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Vocabulary Maps 2000 words workbook aka

Kreativní slovník Tomáš Bednář & Suzannah Gearing


This book is dedicated to the people who believed in us and made this book possible. Thank you. Suzi & Tom

Are you a visual learner? yes________ no________

Do you prefer learning in context? yes________ no________

Are you willing to try something dierent? yes________ no________

If you have answered “yes� to any of these questions you are one of us! Right now, in your hands, you are holding a workbook for visual learners and a game changer for learning foreign languages. Looking through, you will notice that this is not a typical English language workbook. We have designed it to convey the essentials of what you need to know quickly, simply and in a visual format. Our maps are logically laid out in topics with noun-verb connections and the content is complemented with amazing illustrations. Rather than writing a conventional workbook for English language learners we have tried to design a practical guide for visual learners.

Contents PART ONE 15 17 19 21 23 25

The ďŹ rst maps Our timeline Results of the public testing What is in a map 10 examples of great ways to use the maps 10 reasons why you will love our maps


Topics - Vocabulary Maps and exercises

PART THREE 173 183 185 187 189

What else is available Key to exercises Irregular verbs Feedback from our proofreaders Feedback from our FB community

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A family tree Appearance Characteristics Expecting a baby A newborn baby A toddler Human head and movements Human body and movements Human body problems and accidents Illnesses At the doctor’s House maintenance and repairs A kitchen Cooking Cakes A dining room A living room A bedroom A bathroom Cleaning In the garden (part one) In the garden (part two) Grocery shopping

with over 2000 words

75 77 79 81 83 85 87 89 91 93 95 97 99 101 103 105 107 109 111 113 115 117 119

Clothes shopping Clothes (part one) Clothes (part two) A bicycle / a bike A car (part one) A car (part two) On the road Public transport At the airport An aeroplane (UK) / an airplane (US) At the hotel Sightseeing Eating out On the beach (part one) On the beach (part two) Under the sea Pets A dog A cat At the vet's On the farm The savannah At school (part one)

121 123 125 127 129 131 133 135 137 139 141 143 145 147 149 151 153 155 157 159 161 163 165 167

At school (part two) A job interview In the oďŹƒce Business vocabulary Spring Summer Autumn (UK) / Fall (US) Winter Weather Natural disasters In the playground Camping Fishing In the forest Sport (part one) Sport (part two) Police and crimes Halloween Christmas (part one) Christmas (part two) Christmas (part three) Winter activities Winter in the mountains Prepositions IN - AT - ON



OUR TIMELINE March 2015 Tom started a new job teaching English to companies.

September 2015 Tom struggled with teaching vocabulary from a textbook.

August 2015 William was born.

September 2015 Suzi thought about how she could help Tom.

October 2015 'Imagine if there was a book full of vocabulary maps!’ October 2015 Suzi drew a map.

October 2015 Tom’s students loved the map.

May 2016 Tom quit his teaching job to focus on the project.

June 2016 Our first idea of vocabulary maps ‘TELP’ won the regional startup challenge organised by Palacký University Olomouc.

September 2016 The project was accepted for funding by two start-up accelerators. One was in Prague

November 2016 Tom applied for a small loan to pay for our websites and a student illustrator.

February - May 2017 We tested it publicly in over 70 schools and with 60 families.

and the other was in Ostrava.

We had great results!

May 2017 Kickstarter campaign - supported by fundchaser.

Kickstarter was successful, we raised $14,142. December 2016 Jasper was born on New Year’s Eve.

Kickstarter reality - after kickstarter and marketing fees we ended up with $7,000 which meant we did not have enough money to finish the project.

November 2016 - October 2017 Tom met up with investors.

May 2017 The project got an award for the best regional startup idea at the 'T-Mobile rozjezdy' competition.

There were times when we felt like we were drowning in money problems.

June 2017 The project had a big delay: Our student illustrator quit which meant we had to find a new illustrator who could keep to our style.

May 2018 We are expecting baby no.3. November 2017 We found a great marketing team!

July 2017 An IT company decided to invest in our project.

He tried so hard, but our project was too much of a risk for investors. 17

December 2017 Tom applied for another loan to back us missing funds (but it still was not enough).

August 2018 The book went to the printers.

September 2018 The book is on your bookshelf! June 2018 We found a brilliant graphic design team NO INSTANT DESIGN.

