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WACS CULINARY CERTIFICATION SCHEME coming to your kitchen early 2013

MENU The new WACS certification scheme promotes progression within the culinary industry. It is suitable for professionals at different stages of their career development. There are nine professional titles which can be achieved through the scheme:

WACS Certified Professional Cook (commis chef) WACS Certified Professional Chef (chef de partie) WACS Certified Sous Chef WACS Certified Chef de Cuisine WACS Certified Executive Chef WACS Certified Pastry Chef WACS Certified Master Chef WACS Certified Master Pastry Chef WACS Certified Culinary Educator

what´s cooking? The World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS) is soon to launch the world’s first global culinary certification scheme for cooks, chefs and culinary educators. WACS has worked with City & Guilds, one of the world’s leading vocational awarding organisations, to design a framework which allows professional cooks, chefs and culinary educators around the world to gain external recognition for the skills, knowledge and experience they have obtained while working in the industry.

INGREDIENTS In order to qualify for entry onto the scheme, applicants will need to meet the two types of requirements: Entry requirements · Employment in the culinary industry in the position for which recognition is sought · Good standing within the culinary industry · Industry specific experience. Industry specific requirements · Technical expertise: to demonstrate the culinary skills developed while working in the industry · Professional development: to demonstrate how skills and knowledge of the culinary industry have been and are being developed · Professionalism in the work role: to demonstrate professional conduct in the work role.

10 easy steps to get certified If you are interested in getting certified by WACS, here is how you can apply and what will happen with your application: 1. Read the requirements to determine whether you are eligible to apply for certification and at which level 2. Decide which level you wish to apply for 3. Submit an application form 4. Pay the application fee 5. Activate your personal electronic account (to be issued by WACS) 6. Submit the required evidence for the level you have chosen to apply for, using your electronic account 7. Supply any additional information that may be missing from the evidence you have submitted (WACS will contact you if that’s the case) 8. WACS evaluates your application including the evidence you have

9. WACS makes a decision whether you have met the requirements for the chosen level and notifies you of the outcome 10. A certificate is issued if your application has been successful.


the customers INDIVIDUAL COOKS, CHEFS AND CULINARY EDUCATORS Individual cooks, chefs and culinary educators can seek recognition for the skills, knowledge and experience they have gained throughout their working career, even if they did not have the opportunity to undertake formal studies or training courses. They may also use the WACS certification to progress into higher level qualifications, training and professional development programmes.

Employers The WACS culinary certification scheme brings great benefits to employers as it can be easily incorporated into their recruitment and training programmes in order to help them attract and retain the right talent. It also provides a competency-based framework for staff promotion and continued professional development of staff.

WACS recognised schools Schools which are recognised by WACS, through the Quality Culinary Education initiative, will be eligible to have their training programme mapped by WACS against the WACS Certified Professional Cook (Commis Chef) certification. The mapping may allow graduates from the training programme to come forward for WACS certification at the Professional Cook (Commis Chef) level.

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ABOUT WACS WACS is the leading authority in global cuisine, dedicated to defining and promoting standards within professional cooking and hospitality around the world. Through educational programmes, international culinary competitions and congresses and assemblies, WACS has been leading the way in shaping the role of the professional chef since it was established in 1928. WACS membership includes cooks and chefs from over 93 countries; representing over 10 million professionals. For more information please contact: WACS Head Office 310 rue de la Tour Centra 278 94576 Rungis Cedex France Telephone: +33 (0)6 64 22 33 21 Email: WACS Asia Office 19 Burn Road Advance Building #05-02 Singapore 369974 Singapore Telephone: +65 9836 7653 Email:

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WACS Culinary Certrification Scheme  

Coming to your kitchen early 2013