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June 9, 2013

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Off to court and in concert

Tom Pounds on Crystal Dixon’s ongoing legal battle and Michael S. Miller on the Johnny Knorr Orchestra. page 3


Vietnam soldiers remembered

Traveling Wall brings memories of Vietnam War to Downtown Toledo. page 10

Business Link

50 years on campus

Former UT President Dan Johnson on continuity and change. page 16

Politics Star

‘Weird Al’ rules

An interview with pop music’s greatest parodist. page 20

The challenger

D. Michael Collins makes a second run for mayor’s office. By Bailey G. Dick, page 6

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A Toledo tradition since 2005

June 9, 2013

June 9, 2013

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A Toledo tradition since 2005



Ms. Dixon goes to Washington O

ne of the most interesting chapters in Toledo Free Press history may be headed to the United States Supreme Court. Almost exactly five years ago, Toledo Free Press published a column by Editor in Chief Michael S. Miller, “Gay rights and wrongs,” that discussed discrepancies in domestic partner benefits following the University of Toledo’s merger with the Medical College of Ohio. “As a middleaged, overweight white guy with graying facial hair, I am America’s ruling demographic, so the gay rights struggle is something I experience secondhand, like my black friends’ struggles and my wheelchair-bound friend’s struggles,” he wrote. His lucid point was that discrimination is as alien to him as the power of flight; he can relate to being hated for a lot of things, but skin color, Thomas F. Pounds sexuality and physical handicap are not among them. In no way did Miller equate race, sexuality and physical challenges; there is no spectrum that can contain all those variations, is there? Crystal Dixon soon sent in a letter, “Gay rights and wrongs: another perspective.” She identified herself by email as “Associate Vice President for Human Resources, University of Toledo and Elder/Minister, End Time Christian Fellowship, Toledo.” “I take great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are ‘civil rights victims’,” she wrote. “Here’s why. I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a Black woman. I am genetically and biologically a Black woman and very pleased to be so as my Creator intended. Daily, thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle. ... “God created humans with an inalienable right to choose. There are consequences for our choices, including those who violate God’s divine order.” Soon after the publication of Dixon’s letter, UT President Lloyd Jacobs sent a statement to Toledo Free Press that said, “[Dixon’s] comments do not accord with the values of the University of Toledo. It is necessary, therefore, for me to repudiate much of her writing and to make this attempt to clarify our values system.” Dixon was fired, leading to a court case, dismissals and appeals that continue to this day. Robert Muise, American Freedom Law Center attorney, recently told One NewsNow that Dixon was punished by UT for holding “traditional religious beliefs.” “Muise and the American Freedom Law Center filed a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court last month on behalf of Dixon. Muise says a public university has fired a Christian from a management position ‘because their beliefs and values do not comport with the so-called diversity at the university.’ He says Dixon’s case could set a precedent for government employees because lower courts have been divided over such free-speech cases.” Miller and I have maintained that while Dixon’s views on gay people are repulsive, she had every right to express those views under America’s laws. n POUNDS CONTINUES ON 4


Thanks for the Memory F

or a few hours on June 2, I had the easiest job in the a special to be broadcast New Year’s Eve. I could have taken world: to encourage applause for The Johnny Knorr the stage and read a page from the phone book and it would Orchestra (JKO). Hundreds of enthusiastic fans not have mattered; the audience was ready for the show and in applause mode without urging from me. packed Hansen Hall at Christ Presbyterian The orchestra launched with two Glenn Church to hear the orchestra, which is celMiller arrangements, “A String of Pearls” and a ebrating 53 years of playing Big-Band “music medley of “Blue Champagne,” “I Know Why” you like ... the way you like to hear it.” You and “At Last.” The acoustics served the music might assume that means soft and easy, but well and the orchestra played as if it had spent for 90 minutes, the orchestra would swing an hour warming up. Longtime JKO vocalist and rock the hall with a focus and intensity Gay Hobbs charmed the crowd, then handed that shook the rafters. the microphone to one of the night’s revThere is nothing like live music at its best, elations. Joel Zmuda took the stage in a white when musicians lock in on a groove and drive it to its full potential. As half of the Johnny Michael S. miller tuxedo jacket and owned his moments in the spotlight, bringing great emotion and vocal Knorr Orchestra has been playing together for more than 25 years, the music ticks along with the steadiness control to Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” of a Swiss watch. Johnny died in 2011, but his son Jerry took and Bobby Darin’s “(Up A) Lazy River.” Zmuda has a smooth up the baton and leads the dozen musicians and two vocalists delivery and connection to the song lyrics; the audience joined my excited applause following his turn. with great confidence. My job was to introduce the orchestra for the taping of n MILLER CONTINUES ON 4 Thomas F. Pounds, President/Publisher

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For virgin ears

“To hell with the he question idea that, because I “Are you a value them as people virgin?” was — people who I love, asked of me one admire, and respect, Wednesday not long and who I am grateful into my tenure on 92.5 to, simply for the fact KISS FM’s morning that they want me to be show. If I had been in a part of their life — I a different mood that am less than those who day, I might have lied Jeff McGINNIS see them as objects to about the answer or be conquered. To hell maybe given a sarcastic response. (“I dunno, ask your with the idea of ‘the friend zone.’ Bemom.”) But on that morning, I re- cause being a friend is the most wonsponded honestly. Yes. I was — and derful thing in the world to me. “I love the people in my life. That still am — a virgin. In truth, my honesty on the sub- is all I ever need. And to hell with ject probably helped me find a niche anyone or anything who tries to tell among the 92.5 crew. Demetrius me that’s not enough.” My editor and friend, Michael had a field day during the ensuing shows, needling me for being the S. Miller, wrote a June 2 column, stereotypical fat virgin geek who “Virgin territory,” in response exlived in his parents’ basement (I had plaining how important sex can my own bedroom, but the stereo- be and how it changes the way one type was otherwise accurate at that thinks of his — uh, “Person X’s” point). The teasing subsided when it — friends. He brings up how it is became apparent that I wasn’t taking a violation in pop culture to write offense to the jabs, and as I grew about something you don’t know more comfortable in my on-air role. about: “McGinnis violates that rule I see no need to necessarily feel when he writes about the role of sex shame about my lack of sexual expe- in relationships.” Except I don’t think I did, and I rience — nor do I feel any pride, for think Miller is arguing against things that matter. It is what it is. What I did — and do — object to he thinks I said, rather than what my is the notion that because I haven’t had actual point was. I’m not a eunuch. I sex, clearly my relationships with the would love to have sex with someone women in my life have been “failures.” who I love, and who loves me in reWhether said plainly or obliquely, I’ve turn. But I’m also someone who seen the idea stated quite a few times, values people as people. I find no “nosymbolized by that horrific concept bility” in remaining a virgin — but I known as “The Friend Zone.” This also don’t find it a failing of character. My argument was against the terrible condition, many men make clear, is the single most awful outcome pervasive idea that because I haven’t one can imagine: that she just wants to gotten it on with any of them, my friendships with women are somehow be friends. I detest the idea that being friends naturally a disappointment to me — with a woman means that somehow which could not be further from the I “lost” or that a physical relationship truth. Will that attitude change once is the only reason a heterosexual man I have had sex? I doubt it, and I truly would want to be a woman’s friend. I hope not, because that would be a value my friendships too much to sit massive violation of who I am and idly by and let others try and tell me what I believe as a person and friend. that what I get out of being close with I’d hate to think one act would change someone is “not enough,” or that I my entire world view so massively. This is not a discussion of what should want more. It was in response to this idea that I wrote the following sex is, or why it’s seen as important. This is about the implication that my Facebook post on May 25: “Let’s spell this out. Make it appreciation for people beyond the plain. Okay? To hell with the idea fact that they have genitals makes me that somehow I’m a failure or less of less of a person. I believe I am fully within my experience to respond to a person because I haven’t had sex. “To hell with the idea that my that point of view. And with that in relationships with female friends are mind — seriously — to hell with that somehow a failure because I haven’t line of thought. O slept with any of them. To hell with the idea that their worth to me is de- Jeff McGinnis is Toledo Free Press fined solely by whether or not they Pop Culture Editor. Email him at want to have sex with me.

June 9, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005 n POUNDS CONTINUED FROM 3 I also believe that UT had every right to terminate her employment and Dixon should have accepted that as the consequence of speaking out while serving in a position that presumably demands tolerance. Miller disagrees, saying, “I know there are many shades of gray to this conversation, but the simplest reduction is this: Dixon was fired for expressing her opinion. That’s not supposed to happen in America. That the punishment was doled out by a university makes it that much more offensive. How many UT employees are going to rush to send letters or comments on controversial topics? The effect of the Dixon firing is a chilling of free speech rights. We can argue about common sense and employee loyalty and all the nuances of this case, but to reiterate, someone was fired n MILLER CONTINUED FROM 3 During the performance, a slide show ran through images from the orchestra’s career: marquees showing its names, guest appearances from celebrities, images of Johnny and Jerry progressing from young men to seasoned conductors. The images brought Johnny into the hall and kept his spirit very much entwined with the music. After spins through “Lara’s Theme” and Miller’s arrangement for “Danny Boy,” Zmuda returned for one of the evening’s highlights, his reading of Darin’s “Clementine.” The song requires a performance of humor and pathos that is almost acting. It is the story of a “chubby miner’s daughter” who is walking a herd of cows over a river footbridge. “The old bridge trembled/Then disassembled” Zmuda sang, employing bubble-blowing trills and Darin’s trademark “hup hup!” to sing the song with its darkly funny lyrics (“Hey, I’m no swimmer/but were she slimmer/I might

for speaking her mind, and how can exceptions be made to free speech? Dixon did not yell ‘fire’ in a crowded gay bathhouse, she expressed her mostly religious-based beliefs in a guest column. Dixon voluntarily took a stand in a newspaper and has paid a terrible price.” With the case potentially in the U.S. Supreme Court, this is a conversation that will continue on; as we know firsthand, the wheels of justice can turn incredibly slowly. That Dixon still has avenues to pursue her claim proves the notion that her free speech rights have many avenues of protection, even if the ultimate outcome for her does not change. O Thomas F. Pounds is president and publisher of Toledo Free Press and Toledo Free Press Star. Contact him at tpounds@

have saved that Clementine” and “I wasn’t nervous/Until the service/They held for Clementine,” Zmuda sang with a smile. It was not an impersonation of Darin, but an adoption of his mannerisms that Zmuda made his own. The audience responded strongly to a medley of songs about girls (“Margie,” “Sweet Sue, Just You,” “Marie,” “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue,” “Sweet Georgia Brown” and a rousing “Hello Dolly” and Miller’s “Tuxedo Junction.”) It is a tough task to single out individual musicians in such a tight orchestra, but I was duly impressed by Tim Vesey, who played alto sax, clarinet and flute, trumpet player Dave Tippett and bass player John Dana. Drummer Bob Johnson played his rolls and fills with a force and drive that men one-third his age should envy and emulate. After wrapping up with “We’ll Meet Again,” “Thanks For The Memories” and a version of Miller’s “In The Mood” that rocked the audience (and could

have gone on forever, as far as the audience was concerned), the orchestra took its bows and closed the show. It was a major honor to play a minor role in the evening and a great privilege to hear the JKO play live; it is an opportunity I strongly encourage Toledoans to pursue. If nothing else, the memories will be preserved on CDs and the TV special, scheduled to air New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day on Buckeye CableSystem Channel 58. Mark your calendars to relive the memories with those of us who were lucky enough to be there, lost in the music of Darin, Bennett, Sinatra and Vera Lynn — singing of love, America and a girl named Clementine who may still be out there, pushing bubbles through the water as her story reverberates in song. O Michael S. Miller is editor in chief of Toledo Free Press and Toledo Free Press Star. Contact him at mmiller@

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Red,White&YOU June 9, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

LocaL musicians✯ 23 tracks✯ $10

Pat Dailey Jeff Stewart

Red,White Chrys & You Peterson

Executive Producer:

iller Michael M Free Press Editor in Chief, Tole

Lee Cover illustration by Don Red Cross es A. Molnar and American Package design by Jam Miller and Sean Miller n Eva r, Mille tt Fun Crew: Shannon Sco of Dedicated to the Summer and appreciate every one k concept to life. We than artists joined to bring this y Studios (tracks 6, 7, 12, THANK YOU: Dozens of er; Brett Dennison of Firefl Mey n; Larry ; inso Rob Wyte ty Ken yous to: Migh Amanda Aldrich; them, with special thank do (tracks 4, 21); Tim Yenrick; don; Andi Roman and Tole (tracks 9, 19); Jeff Stewart Chir Bob ; man Hole e 22); Kerry Patrick Clark Kelli t Boos; rt; Tom Brady; Armstrong; Dan Davis; Scot on Stoner; Bob Davenpo Alys ges; Hod nne Peggy Holewinski; Rob LuA ; rson who contributed to this CD. r; E.J. Wells; Chrys Pete Tom Pounds; and everyone Mud Hens; Dustin Hostetle ney; Mary Ann Stearns; Whit Josh x; erso Bow Gina Orr; Crystal

