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Pets Mate By Lars Rahmquist Hot dogs and hamburgers... Our more distinguished, middle-aged readers may recognise the reference to John Cougar Mellencamp (under that banner, and not John Cougar, etc). 22 singles in the top 40, you young´ns can google him when you’re bored enough. And so a tenuous link to the rising mercury levels. We have all read that hot dogs die in cars. As a vet, it is with sadness, that I can confirm this happens. Over the years in Australia (and in the UK(!)) I have had clients who have lost their little mate through such unfortunate circumstances. It is more often the dog that has jumped into the open door without the owners realising this has happened. So when you arrive home check that your dog(s) are all out of the car when you close it. Use some common sense when leaving your dog in the car when you are out and about. Park in the shade and have two or more windows open to allow a draft to

pass through the cabin. If you see a dog in distress in a locked car, contact the GNR and know that it is a criminal offence to break a window, in case you are feeling heroic. Know also that the dog in that car may attack you, as you are encroaching on its territory...if you feel you must, then proceed with caution!

more of padded pads for your little mate's burnt feet!

With the mercury thinning into top of the thermometer there are other things to consider. If you must tether your dog, make sure he has access to water AND shade. It is much better, again, if there is a draft where the dog is.

All brachycephalic breeds (pugs, some boxers, some maltese etc) can have problems with this. If you are concerned, speak to your vet about this.

If you have a long-haired dog then maybe a trip to the groomers for a short-back-andsides is worthwhile to help with the heat. Make sure to use anti-mosquito products (eg activyl, advantix) as they are more prone to Leishmania infection from mozzy bites without the full coat. Beware of the asphalt if it is REALLY hot. Melting tar will scald foot pads and necessitate a vet consult with a week or

Finally be extra cautious if your dog has a heart condition (or even more so, an upper respiratory condition). Panting from the heat can lead to respiratory failure (this is a bad thing!).

If you think your dog is suffering from heat-stroke... this is well beyond panting, basically starting to lose consciousness then put a wet (cold) towel over him and some air flow over the towel and make sure there is some moisture on the tongue for them to evaporate and get to the vet clinic ASAP. With air-awareness your hot dogs can enjoy the summer with you (and maybe a hamburger crust...).  

Stepping out of your comfort zone By Amber Henshaw Over the last few years fitness has crept up on me. I swam in my teens and twenties but then gave up beyond the odd length here and there. I walked and hiked off and on but that was about it. I was very strongly against running – why would ya?

and definitely weaker. My core definitely suffers! So I was reading Lisa Longhurst’s article about losing fitness last month and it made me think about trying to keep up with my regular routine while I was in Lagos a couple of weeks ago.

That was until a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while suggested that we did a 10km in London as a way of meeting up. For about 24 hours I thought she had gone mad – I couldn’t run. I couldn’t even run to catch a bus.

I’m not sure why I hadn’t really thought about it before but maybe it’s a bit daunting trying somewhere new with people you don’t know. Anyway – I decided that wasn’t a good enough reason so I asked Lisa whether I could do a class at the Pilates Room Lagos. She found a space and I duly went along.

After giving myself a good talking to I downloaded the app couch potato to 10km and set off….running for 90 seconds virtually killed me and I wondered whether I would ever, ever make 10km. It got easier after a lot of blood, sweat and tears and I did 10km and now I’ve done the Luz Triathlon (in a Tomorrow team), a half-marathon and run home from work once a week which is about 11 or 12 miles. I also took up Pilates a few years ago so I’m almost sporty! I know that if I have a break from Pilates for any length of time I feel achier, less mobile

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to help with our strength training, deep muscle toning, and stretching. It was great. Pilates really is a refreshing mind-body workout. It doesn’t take its toll on your body and it can actually correct spinal and pelvic alignment. It has definitely helped me to get more in tune with (add) my body – there’s still quite a way to go! And I have realised that I have still got a lot to learn about breathing! From now on wherever I am in the world I am going to try to find a Pilates class – I just hope they all measure up to the Pilates Room Lagos and to Lisa’s high standards.

I was really impressed by the light, airy room which has a mirror along one wall – perfect for being able to see when you are getting it wrong!

If you want to continue your fitness regime whilst in the Algarve the Pilates Room Lagos offers equipment and matt classes for all ages and all abilities.

There was a real mixture of ages at the class but they were all very friendly and welcoming as was the instructor.

I would really recommend getting in touch with Lisa – maybe Pilates will be just the thing for you too – whether you are 20 or 70 (and older) it’s definitely worth a try.

I have had the same wonderful teacher in London since I started Pilates and it was great to get a little bit of a different perspective. We also used slightly different kit – in Lagos we used a sort of wheel

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