WHAT IS IN A MAP a tooth

(to) brush

(to) turn

NOUN (to) kiss teeth



(to) pucker / (to) purse / (to) pout

(to) lick

(to) stick out

a neck


Huma and mo

a tongue

a mouth

a nose

SYNONYMS (to) speak (to / for)

(to) smile (at)

(to) sniff / (to) smell


(to) nod


(to) fall out

(to) tie up

(to) brush / (to) comb



a head

(to) frown (at) a forehead

an head ovements

an eyebrow

PREPOSITION (to) raise

IRREGULAR VERB (always in bold) an eye

(to) see

an ear

) listen (to)

NOTE: Throughout our maps you will ďŹ nd these two abbreviations: SB = SOMEBODY and STH = SOMETHING.

(to) roll (to) wink (at)

(to) blink 21



a tooth

(to) brush

(to) nod

(to) turn

(to) brush / (to) comb

(to) kiss teeth

(to) pucker / (to) purse / (to) pout

(to) lick

(to) stick out

(to) speak (to / for)

(to) fall out

(to) tie up

a neck


a head

(to) frown (at) lips

a forehead

Human head and movements

a tongue

a mouth

(to) smile (at)

a nose

an eyebrow

an eye

(to) raise

(to) see

an ear

(to) roll (to) sni / (to) smell

(to) listen (to) EN-EB2-W-0000684

(to) wink (at)

(to) blink

Can you ďŹ ll in the gaps with the correct vocabulary and in the correct tenses? 1. Can you

your my

2. I need to 3. When Suzi 4. Do not on your 5. Suzi

if you agree?

9. Suzi

for work.

her hair, it began to

Tom. music.

10. Suzi likes . 11. Suzi has freckles on her

too much otherwise you might get wrinkles

. to show her

12. Suzi opened her


to the dentist.

(past simple) her

than to

6. The optician wanted to test whether Suzi could the board and read all the letters out.

14. Suzi

(past simple) in disbelief.

8. Suzi had something stuck in her eye. to get it out.

at them. (past simple)

Tom on the phone.

15. Tom could not attend the meeting, so Suzi

7. Suzi hued and her


13. It is better to


She had to

(past simple)

16. It is rude to 17. Suzi 18. Suzi 41

him. your

out at somebody.

(past simple) a lollipop. (past simple) her lips at Tom.


(to) apply pressure (to)

(to) have a black eye

(to) heal (up) / (to) leave a scar

(to) bump / (to) bang

an eye

(to) stitch up (to) bleed

a nose

a droplet of blood

(to) have a fat lip lips

an ankle (to) swell (up) / (to be) swollen

(to) have a nosebleed

a head a deep cut

a splatter of blood

a bump on the forehead

(to) have chapped lips / (to) have dry lips

Human body problems and accidents

(to) twist

a tooth a bone skin


(to) have toothache

a muscle (to) hobble

(to) put on a cast

(to be) fractured / (to be) broken

a chipped tooth (to) pull EN-EB2-W-0000684

(to) graze / (to be) grazed

Can you fill in the gaps with the correct vocabulary and in the correct tenses? 1. Henry

(past simple) his on his

2. He had a big



3. Henry has a button

13. Henry

15. The X-ray showed that Henry had a

bone, so the

16. Henry . . .

8. Henry lost a


on his leg.

(past simple) along on


(past simple) his .

18. I cannot stand the sight of blood, even a

. I need to go to the dentist.

9. I


17. When Henry

7. Do you have any lip balm? I have

in his leg. in Henry’s leg.

doctor had to

are red.

6. Henry has a

(past simple) a

14. The doctor took an X-ray to look at a


4. Have you ever had a 5. Your

on a door.

10. The dentist looked at Henry’s teeth. Henry had a . 11. I have very pale


12. Henry fell over and

his knee.


makes me feel dizzy.

19. There is a


20. Henry’s leg is


21. You need to to a deep cut to stop the bleeding. 45

on the floor.

