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‘Dancing with the Stars’ quick steps into Thailand

The BBC’s international hit reality TV format ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is to be brought to life in Thailand following an ad-funded partnership between BBC Worldwide and Thailand’s largest locally owned hotel brand Amari. The new series will premiere on Channel 7 in January 2013 with 7 x 90’ episodes. The Thai series will be independently produced by MCL (Metine Company Ltd) and Kantana Group PLC and funded by advertising. Amari will feature in ad breaks throughout the series and will have logo signage within the show. With the addition of Thailand, there are now 43 local productions of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ around the world spanning six continents. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is one of BBC Worldwide’s global brands and in 2010 was named the world’s most successful reality TV format in the Guinness Book of Records. Local versions air in countries as diverse as Lebanon, Russia, China. Season 14 in the US attracted an average of 18 million viewers each night and in France the show is currently No.1 in its time slot with an audience of over 5.5 million. The brand has also extended into live events, gaming and digital properties.


‘Go Dance!’ Shimmies to China Marking the first Ukrainian deal of its kind in the region, the hit Ukrainian mass dance series show ‘Go Dance!’ will be broadcast in Mandarin and Cantonese in the territory of Greater China; following a deal signed between Russia’s Star Media Group, Studio Kvartal-95 and Inter TV channel with Metan Development Group (Metan). The highly popular show has already seen three seasons in Ukraine, and features hundreds of dancers from different cities in a competition to be crowned their country’s Dance Capital. Beijing-based production company Mei Tian Mei Yu (Mei Tian) will develop and adapt the format for Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking audiences. The show’s third season, created and broadcast in Ukraine on Inter TV channel, boasts being one of the top rated weekend television programs in Ukrainian television history. The ‘Go Dance!’ format has also been sold to MY Tupelo Entertainment in the United States, and agreements are in place with leading French production company Effervescence and Norway’s Nice Go Dance!

Talent Show

Q&A ttv

Inside the K-Wave Before making business with Korea, you should know that 60% of the dramas aired on Vietnamese channels are Korean; that 30 million Korean people use smart devices to watch content; that Korea already has co-productions with Brazil and Colombia, and Korean content is being aired in countries like Bulgaria and Germany. By Sebastián Torterola Twitter: @storterola

Showbiz Arirang

“The more smart equipments are used, the more personalized contents will be consumed.”


“Korean drama has been sold out to many other countries such as Japan, China, as well as in North America, Europe, Arab and Southeast Asia.”

In Korea, the average time of using smart equipment is 2.7 hours a day per person. It is almost same as the average time of watching TV, which is 3 hours a day. Also, 57% of smartphone and tablet users check their emails and 44% of the users log in to social media services while watching TV.


f you are walking the corridors of a big international tradeshow, and somebody asks you what you know about Korea, a very likely answer may be: “Gangnam Style.” And, although many Korean cultural actors would find the answer unfortunate, from the TV business perspective, Chang-bae Lee believes the “Gangnam Style Syndrom” is an important impulse for Korea at an international level. “It’s booming up the Korean wave dramatically,” says the Senior Manager of Distribu-

tion and Marketing at Arirang. The executive spoke to ttv and analyzed the production and distribution trends in the region. What key aspects would you highlight in today’s Korean TV business? Drama is the leading content in Korea’s production market. Korean drama has been sold out to many other countries such as Japan, China, as well as in North America, Europe, Arab and Southeast Asia. Especially in Japan, Korean dramas are regularly scheduled on NHK, TBS and TV Tokyo, and more than 500 series have

Chang-bae Lee,

been aired through Japanese domestic channels in recent 3 years. Also more than 60% of dramas aired on Vietnamese channels are Korean dramas.

Senior Manager of Distribution and Marketing - Arirang

How has the K-pop phenomenon affected the Korean TV business? K-pop is also popular with K-dramas. The song “Gangnam Style” by PSY, which has been ranked second on Billboard chart for 6 consecutive weeks and viewed more than 601 million time, the second largest number of hits in history after Jennifer Lopez on YouTube, is booming up the Korean wave dramatically. The “Gangnam Style Syndrome” would be highlighted as one of the key aspect in today’s TV business in the market. Meanwhile, K-Pop programs such as ‘Pops in Seoul’ and ‘Simply K-Pop’ are getting more attention than ever. The visitors to the program homepages and Facebook, and the numbers of hits on YouTube are extremely growing day by day. ‘Showbiz Korea’, the entertainment news program, as well as ‘Star’s Road’ and ‘Star Date’, the travel shows featuring K-Pops Stars, are also popular along with the trend. What other content genres have international appeal? The movie market is also uprising. ‘Pieta’ by Kim Ki-duk has just won the Golden Lion -the highest prize- at the 69th Venice International Film Festival. It has proved Korean movie’s artistic value and potential once again. Other examples of Korean movies vals are ‘Secret Sunshine’, ‘Old Boy’, ‘Chihwasun’, and ‘Oasis’. ‘Barbie’, produced by Arirang, also has won a Gryphon Award at 42nd Giffoni Film Festival in 2012, which is for the Best Film of the year. According to these results, more buyers are looking for Korean films now. What successful co-production models are used in Korea? Lots of co-production projects are found in documentaries, movies and dramas in Korea. ‘Estrada Real’, the co-produced documentary project by Korea and Brazil, and ‘Stranger 6’, the Korean-Chinese-Japanese collaborative drama series are the examples. Also the movie ‘Dangerous Liaisons’, starring Korean star actor Jang Dong-Gun and Chinese star actress Zhang Ziyi has just been released.

Could you mention the company’s most recent international distribution agreements? Arirang has made agreements with three platforms in Indonesia, including DTH operator TOPAS. We’ve also inked deals with SKY Net, the only DTH platform in Myanmar; with Blizoo TV, Bulgaria’s biggest MSO; and Telefonica’s O2 in Germany. Arirang’s recent international content distribution agreements include companies in Hong Kong and Thailand for shows ‘Asia and the Cities’, ‘Korea Top 10’, and ‘Pops in Seoul’. Arirang TV is an international broadcasting channel. Therefore, our main targets are the countries that developed the pay TV market. Most important platforms are StarHub in Singapore, SKY Cable in the Philippines, i-Cable in Hong Kong, In-Cable in India, Free in France, Polsat in Poland, Canal+ in Spain and Cablevision in Argentina. The consumption of audiovisual content via mobile devices is a strong trend worldwide. What is this scenery like in your Korea? According to the survey on Korean adults by Mediaresearch, the average time of using smart equipment is 2.7 hours a day per person. It is almost same as the average time of watching TV, which is 3 hours a day. Also, 57% of smartphone and tablet users check their emails and 44% of the users log in to social media services while watching TV. Therefore, watching TV while using smart equipments –the definition of multitasking, is becoming a new audience behavior.

