy centers in the body (for information on the brain research and the science behind Awakening and Deeksha go to Deeksha neither requires practicing a particular way of living nor is it an initiation into following a new path.  It does not bind one to any philosophy or ideology.  It transcends religious and cultural barriers from the fact that it only chooses to awaken each person to his/her own spiritual nature by facilitating a shift in the brain. People belonging to any faith or age group can receive this. Oneness University offers the Oneness Awakening Course which initiates and certifies one to become a Blessing/Deeksha giver. Many people worldwide travel to the University to attend intensive training and offer the course back in their home countries. This course is specifically designed to look at what life is like outside the realm of the mind which is often a state of conflict and separation. Experiencing peace, love, acceptance and ease with ‘what is’ at any given moment happens easily when the mind is ‘declutched’.

The Oneness Awakening Course offers: • ancient active meditation processes that clear the energetic system to activate divine/higher Intelligence • releasing of old charges and patterns • healing of relationships with self and others • calming the mind and opening the heart • developing a stronger bond with your Higher Self/ Higher Intelligence • going through a powerful initiation process to become a Oneness Blessing/Deeksha giver If you are interested in finding out more about Oneness and experiencing Deeksha, please contact local Oneness trainers, Maria Marrongelli or Jack Lafleur at or call 613-224-6473. For more info about Oneness University go to


Come and join the Ottawa Oneness Community in an afternoon of active meditation, calming the mind, opening the heart and experiencing the phenomenon of the Oneness Blessing ! Saturday August 10, 2 – 5pm. Social potluck afterwards, 357 Wilmont Ave. Investment: $ 20. Ticket purchase in advance, space is limited For more information and to purchase tickets, contact Maria or Jack at or 613-224-6473

ONENESS AWAKENING COURSE Transform Yourself, Transform Humanity! Become a certified Oneness Blessing giver Offered in over 160 countries worldwide Sept 13 (evening) 14 & 15 (full days). Investment: $295 For more information and to register, please contact Ottawa area Oneness Trainers

Maria Marrongelli & Jack Lafleur, 613.224.6473

THE FOUNDATION FOR SHAMANIC STUDIES a non-profit public charitable and educational organization

Is offering Michael Harner's

The Way of the Shaman®

Shamanic Journeying, Power & Healing

The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism Ottawa (Almonte): September 14-15, 2013 Toronto: September 28-29, 2013 Windsor: September 21-22, 2013 Peterborough: October 26-27, 2013

Led by Glenn Campbell

Faculty Member, Foundation for Shamanic Studies During this experiential workshop, participants are introduced to Core Shamanism, the basic methods used by shamans to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. Particular emphasis is on the classic shamanic journey, as well as on shamanic divination and healing. A practical, enjoyable workshop, even for beginners!

For more information or to register, contact Glenn at, 905 430-4953 or

July/August 2013

Living Spiritually By Barbara Simpson


iving a spiritual life holds different meaning to all of us. To many, it is living with spiritual conviction that we are all one in GOD, that Love is the only reality and that everything else is created by thought, which in turn creates emotion, and in turn separates us from each other & the Oneness. For others, it can be as simple as going to church every Sunday and trying to be a nice person.

It’s easy to live in the faith that goodness and innocence exists and that the Universe works for good when everything in life is good, in place, and flowing. It is quite a different story when the challenges & difficulties of life pervade. Despite the difficulties of life that surround us all in the world and follow us along life’s journey, choosing a shift in perception from fear, anger, blame, guilt and fault to a place of acceptance, forgiveness, innocence, and unconditional Love, determines how we experience life. Choosing to live a spiritual life is choosing to ‘un-learn’ from the material-centered world and move towards the heart-centered view, attuning to the spirit and the richer deeper dimensions of the human experience. It includes being able to see the innocence within another person (as in ourselves) and understanding that everyone acts or reacts from “where they are” along their own life or spiritual journey. When we can shift our perception from what has been done ‘to us’, to what has been done

‘for us’, we are able to view every challenge in our life as great blessings. How do we achieve this Miracle, this Shift? First, we Acknowledge what has occurred in our lives and how it has affected our growth. Next, we Accept it as part of who we are, embrace it, and send it Love. Forgiveness of those who may have inflicted pain upon us comes next. That is, forgiveness of the divine soul who is deserving of Unconditional Love just like oneself, not necessarily forgiveness of the action or deed, and finally, thanking GOD/ the Universe for the blessings and lessons that come with these our greatest challenges. Once we can move from a place of ‘victim’ and anger to the higher vibration of Love, miracles begin to happen. A domino-effect occurs. Fear is released, blame and guilt are replaced with acceptance and truth, life begins to work in harmony and we are able to ‘BE’ wholly present, ready for new opportunities for even greater learning to present themselves. This shift to a higher vibrational reality attracts more Joy into our lives and in turn, affects those around us. Applying our minds to learning about ourselves and others through prayer and meditation helps us to disconnect from the chatter, noise and conditioning of the world, moving us inward to a place of non judgement, acceptance, understanding and forgiveness, to a place of Grace. We begin to see the world for its blessings, its innocence and for what has been done right. We see the magic. After all, how we chose to perceive, think, feel act and re-act becomes our own reality, no one else’s. To quote the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi - Be the change you want to see in the world…be the Miracle. Come and enjoy a non-denominational Spiritual Sunday service at the Ottawa Spiritual Pathways Centre, where a meditation, spiritual Healing and inspirational discourse can help you to connect with the Oneness within.

