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July 2012

Par for the Course Over 2,700 volunteers are stepping forward to host the 2012 BMW Championships at Crooked Stick September 3-9, 2012 Sheryl Lesem and Wayne Hunter will coordinate other volunteers to host an anticipated 150,000 visitors A part of the Network of Hyper Local Newsletters

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Zimmer Chiropractic & Nutrition: Leading the

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Community newslet ter

July 2012

Way to Preventative Healthcare by J. Andy Murphy

a Village 6 Itby Takes Tom Britt of a Different Color” Sit Well in Carmel 12 “Chairs by Janet C. Striebel Library Benefit: Ted Allen Returns to 14 Carmel Carmel to Kick Off Book by Stephanie Carlson Curtis

Gift of More Fun 18 The by Stephanie Carlson Curtis

Par for the Course Over 2,700 volunteers are stepping forward to host the 2012 BMW Championships at Crooked Stick September 3-9, 2012 Sheryl Lesem and Wayne Hunter will coordinate other volunteers to host an anticipated 150,000 visitors A part of the Network of Hyper Local Newsletters

22 by Pat Carlini

Invest in Your Nest: A Teen Dream Room

18 by Stephanie Carlson Curtis

The Gift of More Fun

for the Course: Volunteers are Lifeblood of 24 Par 2012 BMW Championships by Jane VanOsdol

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on the cover: Sheryl Lesem and Wayne Hunter are just two of the 2,700 volunteers that will play host to over 150,000 spectators at this year’s BMW Championships at Crooked Stick Golf Club September 3-9.

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Business Spotlight

Zimmer Chiropractic & Nutrition:

Leading the Way in Preventative Healthcare School. Through the practice of Functional Medicine, a philosophy that strives to identify the true cause of poor health, a waiting list of patients is in place. In today’s world, patients are seeking ways to feel better and stay well.

Meet the Partners Dr. Ed Zimmer, M.S., D.C., grew up on the south side of Chicago. He completed his Masters in nutrition at Bridgeport University in Connecticut, and he graduated Summa Cum Laude from the National College of Chiropractic. He has been featured on numerous television shows and is the author of several books including “Vitamin Answer Book”; “Stress: It is a Killer”; “Cholesterol: Angel or Devil?”; and “Heartburn Hell: Putting the Fire Out Naturally”. (NOTE FROM ERIN: underline the book titles) Dr. Zimmer provides nutritional care to patients nationwide and is a sought-after conference speaker. Dr. Benjamin Butwin, D.C., was raised in Carmel, Indiana, where he captained the school’s football and lacrosse teams. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame and attended the National University of Health Sciences where he was valedictorian of his graduating class. Dr. Butwin has a strong interest in sports medicine, fitness and nutrition. After an internship with Dr. Zimmer, he knew he had found a practice that shared his personal philosophy of patient-centered care.

By J. Andy Murphy History tells us that the practice of natural medicine may have begun as early as 1600 B.C. An ancient textbook of record (The Edwin Smith Papyrus) details facts that describe in exquisite detail the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of numerous ailments. It is also documented that in ancient times, dedicated healers were also known for their wise thinking on the use of preventive practices that included the use of herbs and plants that were found to have restorative power in keeping one’s body healthy. Fast forward to 2012, and you will find a medical practice that combines many advanced options of care which are centered in sound preventive and restorative medicine. Dr. Ed Zimmer established the good health practice of Zimmer Chiropractic and Nutrition which specializes in treating neck and back pain and providing advanced nutritional counseling. He has partnered with Dr. Benjamin Butwin, a Carmel native who graduated from Carmel High 4

carmel c o m m u n i t y

Nutritional counseling is a sound medical resource for helping patients needing guidance in improving their health. The Zimmer Chiropractic and Nutrition practice sees many individuals who have run the gamut of diagnoses dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, digestive problems, ADD/ADHD, PMS, menopausal symptoms allergies, heart concerns, memory/focusing problems, diabetes, and multiple chemical sensitivities with no improvement from traditional treatment. Some are dealing with something “going on” in their bodies that leave them “just not feeling well” overall. Most of us can relate to this feeling. “I believe our clinic has grown at such a rapid pace because we have a different and sound approach to modern healthcare. On the chiropractic side, we are straightforward in our treatment options. We do not require x-rays and do not believe in “selling” patients on long-term treatment plans. Nutritionally, I do not believe in the approach of having patients take “meals of pills” to address their illness

n e w s l e t t e r | j u ly 2 0 1 2

Dr. Edward Zimmer, M.S., D.C.