More than 30 million, which is 60% of the total population of Korea, are using smart equipments and consumption of personalized contents is increasing. This means contents are now classified into two categories: familiar contents watched in the living room and personalized contents watched through smart devices. The more smart equipments are used, the more personalized contents will be consumed. What are the main business decisions for Arirang in the near future? In March 2012 we expanded our news segment and started the live news magazine show ‘Korea Today’. We are also concentrating on new media and OTT services. YouTube hits, Twitter followers, and Facebook comments are the most important feedbacks. We started delivering our content through OTT services since last year. Now, users can watch Arirang contents on TVing (International), Yahoo (Asia Pacific) and NaverCast (domestic). ttv

MAIN DESTINIES Traditionally, K-pop programs and documentaries have enjoyed a decent amount of international appeal, but limited to the region: they were mainly consumed in Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia. However, according to Changbae Lee, this scope “has been widened to the countries in North America and Europe as from 2010.”

K-LIFESTYLE The other side of the K-Pop trend is wellness and lifestyle programming. “Our culture and food programs get more interest too, including travel show ‘Bon Voyage’, which introduces exciting eateries, sceneries and tourist spots of Korea; and food show ‘Taste of Wisdom’, which showcases Korea’s about fermented food,” Chang-bae Lee explains.


Arirang also has been producing plenty of programs with other stations or organizations since its foundation. ‘K-Pop Reality Show’ with Caracol TV in Colombia was the biggest co-production project in 2012. Caracol TV, one of the major media companies in Colombia, produced 10 episodes of the show and the last two episodes with the last 5 winners were produced in Arirang’s studios, featuring two of Arirang’s K-pop show producers as part of the jury. Arirang also brought the K-Pop group U-Kiss to Caracol TV, and made two documentaries about the ‘K-Pop Reality Show’ and the K-Pop wave in Colombia.

“More than 60% of dramas aired on Vietnamese channels are Korean dramas.”



4.6% the global

for International Expansion

ad pie will grow in 2013 driven by emerging markets and the internet, ZenithOptimedia reports.

400 million global triple-play subscriptions will be reached by 2017 says Digital TV Research.

YLE Seeks

With four national television channels, one simulcast HD network, and six radio channels and services, complimented by 25 regional radio programmes; Yle, Finland’s national public service broadcasting company, is without a doubt a referent among Finnish broadcasters. The company not only manages some of the country’s most popular networks, with a combined 44% market share between all of its channels; it’s also among the largest local content producers in Finland. Currently, 70% of Finnish TV programs are produced by the broadcaster. ““Our aim is to be a high-quality content producer - also for the international markets. In this line, we are currently developing our international sales strategy. We serve our Finnish customers in both traditional and new ways of using media,” Tuija Snellman, Yle’s Head of Sales, explains. In addition, the company also acquires a substantial amount of content overseas, mainly from European countries. Last year alone, it purchased programmes in over 70 countries.

500 of the 4,400 buyers at Mipcom represented VOD platforms.

23,000 dollars

is the average monthly revenue for the top 1,000 YouTube channels, says OpenSlate.

6.4 billion

dollars will be spent worldwide in mobile advertising in 2012, according to eMarketer.


596 million

TVs worldwide will be connected to the web by 2017, Digital TV Research predicts.


Global Agency Acquires World Wide Entertainment Brand The international distributor entered the business of finished content distribution, after acquiring the brand rights to Australian factual entertainment distributor World Wide Entertainment. The brand is a joint venture between Global Agency and Tims Productions. Under Global Agency’s ownership, World Wide Entertainment will be controlled by Global Agency founder and CEO Izzet Pinto, and focus on creating a fresh new catalog, acquiring the latest programming from some of the world’s biggest producers of factual entertainment, reality, documentaries and lifestyle content. Izzet Pinto said: “World Wide Entertainment is a long-running success story, and I’m delighted to welcome it into the Global Agency family. Our aim is to make it the industry’s leading distributor of factual entertainment.” Bill Farrow, founder of World Wide Entertainment, added: “Being in the industry for the last 15 years, our priority has always been building a reputable brand. Izzet Pinto of Global Agency saw great value in the World Wide Entertainment brand and agreed to acquire the brand for Izzet Pinto, his new formation. I know that the brand is in good hands.” CEO and founder

of Global Agency’s

Special Report ttv ASIA PACIFIC

Where Everything Grows ttv introduces a thorough insight of the TV business in Asia Pacific, a region where governments are strong audiovisual players, where you can find the world’s fastest broadband connections and where some of the most successful global animation brands are created. By Sebastiån Torterola Twitter: @storterola

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The Legend of Korra


(S ou rc e: Go og le


hether it be production facilities, intra-regional commercial exchange, high technological standards, government audiovisual funding, expanding international distributors, innovative coproduction models, emerging economies, advertising budgets, new media consumption levels… everything grows in the Asia Pacific market. However, it’s not that easy to make business in the region. The multi-cultural landscape, the territorial diversity and the high amount of players of all sizes require a crucial asset in every commercial strategy: market knowledge. Yet it’s fair to say that many Asian countries have their doors open for business. First, the tech-savvy audiences don’t have a demanding profile as far as content is concerned. Be it animation, drama series or movies, Asian audiences are good receivers of foreign content, and they are used to consuming it. And then, it’s the world’s emerging region, avid for expansion, which means Asian players are constantly looking for powerful partnerships, and most importantly, they look for international alliances. A good example of that is the way in which public policies encourage high amounts of new audiovisual projects with international partners. Such is the case of Malaysia, through the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS); Singapore, through its Media Development Authority (MDA); and Korea, through its Creative Content Agency (KOCCA); just to name a few. All of them destine millions of dollars a year to foster international co-productions and other kinds of international agreements that enable them to position their national brands in the global arena. “MDA facilitates government-to-government co-production treaties and agreements. To date, we have established official co-production agreements with five countries -Australia, Canada, New Zealand, China and South Korea- and facilitated more than 20 projects, ranging from documentaries and animation series to feature films, through this network of agreements. In doing so, MDA hopes to secure a beachhead for our companies to identify co-production opportunities and partnerships with other like-minded companies,” explains Yeo Chun Cheng, Assistant Chief Executive (Industry) at the Media Development Authority of Singapore. Taking Singapore as a case study, some examples of international co-productions are series ‘Serangoon Road’, “a major collaboration



(m ag on e v No ve th ie m be ly w r2 01 av s 2) er ag e) between HBO Asia and Australian An al yt ics –

Broadcasting Corporation” co-produced by Australia’s Great Western Entertainment and Singapore’s Infinite Studios. The executive mentions more cases: “’Qian Jin’, a 34-episode collaboration between Shanghai Media Group’s Wingsmedia, MediaCorp and MyChinaChannel, a Singapore company with offices in Beijing and Shanghai, produced for the domestic China market; ‘One Stormy Night’, a CGI animated TV co-production between Singapore’s Sparky Animation and Japan’s Duckbill Entertainment, Baku Enterprise and Bandai Visual; and animated hit ‘Rob the Robot’, co-produced by Singapore’s One Animation and Canada’s Amberwood Entertainment, now distributed in France, Korea, Norway, Sweden and the Middle East.” Apart from that, being a young audiovisual market with mainly local expertise, opportunities for the international media companies in Asia can be detected on the market’s weakest points: the development of engaging and successful scripts, and the setting up of strategic international business model, like format franchises.

