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End of April 2017

Here comes the rain Small Businesses are showering the city

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focus points 8. Everyday joe- how I got into the school of Communications 11. Cover Story: Its Raining in the City 16. Roanoke Small Business Spotlight- Styles Plus 28. The Heart of the Matter 30. Roanoke Wedding Crawl 38. Exclusive indie

Editor in chief: TommyP content supervisor: Erica Jenkins lead visual artist: naadir love Each month “The Focus� spotlights small businesses, entrepreneurs, community events, political topics fashion and the arts, we are poised to stay relevant and to influence what people are talking about and doing.

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From the Editor Well, well, well. We are back for another month of great information and stories that spotlight the many Stars of the Star City and abroad. The saying goes, “April Showers, bring May Flowers.” If that be so, the actual rain of this year is coming from the money being made by the many movers and shakers making it happen in Roanoke. Being a small town it would seem that not much is going on, however I have learned that is quite to the contrary. The nightlife is picking up, composers of music are being noticed on a global scale, and technology has opened up a marketplace for anyone with a product to sale gain more opportunities to get that dough! We are also going to hear from “Everyday Joe” our resident college student that will share his experiences monthly to encourage our youth that are about to graduate high school and take the next step towards their future careers. Erica Kane stops in with a business that has way more than meets the eye. Styles Plus, a New York style boutique, brings a new flavor to the valley that will enhance the “city movement” that has been occurring of the past couple of years. As Always, #StayFocusedMyFriends TommyP 4 The Focus

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Everyday Joe

Joe Denfield is a Senior at Rutgers University and he definitely understands the craziness surrounding college life and decisions within

How I got into the School of Communications

First off, I would like to begin by saying that I have already received an associates degree in Communications from my previous school and would like to carry on with a bachelor’s at Rutgers University. However, while this is an important factor and motivator, it does not solely influence my aspirations to continue studying in the field. Surely I can list plenty of reasons for my decision to make this subject my intended major but the most crucial is that it gives me the opportunity for challenging and improving myself. It will also help me develop skills that are vital not only in the workforce but in everyday life as well.

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One of the biggest challenges that I have to endure is my trepidation for public speaking. I can get incredibly anxious when presenting in front of large or even smaller groups of people. It does not matter if the audience members are my friends or acquaintances. Heart palpitations, shaky legs, and a dry mouth are just some of the symptoms that I undergo during an oral presentation. On the contrary, during my childhood years, the public speaking skills that I used to have were decent. I remember being able to deliver my essays and speeches with ease. I remember having the ability to deliver my essays and speeches with ease. My nerves were under control and being the center of attention was never intimidating. I yearned to be that kid again. He was not afraid to speak up and did not care about the opinions of others. Once the bullying began though, his high levels of self esteem had turned into extreme self consciousness. Now that I am older, I have come to the realization that my fears and insecurities cannot get the better of me. If I let these feelings continue, they will only ruin my chances at success. Prior research and experience have shown me that Communication courses can help with training in oral presentation capabilities by presenting in groups and learning from lectures on coping strategies for anxiety. It is less nerve wracking to present with other peers than alone because you all are comfortable with each other and share the same feelings of nervousness. Also, preparing for an individual speech in advance was just one of the solutions that I was taught and it can actually make a big difference. Moving on, being able to communicate effectively is another reason why majoring in Communications would be beneficial. Whether it be for listening and trying to resolve conflicts, making decisions on proper solutions, and positively interacting with others - especially those from other cultures, having exceptional interpersonal communication skills is key. Not being a team player, ignoring the concerns of others, or blaming others for your actions are not attractive behaviors especially to employers. Additionally, having this type of strength is essential for keeping close social ties as well. Our family and friends help us with personal growth. If we cannot communicate with them then how else are we supposed to learn from our mistakes and mature? When I graduate from Rutgers, my intentions are to secure employment at a public relations firm. What initially attracted me to this field was having the responsibility to plan events. I love the creative aspect of brainstorming with others on what would be helpful to make a function successful. Watching our ideas come to life is even more lovable. Furthermore, it is heartwarming to know that public relations involves philanthropy. Nothing is better than playing a role in giving back to a community and donating for a good cause.                                                                                Peace and Love

                                                                              Everyday Joe

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Meet Montanna - a local mother who says her son wouldn’t be here today without the generosity of organ and blood donors.

