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Oct. 2015

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One Black Man’s Prospective of The Million Man March



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Editor in Chief: TommyP Editor at Large: Naadir Love Art Director: KHAR Nufocus October 2015

4The focus October 2015

The focus October 2015


Words from the Editor And we’re back, we’re back, we’re back! The Focus Magazine has

taken on a new look and full of new content in order to make sure we are giving you what you need. We’ve listened to your feedback and we have packed this month’s edition of The Focus with pertinent stories that speak to the obstacles in the urban community. We are also giving you more pictures and artwork from the eyes and the ears of the streets, business world, and entertainment. We are excited to add on to our line up of radio personalities on Focused Radio as well as story contributor to The Focus Magazine, Ms. Kamila Love. Her eclectic style, various genres of music she plays, and her selection of topics to talk about make #WordPlay from 4p-6p each weekday a must listen. Learn about the woman inside the show this month as she shows you one of her other many talents, writing. Her father Bro. Love, the mind behind “Love In Action”, speaks with a community advocate that attended the Million Man March 20th Anniversary in Washington DC and writes a story to really inform you what took place at this historical event. As always we appreciate you staying FOCUSED and we will continue to do our part to #1 Urban Professional Publication. #StayFocusedMyFriends TommyP

6The focus October 2015

The focus October 2015



magine an intrepid, altruistic and focused black man: who thinks black should live for, by and of one another, That is Shawn Hunter originally from D.C., came to Roanoke almost a decade ago, to adopt this city as his own. Now a caring, loving husband and father of 2 beautiful children ages 3 and 7, Shawn’s life story is that of a person who rallied from a life of a troubled man who found himself incarcerated to a truly rehabilitated man who has turned his life around. Shawn exited prison with the thought to help his fellow brothers, he calls them “Returned Citizen (Ex-offenders), get their lives back on point. So he became an activist for the cause of “Returned Citizens.” Shawn left D.C. and implanted himself in Roanoke in places and organizations where he could help “Returned Citizens”, homeless and indigent people get jobs and their rights reinstated.

8The focus October 2015

consequences in the whole nation, he spoke to the fact “that even though Roanoke had no incidences of black deaths by cops, black people were still killing each other and that must Shawn begins stop.” He noted that to describe his “this was some of experience at the the same subject gathering as “a that Minister Farrabeautiful event.” He spoke at Union khan spoke on.” Temple Baptist Church in Wash- “I really believe a million men and ington, D.C. On October 9th, at the women were in pre-march event, attendance on October 10, 2015 at the many important National Mall in people, celebrities, This is not my first D.C., it was crowdmothers of slain article about Mr. black youth and peo- ed and there was an Hunter. He along atmosphere of unity, ple concerned with with Khalid Jones real positive change even though there and Martin Jeffery was a heavy police for black people in organized an impresence which hapAmerica and the mensely successful world. Shawn spoke pened to be mostly job fair in N.W. Roa- on his crusade for black. The military noke that resulted in “Returned Citizens”, was there also but 80 people receiving assisting them in they were around full time jobs. You the outskirts of the reestablishing their can see how a man event. Everything lives in Roanoke like this from Roawas very peaceful. after serving time noke, VA could end in prison. He said Celebrities such as up as a representative that the subject had Puff Daddy, Snoop and organizer on the committee for the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., which took place on October 10th.

The focus October 2015


Dogg, David Chappelle and Dr. Cornell West walked around with no security. I sat very close to The Minister as he delivered his address from behind a bullet proof glass.” I asked Shawn about the title of the event “Justice or Else.” Shawn said “Some people did think that the title implied a threat of violence but that’s not what it was about. The Minister explained that America needs black people’s money and we will use that fact to show America not to be unjust to us and stop death by cops and other injustice by not participating in Black Friday (the big sale day after Thanksgiving, in case you did not know) shopping and Christmas to have our voices heard and impact 10The focus October 2015