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July/August 2013


What else is possible?

By Edith Paul, Certified Bars Facilitator ccess Consciousness is known through 45 countries around the world for their efficient tools that bring change and transformation. Their pragmatic and simple techniques, philosophies and methods assist people in finding what works for them. I use many of their modalities and the Clearing Statement is the one I benefit from daily. It consists of clearing anything that doesn’t serve me (thoughts, feelings, emotions, frequency resonances) with a sequence of words (for more info, visit www. The more I use the Clearing Statement, the easier my life becomes. I see results, almost instantaneously. For example, I rented a house in Orlando last February. While I was relaxing in the bath, a fear came up. The more I was thinking about my situation, the more afraid I became. After a while, instead of feeding this fear, I chose to clear it with the clearing statement. Result? In less than 30 seconds, the fear was gone. Like a magic wand, the Clearing Statement clears, at the energetic level, everything that is hidden underneath, no matter if we are aware of it or not. Simple, but yet a very potent tool! I use the Clearing Statement for situations that trigger me at the mental, physical and emotional levels in all aspects of my life. No need to go back into the event or the emotion to remove it. Cool, isn’t it?


Bio-Electric Technology


Guaranteed health or your money back The Ultra Immune System Booster technology has the ability to re-invogorate the sparks of life in your organs and your digestive system like nothing ever seen before.

Greater results with the Clearing Statement are ensured when we access the energy to clear. With my intuition, I read in people’s energy and remove what is there. I meet people in private sessions, and I will be offering Clearing Nights for those who are interested in experiencing the Clearing Statement in a group. These nights will be offered in July and August from 19:00 to 21:00, starting July 1st. The clearings will gravitate around relationships, money, body, sex, control, etc. If you feel attracted, please contact me. The Clearing Statement has the effect of creating more space in ourselves when we use it… and more space means more possibilities to be who we desire to be. Another Access tool has the same result: the bars. The bars are 32 points on our head that represent different aspects of our lives (money, control, creativity, awareness, sadness, joy, etc.) They are called bars, since the space between the points creates a bar of energy. Once these 32 points are touched, a release is experienced and might bring one or many of these results: stress reduction, clearing mind chatter, sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed and full of energy, dissipating some of the mental, emotional, physical and energetic blockages that are keeping you stuck, creating deeper relaxation, and it works well for ADD and ADHD, etc. Some people experience great changes after one session only, and since every person is different, the result cannot be predicted. The best way to get the effect of the bars is have them run. For more information, visit watch?v=CwLNKo7exwM I am running bars sessions in private sessions, and I am teaching how to run the bars. It is an easy method to learn, and yet it brings tremendous results. I offer body processes that open up a dialogue and create a communion with your body that allows you to enjoy your body instead of fighting against it and abusing it. For more information, please contact me at 613850-6346 or at Would you like to have an easier living?  What if you could find what you are looking for in what I have to offer?

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Be Careful What You Ask For!


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e careful what you ask for! Sounds silly to say something like that doesn’t it? It was around the time that the movie The Secret came out that I took the time to understand what this phrase really meant. Up until then, I was doing some business planning and life planning with my wife and we were generally hitting theses “goals”. My income was climbing every year, we were taking some very nice family vacations, we had a nice home…life was good! We had no reasons to question that we were not on a good path for success. Then I introduced a vision board into my life. More and more people that I was meeting were doing this “vision board” thing so I decided to do one for myself! Within a couple of weeks I had it completed and looked at it every day as was “required” to make this thing work. For the first six or so months, I kept positive thoughts in my mind and looked at the end goals that

Dr Paul Greenacre DDS, FAACP. FAGD, FICOI

Laser Holistic Dentistry & Integrative Medicine 613 234-5758 Downtown and Alta Vista locations

LEARN YOGA WITH DEV YOGA – THE TRADITIONAL ANCIENT INDIAN CLASSICAL WISDOM Dev offers private yoga sessions for individuals and groups Yoga Training Courses/Workshops/Discourses

For Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Yoga Teachers DEV the Yoga Acharya/Guru/Master from the land of Yoga (India) with 25 years of Yoga teaching experience.