Amy Hinshaw, massage therapist

Dr. Benjamin Butwin, D.C.

symptoms. I work with patients to find the real cause of their symptoms. This is a logical and effective approach that does not require the patient to have faith in the unbelievable. It makes sense at a very basic level,” Dr. Zimmer said. Dr. Butwin’s journey into chiropractic and treating pain began as a young athlete who took his fair share of hits while engaging in sports during his years of play in high school and full-contact intramural football at Notre Dame. “The physical nature of the sports I played in high school and college left me with some pretty severe neck pain and stiffness,” he said. “Rather than mask my discomfort with pain killers all my life, I sought out chiropractic care to alleviate the cause of these problems. What I found – beyond relief – was a true passion for the sound logic and science of chiropractic and a growing need to help others prevent injury and live healthier lives. Now that I have children of my own who will likely be involved in athletics someday, my calling to this profession makes even more sense.” Dr. Zimmer adds, “Most of our patients are referred by medical doctors and our current patients. Neck and back pain, headaches, extremity pain/numbness, digestive issues, and chronic diseases make up the types of problems we treat with good success.” Every person is different, even people with similar symptoms, but after spending time with Drs. Zimmer and Butwin and their incredible support team of professionals, it is easy to say they are leading and engaging physicians who offer a new direction in your search for good and sustainable health.

The helpful staff at Zimmer Chiropractic & Nutrition (left to right) Vickie Halbleib, Sherri Zimmer, Mary Kaehr, and Michelle Carlton. J. Andy Murphy is a published author and works as a literary agent for regional writers. She serves as the Executive Director of the WriteStuff Writers Conferences and Events.

Zimmer Chiropractic & Nutrition 8202 Clearvista Parkway, Suite 8E Indianapolis, IN 46256


For more information on the practice of Zimmer Chiropractic and Nutrition, including free audio CDs, go to their websites at and For a consult with the doctors or to make an appointment with a clinical massage therapist, call direct at 317-813-1998. j u ly 2 0 1 2 |

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Executive Director Connie Sherman works to give underserved preschoolers a world-class Reggio Emiliainspired education at St. Mary’s Child Center.

It Takes a Village St. Mary’s Child Center Serves Our Area’s Youngest Needy

Photos by Brenda Staples - Story by Tom Britt

It’s lunchtime and just west of the Fort Benjamin Harrison YMCA, a small school bus full of smiling faces pulls up to the Gilliatte Building. Afternoon preschool begins for some of the area’s most underserved three- to five-year-olds coming from Indianapolis’ east side and Lawrence.

St. Mary’s Child Center, an outreach of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and a United Way community partner, provides an advanced early childhood education program serving 215 children, 95% of whom are living in poverty, at three Indianapolis locations. Children of all races converge with Reggio Emilia, Italy-inspired educators to receive an accredited education in their most formidable years. Executive Director Connie Sherman, a former school teacher, leads the charge at St. Mary’s Child Center. Her passion for the mission reignited while attending a lecture by Marian Wright Edelman, CEO and Founder of the june 2012 |

carmel c o m m u n i t y



Executive Director Connie Sherman works to give underserved preschoolers a world-class Reggio Emiliainspired education at St. Mary’s Child Center in Lawrence.

Children’s Defense Fund at Butler University, in 2001. “She explained the ‘cradle to grave pipeline’: one in three black boys in poverty will end up in jail,” she said as her eyes welled up. “That touched me; I knew that we were doing the right thing at St. Mary’s.” Not only was Sherman’s heart in alignment with the St. Mary’s mission, the curriculum was eye opening to her as well. Hailed as one of the best preschool programs in the world, the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education process looks at children as “competent, resourceful, curious, imaginative, inventive, and desiring to interact and communicate with others.” Teachers are viewed as co-learners, chalkboards are replaced with group poster boards, and students are encouraged to learn from each

Go online to to watch a video interview with Executive Director Connie Sherman and past President and senior advisor Bob Koehne (shown here). 8

carmel c o m m u n i t y

n e w s l e t t e r | j u ly 2 0 1 2

other. “Kids in poverty enter kindergarten 1-1/2 to 2 years behind, and the gap widens as they progress through school,” added Sherman.

local volunteers make a difference Behind the mission of providing a high-quality education to our less fortunate children is an army of volunteers and donors. Thanks to them, St. Mary’s raises over 60% of their operating budget from four annual charity events: • Spring Soiree (March 2) • Annual Raffle (June 28) • Golf Outing (August 9) • Miracle Ball Black Tie Event (November 16) In late 2000, Geist resident Bob Koehne got a phone call from a St. Mary’s supporter Dan Esposito offering him and his wife, Liz, a seat at his sponsored table for the Miracle Ball. “We had a great time and loved the mission of helping these kids. The next year I wanted to go back, but Dan told me I had to buy my own table,” laughed Koehne. He went on to be a board member, president of the board of directors, and now serves as a senior advisor. “If you really want to make a difference in someone’s life, this is the place to be.”

support paying just $5 per week. Students are taught in a 6:1 child-to-adult-ratio class, receive snacks and lunch, transportation to and from school, and free social services. “Annual costs for our services are $7,000 per child,” explains Sherman. A breakthrough program developed years ago is called the Godparent program. Koehne estimates that 140 Godparents have committed to donating $2,000 per year to St. Mary’s “by writing a check for $2,000, selling 20 raffle tickets for $100 each, or sponsoring a foursome at our golf outing and a table at the Miracle Ball.” “The Godparent program has been a great way for us to engage people who might not have the time to serve on our board or volunteer, but they can help financially and that is important, too,” added Sherman.

