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February 2010

The Geist Community Newsletter

Spring Fever

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Alex and Geneva Kutin have been helping Geist residents escape the winter blues for over 15 years at Travel Leaders Inc. Cover photo by Lauren Huffine

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12/17/09 12:17 PM

Spring Fertilization Tips From the Geist Watershed Alliance We should all care about the water quality of Geist Reservoir. We drink it. We swim in it. And it affects our property values.

nutrient load. Your lawn will not know the difference. Here’s how you can help – this spring, if you fertilize, please buy the bag with a “0” in the middle. For example, a bag with the label 29-0-5 contains no phosphorus. (The three numbers on a bag of fertilizer identify the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content). If you use a lawncare service, request a zero phosphate treatment. Waterfront properties should not fertilize within 15 feet of the water’s edge. Finally, consider replacing one fertilizer application with a mechanical aeration.

Unfortunately, toxic blue-green algae (also called cyanobacteria) love Geist Reservoir as much as we do. The combination of shallow and calm water, moderate seasonal temperatures, sunlight, and a high nutrient load make Geist an ideal environment for toxic algae. Nutrient load, the mass of nitrogen and phosphorus that drains a waterway, comes from leaves, grass clippings, topsoil runoff, manure, septic tanks, and agricultural and residential fertilizer runoff. Algae are particularly fond of phosphorus. Given a high nutrient load, algae will outcompete all other forms of aquatic vegetation in our reservoir. As it blooms, algae prevent sunlight from penetrating the water and inhibit growth of beneficial native aquatic plants. At night, algae consume dissolved oxygen in the water and can kill fish. Toxic algae can cause serious illness to pets, waterfowl, and humans. It looks bad, smells bad, limits reservoir recreation, and increases the treatment cost of our drinking water.

The EPA estimates that only 35% of lawn fertilizer actually makes it to the lawn. The rest is vaporized or leaches into the water. Zero phosphate fertilizer is an essential first step to a cleaner reservoir.

So while we can’t change some of conditions that affect the reservoir’s water (like the weather), we can reduce the reservoir’s nutrient load. An important first step is to change how we fertilize our lawns. Most established lawns in Indiana already have enough phosphorous. By purchasing phosphate free lawncare products and services, we can significantly reduce the reservoir’s Publisher & Sales Tom Britt (317) 496-3599 Accounting Jeanne Britt (317) 823-5060

By Matthew Newell, Geist Watershed Alliance

To learn about what else you can do to improve our reservoir, visit the Geist Watershed Alliance website at

Contributing Writers Pat Carlini Michelle Momper Matthew Newell Cheryl Richardson Mary Ryan Janet Striebel Dick Wolfsie

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On the Cover February 2010

The Geist Community Newsletter

Spring Fever

Alex and Geneva Kutin have been helping Geist residents escape the winter blues for over 15 years at Travel Leaders Inc. Cover photo by Lauren Huffine

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Alex & Geneva Kutin Travel Leaders Indy 9745 Fall Creek Road Indianapolis, IN 46256 (317) 913-3300

Managing Editor J. Andy Murphy

Broker/Geist Resident

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Geist Community Newsletter


February 2010

New Proposals On Table For Fall Creek Trail Dispute In question is a section of the trail on the Department of Waterworks (DOW) property, which has become a destination spot for not only hikers, but for fishermen and partiers alike, some of whom have been participating in illegal activities. The property is technically under the jurisdiction of the Indianapolis Parks Department, however, the trail also serves the neighbors of Masthead.

 Œ

Geist Reservoir

Some neighbors, fed up with such activity as loud parties, open fires and nudity, have requested that the trail be closed, while other neighbors and area leaders have searched for solutions that will allow the property to remain open, only with higher security and revised rules. This aerial view of the Geist dam shows the public access area along the Fall Creek Trail (#1) where loud parties, open fires and nudity has residents of Masthead (#2) upset, looking for changes from the Indianapolis Parks Department (Map courtesy of

The first official proposal for the property recently came from Matthew Klein, Director of DOW. His suggestions, which were distributed to Geist residents in December, 2009, include the following:

By Michelle Momper As Geist neighbors, politicians and business leaders try to determine the future of a segment of the controversial Fall Creek Trail, new proposals have been submitted in order to identify a solution.

• A new sidewalk extension from the current entrance of the trail, south on Fall Creek to at least the new proposed entrance point, if not all the way to 79th Street. • DOW will pay to fence the property between the Geist Station Treatment Facility and Geist Dam (connecting the existing fencing).


after February 2010


Geist Community Newsletter

Fishers’ Best Kept Secret

• DOW will pay to extend the fencing on the west side of DOW’s property to minimize access to the Geist Station Treatment Facility and Geist Dam (and cut off the “arcing” portion of the Upper Fall Creek Trail). Effectively, this portion of the Upper Fall Creek Trail would end at the bottom of the Geist Dam. The proposal did not include a parking lot at the new entrance; therefore, only pedestrian traffic would be able to enter the trail area. An agreement with local businesses at 79th Street would have to be obtained in order to accommodate vehicular traffic.

of Fishers

Please call for more information and to schedule your personal visit at (317) 576-1925 or visit us on the web at

9745 Olympia Drive Fishers, IN 46037

Home is where the Hearth is! Welcome Home!

Following the submission of the DOW proposal, Ginny Cain, District 5 City County Councilor, led a discussion regarding the proposal at the Greenways Development Committee (GDC) meeting on Wed., Jan. 20. Neighbors and concerned citizens met to weigh the pros and cons of the proposal, and offer solutions in order to resolve the situation.

EarNINg yOur buSINESS wIth qualIty aCCOuNtINg aNd SOuNd advICE.


“I have reflected on all of the issues at hand, both positive and negative, with the trail,” says Cain. “In a nutshell, I would like to keep the upper part of the trail intact, with some modifications,” she adds. Those modifications include:

and Company, Inc.

• Protection of surrounding private homes with masking, which might include privacy fences, landscaping or an adjustment to the trail location.

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• Updating current signage with specific park ordinances, such as No Fishing, along with trail rules, hours and trail etiquette. • Masking off the lake access point. • Creating a trail lookout point farther away from homeowners.

Change your working position by standing up and walking when you work at a TreadDesk.

Additional details will require further attention, such as security matters, ordinance violators, and trail maintenance. Funding for trail improvements is also a concern, and will be addressed as details are worked out. Ken Pendleton, who has been a vocal trail supporter, thinks there is hope in making the trail work.

When walking at 1.0 mph most people can type and talk on the phone just like when sitting.

“I really believe that the proposals made at the GDC meeting will eliminate much of the trespassing problems on the dam,” he says. “With better enforcement of park hours, and now that the police and park rangers are more aware of the situation, it’ll be easier to patrol,” he adds.

The TreadDesk is a combination of an adjustable height desk and a unique treadmill which gives office workers the option to stand up and walk while working at their desk.

Lose Weight Improve Your Health Reduce Lower Back Pain

“To close the trail would be a shame,” Pendleton says. “I believe we should keep it the way it is, with minor modifications, and then see how it goes over the summer.”

Feel Energized Increase Productivity & Creativity

(Continues) Geist Community Newsletter

We are a licensed assisted living community with a continuing commitment to superior living accommodations and high quality services to promote independence and choice for you, your neighbor or loved one.