For more details please visit: Contact: Phone: 613-355-1791

Daniel Roy


Principle Instructor / Certified Financial Planner

I had decided were important for me. At times this was like looking at paint dry as nothing “visible” was taking place. The frequency of me looking at my board declined as life took over and I started to focus on other things. But I kept looking at it nevertheless. A year or so later, events started to show up in my life that were directly related to items that I had put up on my vision board. In fact, people, things, money all started to manifest themselves for me in the most unlikely fashion. In May and June of this year, over six years from the time that I put this first vision board together, another “goal” was being accomplished. In these two months, I had met and started to work with the people that I would need to make this other goal a reality. What I have come to understand from this process is that having a clear vision of your goal(s) is vitally important. You cannot accumulate wealth if that is not expressly stated. You might enjoy some form of temporary success but sooner or later, you will fall back to your original position. That vision must be supported by a belief system that confirms that you want that goal and that you know it will show up in your life. It is not our responsibility to worry about the how and the when things will manifest for us. So go out and set some goals for all areas of your life. Make them big and meaningful! If you don’t feel nervous about them then they are probably not big enough for you. Put them on a vision board! Write them in your diary! Make a “To Do” list. It does not matter how you do this. Commit and Believe and be careful what you ask for as it might just show up in your life! Daniel Roy is the principal instructor of the Ottawa based Praxis Wealth Institute. He conducts workshops and courses that are focused on helping people accumulate and manage their wealth.

July/August 2013


The Meditation On Twin Hearts

Master Choa Kok Sui’s

you have the power to heal! •physical/emotional/psychological ailments

•improve relationships • heal the past • manifest goals • increase prosperity • increase success • develop spiritually • increase intelligence • protect yourself with energy hygiene


o many of us want to help others – Our friends, our families, our communities – but we don’t always know how to go about helping. We want to experience peace, love, and healing, and it can be hard to figure out where to begin. The Meditation on Twin Hearts is truly a gift, as it is a method of blessing the entire earth, and every person, every being on earth. It’s a tool given to us by Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Pranic Healing, to help alleviate the suffering of humankind, and to contribute to the manifestation of the Divine Plan, which the Great Ones, the highest spiritual masters, know and serve. This is a form of world service, because in blessing the earth and helping to spread light where there is darkness, joy where there is sadness, healing where there is pain, we help those we are blessing, including our beloved Mother Earth, and we all know she needs it. In doing this, we are in-turn blessed many times, as it is in giving that we receive. “When you seek to console, you are filled with light, love, and power instead of wallowing in your own mud, in your own selfish misery and pain.” ~ Master Choa Kok Sui. This very special meditation works on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels – we are beings of all these dimensions – to activate the heart chakra (the physical heart) and the crown chakra (the spiritual heart). When we do this, we are able to draw in a tremendous amount of Divine energy, and, thereby, share this energy by blessing the earth. It is essentially a bridge between the emotional love of the incarnated soul and the divine love of the Higher Soul. The Meditation on Twin Hearts is like a shower for the energy body. It flushes and cleanses the auras of ‘dirty & diseased’ energies, thereby calming the thoughts and emotions, and improving health. It can be used to benefit a project, an individual, a family, a community, a city… the entire world. The effects of this meditation are cumulative. Over time, with regular practice, we experience amazing changes in our lives. On a personal level, I have found that I have more control over my emotions, my thoughts, my worries. I still experience what we might call ‘negative’ emotions, but they are no longer the trigger they once were. We all know what it’s like – when someone ‘pushes your buttons’, it can be difficult not to


*Basic Pranic Healing Jul 13-14 *Advanced Pranic Healing Aug 10-11 *Weekly Meditation on Twin Hearts Wed 7pm (613) 282-0801

react. The emotions flare up, and we start thinking… a lot. Before we know it, a vicious cycle is created, the emotions feeding the thoughts, the thoughts feeding the emotions. With regular practice, this meditation breaks that cycle, so your first response is not to ‘freak out’ (If you want peace, bless others with peace… and that is exactly what we are doing when we practice this meditation). It is said that when a group of seven or more people come together in meditation, they are able to generate the energy equivalent to 100 or more people meditating. Imagine what this would mean for our community if we do this weekly, as a form of service to bless our beautiful city? If you would like to be part of this, please join us. We gather every Wednesday at 7pm in Sandy Hill (at Blackburn & Laurier). Our meetings are held on donation. Come every week if you like, or just come when you’re available. Faye Healey is an Associate Pranic Healer with the Ontario Centre for Pranic Healing and the Institute for Inner Studies. She holds a weekly Meditation on Twin Hearts group in Sandy Hill every Wednesday at 7pm. To attend, please RSVP to

Healer and Channelling Expert 613-747-7813

July/August 2013

Summer Transformation


ummer is a great time to do transformational work. We generally have more energy and feel better from such influences as more sunshine, healthier food choices, and warmer temperatures promoting more outdoor activity and greater ease for many. An improved energy level is one of the main reasons we usually feel better in the summer. Our bodies are receiving more energy for its many processes, and we are more often likely to experience a surplus of energy. This translates into more positive emotions and improved mental state. These are the benefits we enjoy more often when we take good care of ourselves. We can increase our experience of these benefits of course with moderation and wise choice in food, drink, work habits, rest, exercise/active lifestyle, meditation or other calming methods, and moderating our emotional and mental activity as well. Transformational work also requires energy. The work usually happens with greater ease, quicker adjustment and often more depth enhanced by our energy level and ability. So doing some digging into our psych-spiritual and overall health is well met at this time. We may want to trace through some patterns of unhealthy habits or limiting beliefs and perspectives. We sometimes don’t see our blind spots, or know how to connect the dots to see what is related among our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states to our habits and beliefs. A healing practitioner can act as a mirror and reflect back to help you see what you’re missing. They may also be a good listener and help if what you really need initially is some ‘getting if off your chest’ time, and don’t feel comfortable discussing with family or friends. Sometimes it’s clarity and skills we seek to improve our personal dynamics in order to improve our family relationships. We may be seeking balance if one member does a lot more giving and another more taking. We may long for improvements in communication if there has been a lapse or absence of communication or if a family member is more withdrawn. We may want to heal old grievances or unresolved family matters, understanding and transforming some of our involvement first as a way of approaching resolutions. There may be health issues that we’d like to get more clear on and perhaps make some progress with.