(to) dry yourself

(to) rinse out

(to) run a bath

(to) put in

(to) take a shower a bathtub / a bath

a towel

(to) lather

(to) soak in / (to) have a bath

(a bottle of) shampoo

(to) drain / (to) pull out

a plug and a plug hole

a shower

(to be) steamed up a mirror

(to) trim your beard

a beard trimmer a bar of soap

A bathroom

(to) ush

a sink (and taps) / a washbasin (US)

(to) wipe a toilet roll

(to) lather

a toilet / a loo (UK) / a lavatory (UK)

a toothbrush

(to) cup water in your hands

(a tube of) toothpaste (to) spit out

(to) lift up

a toilet seat

(to) brush your teeth EN-EB2-W-0000684

(to) squeeze out (of / onto)

(to) gargle

Can you fill in the gaps with the correct vocabulary and in the correct tenses? 1. There is a

in the bathroom. a

2. Suzi is




3. Suzi is having a 4. There is a

11. You can wash your hands in the bathroom; there is a

and a

7. Can you

15. There is a new and run the bath? the plug


17. Suzi and saw her reflection.

(past simple) her hands .

in the bathroom. a pea-sized amount of .

toothpaste onto your

the bath?



16. You must

9. Suzi cannot see her reflection if the mirror is

with a

the water.

14. Suzi rinsed her mouth and

8. Suzi looked in the

10. Suzi


13. I am not very good at

5. Can you

6. Can you

in her hands.

12. Suzi is

in the bathtub.



18. Tom .

19. The 20. Tom is 21. Tom 65

her teeth twice a day. (past simple) the is broken. his beard. a shower last night.


a pedestrian / (to) cross

(to) flash sb (take a photograph)

(to) go over

(to) stop at a red light traffic lights

(to) swerve a lorry

a speed limit

a speed camera

a zebra crossing (UK) / a crosswalk (US) (to) go at a green light

a traffic jam (to) overturn


a truck a motorway (UK) / a highway (US)

vs a junction / crossroads

a roundabout

On the road

a country road / a country lane

a pothole (to) bend a rim

(to) do a wheelie

a motorbike a hard shoulder

a car (to) break down

(to) overtake sb (to) speed off

(to) skid

(to) pull over EN-EB2-W-0000684

(to) give way (UK) / (to) yield (US)

(to) pull up / into

Can you ďŹ ll in the gaps with the correct vocabulary and in the correct tenses? 1. An elderly woman is

the road

10. Tom


11. Tom

at the


3. A little red car stopped at the

12. Tom

a green light.

5. You should


was trying him. Luckily, the road was clear.

around the corner.

to get to the farm.

15. The motorbike did a

8. The driver drove over a a

and then


. .

16. Tom drove around the

9. The (past simple)


14. Tom heard a screech and the motorbike

7. We had to drive down a


(past simple)

13. Tom noticed that a


6. Have you ever driven on a

to the car coming

onto the

a red light.

4. You must

(past simple)

from the right.


2. We are stuck in a

(past simple) into a petrol station.

by the side of the road.

17. Where is the next 87


(to) lie

(to be) in heat

(to) roll over

a litter of puppies

(to) jump up at sb

Obedience (to) stay (to) give a treat

a bitch (a female)

a puppy

(to) chew a slipper

(to) sit

(to) lick

a guide dog (to) bark

(to) guide / (to) lead a dog (to) stroke (UK) / (to) pet (US)

(to) take for a walk / (to) walk

A dog

(to) pull on a lead

a food bowl

dog food / kibble a tail

a paw

(to) pour into / (to) ďŹ ll up with sth


(to) wag

a ball and stick

a muzzle / a snout

(to) throw / (to) play fetch EN-EB2-W-0000684

a muzzle

a collar and a lead (UK) / leash (US)

(to) put on (a collar)

(to) muzzle

(to) clip on (a lead)

Can you fill in the gaps with the correct vocabulary and in the correct tenses? 1. It is important to know what you should do when a





up was

William. a

because he can be a little unpredictable.



for a

their dog Buddy

(past simple) a

15. Buddy is


because he is happy. on the bottom

16. Dogs have the lead.

8. Buddy always

10. Suzi


and Buddy fetched it.

twice a day.

9. Buddy has a new

, but luckily he found a

14. William

a man across the road. 7. Suzi and William

to the park

13. William forgot to bring a


6. The


Buddy when he is around other dogs

12. Suzi has to

of puppies.

3. Suzi took William to see a

5. The

on Buddy’s

11. Suzi put a

2. Suzi and William would like to adopt a

4. A little puppy is

the lead.


of their .

17. Suzi

(past simple) Buddy’s new collar

into Buddy’s 109

. (past simple) .

