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Health ………and relax … By Ann de Jongh

feeling, stretch out those aches, and allow it to restore. Try out new activities, maybe find a yoga class, learn to surf, SUP (stand up paddle). In this modern society we are all so busy and never switch off, and with wifi now available throughout the world and often when on the beach it is very hard to truly switch off, so we need to make the time to do it. Have time every day when we disconnect, take the focus inwards, allow us to focus on our breath. Holidays are a great time to take stock, to think about where we are, what we want to do and how we are going to do it, maybe coming up with plans to maintain those feelings of relaxation gained on holiday when we get home, creating more family / friend time.

Summer is a time when for some of us it is a time to relax and enjoy some valuable down time. Especially for those of you who are in the Algarve on holiday it is time to be with your family and friends, catch up on some sleep, read those books you have been meaning to all year. To sit around

on the beaches listening to the waves and allowing the body & mind time to switch off. For us all whether we take out holidays in the summer or the quiet months of the winter it is important for our well being to take the time out, to be mindful of our surroundings, take note of how our body is

Aching backs and stiff necks By Dr Wen Oates DC MChiro

It’s holiday season…and we’ve been seeing lots of patients with back and neck issues! Judging from what our patients say, the problems stem from either sitting for hours in a cramped aeroplane seat, sleeping in a different hotel bed or sleeping underneath the air conditioning that’s blasting out cold air. So, these tips should help… • Try to stretch your legs a bit on the flight home…if you can squeeze past the refreshment trolley! • You can’t change the hotel mattress, but try to have a stroll before breakfast to loosen up muscles and joints. • Finally, DON’T sleep with the air-con on all night! Have it on for half an hour before you go to bed to cool the room, but then turn it

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off once you snuggle down. If you wake up sticky during the night, turn it on for 5 minutes and then switch it off. In the morning, get up slowly and try not to make any sudden neck movements. If you do have problems, come and see us at Lagos Health Chiropractic…we’re in the big pink building by the Lidl roundabout. We’ve helped so many people these last few weeks, I’m sure we’ll be able to help you too. By the way, to celebrate our first year in Lagos, we’re offering treatments, consultations and spine checks on Saturday August 6th between 9am and 4pm in return for a donation to the charity Riding for the Disabled Barlavento (RDB).  To make an appointment please call us on:  282 768 044 or you can also pop in and see us.

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All these things are vital for our health, to keep our stress levels in check and so help us to stay happier and healthier.  Ann is a trainer, Yoga Teacher and sports massage therapist. Please contact her on:  913202621  

Stroke By John Clifford Do you know what the acronym FAST stands for? It will help assess a person: FACE: Ask the person to smile - is one side drooping? ARMS: Get the person to raise both arms is one side weaker than the other? SPEECH: Get the person to try and speak by asking a simple question - is the speech slurred or are they unable to speak? TIME: Get the person to the hospital immediately - CALL 112 - lost time could be a lost brain. Any one of the above does not mean a person is having a stroke as they may have had a previous underlying health condition. Ring 112 for guidance. Stroke is just one of the many topics which will be covered in the certified Cardiac First Response course being run in Lagos in October 2016.  Watch Tomorrow for details or email: 

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