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Spend A Memorable Vacation In Taos The captivating natural landscape of Taos will pull you closer to the natural part of you. The small town located in Mexico, USA has innumerable travel attractions for backpackers and tourists. This art colony can be easily reached from New Mexico’s capital city Santa Fe after a two hours' drive. This town is a perfect blend of culture, art and history, which makes it a traveler’s paradise. Following are few major tour attractions that have made this Mexican town a popular retreat for tourists from all across the world: Art If you are an art lover, then Taos is a must visit for you. This town is famous for being home to many celebrated contemporary artists of America. Taos has many artist associations and societies who have immensely contributed to the artistic world. On your tour you may visit places like Taos art museum and Taos art colony to get your dose of colors and art in Taos. The colorful ensemble of skills expressed over canvas of this town will leave you spell bounded.

Adventure If adventure runs in your nerves, then a visit to Taos will surely be a great value for your money and time. River rafting, trekking, mountain biking, golfing, hot-air ballooning, horseback riding are just few of the adventure and recreational activities that you can enjoy in this Mexican town. This place will fulfill your adventure fetish and you will have one of the most memorable vacations. You can even enjoy skiing in the nearby ski areas Taos ski valley, sipapu and red river. History Taos Pueblo borders the northern side of this town and is one amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This historical place has been constantly occupied by Native Americans for over a

millennium and is the only ancient continuously inhabited community of United States. In case you want to witness some living American history then you can certainly visit Taos Pueblo. Apart from this you could also visit Taos Plaza which is the downtown historic district. There are many more historical places located in Taos that you can visit on your tour. Nature The natural beauty of this Mexican town will remain etched in your mind forever. This peaceful retreat will give you an opportunity to have a one to one experience with nature. The serenity in the environment of Taos will rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. In case you are getting worried about accommodation, then you need not worry because there are many hotels in Taos, New Mexico. The town can offer you comfortable accommodations within the limited budget that you have. However if you money to splurge on a lavish vacation then you can spend some dollars on vacation home rentals in Taos New Mexico. These rental vacation homes will make sure that your vacation is full of luxury and comforts.

Spend a memorable vacation in taos  

This art colony can be easily reached from New Mexico’s capital city Santa Fe after a two hours' drive. This town is a perfect blend of cult...