Open Enrollment for Fall Starting this fall, St. Mary’s will begin enrolling nonscholarship students to their schools. Sherman says the experiment began at their Butler Lab School at IPS 60 when members of the Butler University community began putting their children in the Reggio Emilia-taught classrooms. Their attraction to the program: exceptional quality. “When you have social and economic diversity, both groups come out better than they would have otherwise,” claims Sherman. “Besides, it also helps us expand our scholarship program by adding more revenue to our bottom line.”

Sherman is quick to point out the success of their programming is directly related to all the area school groups that volunteer, the board members who give countless hours, and committee chairs that not only organize their fundraisers but execute at a high level every year.

Rates for non-qualified students will be $90 per week for ½ day preschool and $175 per week for full-day enrollment. Parents who are interested should call 317-361-4887 or visit the website at

Reggio Emilia curriculum is typically offered at private schools. St. Mary’s Child Center is one of the only preschools in the US offering this program to the poor, with 95% of their students qualifying for their scholarship

If you would like to help St. Mary’s Child Center by giving of your time, talent, or treasure to provide high-quality early intervention to Indy’s most needy children, here is a short list of contact numbers:

NOW ENROLLING! Full Day & Half Day

Reggio Inspired Preschool

How You Can Help

• Volunteer: 317-543-0782 • Become a Godparent: 317-361-4882 • General inquiries: 317-543-0782 “It’s a special place where you can make a difference in a short amount of time,” said Koehne.

Level 4 - Highest


*Receive 1 week of preschool tuition free after paying for 3 weeks.

Tom Britt is the publisher and founder of and the Carmel Community Newsletter and For story ideas, email

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• 1 cup diced prosciutto • 6 tbsp. shredded Parmesan • 1 lb farfalla pasta (bow tie shape) • 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves ( julienne cut) • 1 cup cherry heirloom tomatoes cut in half • Lemon zest • Gourmet option: goat cheese pearls and toasted pine nuts Bring a large pot of lightly-salted water to a boil. Add pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes, until al dente, and drain. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large saucepan over mediumhigh heat and cook the shallot for 4 minutes, until tender. Mix in the garlic and continue cooking 2 minutes, until shallot and garlic start to get golden brown. Set aside shallot and garlic. Place the prosciutto in the saucepan and cook 2 to 3 minutes, until browned. Set aside and keep warm. Heat the butter in the saucepan. Return the shallot and garlic to the saucepan and stir in the white wine. Cook until reduced to 1 tablespoon. Mix in the chicken stock, lemon juice, and lemon zest. Reduce heat to medium and continue cooking 10 minutes, until reduced to about 3/4 cup. Mix the heirloom tomatoes and peas into the saucepan and cook just until heated through. Return prosciutto to the saucepan and cook to desired doneness. Toss the cooked pasta into the saucepan with shredded Parmesan cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with lemon zest and basil. For an added gourmet option, add goat cheese pearls(goat cheese rolled into small balls and then refrigerated until ready to use) and toasted pine nuts. Chef Amy von Eiff attended Ivy Tech as well as studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Amy recently garnered national attention being featured as first place winner in a cooking contest with and Reader’s Digest. To contact Amy, visit her company website

Summer Zest Pasta By Amy von Eiff This pasta dish, one of our event favorites for the summer, offers up tons of flavor using fresh seasonal ingredients.

Fabulous Fulfillment

(Makes 4 servings)


• 2/3 cup chopped shallots

providing ConCierge, perSonaL aSSiStant and

• 2 Tbsp. butter

• 1/2 cup dry white wine

• 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

• 2 Tbsp olive oil

carmel c o m m u n i t y

• 1/2 cup chicken stock


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• 2 garlic cloves chopped

• 1 cup fresh peas

event pLanning to indy’S fineSt

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“Chairs of a Different Color” Sit Well in Carmel By Janet C. Striebel

Redevelopment Commission.

The Carmel community recently combined forces to support a worthy project called, “Chairs of a Different Color.” This successful collaboration consisted of teachers, administrators, and students within the Carmel Clay Schools and helpful artists and generous sponsors among the Carmel Arts & Design district.

This whole idea started back in January when Marshall was at the Taste of the Chamber. She ran into Tricia Reynolds (Community Relations Coordinator of Carmel Clay Schools) and Jeff Swenson (Superintendent of Carmel Clay Schools) who were holding a drawing for a stunning Adirondack chair. This chair had been built by the woodshop class and painted by one of the students. Marshall recalls, “It was really beautiful. I hoped to win it but I was not so lucky!”

“I had been wanting to do a project with Carmel High School which could combine as many parts of the community as possible,” says Stephanie L. Marshall, Special Events/Arts District Liaison from the Carmel

Marshall decided to build from this “chair concept” while helping to connect the community, simultaneously. She then proposed her notion to both Reynolds and Swenson who applauded her plan which consisted of students from Carmel High School (CHS) who would paint their own Adirondack chairs as they are mentored by local artists from the design district. Consequently, Reynolds thought of getting local sponsors (one per chair) whereby each sponsor would keep the chair after the contest held during the 2nd Gallery Walk in June.

conception brought to fruition Subsequently, the woodshop class constructed five chairs under the direction of Sidney Swartzendruber, Industrial Technology Teacher at CHS.