Coming Publishing Credits

the Bal lgam e 0:44 1. Tak e Me Out To Albert Von Tilzer) // (1908, Jack Norworth and 2:22 (Brian Wilson, 2. Wouldn’t It Be Nice e, Rondor Music) // Tony Asher, Mike Lov (Kyle White; Used 3. August In Ohio 3:43 in’ On) The Dock by Permission) // 4. (Sitt Redding/Steve Cropper, Of The Bay 3:32 (Otis al Music Publishing) // Warner Chappell/Univers d by e 4:14 (Matt Sayers; Use nad Sere time mer 5. Sum er/ ia Sun 2:50 (Henry Glov forn Cali 6. // n) issio Perm Me gitude Music) // 7. Help Lon EMI , Levy ris Mor on, Mike Love, Rondor Rhonda 2:44 (Brian Wils p 2:29 (Jon Kuhlman; Music) // 8. Frogtown Stom Girls In Their Summer Used by Permission) // 9. Springsteen, Bruce Clothes 3:59 (Bruce et 3:53 (Alyson Springsteen) // 10. Swe Michael Bland; Stoner, Ryan Liestman and 11. Sacred Used by Permission) // enport/ Groove 4:08 (Bob Dav midt; Carmen Miller/Matt Sch Used by Permission) //

to area

Big Boy, r

’ 4:26 (Steve Perry, 12. Don’t Stop Believin , Lacey Boulevard Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain ng) // 13. Put-Inlishi Pub ic Mus izen Music/W by Permission.) // d Use ey; Dail (Pat Bay 3:23 taville (We Got Put-In 14. Who Needs Margari Dog” Adams; Used by d “Ma e (Mik 3:33 ) Bay Put-In-Bay Summer Permission) // 15. Another ie Boggs Productions; Edd gs; Bog ie (Edd 2:18 (Tom 16. All Night Long 3:40 Used by Permission) // n) // 17. Needles And Wax issio Perm by d Use Clawson; n) // issin; Used by Permissio 3:10 (Timothy David Rich by (Re ece Dail ey; Use d 4:11 Up It Live 18. mertime 4:15 (George Permission) // 19. Sum in, DuBose Heyward) Gershwin, Ira Gershw (Brad Bury; Used by // 20. Tiki Hut 3:22 e One 4:19 (Jeff Permission) // 21. Littl n) // 22. Lost Stewart; Used by Permissio no; Used by Lagoon 3:20 (Bob Mila Toledo Permission) // 23. Holy x; 3:51 (Crystal Bowerso Used by Permission)



and Key

BanK loC ationS

Alyson stoner


clAm EddiE Crystal Bowersox Boggs The BradBerries Kyle White NW Ohio ar tists unite to be


NiNe Lives Lab The SanderlingS feaTuring ScoTT hunT

Go Mike “Mad dog” adaMs Throw IT To ErIE

Old State line Buck69 Kerry PatricK clarK Milano Carmen miller The Reese Dailey BanD feaTuRing PaT Dailey

Matt SayerS HigHbinder



A Toledo tradition since 2005

June 9, 2013


By Bailey G. Dick

Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

D. Michael Collins stands in front of a line of coffee dispensers at a local café, reading each label carefully before pouring a little bit of each blend into his cup. The Toledo City Councilman and latest addition to the mayoral race likes to try a little bit of everything. Collins, who has represented District 2 on City Council since 2007, has also been a college professor, a union president and was a police officer with the Toledo Police Department (TPD) for nearly three decades. Although he has spent the past several years as a politician, Collins said he sees himself as a mixture of his many roles. “It’s hard to divorce myself from the career that I spent 28 years in. I don’t see how that’s possible, frankly,” Collins said. “Although I’ve been a college professor for 10 years, too. So I have a multiplicity.” This is Collins’ second attempt to become Toledo’s mayor. He came in fourth place in the 2009 election. “When you lose an election, you learn a lot more about the process than you do when you win,” Collins said. “Having lost the election in 2009, I think I carry into 2013 valuable lessons as to a campaign and addressing the issues.” But the decision to run didn’t come easy. After being prodded by members of the community, Collins decided to pay for a poll to see how voters planned to vote. “The polling came out favorable, and I was not even a candidate at the time,” he said of the results. More valuable than any poll, according to Collins, was the opinion of his wife, Sandy. “She said to me one evening at supper, ‘Will we look across the table from each other one year from now and ask this question: ‘Why didn’t we run?’ Because that’s the bottom line, and I think that made our decision. That was the moment when it all came together,” he said.

Hometown connection

Collins said he is deeply connected to the city he hopes to lead this fall. “I’m very proud to say I’m a lifelong resident of the city of Toledo, and I do mean lifelong. The only time I’ve ever been separated from the city of Toledo was when I was in the Marine Corps,” he said. Collins, the son of an Irish immigrant, grew up in the city’s “chal-

lenged” South End and attended Edward Drummond Libbey High School. Growing up, Collins said, “I was afforded opportunities in the city of Toledo to pursue a profession, to achieve an education to the point I have an MBA, to have my children educated in the city of Toledo, and to be a lifelong resident.”

Safety issues

With a nod to his years as a police officer, Collins announced his candidacy for mayor of Toledo on May 15 outside the shuttered TPD Northwest District Station, which he vowed to reopen within 90 days if elected. He said the decision to launch his campaign there was no coincidence. “I was introduced to the practice of law enforcement with a concept that is no longer available in the city of Toledo, and that’s called beat integrity. Officers are assigned specific geographical areas … and those officers are responsible for the events that take place in that area,” Collins said. “Northwest District Station fit well into that foundation. The officers know the residents, know the business people and they form a strong partnership. And that isn’t going on in the city of Toledo today, and it’s time that we turn to that fundamental concept.” Collins expressed concern about a number of decisions made by the city to address crime, including the purchase of video surveillance cameras and the number of patrol officers TPD has on staff. “Neighborhood safety is not being addressed,” Collins said. “Our crime stats over the past three years are completely unacceptable.”

toledo free press photo and cover photo by joseph herr

Collins makes second run for mayor’s office

‘The Challenger’

Collins has brought his questioning skills from the police force to City Council chambers. “My reputation is that I am ‘The Challenger’ in City Council because I ask questions,” Collins said. “It’s characteristic of my 28 years and realworld experience as a police officer.” Known for his questioning on spending and ethics issues, Collins insists he’s not the city’s resident watchdog. “I perhaps ask more questions than anybody else. But I really do not consider myself the watchdog of City Council,” he said. “I am very diligent about my work, and it is important to me. The steps that I take are not steps as a watchdog, but steps I take to support, or not support, specific issues as they come before Council in terms of the government operations.” n COLLINS CONTINUES ON 7


D. Michael Collins said he will reopen the Northwest District Police Station within 90 days if he is elected mayor.

June 9, 2013


Colleagues and opponents

One person who has worked closely with Collins is Councilman Tom Waniewski. Waniewski and Collins were elected to City Council the same year but have known each other since Waniewski was a reporter with Channel 13 and Collins was with TPD. “He works hard. He’s in the office about 60 hours a week,” Waniewski said. “We used to talk just about every weekend about issues. Those BELL c o nv e r s at i o n s don’t happen as much as I wish they still did.” While Waniewski said he supported Collins when he ran for mayor four years ago, he said he is waiting until after the September primary to make an endorsement decision.

Mayor Mike Bell, who has sparred with Collins on several issues, said he does not foresee Collins faring well in the election. “I think that the problem Mike runs into, especially when dealing with me, is that he doesn’t realize he may not be the smartest person in the room,” Bell said. “If you really pay attention, he appears in his own mind to be an expert in everything, and that’s an impossibility. That’s something that rubs people the wrong way.” Bell said “just about anyLOPEZ body could have the potential” to be a successful mayor, but cited concerns about Collins’ ego and “his concept that he thinks he knows more than anyone.” Mayoral candidate and Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez said a lot

of her work with Collins is providing information he may need to question some of the operations dealing with the city and the county. “I believe I’m the only elected official that has the track record of providing services that actually work for the people,” she added. Alan Cox, a neighborhood development specialist and union president who is also running for mayor, said he has mixed feelings about Collins as a potential mayor. “I know he has real strengths in terms of concerns and focuses, but there are some things I would have some concerns about,” he said, but declined to elaborate. Still, Cox said he could potentially vote for Collins if he himself doesn’t survive the primary. “It’s going to be someone I have to work with, and I think I could have a good working relationship with him,” he said. Other mayoral hopefuls are Libertarian candidate Michael Konwinski and perennial candidate Opal Covey.

Development plan


Girls BAck Are

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A Toledo tradition since 2005

Collins has big plans for economic development in the part of the city he calls home. “The most important part of the city is Southwyck,” Collins said. “If we lose Southwyck, we lose our city.” Collins also is concerned about the state of the Marina District, calling the biographies of the site’s developers “anemic.” “I fully intend that, if substantial development doesn’t occur, that we will find within our budget the ability to take that property back for the price that we received for it, and that’s $3.8 million. I will not compromise on that part of the Marina District.” At the heart of Collins’ plan to prevent Toledo from becoming what he described as “Detroit South,” is a development strategy called “meta-planning.” The concept “takes the strategic plans of our region’s economic development organizations as a starting point and brings them together in a

I think that the problem Mike runs into, especially when dealing with me, is that he doesn’t realize he may not be the smartest person in the room.” — Toledo Mayor MIKE BELL single plan that seeks to avoid duplication and identify any gaps that need to be filled,” according to University of Toledo President Emeritus Dan Johnson, who was a crucial part of introducing the plan in 2007. “It is a highly collaborative and participatory approach where collaboration and participation really count,” Johnson said. Collins said he hopes to implement meta-planning with Johnson. “I fully intend on seeking Dr. Johnson’s assistance, because his contract will be completed in June of this year to come forward and resurrect that meta-plan, because I believe it makes sense,” Collins said. “We’re not going to reinvent a wheel, we’re going to go with a dynamic program that never should have been walked away from to begin with.” Johnson said he would be in favor of implementing meta-planning, but that he isn’t “planning to work for any specific mayoral candidates but to work for and support those issues that I believe will benefit our region and community.”

Campaigning differently

Collins is running without a party affiliation and plans on spending very little money on his campaign. “I’ve been an independent all my life,” Collins said. “I believe that I can, as an independent, with a true bipartisan approach … bring about a


consensus between those differences, between those political ideologies.” Collins is also realistic about his finances. And he is purposely avoiding major fundraisers. According to the Lucas County Board of Elections, Collins began his political career and his bid for a City Council seat in 2007 with $2,000. According to the most recent paperwork on file for Collins’ campaign, he is going into this year’s mayoral election with less than $5,000 — most of which is listed as a loan from his wife. “I realize I will never raise the money that will be available to the other candidates in this race,” he said. “We’re not doing any $1,000-a-plate, $500-a-plate benefits or funding. Frankly, I find it obscene to ask people for that kind of money, because only logic tells me that if you’re getting that kind of money, there’s strings attached. And I will not have any strings attached to me.” Collins anticipates a “broad spectrum” of people as his voter base, and said the city’s labor unions “are going to play a major role in this election.” Collins led one of those unions, the Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association, for 10 years. But he is not worrying about largescale campaign issues for now. “I have enough work to do,” Collins said. “I’m like the David in this race versus the Goliath.”

Looking forward

Collins will make the rounds through Toledo’s neighborhoods during the next few months, much like he did in the central part of the city during his stint as a police officer. But instead of looking for criminals, he will ring doorbells of potential voters. “We will probably never see the day where we have television, but I will do commercials on the doorsteps of every household I can possibly visit during this campaign,” Collins said. O


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June 9, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

TPS performance audit revision projects $90.8 million in savings By John P. McCartney

Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

In her consulting firm’s presentation of Toledo Public Schools’ (TPS) revised performance audit on June 4, Evergreen Solutions’ Linda Recio informed the Board of Education that it could expect $10.7 million less in savings than what Evergreen projected two months earlier. The original projection of $101.5 million dropped to $90,784,870. Evergreen also eliminated two recommendations and made significant dollar revisions to five others, Recio said. Recio attributes the decrease in savings to additional data the board “wanted us to use that we didn’t have the first time. Also, [the savings] vary across six or seven recommendations, all of which are affected by [the new data].” Projected total net savings range from $16,680,432 for the first year to $18,756,206 for the fourth year with a one-time savings of $103,700.