Chronic shoulder tension, low back pain, frequent colds, digestive upset, and other health issues for example, doesn’t have to be accepted as a fact of life. You may uncover more and interrelated reasons than expected to account for, resolve and transform your health problems. In the case of many illnesses, it can be very helpful and even important to have a diagnosis from a medical doctor or naturopath who specialize in diagnosis. Then when you’re looking for support and understanding, of all the other parts of your life that always fit together to complete the whole picture of you (holistic health), you can work with a health/healing practitioner to help you to gain clarity, skills, wisdom and healing energy work to support you. There are many, many types of practitioners available to us today. This kind of work has become a professional occupation in our society precisely because we all need help and support. Even healers have healers. You may not have established that kind of help and support in your life. In seeking professional help first, you may then be motivated and able to create or find your own network of support through new or renewed friendships, family or community involvement. There are also many training programs like Reiki, yoga, therapeutic touch and so many others that help you to learn more about yourself, transform, learn new skills, and make new connections. There is a practitioner and or program for everyone. We might simply be looking for something better in our lives and not be sure what that next step looks like. These and many other reasons are precisely why we would benefit from some summer effort towards transformation. Enjoy the beauty and benefits of the summer, and then use some of that extra energy to make a difference in your life. Brennan Healing Science work is one modality that combines just the right blend of mental, emotional, physical and psych-spiritual mix of transformational possibilities. More information is available on this work at and on my work at or Have a Super Summer!

July/August 2013


Lila endorses and recommends programs that are intelligent, helpful and aim to support the wise play of our global community. Go Slowly

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a Now available at web-site when you sign up for enews! What is The Essential Skill Set?

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Lila is a sanskrit word meaning that life is a divine play. I invite you to check out Lila On-line for support in learning to play our parts wisely and also to see the following pages for Lila endorsed businesses. Peace & Happiness, Jane / Lila

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Parenting With Wisdom SHAMANIC SOUND


o you often find yourself or your child needing to “figure it out” – stuck in a loop of a pattern that no longer serves you? That is when you are using the analytical part of your brain that is the size of a quarter, and, we have the rest of our brain as well as our whole body to tap into our wisdom. This technique assists you in moving from your analytical brain to your creative or “wonder” brain. Concept: Learning to generate wonder or curiosity creates opening to many possibilities. When we are not in wonder or curiosity, we are limited or constricted. Activity: Ask yourself and your child what is wonder? Possible answers are: • To be filled with awe, to marvel • To be curious • Surprise, astonishment or admiration • To think or speculate curiously • A feeling of amazement

I invite you to explore the difference between trying to figure it out and wondering. Think of an issue that you have not been able to resolve. Now try very hard to figure it out. Notice what is happening in your body. There may be tightness, narrow vision, scrunching your forehead… Now, move into your creative, wonder brain by making a pleasant, long, whole body Hmmmmmmmm sound and some gentle movement. Perhaps you would like to extend your arms, then bend your elbows, and bring them back slowly to your chest as you Hmmmmmmmmm. And then include the words “I wonder…” and see what may come up for you to fill in the blanks. Notice what’s happening in your body. You may feel lighter, relaxed, smiling, wider possibilities. Concept Summary: Wondering is when you do not know the answer but you are interested in the possibilities. Enjoy! Rabia Wilcox is a Certified Conscious Living Coach with the Hendricks Institute She specializes in parents, children and teens. 613-293-7909 (Please note 613-234-7561 is temporarily on hold due to major home renovations until July 7th, 2013.) For upcoming events and workshops or to order the Conscious Kids’ Curriculum as an e-book for $27.95 (US) please visit:


Vibrations that Heal


hat I would like to share with you is hard to describe, plus it is different for everyone. Never the less it is a profound spiritual experience.

Imagine your self in a room full of enlightened elders from many ancient cultures, your own spiritual guides, ancestors, healers and a few thousand angels. With love and care they are reaching out to you, cleansing, healing and guiding you. Imagine fully surrendering and receiving all those gifts. It feels like waves washing through you, touching every part of your being, connecting you to the oneness. What I am describing is a Shamanic Sound Healing Journey. Powerful ancient healing vessels such as didgeridoos, gongs, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, spirit drums, rainmakers, chimes, native flute, turtle rattles and enchanting vocals will bring you into a trancelike space, calling on the spirits and opening a vortex for you to journey. You never know where your spiritual travels may bring you. We are always guided. Some people feel an incredible bliss, others receive communications or visions, hear voices, feel a hand touching them, removing darkness, see themselves living their destiny, or experience an existence entirely out of this reality. Once a very visually psychic man said, that he had never seen so many spirits in one room before, as during his Shamanic Sound Journey. Sound produced by holy instruments, played by the divine and charged with love and intention, is a very potent shamanic medicine. We are honored to spend the second week of July in Ottawa, offering various Shamanic Sound Healing Journeys, before we continue our cross Canada tour.