Winning chair painted by Elizabeth Alexander and Karli Azar. 12

carmel c o m m u n i t y

n e w s l e t t e r | j u ly 2 0 1 2

Further, nine students designed and painted them with the guidance of not only Jen Davis, CHS Art Department Chair, but also artists from the Arts & Design District. Students met with their mentors periodically to present their developing designs. During the June 9th Gallery Walk, community members had the opportunity to vote on their favorite chair. Prizes for the winners were donated by local businesses. All student-artists received gift bags containing Arts & Design District Merchandise and a free beignets gift card from Mudbugs. The winning chair/student(s) received $300 from the Arts & Design District sponsors and a 2-hour painting class at the French Bleu Gallery with artist Susan Mauck. The runnerups received a $25 gift certificate to Artisan Masterpiece and a $25 gift certificate to the Simply Sweet Shoppe. All participants enjoyed cakes decorated with an Adirondack chair on it from Rascia’s Bakery and tea from Teabuds.

Generous Chair Sponsors

Each chair was sponsored by a business or organization for $500. A special thanks again to these wonderful supporters: 1. Carmel Community Newsletter 2. Bright House Networks 3. Old Town Tavern 4. Carmel Rotary 5. Carmel Welding Taylor Cassell worked with artist Susan Mauck, French Bleu Gallery. (Sponsored by Brighthouse Cable) Natalie Eastes partnered with artist Bob Shade, ArtSplash Gallery. (Sponsored by Old Town Tavern) Alyssa Stetson, Grace Hawkins, & Kathryn Carlisle were mentored by artist Jerry Points, Eye on Art Gallery. (Sponsored by the Carmel Community Newsletter) Veronica Trump & Nicole Yoon were supervised by artist Kathleen O’Neil Stevens, Renaissance Fine Art & Design. (Sponsored by Carmel Welding) Elizabeth Alexander & Karli Azar worked with artist Mary Johnston, Mary Johnston Studio Gallery. (Sponsored by The Carmel Rotary)

Adirondack chairs were on display throughout the Arts & Design District outside of their host gallery. Proceeds from the sponsors will be divided evenly among the CHS Art Department and the CHS Robotics Team as follows: • The CHS art students will use the sponsorship money to renovate and decorate the CHS courtyard, by painting murals on the walls and planting a variety of plants. • The CHS Robotics Team will use the proceeds as a scholarship for team members who cannot afford to attend/travel to the Robotics Team regional and national competitions.

results The winning chair was painted by Elizabeth Alexander and Karli Azar (mentored by Mary Johnston.) Two chairs tied for second place. One was painted by Natalie Eastes (mentored by Bob Shade of ArtSplash Gallery) and the other painted by Nicole Yoon and Veronica Trump (who were both guided by Kathleen O’Neal Stevens of Renaissance Gallery.) “This was a wonderful experience and Bob Shade has really helped make this project happen,” says Marshall, who is already planning for next year. “I can’t be prouder to live and work in a community that so supports our youth in their endeavors.” Shade sums up the success of this cooperation when he adds, “Besides being fun, it provided a venue for the High School, the Arts & Design District, and the Gallery Association to work collectively on a project with community-wide appeal. Funds from the sponsoring businesses that bought the chairs provided scholarship dollars to expand creative student activities at the High School. Everyone should be pleased with their participation this year.” For a complete listing of winners, visit j u ly 2 0 1 2 |

carmel c o m m u n i t y



Library Director Wendy Phillips (right) with her husband Greg (left) and Carmel native Ted Allen. Photo by Wyant Photography

Carmel Library Benefit Ted Allen Returns to Carmel to Kick Off Book By Stephanie Carlson Curtis Flavor and discovery are just two key ingredients in Ted Allen’s new cookbook. “In My Kitchen” is a collection of recipes that Allen has been cooking in his own kitchen. “It’s about flavor. It’s very diverse. It’s got Mexican, Thai, French, spaghetti and meatballs, turkey burgers, some stuff that is ambitious like lamb stew – for people that love to cook,” said Allen. “Every recipe contains a discovery.” Allen hosts “Chopped,” a cooking competition show on The Food Network featuring four rising chefs in a timed race to create a three-course meal from mystery items. In each episode, one chef is “chopped” by a panel of three judges. In the end, one becomes the winner. As someone who loves to cook, Allen designed his book for people who enjoy 14

carmel c o m m u n i t y

rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty in the kitchen. “I get irritated if I can’t cook for a couple of days. I’ve always liked cooking, but I’ve turned the corner now. Instead of using recipes, I go to the store and see what looks yummy.” He advises home chefs to taste constantly and ask, “What else does this need?” Allen debuted his second cookbook in Carmel as guest speaker at the Carmel Clay Public Library Crème de la Carmel fundraiser. Attendees were treated to samples of his recipes and appropriate wine to complement the meal. “Mom has been harassing me for years to do an event for the library. She is an avid customer.” Like most children, Allen got the first taste of cooking from his mother who always encouraged her children to cook. “I think Mom just wanted to get out of the kitchen,” said Allen with a chuckle. “You know you raise these kids for 10 to 12

n e w s l e t t e r | j u ly 2 0 1 2

years and you get work out of them for them for six years. So, you get what you can before they go off to college.” According to Allen, his mom is famous for her BBQ pork chops and shared that as a kid he hated lima beans. “My dad used to force me to eat them. I’d pop one in my mouth and chase it with water so I wouldn’t have to taste it.”

