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About “Love is in the air” is an exchange that took place in Sarata Monteoru and Buzau between 27 august and 5 September 2018. Partnership consisted in 41 participants from 8 countries : Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Spain, Italy, Macedonia and Romania. The context is linked with the problems generated by the air quality due to irresponsible home and industrial behaviour and by passive life style Aim of the project is to increase the responsibility of youngsters for enviroment sustainability and a better life quality by empowering fight against air pollution and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

The methodology was based on nonformal education and consisted in games, presentations, debates, role plays and simulations, workshops, visits, intercultural evenings. There were 6 thematic workshops at which were pre sented results of preparatory phase, there were identified causes and effects of air pollution and methods and solutions to reducing air pollution in the creative workshops participants prepared a visual camd day we had an workshop about the paign by producing videos, flyers, posters and magazine, alland products being effect thea solutions the respon shared in the last day in Buzau togethe airerpollution. Here we have the sum with local youngsters.


erything that was discussed

“Love is in the ar” was one of the best youth exchanges developed by our organisation due to devoted involvement of all participands and professionrness: it’sofcreated because of a busy alism group leaders.

ence that makes us distry everything We wish to bring gratitude to all

our partners and collaborators and especially to “Casa cu Tei” pension for was the bigest from this sub hospitality, support topic and understanding.

his se it diminishes our resources and in Catalina and Tolea Postovei - Organizers on behalf of Hair Redivivus the existance of the nuclear bombs y our planet.

LAND ART We are saying that we love our air but that’s in a cloud because it’s so polluted since almost no one takes care of it.

Yin and yang Pollution and fresh air Burning ground and trees Choking and planting Humans and nature Is there any balance? Which part is going to win?

The small heart represents the love that you are giving to the others. The pyramid represents the equilibrium that it’s created because of the love and healthy lifestyle, represented by the leaves between the two hearts. And the big heart is the love that you receive from the other people and from the world around us.

In this landscape there’s 8 branches that represent countries’ participant that are sharing a big heart. Also there are a lots of acorns that means the differences between all countries but they are so small because WHAT CONNECT US IS MORE THAN WHAT DIVIDES US.

Oxygen is for humans the most important element contained in the air and trees our most important providers of oxygen. A heart made out of sticks, stones and dry leaves representing the soft and hard sides of the loving effect honors modern nature and it’s life donors. And as a masterpiece that respects itself, it contains its own secret messages that the artists challenge you to discover.

Representation of how much love is affected by love. We can see that you receive the most of the TW^MQV\PMÅZ[\PITN of live and after it starts to fade.

)T\PW]OP\PQ[UIaVW\[MMUTQSMU]KPI\ÅZ[\ [QOP\\PQ[[QOVQÅM[\PMJZQLOMJM\_MMV\_WZILQKITTaLQNNMZMV\XMWXTM<PMÅZ[\WVMZMXZM[MV\ML on the right represents an assured future, whilst the left one represents a future which can only be achieved through struggle and ambition. The bridge represents the happiness one means for another.


In BG 78% of the people are living in air poluted arMI[1V;WĂ&#x2026;I\PMZM_I[IZMsearch in which there were 7 times more than the normal dust particles. There The capital city in air pollution is 53mg/m3. Macedonia- Skopje The solutions are many for is the most poluted example more green areas, city in Europe. Main more bicycles than cars, reason for the polurecycling more, energetic tion is heated homes aids, urban hygiene in ev- with weed, lot of cars. ery town. The other solu- There air polution is tion is transport without in- 47mg/m3. The soluternal combustion. tions of the polution Be part of the solution in MK are: recycling NOT part of the polution. garbage, seed more trees, to use revsible energy. Love is the solution

In Poland 40 000people die each year because of the polution. In the capital city in PL- Cracow there are 165days in a year with exceeded air quality standarts(2016). There air pollution is 42mg/ m3. The solutions of the polution in Poland Italy is the country in EuIZM"UWZMMNĂ&#x2026;KQMV\MVrope for air polution liked ergy production, to deaths. The examples for use hybrid busses in that are: the industrial public transport, not activities in Northern Italetting going emissions ly, nitrogen dioxige, canfrom the garbage. cer, cardiove, respiratoUse your feet or public ry, neurological disease. transport. There the air pollution in 30mg/m3. The solutions for the polution in Italy are: veduction of private cars, investment on public transport, wind energy installed. Go keep it clean.