Eliminated recommendations

Evergreen’s elimination of two recommendations resulted in a loss of $4,146,625 in savings. The two eliminated recommendations were: O Recommendation 3-16 — the reduction of school psychologists from 24 to 15 for a five-year projected savings of $4,131,540. O Recommendation 9-9 — the elimination of five surplus and unused vehicles in the Safety and Security Department for a one-time projected savings of $15,085. The audit reported that in many cases, employees receive supplemental pay for tasks they no longer perform while others are hired and paid supplementals (the stipend paid for performing duties as varied as chess club adviser to basketball coach) to perform those tasks. As a result, Evergreen reported that TPS frequently pays for the same work twice. In the original audit, Evergreen, using the figure of $6,224,958 and eliminating a minimum of 25 percent of supplementals (the total number of contracts of additional stipends), reported that TPS would save about $16 million annually or $7.8 million over the audit’s five-year projection. However, Evergreen estimated far greater savings if supplemental duties underwent careful scrutiny of seven factors it identified. In completing the revised audit, Recio said Matthew Cleland, project coordinator, provided Evergreen five different sets of data regarding the total number of additional stipends.

“Some of this [need for revision] might be Evergreen not being given sufficient data, but some of it is we just got wrong data to begin with,” Recio said. Using the most current documentation, Evergreen reported that TPS spent $3.2 million on supplemental contracts for fiscal year (FY) 2012 — $3 million less than the figure used in the original audit — and is projected to spend in excess of $3.6 million for FY 2013. Recio said that one-year increase of $400,000 underscores the need for oversight and accountability in the completion of the tasks described in supplemental contracts. Evergreen reported that it wanted to make TPS’ board acutely aware that: O supplemental contracting costs the district funds over which little oversight and accountability are exercised and often for responsibilities that should be an expected part of normal position-related duties. O drilling down to actual costs that are certain is challenging at best. In Recommendation 3-11 of the revised audit, using the $3.6 million figure and eliminating a minimum of 25 percent of supplemental contracts, Evergreen reported that TPS would save about $900,000 annually or $4.5 million for five years, a $3.3 million difference in what Evergreen projected in the original audit. Again, Evergreen reported tha with careful scrutiny, TPS could save significantly more money.

Wrong count

Recio said Evergreen was originally given the wrong count of clerical staff at schools. Recio said when Evergreen received the adjusted count, projected reduction in clerical staff at the elementary level went from 15 to a minimum of 12.6 employees. Recio said the savings became $3.1 million, down from the original projection of $5.1 million. Recio also said the decrease in projected savings in assistant principal (AP) salaries is a prime example of Evergreen’s making a recommendation based on inaccurate data. Evergreen was originally given an AP salary of $92,000, which has since been reduced to $85,000. Recio said that when that $7,000 difference is multiplied by the recommended reduction of 15 AP positions, and then multiplied by five years, taxpayers will see a reduction of $525,000 in savings, from the original projection of $6.9 million to the revised projection of $6.4 million.

Implementation plan

Recio presented the board with four implementation strategies:

O Create an implementation chart that includes the recommendation, steps for action, a timeline, the person or people responsible for implementation, committee comments and recommended modifications and the completed implementation.

O Create an implementation committee of 15-20 BOE members, staff and community members in which committee members understand that they are a monitoring, not a decisionmaking, group. O Monitor results and savings.

O Share results with the community in a quarterly report card. Board President Brenda Hill said she hopes to have the skeleton for creating the implementation committee ready at the board’s regularly scheduled business meeting June 25. O

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10 Community

June 9, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005


By Paige Shermis

Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

In conjunction with the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall’s stay in Toledo, the Toledo Ohio Vietnam Era Veterans Appreciation Event took place on June 5. The event, at the University of Toledo Savage Arena, included the Opening Ceremony for the Wall’s stay in Toledo and an Honor Roll Call for all veterans in attendance. Duke Wheeler, a Christmas tree farmer from Whitehouse, helped organize the event and bring the Traveling Wall to Toledo. “I [want] to show these veterans how much we appreciate their sacrifices and to honor them. They fought a war that was a bad war, and that was not their fault. We should have honored them when they came home,” Wheeler said. The Opening Ceremony began with the presentation of colors. Next, the Maumee High School Select Singers sang the National Anthem, “Simple Gifts” and “Amazing Grace.” A prayer by Ben Snyder, south Toledo lead pastor of Cedar Creek Church followed. Marines Roy Hernandez, who served from 1963-’67, and Bob Baker, who served from 1967-’70, then performed a tribute to prisoners of war and those missing in action, with Hernandez giving a speech on those soldiers who were missing or taken prisoner as Baker rang a silver bell. A small dining table was set for one person on stage, the empty place sym-

Court-Ordered Auction ABSOLUTE Auction

Wednesday Oct11 24 11 11am am Tuesday June er Brok



e nvit

ion I

at rticip

bolizing that of all the POW/MIAs. Hernandez explained the meaning of each item on the table, from the color of the tablecloth to the lit candle. University of Toledo President Lloyd Jacobs, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1958-’64, Mayor Mike Bell and U.S. Air Force Colonel Steven Nordhaus gave welcoming remarks, followed by a short video message from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. Hagel, who was invited to the ceremony but could not attend because he was out of the country, served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1967-’68. The Opening Ceremony’s keynote speaker was USMC Lt. Gen. Robert A. Tiebout, retired, who served in Vietnam from 1967-8. “The Wall is a very moving thing. The Wall came in my home in Tennessee and I dedicated it [there]. It’s so moving because when you look at it, you visualize 50,000 young men that were in their youth, the best times of their life, and didn’t hesitate a minute. They did what they had to do to do their job and maintain their freedom. They haven’t enjoyed this longevity that I have; I was fortunate. They gave it all,” Tiebout said after the ceremony. Tiebout’s speech was followed by the honor roll call, in which all Vietnam-era veterans were invited onstage to receive a special coin as their names were announced to the hall. The challenge coins, given to the veterans, are steeped in military tradition and rooted in nostalgia and membership ties. Some veterans accepted coins on behalf of themselves and their

brothers, who were killed in Vietnam. Several men’s wives also accepted coins on behalf of their husbands. After the roll call was complete, the official songs of each branch of the military (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard) were played, and the veterans were invited to stand when their branch’s song was played. Only one man stood for the Coast Guard’s song, and was met with loud applause. The evening’s master of ceremonies, Navy Lt. Haraz N. Ghanbari, USN, who serves as the military and media liaison at the University of Toledo, gave closing remarks. The ceremony ended with a live performance of “Taps” by Jeff Worthen, one of the only musicians in the area who performs the song live. Worthen served in the U.S. Army from 1964-’67. After the event, Tiebout remarked on his treatment upon returning from war. “It was not good. It was not a good situation. There were a lot of demonstrations. As a matter of fact, it was such that the uniform was not to be worn in a lot of places because of the antagonistic views of some people of the veterans,” he said. However, the way soldiers and veterans are looked at now in this country is much different, he said. “The attitudes have turned around 100 percent. People are very patriotic right now. They just appreciate veterans, wherever they come from. They stop and they talk to them. The uniform is worn and recognized. The healing after Vietnam [started] probably eight to nine years after Vietnam ended,” he said. Attendee Robert Rickard, a


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Marines Bob Baker, left, and Lt. Gen Robert A. Tiebout.

Toledoan, served in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, from 1971-73. “[Attending] was kind of a last minute thing … but it was pretty neat,” he said. The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall will be in International Park until 4 p.m. June 9. The process to get the Wall to Toledo has been in the works since 2010, Wheeler said. Events related to the Traveling Wall and Vietnam-era veterans will take place through the weekend. The 7 p.m. Mud Hens game on June 6 is free for all Vietnam-era veterans, who can show their DD214 form at will call for

a free ticket. The unveiling ceremony for a bronze plaque commemorating local Vietnam-era veterans will take place at the All Wars Memorial in Downtown Toledo on June 7. The closing ceremony at the Traveling Wall will take place June 9 at 4 p.m. “We need to pull together and appreciate the sacrifices of over 58,281 people that died, the youngest being 15 years old. That’s a part of history that is ugly for the country but we can’t forget it, otherwise it will repeat itself,” Wheeler said. For a full schedule of events, visit O

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toledo free press photo by paige shermis

Ceremony honors Vietnam-era veterans

Between Harroun and Main St.

Sunday, S und day Jun June ne e2 23, 3 2 2013 013

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June 9, 2013

Community 11

A Toledo tradition since 2005


State Auditor Yost to speak June 20 in Perrysburg By Mo Sheahan

Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

Ohio State Auditor Dave Yost has a few stories to share about government accountability — some of which are quite good, he said. Yost is scheduled to speak about his office’s effort to audit the spending and efficiency of government practices across Ohio to an expected crowd of more than 150 at the Greater Toledo Republican Club’s annual member appreciation dinner on June 20. The conversation is not about party affiliation, Yost said. He said that ensuring accountability with taxpayer dollars is something everyone should be concerned about. “I think we need to start focusing on where we share interests, rather than where we differ,” Yost said. John Schulte, president-elect of the Greater Toledo Republican Club, said Yost’s appearance brings one of the most visible elected republican officials in the state to the Toledo area.

“He will be a great speaker, very topical,” Schulte said. “We’re excited to bring Yost to Toledo.” A recent audit conducted by Yost’s office revealed “scrubbing” of attendance records at Toledo Public Schools (TPS). “TPS has issues folks should be concerned about,” Yost said. “They are also working hard to do better. My understanding is that they have discontinued prior attendance practices. We are also on our way to correcting issues at the state level.” On an annual basis, Yost’s office conducts a financial audit of every government agency in the Toledo area. In addition, the office is occasionally invited to conduct a performance audit, such as the yearlong audit completed in Maumee in 2011 and 2012, which identified ways for the city to save millions, Yost said. Yost said he looks forward to events like the membership dinner, which enable him to talk to constituents around the state. “I always get there early and hang

around late so I can talk to the folks that want to talk,” he said. “Issues vary around the state. That’s one of the values of getting out of Columbus and the hot house of Capitol Square, [is to] talk to folks around the state.” While local issues differ, Yost sees common concerns throughout Ohio. “People are still worried about the economy, jobs and the affordable health care act,” he said. During the remainder of 2013 and beyond, Yost plans to continue with his office’s prime mission, which he says is to “go after the bad guys who steal the money, and help local and state governments to get skinnier.” Later this month, Yost said, he will close the books on the first round of 2013 state performance audits, which he said include significant savings. Results of all state audits, including those specific to Toledo, can be found at The Greater Toledo Republican Club is pleased to host Yost as the keynote speaker of this year’s membership dinner, Schulte said. He said the club was established in 1935 and is

the oldest Republican club in the area. “We want to spread the conservative message and support Republican candidates seeking public office in Lucas County. We’re about less government, and pro-business,” he said. Club meetings take place on the last Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Wernert’s Corners Civic Association Building, 5068 Douglas Road. Schulte said prominent speakers are scheduled for each meeting. The list of past speakers includes Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel, among others. Anyone is invited and new members are always welcome, Schulte said. Tickets to the membership dinner, to take place at the Holiday Inn French Quarter in Perrysburg, are $35 for individuals, $65 for couples or $250 for a table of eight. They may be purchased by calling current Greater Toledo Republican Club President Les Rupert at (734) 856-2296 or Schulte at (419) 8332500. The reservation deadline is June 13; no tickets will be sold at the door. O


12 Community

A Toledo tradition since 2005

June 9, 2013


EPIC Toledo to host pro negotiator at leadership event By Casey Harper

Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

Most people go into negotiations underprepared and leave money on the table, according to negotiation expert Bob Yonker. He said just a little more preparation could make all the difference. Yonker will give listeners the keys to negotiating success at the EPIC Toledo Leadership Unplugged event June 11 at the Toledo Club, 245 14th St. Downtown. “People negotiate every day of their life whether it’s with their child, spouse, coworker or car dealer, but we don’t really think about how we can get better,” Yonker said. “We settle for deals that are OK but if we put a little bit more effort into it we could greatly increase the value of the deal.” Yonker is an associate professor of management at the University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation. He said he plans to explain how negotiators can get the most from their deals.

Yonker said the key to getting what you want in a negotiation is preparation. “Approximately 80 percent of your time should be preparing for a negotiation, and the other 20 percent of your time is spent physically negotiating,” he said. “Most people think the complete opposite and it really hurts them in terms of their outcomes.” When preparing, negotiators should ask themselves a few big questions. “What is your target point, or in other words, in a best case scenario what does the outcome look like?” Yonker said. “Also, you rarely get what you want in a negotiation if you don’t think about what the other parties want out of a negotiation. Through research, anticipate what the other parties want.” He also outlines some of the biggest traps naïve negotiators fall into. “We sometimes walk away from the table because our pride gets in the way,” Yonker said. “Feelings get hurt and we let that get in the way of a good deal. It could be the best deal we have

but we’ll walk away from the table out of our pride.” On the other hand, Yonker said fear of hurt feelings can cause a negotiator to get a bad deal. “We settle for terms that are worse than if we did walk away because some people don’t want to disappoint other people,” he said. “They don’t want to say no, and that’s irrational.” To avoid these traps and be more prepared, Yonker recommends practicing a “reverse negotiation.” “What you do is you get a friend to play you in a negotiation and you play the party that you are about to negotiate with,” Yonker said. “This forces you to be in the other party’s shoes, and it really helps you have a good perspective going into the negotiation. It will be strange the first couple of times you do this, but it will pay dividends in the end.” The EPIC Toledo event will be at the Toledo Club’s Belvedere Room from 5:30-7 p.m. Registration is free at “It gives us a chance to have our members as well as anyone else come

We sometimes walk away from the table because our pride gets in the way. It could be the best deal we have but we’ll walk away from the table out of our pride.”