Ted’s Advice on pasta prep:

þ Salt water generously

þ Bring water to a rolling boil

þ Salt changes the chemistry of the water. þ It should taste as salty as chicken soup.

A 1983 graduate of Carmel High School, he does not get back to Carmel very often. When he does visit, he þ Never rinse pasta. Never. is usually at his mom’s house enjoying her meals but is þ You want the starch on the outside of the pasta excited about the variety of unique restaurants and places þ The starch allows sauce to stick to the noodles. to purchase fresh foods. “I hear great things about Joe’s Meat Market,” said Allen. “The butcher is back. Thank God! And the flavor is P r i v a t e B a n k i n g worth it.” Recently, he was inducted into the Carmel High School Alumni Hall of Fame. “I had a tour of the school and it was utterly unrecognizable and beautiful. I was very pleased to see that one thing ecisions aDe ocaLLy still looked the same – the basketball arena.” y oMeone ou rust

D B s

After graduating from Purdue University, Allen headed to Chicago to write about food and wine for various publications. He is currently a contributing writer to “Esquire” magazine. In 2003, Allen got his first break into television when he attended a callout in New York City at the then small Bravo cable network. “A friend told me about this audition and I arrived in this sweltering hot room with 500 other men.” Allen was cast as the food and wine specialist, along with four other individually-talented men, for “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” The show was based on the premise that gay men are more stylish than straight guys. The “Fab Five” were challenged to take a messy guy and help him clean up his act.



L t



At the National Bank of Indianapolis, local decision making is an important part of our reputation for superior service. We’re proud to be the Indianapolis area’s largest locally owned national bank, and one of few places where your private banker has the authority to make prompt, personalized decisions that help you meet your goals. So when you call Regina Laux at 261-0244, you’re not just calling your banker. You’re calling the person you can trust to make the right decisions for your financial future.

He attributes part of the success of the show to Carson and Tom and their comic relief. “The five of us clicked so nicely. Makeover shows were somewhat new and this was the first show to have five openly gay guys,” said Allen. “It was profound. The best episodes were when you could tell the guy was uncomfortable with us at the beginning. As the show progressed, he realized we were there to help.”

Regina Laux Vice President, Private Banker

©2012 The National Bank of Indianapolis 1624-04 Regina Laux_4.72x7.37.indd 1 Client/Filename:


j u ly 2 0 1 2 |

Member FDIC

carmel c o m m u n i t y

1624-04 Regina Laux_4.72x7.37

2/21/12 12:23 PM



After 99 episodes, “Queer Eye” ended and Allen transitioned to “Top Chef” and “Iron Chef,” foodie shows that kept him on TV. “It’s very exciting to do TV. You reach a very large audience and get paid well.” Now, he hosts “Chopped” and recently won the James Beard Media Award. “We try very hard to get women chefs. It’s a very male-dominated career and a very difficult career path,” said Allen. “Casting for the show is very difficult. We don’t know what their stories are until they happen.”

4825 West 79th Street Indianapolis, IN 46268

(317) 873-6005

According to Allen, chefs are ideal friends. “If you don’t have a chef friend, you’d better get one. They are among the most generous people I’ve ever been around.” Allen’s days on “Chopped” are long, often running 12 hours. Ten cameras shoot tape for nine hours to get all the necessary angles and action. When he does have downtime, you can find him in his state-of-the-art kitchen. “If I have a Sunday afternoon free, I crank up the stereo, open a bottle of wine, invite all of my friends over, and we cook. That’s what we love to do,” said Allen. “You can live 200 lifetimes and you can’t taste all the deliciousness in the world, but you can have fun trying.” For more information about Ted Allen or to order his cookbook, visit

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carmel c o m m u n i t y

n e w s l e t t e r | j u ly 2 0 1 2

6/7/12 9:20

june 2012 |

carmel c o m m u n i t y



(Left to right) Jayson Parker and Tatum Parker receive a $30,000 grant from Fat Atom’s Jen Fox and Todd Muffley to cover a year of marketing services for the four year-old nonprofit.

The Gift of More Fun By Stephanie Carlson Curtis After giving gifts to more than one thousand sick children, Tatum’s Bags of Fun is on the receiving end this time and the gift is a whopper! The non-profit organization that gives children diagnosed with cancer backpacks full of fun has received a $30,000 grant from Fat Atom Marketing which will cover the cost of marketing services, including branding, web development, graphic design and consulting. Tatum’s Bags of Fun was founded in 2008 by Jayson Parker, 18

carmel c o m m u n i t y

who named the organization after his daughter, Tatum, an 11-year old two-time cancer survivor. The charity distributes backpacks filled with toys, games and other activities to every child diagnosed with cancer in Indiana. In 2011, Tatum delivered 284 bags packed with over $350 worth of goodies, including electronics like an iPod Touch or Nintendo DSi. Recently, the charity gave away its thousandth backpack full of smiles and laughter. “We are a small operation and work out of our home. We rely

n e w s l e t t e r | j u ly 2 0 1 2

heavily on volunteers and spend a lot of time on fundraising so we can purchase new items for the backpacks” said Parker, CEO of Tatum’s Bags of Fun. “We are thrilled to have this opportunity to boost awareness. Our objective is to build a larger network of support, increase donor base and develop a marketing plan so we can reach more people, spread the word about Tatum’s Bags of Fun and help more kids by expanding to other states.” According to Parker, they have about 450 Likes on their Facebook page and a Twitter account encouraging the kids to stay strong. But, he would like to grow the social media and expand Tatum’s reach.

companies applied but ultimately Tatum’s won out.