Call 849-3003 or visit for more information. 5

February 2010

“Even though many of us were expecting an actual decision at the meeting, we voiced our support for this proposal from Mr. Klein,” McLaughlin says. “Ms. Cain, however, told neighbors that this was only a proposal and needed more discussion. Many of us attended the Greenway Trail meeting last month and showed strong support for Mr. Klein’s proposal, continuing to emphasize safety issues,” McLaughlin adds. “At this point, some Masthead residents are confused and frustrated that no effective decision has been made, and no one understands who will make that decision,” says McLaughlin.

Indianapolis Parks Department officials are concerned with people abusing the Fall Creek Trail, gaining access to unrestricted areas around Geist dam. Fishermen, shown here, were illegally fishing off the dam last fall.

Cain has stated that keeping the trail open as is, for the time being, is her goal. “With modifications, I want to give it another summer season and see how it goes,” she says.

(From Previous Page) Cheryl McLaughlin, part of a group of Masthead residents who have strong concerns about leaving the trail open in its current state, says that many residents are confused by the latest developments.

As the future of the trail remains in question, new developments or decisions will be available through

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Geist Community Newsletter

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February 2010

Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Cheryl Richardson

Light Their Future Gala benefiting the Lawrence Township School Foundation will be on May 1st from 7:00-10:00 p.m. at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Indianapolis. For more information, call 423-8300 or email

24 Hour

1. Place fresh cut flowers along with floral or tropical scented candles in various places of your home where you spend most of your time in order to create an atmosphere that replicates a spring-like environment.

The happy feelings that I experienced just last season seem so remote now that the warmth of the sun has been overshadowed by the bitter cold face of old man winter. The once inspiring view out of my kitchen window now renders melancholic feelings. Summer’s array of beautifully colored flowers and the splashing sounds from the waterfall in the pond are now frozen in time. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, also referred to as S.A.D.

2. Indoor water fountains can produce tranquility that will put your inner self at rest. Listen to the soft splashing effects and let your mind take you to the destination of your choice. Imagine a nice stroll on the beach, fishing at your favorite spot, or whatever your imagination desires. 3. Grow an indoor herb garden in a window or under a plant light and enjoy both the growing process and the quick harvest. Impress your friends with a baked dish that includes your very own fresh herbs. 4. Do something out of the ordinary for yourself. Take a foreign language or art class at a local college or art institution. Join a salsa dance class or sign up for karate or self-defense. Using your creative side will help you pull through and have a lot of fun while doing so.

S.A.D. is a type of depression, which can range from mild to extreme sadness, specifically during the winter months. This is due to a decrease of daylight hours, which plays a vital role in providing mood altering chemicals to the body. Many people who suffer from S.A.D. simply wait for spring to come so that their symptoms begin to dissipate. However, I am aware that many people with S.A.D. do not want to suffer during the seemingly never-ending winter months, so I have compiled a few simple tips to help you cope.

5. Take a multi-vitamin daily. Liquid multi-vitamins are easy to ingest and are available at major retail chains. This helps ensure that you are getting important nutrients that your body needs.

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February 2010



Geist Community Newsletter

6. Abstain from drinking alcohol, since it is in itself, a depressant. Instead, blend up cool, refreshing fruit smoothies using fresh fruits and vegetables.

therapy and cognitive/ behavior therapy may be suggested along with medication to help you.

7. Even on the coldest days get outside for at least 10 minutes between 11 a.m.–2 p.m., especially when the sun is out and shining. Dress as warm as you need to and take in the light and try to find beauty in the nature of winter.

Good luck to you, and may you find some solace in these tips to cope with S.A.D. until the warmth of spring buds its head once again.

8. Get a few minutes of any form of exercise daily. If regular calisthenics or aerobics sound too boring, turn on your favorite music and dance for at least 10 minutes. Exercise releases feel-good hormones that help to reduce depression.

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9. Stay engaged with your friends, family, and neighbors. Even when you don’t feel like entertaining or accepting an invitation, let them know you appreciate them, and not to give up on you. Share your feelings about your S.A.D., and they will understand. 10. Open your curtains. Turn the lights on. Do not allow yourself to sit or lie around in darkened areas that induce over-sleeping or feelings of sadness. Most importantly, if you are experiencing more severe symptoms of S.A.D., please contact your physician. Light Office & Computer Furniture | Home Entertainment Furniture | Bedroom Furniture | Shelving & Storage Furniture Hutch $255 Hutch $162 Credenza $255

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February 2010

Scotty’s Lakehouse Slated to Open This Month

“I think the problem here was they made it too fancy. Our idea is a Scotty’s casual atmosphere and menu with an upscale twist,” says Wise (not too upscale, however, that’s why the small letter name change on the awning from “burger bistro” to “burger joint”). “After all, Bella Vita was a hit here, so it can be done.”

Scott “Scotty” Wise has been working toward the opening of his new Scotty’s Lakehouse at the corner of Brooks School and Fall Creek Road, scheduled to open this month. GHPOA Covenants Mailer Coming Residents in the GHPOA neighborhoods will receive a mailer asking them to vote on three separate amendments to the GHPOA covenants. Please visit or to get more details on each of these proposed amendments.

February 2010

By Pat Carlini Scotty’s is coming to Geist! The popular local chain will open as “Scotty’s Lakehouse” near the corner of Fall Creek and Brooks School roads at the former site of Infusion restaurant, which closed its doors over the holidays. The giant blue and black awnings are up and the crew is working feverishly to put on the final touches before opening later this month. Is owner Scott Wise worried about the location since several restaurants have come and gone from this spot? “I just think we will be a better fit for this area,” says Wise.

Scotty’s Lakehouse will feature some of the chain’s most popular appetizers, including dill chips, buffalo chicken dip, and wraps, but the focus will be on organic and locally raised beef burgers topped with fresh produce from local markets. Other menu items will include turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and homemade mac & cheese. It may also include weekend brunch offerings from Patachou, Wise said. At least 75 percent of the beer offerings will be from Indiana craft breweries. The paint was barely dry on the walls when I got a sneak peak at Scotty’s. As you enter the front doors, you are greeted with some beautiful crystal hanging lights, which give it a fancy feel, but just a few more steps inside and it is brick walls, flat screen TV’s and neon signs. Now that’s what we need to see for a burger joint! Gone is the copper bar from Infusion restaurant, replaced with a solid wood bar and tables. There’s a row of black booths on the dining side and a kids menu and kids section at the back. The servers will wear jeans and “lakehouse” shirts. The décor will be lakehouse scenes from the 1950’s. The restaurant marks the sixth location for Scotty’s throughout Indiana. They continue to fill some job openings and plan on opening in late February. They already have a St. Patty’s Day plan and are on their way to becoming the summer hangout for Geist! Welcome Scotty’s Lakehouse to Geist!


Geist Community Newsletter


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Local Baseball/Softball Training Facilities Help Prepare Players themselves for their upcoming baseball and softball seasons. Some kids are working out with their teams, while others show the initiative to train solely by themselves as they try to perfect their swinging, pitching, running speed, and/or fielding skills. Two local indoor facilities offer year-round convenience and top-notch instruction to all those who train “outside the diamond.” Both facilities have a vast array of quality instructors from which to choose whether you are looking for group or private instruction. Sandlot Baseball & Softball Academy

Bill Ayres, pitching instructor at Sandlot (3Up, 3 Down Pitching) gives private lessons to 10 yr. old, lefthander, Alex Jeffries.