— Bob Yonker together to hear about what’s going on with EPIC, hear from great speakers on topics of interest and participate in group discussions as well as professional development,” said EPIC Toledo Director Sara Swisher. “The event is going to be very fun and interactive and not a lecture style by any means, so I think the members will really enjoy that.” O

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR 2013 GRADUATES For more information on how your child can attend The Knight Academy or to set up a personal tour of our facility call us today at 419-720-4444


June 9, 2013


A Toledo tradition since 2005

Community 13


FOR KIDS! HOP TO IT AND DIAL 2-1-1 FOR DETAILS TODAY! Let’s chalk one up for the kids this summer, because any kid up to age 18 can enjoy FREE MEALS all summer thanks to the Summer Food Program. Meals will be served through midAUGUST at more than 100 sites throughout Toledo. Join us. Just DIAL 2-1-1 to find a location near you.

DIAL 2-1-1 TO SEE WHERE YOU CAN GET FREE MEALS ALL SUMMER. In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call toll free (866) 632-9992 (voice). Individuals who are hearing impaired or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339; or (800) 845-6136 (Spanish). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. PROM1021_10x10.25_0002.indd 1

6/4/13 2:40 PM

14. Community

June 9, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

SAFETY photo courtesy keybank

Central Catholic High School cuts staff more than 1,000 students. “If you think of it in terms of a basketball team, I have five jerseys, not six,” Maj said. “The sixth player may be a really good player but I just don’t have a jersey for him.” When Maj began working at Central Catholic in February, the school had already been cutting costs. Maj said he did not want to cut courses, electives, arts, Advanced Placement classes or other things he felt were most important to students. “We’re here to serve students,” he said. “I’m confident that the decisions we made will be sufficient to meet the needs of students next fall.” Maj met with all of the employees to instill confidence going forward. “This school has an 85-year reputation of graduating students who have realized real achievement gains, both academically and otherwise,” he said.” O

By Casey Harper Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

Declining enrollment forced Central Catholic High School to eliminate 10 employee contracts last week. Central Catholic President Tom Maj said the cuts were achieved by not renewing certain contracts and choosing not to replace retirees. “We are rightsizing the staff due to enrollment decline,” Maj said. “People typically think that somebody has done something wrong and that isn’t the case. I simply don’t MAJ have the resources to support the current staff levels.” Central Catholic expects 840-880 students next year but Maj said the staff of 108 was fitted for a school of


FOr the fifth year, KeyBank will help bring the Key to Safe Teen Driving program to Toledo, this year on June 18.

KeyBank partners with Mid-Ohio School to promote safe teen driving By Paige Shermis

Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the U.S. In an attempt to combat this statistic, KeyBank is bringing the Key to Safe Teen Driving program to Toledo on June 18. This is the fifth year the program has been brought to Toledo, said James A. Hoffman, president of KeyBank’s Michigan/Northwest Ohio District. “One of the things that we have as an objective at the bank is to help our communities to be strong and to grow. One of the issues that exists in most communities is teen driving and teen safety. We were able to partner with one of our customers, who already had a teen safety driving program, and we’ve expanded now to four locations around the state,” Hoffman said. Key to Safe Teen Driving is also being brought to Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. The Toledo event will take place at Owens Community College at the Center for Emergency Preparedness. It is free and available for any teenager with a valid temporary driving permit or license with access to a vehicle. Up to 120 students at Key to Safe Teen Driving will receive classroom instruction from professional instructors from the Mid-Ohio School, as well as guided practice in wet braking and emergency lane change maneuvers. The goal is to improve the driving practices of participants. The program goes beyond what a normal driver’s education will teach a teenager, said Stephen Timms, marketing

information coordinator at Mid-Ohio. “[Key to Safe Teen Driving] is above and beyond what driver’s ed will do. It puts teens in positions that they will encounter out on the streets. We will put them in a position when you need to make an emergency lane change or start to hydroplane … that you usually don’t encounter until you’re in the process of wrecking,” Timms said. Part of the course involves driving the Honda Civic Skid Car, which replicates driving in icy or wet conditions. The car is outfitted with outriggers that take traction away from the car’s wheels, Timms said. “It puts them into situations they would not normally be in, so they can safely put the car into a skid,” Hoffman said. According to a news release from KeyBank, AAA of Northwest Ohio will also be at the event providing free vehicle safety inspections. This is not the only time KeyBank has partnered with its clients to sponsor events. “We have a nonprofit clients that we partner with in Toledo. We do a lot of joint programs with them to help them fulfill their mission. We do some joint programming together. We do volunteer hours together. We have 50 nonprofit customers in Northwest Ohio and we support most of them, if not all of them,” Hoffman said. According to Hoffman and Timms, the program’s testamonials speak volumes to its effectiveness. “Every teenager who has gone through it has found it very worthwhile and we are glad they had the experience,” Hoffman said. To register, visit or call (877) 793-TMOS (8667) for more information on the MidOhio School. O

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June 9, 2013

Health Zone 15.

A Toledo tradition since 2005


Seniors moving in — too close for comfort? I “ t’s happening in the White House and in homes throughout the Greater Toledo area. When President Barack Obama’s mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, settled in with her family in Washington, D.C., earlier this year, they became part of a growing national trend. The increasing number of seniors now living under the same roof with at least one other generation is more than just political news. According to a recent survey conducted for the local company Home Instead Senior Care, 43 percent of adult caregivers in the U.S. ages 35 to 62 reside with the parent, stepparent or older relative for whom they or someone else in their household provides care. The U.S. Census Bureau confirms this growing trend: In 2000, 2.3 million older parents were living with their adult children; by 2007, that

The challenges that number had jumped to can arise from inter3.6 million — a 55 pergenerational living cent increase. have prompted Home Several factors are Instead Senior Care to driving this trend. We launch a public educasee families coming totion campaign to help gether to share family families determine if caregiving duties for living together is a good economic reasons and idea. It will also provide emotional support. Sometimes the seScott ROZANSKI tips on how to make such an arrangement niors need care, but in other instances the older adults work well for seniors as well as their could be providing care to their family caregivers if they do decide to combine households. own grandchildren. This campaign will help adult Seniors may feel they need the emotional support of an extended children begin to address such isfamily and, in these difficult economic sues as the stress of caregiving under times, financial assistance. Regardless one roof, adapting a home for two of the reasons, combining households or more generations and merging is a big decision. Some families may household finances. At the center of the campaign is a decide that maintaining separate resihandbook, available free from Home dences is the best alternative.

The challenges that can arise from intergenerational living have prompted Home Instead Senior Care to launch a public education campaign to help families determine if living together is a good idea and to provide tips on how to make such an arrangement work well for seniors as well as their family caregivers if they do decide to combine households.”

Instead Senior Care, which addresses the emotional, financial, comfort and safety aspects of intergenerational living. The handbook was compiled with the assistance of three national


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“You’re not in this alone.”

“We are experts in managing symptoms and pain as patients get closer to the end of life. It’s very important to call as soon as possible so we can help you with the disease process you are facing. We will support you at every turn so you know you’re not alone.“

– Dr. Vicki Bertka, Hospice of Northwest Ohio physician

We are the area’s largest and most experienced provider of hospice care, a nonprofit organization solely dedicated to providing the best possible end-of-life experience for our patients and their families. Ask for us by name. The sooner you do, the more we can help. Answers for Living the Last Months of Life

Visit 419-661-4001 (Ohio)• 734-568-6801 (Michigan)

© 2012 Hospice of Northwest Ohio

NWOH-081 7.9375x5.75 Dr.indd 1

8/10/12 9:48 AM

experts: Matthew Kaplan, Ph.D., Penn. State University Intergenerational Programs extension specialist; Adriane Berg, CEO of Generation Bold and a consultant on reaching baby boomers and seniors; and Dan Bawden, founder of the Certified Aging in Place Specialists program for the National Association of Home Builders. A website, www.makewayformom. com, provides additional support and information, including a calculator that will help families compute and compare whether living together or maintaining separate residences is the best financial option. In addition, the website features a virtual tour of an intergenerational home where visitors can hear from a real family and see firsthand how they’ve adapted their home. Kaplan said families should approach decisions of combining households from a partnership perspective. “Ask yourself, ‘Can I get the whole family behind the idea?,’” Kaplan said. “When a decision is made to combine families, expectations must be set right away. Family members must listen and become engaged in conversation. The more the entire family buys in at the beginning, the more likely they will be to come up with great ideas. People need independence, but seeking interdependence and family unity are important as well, particularly in today’s hectic and demanding world.” For a copy of the free handbook, “Too Close for Comfort,” contact the Greater Toledo Home Instead Senior Care office by calling (419) 472-8181 or by visiting www.homeinstead. com/324. O Scott A. Rozanski is CEO of the Home Instead Senior Care franchises in the Greater Toledo area.

16 Business Link DEVELOPMENT


Dana has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is moving forward with the introduction of several new product and technology developments in 2013. “Dana is a global technology leader in efficient power conveyance and energy management solutions that enable our customers to achieve their sustainability objectives. In short, we are a technology solution provider, and we focus on delivering those products and systems to our customers that are going to help them deliver to their customers what they need,” said Dana President and CEO Roger Wood. He and Executive Vice President and CFO Bill Quigley provided a brief overview of the company’s financial status in a formal presentation May 30 at the 2013 KeyBanc Capital Markets 12th Annual Industrial, Automotive and Transportation Conference in Boston. They will also participate in the Deutsche Bank 2013 Global Industrials and Basic Materials Conference in Chicago on June 13. Dana Corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 3, 2006, and submitted a proposed Plan of Reorganization and Disclosure Statement in September 2007, which became effective Jan. 31, 2008. The company emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy as Dana Holding Corporation at that time. The United States Bankruptcy Court of Southern New York closed Dana’s bankruptcy case on Feb. 21, 2012. When the company entered bankruptcy, its leadership was committed to fixing its business — financially and operationally — and implementing fundamental change rather than just incremental improvement, according to statements from Mike

toledo free press photo by duane ramsey

Technology drives Dana return after emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy By Duane Ramsey

June 9, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005



A half-century on campus: observations on continuity and change



Steven Wesolowski of Dana shows a thermal product and display from recent trade shows.

Burns, Dana’s chairman and CEO at that time. Dana sold its corporate headquarters on Dorr Street in Toledo and moved its corporate offices to the site of its technology center in Maumee. Today, the company has 500 employees at that facility and a total of 800 in the Toledo area, according to a company spokesperson. The current corporate offices and technology center are split with 90,000 square feet of office space and 90,000 square feet of laboratory space. Most of the company’s engineering, research and development staff works in that facility, according

to the spokesperson.

Spring trade shows

Dana recently completed its spring trade show season during which the company introduced several new product developments and technologies to the automotive, truck and off-the-road industries, said Steven Wesolowski, senior director of global engineering at Dana. The company is a leading supplier of driveline, sealing and thermal management technologies that improve the efficiency and performance of passenger cars, trucks, commercial and offhighway vehicles with both conventional and alternative energy powertrains.

Dana’s current business is concentrated in three areas and brands — Spicer drivetrain products, Victor Reinz sealing systems and Long thermal products — Wesolowski said. Dana serves more than 1,000 vehicle assembly and manufacturing facilities of light and heavy vehicles and off-highway equipment in 30 countries. In April, Dana was presented with a 2013 Automotive News PACE Award for its innovative Spicer® Diamond Series™ drive shaft, the first onepiece drive shaft to combine dissimilar metals, helping to reduce weight by up to 40 percent. n DANA CONTINUES ON 17

t dawned on me a few weeks ago, following my decision to retire from the University of Toledo this summer, that I’ve spent 50 years in academia. The timing of this decision had nothing to do with this being my “golden anniversary” in higher education; it was sheer coincidence. My first semester of teaching was fall, 1963. I was teaching a course on social problems during the lunch hour that semester and had approximately 20 students in the class. Halfway through my lecture — which I had worked on until late the previous evening — there was a knock on the classroom door. The date was Nov. 22, 1963. A student messenger was going from classroom to classroom informing everyone that President John F. Kennedy had been shot in Dallas — just 30 miles from our campus. The shocking news presented a genuine dilemma for this new college instructor: Should I continue with my lecture, the lecture on which I had worked so long, or should I dismiss class so the students could get to a TV to see what was going on. Being totally inexperienced, I made the wrong decision. I continued with my lecture. Looking back, I can’t believe I did that. n JOHNSON CONTINUES ON 19

Knowing Tomorrow's Endeavors TODAY. Tune in with your MEGA Host Lord Jeffrey Potter Saturdays 8 - 10 AM

June 9, 2013

n DANA CONTINUED FROM 16 The aluminum drive shaft utilizes Dana’s advanced proprietary manufacturing processes to significantly reduce weight while maintaining the strength of an all-steel system. The result is a robust and significantly lighter drive shaft for improved fuel efficiency and load carrying capacity, according to the company. Dana introduced the Spicer® Ad-

vanTEK 40 tandem axle at the Technology & Maintenance Council’s 2013 Annual Meeting in March. The allnew 40,000-pound tandem axle for a variety of Class 8 truck applications features a design that increases fuel economy, improves reliability, reduces vehicle weight and decreases total ownership costs. Last September, Dana announced its Spicer Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) was specified on all

Ground level ozone is a health hazard for everyone – especially for children and people with asthma.