For more information and dates, please check our webpage or visit Shamanic Sound Healing on Facebook. Kai Lehkre and Rya Soleil

July/August 2013

Stuck Emotions by Laurie Fraser


motions enrich and deepen our lives, but they are meant to come and go, always ebbing and flowing in a natural rhythm. Gibran wrote “Together joy and sorrow come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.” Sometimes emotions get stuck, and we have trouble letting them go. For so many reasons, we hang on to our emotions: nostalgia, fear of change, enjoyment of secondary benefits (eg- sympathy, assistance, attention…) Sometimes getting stuck in an emotion saves us from looking at what’s under it. Or what’s next. Generally, smokers are sad and drinkers are angry. Sadness, loneliness and grief get stuck in the lungs. I also often remove sad emotions from the heart chakra and the second chakra (concerned with relationships, creativity). Anger mostly gets stuck in the liver and the bladder (pissed off), but some anger settles into the bowels and throughout the digestive system. Anger shows up the root chakra when it’s about work, money, will to live. Worry and overthinking tend to build up in the spleen. Fear finds a home in the kidneys. I might remove fear from the root chakra of a person who is looking for a job, or from the third eye of a person who has lost touch with their intuition. Healing examples: • I removed fear from the kidneys re: falling in love again. • I removed anger from root chakra re: unfair inheritance • I removed grief from smoker’s lungs re: husband’s death • I removed anxiety from stomach re: conflict • I removed self-doubt from the solar chakra re: living alone • I removed loss from the heart re: break-up • I removed fury from the liver re: childhood abuse • I removed paranoia from the kidneys re: situation at work

When your partner leaves, does it resonate with every other time in your life that you were abandoned? Are you coping better each time it happens? Or worse? And so we’re back to that old image of the full glass. If your energy is chock-full of anxiety, the next visit to the dentist is going to put you over the top. If some of that old anxiety is removed from various organs and chakras, the dentist becomes much more manageable. A woman who I worked on telephoned me to say, “I don’t yell at cars on the Queensway anymore. I mean, I’m not holding anything back. It’s just not there. I just don’t feel angry.” There are many ways to remove emotions from our bodies and energy. One way is to let them flow through at the time they happen. This is a conscious choice. Joy moves and so does despair. Don’t let emotions stagnate in the body. They can cause illness. Emotion, especially when it’s flowing, is truly musical, adding a dimension to our lives that can be exquisite: the deepest love, the sweetest empathy…awe, inspiration… even the gulping tragedy of loss is exquisite when we allow ourselves to feel it, fully feel it, and then move on. Laurie Fraser is a writer, teacher and certified BOS practitioner.  $65.00/session (summer $45.00) Call 613 721-3781

Heal the energ� and the body will follow Allergies • addiction • autism • candida • depression • detox • disease • fatigue • fungus/mould • learning disabilities • lymes • infection • infertility • insomnia • menopausal symptoms • pain • past life • skin • spiritual stuff.

The problem with emotions getting stuck is that they then resonate with similar emotions in the future making them seem more intense. We call these our “triggers”, right? If a supervisor criticizes you and your reaction is to feel like a 4-year-old who can’t do anything right, the experience is resonating with old emotions. If your only response is tears or paralysis, well, those old emotions are really interfering with your ability to keep the boss’s “constructive feedback” in perspective. 

July/August 2013

Laurie Fraser 721-3781

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Ask a Naturopathic Doctor

Sunscreen—or Not?


he idea of applying sunscreen all the time has never made any sense to me. Adding chemicals to our skin and then exposing ourselves to sunlight would seem to add toxicity to our bodies and prevent absorption of the vitamin D we require to prevent winter depression, heart disease, chronic fatigue and cancer. Research has suggested that the most common chemicals in sunscreens, for example oxybenzone, create free radicals associated with aging and disrupt our endocrine system. On top of that, skin cancer is increasing in spite of all the products used to protect ourselves from the sun. Worse still is the effect on our oceans and reefs of all the dissolved creams from sunbathing swimmers. My own conclusion is that products I feel comfortable with on my skin are edible, together with the mineral zinc oxide, which is one of the safest and most stable sun blocks we have. Even the vitamin A and titanium that are added have been shown to cause problems. When a label says “non-nano” zinc oxide (or titanium, which I don’t recommend), it means the particles are not small enough to be absorbed into the tissues below the skin. Be aware of the meaning of the SPF values. At SPF 15, 93% of the sun’s burning rays are blocked; at SPF 30, it is 97% and it only goes up to 98% for SPF 50. SPF 15 is recommended as adequate for most of the population. However, SPF only tells us how much of the UVB is blocked, with no indication of how it affects the UVA, or aging rays. UVB is relevant between 10 am to 4 pm, while UVA is a consideration all day. Zinc oxide is one of the few ingredients that protects against both UV’s. There are many natural sunscreens on the market with varying degrees of purity. Dr Hauschka and Weleda are reputable brands. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that when muscle-testing different varieties, the chemical brands consistently tested poorly compared to the alternatives, even double blinded!