By Janet Striebel In a few months, we will hear those two exciting words coming from the umpires as they yell, “Play Ball!” Many boys and girls are working hard to prepare

If you live in the Lawrence area, you may wish to visit the Sandlot Baseball & Softball Academy of Indianapolis. This 11,000 square foot facility is located at 9220 Harrison Park Court off E. 56th and N. Post Road. One of the main goals of Sandlot Academy is to instill a life-long learning system for both mind and body within its unique baseball/softball setting. “We’re the only facility in the state of Indiana with the virtual reality ProBatter and K-Zone technology,” says Marty Sterrett, vice president and co-owner of Sandlot Indy, with his wife, Pam Sterrett. The ProBatter, a state of the art video pitching machine, allows a batter to input various bits of information into a computer screen, such as age, height, right/ left-handed pitcher preference, and desired speed ranging from 40-100mph. This system will then make adjustments based on these entries before releasing balls from a simulated pitcher. Another marvel is the K-Zone machine, which utilizes a simulated catcher for pitchers, allowing them to work on certain mechanics. For example, if a pitcher wants to work on a curve ball down and in, the simulated catcher will automatically adjust its position. What’s more, the system will chart ball velocity in mph and ball-placement accuracy by printing out a graph tailored to each individual. The Sandlot training approach is practiced in all 24 of its locations spreading from California to New York. This instruction (based on five attributes that scouts typically look for when evaluating players) includes running, fielding, throwing, hitting for average, and power hitting. However, Sandlot offers a sixth element that represents the core of the Sandlot Baseball & Softball Academies training and how they differentiate themselves from the competition. This sixth element that Sandlot works to develop in athletes is the overall makeup of a player’s character (attitude, dedication, level of respect and self confidence). “As a father and a coach, the convenience of Sandlot Indy, along with the quality of both softball pitching and hitting instruction, keeps us coming back repeatedly,” says Scott Goodwin, pitching coach for 12U Red Cats in Fishers, and

February 2010


Geist Community Newsletter

father to Kaitlin Goodwin who pitches for this Red Cats team.

tional instructors and their experience.”

The kids aren’t the only ones who gratify from this academy. For instance, Bill Ayres, instructor at Sandlot (, reflects a true appreciation for his job, his kids, and his connection with Sandlot. He says in a passionate manner, “Marty and Pam (owners of Sandlot) are excellent baseball and softball people to work with. They both put in many hours at the facility and ALWAYS take very good care of me. I sometimes forget to call them when I have a lesson scheduled and yet, every time, they find me available space. I am able to train some of the best pitchers in the Midwest, thanks in no small part to Sandlot Indy and the entire staff.”

In addition to qualified instruction, the Strike Zone offers 5,000 square feet of field turf, four collapsible batting cages, and mobile pitching mounds. The Strike Zone is proud to offer annual family memberships. These family memberships are limited and offered on a first-come-first-served basis. For families having more than one baseball/softball player, this membership can be economically (Continues)

If you can’t get enough baseball talk, then you will be excited to hear that the Sandlot Radio Network is coming to Indy soon. This one-hour program will feature interviews from MLB legends, current MLB players, managers, scouts, and other executives talking baseball and about their experience as young players. Each local market will have fifteen minutes of the one-hour show in order to feature scores, highlights and updates from various leagues and school associations around each market area. Sandlot also provides Power Hitting classes on Saturdays. These classes are designed to enhance one’s ability to drive a softball/baseball. With each class registration, you will receive an SPB trainer (weighted) bat, Sandlot batting gloves and a free T-shirt. Secondly, Sandlot offers an indoor modified softball league called “5 on 5” for 10U, 12U and 14U.

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Incidentally, the Sandlot offers birthday parties, which are a hit for both kids and parents. The birthday party players have a chance to hit against the ProBatter. They also can choose to play a game of dodge ball, kick ball, wiffle ball, or blast ball.

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To learn more about Sandlot, visit or call 317-377-1406. The Strike Zone If you live near Hamilton Southeastern Schools, you should visit The Strike Zone located at 12550 Promise Creek Lane off 126th and Promise Road near Billericay Ball Park. The Strike Zone was founded in order to provide a first class facility where individuals and teams can train, have access to quality instruction, and generally improve their baseball/ softball skills to the best of their ability.

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“We have a staff of excellent baseball and softball instructors providing individual and group instruction,” says Rory Underwood, Strike Zone owner. “We believe we have a lot to offer players that choose to take advantage of these excepGeist Community Newsletter

Smile Makeover

eek Fall Cr

February 2010

Many teams utilize the Strike Zone space to train in the off season. “I really like the availability the Strike Zone has to offer my team for practices, without the distraction of other teams or lessons being held,” says Lisa Lohrey, team manager of the 16U US Athletic Travel Team. “We are able to hold a practice, with access to all the cages, pitching mounds and/or a small throwing area, if we choose. This allows my players to concentrate better.” The Strike Zone also offers group hitting lessons and Winter Training Boot Camp (arm strength and health) provided by REB Baseball. These classes are at the Strike Zone and coached by Jim Reboulet, former professional player with the St Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates. Strike Zone Strength Conditioning class taught by Jason Taulman. Umpires Needed! Home of one of the only youth umpire programs in the area, the Oaklandon Youth Organization (OYO) trains children over 11 years old to be umpires. Attend a mandatory rules clinic on March 7 from 2:00-6:00 p.m. at Louis Jenn Park and take an online umpire exam to qualify. Top scorers are invited back for an umpire mechanics clinic on April 11 at OYO. Download an application at

Fall Creek Little League evaluations will be on March 6 at the Sandlot in Lawrence. Girls ages 7-12, 1:00-3:00 p.m.; boys ages 7-17, 3:00-6:00 p.m.

February 2010

(From Previous Page) efficient and convenient. Some of the membership benefits include: all immediate family members are included in your family membership; designated “Members Only” cages are reserved throughout the week; facility schedule is posted online for quick updates and availability, and you can have 24-hour access by secure coded entrance (live surveillance).

REB Baseball will be having a 4-week hitting class on Mondays, beginning Feb. 8 through March 1. 4th-6th grade: 6:00 p.m.- 6:45 p.m. & 7th-12th grade: 6:45pm-7:30pm. To register for these classes, contact Jim Reboulet at 317-753-7638.


Rob Barber (, general manager of US Athletic Baseball ( and instructor at Strike Zone, sums up the overall experience of this academy: “I think the Strike Zone has a great team of coaches and is

Packed with extras. Including 6 FREE months. What makes our mailbox better than a P.O. Box? For starters, you get a real street address. Plus:

“Although we are not members, we find the Strike Zone incredibly convenient in both location and scheduling lessons,” says Mark Westlake, father of 13-year old Max Westlake, who plays for the HSE Royals 13U Travel Team. He continues, “We currently participate in individual hitting and pitching lessons and in group conditioning classes each week. I don’t think most people realize how much professional level instruction is available right here in our town with ex-players such as Jason Taulman, Rob Barber and Jim Reboulet.”

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(317) 578-0094 6 mONthS FREE NW corner of 116th St & Olio Rd hours: MON-FRI 8am-7pm SAT 9am-4pm


With a 1-YeaR Mailbox SeRviceS agReeMent

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Geist Community Newsletter

the perfect place for the baseball and softball families of Fishers to develop or refine their skills. To me, the Strike Zone is almost like the Cheers of baseball! It’s definitely a comfortable, convenient and very friendly place to either get instruction with some great guys or to just work with your kid in a cage.”