America through its pocket.” I brought up that black people who did not attend the march but look at Min. Farrakhan as a leader could be put on “Front Street”. He concurred, that “Yes, the title could be taken as incendiary and we don’t have tanks and guns but black people are not silly. The event was well organized and the main objective was to show America, we are a peaceful people gathering to mobilize our peaceful plan to let our money show our disgust for all the injustice suffered of late starting with Trayvon. So we will not participate in Black Friday or Christmas to dramatically show Treat us with Respect and Justice. I witnessed many youth speakers, ages 20-30, (that is the

main age group of those losing their lives). The Minister allowed them to express themselves. Shawn are you a member of the N.O.I.? “No, not anymore, when I was incarcerated I was because I liked the discipline, cleanliness and camaraderie of the group, but now I consider myself a part of the universal love of god, no labels, living right, treating people right. The Autobiography of Malcolm X did transform my life but I look out for all downtrodden people regardless of race or creed. What I want Roanokers to take from my experience is, we can organize, unify ourselves without asking politicians or groups outside our community to give us handouts,

when they are really making money off of our misery. When someone gets killed in our communities, they write and receive grants and do things like buy vehicles, go on training trips while people are dying or homeless in our community. The funding can come directly to us and we can take charge of our issues such as revitalizing all the abandoned houses in our community. I see a community development center in our neighborhood, where we don’t need to seek outside help and we can oversee our own projects.” “The churches need to come together. We need to do it ourselves! We will fund raise and reach out to those who are sympathetic and come from

a similar background to obtain success. We will stop letting our wealth be stripped from our neighborhoods. I know we can do it! When I worked at TAP, I personally connected 500 “Returned Citizens” to jobs. They went from assisted people to taxpayers. That’s a win, win solution.” This reporter found himself, very impressed with this young strong black man – I recommend that anyone this sincere about helping their community in this feasible manner should be supported. So when you hear that Shawn Hunter is speaking somewhere give him a listen. -Brother Love

Shawn Hunter(right) shaking hands with Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. (left) as they take a minute from the day to take a photo.

The focus October 2015


12The focus October 2015

The focus October 2015


Kamila I AM

A brief look at the woman behind the Voice of FocusedRadio’s show WORDPLAY

14The focus October 2015

a The focus October 2015


I am Kamila Love, host and Radio Personality of Focused Radio’s show WORD PLAY which airs 4pm-6pm, Monday-Friday. I am also a freelance writer for The Roanoke Tribune. When you hear my show and/or read my articles you will quickly learn that I am not defined by one genre. I enjoy many types of music which I attribute to my dad, Brother Love, who exposed us to and taught us to appreciate all types of music. Music is to connect with the soul, to feel joy, pain, laughter and the energy of the people. Music, it’s our heartbeat. It tells the world who you are. I have ancestors from Africa, America, Bermuda, Cuba and other West Indian islands, so it makes sense that I am drawn to different types of music. 16The focus October 2015

I sing, compose and play music. My instruments are guitar (electric and acoustic), bass guitar, keyboard and piano. I’ll be honest I need to brush up on the piano. Because of our many talents and I will also say our slim physiques a lot of people have compared me and my siblings to The Jackson 5 growing up. Needless to say I am Michael. Our parents encouraged us to follow our passions (meaning skills and innate talents), to excel at all that we do. We have been volunteering in the community since we were little. Handing out flyers, holding up posters, working at camps, on farms, doing graphics, whatever is needed we put our backs into it.

Our latest adventure is as Love in Action partnering with Tommy P at Focused Radio and Faith 4A Cure to host Thriller Night Comes to Roanoke. We are new to Roanoke having come from Macon, Georgia – this was an event that we participated in and one that the whole city looked forward to annually, so “Hey, why not bring it here pre-show and all.” The highlight of the event is a group coming through the crowd dressed as zombies and ghouls dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. What else do I do? I draw….check out popworldart I bake….check out fatcatbakedgoodies I crochet and yes, I do teach others.