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Small Businesses are Making it Rain in Roanoke Focused Radio and the Focus Magazine were established to showcase and spotlight Small Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, Independent Artists, and Entrepreneurs in the valley. What we have learned is that there are a lot of Stars in the Star City already making moves and changing the economy

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Who knew that Facebook Live could be so informational? I know I didn’t. I was used to seeing people using it to go around with their cell phones posting various activities of their day, what they had ate, and an occasional rant about how people just don’t get all the conspiracies that are plaguing our land. When the idea to take the interviews we do on the TommyP in the Morning Show #TPNDMS, to this platform to engage the community, I was very skeptical. Low and behold, ever-since we started doing this a few months ago, I’ve learned that there are a lot of people turning their once pas12 The Focus

sions into businesses that are making a change in the economy of the small town of Roanoke. Of course we knew money was coming. Carillion Healthcare Systems are occupying a lot of buildings once left dormant because business was leaving the area, as well as building new facilities all over the place. Not everyone has a hospital behind them providing financial backing for their venture. A big portion of the almost 100,000 folks of the city has either had to work manufacturing type jobs, the railroad, or be an employee of Carillion to earn a decent living. However by interviewing the

many people that has stopped by our studios, show that entrepreneurship is on the rise and adding more opportunities to take control of one’s own destiny and gain financial freedom at the same damn time. We had many guests come through, however I got to talk about a few that stuck out to me most. Charity Bryant of “Fancy This Fancy That” not only was a hit among viewers (over 2k views for that interview) she encouraged others to not give up on their dreams simply because it’s not common to go into business for yourself around here. Her store in the Wilmont area 13 The Focus

has established a loyal client base and she has been able to sustain a life she desires simply by chasing her dream. Mike Hamlar, a well-known businessman in the valley, was appointed a few years ago to a special committee introduced by the governor to bring economic relief to Southwest Virginia. All I can say is he took that thing and ran with it. A guest on our show for #MoneyMakinMonday, he not only gave us encouragement of how to be successful as an entrepreneur, but he also gave us access to the SWaM (Small, Women and Minority business) program that makes sure contracts from major State and Government projects are allocated for these types of businesses. Of course we can’t forget about the entertainers. Local rappers, producers, and dj’s that have made good money from their art has also sat down and chopped it up with us and our Facebook audience. Poe Mack, a local artist who has been in the music game for a while came on with his new music and gave us the dates of his upcoming tour. That’s right, I said tour. Something artists from the Roanoke area have been unable to do in years past. He showed us that with the Internet and digital sales, if you really want to make money

with your music it is possible you just have to be willing to grind it out to make it happen. We’ve had personal credit repair advisors, Della Watkins (Executive Director of the Taubman Museum of Art), Southeast Rural Community Assistance Program, Jim Thomas of Food Prep Services Roanoke, Dj C. Milli, and even Roanoke natives that has went on to major things in other cities such as Dj Ros all come in and talk to us and our viewing audience. I may be a little biased, but I always enjoy sitting down with businesses that have partnered with us such as Brandon Crafter of #TheYounivercity. Standing at a towering 6’10”, this gentle giant The Pines apartments in Roanoke, VA is ideally situated to give has easy not only taken hisbest business thearea next but now putting you access to the of whatto the haslevel, to offer. other businesses in the game. Providing custom apparel to brands and businesses, TheYounivercity is a major force and only getting stronger. It’s hard to go too far in the city and not see someone wearing something that his company created. The “Forever44” t-shirt was so much of a hit, our own Vice Mayor, Anita Price stopped him after an interview and made sure he knew how bad she needed one for her own collection. Many people are afraid to take the step into entrepreneurship. Understandably so, it’s no guarantees that you will make money with your business you create yourself. On the other hand, it’s no guarantee here in Roanoke that you will be able to keep a job from a business someone else started either. What I can say is that, there are way more success stories forming around here I never knew about and it has been great to have those stories get the proper credit they deserve by coming and being on our show!

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Have your taxes prepared by Wesley Pughsley Jr. & Associates and mention the Renaissance Academy, 5% of your prep fee will be donated to this great organization!