Michael P. O’Neil, D.D.S

However, other programs are offered by The Strike Zone, such as The Cardinal Fitness Boot Camp. To register, call Tracey Meister, boot camp leader, at (317) 590-0963 or email her at

•FaMIly DeNtIStry

Also, for young children, The Strike Zone offers Lil’Kickers, a nationally renowned program specially designed for boys and girls ages 18 months to 7 years. This agenda introduces children to the concept of soccer, while not only developing movement and interaction skills, but also using soccer as a tool to teach children about life.


•laSer DeNtIStry



•ONe Day CereC CrOWNS

•SNOre guarD


To learn more about Strike Zone and its programs, visit this website,

12953 Publishers Drive, Suite #100 Fishers, IN 46038 Phone: (317) 849-2933

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, D.O.C.S. – Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, Advanced Education in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry

Golf with a friend.

ExpEriEncE golf thE way it should bE playEd


on an immaculatE, privatE

18 holE

coursE whErE you can always gEt a tEE timE.

6098 Fall Creek Road Indianapolis, IN 46220 317-251-1425 69



E. 82nd St


I - 46 5

Allisonville Rd. Binf ord Blvd .

Join Hillcrest with a friend and receive $100 off your monthly dues for one year. No initiation fee!



E. 96th St

ek Cre Fall

Geist Community Newsletter


February 2010

Spring Fever Geist residents chime in on their annual spring rituals... Story by Mary Ryan

We feel cooped up, restless, and long to get back outdoors. Our children are sick of video games, our pets want to go for a walk, and we have to-do lists so long we could wrap them around the reservoir. I had the opportunity to ask my neighbors in Geist, Fishers, and Lawrence how they shake off spring fever at the first glimpse of warm weather. Cindy Stettler of Geist said, “At the first sign of spring, my husband and I load our girls, ages 8 and 10, and our golden retriever into the car. We find the nearest tennis court, preferably with a park nearby. We are able to play a little tennis while the girls and the dog chase the balls. Occasionally, we actually have an opportunity to return the ball!” If you are also looking for a park to play at, check out, which shares the 411 on over 10 parks in Fishers, with everything from playgrounds and splash arounds to natures trails and fishing holes. If you’re like Seth Rogers of Fishers, it could be Geist Reservoir you’re missing. Seth shakes off the winter blues by preparing the boat for the season. “I get it washed, waxed, and ready to go. There is nothing better than getting the family out on the water for the first time of the season. Even if it is only 50° and you are covered in blankets.” Public access is available to the reservoir for $13.00 a day, spring through fall, except on weekends and holidays, which costs $30.00. Visit www.marinalimited. com for more information. Water might not be your cup of tea after a long winter; perhaps it’s project time. Amanda Good of Lawrence says, “Spring is when I get into ‘project mode,’ getting all of the things I want to get done before summer hits; painting, landscaping, and redecorating.” Ace Hardware stores of Fishers and Geist are great places to stop at to grab a gallon of paint and some bulbs, and get going on the spring spruce up.

Seth Rogers, Fishers

Amanda Good, Lawrence

While I rack my brain thinking of projects and plans, my husband is thinking about the first course from which to tee off. Bryan Callahan of Fishers agrees saying, “By the time spring arrives I’m itching to get out to the golf course. The first halfway warm day I try to get in at least 9 holes to start off the year. It feels great to be outside, taking in some fresh air after being cooped up inside all winter.” Chris Brown of Fishers knows how to make his wife happy while preparing to hit the green explaining, “I start spring cleaning, opening up the house a bit. I also start to buy things for the yard and make sure the lawnmower and other equipment is tuned. And, of course, I clean

Sarah Carpenter, Geist February 2010

With spring just around the corner, we find ourselves going somewhat stir crazy.


Geist Community Newsletter

up the golf clubs and hit the driving range a few times.” Iron Wood Golf Club offers our locals one heck of deal. For $100 you get a round of golf at Iron Wood, Winding Ridge, Gray Eagle, and a 4th course of your choice. Go to for more info. Springtime means it’s time to get out in the yard and start planting after the last freeze. Sarah Carpenter of Geist uses the spring to start the prettying process saying, “I shake spring fever by planting any and all things pretty and prepping for our annual garage sale. Nothing feels better than being surrounded by flowers and newfound storage space.” Speaking of garage sales, while you’re spring cleaning, start a sale/donate pile to help free up some space around the house and make room for new stuff while making some money or donating your items to Goodwill. There is a Goodwill Donation Center at 79th and Fall Creek Road. For some, spring means it’s time to get out, get active, and get running. Mini Marathons are in full swing and runners are everywhere. The Geist Half Marathon and 5K is May 22, 2010; for more information visit Nick Best of Fishers anticipates the spring saying, “Training for the Mini-Marathon gets me outside in the spring, regardless of how nice the weather is. The exercise is great and it’s a nice way to get my thoughts on warm weather and being outside again. Also, spring is the only time that I get to enjoy being a baseball fan (Cincinnati Reds) because there’s endless potential before inevitable disappointment later in the summer. “To a lot of people spring means baseball, softball, soccer and basketball leagues are getting ready to begin and spectators are ready to enjoy. Kevin Jones of Geist said, “Spring means one thing in my house, travel basketball season! We travel to games across the country a great deal so by the end of the spring, we are ready to just relax.” Sean Rapp of Geist gets ready for baseball season with his little guys saying, “I love the spring! It’s the first opportunity for my two little boys to get their bikes out and ride through the neighborhood and play with all of their friends. We get to grab our bats and baseballs and practice line drives, pop ups and Pete Rose slides at Amy Beverland Elementary School. Last but not least, there is March Madness, the mecca of college basketball.” So you’re not into sports, parks, gardening, cleaning or around the house projects, perhaps you’re won over with food. Springtime means grill time and to me there’s nothing better than walking outside and smelling the sweet aroma of burgers, brats and all things grilled! Nate Mott of Lawrence says his solution to spring fever is to “fire up the Geist Community Newsletter


grill, and cook some food. It tastes just like summer time to me.” Lastly, spring means it’s time for our furry friends to get back outdoors. Erin McIntosh of Fishers rolls in the spring with her pup saying, “My golden retriever Chief and I like to put the top down on our convertible and let the spring air ruffle our fur, I mean hair, and we head out to do our errands for the day such as the Farmer’s Market in Fishers. We go to agility training at First Friend off Highway 37 on Saturday afternoons and then to Lowe’s (yes, it’s pet friendly) on Shadeland to buy materials to build him more jumps to jump over.” Whether you are an indoors or outdoors person, there is something for everyone to shake off those cold weather blues. Be cautious of pets, children, walkers and runners as the warm weather draws near and don’t forget a nice yard means nice neighbors!

Nick Best, Fishers

Kevin Jones, Geist

Sean Rapp, Geist

Nate Mott, Lawrence

Chief, Erin McIntosh’s Golden Retriever, of Fishers February 2010

This Skin Is Made For Walkin’

I recently received a highdollar, fancy-pants bottle of body lotion for my birthday. It made me swoon. The white, velvety substance was laced with spearmint, eucalyptus, and probably 14-karat gold. So I did what any self-respecting woman would do . . . I gingerly placed it in my cabinet, saving it for a special occasion.

By Michelle Momper

Geist Community Cruise Check out for an announcement about an atGeist Cruise with Tom Britt being planned for the fall of 2010.