(to) make presents (to) ash

(to) place

fairy lights (UK) / Christmas lights (US)

(to) wrap around

Santa's elf (plural = elves) the North Pole (to be) jolly

a star

tinsel Father Christmas (UK) / Santa Claus (US) / Saint Nicholas (US) / Kris Kringle (US)

(to) decorate


Santa's sack

a Christmas tree

Christmas time (part three)

(to) hang

(to) ďŹ ll with presents

a tree stand (to) put up / (to) stand up / into (to) write a Christmas (wish) list (to) leave a glass of milk and mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph

children (UK) / kids (US)

a chimney

(to) put presents under the Christmas tree EN-EB2-W-0000684


Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

Santa's sleigh (to) climb down

(to) pull

Can you ďŹ ll in the gaps with the correct vocabulary and in the correct tenses? 1.

lives in the


2. Santa's

10. Do you have any

a Christmas .

3. Father Christmas is always very is ďŹ lled with presents.

4. 5. Santa

(past simple)


with presents.

? .

13. Tom stood the Christmas tree in the 14. Tom

(past simple) the Christmas tree

15. William is

7. Do you know who Rudolph the are

8. The

to Father Christmas.

12. When do you put up your


6. Have you ever seen a


(past simple)

11. William and Jasper

(present simple) in Santa's workshop.

9. Santa


(past simple) and

the reindeer is? Santa's sleigh.

16. Suzi is 17. Suzi is 18. The

on the tree. the tree. tinsel is gold. on the tree

19. The

under the Christmas tree for William and Jasper.

are 161

the tree.




three 169

Key to exercises A family tree 1. daughter 2. son 3. mother / mum / mom 4. father / dad 5. brother … sister 6. niece 7. nephew 8. uncle 9. aunt / auntie 10. cousin 11. stepmother … half-siblings 12. stepfather 13. grandmother / grandma 14. grandfather / grandpa 15. father / dad 16. great-aunt / great-auntie 17. great-uncle 18. great-grandparents 19. great-grandparents Appearance 1. blue 2. brown 3. green 4. bushy eyebrows 5. thin eyebrows 6. button nose 7. big hooter 8. gap-toothed 9. wrinkles … wrinkled / wrinkly 10. double chin 11. long 12. square 13. round 14. rosy cheeks

3. missed … period 4. positive pregnancy 5. bun … oven 6. scared of 7. tired 8. go ... prenatal 9. had ... ultrasound 10. find out ... gender / sex 11. picked / chosen ... name 12. small bump 13. big bump 14. rubbed … bump / belly Characteristics 15. felt … baby 1. introvert … shy … timid 16. due date … kind … considerate 17. labour / labor pains 2. extrovert … loud …confident … water … broken 3. friendly 18. gone ... labour / labor 4. arrogant / cocky … close-minded 19. blood test 5. rude ... blood pressure 6. polite 20. pain relief 7. open-minded 21. have ... caesarean 8. adventurous 22. gave ... birth 9. generous 10. strange / weird A newborn baby 11. caring 1. nuzzle 12. humble 2. breastfeeding 13. daring 3. threw / spat ... up 14. troublesome 4. scooped … formula 15. creative 5. making … bottle 16. rebellious 6. feeding 17. charming 7. burped 18. curious 8. has wind 19. intelligent 9. has ... nappy ... stink 10. changed … dirty Expecting a baby 11. pram 1. try … baby 12. push … pram 2. negative pregnancy 15. curly brown 16. short blonde / blond / fair 17. straight black 18. wavy red 19. going grey / gray 20. grey / gray / white 21. bald 22. tall 23. short 24. overweight / obese

13. bathed 14. massaged … baby oil 15. clipped … fingernails 16. scratch mittens 17. dressed 18. sucking … dummy / pacifier 19. swaddled … blanket … sang … lullaby 20. sleeping 21. slept A toddler 1. put … into … highchair 2. putting … bib 3. mashed … banana 4. fed 5. bit … into … strawberry 6. pushchair / buggy / stroller … strapped … in 7. pushing … pushchair / buggy / stroller 8. roll over 9. crawl 10. take … steps 11. reaching 12. teething … dribbling / drooling … cut 13. sucks 14. threw / had 15. smiling at 16. crying … temperature 17. peek-a-boo 18. screamed … had 19. sharing ... toys 20. runny