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Roanoke Merchant Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight:

Styles BeautyBar 16 The Focus

Longevity is in Style

Hey everybody. Spring is here and Summer is approaching us very quickly. With that being said, these are the seasons for Proms and Weddings. I thought I’d share my experience with our readers by introducing you to a accessory boutique called Styles Plus. 17 The Focus

Mika Hibbert, the owner of this fabulous accessory boutique, was more than accommodating when I asked if I could write an article on her shop to share with our readers. Mika told me her store first opened for business in the summer of 2015. She brings New York City flavor to Virginia. Mika not only has a huge range of accessories, she has statement jewelry and body jewelry. If you are in a jam and have to be somewhere and don’t know what to do with your hair, she even has custom lace front wigs!!! Then of course after you get your wig straight, you have to get your eyebrows shaped and eyelashes extended, right? All this can be done by Mika at Styles Plus. Once everything is completed your going to fall in love with the way you look and want to remember that moment. With that being said, just stay an extra few minutes and get a photo shoot. Yes I said a photo shoot, All of this can be done at right here in Roanoke at the amazing Styles Plus. Prices are very reasonable and the location is pretty conveinent. North Roanoke Plaza, 3100 Peters Creek Rd Suite D Roanoke Va 24017. Open Thursday-Sunday. Below is a list of some of the things they sell and some services they offer with prices attached. Weave installation Photo shoots Eyebrow shaping $10 Eyebrow shaping & tint $25 Makeup application $25 Airbrush application $35 Individual eyelashes $25 small $30 medium

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$35 long (Lashes are provided) Jewelry: $5 bracelets $10-$25 necklace sets $25 body jewelry Now go on and get to Styles Plus so you can look and feel your best for anything you have going on...

Erica Kane

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Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project, Inc.

SERCAP is Spreading the Word

SERCAP is challenging YOU to

Turn off the Tap and go...

A Day Without Indoor Plumbing Accept the Challenge:

• Register @ • Collect Pledges / Donations • Pick a Day to Challenge Yourself to go 24 Hours without using the Indoor Plumbing in your house! • Take Pictures and Videos and post online using: #ADayWithoutIndoorPlumbing • Share your Experience! *Proceeds benefit families and communities without adequate access to clean, safe drinking water! 21 The Focus

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#GetThewordout Since March 2014, Faith 4 A Cure and Virginia Blood Services has partnered together to “GET THE WORD OUT” about Sickle Cell Anemia. In order to do so we have used a diverse range of settings, such as: • Higher Education • Faith-based Organizations and forums • Community Engagement • Media/Broadcasting • Health Fairs • Public Service Announcements • Blood Drives At some point in their life, Sickle Cell patients will need a blood transfusion. In many cases blood transfusions are routine treatments. Because of this fact, the primary focus in getting the word out is through hosting blood drives throughout the state of Virginia. It doesn’t just stop here. Faith 4 A Cure is on a mission to create awareness and education not just in Virginia but globally through the use of social media, web presence, radio and television, speaking engagements, educational forums, and much more.

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An apple a day brings campers our way! Help us Send A Kid to camp by contributing to our mission to Help Kids Grow! Apple Ridge Farm operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing dynamic educational & environmental experiences to under-served children.

Learn more at

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What’s Your Purpose! #TAGROANOKE 26 The Focus

Social Institution for like-minded entrepreneurs, tradespeople, and small business who aspire improvement for themselves and their community. Fueled by forward thinking, creativity and resilience our mission is to provide our members with feasible solutions that will lead them to success.

Custom Apparel Manufacturer 27 The Focus

Whitney Houston once sang a song titled “Greatest Love of All”. The lyrics said that “The greatest love of all, is easy to achieve, learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all! Mmmh! Is loving yourself really the greatest love of all? Two of the greatest commands in the Bible are: 1) Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and; 2) Love your neighbor as yourself God is a God of love. He is the epitome of love. He IS love; and there is no “GREATER” love than the love God has for you and I. In return, he asks that we love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength; in other words, with everything we’ve got! I got it, I can do that. After all, God’s done so much for me, that’s the least I can do; but this loving my neighbor as myself, how do I do that? Well, let us first define the word neighbor. A neighbor is not only the person that lives next door to you, but a neighbor is a fellow human being. In other words, a neighbor could be and is, anyone that you come in contact with; and loving that person is basically treating them in a manner in which you would like to be treated. I think the Ten Commandments is an excellent example of how we are not only to love God, but each other as well. The first Five Commandments are with regard to our relationship to God, in addition to how we are to respect Parental Authority. The last Five Commandments however, deal specifically with our relationships toward each other. You can find the Commandments in Exodus 20:2-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21. The last Five Commandments say the following: 28 The Focus