A few days later, my legs went on strike. It was a particularly cold snap, and suddenly my dry skin rallied in protest. “Scratch me or die,” my left shin said. I found a post-it note on my right hip that said, “Scaly Skin On Strike.” So I opened my cabinet, and as if an angel descended into my bathroom and stroked a Everyone’s looking for an encouraging sign in today’s economy. The fact is, they’ll see one in over 17,500 locations across North America. Because for over 86 years, State Farm agents have been there helping people protect the things that matter most. That’s why more people trust State Farm. ®

And we consider that a very good sign.

harp, my decadent lotion was surrounded by a golden light and I heard a powerful voice say, “Use me, NOW!” I lathered, I massaged, I indulged my lower limbs in the hydrating substance as if my life depended on it. When the ritual was complete, I lovingly cloaked myself in my favorite set of polka-dot pajamas and went to bed. I should have known something was amiss when my husband said, “Why do you reek?” The next morning, my legs revolted. I woke up to the same sensation I once experienced in college, after passing out on a beach from too many mai tais. My skin was on fire. My ankles throbbed, my knees screamed, and I knew it was really bad. I literally had to peel my pajamas off my legs, and my eyes bulged with complete horror. My thighs were the color of fresh-boiled lobster, and were swollen like the Goodyear blimp. Sweet heavens, what have I done? My immediate reaction was to run and find the Benadryl. Of course, all my allergy tonics were playing hide-and-seek with my hydrocortisone creams, so I couldn’t find anything except aloe vera spray. I applied at least three layers, and suffered agonizing pain. My calves threatened to sue. For two days I endured the torture, as I shuffled around my house in imitation of Frankenstein. I couldn’t bend my legs, and all I could moan was, “Me hurt. Ouch. Don’t touch!” On the second night, I’d had enough. My legs were threatening to walk out on me. As I dialed the number for my allergist’s hotline, I picked up the evil lotion to read the ingredients, sure that it was the diabolical spearmint that had thrown me into this epidermis nightmare. That’s when I read it. The Label. And two little words made it all become very clear: Foaming Bath. It got worse, as I continued in disbelief. “Add one capful to your warm bath for a relaxing, calming experience.”

Haleh Krauter Insurance Agency Inc Haleh “Holly” Krauter, Agent

Bus. (317) 849-9996 • PROVIDING INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL SERVICES State Farm, Bloomington, IL

It was then that my thighs dialed Protective Services. And

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Geist Community Newsletter

in a complete state of shock, my mind tried to grasp the concept of poisoning one’s own skin. I’m sure it’s a misdemeanor in some states. For now, I can tell you that I have wiped out my personal stash of allergy meds, I have painstakingly reviewed every container of beauty products in my possession, and I know exactly what each of their purposes are. I’m quite sure I won’t ever make that mistake again. My legs are very thankful.

Don’t forget your furnace tune-up!

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SInCE 1991

Geist Community Newsletter


February 2010

Reach Your Peak Performance For Any Athlete, Success is the Product of Hard Work, Talent and Effective Planning.

At St.Vincent Sports Performance, certified athletic trainers, certified strength and conditioning specialists, a sports psychologist, and an accredited sports dietitian are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness and athletic goals. With events such as the St.Vincent Geist Half Marathon & 5K quickly approaching, St.Vincent Sports Performance has all the tools to help you prepare. “From functional analysis of a runner’s gait to estab-

lishing training outlines, services at the Center are comprehensive and focused on helping athletes accomplish their goals,” said Scott Hudson, A.T.C., performance specialist at St.Vincent Sports Performance. “Across the board, we offer exactly what athletes need to succeed.”

Training the Right Way When training for an event like the St.Vincent Geist Half Marathon, focusing on nutrition is just as important as ensuring you are in peak physical condition. At St.Vincent Sports Performance, a licensed sports dietitian can help you find the right diet to keep you from hitting the wall during your run. “The food athletes consume is the fuel that keeps them performing at a high level,” explained Lindsay Langford, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D., sports dietitian at St.Vincent Sports Performance. “Our staff evaluates the individual’s performance needs and delivers a plan that is not only easy to follow, but also delivers results.”

Put Your Training to Work The 3rd Running of the St.Vincent Geist Half Marathon & 5K takes place on Saturday, May 22, 2010. With the scenic water views while running over five bridges along the treelined winding course and the beautiful Geist Reservoir, this event is the perfect arena to put your training and nutrition to the test. Space is limited, so register now at For more information on training, visit or call 317-415-5747.

“I finally have my life back thanks to Dr. Rempel. It’s a miracle!” – Vicki, a Geist resident

Join Us for Dinner! Discover “Great Health for Life!” Come learn more about chiropractic care and how it can improve your quality of life and overall health. George’s Neighborhood Grill – Tuesday, March 9th at 7:00 pm Seating iS limited, Call ahead for reServationS!

JoHn P. RemPel, D.C.

11685 Fox Rd. (in Marsh Complex) • 823-5800 February 2010


Geist Community Newsletter

Prepared for an Earthquake? You might have thought earthquakes only happen in California, but recent tremors demonstrate the threat that exists right here in the Midwest. According to the Insurance Information Institute, earthquakes have occurred in 39 states over the last 100 years.

• Strap water heater securely to wall. • Some walls may require additional bracing -- check with your local building department, contractor or architect for assistance. • Use flexible connectors for gas supply to gas fueled appliances. • Learn how to shut off all utilities. • Have fire extinguishers strategically located on each floor. • Make sure the chimney and roof are in good condition and well supported. • Make sure mirrors, picture frames, hanging plants and lamps are mounted securely. • Keep beds away from glass or any hanging object that might fall. • Brace tall furniture, bookcases and refrigerators, and attach to walls. • Use sturdy latches on cabinet doors.

One of the largest earthquakes to hit the continental United States occurred in 1811 along the New Madrid Fault. Tremors along this fault line can have a far-reaching impact. Earthquakes in the Central and Eastern United States affect much larger areas than earthquakes of similar magnitude in the West. For example, the San Francisco quake of 1906 was felt 350 miles away, whereas the New Madrid earthquake of December 1812 rang church bells in Boston, 1,000 miles away. And, the United States Geological Survey predicts the probability of a magnitude 6 to 7 earthquake occurring along the New Madrid Fault line within the next 50 years is higher than 90 percent. With the inevitability of such an occurrence, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure you’re prepared when disaster strikes. Earthquakes in the United States are not covered under standard homeowners or business insurance policies. Here is a list of tips to help keep your family and home safe for the next ground shaking earthquake:

In order to protect your assets, please call your insurance agent to inquire about earthquake insurance. The cost for the coverage is too low not to at least be considered. Submitted to by Haleh Krauter of State Farm Insurance at 11204 Fall Creek Road.

OLD OAKLAND GOLF CLUB AND RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY A Pr iv a te 27 Hol e Champi onshi p Gol f Course

Spring Membership Special

27 Hole Private Golf Club

Call 317.823.4791 for 2008 Promotional Initiation Fees.

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27 Hole Private Golf Club Call 317.823.4791 for 2010 Promotional Initiation Fees.

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Custom Homes and Homesites

Custom Homes and Homesites 21

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February 2010

New Indiana Distance Running Series Features Geist Half From Post Your Events Online for Free Sign up for and post your garage sales, school events, homeowners meetings, or other community events for free to the “Event Calendar.”