THE PRODUCTION SIDE. “The overall market demand for local content is increasing as our local production companies produce a lot of local live action contents feeding mainly cable and satellite channel and free TVs. In terms of animation, there is demand for localized concepts, but we just need to make sure the program is still sellable outside Malaysia. When we produce new shows, we make sure the program is acceptable locally and at the same time have export markets,” says Edmund Chan, Managing Director at Malaysiabased production company Animasia Studio. Chan mentions ASTRO as one of the main pay TV clients, as well as Media Prima and Radio TV Malaysia on the broadcast TV side. “Over the years, we have worked and produced local and international shows and our production team has knowledge to create characters that have international appeal. In terms of story and scripts, we normally hire foreign writers (UK, US, Spain) to develop the scripts for us. This is an area which we notice Malaysia is still weak: the stories development. Production methods and standards, I would say that Animasia’s flash production definitely meet international quality standards as we have many foreign producers interested to work with Animasia.” Meanwhile, whereas some time ago the Asia/ Pacific market was seen globally as a gold mine for foreigners that desired to step into it and take a slice; in recent years, powerful media companies have gone out to the global market to become multinational groups.

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WORLD’S LARGEST PAY TV MARKET According to a report by Informa Telecoms & Media, the Asia Pacific region has become the largest TV market, with the highest number of pay TV subscribers and TV sets in the world. In fact, the study reveals the region will continue to grow to hit the 1 billion subscriber mark. In addition, over 394 million households were subscribed to a pay-TV service by the end of 2011, a number that proves the region’s growth potential. On the flipside, the region’s revenues are not as great as they could be. According to the report, Asia Pacific generated US$33.5 billion in TV advertising revenues with US$33.1 billion from pay TV revenues; which means the regional TV market is worth almost US$67 million. The numbers are quite impressive, yet not that great in comparison to other regions. The US generates more than five times the combined pay-TV revenue totals of China and India, despite the fact their combined total of subscribers is three times that of the US. According to the report: “The low-ARPUs found in India, and particularly China, will continue to limit their revenue-generating capability for the foreseeable future. While their sheer size and potential, understandably, often make them the focus for TV executives, there are other markets in the region that are more successfully convincing their audiences to prioritize pay-TV expenditure.”

That’s when the border is surpassed, with key Asian players stepping into the global rule games, acquiring companies, exporting content and therefore taking their local and regional cultures to the world. A good example is the Singapore-based August Media Group. “We’re a kids content producer. A couple of years ago we bought Red Kite Animation, which has been one of the cornerstones of the UK animation industry. They now develop a whole lot of content for us and also are in charge of the production management. So we’re not a studio; we only develop, finance and produce shows. And now we’re moving to distribute them,” the company’s founder and CEO Jyotirmoy Saha, said in conversation with ttv. Saha refers to a key aspect in the Asia/Pacific audiovisual landscape: kids content. In the case of drama, for example, it’s rather hard for Asian stories to travel boundaries; except for the Korean case, a country that has managed to export and adapt original content to faraway places like the US or Ecuador. Nevertheless, it’s easier to compete internationally in the kids’ area. “They pretty much have the same values. They are looking for very simple stories that touch them in their hearts. From that perspective, I think content is fairly easy to take across borders,” Saha assures. For example, preschool content would “adapt very easily in any country in Latin America, just as it would in the European Union or in Asia.” ANIMATED BOUNDARIES. Indeed, animation continues to represent the best opportunity for Asia to reach the global market. There are several samples of that: from Japan-based Toei Animation’s ‘Saint Seiya’, which has thrived kids fans throughout Latin America and Europe in the nineties (and which this year came back with a new series, ‘Saint Seya Ω’); to Viz Media’s manga-based classic ‘YuYu Hakusho’ and current global hit ‘Naruto’. Of course, the international potential of animation counts; however, there is also the technological element. CGI, Ultra HD, 3D and flash are just some of the development techniques used by the large majority of Asian players, which are world-class leaders in the matter. Such is the case of Animasia: “Our main production pipelines are mainly running on flash (3 lines) and one 3D production team. Our current 150-animators staff currently produces contents in HD format, offering production service to international companies and in co-production projects with China and Spain.” “Several of our top animation studios such as August Media, Sparky Animation and One Animation, as well as live action production houses such as The Group Entertainment, Beach House Pictures and Ochre Pictures, have been working with established compa-

nies in US, Australia, Asia and many parts of Europe,” says MDA’s Yeo Chung Cheng, referring to the landscape in Singapore. In this regard, with over 40 years of experience and 32 media companies under its arm, the Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Group (TBS) is an active player in the international animation market. “Recently, ‘Takeshi’s Castle’based ‘MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge’ and Sasuke-based ‘Ninja Warrior’ have become smash hits which are both aired in more than 159 countries around the world. ‘Ninja Warrior’ has steadily grown ever more popular on G4, a Comcast cable channel in North America. ‘Sasuke’ was received as the greatest success for NBC since last summer’s July 4th Independence Day fireworks broadcast,” says Naoko Yoshida, Director of International Program Sales at the company’s Media Business Division. Animasia’s Edmund Chan also differentiates the company’s local strategy from the one for the regional market. “For shows to be successful in our local market, I would say the subject and the local flavors are key factors to make the show popular and acceptable by local audience. One of our key strategies is to produce intellectual properties that target specific markets. For example, ‘Bola Kampung’ is more targeted to our South Eastern Asian audience, whereas animated movie ‘Balla Bowl’ is more oriented to the South Asia market. We also produce international shows like ‘Supa Strikas’, ‘Chuck Chicken’ and ‘ABC Monsters’,” he explains. FOREIGN VISITORS. Maybe the most interesting cases to pay attention to when it comes to innovative business models are coproduction alliances. Many countries in Asia and in the world have a thriving audiovisual landscape, but players find that it’s not possible to make a living from the local market. That’s when the global opportunities start to come up. “Financing shows that are entirely produced out of the UK is a challenge, particularly in our field of children’s animation,” Robin Gladman, Sales manager at UK production and distribution company Aardman, explains. Despite that fact, the company has managed to give its content a widespread presence on Asian screens. “In Japan we’ve been working with Ghibli Studios and NHK for several years now and continue to build on our special partnership with them through successful ratings of ‘Shaun the Sheep’ and ‘Timmy Time’ on NHK. ‘Shaun the Sheep’ also rates highly in Indonesia with MNC TV, where it is a prime time family show,” he explains. In Korea, Gladman claims that Aardman has “a wide distribution network,” including terrestrial channel EBS, domestic pay channels and IPTV platforms. “This allows us to build the awareness of our brands across multiple

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“We normally hire foreign writers (UK, US, Spain) to develop the scripts for us. This is an area which we notice Malaysia is still weak: the stories’ development.” Edmund Chan, Managing Director at Animasia Studio

“The overall market demand for local content is increasing as our local production companies produce a lot of local live action contents feeding mainly cable and satellite channel and free TVs.” Yeo Chun Cheng, Assistant Chief Executive (Industry) at the Media Development Authority of Singapore