You can reduce ozone: Wait to mow the lawn

Fuel up or use a grill only after 6 pm

Drive less

Use less energy at home Ozone Action Season is a project of the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments.

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A Toledo tradition since 2005 three of the vehicles selected by the Department of Defense for the Army and Marine Corps Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program. The JLTV program entered into the engineering and manufacturing development phase earlier this year when six vehicle manufacturers submitted bids for three contracts. Roughly 22 prototypes will be built during the next 27 months with a full production contract expected to be awarded in 2015 or early 2016, according to Dana officials. The Spicer Diamond Series drive shaft, AdvanTEK 40 tandem axle and CTIS were all featured in Dana’s exhibit at recent trade shows. The exhibit and products were on display when a Toledo Free Press reporter toured the facility with Wesolowski and Jeff Cole, director of marketing communication at Dana. In September, Dana announced strategic relationships with Allison Transmissions and Fallbrook Technologies Inc. to develop, manufacture, and market high-efficiency Continuously Variable Planetary Transmissions. These next-generation transmissions will be designed to increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and improve overall vehicle performance for passenger and commercial vehicles, and off-

Capt. Steven J. Saxion

Armor Officer in Iraq, Germany and Afghanistan; awarded the Bronze Star. Currently in South Korea. Best wishes and God bless you as you continue your Army career. ✯


2013 Military Yearbook

No charge to run your soldier’s photo!

highway equipment, according to a news release.

Sealing and thermal areas

Dana officials demonstrated numerous other recent product developments and technologies in the sealing and thermal areas, including an electronic connector gasket to measure heat and pressure, cylinder head cover modules made from recycled carpet that is better than virgin nylon, airoil separators that reduce usage and an exhaust gas heat recovery system, among others. Wesolowski said the company has developed a gearbox for electric vehicles with motor driven wheels and an internal battery element cooler currently used in the Chevrolet Volt and Ford Focus electric model. Dana has developed an exhaust gas heat recovery system, engine and transmission oil cooler, water-cooled charge air cooler and an active warmup unit that can improve fuel economy by 3 to 6 percent during start-ups, according to Wesolowski. Although Dana still has Ford, General Motors and Chrysler as major customers, it now serves more than 100 different automotive, truck and off-highway original equipment manufacturers around the world. Light vehicles include pas-

Sample messages 1st Lt. Casie E. Saxion

Completing training at Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas. Will treat active duty and veteran soldiers at Ft. Knox in Kentucky. Congratulations and God bless you as you continue your Army career. ✯

senger cars, crossover vehicles, minivans and vans, pickup trucks, sport utility and light commercial vehicles. Heavy vehicles include Class 5-8 medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, motor coaches, and specialty vehicles. Off-highway equipment includes agricultural, construction, material handling and mining equipment as well as nonvehicular industrial products. It also serves related aftermarkets for all three primary markets. Dana announced May 16 that it has launched its Spicer™ iPhone application, a free tool kit that was developed to provide aftermarket customers with a fast, convenient way to access interactive calculators to help compute key product data and meet target performance and safety goals. “It’s an exciting time for Dana because we do have such good strength in a lot of different areas of the company: where we are positioned, the brand recognition, new-product driven and focused on profitable growth. We believe market share will come by putting the solutions in the marketplace that our customers value,” Wood said. Dana currently ranks 356 on the Fortune 500 listing with $7.2 billion in revenues and $300 million in profit. For more information, visit the web site O

Make sure your business is represented in this special issue with an ad message for our troops. Mid-Florida Region Northwest Ohio Region

On Jun e3 its seco 0, 2013, Toled n We are d annual MI o Free Press w regiona soliciting pho LITARY YE ill publish to the f l servicemen tos and mes ARBOOK . issue. It amilies, to be and women sages for a c w t o guide, ill also con mpiled in no charge more. Tfeatures on lo tain a veteranour special who su his will be a s cal veterans s s resource pports o e the U.S uvenir issue f rvices and . Armed or Service everyone s.

For more details, email

18 Business Link n JOHNSON CONTINUED FROM 16 But my lecture didn’t last for long. No one was listening to me and everyone was becoming more restless with each passing minute. I don’t think I was even listening to myself. Better judgment prevailed after about 10 minutes and I dismissed the class and we all scattered to find the nearest TV. That was nearly 50 years ago. It is very hard to believe I’ve spent a half-century on college and university campuses. Longevity, if nothing else, provides some perspective. As I’ve started looking back at all those years in higher education, I can see some great progress as well as some lost ground. A few areas where our colleges and universities have made great strides include the following: O Diversity. The Civil Rights movement had an enormous impact on university admissions and student demographics … all for the good. Today, one of the greatest strengths of our colleges and universities is diversity among students, faculty and staff. O Technology. The technology revolution is bringing major changes in teaching and learning. We are just scratching the surface of the changes on the horizon. All of us wonder where it will lead? O Globalization. Internationalization of higher education is a reality. With it has come much greater exposure to other cultures and nationalities. I believe it is also leading to a better understanding of others different from ourselves. O Engagement. Colleges and universities are much more engaged in their communities than ever before. The ivory towers have been lowered and, in some instances, have disappeared altogether. This is good for our universities and our communities. O Research. Expansion of research, thanks to federal funding as well as private support through foundations, has led to new knowledge. The growing challenge is learning how to apply what we are learning from this research. I participated in all these changes and have a sense that I learned something from each. I am certainly proud of how our colleges and universities have stepped up to the plate and, in some cases, actually led the movement for change. The story of higher education during the past 50 years is not, however, one of pure progress. There are some areas where, in my view, we may have lost ground and perhaps even lost sight of our earlier vision and mission. Allow me to mention a few that come to mind: O Cost of education. It is no secret that we are pricing some bright

A Toledo tradition since 2005

I believe the gains in higher education have been greater than the losses. American universities are still the envy of the world and one of this country’s greatest attractions. Clearly, our colleges and universities are the nation’s most powerful engines of economic development. They are the birthplace and incubators of new technologies, scientific breakthroughs, and innovation in every field of study.” students out of the higher education market. We can lower the cost of public education and we should. It is up to us. O College loans. The heavy debt burden carried by our graduates and even those who drop out has a chilling

effect on our economy, not to mention the debilitating effects on the individuals involved. We cannot allow this to continue if we want to see our young people prosper. O Intercollegiate athletics. I’m a strong fan of our student athletes but

Premiere Financial Partners

Premiere’s Unique Process Premiere Financial Partners new location and affilation with Royal Alliance, Inc. 1645 Indian Wood Circle, Suite 104 Maumee, Oh 43537 419-794-3095 | Fax: 419-794-3099

I have growing concerns that our athletic programs are becoming too big, too powerful and too costly, making it very difficult for our universities to find the proper balance between academics and athletics. O Compensation philosophy. We are witnessing an “out of touch” compensation philosophy for university presidents and even senior administrators in a growing number of universities. When university presidents earn four or five times as much as the president of the United States it suggests something is wrong. These last points are not meant to be negative but simply suggest our universities are not perfect. On balance, I believe the gains in higher education have been greater than the losses. American universities are still the envy of the world and one of this country’s greatest attractions. Clearly, our colleges and universities are the nation’s most powerful engines of economic development. They are

June 9, 2013 the birthplace and incubators of new technologies, scientific breakthroughs and innovation in every field of study. When you meet students today it is hard not to be optimistic about the future. You don’t have to be a genius to see the genius in many of our students. Even the most casual look at our campuses today reveals students with emerging leadership skills, strong motivation, deep convictions and a desire to make the world and their community a better place. It has been an honor and privilege to spend the past half-century on campus mingling with students, faculty, staff and administrators. It has also been a great pleasure to know all those folks in our communities and across the country who support our colleges and universities and help make them the great institutions they are. O Dan Johnson is president emeritus of the University of Toledo.

June 9, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

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June 9, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005


By Vicki L. Kroll

Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

A funny thing happened when MTV aired a three-and-a-half-minute video called “Eat It,” a shot-for-shot parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” in 1984. “MTV changed my life. It made me into a celebrity I’d have to say, literally overnight, which you don’t think that’s the case, but MTV was so powerful back then. So many people were watching it that I remember very clearly the day after my song ‘Eat It’ went into heavy rotation on MTV; I was immediately recognizable everywhere,” “Weird Al” Yankovic recalled. “It was the oddest thing to go from virtual anonymity to being the ‘Eat It’ guy. Like everywhere I went, people would stare at me and they’d recognize me from MTV.” More memorable videos starring the curly-haired leading man followed: “Like a Surgeon,” a parody of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” in 1985; “Fat,” which mocked Jackson’s “Bad,” in 1988; “Smells Like Nirvana,” set to the grunge rockers’ “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” in 1992; “Amish Paradise,” à la Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise,” in 1996; “White & Nerdy,” a spoof of Chamillionaire’s 2006 song “Ridin’”; “Perform This Way,” which imitates Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” in 2011. “I can tell you what I think the elements of a good parody are,” the singer-songwriter-comic said during a call from his Los Angeles home. “Obviously, a song that’s either topical or timely in some way. One of my big rules of parodies is it has to be funny even if you’re not familiar with the original source material that it’s based on. “And it just has to sustain throughout the entire song; it can’t be a one-joke song or it can’t lag after whatever the joke is in the chorus. It’s got to still be funny in the second verse and still funny in the third verse.” He may have lost the glasses and mustache, but Yankovic’s comedic musical genius rages on. His 2011 disc, “Alpocalypse,” debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 charts. Pretty amazing considering his first parody, “My Bologna,” a sendup of The Knack’s “My Sharona,” was released in 1979. The secret to his longevity? “It’s sheer tenacity; I mean, it’s just me refusing to stop,” Yankovic said and laughed. “I’ve managed to

surround myself with wonderful, talented people. I’ve had the same band since the very beginning. I’ve had a lot of the same people in my life for almost as long, and we make a good team. “And the fans have been wonderful and very supportive, so it’s all just kind of worked out. A lot of it is just luck — sheer, stupid luck.” Luck, really? Yankovic is the No. 1 comedy recording artist with sales of more than 12 million albums. He’s been nominated for 14 Grammy Awards and has won three of the statues. It must be his accordion playing. And that zany sense of humor, affinity for pop culture, ginormous talent and, oh yeah, hard work. The Lynwood, Calif., native has a reputation for thoroughly researching subjects before penning a song. He studied ducks for one week before writing “I Want a New Duck,” a parody of Huey Lewis and The News’ “I Want a New Drug,” according to fellow parody artist Dr. Demento’s liner notes from “Permanent Record: Al in the Box.” Asked what the most extensive research he’s done for a tune is, Yankovic laughed and said, “Well, it depends what you call research. I mean, a song like ‘White & Nerdy,’ I’ve been doing research for that my entire life.” It doesn’t hurt that his spot-on humor is spotless. “I don’t even use profanity in everyday life, so I certainly wouldn’t include it in my music. It’s just the kind of humor that I’ve chosen to put out in the world,” he said. Politeness does have its perks. Yankovic gets permission from the original songwriters of the tracks that he lampoons. “I try not to burn bridges. Even though I could get away with doing things even if the artists aren’t happy with it, I don’t want the drama; I don’t want the ill feelings. I want to make sure the artist is OK with the parody before I even start writing it,” he said. “I think that’s another reason I managed to hang around as long as I have.” Throughout his career, Yankovic has also written original songs with funny lyrics and catchy melodies: “Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters From a Planet Near Mars,” “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota,” “Craigslist,” “The Night Santa Went Crazy,” “You Don’t Love Me Anymore,” “Don’t Download This Song,”

“Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me.” Don’t forget another staple: polka medleys. For “Polka Face” on “Alpocalypse,” Yankovic squeezed together splices of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Flo Rida, Kid Cudi, Lady Antebelleum, Justin Bieber, P!nk, Katy Perry, Jamie Foxx, Jay Sean, Taio Cruz, Frankie Yankovic (no relation, by the way) and Ke$ha. “Weird Al” will bring it all to Centennial Terrace in Sylvania for an 8 p.m. concert June 14. Tickets range from $25 to $49.50. In 2011, the pop satirist started a new chapter in his storied career with a children’s book, “When I Grow Up.” The followup titled “My New Teacher and Me!” is due out June 25. “I was always a big fan of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein, and I always thought that I would probably be fairly adept at children’s literature, but I never really was terribly proactive about it. But I was approached several years ago by Anne Hoppe, who is (a former) editor for HarperCollins, and she was a big fan of my music and said that she found something in my lyrics, in the word play, that seemed to indicate to her that I would have a natural ability for children’s lit,” he said. “I was thrilled and amazed when [‘When I Grow Up’] became a New York Times best-seller. It was a wonderful experience working on it.” O

imaginary entertainment

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic still spinning parodies into gold

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic will play in concert at Centennial Terrace in Sylvania on June 14.