“Tatum’s is a great organization and a good fit for us,” said Jen Fox, team leader of Team Fusion at Fat Atom Marketing and CPR. “They need branding, website improvement and help with marketing and volunteer recruitment. In the time we have, we should be able to do a lot of good. Tatum’s Bags of Fun is a charity that all of Fat Atom is passionate about.” The year-long grant runs until April of 2013.

Learn more about Tatum’s Bags of Fun at their website Be sure to “Friend” the charity on Facebook! You may also contact Jayson Parker at

Parker was inspired to take action after his daughter received a similar bag during her first cancer fight when she was six years old. “It’s a gesture to remind kids they’re still kids,” said Parker. In addition to raising awareness he hopes a more focused marketing approach will encourage companies to sponsor their annual events, The Bull Run and The White Party. “Recently, Towne Meadow Elementary asked students to raise money for Tatum’s charity. It’s wonderful to see the schools get involved and shows the power of children.”

Tatum’s Bags of Fun PO Box 90290 Indianapolis, Indiana 46290

Fat Atom’s CPR program, which stands for Community Philanthropic Resource, was created as a way for Fat Atom’s employees to be a part of the community while also flexing their marketing and creative muscles. In order to be eligible for CPR, an organization must be a tax-exempt and focused on serving within Indiana and be community based. Several

Stephanie Carlson Curtis is a writer, photographer, triathlete and mom to four kids. A journalist for 25 years, her work has been featured on CNN, WTOC-TV and in multiple magazines, websites and blogs.

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Saturday, August 11 • 2pm - 5pm

You’ve earned it. Come for an exciting day of shopping, mingling, music, cocktails, food & Fun! The first 50 guests will receive gift bags filled with goodies from each vendor. Silent Auction with lots of amazing items! 5:30pm - 7pm: $10 donation Pole, Aerial Silks & Hoop demo classes.

But sometimes, collecting it can be a challenge. All donations and silent auction proceeds to benefit the ALS Foundation.

Sponsored By: Pole Up Fitness & Dance, Ladies Evening Out, Whiskey Business and The Fox & The Hound


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By Pat Carlini

A Teen Dream Room


s Lexi Miller began thinking about turning sweet 16, she also began thinking about a dream room for her bedroom. She was ready to transition from her pre-teen pink and black theme to a more sophisticated pre-dorm type of room. A new color scheme was needed, and the bunk beds took up so much room there was no space to hang out with friends. And the carpet, well, let’s just say it sported more nail polish than a teenager’s manicure. So, for Lexi’s birthday, her family decided to invest in their


carmel c o m m u n i t y

nest and put together a teen’s dream room. “We emptied the room, “ says faux painter Lisa Murdock. “With the carpet and furniture out, we were working with a clean slate.” First, the walls were all painted white (Certa Pro painters) to erase the heavy pink, the sharpie drawings, and pin holes from years of pinning up photos of pop stars. Then, from a Benjamin Moore color strip they chose “Wedding Veil” and the complementary colors for the walls and trim. A knotty-pine engineered hardwood flooring (ICC Floors) was chosen for a fresh, classic, cool look.

n e w s l e t t e r | j u ly 2 0 1 2

“Sometimes an accessory, a painting, or a rug becomes the inspiration for an entire room,” says Lisa. “In this case, it was a peacock blue rug found at Z Gallerie.”

Solutions for Life’s Transitions

With the colors of a peacock feather in mind, the room was filled with shades of blue, green, even white, and mirrored accessories to match. Lisa painted swirls of glittery silver paint on the ceiling for a whimsical look. The heavy bunk beds were replaced with a white loft bed so a bean-bag chair and a desk with chair could fit under the bed. A dresser (T. J. MAXX Home Store) was painted white, and an oversized consignment mirror was painted a silvery blue to top it all off. “I find a lot of things for kids’ rooms in consignment shops,” says Lisa. “The furniture is usually well built, and just about anything can be painted!” Lexi’s favorite part of the room is the corner where they found room to hang the macramé swing she purchased on a recent trip to Costa Rica!


Now there’s plenty of space for Lexi and her friends to hang out in her room, and the room is decorated to last through sweet 16 and many years to come!

You’re none of those things, and neither is your family law case. At Harden Jackson, our attorneys focus on meeting your unique needs. We evaluate your specific circumstances and discuss all of your options to help you decide on the best legal strategy. Whether you’re dealing with a divorce, custody dispute, relocation matter or an adoption, we offer solutions for life’s transitions.