“The currency that we are competing for is peoples’ time. Time for them to spend a half hour or several hours to sit down and watch their favorite show or shows.” Brendan Zauner, Vice President of Sales, Asia, Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution

platforms. Also, we have a great following in Thailand, and in China where our agent U’Young are building ‘Shaun the Sheep’ and ‘Timmy Time’ across television, digital media and licensed products.” This point shows the opportunities for local agents to represent and assess local properties continues to remain in force. Hollywood’s Fox is another big global player with presence in the region, taking content from the LA majors to the Asian screens. “The market for Fox TV series and feature films in Asia is growing consistently year on year, though it is a broad region that we cover down here from our office located at Fox Studios in Australia. To put it in perspective we reach as far West as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, all the way East to Japan and Korea, south to Australia and New Zealand and North to Mongolia and China,” says Brendan Zauner, Vice President of Sales, Asia at Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution. He remarks that within that boundary there is a myriad of different countries at different stages of their market evolution. “China and India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan and Pakistan are what I would call emerging markets for US TV content. Indonesia, Australia, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines are established markets in the core business,” which also lead in the SVOD, VOD and EST (Electronic Sell-Through) areas. As for the content that works in the region, Zauner explains: “In general terms it is action and sci-fi oriented TV series and movies, such as the ‘X-Men’ franchise, ‘Avatar’, ‘Titanic’, the ‘Fantastic 4’ franchise, for example. TV Series such as ‘24’, ‘Prison Break’, ‘Homeland’ and ‘The Unit’ always perform well. Comedy is growing, however it is very specific comedy that works. Situation comedies are better received because there is less reliance on the dialogue and more on the visual aspect of the show.” Latin America has also been a fruitful region for unprecedented collaboration agreements this year. Back in January, Venezuela and USbased Cisneros Group signed an exchange deal with China giant CCTV, through which will facilitate each organizations’ vast entertainment catalogs, particularly documentaries with significant cultural and historical value in the initial stage of the alliance. A couple of months later, Argentinean distributor Telefe International and Chinese production company Idea Asia Media signed a deal to produce three titles from Telefe’s catalog in China. The producer will adapt romantic comedies ‘Cuando me Sonríes’ and ‘A Year to Remember’, in addition to the series ‘The Man of Your Dreams’. In the meantime, as part of their strategic content Alliance, Colombia’s RCN and Mexican giant Televisa announced they will co-produce more telenovelas in many Asian countries. “Recent successful examples

SINGAPORE BREAKS RECORDS AT ATF This year’s Asia TV Forum won’t be just another edition for Singapore, according to MDA’s Yeo Chun Cheng: “We expect increased international business collaboration opportunities for all, including over 100 Singapore TV, animation and film companies at the market. This will be the largest Singapore delegation ever. We are also organizing various business platforms such as targeted business matching and networking sessions for international broadcasters and media companies to meet with local media companies at the market.” include local versions of ‘Yo soy Betty la Fea’ -original story by Fernando Gaitán Salom- en China (‘Chou nu wu di’), co-produced with Hunan TV,” the companies reported. COMING SOON. Such are some of the Asia Pacific region’s TV business main aspects, though the region moves so fast that everything can change in a few months. The perspective of MDA’s Yeo Chun Cheng is a good way to put it: “Singapore is a great place to serve Asia as it is home to 20 international satellite broadcasters, and more than 5,500 media businesses. We have a vibrant and dynamic TV sector, marked by 3DTV, IPTV, interactive TV and mobile TV services offering new ways for consumers to enjoy their favorite TV content, on-the-go. Our TV landscape is transforming, with Singapore switching over to full digital TV between 2015 to 2020 and Free-To-Air services going online in the near future.” Of course, this situation impacts on audiences directly, as Fox’s Zauner notes: “In countries where there are well established broadband and mobile platforms such as Korea, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand the upswing in consumption of content on PC and mobile devices is growing rapidly. Countries like Korea have the fastest broadband speeds to the home in the world. Malaysia, Australia and Singapore have rolled out national broadband networks to deliver superfast internet to the home. The consumption of content via these mobile devices though is directly proportionate to the commuter habits in those countries. Where you have a combination of long transit times in mass transit vehicles, (trains, buses, ferry’s) then there is a high potential for viewing content on mobile devices. The currency that we are competing for is peoples’ time. Time for them to spend a half hour or several hours to sit down and watch their favorite show or shows. New technology is allowing us to tap into the time poor consumer so they can consume their content in any place, at any time, in whatever manner they chose to receive it in.” ttv

Executives ttv

Malaysia: Ready to Partner ttv spoke to His Excellency Dato´ Sri Kamaruddin Siaraf, who, from the local government, promotes Malaysia as a fertile territory for audiovisual co-productions. “We have all the facilities and infrastructure to act as co-producers,” he says.

Secretary General of Malaysia’s Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture (KSU)

By Sebastián Torterola Twitter: @storterola


eing the world’s largest TV mar“We are ready to accept any kind of audiovisual ket, Mipcom opens up a whole project to evaluate it as a possible partrange of business streams. nership, because we have all the faYou have to keep in touch cilities and infrastructure to act as “We have all the with your consolidated co-producers. Furthermore, there facilities and clients, try to keep up with some are important incentives given infrastructure conversations you started in the by the government to that aim,” to act as colast months… and you also realize says His Excellency Dato´ Sri Kaproducers.” the great amount of potential deals maruddin Siaraf, Secretary General that pass by your side in the corriof Malaysia’ Ministry of Information, dors. Communications and Culture (KSU). Many times, “new deals” is equal to “emerging markets.” And every day, new players step in the audiovisual business to propose new ventures. That’s when you think of ATF, a market where you can find many players with renovated energies (and funds) willing to make business. A good example of a thriving emerging territory is Malaysia, the government of which plays a key role in fostering the national audiovisual sector and expanding it internationally. Stephen Davis (Hasbro Studios), H.E. Dato’ Sri Kamaruddin Siaraf (Malaysian Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture), Low Huoi Seong (Vision Animation) and Gill Carr (Moody Street Kids) at Mipcom 2012.

H. E. Dato’ Sri Kamaruddin Siaraf,

FUNDING AND EXPANSION. The executive highlighted that in this year’s Mipcom, the Malaysia Pavilion organized by the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) doubled the number of companies under the national umbrella brand: while in 2011 it lodged less than 20 companies, this year there were over 40 companies showcasing its productions in Cannes. “There’s also a growing number of Malaysian companies selling its content internationally,” he assured. And why is Malaysia a good place to make business? His Excellence answers that one of the main benefits of partnering in the country is

the 30% cash rebate incentive implemented by the government as an incentive for foreign projects. Films, TV movies, TV series and miniseries, documentaries, commercials, animation, and other narrative formats can access this benefit through the Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure (QMPE). A good sample of the growing Malaysian appeal for the international market are the series of co-production deals signed in 2012, which were worth over US$ 30 million. World-class companies like FremantleMedia are already producing in the country, with plans of developing further projects in the near future. “Why Malaysia? The country offers an extensive selection of finished products; it has high standards in drama and animation production, with lower costs and widespread use of English language. Besides, Malaysia offers ideal shooting facilities, including a wide range of beautiful locations: natural landscapes, high mountains, underwater locations… Application for shooting in Malaysia are constantly growing,” His Excellency Dato´ Sri Kamaruddin Siaraf adds. ttv


MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE JOIN FORCES For the first time in history, FINAS and the Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore joined forces together to co-host and co-organize a Malaysia-Singapore Cocktail Reception in Mipcom. Over 70 Malaysian and Singaporean company delegates played host to invited international guests. H.E. Dato’ Sri Kamaruddin said: “We commend Singapore’s positive efforts and welcome mutually-beneficial collaboration in Iskandar Malaysia, and noted the potential for Iskandar Malaysia to provide industrial facilities and infrastructure for Singapore companies to expand their projects into Iskandar Malaysia.” His words referred to Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia, a US$ 120 million studio complex located in the south of the country. The studio, which is due to be completed in 2013 and jointly built by UK’s Pinewood Shepperton and the Malaysian Government Investment arm Khazanah Holdings, expects to generate an economic profit of RM 1 billion over a period of eight years and also create 3,000 direct jobs and potentially another 5,000 indirect jobs a year from the rising number of foreign films and television productions.

The Heyday of Emerging Markets ttv spoke to Yeow Hui Leng, the woman in charge of the organization of the Asia TV Forum, who presented the event´s line-up of speakers and mentioned Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia as markets to keep an eye on. By Sebastián Torterola Twitter: @storterola


Within The Future of Television theme we also feature one speaker from Google/YouTube; and on the content side, there will also be workshops involving producers with successful international case studies. As for Asian speakers, one of the highlights is the producer from ‘Running Man’, a Korean reality show that is a big hit in Asia; and we’re having a one-on-

Project Director of Reed Exhibitions/ATF What’s you evaluation of this year’s Mipcom? This Mipcom was a very interesting market in the sense that we can see a lot more optimism. I think buyers are conservative, but they stimulate to buy, which is a good sign. And definitely Asia is a growing market; everybody is talking about Asia, especially in Europe because of its economic situation. There’s much interest in Asia to explore the territory and see whether there will be more collaborations in the coming years. What trends do you perceive in the region in regard to content? Asian production companies are very confident on their own content, so it’s evident that we are seeing a lot more Asian content at the market, and with bigger budgets. We can see this confidence especially in Korean productions. Formats are also big now in Asia. A good example of that is ‘The Voice’, which did very well in China, and generated a lot of buzz in social media platforms. As well, we can see there are many new Western formats making new roots into Asia. They are large productions and it’s interesting, because it means new opportunities for international format companies. ttv


o know more about new features one session with the managing director of Fuof the Asia Television Forum’s 13th ture Strategy for MBC Korea; among others. edition, which is being held on the Sands Expo and ConHow would you describe the ATF tovention Center of the day? The ATF has always been seen “When you go Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Sinas an international market dedicato the ATF you gapore from 4-7 December, ttv ted to Asians, in which Europeans meet all kinds of spoke to Yeow Hui Leng, project and Americans sold its content Asian companies director of Reed Exhibitions/ATF. into Asia. However, over the past and have more time to build The executive introduced the years we’ve seen a lot more Asian relationships.” extended version of the event, content sellers. So when you go which will feature more confeto the ATF you meet all kinds of rences and it’s expecting 4,500 Asian companies and have more time participants. to build relationships. It’s a great place to build relationships with the Asian. How is Reed Exhibition preparing for this year’s ATF? This year we are extending ATF What trends do you observe in Asia? There into a 4-day conference event (starting Tuesare a lot of new territories doing well in ecoday) and 3-day commercial market (starting nomic terms, for instance Myanmar, Vietnam on Wednesday). For this year we’re presenand Indonesia, not to forget the stronger plating a very strong line-up of speakers, and yers like Japan, Korea, China and Singapore. we’re also announcing partnerships with key I think the keys of the region consist of busiplayers like the Emmys, which will be presenness opportunities and a growing number of ting a panel about the Asian nominees for the players expanding the Asian market: more Emmy Awards. buyers, a lot of co-productions, since government agencies are very active in this area. What speakers will the event feature? We There’s definitely money that the government definitely want to have good Asian speakers are willing to fund in international co-producbut we’re also focused on bringing renowtions. ned international speakers. For this year we have already confirmed the presence of Cort Lane and CB Cebulski from Marvel; Nick Dorra, Head of Animation at Finland’s Rovio Entertainment; as well as speakers from Sesame Workshop and Turner Broadcasting System.

Yeow Hui Leng,

News ttv



Cisneros Teams Up with Electus

Caracol, Telemundo

Unveil Unprecedented Copro LatAm distributors Telemundo Internacional and Caracol Televisión revealed details about an important coproduction agreement inked during Mipcom with the presence of Marcos Santana, president at Telemundo Internacional, Gonzalo Córdoba Mallarino, Caracol Televisión’s new president, Angélica Guerra, VP Internacional at Caracol and Joshua Mintz, EVP of Fiction and general manager at Telemundo Studios. “We believe it will be an unprecedented production”, Santana stated, and added that content quality will prevail over the premiere date. “We will start producing in January, and from then on, everything will depend on the moment we consider the quality of the product is ready to launch”, Santana assured. The series, which will tell the story about one of the most popular drug dealers in Latin America, will feature 60 episodes and will be shooted on locations in Mexico City, Bogota, Medellin, Los Angeles and Miami, whereas the production team will be comprised of staff from both companies.

Marcos Santana,

president at Telemundo Internacional and Gonzalo Córdoba Mallarino, new president at Caracol Televisión


Toonz Animation

Goes Beyond Animation in ATF India-based production and distribution company Toonz Animation is docking at Singapore with a thriving selection of content, including car race action series ‘Speed Racer The Next Generation’, as well as childrens property ‘Gaturro’, co-produced with Argentina’s Illusion Studios, and available in 3D. As one of India’s most important production companies working for key clients such as Marvel, Hallmark, Paramount, Disney, BBC and Cartoon Network, the company is also presenting content beyond animation. Such is the case of biopic ‘Magic Beyond Words’, the story of celebrity writer JK Rowling: her life as a single mom, her work with Harry Potter and how she got to be the world’s richest woman.

Based in Venezuela and the US, the Cisneros Group is one of the largest private organizations of media and entertainment, telecommunications and consumer products in the world, which in addition to TV producer and distributor Venevision, includes companies that work in numerous fields, from TV production and distribution, to travelling and tourism. In conversation with ttv, Adriana Cisneros, the group’s Vice Chairman & VP of Strategy, highlighted the recent deal Cisneros Group signed with US-company Electus, led by Ben Silverman, a renowned producer and media entrepreneur known for his role as executive producer in ABC’s adaptation of ‘Ugly Betty’. “We signed a deal through which Ben Silverman will present three of our formats to broadcast and pay TV networks in the US. Hopefully we will soon be able to announce some of our formats will be adapted in these networks,” she concluded.