The Heart of the Matter Sundays 10a-12n

Pastor Williams

Elder Otey

29 The Focus

· That we should have respect for human life by not killing each other · That we should have purity in our relationships and not cheat on our spouses · That we should be honest and not steal from one another · That we should be truthful and not lie on one another · That we should be content and not covet what others have (let’s face it, the grass is not always greener on the other side) If we practiced these five commandments maybe there would not have been 12 homicides in Roanoke in 2016. Maybe the divorce rate would be down. Maybe larceny in Roanoke wouldn’t have increased from 3,218 to 3,599 in one year. Maybe the 349 prisoners that were exonerated through DNA testing might have never been wrongly convicted. Last, but certainly not least; if we simply learn to be content (happy, at peace) with what we have and with ourselves, even in the most imperfect times and wait on the Lord; maybe, just maybe, we can love our neighbor as ourselves.

Peace and Blessings from Elder Lanell Otey!

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Help us continue to increase that number by signing up to donate at a Virginia Blood Services hosted Blood Drive or at a local Donor Center.

The Law Offices of

Darren Haley

We are dedicated to providing experienced, aggressive and compassionate advocacy for all of our clients.

Criminal Law Personal Injury Family Law Employment Law 855-45HALEY

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Roanoke’s Wedding Crawl: Truly Something to Behold

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The wedding season is upon us: After Valentine’s Day comes warm weather; with warmer weather comes wedding bells for many happy couples. On April 2,2017 myself and a friend (Finis) had the pleasure of experiencing “The Wedding Crawl”. We were curious to know what was being offered in Roanoke and the surrounding areas, and when we left we weren’t disappointed. It all took place at the City Market Square building in Downtown Roanoke. After we arrived at the Market Square Building we visited a handful of vendors that educated couples as well as the guest of their services for a spectacular day on any budget. Once registered and we chose our package, the event offered shuttle

33 The Focus

service via charter bus or horse and carriage to several areas in Roanoke City. The Corinthian Ballroom, Taubman Museum of Art, Patrick Henry Hotel Ballroom, Center In The Square, and Charter Hall. The Vinton War Memorial was represented but not offered to tour. As we ventured on with the crawl, I realized how serious planning a wedding could be. With the photographers, florist, caters, hairstylist, makeup artist, dress designers, wine tasting and event planners, I discovered you can’t really crawl while planning your special day. I have to say the theme of Harry Potter in Charter Hall was absolutely beautiful. It started with the theme music playing in the elevator. The room itself could easily welcome 300 guest comfortably; the magical hanging lighting, mirrors, table scape and seating all resembling Harry Potter’s Dinning area. I learned that a themed venue with lighting, decor and catering services could range from $2,500- $5,000 easily; therefore keep your budget in mind while making choices of your special day. 34 The Focus

35 The Focus

We thank all the vendors present for sharing their knowledge and professionalism. This truly was a great event

Learn more about April Ward’s designs and other fashion creators by visiting Fashionista Roanoke on Facebook

511 S. Jefferson St. Roanoke, Virginia

36 The Focus Call (540) 892-7112

37 The Focus

2609 Peters Creek Rd, Roanoke, VA 24017


Don Papion:

Haiti native, Don Papion has made himself a name in the world of Hip-Hop. From consistently putting out music over the years, until now where he is creating opportunities for others, Don Papion is putting in #Work. His latest single “Been a Minute” featuring JR Writer is this month’s #1 Airplay single. 38 The Focus

Exclusive Indie Top airplay 1. “Been a Minute”- Don Papion feat JR Writer 2. “Money Callin”- Craig-O WHAM 3. “None of Them”- Skip of WELOOSE 4. “Party”- Star-Citi 5. “The Joys of Life”- Poe Mack 6. ”Best of Me”- T. Soul 7. “Need That”- Kimbro feat. Chris Prythm & Young Observe 8. “Leave” - Tripp 9. “I Need You”- Jeremy Wilder 10. “Man Down”- S. Type

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The Focus Magazine end of April 2017  

Here Comes the Rain. Small businesses in the Roanoke City are making more money and opportunities.

The Focus Magazine end of April 2017  

Here Comes the Rain. Small businesses in the Roanoke City are making more money and opportunities.