I am focusing most of my energy to doing music, performing and writing. I am constantly working to improve my skills and to learn new things that enhances my life and those around me. You would be amazed at what you can learn on YouTube.

that you want. Please remember to give back to your community, to help the ones coming behind you and the ones that were ahead of you. We have all needed help at sometime in our lives‌just be there when someone needs your help. Be good, do right and keep moving forward. Twa-la.

My advice to others is to have a plan, work on it, fine tune it, revise it, throw it out if it isn’t working and get a new plan. Also surround yourself with people who support you and will give you honest criticism. As my crochet students will tell you, we take our work a part until we get it perfect. Practice, practice, practice -repetition is how you improve. You have to be willing to invest the time and the work into achieving the things The focus October 2015


18The focus October 2015

The focus October 2015


20The focus October 2015

The focus October 2015


Ashley Leonia

Meet Ashley, a master cosmetologist who

enjoys singing and dance, with a passion for modeling. She enjoys skating in her spare time, vacations with her three sisters and loves going to the beach. Want more Ashley? Follow her on Instagram @ ambitious_leonia

22The focus October 2015

The focus October 2015


At Home Spa Ever want

to look young and radiant? Well you may have help

just hiding in your fridge..

Here are a few tips easy tips for the cosmetologist in all of us..

24The focus October 2015

People often say that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” which I believe to be true, but in a world that is so fixated on aesthetics it’s always good to bring your A-GAME. But I also believe that beauty starts on the inside out, not only personality and ho you treat others but your actual insides, inside you body. You must treat your body as a temple, I know that must be cliche but it’s true. And I’m not saying go on some super strict diet but it is important what you are in taking. Point blank, you are not going to have clear, radiant skin if you eat nothing but junk all day. Nope, not going to happen. And you’re not going to have a toned body if you do nothing but sit on the couch. Think again. And you won’t have healthy, shiny, beautiful hair if you do nothing but put chemicals on it, over and over. Uh-uh. And not to sound harsh but, putting foundation on broken out skin is not a good look, it honestly just brings more attention to your skin. But I’m not just going to say all the things you shouldn’t be doing, I do have some solutions! Ladies! And yes gentlemen! I think men should take their

looks just as serious as we women do. Because ain’t nobody want a man who doesn’t take an effort with his looks. So I will give you some inexpensive tips on the beginning of beauty (Cleaning, Bathing) That you can use, and you more than likely have most of the items you need already in your kitchen. BODY: First things first, let’s start with what you intake. You should start your day off with a warm glass of lemon water before you eat anything. Use fresh lemon and not concentrated lemon juice. Simple right? But just from this simple task you get all types of benefits. 1. It clears skin (if not the most important benefit) The vitamin c in the lemon juice aids in decreasing wrinkles and blemishes. The lemon juice also helps rejuvenate the skin from inside the body. Plus the alkalizing powers kill some types of bacteria that causes acne. 2. It aids in digestion. 3. Cleanses your system. 4. Boost your immune system. 5. Balances pH levels – Lemon is an alkalizing food. 6. Energy. 7. Promotes healing.

8. Freshens breath – Don’t brush your teeth with lemon because The focus October 2015


cial – This is good for sensitive skin, aloe working as a soothing component. Body and Face: Exfoliate, remove dead skin. A favorite of mine is a brown sugar scrub. When you use this scrub ladies and gentlemen! Stepping out of the shower, you are going to FACE: Now look in your cabilook like you just stepped out net, do you have any honey? Go a R&B music video, no lie! You ahead, I’ll wait...............If you will look hot! So now let me tell do, great! Now let’s get to makyou the benefits of this scrub ing some facials. Raw honey besides looking extremely sexy is an antibacterial but any real naked. The brown sugar will honey will do. It being an antiwork as an exfoliant, removing bacterial is good for acne and dead skin (And it adds a hint of preventing it. Honey is also full sweetness to your skin, I’m just of antioxidants which is good saying! I only know because I for slowing down aging and it’s use it on my face also) And the also good for opening up pores. olive oil has anti-aging antioxYou can combine honey with a idants and squalene which is number of different things for great for hydration of the skin different purposes and hair and you can add any Honey and Lemon Facial (My essential oil that you fancy for Favorite) Cut a lemon in half an amazing scent and other and put honey on the exposed benefits pertaining to that speside and use the lemon as an cific oil that you choose. applicator. The honey works as Great for an overall body scrub an antibacterial and the lemon but just be careful when applyworks as a brightener or should ing it to your face, be gentle. I say bleacher, most people put Now everything I told you guys down bleachers, but this is all in this article I do myself, so natural and not a chemical and I can say for a fact that they if you have blemishes and dark work, and I do have a lot more spots, lemon will even out your tips for y’all. -FOCUSBEAUTY skin. Honey and Aloe Vera Gel Fathe citric acid is known to erode teeth enamel. So brush your teeth before you have your morning warm lemon drink. 9. Hydrates. 10. Aids in weight loss – Lemons are high in pectin fiber, helping fight hunger cravings.