For more information and pictures go to and online

Celebrating 80 years of kitchens and baths.

How can we make your dream come true? downtown 625 N. Capitol 317-264-2240 north 9755 Hague Rd. 317-841-6444

showroom hours Mon-Fri 7:30-5; Sat 9-1 closed Sunday From our family to yours...since 1932.

Expert advice, professional design services, people who really care. j u ly 2 0 1 2 |

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Par for the Course

Sheryl Lesem and Wayne Hunter at Crooked Stick Golf Club, the home of the 2012 BMW Championship September 3-9.

Volunteers are the Lifeblood of 2012 BMW Championship By Jane VanOsdol


One hundred fifty thousand. That’s the number of people who will be descending on Carmel September 3-9 for the 2012 BMW Championship at Crooked Stick. Undoubtedly, most can’t wait to watch 70 of the biggest names in golf duke it out in this third leg of the Fed-Ex Cup Playoffs. Some lucky ones will even be signing up to play a round of golf with one of the pros in the Celebrity Pro-Am. But, it’s probably a sure bet that not too many will spend much time thinking about all the work it takes to pull together an event of this magnitude.

Championship manager Sally (Shonk) White emphasized the importance that volunteers play in this event. “In the overall big picture,” she says, “the tournament couldn’t survive without the support of the volunteers. They make it run like clockwork. We like to say ‘they are the lifeblood of the Championship.’” This year, the BMW Championship has attracted volunteers from 30 states plus Washington, D.C., and internationally, too, with volunteers coming from Canada, Germany, Ireland, and Norway. People even use their vacation time to volunteer at the event. Two to three months ahead of the event, they’ll receive their schedules, and then at the end of August, they’ll pick up their uniforms (each volunteer pays $150 for his/her uniform) and undergo training. Let’s look through the eyes of three volunteers to see what it takes to bring the 2012 BMW Championship to Crooked Stick.

Not so for the the chairs and co-chairs of the 30+ volunteer committees at Crooked Stick who are in charge of managing a group of 2,700 volunteers. They’ve been planning for this event for two years to make sure that the 2012 BMW Championship will be one to remember for all the right 24

carmel c o m m u n i t y

n e w s l e t t e r | j u ly 2 0 1 2

Sheryl Lesem Sheryl is the chairperson of Volunteer Orientation for the 2012 BMW Championship. She and her team of 30 volunteers are in charge of coordinating the volunteer orientation which will be held on August 25 and 26 at University High School. That includes assembling the volunteer packets and organizing their uniforms for distribution. August will be her busiest time as they prepare for the arrival of the 2,700 volunteers. Once the tournament starts, most of her work is finished.

Wayne has been volunteering since 1988. Most recently, after actually winning the Senior Club Championship in 2008, he was recruited to head up the marshals for the 2009 U.S. Senior open at Crooked Stick. As the former CFO of Firestone, Wayne knows a little something about heading up committees and recruiting people. His volunteer committee is always one of the first to be filled. To Wayne, volunteering is about being able to give back. “I was very fortunate my whole career, so I try to do things to give back to the community. I get up most mornings and go to church. If you get blessed in life, you’re responsible to try and give back. You give back what you’ve been given to,” he says.

Sheryl’s background is in event management. For the last 20 years, she has worked entirely in volunteer positions, including men’s and women’s Big 10 Conference basketball, the 2009 U.S. Senior Open, and the 2011 Super Bowl committee. “My passion is sporting events management. I like to be in the background helping and watching it all 15580 CLEARBROOK STREET come together,” she says.

Easy Living

spoken here

Despite being surrounded by the top 70 big names in golf, Sheryl focuses on the task at hand. “I have a job to do – that’s first and foremost,” she says. And for Sheryl, that means working hard to put on an event that the stars enjoy. “They’re usually very appreciative of what you’ve done for them,” she says. After years of work and volunteering, Sheryl knows to expect the unexpected. “If you’re well prepared and calm, it usually resolves itself, or you figure out a way to resolve it,” she says.

∙ Inviting 2 Story Foyer, 9’ Ceilings ∙ Living Room with Cozy Gas Fireplace ∙ Terrific Kitchen with Center Island ∙ Dining Room Open to Great Room and Kitchen for Easy Entertaining ∙ Offered at $203,900


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wayne hunter Wayne is the hole captain for the hole #3 marshals (a par three hole), coordinating 50 volunteers. While it may not sound like such a tough job, Wayne runs two shifts a day and needs 12 to 15 people per shift. Each shift lasts for three to four hours, and volunteers are on their feet the entire time no matter what the weather. Crowd control can be stressful because they have to maintain quiet and minimize distractions on the course, which is no easy task when you have 15,000 people following players like Tiger Woods from hole to hole. Wayne and his volunteers have to be willing to confront any unruly spectators or call in security if necessary.

Stunning Town Home with Pond Views


Classy Property in Pristine Condition ∙ Interior Updates: Furnace, Flooring, Kitchen, California Custom Closets ∙ Exterior Updates: Roof and Siding ∙ Gorgeous Patio and Private Backyard ∙ Beautifully Manicured Lawn & Gardens ∙ Offered at $212,500

trust mary jane. she knows carmel like her own backyard.