Human head and movements 1. nod … head 2. tie up … hair 3. brushed / combed … fall out 4. frown … forehead 5. raised … eyebrows 6. see 7. rolled … eyes 8. blink 9. winked … at 10. listening to 11. nose 12. mouth … teeth 13. smile at … frown 14. spoke … to 15. spoke ... for 16. stick ... tongue 17. licked 18. puckered / pursed / pouted Human body and movements 1. shrugged … shoulders 2. raise … arms 3. reached for 4. bent … elbow 5. elbowed 6. held … hands 7. point at … finger 8. poked 9. ticklish ... tickled … armpit 10. rubbing … stomach 11. stretch out … muscles 12. legs 13. jump 14. knees 15. feet 16. sole … foot 17. kicked 18. twisted … ankle 19. toes

Human body problems and accidents 1. bumped / banged … head 2. bump … forehead 3. nose 4. nosebleed 5. lips 6. fat lip 7. chapped / dry lips 8. tooth 9. have toothache 10. chipped tooth 11. skin 12. grazed 13. pulled … muscle 14. bone 15. fractured / broken … put … cast 16. hobbled … crutches 17. twisted … ankle … swelled up 18. droplet … blood 19. splatter … blood 20. bleeding 21. apply pressure Illnesses 1. caught … cold 2. cold 3. cold 4. have goosebumps 5. cough 6. cover … mouth 7. box … tissues … runny nose 8. sneezing 9. blow … nose 10. high temperature 11. drowsy 12. sweat 13. sore throat 14. lost … voice

15. chickenpox 16. viral rash 17. itchy 18. scratch 19. thumping headache 20. thirsty 21. flannel … forehead 22. stomach ache 23. rubbing … stomach / tummy 24. the runs At the doctor's 1. doctor’s surgery / office 2. patient 3. booked ... appointment 4. wait … waiting room 5. doctor / GP 6. diagnose 7. prescription 8. prescribed … antibiotics 9. blood pressure monitor … monitor … blood 10. measured … temperature … thermometer 11. stethoscope … listen … heart 12. listened … to … lungs 13. swab … take ... swab 14. otoscope … look … nose … look … ear 15. tongue depressor … looked … throat 16. syringe … needle 17. nurse … injection 18. sample … blood … tube House maintenance and repairs 1. light bulb … flicker … blew 2. change 3. fuse … short-circuited 175

4. rewiring … electrics 5. tool box 6. hammer … nail 7. hammered … nail 8. screwdriver … screw 9. screw … screwed … in 10. pipeline / pipe … burst 11. plumber … fix 12. wonky picture … straighten 13. tighten … leaky tap 14. sink … clogged up 15. sink plunger 16. plunge / unblock … sink 17. roof tile … roof 18. tiler 19. tile … roof 20. gutter … blocked A kitchen 1. oven 2. oven knob 3. preheat 4. gas hob … light … electric hob 5. extractor hood … extract / remove… smoke 6. basket … laundry … washing machine … put … load 7. fridge … keep food … freezer … freeze 8. defrost 9. blend … blender 10. squirted … washing-up … sponge 11. sink 12. wash up … dirty dishes 13. turn on 14. scoured / scrubbed … scourer 15. dried … tea towel

Feedback from our proofreaders "I am an ESL teacher, and I have found both PDF sets a delight. Such a great idea to have all the words belonging to a certain category, e.g., clothes shopping, in the garden, expecting a baby, etc., in one place. Easier to look things up, easier to remember, easier to have fun during classes. Thank you!"

“Měla jsem možnost projít slovník v rámci jeho korektury a velmi oceňuji nápad a zpracování. Slovník plánuji využívat ve výuce, jako zábavnější a příjemnější způsob jak si osvojit novou slovní zásobu.” - Alena Vodstrčilová

"Odporúčam všetkými desiatimi!!! Kreatívny slovník a obe PDF sady by mali mať všetci učitelia ESL vo svojej knižnici." - Tatiana Tremlová “Poskytneme-li studentům základ slovní zásoby daného tématu, je pro ně jednodušší vytvářet věty a rozvíjet své jazykové dovednosti. Z tohoto důvodu je Kreativní slovník neocenitelným zdrojem inspirace. Práce s mapami je zajímavá a přínosná pro děti i dospělé a pro lektory představuje spoustu kvalitního materiálu.”