26The focus October 2015

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28The focus October 2015

The focus October 2015


HAlloween TREATS and


Dark Candy Apples INGREDIENTS

6 Red Delicious apples 3 c. sugar 1 c. water ½ c. light corn syrup ½ tsp. cinnamon-flavored oil ¼ tbsp. red food coloring


Remove stems and skewer apples (see “Tricks for Sticks,” below). In a saucepan over high heat, with a candy thermometer attached, heat sugar, water, and light corn syrup, stirring until sugar dissolves. Bring to a boil until mixture reaches 300 degrees F. Remove from heat, and stir in 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon-flavored oil and 1/4 tablespoon red food coloring. To make red apples: Dip apples, one at a time, then transfer to a greased baking sheet. Let cool, about 10 minutes. To make black apples: Add 1/4 tablespoon black food coloring to your red syrup. (If the syrup has thickened, reheat briefly.) Dip apples, one at a time, then transfer to a greased baking sheet. Let cool, about 10 minutes.

30The focus October 2015


Melted Witch Ingredients:

8 oz cream cheese, softened ½ cup sweetened condensed milk 1 cup powdered sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract 6 drops green food coloring (more if desired) ¼ cup mini chocolate chips Oreo cookie and Hershey’s Kiss for decoration Fruit/Graham Crackers/Pretzels for dipping Instructions: In a large bowl beat the cream cheese with a mixer until light and fluffy (no longer clumpy), then slowly add the sweetened condensed milk. Beat until smooth. Add the powdered sugar and vanilla, mix until blended. Drop in 5-6 drops of green food coloring and mix until fully incorporated. Fold in the mini chocolate chips. Pour into serving dish. If desired, drop a couple dots of green food coloring on top and use a toothpick to swirl around to give it that “melted witch” look. Place half of an Oreo cookie on top, then top that with the Hershey’s Kiss so it looks like a witches hat. Serve with fruit slices, graham crackers and/or pretzels. Store in an air tight container in the fridge.

Green Goblin ingredients

1 ounce vodka 1 ounce coconut rum 1 ounce peach schnapps 1 ounce dekuyper sour apple liqueur 1 ounce prepared sweet-and-sour mix ginger ale, to top (optional)

Directions Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker halffilled with ice cubes. Shake well and pour over ice cubes in an old-fashioned glass. Serve with a lime wedge. The focus October 2015


Those Making it Happen


Brother Love Co -Founder of Love in Action Journalist and Music Virtuoso

32The focus October 2015

The focus October 2015


34The focus October 2015

The focus October 2015





36The focus October 2015


and the solutions, that I stress you research. You must I am your Focus know these things Fitness Coach. I am for yourself. not a physician, but I do have 40 years of History is repeating experience in fitness itself, example: WWI and nutrition. and WWII; proliferating and escalatThe times we are ing. The breakdown embarking on and and deterioration my love for you all, of global societies dictates that I contoday is just a culmivey these words of nation of incompredirection through hensible planning by this dismal fiction of very evil people over what we encounter a period of many, in this world today. many years. These messages and warnings are not These things you things that I want NOW! can expect. you to accept at face There will be many value, NO!!! You major diseases and must check them pandemics world out for yourself via wide: you must the internet, books, strengthen your imCSPAN and health mune systems. I will food stores, etc. Due tell you how but first your due diligence, I will outline some of OK! the ways these major diseases will be conThe format for my veyed. Take time to conveyance to you research Agenda 21 is as follows; First, I and Codex Alimenwill outline the clear tarius. This is how and present danger; we are hurt, through ear Friends,