BOB RICHMOND 317.564.8562 | MARY JANE O’BRIEN 317.418.2035 At Carmel Newsletter j u ly 2 0 1 2 | carmel c o m m u n i t y n e w s l e t t e r 1/2 Pg, $500


jen tudor Jen is a chairman of corporate hospitality, along with Leslie Altavilla, which means she is in charge of the 30 private corporate tents that are set up on holes 12, 14, and 18. This volunteer team of 175 will be checking credentials, directing people into the appropriate tents, and doing meet and greet. Jen points out that companies may be entertaining as many as 100 employees and clients/ customers per day. “It’s a great chance for businesses to give back either to their employees or their customers,” she says. People will come from all over the world for this event. Wayne foresees that the number one hot issue at the BMW Championship and in all of golf right now is the issue of cell phones on the golf course. The PGA has just approved the use of them on the golf course. “It’s getting to be a real, real problem because people can be obnoxious with cell phones.” Rules state that phones must be kept on vibrate, with no talking or picture taking allowed on the course. Designated areas away from play are set up for talking on the phones. “None of us marshals feel very comfortable about accosting people and confiscating their phones,” he says. “It’s got ‘ugly’ written all over it.”

Besides the corporate tents, Jen and her team are in charge of the Owner’s Pavilion, the Wadley Club, and the Champions Club. • Champion’s Club – This requires the purchase of a premier ticket and gives the ticket holder access to the clubhouse where the players’ and caddies’ locker rooms and hospitality are located. • Wadley Club – This is an upgraded general ticket that includes access to a climate-controlled tent that also has television and internet access.


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Wed Aug 22nd, 4-8pm


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carmel c o m m u n i t y

n e w s l e t t e r | j u ly 2 0 1 2

• BMW Owners Pavilion – BMW owners are allowed free access by showing their BMW car key. Jen has been volunteering for golf tournaments since the 2005 Solheim Cup, where she was the chair of marketing. In 2009, she was in charge of volunteer services for the Senior Open. She has been preparing for the 2012 BMW Championship since 2009. Jen hasn’t had any problems getting volunteers for the corporate hospitality committee. She actually has a volunteer wait list, and people are still calling. “We are so blessed with this community,” she says. “People are so giving with their time, their energy, and the resources of the corporations in Indiana … and we’re fortunate to have this lovely golf course that brings the Championship here.”

Portfolio management services for individuals and institutions.

As the days draw near for the 2012 Championship, the volunteers are anticipating the week. Jen probably speaks for many when she says that rather than getting nervous, she feeds on the excitement of the event. “I get excited, just pure adrenaline,” she says. All proceeds fund the Evans Scholars Program. Information at All ticket information can be found online at Jane VanOsdol is a freelance writer and retreat speaker with

317-261-1900 Not FDIC Insured

No Bank Guarantee

May Lose Value

© 2012 Diamond Capital Management

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WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS RETURN TO INDY THIS AUGUST! Thursday, August 9 - Lucas Oil Stadium - 9:00 AM

DCI World Championship Prelims

Over 40 corps competing to advance to Friday’s Semifinals

Friday, August 10 - Lucas Oil Stadium - 2:00 PM

DCI World Championship Semifinals 25 corps fighting to make Saturday’s Finals

Saturday, August 11 - Downtown Indianapolis - 11:00 AM

DCI World Championship - Celebrate Indy Arts! Parade

FREE community event! Featuring more than 30 corps and local Indy organizations

Saturday, August 11 - Lucas Oil Stadium - 5:30 PM

DCI World Championship Finals

The grand finale as the elite top 12 corps vie for the gold medal

See More than 3000 Student Musicians & Performers In Competition for the Prestigious DCI World Championship!


$15 ADULT ADMISSION & FREE KIDS TICKETS! • GET 2 FREE TICKETS for KIDS (12 & UNDER) with every $15 adult ticket purchased for “The Drum Corps International World Championships” • Gates open 3:30 PM for pre-show festivities & our Festival Marketplace • Championship Performances Begin at 5:30 PM on Saturday, August 11 • Coupon valid Saturday, August 11, 2012 only and redeemable only at the Lucas Oil Stadium Box Office • Coupon valid for Best Available seating in the designated SUPER and VALUE Level seating areas • Promotion valid with this coupon and Indiana State ID only

Drum Corps International • 110 W. Washington St., Suite C • Indianapolis, IN 46204 Tel: 317.275.1212 •


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August 4, 2012

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The infant mortality rate is the highest in the hemisphere and life expectancy is only 52 years. The adult HIV/AIDS prevalence rate is 5.6%, also the highest in the hemisphere. Many people have never received health care.



TiTle sponsor

The Carmel 5k for Haiti was developed for the sole purpose of serving our brothers and sisters in Haiti. or call (317) 250-9639 P.O. Box 36097 Indianapolis, IN 46236-0097




Indianapolis, IN Permit No. 100





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Carmel Newsletter July 2012  

Featuring the 2012 BMW Championship at Crooked Stick volunteers

Carmel Newsletter July 2012  

Featuring the 2012 BMW Championship at Crooked Stick volunteers