“Definitely a must-have for every English language learner who is in favor of making his/her vocabulary-mapping skills more flexible. The book is a great aid to make the process of absorbing new English vocabulary even more memorable. It activates our schemata basing on simple ideas and develops into more abstract issues. Everything visualised both in a funny and eye-catching way. For sure, it's worth purchasing!” - Krzysztof Richter

- Jana Kudrlová “The book is absolutely amazing! It's a must-have for every teacher because it contains all necessary vocabulary for the students learning English from the Starter level. Excellent results will be reached due to the usage of the contextvisualised material organized in vocabulary maps. The book saves time, helps understand the structure of the English sentence and grammar easily, funny pictures a create positive and funny atmosphere. Strongly recommend the Vocabulary Map book to all ESL teachers and students.”

“Milá Suzi a Tome, jste úžasní, celý slovník je úžasný a já se moc těším, až ho začnu používat ve svých hodinách. Pracuji s neslyšícími žáky, pro které je velmi důležitá názorná představa, což Váš slovník splňuje na víc než 100%. Děkuji za Váš nápad, Vaše úsilí a především za Vaše odhodlání dotáhnout nápad až do konce. THANK YOU! YOU ARE GREAT!” - Vladimíra Lišková

- Olga Lavrenova

“Kreativni slovnik is an effective learning tool that reflects a natural tendency to learn new vocabulary in contextual chunks and thanks to being visual it eliminates the need to provide translation.”

“Kreativní slovník představuje díky názorným obrázkům a propojení ve slovních mapách inovativní, kreativní a zábavný způsob osvojení si nové slovní zásoby. Věřím, že pomůže překonat odpor všech, kteří mají hodiny angličtiny spojeny s učením se nekonečných "sloupečků" a znovu nalézt zálibu v učení se jazyku.”

- Richard Borovička

“One of the most innovative, intuitive and student-friendly publications I have come across in the recent years. It's practical lexical selection combined with the stimulating visual material make it a powerful tool for learning.”

“Kreativní slovník, resp. jednotlivé mapy jsou dle mého názoru vhodným studijním materiálem k rozšíření slovní zásoby studentů. Učení se v souvislostech přispívá k rychlejšímu osvojení si slovní zásoby bez nutnosti vyhledávání jednotlivých slovíček ve slovníku, což určitě nepatří mezi oblíbené aktivity studentů. Jednotlivé mapy jsou logicky uspořádané a týkají se běžných životních situací. Vzhledem k množství názorných obrázků, je kreativní slovník vhodný pro všechny věkové kategorie. Věřím, že si slovník najde spoustu příznivců.”

- Anna Kamont

- Marcela Pařilová

- Kristýna Javorová

“Vocabulary maps is the perfect tool for my language learning classroom. Each map provides an inspiring starting point for connecting existing knowledge with new language in context. Students learn new vocabulary naturally in language chunks which encourages confidence when putting the new language into productive use. The worksheet pages provide immediate opportunities for students to put the language into use. I highly recommend Vocabulary Maps to any language teacher.”

"Your vocabulary maps are a perfect example of an old Latin saying: "Duo cum faciunt idem, non est idem." - "When two do the same thing it is not the same." There are many mind maps in the market but none seem to be as complex as your Vocabulary Maps. I really admire the extent to which both vocabulary and grammar are contextualised. You take one map and can immediately build meaningful sentences with nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs all pertaining to the same topic. The mental picture you build in your head is the most effective tool for learning new vocab. Well done. :-) "

- Melissa Lewis

- Magdalena Večeřová

“Kreativní slovník je jedním z těch inspirativních příběhů, ve kterém se skvělá myšlenka spolu s tvrdou prací přetavila v realitu. Učitelé i studenti si tuto knihu zamilují, neboť zefektivní a rozradostní jejich hodiny angličtiny. Kniha je plná zábavných a dobře zapamatovatelných ilustrací, slovíček a cvičení zasazených v kontextu a dobře tak poslouží pro zlepšení vaší angličtiny. Nemůžu se dočkat, až použiju slovník v mých hodinách jak s dětmi, tak dospělými. Klobouk dolů, Tome a Suzi.