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June 9, 2013

Sports 21

A Toledo tradition since 2005

emony was their recent 20th wedding anniversary at the Mud Hens game with Pastor Jeff Selph “officiating.” “We got married on a softball diamond and every five years we The announcer called out the moved up,” she said. “It’s been exbridesmaids and groomsmen one citing. Each time is a little bit more by one as they trotted out of the exciting than the time before bedugout in their jerseys before the cause it’s a little bit bigger.” Mud Hens game. The Wines carried the baseball Finally the voice boomed, theme into the smallest details. They “Pitching for today’s event, the groom had the same flower girl from 20 Joe Wine, and batting ninth, today’s years ago. Wine wore white shoes catcher, the bride … Barb Wine!” with red laces to look like a baseball The Wines renewed their vows and they both had baseball-themed June 1 on their 20th wedding anniverrings. Barb wore a miniature Mud sary at Fifth Third Field. They renew Hens hat with a bill in the front and their vows every five years at a difa veil in the back. ferent baseball game, making this the “I thought it was pretty awesome,” fourth time they have repeated “I do.” Joe said. “The ceremony went really “It was just so exciting that we were smooth. They let me throw out the getting to do this the way we wanted,” first pitch.” Barb said. “It was all kind of a blur and The Wines met on a blind date and at first Barb was skeptical about the match. Luckily for the pair, Joe didn’t strike out. “The whole idea of a blind date was ‘What kind of a loser is she going to introduce me to?’” Barb said. But I kept him and here we are 20 years later.” They hope to celebrate 25 years of Full Service Wedding and Special Events Florist Full Service Wedding and Special Events Florist Full ServiceFull Wedding Specialand Events Florist Serviceand Wedding Special Events Florist marriage by renewing their vows at a We invite you set down us andwith us and Detroit Tigers game. We to invite you towith set down We invite you set down and with us “It’s Wetoinvite you with to setusdown andlike the cherry on top,” Barb Allow us toAllow take your us toidea take your idea said. “If you don’t get the cherry on top it’ll still be exciting and fun but to us And make your dream come true. And make dream come Allow us your to take your idea Allow us to taketrue. your ideathe Tigers is what it’s leading up to.” O By Casey Harper

Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

all happening so fast at the same time.” The Wines married in 1993 at a softball field where Joe played regularly. “When I met him I didn’t like sports and he played softball three nights a week plus weekends,” Barb said. “When he suggested it I said, ‘Well,’ I’m not going to have to worry about him not showing up and standing me up because he’ll be there anyway.’” Barb and Joe renewed their vows after five years at a Kalamazoo Kodiaks game in uniforms loaned by the Kodiaks. After five more years, the Battle Creek Yankees let them renew their vows between games of a doubleheader. For their 15-year anniversary, the Wines went down to Florida to renew their vows at a Jacksonville Suns game. Their latest baseball cer-

photo courtesy joe anD barb wine

Couple renews vows, builds home on home plate

WhiteWhite lily redlily rosered rose


Barb and Joe Wine renew their marriage vows June 1 at fifth third field.

Consultation is free 419-460-5286 Consultation is free 419-460-5286 And make your Anddream makecome your true. dream come true. Web Site: Web Site: Email: ConsultationConsultation is free 419-460-5286 is free 419-460-5286 We work withWe all work budgetwith sizesall budget sizes

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nother year, another drug substances. That could go a long way. Why has it taken this long for scandal in baseball. This time, it’s been the the story to advance? Because Major slowly developing story of Anthony League Baseball wants to take special Bosch and his clinic Biogenesis of care in how it handles this situation. America. The man himself was tied A-Rod is a major face of baseball, to the 2009 suspension of Manny but he’s also been controversial for a Ramirez. Biogenesis, made headlines myriad other situations, including his in January of this year when the Miami admission of guilt for using PEDs in the past. Braun failed a New Times published drug test last year, but a partial client list they got out of it when it was received from a former revealed that proper employee of the clinic. procedure wasn’t used On that list were names in handling his test like Alex Rodriguez and sample. MLB can’t be Ryan Braun, amongst seen as vindictive as it about 20 others. Even tracks these cases down. Jhonny Peralta, forMLB also needs to merly of Cleveland and take special care in how now with Detroit, found they handle the inforhis name attached to a Shaggy CULBREATH clinic known for distributing testos- mation coming from Bosch himself. The guy is already slimy enough to be terone, steroids, and HGH. On its surface, it’s another black mark dealing these types of meds to ballon Major League Baseball, who can’t players. Now that he’s out of money seem to shake the steroid era. But as the and facing a lawsuit from the league story resurfaced this week, it shows that that he can’t possibly fight, can MLB MLB is no longer taking performance really trust his word alone? It’s a start, but getting hard evidence out enhancing drugs lying down. The new rules that went into ef- of him is going to be key. Then there’s the PR nightmare of fect this year no longer require a failed drug test in order to punish a player. If having to suspend nearly 20 players (if MLB has proof a player used a banned not more) simultaneously. While I’m substance, was merely in possession firmly behind them in finally acting of a banned substance, or did busi- on these types of shenanigans, it still ness with someone tied to distributing looks like their attempt to weed out banned substances and then lied PEDs is just as about effective as my atabout it. That gives MLB Commis- tempt to weed out the mint we planted sioner Bud Selig a major hammer to in the garden last year. Did you know that stuff can travel under cement? swing around. As for the list, that’s another ace On top of that, you have to expect up MLB’s sleeve. As soon as this that nearly every player who gets susstory broke, MLB sued Bosch for ac- pended is going to appeal. That’s why cess to the list. Bosch, running out of they’re going to spend the month of money after the clinic was forced to June talking to each player, with the close, has decided to play ball. This final decisions on their punishments could mean anything from confir- to come down in July. Taking the time mation of who’s on the list, to quite now to build an airtight case is going possibly a whole new, longer list. The to save them headaches later. I’ve been very critical in the past South Florida region was once considered a gateway for PEDs to get of how baseball handles its cheaters, into the majors. Also missing from but I absolutely love the process with the original documents were the de- this case. The new rules gives them the tails as to which players bought what teeth to handle the cheaters without a


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cup. The measured approach gives them the time to gather all of the facts, so they don’t strike without full knowledge of the situation. And dropping the hammer on 20 players

at once, ranging from All-Star to minor leaguer, shows that no one is going to sneak past the screeners. Baseball’s been fighting PEDs for years. They might not be winning

the fight, but at least they’re starting to land some punches. O Matt “Shaggy” Culbreath is sports director for 1370 WSPD.


Join us every Saturday on the Patio during June from 11:30-5:30 for Fresh Grilled Hamburgers & Hot dogs! • Featuring Walt’s HOMEMADE Smoked Beef Hot Dogs and Burgers made by using Pure Grass-Fed Tallgrass Ground Chuck • We will also be serving wine by the glass or bottle and beer by the bottle


Grilling out with dave on Fridays! • Featuring Tallgrass Grass-Fed Burgers, In-House Made Hot Dogs and Sauages, Garlic & Herb Marinated Chicken Breast and In-House Smoked Ribs


Friday, June 14 and Saturday, June 15 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at both locations


Baseball’s ban-hammer


June 9, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

Don't Miss It! 3320 Briarfield Blvd., Maumee 26625 N. Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg 419.794.4000 419.872.6900

Follow us on twitter @ waltchurchills

Hours: Mon-Sun 7 a.m.– 10 p.m.

Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30 a.m.–9 p.m. Sun 8 a.m.–9 p.m.

Follow us on Facebook @ waltchurchillsmarket

Effective 6/10/13 - 6/16/13 | We reserve the right to limit quantities. | No sales to vendors. | Not responsible for pictorial or typographical errors.

22. Sports


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June 9, 2013 12 pm


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Wife Swap

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Fam. Guy


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June 9, 2013


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››› Honey I Shrunk the Kids (1989) World’s Best Wipeout (CC) Shark Tank (CC) News ABC J. Kimmel NBA 2013 NBA Finals San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat. (N) (Live) (CC) News Insider Paid Ladders Best of Basketball PGA Tour Golf FedEx St. Jude Classic, Final Round. (N) (Live) (CC) News News 60 Minutes (N) (CC) The 67th Annual Tony Awards Honoring excellence on Broadway. News Criminal Paid Facelift? Paid Free Wen The Closer (CC) Bones Quarantined. Burn Notice (CC) Mother Mother Cleveland American Simpsons Burgers Fam. Guy Fam. Guy News Leading 30 Rock Office French Open Formula One Racing Canadian Grand Prix. (N) (CC) F1 36 (N) USGA Special (N) News News The Voice The top six artists perform. (CC) America’s Got Talent “Premiere” (CC) News Jdg Judy Bachar Protect Your Memory 70s & 80s Soul Rewind (My Music) (CC) Oscar Hammerstein -- Out Daniel O’Donnell-Heartland Il Volo We are Love (CC) Great Performances (CC) Active Barter Kings (CC) Barter Kings (CC) Barter Kings (CC) Shipping Shipping Shipping Shipping Shipping Shipping Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Storage Storage Storage Storage Million Dollar Listing Million Dollar Listing Princesses-Lo. Tardy Tardy Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Housewives/NJ Housewives/NJ Princesses-Lo. Housewives/NJ Fashion Queens (N) Sex Drive ›› National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002) ›› The Ringer (2005) Johnny Knoxville. ›› Dumb & Dumber (1994, Comedy) Jim Carrey. (CC) Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 ›› Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) Dog Austin Austin Austin ANT Farm Dog Jessie Shake It Good Good Austin Shake It Good Good Dog Austin Shake It Jessie Austin Austin Dog Dog College Baseball: NCAA Super Regional College Baseball NCAA Super Regional -- Louisville vs. Vanderbilt. Baseball Tonight (N) MLB Baseball St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds. (N) (CC) SportsCenter (N) Bring It On ›› Bring It On (2000) Kirsten Dunst. › Coyote Ugly (2000) Piper Perabo. ›› Miss Congeniality (2000), Michael Caine ››› The Blind Side (2009, Drama) Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw. The Fosters “Pilot” Restaurant: Im. Giving You the Busi Restaurant Stakeout My. Din My. Din Diners Diners Chopped Food Network Star Cupcake Wars (N) Food Network Star Restaurant: Im. Iron Chef America Love It or List It (CC) Love It or List It (CC) Love It or List It (CC) Love It or List It (CC) Love It or List It (CC) Hunters Hunt Intl Hunters Hunt Intl HGTV Star (N) (CC) Love It or List It, Too Hunters Hunt Intl Hunters Hunt Intl ›› The Killing Secret (1997) Ari Meyers. ››› Seventeen and Missing (2007) (CC) Stolen Child (2011) Emmanuelle Vaugier. Ring of Fire (2013, Docudrama) Jewel. (CC) Army Wives (N) (CC) The Client List (N) Ring of Fire (2013) Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Girl Code Girl Code Girl Code Girl Code Girl Code Girl Code Teen Wolf “Tattoo” › Killers MLB Baseball Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Boston Red Sox. Earl ›› Kicking & Screaming (2005) Will Ferrell. › Big Daddy (1999, Comedy) Adam Sandler. › Big Daddy (1999, Comedy) Adam Sandler. Wedding Crashers ››› Gaslight (1944) ››› The Talk of the Town (1942) (CC) ››› The Seven Year Itch (1955) (CC) ›› Viva Las Vegas (1964) Elvis Presley. ››› The Lavender Hill Mob (CC) ››› A Slight Case of Murder Slight Case NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup: Party in the Poconos 400. (N) (Live) (CC) ›› Walking Tall (2004) (CC) ››› Transformers (2007) Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson. (CC) (DVS) Falling Skies (N) Falling Skies (N) Falling Skies (CC) NCIS “Shalom” (CC) NCIS “Escaped” NCIS “Singled Out” NCIS “Driven” (CC) NCIS (CC) NCIS (CC) NCIS (CC) NCIS “Short Fuse” NCIS (CC) (DVS) NCIS “Secrets” Burn Notice ›› Fallen (1998), John Goodman Made Chris Chris ’70s ’70s Friends Friends Two Men Two Men Big Bang Big Bang 1st Fam 1st Fam Box Offi Box Offi Browns Payne Scoop Made