The worst situation in Czech Republic is in the eastern side, caused by industry. The main source When you arrive to of pollution are thermal Madrid, the capital city power stations and traf- in Spain, you can see Ă&#x2026;K<PMZMIQZXWTT]\QWVQ[ a pollution on the sky. 30mg/m3. The solution of In one of the biggest the pollution in Poland arecities in Spain- Barcemany and the situation is lona, the air quality is getting better and better poor thought to cause about 3500 premabut slowly. More forest=more clean ture deaths a year. There the air pollution areas/air. is 25mg/m3. The solutions of the pollution in Spain are: pedestrianise large avenue, some cars canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t drive just some days, more trees, forbidden parkings with engine on. Be part of the solution!

In 2012, 14 497 people died in Romania- 73 deaths/ 100 000 living- because of the air pollution. Romanian cities risk being ÅVMLJa-= <PMZM the air pollution is 25 mg/m3. The solutions of the pollution in Romania are: limita- In Greece 5 000 people die tion of gas emission, every year because of the ZMKMQ^QVOIÅVMNZWU air pollution. The Greek EU, renewal of old economic crisis leads to air busses that are out pollution ( Athens, Thesof date. saloniki). There the air Be fair, don’t pollute pollution is 20mg/m3. The the air! solutions for the pollution are: diesel cards can be prohibited (Athens) , less tax for ecological cars, renewable energy, stricter rules for factories. Pollution- if you don’t kill it, it will kill you.


Tip 1: Try to have as many roomates as you can. Tip 2: Close the lights and unplug everything that aW]LWV\][MIVLJ]aMVMZOaMNÃ&#x2026;KQMV\LM^QKM[

Tip 3: Try to live in houses that have as much as ecological and recyclable materials they can.

Tip 4: It's best to live in the smallest house you can be comfortable.

Tip 5: Try to eat foods that your grandparents would recognize and if you buy from supermar kets try to buy organic foods. Tip 6: Try to use as less as you can the airplane.

Tip 7: Best diet would be to reduce meat con sumption and foods derived from animals and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Tip 8:Try to use more eco-friendly types of transport.

Tip 9:Recycle and compost the organic materials.

Tip 10: Buy vehicles that are economical in fuel terms and electric vehicles.

Tip 11: For short distances try to go on foot or use bicycle.

Tip 12: Try to carpool as often as you can.

Tip: 13 Try to add renewable energy sources to your house (solar panels,geothermal etc.).

Lucia Romania 1.8 Hara Greece 2.1 Emmy Greece 2.3 Elena Romania 2.3 Kate Chech 2.5 Laur Romania 2.6 Angela Macedonia 2.8 Veneta Bulgaria 3 Gabriella Poland 3 Veni Bulgaria 3 Orfeas Greece 3.1 Lukasz Poland 3.4 Diamantis Greece 3.5 Giuseppe Italy 3.5 Alba Spain 3.5 Diana Spain 3.5 Jose Spain 3.5 Vojtech Chech 3.7 Stefan Macedonia 3.8 Milena Chech 3.8 Juan Spain 4 Ioanna Romania 4 Tomas Chech 4 Rossela Italy 4 Daniele Italy 4 Yannis Greece 4.1

Davor Macedonia 4.2 Valeria Italy 7 Dimitar Bulgaria 7.9 Project average: 3.6

Average from each coun try Spain 3.6 Italy 4.6 Romania 2.7 Greece 3 Bulgaria 4.6 Macedonia 3.6 Chech 3.5 Poland 3.2