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613-839-1198 2386 Thomas Dolan Parkway, Carp, just up the hill from where Thomas Dolan intersects with Carp Road. Only use sunscreen when you really have to, ie after being out in intense sun for more than ½ hour without shelter or protective clothing. Reapply every 1-2 hours. I find an ordinary umbrella extraordinarily useful in blocking sun when walking around in the summer. Gradually build up sun exposure at the beginning of the season to give your skin a chance to acclimatize. If one listens to the body, there is usually a point when the heat is uncomfortable, time to move into the shade or don a hat and shirt. In 20 minutes we can build up 1020,000 IU’s vitamin D on a sun-exposed body, in even less time with light skin. Consider that our general health affects how well our skin responds to the sun. In terms of diet, avoiding alcohol and PUFA’s in vegetable oils and taking in healthy saturated fats such as coconut oil, organic butter and grass-fed meats makes the skin more resistant to burns. Consuming adequate veggies and fruits gives us the antioxidants which protect us from the aging effects of the sun. Finally, you can make your own non-toxic and effective sunscreen. There are many recipes on the internet with ingredients such as sesame oil, blocking 30% of the sun’s rays; coconut oil, which blocks 20%; aloe vera, which blocks 20% and offers deeper protection with its healing properties; and zinc oxide, which one should take great care not to inhale, as the particles will irritate the lungs. Katherine Willow N.D. is a registered naturopathic doctor practicing at the Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic, ½ hour northwest of Ottawa.

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Reflexology - Its More Than A Foot Massage by Kymberli Ker, Registered Reflexology Therapist, Salt Puddle Yoga & Alternative Healing Therapy


or many who have not experienced a Foot Reflexology treatment, the immediate thought that comes to mind is “Oh isn’t that a Foot Massage?”. However, Reflexology is so much more than that. Yes, it does offer a great massage to tired, sore and achy feet but its benefits extend far beyond massage therapy. Reflexology has been successfully applied from babies to seniors aged over 100. Reflexology is a truly remarkable, non-invasive treatment for everyone who wants to return to good health, or if already enjoying optimum health and wants to maintain it. It is a very relaxing, therapeutic healing modality that everyone can benefit from. Some of the benefits of Reflexology include: • Promotes relaxation and stress reduction • Improves circulation in both the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems • Helps the body to normalize itself naturally without adverse side effects • Provides preventative health care • Induces the parasympathetic nervous system (a.k.a. “Rest and Repair” system) Once an understanding of how the body, the systems and the organs are mapped in the feet and that Reflexology works to stimulate the reflexes in the feet corresponding to the body, people often begin to inquire about what Reflexology can treat. To summarize, an individualized treatment can eliminate stress and tension, bringing balance back to the body, creating optimal wellness. Reflexology

can also expedite healing, and is a wonderful form of preventative care. Some of the more extensive benefits include: STRESS MANAGEMENT: • gives you increased energy • improves your outlook on life • relieves digestive disorders related to stress • provides supportive therapy INJURY RECOVERY: • soothes trauma, physical and emotional • reduces pain and swelling

PROMOTES OPTIMAL WELLNESS: • improved circulation • lowered blood pressure • stimulates intestinal movement • rebalances body function so that all systems operate efficiently Reflexology Therapy is used as a complementary health care for people with a variety of conditions and illnesses. Clients often notice immediately after a treatment a deep sense of relaxation, a better connection to the body and mind and more restful sleep, even several days afterwards.

I have been working as a Reflexology Therapist since 2012 and am affiliated with and registered under the Reflexology Association of Canada. In addition to being a Reflexology Therapist, I am a Registered Yoga Teacher. Teaching Yin Yoga, the yoga of the Meridian system as I call it, I have a deep understanding of how the reflexes of the body can be stimulated by applied acupressure and therefore can provide customized treatments based on client’s needs. I run my own business, Salt Puddle Yoga & Alternative Healing Therapy and I am also honored to work as a Holistic Therapist, offering Reflexology and Reiki at Planet Botanix on Bank street. For more information on my services and to book an appointment, please contact me at Planet Botanix (613.567.4444). I offer treatments on Fridays between 10:00am and 6:00pm. Receipts are available to those who have coverage under their health insurance plan.

Become a successful yoga teacher! 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Megan Campbell & Todd Lavictoire September 2013 - April 2014 (10 weekends)

Visit our website for complete details near the Carp Farmer’s Market

Register by July 1 & save $300! 10 acres of zen in rural Ottawa, plenty of free parking!