Adriana Cisneros, Vice Chairman & VP of Strategy, Cisneros Group


Smart TVs Go Mainstream Smart TV households in the US will be 37 million at year-end 2012, increasing by 40% to 51 million by 2013, says a study conducted by Parks & Associates with Rovi Corporation data, entitled Connected TV Environments. As the trend continues its upward spiral, smart TV households will surpass the bar for critical mass in the US with 38% in 2013, reaching 62% of TV homes by 2016. In this scenario, connected TV owners have key characteristics that make them an ideal target audience for broadcasters and advertisers. According to the report, 55% of connected TV households earn at least US$75,000 annually, and nearly 70% of US connected TV owners have a college degree. This affluent and influential audience segment are also early adopters of technology, products and services -the report states each household owns 11 Internet-enabled devices on average-, making them strong influencers: 53% regularly give advice to friends and family on entertainment and technology. Moreover, 68% of viewers notice ads while searching for programs to watch, and 57% are open to seeing ads while watching content. “The integration of ad content with search and discovery activities via connected TV user interfaces facilitates an immersive and authentic brand experience that boosts consumer interaction,” the report states.

Executives ttv

A New Chapter for the Format Protector Set to step down from her role as chair of Frapa at year-end, Ute Biernat affirmed content protection “is more important than before” and shared her outlook on the TV industry´s trends and challenges. By Josefina Mezzera Twitter: @jmezzera



ollowing a seven-year run as chair TOOLS FOR UP-AND-COMERS. As part of its of the Format Recognition and Promission to provide protection and infortection Association (FRAPA), mation for producers, creators and Ute Biernat is to leave her distributors all over the world; the “If you are role on January 1, 2013, executive noted FRAPA’s Price Calthe inventor handing over the baton to Patty Geculators as a tool to help format of a format, neste, CEO and president of Dutch creatives put a realistic commeryou want to prodco Absolutely Independent. cial price on their concepts. “It is make sure it is “As the market changes there’s a especially useful for young and protected.” need for a fresh view on things, and small companies, to help them get Patty Geneste is very much connecinto this international deal-making ted to various areas and countries; process,” Biernat explained, highlighting so I think it’s all going to be in good hands the current importance for producers to get with her,” Biernat said during her interview information and have mediations if they bewith ttv in Cannes, where she spoke about lieve a format is being copied. “If you are the this new phase in the company’s business inventor of a format, you want to make sure it and shared her outlook on the current foris protected.” mat industry. Moreover, given the entertainment industry’s undeniable evolution, the executive believes Your Face Sounds Familiar FRAPA’s role is becoming increasingly essenEndemol

Ute Biernat,

CEO of GRUNDY Light Entertainment and Chair of FRAPA tial: “I believe it’s time for a shift. In these days when you have all this diversification and digital possibilities, to create and protect your format is becoming more and more important than ever before,” she said, and explained her company has managed to evolve on par with the industry, “becoming younger in terms of members, more professional, and promoting the concept of format protection which is now more spread out across the globe.” INTERNATIONAL TRENDS. Playing a central role in the format’s industry, the executive is well aware of the market’s current preferences: “First, I think you now have more real people on TV. There’s a clear need for it, and the question has become how to show them, whether it be through game shows or reality shows,” she said. Second, the executive highlighted the need to provide people with a reason to watch TV, despite the numerous platforms and devices currently available; and said the answer may rely in “the live-factor” which “is becoming essential.” In addition, Biernat mentioned the growing demand for a “testing field”, where broadcasters’ faith in producers and developers will be fundamental: “There are enough ideas in the market to try, test, develop and create. Nowadays, ideas can be shown online to someone across the globe; so the timing is faster. Therefore we need to have more transparency and open our way to cooperate,” she said. “It comes down to finding and trusting a good idea, and making a big thing out of it.” Lastly, the executive stated she believes her company has what it takes to adapt to these trends and grow its business even further: “FRAPA has been growing over the years to become a real international association and I’m very passionate about protecting formats. I still believe in this business and know we can do much more than we already did,” she concluded. ttv

Watch video interview.

Memorable Content from a Special Region With a selection of the best formats and contents of the Scandinavian region, international distributor Nordic World is present at a new edition of the ATF to introduce the latest titles of a catalog that brings one of Europe’s best quality and creativity in content.

Ann Christin Siljan,

Nordic World´s Director of Sales & Acquisitions

By Rodrigo Ros

Twitter: @rodrigo__ros

The Wall Game Show therefore lots of interesting stuff comes out of the territory”. Even with small budgets and challenges to overcome, the region has been able to produce internationally successful formats, because, as the executive stated, “content is global and a good format works all over the world.” “If it works on the Nordic region it will work all over the world”, she added.


As part of this international distribution strategy, Nordic World is presenting its content catalog to the international market, with formats suited for all viewers. Among the list of new formats, the executive highlighted ‘Shopamok’, “a great competition for girls who can go wild picking out clothes in a shopping center,” which has been optioned in Brazil and Spain; The Wall, a “fantastic techno-driven game show from Finland”; and ‘The Ultimate Entertainer’, the company’s new shiny floor entertainment series featuring big international stars. Lastly, Siljan noted the distributor’s performance at this year’s Mipcom, and highlighted the popularity of hit show ‘Rockstar’ Home Invasion. ttv


n a mission to pick the best conlocal market and numerous business opportent and formats from the Nordic tunities in the international arena, which is region and sell it across the gloshowing a renewed interest in the region’s be, distribution company productions. Nordic World is arriving “Content is at the latest edition of ATF to present In fact, local products are crossing global and a its newest products to the internaall borders, especially formats and good format tional market. dramas which are booming across works all over the globe, fostered by the increathe world.” To find out more about the comsing popularity of several brands pany, ttv spoke to Ann Christin Silsuch as the ‘Millenium’ saga, ‘The Kijan, director of Sales & Acquisitions lling’ or ‘Wallander’, among others. at the company, who shared details on Nordic World’s latest projects and listed the reasons “The Nordic region is special because the behind the region’s fruitful content developpeople are highly educated and it’s a rather ment and distribution business. small territory,” Siljan said, explaining how the territory’s disadvantages actually lead to Despite being a somewhat small region, more creative productions: “We don’t have Scandinavia is witnessing a notable growth in as large budgets as bigger territories do; so regard to TV production, with an expanding we need to produce well for less money, and

Baring this in mind, the Nordic distributor is determined to finding great shows that can engage audiences worldwide: “I feel that TV is about creating moments. You remember the moments more than you do the show. We try to find those shows, big or small, that create moments that people remember, for them to talk about and keep people together.”

Executives ttv

Watch video interview.

Taking Over the Western Market Jyotirmoy Saha, founder and CEO of the Singapore-based August Media talked about its large scale acquisition strategy and stated they are “always looking for interesting properties” to co-produce.

