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Food & Drink The simplest BBQ snack in the world.....probably! By Chris Winstanley

place you prepared cheese on the other side away from the direct heat, replace the lid and let the BBQ act as an oven. The cheese should be left for about 15 mins or until it is nice and soft. Whilst this is cooking get some great Caseiro Bread and cut into 1 cm thick slices, put some good extra virgin oil in a bowl and chop up some further garlic cloves and put them into the Olive Oil and add some black pepper. Get a food brush and coat the slices of bread generously with the oil / garlic mixture. About 5 minutes before the cheese is done put the bread over the charcoal or the lit gas burner and grill for about 2 minutes a side.

It is so hot now, there are times when only simple things will do and you want to be cooking as quickly and easily as possible. You may have had enough of ribs and burgers and want something a little different So here is a great simple BBQ snack or starter which looks great and tastes even better! So here we go with, Baked Camembert with Garlic Bread Dippers. All you need to

do here is buy a nice round of Camembert in its box from the supermarket, unwarp it from its plastic wrapper and put it back in its box and with a sharp knife make incisions in the top of the cheese and get two or three garlic cloves cut them into quarters and insert the pieces into the incisions you have made, if you have some rosemary growing in the garden cut off a couple of sprigs and insert these into the top of the cheese as well. Then by either pushing your charcoal to one side of the BBQ or putting on one burner of your BBQ,

After 15 minutes you should have a very tasty and gooey cheese, so remove it from the heat. And then take of the crispy garlic bread slice and cut into 3cm strips. You are ready now to dip these into the molten cheesey loveliness……a few calories in this recipe but OMG well worth it….enjoy! Ingredients for 4 people 1 or 2 Rounds of Camembert 4 to 6 Garlic Clove Sprigs of Rosemary Black Pepper 4 slices Caseiro Bread or other Rustic Bread Extra Virgin Oil  Thanks to Chris Winstanley from Moveison 

‘Valley of Moonlight’ By Miguel Martins we do not come across very often or at least not of this quality. Secondly, I was taken aback by its freshness, as until some years ago, this was not easy to find in the Alentejo. In fact, what we used to consider typical for Alentejo wines - highly concentrated, powerful wines, without much freshness - is changing!

The name is inspiring, almost poetic, but the truth is that ‘Valley of Moonlight’ is the name of one of the big surprises of wines that I've had this year. Produced in the fantastic region of Alentejo, more specifically in Vale da Ribeira de Tera near Estremoz, this is a wine that surprised me for several reasons. Firstly, because it is a cool Chardonnay or in other words, it’s a wine made exclusively with this fantastic French caste, something that in Portugal

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This has to do with the new Alqueva dam that somehow has influenced the climate of the region that was once known for its continental climate with warm days and cold nights. Now we see increased moisture and more temperate days because of the huge volume of water that has already had much influence not only in terms of the climate but also in cultivation. This used to be cereal but now we find fruit and vegetables. Returning to the wine, this particular one maintains the typical characteristics of

 TomorrowAlgarve

Chardonnay with a touch of good, healthy and balanced creaminess with fresh fruit that prevents it from being tired. It’s produced in stainless steel, keeping its freshness and equilibrium, making it one of the most interesting Chardonnays that I have tasted in recent times. As if this was not enough, the wine has a very attractive price. I am pleased to be the exclusive representative in the Algarve of this small production where we can distinguish the passion of those who produced it and the care in making a product that is not for supermarkets but for the best restaurants and the best wine cellars such as the Sommelier Wine Shop. You are welcome to come and taste it in our store on the Avenida in Lagos. 

Tomorrow August 2016  
Tomorrow August 2016