our food supply, you may not be aware of this but our country’s diet consi sts of meat (uric acid), starch or carbonic acid (rice, pasta, potatoes, wheat, flour, etc), sugar (meaning unnatural, not that which is provided by nature), milk products (if its not the milk that comes from your mother made especially for you, then NO!!! Milk producing animals generally have been injected with growth hormones and antibiotics. These animals enzymes are designed to be digested by their offspring not ours), bread (is probably the most dangerous of starchy foods with ingredients such as azodicarbonamide-an ingredient that is banned in Europe, the UK and Australia. Azodicarbonamide is an The focus October 2015


ingredient that is in most popular brands of bread in America. Do your research!!! Let’s further examine, could any of you that are reading this article be overweight, suffering from painful joints, mucus congestion, headaches, shortness of breath for minimal exertion, skin problems, gas and/or heartburn, emotional ups and down and much more. It may not just be the food, but also: 1. antibiotics-overuse of antibiotics results in super mutated bacteria, fungus and spores which have been created with the mis-use of antibiotics in several industries over the years, refer to TIME Magazine September 12, 1994-Revenge of the Killer Microbe. Some herbs are great alternatives to antibiotics such as 38The focus October 2015

maringa, pau d’ arco, golden seal, echinacea and many more. 2. STOP spending all your time in front of the television or cell phone, cooking with the microwave, playing video games, etc. Radiation absorption is deadly to the body’s immune system. 3. Most foods from supermarkets fall far short of giving you the nutrition you need to sustain good health; the average overweight person and everyone else most times are walking around malnurished and they don’t even know it (one malnutrition disease is macular degeneration of the eyes causing the loss of eyesight). 4. Inactivity-your heart can not pump blood to your ankles and then to your brain, YOU MUST MOVE!!!! for good circulation.

The simplest thing for you to do is to WALK! Walk one mile a day, heel toe. Start with ¼ mile, and ½ mile, then ¾ mile until you are comfortable walking a whole mile. Walking is good for circulation. Blood is the fluid that carries your spirit. Here are further solutions for repelling the evil sicknesses that I have spoken to you about. Some of you may be suffering from one, two or all of the ailments I spoke of, so we quickly have to vanquish this evil from your body and spirit. Out with the bad, in with the good. I recommend if it started with a face, don’t eat it. I also recommend not frying because all oils turn toxic at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Upon doing my re-

search I found good oils are: olive, palm, sunflower, coconut to name a few and I found bad oils also based on my research at the library, on the internet and most health food stores so I DO NOT USE: lard, soy, corn, cottonseed or canola oils.

melons, limes and grapefruit occasionally for medicinal purposes. Remember, I’m not a physician, just your Focus Fitness Coach. For any questions, hit me up on our facebook page FocusedRadio

Another important thing to remember is cooking your food kills the nutrients. I will elaborate more on this in a future column. Drink plenty of clean alkaline water, not tap or bottled municipal water: if you must use tap water, filter it then alkalize it with lemon. Fruit (no GMO aka seedless). Real fruit especially berries-blue, black, mulberries, raspberries, strawberries etc. Don’t forget to eat The focus October 2015




RADIO Nufocus October 2015

The Focus Magazine October 2015  

Meet Kamila Love, host of the new show on Focused Radio, Word Play. Reports from the Million Man March, Beauty and the Beast, plus so much...

The Focus Magazine October 2015  

Meet Kamila Love, host of the new show on Focused Radio, Word Play. Reports from the Million Man March, Beauty and the Beast, plus so much...