Race directors from five Indiana distance races joined forces and announced this month the formation of the Indiana Distance Running Series ( Spanning the state of Indiana, the Indiana Distance Running Series represents five event locations hosting either a full marathon and/or a half mara-

thon during the 2010 running season. Runners accumulate points based upon their gender, distance ran, and finishing place. Participation is free. First-year series races include: • Evansville-The Inaugural Southern Indiana Classic Marathon & Half Marathon (April 11) • Fishers-Geist Half Marathon (May 22) • South Bend-Sunburst Races Marathon & Half Marathon (June 5) • Fort Wayne-Fort4Fitness Half Marathon (September 25) • Indianapolis-Indianapolis Marathon & Half Marathon (October 16) “All of our races are nonprofits and benefit our respective local charities,” said Tom Britt, president of the Geist Half Marathon on May 22, 2010. “We want to work together to inspire more local runners to run more Indiana races.” Persons interested in participating in the year-long race series are encouraged to visit and sign up for free news alerts, points standings, and other information specific to the Indiana Distance Running Series.


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30 Day access Pass No Joining Fee. No Contract. For 30 days get all the cardio, strength and stretch moves you want for a total body workout! And with all that, we’ve thrown in moves from hip-hop, yoga, Pilates, jazz dance, kickboxing and resistance training. All ages, levels and sizes welcome so come join us today!

Chef Suzanne Push Your Body... Find Your Beat!

S uzanne R ockwell 317.823.5908

– Cheryl Burke

cominG the Grill 2 – a family-friendly, non-smoking soon! restaurant and bar in mccordsville!! ! join us for Brunch Every Sunday 9am – Noon

Green Beer, corned Beef & cABBAGe, Gordon PiPers And music By Fire in the Dawn Just south of 79th and Fall Creek Road in the Kroger strip mall Carry-out orders, call (317) 842-2087

February 2010

Monday-Thursday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am Friday-Saturday: 11:00 am – 3:00 am Sunday: 9:00 am – Midnight



Geist Marsh shoppinG Center

Private Chef

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2nd AnnuAl

st. PAtrick’s dAy tent PArty mArch 17


Geist Community Newsletter

$300 Burd Bucks! $100 $100 $100

St.Vincent Geist Half Marathon & 5K Sponsors These local businesses are supporting the 3rd annual “Race Around the Reservoir”, please thank them with your business!

• • • • • • • • •

Ameriana Bank Allegra Print & Imaging B105.7 Soft Rock WIBC 93.1 FM UPS Stores Mama Bears Geist Jewelers Britt’s Pro Pack & Moving

Bring this coupon into Burd Ford and receive an additional our best price on any new or pre-owned vehicle in stock*

Burd Ford | Corner of 56th & Pendleton Pike |

• Nat’l Bank of Indianapolis • Fall Creek Township Trustee • Geist Rotary Club • Harvest Church • Wagner & Associates • Bremner Duke • Cambria Suites Hotel • More!

CLub Z! In-Home TuTorIng • One-On-One Tutoring • All Subjects • All Grade Levels • Qualified Tutors • Affordable Rates

If you would like to support the race, either financially or through budget relief, visit and click on “Sponsorships”

First session

Free! Call for details.


Geist Family Medicine & Pediatrics We are pleased to welcome... Patrick McGill, MD a Board Certified Family Medicine physician, caring for patients of all ages. Originally from Atlanta Georgia, Dr. McGill graduated from Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine and completed his residency at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana. Dr. McGill practiced at the Pendleton Health Center in Pendleton, Indiana since 2004. Dr. McGill has also provided coverage in Ball Memorial Hospital Emergency Room and at various Urgent Care facilities in Central Indiana.

Your family will appreciate the convenience of: • Experienced Board Certified Physicians • Comprehensive Primary Care Services • Early Morning and Saturday Appointments

• Lab and X-ray On-Site • Prescription Dispensing on Select Medications • Affordable Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

Now accepting new d patients – adults an n! re ild ch

Call 317-823-4435 to schedule your appointment. Geist Community Newsletter


Alex Sleder, MD a Board Certified Pediatrician to our group. Dr. Sleder is a graduate of The University of Notre Dame. He attended Medical School at the University of Minnesota and completed his Pediatric Residency training at Indiana University at the Riley Hospital for Children. He returns to Indiana after four years of working with a large Pediatric Group in Arizona. Dr. Sleder is accepting newborns through adolescents.

Jennifer S. Hill-Birk, M.D. Patrick McGill, M.D. Danyelle M. Loveless, M.D. William J. Lynn, M.D. Jennifer S. Robinette, M.D. Alex Sleder, M.D. Michele R. Stookey, M.D. Shannon Tighe, M.D. Danica M. Vasilchek, M.D.

8150 Oaklandon Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46236 Across from St. Simon the Apostle February 2010

Keep Your Chin Up!

Surveys show that most people hate at least one part of their body. I’m not happy with my ears, for example. I think they stick out more than they should. My wife says I’m crazy and to be that obsessed with my own looks makes me appear very elfish. I think she meant selfish. Freud wasn’t all wrong.

Dick Wolfsie

The other morning when I was shaving, I tilted my head down to look at my receding hairline. For a long time people asked me if I was losing my hair. Not really. I knew exactly where it was. In the sink. About 15 years ago, I had a hair transplant. A hair transplant is sort of like what happens when a person dies. “He’s gone to a better place,” people often

say. That’s the same with my hair. I don’t have more hair, but what I had, the doctor put in a better place. While looking in the mirror, I noticed a chin that I had not been aware of before. I was pretty happy with the two I already had. Fortunately, that very morning I saw something advertised on TV that gave me hope. It’s called The Miracle Neck Slimmer, a device they claim was created by a worldrenowned physiotherapist. I was all ears. At first, I thought the contraption was a scam, but they said that the manufacturer guarantees a 68 percent reduction in neck wrinkles. I have achieved similar results by simply

n n n n

C riminal D efense a ppeals f elonies /m isDemeanors T raffiC o ffenses

317-964-6000 1512 N. Delaware Street • Indianapolis, IN 46202

Susan Rayl Attorney And Counselor At lAw

Is your lawn the Envy of the Neighborhood? Now scheduling for Lawn Care, Tree and Shrub Care, and Full Landscape Maintenance Landscape Design & Installation • Mowing, Trimming & Edging • Spring/ Fall Clean-up • Core Aeration • Flower Program • Outdoor Lighting • Fire Pits & Fire Places • Mulch & Stone Work • Retaining Walls & Paver Patios Servicing Carmel, Geist, Fortville, Fishers, and McCordsville areas

(317) 259-9222 Free Estimates • Insured We’ve been “Treating your piece of earth as if it were ours” for over 20 years. February 2010


Geist Community Newsletter

slinging my head back and looking straight up at the ceiling. The results are temporary, of course, and I have slammed into several doors, but it does work. Well, I think it works. It’s hard to look in the mirror in that position.


The apparatus looks like one of those slapand-chop gadgets you pound with the palm of your hand to pulverize a Vidalia onion. With the Miracle Neck Slimmer, you place the apparatus under your chin, then bob your head up and down like common poultry. Springs in the device create tension. It’s like your neck and chin are getting a good workout on a tiny treadmill. You can see why I was hooked. You also get a luxury faux-leather carrying case that has emblazoned on it: “Miracle Neck Slimmer,” which I am sure got everyone who was sitting on the fence to whip out their MasterCards. But why would you want to advertise you made this purchase? It might as well say: AARP Gift Bag.

Finally, in the unlikely event you have resisted their sales pitch, they offer you a second Miracle Neck Slimmer for free. I had assumed that no matter how many chins I had, one device would be enough. Their website suggested the additional Slimmer would make an excellent gift to give to your spouse.