COFFEE WORDS in the thrird day we had an workshop about the causes, the effect the solutions and the respon sibe for the air pollution. Here we have the sum mary of everything that was discussed CAUSES: ->low awarness: it’s created because of a busy life, indiference that makes us distry everything around us. -> WARS. this was the bigest topic from this sub ject because it diminishes our resources and in the future , the existance of the nuclear bombs can destroy our planet. ->politicians unfortunetly are a big cause of the air pollution such as they care more abut the economy and their lifes than seeing what s around them. ->in terms of mentality we care more for what people think of us then what’s good for the plan et and we tend to follow the others eventhough it’s now the right thing to do. ->In the last years the population increased soooooo much and that creates more rubbish, lack of food and resources , to much smoke in



the air produced by the people that smoke and their preffer to use their person al car instead of the public transportation which cre ates more polution #sharingiscaring

EFFECTS: -> LIFE STYLE CHANGES: car regulations, peo ple should invest more in helth care because everything around us makes us sick; a lot of ani mals are disapearing and this means for some people lack food. Also the cli mate starts already to change. A lot of people are moving to the coutry side , because they canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t breath anymore in the cities and the nature around them is helping and relax ing. ->DEATH: in some time for now if we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t change any -

thing we will all get sick, also our anmals and the plants and the planet wil be empty. -> CONNECTION: We observed that the air pol lution creates the water pollution and also the earth; they all are connected so one is high so will be the rest. SOLUTIONS: One of the solutions can be a better promotion of how people can save more and why it is im portant.

More then that we can create some shring apps for getting the taxies the chance to have the maximum numers of clients in the cars ,

eventhough they don’t know each other. Also the governement should create more green spaces , like parks and forests and alos to create a law for the companies that buy green areas to replace them in order for a healthy life style. If we want less pollution created by cars, the brands can make the eco cars more affordable so they can buy it, use it and share it. EDUCATION is really important because a lot of humans of this planet are not aware of the caus es and solutions so they don’t know why they should help. The factories have a great impact on the air polu tion, so we’d better make them safer by creating Use sun power as much as we can , because it’s free and it’s not poluting. RESPONSIBLES: ->INSTITUTIONS AND GOV: we can create a reward system for people that make a change, because we know that you react more if you receive something in exchange. They can also impact more the people and give them motivation, because it’s our planet and we should care about it.

They can always change the strategy if the plan we are using now itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not working. ->PERSONAL RESPONSABILITY Indiference is the biggest problem, because people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; t understad how they can make an change. ->EDUCATION Schools, family, friends and somehow media makes you who you are. Traveling, studying and partic ipating in different projects and debtes can help you make your own mind and take your own deci sions.


This workshop should make us aware of things and activities which we usually do in our lifes and which contribute to our healthy and unhealthy lifestyle. We were split into eight groups and each group had to make a posters to show how individuals can contribute and affect environment. Four groups were about to present healthy and the rest unhealthy lifestyle. After that we presented our masterpieces. -

formed opposite behaviour between active and healthy participant of youth exchange and pas sive and unhealthy participant. They showed us how to for example drink responsible, recycle or spend free time in better and healthy way.

The next group performed how individuals can affect lifes of animals and also life of themself. They showed us that everything can be destroyed just by throw ing out the garbage on the The next group wanted to show how we should behave to be healthy and in the same time contribute to better en vironment. Be performed for example eating more fruit and vegetable, doing exercises, recycling, or using electric cars. The third group ef forted to perform un healthy lifestyle in the similar way as the sec ond group and show us how our activities ment in bad way.

The main role of this group was called "Catastrophus". Every single thing which he did had catastrophic effect on environment. Then active plain him why his behaviour is so bad and how to get better. performed clever owl called "ECOWL" which also tried to explain to pas sive people why it is very important to care about our en vironment and witch problems can their behaviour cause. Group number 8 played passive young student who didn't care about environ ment and his activities had

Group number 7 per formed Eko's day on hol iday. That means how to behave responsible to enjoy holiday without de stroying environment. We all enjoyed this workshop and I think it made us more think about how we should behave more responsi bly to our planet.


