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Outdoor SUP - Stand Up Paddle Boarding By Julie Battersby

took us from Praia da Batata beach in Lagos and we passed wonderful rock formations paddling around cosy coves and under bridge formed rocks, the water was crystal clear so very easy to see the fish beneath. A few tourist boats, yachts and kayaks went by casting a wave but after a while we all developed our own counter- balancing to cope with the challenge of the sea. It’s a great feeling to be on the water and being close to the fantastic coast line around Lagos, it’s relaxing yet you’re using your major muscles so it’s a great way to get fit. Luís later showed us how to turn left then right and do slow circles plus later trying to get us to turn in a circle quickly by standing back further on the board by the fin and changing our foot holds. We all had fun trying to do this trick but three out of the four of us ended up in the water!

Standing on a board and paddling – the easy version! Well, it does need a little bit of balance, as first timers we were given instructions at the beach on how to stand, where to stand and how to hold the paddle. There were four of us in our group and we had life jackets fitted before setting off onto the water and on a hot summer’s day with

no wind and no swell, it was a delight to get started. If you like the water you will love this experience so the proof of the pudding is.….try it yourself. It is surprisingly easier than it looks when you get your balance! Luís our tour instructor watched us all as we began are balancing act on the board and after the initial wobbles we were off and paddling gaining confidence as we travelled along. Our two hour tour

There’s SUP boarding from beginners, to tours and wave sup, plus rentals. It’s a fun day out for all ages who love water, go on try it you can only get wet. Mon-Sun: 9am-7pm   919 524 684 

Top 5 reasons to dive the Algarve By Chris Hansen Scuba diving in the Algarve has recently seen a surge in popularity. New dive centres are popping up all along the coast; but what are the reasons for this growing popularity? What is there to see? Is the diving any good over here? Hopefully after the following five points we will gain some clarity on these questions. 1. Octopus: My personal favourite and the Algarve is teeming with them. Octopus are fascinating and strange in equal measure. They are highly curious, intelligent, can change their color and texture at will to hide themselves and the ability to fart ink at a moment’s notice. What's not to love about them? 2. Anyone can do it: If you don't have any pre-existing medical conditions; you can scuba dive. The

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minimum age to dive in the sea is 10-yearsold and providing you are healthy, there is no cut off age. The oldest students that I have taught to dive were well into their 70s. This is really an activity that the whole family can enjoy. It’s easy and provides a good gentle exercise for those who like to keep in shape.

4. It's safe: Diving accidents in the Algarve are rare, and there is a brand new hyperbaric chamber situated in Alvor; in a great central location. That aside, diving is actually a very safe sport with both national and self-regulating bodies monitoring standards. Talking of which...

3. Great transport links to the rest of Europe: With more routes flying into Faro than ever; the Algarve has been placed on the doorstep of most European countries.

5: Regulation: As a business owner, it's difficult for me to say this; but Portugal's love of bureaucracy and licenses does have its upsides. As a result of the, some would say, overzealous desire to license everything here, it is very difficult for “cowboy” dive centres to operate. The simple fact of the matter is that if you want to run a dive centre in Portugal; you better make sure everything is in order. Otherwise big fines lie in wait. 

More and more people are enjoying a quick diving break in Portugal instead of having to take a long haul flight to some of the further flung diving destinations around the world. It's cheaper to fly here for a long weekend too. Especially outside the busy summer season.

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