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Ent Insider The Bachelorette (N) (CC) Mistresses (N) (CC) News J. Kimmel Wheel Jeopardy! How I Met Rules Broke Girl Mike Hawaii Five-0 “Kapu” News Letterman The Office Simpsons Raising Goodwin New Girl Anger Fox Toledo News America How I Met Jdg Judy Jdg Judy The Voice The artists perform. (N) (CC) The Winner Is... (N) News Jay Leno NewsHour Business Members’ Choice Criminal Minds (CC) Criminal Minds (CC) The Glades (N) (CC) Longmire (N) (CC) Longmire (CC) Housewives/NJ Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Newlyweds Below OC Colbert Daily Key Futurama Futurama South Pk South Pk South Pk Daily Colbert ANT Farm Good Jessie ›› Frenemies (2012) Bella Thorne. Shake It Gravity Good Jessie MLB Baseball Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays. (Live) (CC) Baseball Tonight (N) SportsCenter (N) (CC) Switched at Birth (CC) Switched at Birth (N) The Fosters (N) (CC) Pretty Little Liars (CC) The 700 Club (CC) Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Love It or List It (CC) Love It or List It (CC) Love It or List It (N) Hunters Hunt Intl Love It or List It (CC) › Because I Said So ›› Rumor Has It... (2005) Jennifer Aniston. ›› The Switch (2010) Jennifer Aniston. (CC) Girl Code Girl Code Awkward. Awkward. Teen Wolf “Tattoo” Teen Wolf (N) Teen Wolf Seinfeld Seinfeld Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Deon Fam. Guy Conan (N) (CC) Younger MGM ››› Caged (1950) Eleanor Parker. ›› Chain Lightning (1950) Humphrey Bogart. Of Human Major Crimes (CC) Major Crimes (CC) Major Crimes (N) (CC) King & Maxwell (N) Major Crimes (CC) NCIS “Marine Down” WWE Monday Night RAW (N) (S Live) (CC) Graceland (CC) (DVS) Big Bang Big Bang Oh Sit! (N) (CC) The Carrie Diaries Rules Rules Amer. Dad Amer. Dad



Loma Linda

Bienvenidos A Celebrating C elebrating 5588 yyears. ears. migos!

stt ToledoRe’sstaBures a t an Mexican yearss!! o er 58 y for ov for

10400 Airport Hwy. (1.2 miles east of Toledo Express Airport)


HOURS: M Mo Monday-Thursday onday nd day ay-T -Th Thu hurs hurs rsd day 11 da 11 aa.m. .m. .m m. – 11 11 pp.m. .m m. d 11 a.m. – Midnight Mid i h | Sunday S d Closed C Cl Friday-Saturday

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Ent Insider Wheel Jeopardy! The Office Simpsons Jdg Judy Jdg Judy NewsHour Business Storage Storage Housewives/OC Colbert Daily ANT Farm Austin SportCtr Soccer Pretty Little Liars (CC) Chopped Hunt Intl Hunters Dance Moms (CC) Awkward. Awkward. Seinfeld Seinfeld Hollywd-Home Castle (CC) Law & Order: SVU Big Bang Big Bang


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J. Kimmel NBA NCIS “Gone” So You Think You Can The Voice (N) (CC) Members’ Choice Storage Storage Housewives/NJ Amy Sch. Tosh.0 Good Austin

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June 11, 2013 11 pm

2013 NBA Finals Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs. (N) NCIS: Los Angeles Brooklyn DA (N) (CC) News Dance (N) (CC) Fox Toledo News America America’s Got Talent (N) (CC) News


News Letterman How I Met Jay Leno

Storage Storage Housewives/NJ Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Jessie ANT Farm

Shipping Shipping Shipping Shipping Tardy Housewives/OC Tardy Tosh.0 Amy Sch. Daily Colbert Shake It Gravity Good Jessie Soccer Pretty Little Liars (N) Twisted “Pilot” (N) Twisted “Pilot” (CC) The 700 Club (CC) Chopped “Own It!” Chopped Chopped (N) Chopped Property Property Flip or Flip or Hunters Hunt Intl Renovate Renovate Dance Moms (CC) Dance Moms (N) (CC) Pretty Wicked Moms Pretty Wicked Moms Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward Alectrix Awkward. Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Laugh Big Bang Conan (N) (CC) ››› Baby Face (1933) (CC) ›› Female (1933) (CC) ›››› His Girl Friday (1940) (CC) Castle (CC) (DVS) Castle “Demons” Castle (CC) (DVS) Rizzoli & Isles (CC) Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU CSI: Crime Scene Hart of Dixie (CC) America’s Next Model Rules Rules Amer. Dad Amer. Dad



7742 W. Bancroft (1 Mi. West of McCord) 419-841-7523

Open Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. Closed Sundays &10” Holidays x 10.25” ad


7 pm




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Ent Insider Wheel Jeopardy! The Office Simpsons Jdg Judy Jdg Judy NewsHour Business Storage Storage Housewives/OC Colbert Daily Dog Dog SportsCenter (N) (CC) Funniest Home Videos Restaurant: Im. Hunt Intl Hunt Intl Hoarders (CC) Ridic. Ridic. Seinfeld Seinfeld ›› The Seventh Dawn Castle (CC) (DVS) Law & Order: SVU Big Bang Big Bang


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June 14, 2013 11 pm


Shark Tank (CC) What Would You Do? 20/20 (N) (CC) News J. Kimmel Undercover Boss (CC) Hawaii Five-0 (CC) Blue Bloods (CC) News Letterman Bones (CC) (DVS) The Following (PA) Fox Toledo News America How I Met Dateline NBC (N) (CC) Rock Center News Jay Leno Wash Deadline American Masters (CC) Sun Stud Charlie Rose (N) (CC) Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Housewives/OC › Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) Nicolas Cage. Premiere. Gone Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Amy Sch. Work. Tosh.0 The Comedy Central Roast (CC) ››› Up (2009) Voices of Ed Asner. Phineas Dog Good Jessie Jessie 2013 U.S. Open Golf Championship Best of the Second Round. (CC) SportsCenter (N) (CC) Dancing Daddy ›› Accepted (2006) Justin Long. Premiere. The 700 Club (CC) Diners Diners Diners Diners My. Diners My. Diners Diners Diners Extreme Homes (CC) Flea Mar Flea Mar Hunters Hunt Intl Hunt Intl Hunt Intl Hoarders (CC) Hoarders (CC) Hoarders (CC) Hoarders (CC) Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. ›› Jackass 3.5 (2011) Johnny Knoxville. Fam. Guy Fam. Guy ›› Yes Man (2008) Jim Carrey. (CC) (DVS) There There ››› Dark Passage (1947) Humphrey Bogart. ›› Nightfall (1956) Aldo Ray. (CC) Burglar › Law Abiding Citizen (2009) Jamie Foxx. King & Maxwell (CC) ››› A Time to Kill Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Nikita (CC) Supernatural (CC) Rules Rules Amer. Dad Amer. Dad


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Ent Insider Middle Family Mod Fam How-Live ABC’s The Lookout News J. Kimmel Wheel Jeopardy! The American Baking Criminal Minds CSI: Crime Scene News Letterman The Office Simpsons MasterChef (N) (CC) (DVS) Fox Toledo News America How I Met Jdg Judy Jdg Judy Dateline NBC (N) (CC) Law & Order: SVU Chicago Fire News Jay Leno NewsHour Business Nature (CC) (DVS) Nature (CC) (DVS) Nature (CC) (DVS) Charlie Rose (N) (CC) Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. Duck D. OC Housewives/OC OC Million Dollar Listing Chef Roblé & Co. (N) Million Dollar Listing Colbert Daily Futurama Futurama South Pk South Pk Futurama South Pk Daily Colbert ANT Farm Good Jessie ››› Geek Charming (2011) Sarah Hyland. Gravity Good Jessie MLB Baseball Teams TBA. (N Subject to Blackout) (Live) (CC) Baseball Tonight (N) SportsCenter (N) (CC) Melissa Melissa Melissa Daddy Dancing Melissa Twisted “Pilot” (CC) The 700 Club (CC) Restaurant: Im. Restaurant: Im. Restaurant: Im. Restaurant Stakeout My. Diners My. Diners Property Brothers (CC) Elbow Elbow Property Brothers (CC) Hunters Hunt Intl Property Brothers (CC) Unsolved Mysteries Unsolved Mysteries Unsolved Mysteries Unsolved Mysteries Unsolved Mysteries Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. The Real World (CC) The Real World (N) The Real World (N) Seinfeld Seinfeld Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) (CC) Toast of N.Y. ››› Imitation of Life (1959) Lana Turner. (CC) ›› The Rains of Ranchipur (1955) Premiere. Castle (CC) Castle (CC) Castle (CC) Castle (CC) Falling Skies (CC) NCIS (CC) NCIS (CC) Royal Pains (N) Necessary Roughness NCIS: Los Angeles Big Bang Big Bang Arrow “Lone Gunmen” Supernatural (CC) Rules Rules Amer. Dad Amer. Dad


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June 9, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

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June 13, 2013 11 pm



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Good Morning News Hanna Ocean Explore Rescue Recipe Food Your Morning Saturday Busytown Busytown Liberty Liberty Paid Prog. Floor Wild Am. Aqua Kids Eco Co. Hollywood Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Kids News McCarver Paid Prog. Paid Prog. LazyTown Noodle Chica Pajanimals Poppy Cat Justin U.S. Open Golf Sid Cat in the Super Dinosaur MotorWk Our Ohio Wild Ohio Out Mag. Nature (CC) (DVS) Criminal Minds (CC) Flip This House (CC) Sell: Extreme Flip This House (CC) Flip This House (CC) Million Dollar Listing Million Dollar Listing Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Comedy Comedy Scrubs Scrubs Scrubs ›› Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) Eddie Murphy. (CC) Pirates Sofia ››› Up (2009) Voices of Ed Asner. Phineas Dog Shake It Jessie ANT Farm SportsCenter (CC) SportsCenter (CC) SportsCenter (N) (CC) SportsCenter (N) (CC) SportsCenter (N) (CC) The Fosters “Pilot” ››› A League of Their Own (1992) Tom Hanks, Geena Davis. Sisterhood-Trav Be.- Made Best Thing Paula Paula Pioneer Trisha’s Contessa Giada Chopped Property Property Elbow Going BathCrash YardCrash YardCrash Kit. Crash Hse Crash Hse Crash Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Unsolved Mysteries Unsolved Mysteries Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Guy Code Guy Code Guy Code Guy Code Guy Code Guy Code Payne Browns There Jim Rules Rules ››› Blades of Glory (2007) Will Ferrell. H.M. Pulham, Esq. Wacky-Mother Goose ›› The Falcon Out West (1944) ›› Courage of Lassie Law & Order Law & Order King & Maxwell (CC) Major Crimes (CC) › Law Abiding Citizen Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Royal Pains Burn Notice Graceland (CC) (DVS) › Little Fockers (2010) Sonic X Sonic X Justice Justice Dragon Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Career Icons


3 pm


Ent Insider J. Kimmel NBA 2013 NBA Finals Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs. (N) News Wheel Jeopardy! Big Bang Two Men Person of Interest Elementary “Details” News Letterman The Office Simpsons Hell’s Kitchen (N) Have to Go? Fox Toledo News America How I Met Jdg Judy Jdg Judy Save Me Save Me The Office Parks Hannibal “Releves” News Jay Leno NewsHour Business Neighborhoods Midsomer Murders Infinity Hall Live Charlie Rose (N) (CC) The First 48 (CC) Intervention (CC) Intervention “Jessica” Beyond Scared Beyond Scared OC Housewives/NJ Housewives/NJ Tabatha Tabatha Takes Over Tabatha Takes Over Colbert Daily Chappelle Chappelle Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Sunny Sunny Daily Colbert ANT Farm Good Jessie ›› 16 Wishes (2010) Debby Ryan. Jessie Gravity Good Jessie SportsCenter (N) (CC) 2013 U.S. Open Golf Championship Best of the First Round. (CC) SportsCenter (N) (CC) ›› Alice in Wonderland (2010) ›› Twilight (2008) Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson. The 700 Club (CC) Chopped Chopped Chopped (N) Giving You Giving You Food Network Star Hunt Intl Hunters Love It or List It, Too Renovation Raiders Hunters Hunt Intl Hunters Hunt Intl Trading Spouses Wife Swap (CC) Wife Swap (CC) Wife Swap (CC) Pretty Wicked Moms Teen Wolf Girl Code Girl Code Girl Code Girl Code Girl Code The Show Zach Strangers The Show Seinfeld Seinfeld Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Big Bang Big Bang Sullivan Big Bang Conan (N) (CC) The Mark of Zorro ›› Brewster’s Millions (1945) (CC) ›› Laughter in Paradise (1951) Good Neighbor Sam Castle (CC) The Hero “Teamwork” 72 Hours (N) (CC) The Hero “Teamwork” 72 Hours (CC) NCIS “Tribes” (CC) NCIS “Broken Arrow” Burn Notice (N) Graceland (N) Necessary Roughness Big Bang Big Bang The Vampire Diaries Beauty and the Beast Rules Rules Amer. Dad Amer. Dad