->politicians unfortune the air pollution such a the economy and their around them. ->in terms of mentality people think of us then et and we tend to follo itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s now the right thing ->In the last years the p soooooo much and tha lack of food and resour

ly are a big cause of they care more abut Onwhat which ifes than seeing s side of the rope you?

Topic n1: Inside cities cars should be allowed to we care more for what drive in weekends only twice a month to reduce whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good for the plan air pollution w the others eventhough For o do.  1\_W]TLZML]KM\PM\ZINĂ&#x2026;KQVKQ\QM[ opulation increased It would decrease the amount of carbon dioxcreates more rubbish, ide. es , to much smoke in Against Its not democratic because its limiting the rights of the people and it could also cause troubles in emergency situations. Banning cars for just a few days isn t a solution. Topic n2: Industrial developement is more important than combat air pollution. For If the industrialization hadnt happened, the renewable sources wouldnt even existed. The industry is inevitable for the society. Against At this point of pollution its more important to try get rid of it, instead of polluting even more. Topic n.3: Developing renewable wind energy is


There are many negative impacts on the na ture, such as destroying the landscape or limiting teritories of animals. Its almost impossible to live near them be cause of the noise. Against The windmills could be placed in the ocean. It doesnt cause any pollution. Topic n.4: Goverment should introduce new taxes for population to prevent air pollution. For

Its fair that everyone should take part in the

It would speed up the developement of re newable sources. Against Its better to use award system, not punish people. The money could be corrupted.

Intercultural evenings One of the things that we did during this proj ect was intercultural nights. It took 2 evenings. Every country has two tasks - to promote one of the other countries in funny way (theater, quiz,...) and also to prepare some traditional food, drinks, sweets from their own country. In their promotion of other country - we saw very nice plays, participated in quiz, learnt a tradition al Czech dance and so on. After this we moved to another part of the night, where we tasted different food and drinks. It was very nice to see the traditions of participating countries. Polish group prepared very nice activity - they showed us, how wedding in Poland looks like. We did their the bride - there is the thing that if you catch the year. The same was with boys - they were catch ing a bow tie. The whole evening was really funny and after we ate and drunk all stuff, we moved outside to have a dance party. Next day, the rest of countries that didn't pro mote others did it. There were plays about Greek

mythology and about typical day in Macedonia. We also did some quiz and enjoyed funny videos. After it, we had second part of tasting. Spanish group played song on guitar and Greeks tought us their dance. In general, it was really nice to see different cul tures and talking about traditions was very inter esting. Also the concept of intercultural nights was a bit different than we were used to. In the beginning we were afraid of promoting different country, but it was actually very nice and very funny to search for information about different countries. It was also very good that countries did the best for promotion and also for presentation of their countries.

WHAT AIR REPRESENTS TO YOU? >It symbolises freedom

>Air represents for me life and source of energy >For me, air represents life and welfare. We all need it to be alive, healthy and happy. >Freedom, freshness, life, intellectuality, naughtiness but my favorite element is water (Scorpio :P) >Air for me represents life. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the major factor in making life possible. Through many processes like oxygen transportation in living beings, transport in living beings, transporting seeds from trees etc. But it also transports many toxic wastes and emitions from factories, cars, etc. So we have to be careful and have high quality standards so we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t transform what gives us life to something that will kill life. >It is one of the few things that is still considered free. The air is the determinant of our health and life. This is our common good that we should look after internationally >Life, both for people and for the Earth. >The air is the one way that can allow us to live. For this reason we must protect it.

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This brochure was maid by participants in the youth exchange organized in frame of Erasmus + programme by Hair Redivivus Buzau


This brochure was maid by participants in the youth exchange organized in frame of Erasmus + programme by Hair Redivivus Buzau