At the Ball State Fishers Center, you can advance your education and career in your own backyard. We’re offering professional development training, graduate degrees, and certificate classes at a convenient, new location, Olio and 131st Street in the Saxony Development.

Exit 10 I-69 Ind. 238

Open House 4–6 p.m. February 4, 2010 13578 E. 131st St. Suite 240 Fishers, IN 46037

Meet our Fishers staff and receive your Ball State welcome kit. Ball State Fishers Center 13578 E. 131st St., Suite 240 Fishers, IN 46037 317-822-6167

Olio Road

The enclosed DVD gives you precise directions on how to properly jog your skull to and fro. It looked to me like someone auditioning to be a bobble-head doll or a back-up for the San Diego chicken. They also throw in an accelerator cream. I think it’s an antiaging lotion, but it could be an ointment to make your head go faster.

131st Street

Gee, what could go wrong with that idea? “Mary Ellen, you know those luscious little neck wrinkles you have? Well, for just $19.95 plus shipping and handling...” It’s easier to see my extra chins, now. I had my head handed to me. Geist Community Newsletter


February 2010

Pet Photo Contest Submission Deadline: February 28th Over 300 pet photos have been submitted thus far and more are being uploaded every day! Submit your favorite pet photo on by Feb. 28 and you could win a prize package from local pet supply companies, restaurants, and

Submitted by Amanda McKeon

Lilly and baby submitted by Melissa Neal

Max waiting for his kids to get home from school submitted by Suzi Vertesch

other retailers. The top 10 photos will be selected by local judges, and the winner will be selected by users through the website after March 1. Enter your photo today and good luck!

Joon submitted by Jason H. West

Mary & Martin Boating submitted by Greg Reasner

Submitted by David Lawrence Duncan

Murphy monkeying around submitted by Karen Morway

Smile submitted by Becky

Home at Last! submitted by Heather Kove

Layla - The Happiest New Year Dog! submitted by Jennifer Shepherd

Blu Boey submitted by Debbie Britt

Aiden & Shadow submitted by Julie A. Carrier

Accidents happen.

But sometimes, you deserve more than apologies.

Garrison Law Firm, LLC

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Greg Garrison February 2010

Personal Injury Wrongful death Product liability Slip, trip or fall


We can help. Chris Garrison Geist Community Newsletter

We are your pet care and nutrition experts! Products and Services offered at the GeiSt Store include:

Hawaiian Luau Moonlight Madness saLe!

A self service dog wash Full service grooming Monthly pet wellness clinics (vaccinations and checkups) Fish, small animals, reptiles and birds Rescued cats and kittens up for adoption Holistic and organic food and treats

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* Geyotura phpeott “hawaiian� style!

food! fun! deals! prizes!

Friday February 26th 6-10 pm


$ 00

with purchase OF $20 Or mOre

Not valid with any other offer. Expires 3/31/2010

Geist location 11701 Fox Road (317) 823-1414 or Visit one of our othe r 7 indiana locations!

atGeist Geist Community Community Newsletter Newsletter

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February October 2010 2009

Professional Services Comforts of Home Pet Sitting

Krystal Kleen Housekeeping Inc.

“Your Guardian Angel Pet Nanny”

Cathy Clark, Owner

• Move In/Move Out • Residential/Commercial • Windows • Bonded/Insured • Baseboards • Honest, dependable

(317) 250-4566

A-1 A-1

Phone: 317.777.5415

(Expires May 31, 2010)

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P.O. Box 122 Camby, IN 46113

A-1 Window Cleaning Service

P.O. Box 122 Camby, IN 46113




Andy Hendricks Owner

Happy Tails Pet Sitting 317-697-4278

Tree Removal Stump Removal Storm Damage Brush Chipping


New Construction & Remodel Commercial & Residential "Clearly #1"

(317) 626-6185 Phone: 317.777.5415


melissa webb

A-1 Window Cleaning Service yoga Andy Hendricks Owner

A-1 Window Cleaning Service

P.O. Box 122 Camby, IN 46113

Phone: 317.777.5415

’ In S

s t i t c he

317-841-1408 9073 Technology Drive (behind Super Target)

Phone: 317.777.5415


offering private and "Clearly #1"group yoga classes Andy Hendricks Owner


Custom Embroidery and Promotional Products

Andy Hendricks Owner

"Clearly #1"

(317) 777-5415

A-1 Window Cleaning Service


Licensed A-1 Electrician

Window Cleaning Service Specializing in Residential "Clearly #1" Window Cleaning Call Today for a Mention this ad and receive Free Estimate! 20% OFF P.O. Box 122 Camby, IN 46113

Any spring cleaning. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 3/31/10.

Andy Hendricks Owner

Fully Insured + Bonded

$20 Off

Mary Cassedy, Owner

A-1 Window Cleaning Service

(317) 260-1082

A-1 Window Cleaning Service Andy Hendricks Owner A-1 "Clearly #1"

P.O. Box 122 Camby, IN 46113

"Clearly #1"

P.O. Box 122 Camby, IN 46113

Phone: 317.777.5415

Phone: 317.777.5415

A-1 Window Cleaning Service

A-1 Window Cleaning Service

Andy Hendricks Owner

Andy Hendricks Owner

"Clearly #1"

"Clearly #1"

P.O. Box 122 Camby, IN 46113

P.O. Box 122 Camby, IN 46113

Phone: 317.777.5415

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A-1Save Big Close A-1 A-1 Window Cleaning Service Andy Hendricks Owner

"Clearly #1"

P.O. Box 122 Camby, IN 46113

1. Post Your Coupon For Free

Phone: 317.777.5415

Andy Hendricks Owner

P.O. Box 122 Camby, IN 46113

Phone: 317.777.5415

to Home! $1,000 OFF

Phone: 317.777.5415

Free Energy Shots

With purchase of a 24-pack of VERVE

44% Off Lumineers

10% Off New Projects

$20 Off First Cleaning Krystal Kleen Housekeeping

February 2010

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8 or more veneers WM Princell Dentistry

6-8 in one arch, only $4,999 For a limited time only!

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$300 Off Purchase Burd Ford, New or Pre-Owned Vehicle

10% Off Advertising

Gettum & Associates

Carmel Community Newsletter

$50 Off House Humidifier Installation

Free Week of Private Chef Meals Delivered

Action Air Heating & Air

Chef Suzanne Personal Chef


$10 Off Dinner for Two Wild Ginger on 116th Street

Free Video Series

Magnetic Sponsoring LLC www.jeremyvsmith.

