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What's On... Alvor Carnival

Second Alvor Carnival By M.A. Sutton Sunday, May 8th saw the second Alvor Carnival take place. Organised by Vivy Bee from Soul Network UK it looked as if it could be a complete washout. Earlier on in the day the heavens opened and the rain poured down, as it had done most of the previous week. Boats that had been booked to ferry people from Lagos to Alvor had to be cancelled because of the inclement weather. The Carnival was due to start at 15:00, as the crowds started to arrive the rain let up and although the sun didn’t




exactly shine things were hotting up and we felt sure it wasn’t going to rain on this parade. The music had everyone tapping their feet and bodies swaying in rhythm to the beat.

its way around the Alvor streets the locals were more than happy to join the fun. When one local asked ‘what is it for’ the answer was a universal cry of ‘because its carnival time’.

There were some pretty awesome outfits, girls with feathery headdresses and skirts in beautiful electric colours and the guys were as equally impressive, lots of glitter and style, proper ‘carnival’ attire. As the DJ got everyone dancing and singing the atmosphere was definitely ‘Party Time’. When the carnival moved on and shimmied

The rain held off, the music rocked, bodies danced and swayed, participants and spectators alike all had a great time. Let us hope the sun shines next year, although the weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of these carnival goers. It looks like the Alvor Carnival will definitely be a regular fixture in the social calendar.

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Tomorrow june 2016 edition web