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June 15, 2013

10 pm 10:30 11 pm 11:30

Thunder in the Hills NASCAR Racing ESPN Sports Saturday (N) (Live) News ABC Perfecter Lottery Zero Hour “Chain” Zero Hour (N) (CC) Mistresses “Pilot” News Castle Paid Paid Dirty Paid Coach Coach Coach Coach Coach Coach News News Wheel Jeopardy! The Mentalist (CC) Blue Bloods (CC) 48 Hours (N) (CC) News CSI Paid Paid Perfecter Paid Bones (CC) Leverage (CC) Burn Notice (CC) Simpsons MLB MLB Baseball Regional Coverage. (N) (S Live) (CC) News Seinfeld Hell’s Kitchen 2013 U.S. Open Golf Championship Third Round. From Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pa. (N) (S Live) (CC) Paid 2013 Stanley Cup Final Game 1: Teams TBA. (CC) News SNL This Old House Hr Cooking Quilting WGTE in Concert Sun Stud Globe Trekker Steves Rudy Lawrence Welk History Detectives Antiques Roadshow As Time... Wine Masterpiece Flip This House (CC) Flip This House (CC) Flip This House (CC) Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Longmire (CC) Longmire (CC) Longmire (CC) The Glades (CC) Housewives/OC Tabatha Takes Over Tabatha Takes Over Housewives/NJ Housewives/NJ ›› The Scorpion King (2002) The Rock. ›› Walking Tall (2004) The Rock. Premiere. ›› Walking Tall (2004, Action) The Rock. ›› There’s Something About Mary (1998) (CC) ››› Beverly Hills Cop (1984) Eddie Murphy. › Mr. Deeds (2002) Adam Sandler. (CC) ›› Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay ››› I Love You, Man (2009) Paul Rudd. Good Good Good Shake It Shake It Shake It Austin Austin Good Dog Austin Jessie Austin Good ››› Monsters, Inc. (2001) Jessie Dog Shake It Jessie Good SportsCenter (N) SportCtr Soccer Confederations Cup: Brazil vs. Japan. (N) (Live) MLS Soccer FC Dallas at Portland Timbers. SportsCenter (N) College Baseball NCAA World Series, Game 2: Teams TBA. (N) SportsCenter (N) Sisterhood of Traveling Pants ›› The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (2008) ›› Miss Congeniality (2000), Michael Caine ›› You Again (2010) Kristen Bell. › When in Rome (2010) Kristen Bell. The Fosters “Pilot” My. Din My. Din Restaurant: Im. Restaurant Stakeout Diners Diners Iron Chef America Food Network Star Chopped Chopped Chopped Chopped Iron Chef America Love It or List It (CC) A-List A-List High Low High Low Flea Mar Flea Mar Staged Staged Hunters Hunt Intl Hunters Hunt Intl Love It or List It (CC) Love It or List It (CC) Hunters Hunt Intl Hunters Hunt Intl Unsolved Mysteries Pretty Wicked Moms Pretty Wicked Moms Dead at 17 (2008) Barbara Niven. (CC) Girl Fight (2011) Anne Heche. (CC) Gone Missing (2013) Daphne Zuniga. (CC) A Mother’s Nightmare (2012) (CC) Guy Code Ridic. Ridiculousness Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. Ridic. ››› 8 Mile (2002, Drama) Eminem, Kim Basinger. ›› Jackass 3.5 (2011) Johnny Knoxville. ›› Jackass 3D (2010) Johnny Knoxville. ›› Yes Man (2008) Jim Carrey. (CC) (DVS) Raymond Friends Friends Friends Friends King King King Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Sullivan Laugh Courage of Lassie ››› The Defiant Ones (1958) Tony Curtis. ›› Written on the Wind (1956, Drama) ›› The Outlaw (1943) Jane Russell. ›››› The Palm Beach Story ›› Gold Diggers in Paris (1938) Sweet M. Law Abiding Citizen ›› Along Came a Spider (2001) Morgan Freeman. (CC) ››› Double Jeopardy (1999) (CC) ›› Limitless (2011) Bradley Cooper. Premiere. (CC) AFI Life Achievement Award AFI Life Achievement Award › Little Fockers ›› Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (2008) NCIS (CC) NCIS “Silent Night” NCIS “Deliverance” NCIS (CC) NCIS “Faith” (CC) NCIS (CC) NCIS (CC) NCIS (CC) (DVS) Live Life On Spot Game Raceline EP Daily EP Daily Rules Rules Two Men Two Men Big Bang Big Bang ››› The Negotiator (1998) Samuel L. Jackson. EP Daily Fam. Guy Fam. Guy Futurama Futurama


Come to The Blarney ... Go From There!

601 Monroe St. Right Across from Fifth Third Field

HAPPY HOUR Mon-Fri 4-7 pm Live Entertainment Thurs-Fri-Sat


The perfect gift for

Father’s Day!

$50 includes: Four Roses Bourbon, A Pint of Great Lakes, Premium Cigar from Cigar Affair, Heavy Appetizer Grazing and Jazz Music & Giveaways

Tickets available for purchase at the pub or Cigar Affair in Maumee. For more info, visit

Fundraisers • Holiday Parties • Celebrations Reunions • Sports Banquets • Corporate Retreats Summer Picnics • Employee Appreciation Events Client Appreciation 10” x 10.25” ad 419-481-5206

June 9, 2013

Comics & Games 25

A Toledo tradition since 2005

Solution, tips and computer program at

Biff & Riley





Third Rock



By Elizabeth Hazel

Your Tarotgram and Horoscope

JUNE 9-15, 2013

Events: 1st and 2nd quarter Moon-Venus Aries (March 21-April 19)

Libra (September 23-October 22)

All your senses are on high alert. Leverage inner strength to make tough choices and do what you have to do, even if that means letting go. After Wednesday, new options and possibilities enter onto the scene through luck or others’ generosity. Follow your bliss.

Other peoples’ love lives or relationships may be troubled, and they want your advice and support. Patience is strained if problems are long-standing. Triumphs and successes are close at hand by midweek, and reward long-term efforts. Obstacles are dissolving with time.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

You’re not a fan of change, even when you initiate it. By releasing the past and having faith in the future, you create room for better things to manifest. After Tuesday, significant connections move you in unimaginable ways. Be open to anything.

Scheduling and personnel changes at work and/or major changes around relatives continue. Emerging situations introduce you to entirely new disciplines or fields of learning. People with great power or authority could influence critical current decisions.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Power is being exercised. If you’ve been smart, you can use power to make things happen now. If you weren’t, others exercise power over you. Fate is what happens, and destiny is what you make of it by choice and attitude. Past truths may be irrelevant now.

Important deals and exchanges are at hand, and lead to great opportunities. Long-term situations are changing dramatically. Hidden hopes, fears, realities, and possibilities become visible. New paths and relationships bubble up from hidden places. Be courageous.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

People around you are rearranging themselves in time and place. Decisions range from noble to petty. Take a position where you can view things from a distance to evaluate and absorb. People in high places can do favors for you midweek. Saturday evening is fine.

Exchanges in relationships of all sorts are at an extreme. People are making major transitions. Expect big offers and equally big requests – your flow of give-and-take is at maximum flow. Being generous is to your advantage. Saturday night is special.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Your workplace or long-term family processes experience turbulent upheavals. Meanwhile, you’re shifting interests and priorities for your long-term future. Home renovation or relocating are possibilities. Travel plans or big exchanges being discussed by Thursday.

You discover who and what is most important in your life. It’s easy to gravitate toward those who appreciate your talents, but pay attention to those who give constructive criticism and expect more, as these people may be the source of the best future options.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

People and relationships continue to evolve around you. Some people are exasperating. You discover an interest in pursuing spiritual goals, or in taking a long-distance journey overseas. Personal projects or efforts produce excellent results midweek.

You continue to experience high points and milestones of gain and loss. People and things from the past fade while exciting new things surge into motion, a process most evident through family changes. A person or situation that has held sway for years is dissolving.

Elizabeth Hazel is a professional tarotist-astrologer and author. She gives readings every Wednesday at Attic on Adams above Manos Greek Restaurant. She may be contacted at (c) 2013

TFP Crossword

“Idyllic Village” ACROSS

1. Village on the border of Wood and Lucas Counties 10. Russell of vintage Hollywood 11. “A Doll House” playwright 13. Surprise victory 14. Profit after expenses 16. Perceive 17. Eggs 18. Breakout role for Harrison Ford 19. Water upon which 1-Across sits 20. Nearby state with a namesake city of 1-Across 24. Half-quadrophonic? 27. Distress initials 29. Like duck feet 31. Renowned glass sculptor Labino, with a studio in 1-Across 35. Annual Festival in 1-Across 39. Lose tone 41. Asian holiday 42. Barn hooter

by Dave DeChristopher 1









10 11




16 18



17 19



23 27






28 31



34 35




41 43



42 44



47 48

43. ---- Karate (cologne of yore) 44. Faint with rapture 46. Consent 47. Enemy 48. U.S. President with a hunting lodge at 1-Across


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Author of “The Firm” “---- and Old Lace” Levi’s fabric Rocket plants In NYC, it’s called soda

6. Debate topics 7. Woodland god 8. Dartmouth College site 9. Neighbor to the north 12. “Golden Girl” Arthur 15. First lady 21. Jewels, in slang 22. 50s prez 23. Silent agreement 25. Skater Babilonia 26. List-ending abbr. 28. Downy, for one 29. Michael Schlesinger’s bailiwick 30. John the ---32. Brenda Lee oldie 33. Patrons at Twin Oaks Lanes (on West Sylvania) 34. Postpone 36. Princess prodder 37. Follow 38. Strain to attain 40. Impress, and then some 45. Winning tic tac toe line


26 Classified automobiles




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NOTICE TO BIDDERS SEALED PROPOSALS for bidding on Manor House Window & Roof Replacement, Wildwood Preserve Metropark, Toledo, Ohio will be received; opened; and read aloud at the Metropolitan Park District of the Toledo Area, Fallen Timbers Field Office, 6101 Fallen Timbers Lane, Maumee, Ohio 43537 Friday, June 21, at 3:00 p.m. local time. THE SCOPE OF WORK consists of window & roof replacement for a 50 room mansion. General construction includes select demolition and disposal including asbestos shingle abatement, slate roof, copper flashings, replacement windows, associated prep & repair, finish carpentry and paint. Bidders may obtain copies of plans, specifications, contract documents and plan-holder’s list through Newfax Corporation, 333 West Woodruff, Toledo, Ohio 43604 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (check made payable to Newfax Corporation) or via the Newfax Digital Plan Room at <http://www.> . Newfax can be contacted at 419-241-5157 or 800-877-5157. A nonrefundable fee of $30 is required for each set of documents obtained. For additional information, please contact Jon Zvanovec @ 419-360-9184, EACH BIDDER MUST FURNISH either (1) a bond for the full amount of the bid or (2) a certified check, cashier’s check or irrevocable letter of credit in an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the bid with its bid. The successful bidder must furnish a 100 percent (100%) Performance Bond and a 100 percent (100%) Labor and Materials Bond. No bidder may withdraw its bid within thirty (30) days after the actual date of the opening thereof. THE BOARD OF PARK COMMISSIONERS OF THE METROPOLITAN PARK DISTRICT OF THE TOLEDO AREA reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and to waive any informality in bidding. By order of the Board of Park Commissioners METROPOLITAN PARK DISTRICT OF THE TOLEDO AREA Stephen W. Madewell, Director Toledo Free Press publishes classified ads and cannot be responsible for problems arising between parties placing or responding to ads in our paper. We strongly urge everyone to exercise caution when dealing with people, companies and organizations with whom you are not familiar.

June 9, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

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A home for Fawn

Fawn is a 2-yearold bunny. She and several other bunnies were brought into the Toledo Area Humane Society after their owner was evicted from her home. Fawn is a dwarf rabbit so she won’t get any bigger than she is now. She is very friendly and doesn’t mind being petted and held as long as you handle her gently. She loves to be fed snacks of apples, carrots, and broccoli. The Humane Society is working on training her to use a litter box so cleaning her cage will be much easier. Just like any other pet, rabbits require lots of care and attention so

you may want to read about them before choosing to take one home. If you’re looking to add a little something different to your household, maybe Fawn would be a good fit for you. Fawn has been spayed and examined by a TAHS staff veterinarian. Toledo Area Humane Society is located at 1920 Indian Wood Circle, Arrowhead Park, Maumee. Adoption hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Call (419) 891-0705 or visit www. O

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All real estate advertised in this paper is subject to the federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, in the sale, rental, or financing of housing. This Publisher will not knowingly accept any advertising that violates any applicable law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this paper are available on an equal opportunity basis. If you believe you have been discriminated against in connection with the sale, rental, or financing of housing, call the Toledo Fair Housing Center, (419) 243-6163.

June 9, 2013

Toledo Free Press 27

A Toledo tradition since 2005

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28 Toledo Free Press

A Toledo tradition since 2005

June 9, 2013

Toledo Free Press – June 9, 2013  

This edition features D. Michael Collins, who is making his second run for the mayor’s office (see page 6). The issue also features Michael...