Half Off Entree With Purchase

The Grill at Geist

Geist Community Newsletter

$ 3750 plain

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Classifieds 1 Acre Corner Building Lot in Amelia Bay, Florida: Gated community, beautiful area, close to ocean, water piped in. These lots sold for over $200,000 before recession and likely will again. About 15 miles north of Jacksonville, FL will sacrifice for $64,500. For more information, call 1-317-865-8893. Help Wanted: Openings for adults who can fill openings in a community concert band. Almost any instrument is needed, but especially persussion. Rehearsals are Monday evenings from 7-9 pm. The band has been around for over forty years and is a valued asset to Indianapolis. Players must have late high school or better ability on their instrument. The band plays a variety of concert music and marches and plays several concerts a year, both indoors and outdoors. More information is available at 317-823-0911 or at Handyman, Too busy for all the jobs that come with home ownership? I can take care of them for you. Services include, but not limited to: interior painting; ceramic tile, hardwood and laminate flooring installation; light electrical and plumbing. Professional, efficient, reasonable. Call John 317-874-8563. Guitar Lessons in Geist Local professional with 40 years of teaching and performing experience has openings for students all ages. I have taught 100’s of people how to play and made sure they all have fun while they learn. Currently my students range in age from 8 to 54. You’ll get a thorough musical education while playing the songs you’re interested in. Whatever style, be it Rock, Blues, Jazz or Country, I can show you the techniques and tricks to accomplish your goals. Lessons are $20 per 1/2 hour. Geist Community Newsletter

For more information contact Larry Baker at (317) 523-3120

Simply Style Hair Design, I have been a Hair Stylist for over 8 years and have loved every minute of it! I believe that the key to being successful in this business is listening to my clients, staying current on the latest styles and trends, and using only high quality products. Being a new mom myself, I can truly appreciate time away from reality and enjoy the escape...if even for a couple of hours. New Clients...mention this ad when scheduling an appt with me and you’ll receive $25 off your first service! 523-1635. Rental Home Desired: I am interested in leasing a home/condo on the northeast side of Indy. 3+ bedrooms or 2 bedrooms with loft. Would like something that is available sometime between 4/1/2010-8/1/2010. Preferably high school district would be Lawrence North rather than Lawrence Central. Please respond asap. Thanks so much! Aimee (317) 750-6362.

added if desired. Kandie 317-339-6838 John 317-339-6837 Private boat dock on Geist for rent. 5000-lb capacity electric lift with canopy. U-shaped dock so can board boat from both sides. Located in a quiet cove (Masthead II) with short access to main channel. Contact Paul at 317-577-2420 or PJATF@AOL. COM. Summer 2010 Sitter Available, I am an HSE elementary P.E. teacher looking for full or part time work over the summer. I have been teaching for 3 years and I have over 15 years experience working with children in all settings. I have references and reliable transportation. I am eager to find a family to work for this summer. I am available June 2-August 2, 2010. Please email me at: lemartz@gmail. com if you are interested.

Summer Workers Needed, Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation is currently accepting applications for Guest Services, Food Services Attendant, Lifeguards, Shift Leads and Swim Lesson Instructors to work at The Monon Center. We offer an excellent work environment, competitive wages and flexible schedules. Applications are available online at For additional information on our summer employment opportunities, please call 317.848.7275. Post your classifieds for free online at If you wish to have your ad appear here in print, the cost is $20 for a text ad and $40 for a photo classified, both must be under 50 words in length. You can also call 823-5060 to place an ad over the phone!

Got trees or trash?

Fred & son’s H au l i n g a n d t r e e r e m ova l s e rv i c e s tree removal, topping & trimming shrub trimming & removal ■■■light Hauling ■■■construction clean up ■■■Junk removal ■■■Brush Pile clearing ■■■garage/Basement/ House/rental Property clearing ■■■gutter cleaning ■■■mini Barn/shed demolition & removal ■■■lawn mowing ■■■

Commercial Property for Rent $1,000/month. Awesome and versatile space for rent in the heart of Fishers near 131st and 37! This free standing building totals approximately 2000 square feet, with a reception area, 3 large offices (14x22), kitchenette, and restroom in the front, and shop/ warehouse space in the rear. There is parking for approximately 10 vehicles, and more can be added if needed. Outside storage is permitted, and there is a mini barn for extra storage in the rear. The property has both front and rear entrances. An overhead door in the rear can be



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February 2010

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Hillcrest Country Club....................................................... 15 Indy Aero............................................................................. 6 Krystal Kleen Housekeeping............................................. 28 Majestic Stone Imports...................................................... 19 Marie Holt DDS................................................................... 8 Marie Ippolito...................................................................... 3 Melissa Webb - Breath, Life, Yoga.................................... 28 Michael Princell, Smiles by Design................................... 13 National Bank of Indianapolis...................................... Insert Natural Lawn of America................................................... 18 NSO & Company, Inc.......................................................... 5 Old Oakland Golf Club...................................................... 21 Olio Dental........................................................................... 7 Pampered Pet..................................................................... 28 Patty Torr Realtor............................................................... 28 Phillips Attorneys................................................................. 6 Shane’s Landscaping.......................................................... 32 Service Experts.................................................................... 2 Smith Rahl Law Office LLC.............................................. 24 Speck’s Pet Supplies.......................................................... 27 UPS Store, 116th and Olio................................................. 14 UPS Store, Fall Creek and 79th......................................... 19 Today’s Dentistry............................................................... 15 Travel Leaders Inc............................................................... 7 TreadDesk Inc...................................................................... 5 Walker Dixon Orthodontics................................................. 7 Wild Ginger on 116th......................................................... 11 Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery......................................... 30



Catherine P. Winslow, MD, FACS Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon For a natural, refreshed look and a woman’s touch Expert rhinoplasty, facial cosmetic and recontructive surgery Former Chief Facial Plastic Surg, Walter Reed Army Med Ctr



Wednesday, Mar 10th 4-8pm

Do you look as young as you feel? You paint your house when the paint starts to fadewhy not love the mirror again by refreshing your face? A facelift turns the clock back on your face without changing what you look like- a better, younger-looking YOU. Improving self-esteem is more than vanity. Tell your friends- or not! The procedure can be done under sedation, and healing requires a week of downtime. Cost varies with extent of surgery but ranges $4000-7000 (total). The photo above is a facelift, chin implant and peel. Dr. Catherine Winslow is one of the most experienced facial plastic surgeons in the country. Come to our St Pat’s Open House March 10th 4-8pm and meet all our staff! Go to for more photos. 317.814.1104 February 2010


Geist Community Newsletter

FREE Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Seminar at Geist. Join us for this informative 90-minute session that will provide you with the basic building blocks plus tried and true advice for preparing you and your family for this important remodeling investment.

Saturday, March 6, 2010 9:00am - 10:30am Indianapolis Yacht Club Please RSVP by Monday, March 1st by email at or call 317.846.2600. Space is limited. Reserve your seat today!

YOU WILL LEARN: • Kitchen & Bath design trends. • The three levels of remodeling (cosmetic,

“Case saved us when our previous contractor ran into financial trouble and we were left with a hodgepodge of poorly done work, much of which had to be redone. Our experience has been very positive - a great group of professionals who know how to do the job right.” – Beverly, local resident 317.846.2600 KITCHENS





pull and replace and custom). • What’s “in” for kitchen & bath remodels. • Timeframe for project completion. • Living through a remodeling project. • Budgeting

COST: Complimentary




This business is independently owned and is operated under a license agreement with Case® Handyman & Remodeling Services, LLC. • Premium Home Improvement Services, LLC dba Case Handyman & Remodeling P.O. Box 36097 Indianapolis, IN 46236-0097




Indianapolis, IN Permit No. 100


SPRING CLEAN-UP mulch mulch installation installation nn pruning pruning & & bed bed edging edging debris debris removal removal nn fertilizer fertilizer & & herbicide herbicide application application

MULCH $27/yd

Grade Grade A A Dark Dark Hardwood Hardwood


Dyed Dyed (black/brown/red) (black/brown/red)

Mulch Delivery Available!

Paver patios

Decorative walks

oeafn-fup 5ri% ng Cl


ytime in edule an pril 2. Sch n required. A y b k o o Bo ay. Coup April or M


Outdoor grill areas

Outdoor fireplaces


w w w. s h an e s l a n ds c ape . c om

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