"This Vocabulary Maps project is outstanding because of its main point complex language learning! We learn with pictures, through context and stories, and still are amazed when exactly we have understood the language... :) My students were not learning English, they were playing games and doing activities in English. :) Great job, Tom and Suzi!" - Eliška Novotná

Vocabulary Maps is one of these inspiring stories of how a great idea combined with hard work turned into reality. Both students and teachers will love this book as it will make their English lessons much more effective and fun! Full of playful and easy to remember illustrations, contextualized vocabulary and exercises, it is an invaluable tool to improving your English. I can't wait to start using Vocabulary Maps in my lessons for both kids and adults. Big kudos to Tom and Suzi.”

“I truly believe that working with this dictionary will provide students with the necessary skills to pass their exams. The ability to create a mind map once you are presented with a picture during an exam will come in handy both for the description and for the comparison of pictures. I also think that recalling vocabulary connected with pictures is much easier not only for visual learners but for everyone.”

- Miroslav Mráz

- Diana Klusáčková

“It's not a book, it is a vocabulary treasure and it should be handled accordingly: Discover and enjoy!”

"Great book for all ages to learn vocab! It's so visual and motivating that you won't be able to put it down."

“I remember when almost a year ago Tomáš sent me a message on LinkedIn asking if I heard about the Vocabulary Maps and what I thought of it. My immediate response was that it is a great project and that as a teacher I am looking forward to it being published. I also told him that it would be honour to work with them once the dictionary is ready. Not even a year later, sitting here and proofreading the dictionary, knowing a bit about the background story, I must say that I am proud of Tom and Suzi that they made it and that in a month the dictionary will be out there, making English lessons interesting for both the teachers and students. I have already tried some maps in my lessons and I really consider it a great additional material. So what I want to say is a big thank you, Tom and Suzi, for coming up with something so creative, so student and teacher friendly. I am already looking forward to all the projects coming next!”

- Miriam Garcia

- Dana Jašková

- Eva Ondroušková

“Slovník tohoto typu jsem na našem trhu již dlouho postrádala. Nabízí možnost učit se slovíčka jinak, v kontextu a souvislostech. Oceňuji především fakt, že je vhodný nejen pro všechny věkové kategorie studentů, ale i pro různé pokročilosti. Věřím, že každý si v něm najde "to své".” - Lucie Rázková


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William & Jasper, Let us love you a little more, before you are not so little anymore. Mum & Dad

Bronislav Sobotka, English teacher, brona.cz “The Vocabulary Maps workbook can be described in two ways. One could say it is either simply genius, or simple yet genius. It even makes you wonder, why didn’t I think of this idea? After all, it is crystal clear that it will be easier for people to learn vocabulary in beautiful and logically ordered pictures. I am glad that since I did not come up with this idea myself, it occurred to Suzi and Tom instead, and that something so magical and joyful was created. I believe that joy is exactly the thing which this publication will bring to many students and teachers, and that is, you must surely admit, wonderful!”

Lucie Gramelová, polyglot, jazykovy-koutek.cz “The advantages of the Vocabulary Maps workbook are obvious at first sight. What I personally like the most about it is that it awakens students’ healthy curiosity. Suddenly, you want to know words which did not even cross your mind when you were learning the language before. So you can look forward to seeing your friends surprised faces when without blinking an eye, in the middle of your English lesson you start talking about shovelling away snow in winter and that in summer you certainly prefer a scoop of ice cream.”

Suzannah Gearing & Tomáš Bednář We introduce our own context-visualised method to students and teachers.

Eva Pěčková, neurolanguage coach, jazykovyexpert.cz “Finally, a „brain friendly“ language learning material exists and it is certainly not only for beginners. I really appreciate that Tom and Suzi did not forget to include idioms and phrasal verbs. I also like that you can practise your knowledge of the vocabulary straight away in the sentences. Vocabulary Maps are not just the standard language learning material, but rather a new concept of how to learn vocabulary creatively instead of just cramming it all in.”

Our know-how is used by those who love vocabulary in logical context and supported by visuals. When we are not on business trips with our children, we live in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Miloslav Hubatka, MindMap trainer, mindmaps.cz “A Vocabulary Map makes the most of the advantages of a mind map; thus, creating a new kind of mind map called a vocabulary map. They are highly effective when learning new words. Furthermore, the workbook includes traditional exercises which help you to practise and memorise the vocabulary. This combination makes it an extremely interesting, beneficial and visually appealing book.”

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