211 Donald B. Munro Drive Carp, ON 613-304-6320

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training ~ Begins Jan 2014 Register by Oct 1st and save $300! July/August 2013




he herb of the year for 2013, is also known as Pipe tree, Ellhorn, Black Elder, Bore Tree, Bour Tree, Eller, Holler, Hylder, Hylantree, Holunder, Sureau. The Elder tree has been referred to by Hippocrates in 400BC as his “medicine chest”; and other notable classic healers like Theophrastus, Dioscorides, Galen, Hildegard Von Bingen, the 12th century physician and author Dr. Martin Blochwich highly valued the use of elderberries for healing. Maud Grieves wrote about the extensive historical use of elderberries, and it was routinely used in many preparations prior to the availability of antibiotics. In Denmark there was a Goddess known as HyldeMoer who presided over the realm of the fairies and it was said that around the time of the summer solstice if you went and hid in a grove of elder trees you may be able to witness fairies. Drinking ample quantities of freshly made elderflower champagne might also have helped this venture. Much of the folklore surrounding elder suggest an ability to drive away evil spirits, for protection and guarding the doorway to the underworld. It was associated with the old crone aspect of the triple goddess. Conversely amongst christian traditions, the elder was a fearful symbol of sorrow, death, and rumoured to have been the tree on which Judas Iscariot hung himself. At times it was said that even the cross of Jesus Christ was made of elder. Elder has been used in a variety of burial rituals and in various rituals for identifying and protecting against witches. Elderberries, are indigenous to our area and if you have them on your land they provide excellent ecological biodiversity. They have high fruit yields and so provide food and shelter for birds and insects. The black and blue elderberries (S.Canadensis, and S.Caerulea; or S.nigra) are good for eating but the red ones are poisonous to humans. They are a tall dense shrub which is desirable for blocking the wind and if you are the industrious sort of human, there is always plenty of flowers or berries to harvest for tea or elderberry syrup, jam and compote. The seeds, stems and unripe berries are not to be consumed, as elderberries do contain an alkaloid or a cyanideproducing glycoside. Straining


is of utmost importance. For elderberry tea, those tiny hairlike stems are incredibly tedious to remove so traditionally the flowers were used for tea and the berries for syrups or other food preparations that allow for the straining of the bits (seeds and stems). Rosemary Gladstar Elderberry Syrup recipe: 1 cup Fresh or 1/2 Dried Elderberries

3 cups water 1 cup honey(or sugar) - If using honey, reduce/boil mixture first and then add honey to avoid overheating and damaging valuable enzymes in the honey

• Place the berries in a saucepan and and cover with the

water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer over low heat for 30-45 minutes.

• 2. Smash the berries. Strain the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer(smashing and mashing as you go to get out all the juice) and add 1 cup of honey, or adjust to taste.

•Bottle the syrup and store in the refrigerator, where

it will keep for at least 2 to 3 months. If you sterilize your bottles and lids first, your will reduce the chance of mould forming where air hits the inside of the jar and lid.

tip: Freeze the cluster of berries, they will separate from their branches much easier and cleaner. A word of caution - Elderberry stains....everything! Be careful! Here is a concoction from the 1400s: Take elderflowers and grind them in cow’s milk, add flour, heat until it thickens. Seems they liked their recipes short back then. You will find elderberry tea, some herbal expertise on the subject of healing with elderberries, and many other herb related products and activities at the Annual Midsummer Herbfest in Almonte on July 28th. Come out and do some tasting, and enjoy this local celebration of herbs.

July/August 2013

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$15 family, $12 advance $5 adult, $4 advance, $2 parking


• Chef cook off • Garden tours • Demonstrations • Tea Sampling • Facepainting • Over 90 vendors


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Are You Willing To Be More? Patricia Wall ©Take the Lid Off Inc


esterday I was driving behind a car that had a plethora of bumper stickers, everything from ‘Save the Whales’ to a touching missive that said ‘Speak Up Even When Your Voice is Shaking.’ I looked at all the causes represented and I felt tired. I wondered if the driver really supported all those causes, and how much energy all that advocacy required. They seemed like valid causes – all of them. This morning I signed a petition on-line with Avaaz. org to protest killing whales for dog food. It struck me as ironic, having driven behind the car with all the bumper stickers the day before. I wondered how many bumper stickers I’d need to list all the issues I care about, and I wondered if what I care about most would be lost in the plethora of causes. Maybe I could apply bumper stickers in a hierarchy, with the most important at the top and the ones that don’t get my attention (except in an effortless on-line petition) at the bottom. I don’t do bumper stickers, so it’s a moot point. Sometimes it’s hard enough to make it through the day, or the week, without worrying about causes. Your subconscious mind carefully maintains programs to keep a lid on you, so that you won’t have the energy or the will to disrupt the status quo. One of the tricks used by your subconscious to keep you suppressed is idealism. For example, in an ideal world no child would go hungry, right? Wait - don’t get distracted by what is