Jyotirmoy Saha,

By Sebastián Torterola

Founder and CEO, August Media

Twitter: @storterola



ugust Media is a different player we’re not a studio; we only develop, finance from the average companies and produce shows. And now we’re in the audiovisual market. moving to distribute them,” he Based on Singapore, the said. “We also look company has a central Indeed, the Red Kyte acquisifor possible aim: to expand in the global aretion was a milestone in the portfolios or distribution na. And this means many things, company’s history, as well as companies that from developing original projects a good sample of the growing we could buy and and distributing them to acquire economic power of this emermake them part entire companies to foster a nonging region which is starting of August Media.” organic growth. to extend its arms towards the West. So much so, that looking for build-up companies with business To explain further details about potential has become part of the Agust Methis strategy built in Asia but aidia strategy. ming the world as its market, the company’s founder and CEO Jyotirmoy Saha –aka “Moy”spoke to ttv about what is August Media, and “Of course we are interested in getting hold of also, what it’s not. new shows for our portfolio. But we also look for possible portfolios or distribution companies that we could buy and make them part of “We’re a kids content producer. A couple of August Media,” Moy adds. years ago we bought Red Kite Animation, which has been one of the cornerstones of the UK animation industry. They now develop ALWAYS READY. Apart from the acquisition a whole lot of content for us and also are in side of the business, the executive assured charge of the production management. So he also keeps an eye on interesting ideas to

pick. “We’re looking for co-production opportunities. We’re always interested in interesting properties out there,” he states.

Bradley & Bee Pre-School

Wendy Drama

Ella Bella Bingo Pre-School

According to Moy, very often there are writers and creators that come up with competitive ideas, but they “don’t find it very easy to take it to the next level” and be able to finance it. “Our company comes in at this stage of the process,” he explains. Without doubt, the fact of working with kids content also helps to project fruitful international operations, given that it makes it easy to “cross the geographic and cultural boundaries” no matter what the target audience is. “They pretty much have the same values. They are looking for very simple stories that touch them in their hearts. From that perspective, I think this content is fairly easy to take across borders,” Moy assures. For example, preschool content would “adapt very easily in any country in Latin America, just as it would in the European Union or in Asia.” ttv

The Kids’ State of Mind Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC) has built a reputation as a channel loved by children and trusted by parents. In other words, it’s what every kids’ network aims to be. So how did it do it? The answer is simple: JCC knows its audience, and aims to please.

Rashed Al Qurese,

Acting Director of Sales and Media Rights, Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC) - Baraem TV

By Josefina Mezzera Twitter: @jmezzera

physiological and psychological needs of their audiences and their preferred viewing habits. “For example family content is reserved for 7:00–8:00 pm in the evenings while inspirational, energizing and charismatic shows are normally reserved for the afternoon slot on weekdays,” he explained, and added: “These new grids have been extremely successful and have struck the right chords with our audiences.”

Everything’s Rosie Preschool


Borj Al Jaras Game Show

Slow and steady, JCC is on its way to reach its main goal: to ensure that the young Arab audiences across the globe watch their favorite shows at the times most appropriate for them, using all available platforms in support of their 360 degrees media proposition. ttv

BARAEM INCREASES ITS AUDIENCE BASE IN NEW REGIONS Since November 1, Baraem TV reaches and touches more audiences in Central Europe suitable viewing times through Baraem Europe. As all shows were telecasted at Mecca time, young audiences in central Europe had not been able to reap the benefits from the shows owing to time differences. Baraem Europe essentially means that the same Baraem shows are now broadcasted hours after Mecca time to appear at the right time for the audiences in Europe, through the same official satellite frequency. The newly added feed maintains the same programming grid as the previous frequency.


stablished in Doha (Qatar) in 2005, KIDS AT THE CENTER. Its “child-centric straAl Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC) tegy” determines JCC’s programming and is a member of the Qatar Founstrategy. “We keep our audience at the center dation for Education, Science and of everything we do,” the executive explained. Community Development orWhat does this mean exactly? JCC has ganization. The family-safe content of a thorough knowledge of its target this leading Pan-Arab “edutainment” audience and can anticipate its de“We keep our provider entertains Arab children mands. audience at in the age groups of 7-12, as well the center of as younger viewers (2-6 years old) To meet this goal, the children’s everything we do.” through its first dedicated free to air network repeatedly invests in aupre-school channel Baraem TV. dience studies and analysis. Based on research insights, Rashed Al Qu“Over the last few years both JCC TV rese explains that, for instance, “children’s and Baraem TV have come to be recognized watching hours are dictated by school hours: as channels that provide content to our aumost television is watched in the morning dience that reflects their lives while fuelling before going into school and after they are their imagination,” Rashed Al Qurese, Acting home from school. On non-school days, these Director of Sales and Media Rights, said to ttv. viewing habits change.” The executive works for both networks which currently reach close to 350 million houseThese findings have been extremely useful holds across the MENA region and Central for the channel to formulate new programEurope. ming blocks designed to coincide with the

This successful strategy has allowed this leading Arabic company to aim for a broader market: the world. “We are also working on expanding our territories and have recently launched a new programming schedule that broadcasts appropriate programs at relevant timings for children located in parts of central Europe,” the executive explains.

Executives ttv

The Factual Specialists Will Stapley presented the new projects TVFI has for the international market, and analyzed the growth of digital platforms as well as the company’s profile as an ambitious co-production partner. By Sebastián Torterola Twitter: @storterola



Will Stapley,

Senior Sales Executive, TVF International

business landscape for content distributors. K-based production company TVF tralasia, Eastern Europe, and North and South “This year we have witnessed an increase in Media specializes in documenAmerica. We are also experiencing much the number of digital platforms, offering us taries, web and multimedia greater interest in our titles from Chiopportunities that have previously not exisprograms. Apart from na, the Middle East and Inflight “This year we ted,” he states. that, it provides producEntertainment,” the executive have witnessed tion and post-production services, affirms. an increase in the And this phenomenon is particularly true at offering an integrated in-house number of digital an international level. “With the arrival of seservice. TVF has a widespread CO-PRODUCTION AND platforms, offering veral online content providers in the UK, Eurointernational presence through DIGITAL. TVFI not only reaus opportunities pe and Asia, the market in this area is expanits distribution arm TVF Internaches the global market by that have previously not ding rapidly,” the executive adds. tional, which distributes and madistributing property rights; existed.” nages program rights in diverse the company is also open to coHowever, although the digital area will be territories, including Asia. venturing in many territories. “We crucial for the future of the audiovisual buare at present working on several cosiness, the game rules aren’t still clear, so “We are the ‘factual specialists’ and the UK’s productions. We are constantly approached players should take careful steps around it. leading and largest independent distribuby producers, keen for us to find a commis“Revenue models are still far from certain. tor of factual programming. Our boutique sioning broadcaster for their latest project. TVF International is excited to be part of that approach to documentary and factual disWe are therefore very careful to only take on change and we are delighted to be partnetribution means that we only take on shows something that we believe in 100%. Our curing with a few strategic players - it is a perthat we know will work in the international rrent copros include the latest e² series that fect way to reach out to expanding revenue market,” says Will Stapley, Senior Sales Exefocuses on the global water crisis, an Alain generating audiences who are at ease with cutive at TVF International, in conversation de Botton travelogue series that explores key accessing content over multiple digital platwith ttv. Eastern philosophies, and a series revealing forms,” Stapley says. the world’s most unique fashion icons,” Stapley assures. The executive explains that in the past, the “The digitalization of territories such as India company usually acquired more one-off is also an exciting prospect as the boost to specials than series, but “this has changed Meanwhile, the rise of digital platforms, digital subscriber growth will in turn reflect a recently” to reflect the current needs of the which had its peak in Cannes this year, where need for more high quality content which we broadcasters. “We look to acquire documena record-breaking number of digital buyers can provide,” he concludes. ttv taries in all genres and ranging from both end ever attended Mipcom, has changed the of the factual spectrum. For example, in our latest catalogue we have a blue chip current affairs documentary that looks at the failure KEY MARKETS of the UN sanctioned war on drugs: ‘Breaking Among other events, this year TVFI attended NATPE Budapest, MIPTV and Mipcom. the Taboo’,” he adds. About the market for Eastern Europe, Stapley Said: “NATPE Budapest is historically a big market for us and a number of significant deals came out of our meetings this year, most Other titles among TVF’s offer include factual noticeably with Hungary, Russia and Poland. Normally in Budapest we are able to discuss entertainment series ‘Freddie Flintoff: The Glolarge packages, which is representative of the nature of the market in Eastern Europe.” ves are off…’ that sees the ex England Cricket Meanwhile, both Mipcom and Miptv were “extremely busy” markets for the executive, captain train to become a professional heavy with “each member of the team holding back to back meetings” with producers and weight boxer and enter the ring for the first broadcasters. “Having expanded the TVF team this summer we were able to host more time. meetings at Mipcom and reach out to a great deal of new buyers and producers. We have already seen a raft of sales off the back of Mipcom including a few deals that were signed “From the sales side, our most successful teat the stand.” rritories in recent years have been Asia, Aus-