possible – what is happening in this moment? In this moment there are hungry children. Here’s where your subconscious interferes with your potential. You could feed one child. Why not do that in whatever form suits you? Why not pack boxes at the Food Bank or sponsor a foster child or give muffins to a family in need? Often, the existence of the ideal state acts as a block to the action that is possible in the moment. What is necessary to actually achieve the ideal is so overwhelming that your subconscious shuts you down. You’re left with the (very real) power of energy work and prayer, and without the ability to fulfill your need to act. What happens when your need to act is blocked? Pain happens. Blocked action causes physical pain or emotional pain or both. To fulfill that need for pain your life will provide an appropriate situation so you are in pain. It could be an illness or injury story, or it could be a limited relationship story, it could be a weight or behavior story - you can be endlessly creative in manifesting exactly what you need in life to justify the pain of blocked action energy. Your challenge is understanding that the story is actually a symptom of the real problem. This is difficult because it looks like your problems are the story: weight, illness, lack of intimacy, or biting your nails all look like the cause of what you feel is wrong, rather than the result of blocked energy. Ironically, the best way to change your story is to solve the root cause - unblock your action energy. Try it and see what happens in your life. What is one thing that upsets you about the state of the world? What tiny action could you do this week to affect that situation? Remember, let go of the ideal of fixing the problem and allow your energy to flow with any action - even the action that seems insignificant can help release your action energy. Keep it small deliberately so that you can’t sabotage your release with high expectations. Your subconscious is used to using grandiose ideals or big plans to block you - beware of the temptation to do something bigger. Grab your chance to be more by choosing an action that you can fulfill now. Take the limits off you by allowing yourself fulfillment in this moment. Don’t fall for the old programs - be willing to be more. Patricia Wall Osloda : The Art of Dealing with Everyday Life 613-831-8956


July/August 2013

Fuelling Your Fire And Lighting Your Passion By Lisa Virtue


ave you felt it? Have you experienced that moment when your enthusiasm carried you away to a place of great joy almost overwhelming in its magnitude? We all have I’m sure. For some it may seem like a distant memory, others live it regularly. Connecting to that intense feeling of joy is invigorating. It catapults us out of routine, and sameness and doldrums. Sometimes, it’s just what we need to give our life a kick-start again. I have seen people questing for their passion with such desperation that it eludes them. They can’t seem to find what lights them up. As I’ve said before about desperation… it really pushes what we seek away from us. My suggestion, if you would like to find a boost, is to try something new. Seems obvious, I know, but try looking closer to home than you may have been. Is someone in your family passionate about something? Try joining them in that experience just for the heck of it. Approach it with the wide-eyed wonder of an infant. Remove any previously held dis-interest and come with a “beginner’s mind”, open to discovering a new experience. Let them lead you with their joy. Let their enthusiasm be catching. You will see how they are enlivened by this thing they enjoy so much. While their thing may not become your thing, you’ve at least stepped out of your routine, taken an open wonder approach and shared in someone’s passionate energy. Now look around you for something that catches your interest even a bit and give it a try. Step in to something new and see what you feel. Holding lightly to the idea of simply trying new things without the pressure of having to find the one perfect passion removes the desperation. Then you’ll find yourself having joyful experiences. You may discover something that gives you that feeling of excitement, or you may find you are now simply open to experiencing joy in a new way, and more regularly. The intensity is not sustainable, but being open to joy certainly is. I experienced the rush of exhilaration recently in an unexpected place. My husband has always enjoyed cars. A few years ago he discovered lapping, taking his car on the racetrack and driving around at top speed. Yet there is more to it than pedal to the metal. There is a learning curve to understanding the angles involved in optimal cornering and all the intricacies of how the car handles, as well as your own comfort level. I had no interest in cars; this was his new thing. Over time, as I listened to him enthusiastically recount his experiences, sat next to him as he watched racing

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connect . heal . grow (613) 296-4271

videos, and dutifully joined him at the track on occasion to watch, I found my curiosity growing. This year it was time for me to retire my long faithful car and I was fortunate enough to get the sporty car I had always wanted. It’s beautiful. However now my brain was open to a wider experience of “car” – actually doing something with it beyond commuting. I looked in to lapping with my husband, but without modifications my car did not qualify. Undeterred, I found something called Autocross. A twisty, turny course set up with pylons in a large parking lot where your car handling skills are tested zipping around as fast as you can. On the surface this does not seem like something a peaceful, calm, energy-healing woman would even care to contemplate. However, I took my wonder with me and gave it a try. It was exhilarating. I felt so alive and in joy. I was playing with my new car in a safe space and discovering that my fears dropped quickly as I learned how to control it. I was able to push farther and faster than I could have imagined and felt so empowered. I was delighted to find my self eagerly waiting for my next turn despite having been drenched in a downpour. As I stood there in pants that felt as if I’d just pulled them from the washer, I thought how different a Sunday I was having. Instead of the regular dull routine, here I was in what felt like another world of pavement and pylons, sports cars everywhere. Yet there I was, enlivened. Lisa Virtue is an Energy Healer, Medium, and Teacher. Formerly known by Right Path Healing, Lisa can now be found as Lisa Virtue – connect – heal – grow. To book an appointment, call 613-296-4271 or email For more information and upcoming workshops visit Join her uplifting community at

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