Liz & Dick

Bola Kampung: The Movie

Los Rey

A&E Networks

Animasia Studio

August Media Holdings


235 East 45th Street, New York, NY 10017 Tel.: +1-212-210-1400 / Fax: +1-212-907-9476 E-mail: Web: Booth: J-03

No. 2 &4, Jalan Sri Jati 2, Taman Sri Jati off Jalan Puchong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel.: +603-77846987 Fax: +603-77848987 Web: Stand: C02

71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #07-14, Singapore 139951 Tel.: +65 6592 0577 Fax: +65 6773 6005 E-mail: Website: Stand: Singapore Pavilion, G02

Periferico Sur #4121, Col. Fuentes Del Pedregal. Cp 14141, Mexico City, Mexico Tel.: +5255 52511410 Email: Website: Stand: G15

Executives Attending

Joanne Lim, Manager, International Content Sales, Asia Pacific Christian Murphy, Senior Vice President, International Programming & Marketing Alan Hodges, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Saugato Banerjee, Director, Strategy & Business Development, Asia Kerri Tarmey, Vice President, Corporate Communications Catherine McGrath, Associate Manager, International Marketing


Ling-Sze Gan, Senior Director, International Content Sales, Asia Pacific


(Movies - 1 x 120’) Starring Lindsay Lohan, ‘Liz & Dick’ takes viewers behind the headlines of one of the great love stories of all time. For nearly a quarter of a century, Taylor and Burton were Hollywood royalty and their fiery romance often called “the marriage of the century” - was the most notorious, publicized and celebrated love affair of its day. Swarmed by paparazzi, Taylor and Burton’s love affair was played out entirely in front of the global press from the time they met on the set of the major motion picture Cleopatra, left their respective spouses, married and divorced, only to remarry and divorce once again. Despite their roller coaster romance for the public eye to see, Taylor and Burton shared an undeniable love greater than most people could have ever dreamed.




In Laws - most people have them... and in most cases, people have issues with them. ‘Monster In-Laws’ shines a light on married couples who are at the boiling point with their overbearing in-laws. Each episode features a spouse in between their parents and the person they married, desperate to save their relationships and reconcile deep-seated family feuds along the way. After setting up the relationship and the stakes of their impending reunion, viewers see them move in together, and observe as all of their nightmares come to fruition. Seasoned relationship experts will come in and use unconventional tactics to make them face their issues and hopefully restore their families.

Executives Attending

Edmund Chan Seng Kee, Managing Director Raye Lee Kok Soon, Executive Director

Executives Attending


The story centres on Amanda, a young princess from the virtual game world of Kingdom Hill, who is sent to our world in search of the legendary Suria Warrior, her kingdom’s saviour. But the princess loses her memory after an accident. Iwan, the hero of Bola Kampung, comes to her rescue and takes her to his home. Eventually, Amanda becomes close with Iwan and his friends. Things get complicated when an assassin from Kingdom Hill arrives to kill the princess. The all-new 3D CGI football adventure that will set the sport on a whole new level!

‘Wendy’ charts the adventures of teenage heroine, Wendy and focuses on her equestrian centered life. Living on a stud-farm, complete with a riding school and stables, Wendy has become an accomplished rider and show jumper; her life is full of gossip, friendships and romances which will be the main themes of the program.

Twenty Six cuddly ABC Monsters live within the walls of Capital Castle, each representing letters from the alphabet. Wonderfully curious, they wander off from Alphabet Garden to try new and fun things but should any of the monsters go missing for longer than a day, all the letters will be wiped clean from every book in Capital Town.

Chuck Chicken

(Action/Adventure/Comedy – 52 x 11’) The Golden Egg Securities is the number one security service on Rocky Perch, a land filled with chaos, mayhem and birds… lots and lots of birds and they offer around the clock protection from thieves and bandits. Their services are in great demand, since the island is also home to the world’s pinkiest criminal mastermind, Dr Gringo, the Pink Flamingo, who is hell-bent on getting rid of Rocky Peak’s newest hero, Chuck Chicken to succeed in his evil plans.

Marcel Vinay Jr., CEO Comarex

Jyotirmoy Saha, CEO

Bola Kampung: The Movie

(Preschool Edutainment – 26 x 22’)



Edmund Chan Seng Kee, Managing Director

ABC Monsters

Martha Contreras, Sales Asia

Jyotirmoy Saha, CEO


(Action/Adventure/Comedy/Sports – 1 x 95’)

Executives Attending

(Drama – 26 x 24’)

Ella Bella Bingo

(Pre-school Storytelling – 26 x 7’) When 5-year-old Ella whirls into a room, no one can help but smile. ‘Ella Bella Bingo’ is about charismatic, creative Ella; and the playful kids and eccentric adults in her life. It’s a warm, humorous, high-energy mix of fun and laughter with a uniquely child-like visual style. A successful pre-school show from Kool Produktion in Norway; Red Kite Animation are now developing the second series.

Bradley & Bee

(Adventure/Pre-school – 52 x 11’) Six-year-old Bradley and his little sister Bee share a glorious secret. When Bradley and Bee read a story from their favourite book, the pictures pop-up and come to life. The daring duo with their chatty aeroplane find themselves in the thick of the action. Can the siblings save the day and be home in time for tea?

Los Rey

(The Kings) (Drama - 120 X 60’) There is an empire, a very wealthy place which everyone insiders or outsiders are very interested in. It is a very powerful and complex kingdom, which is as close to the storm as it is far away from calmness. It is a place ruled by a group who is equally loved and hated. It is a kingdom of kings and it’s the land of “Los Rey” (The Kings). With all this there is much to see and live within the kingdom. Everardo Rey Martinez built his empire from the ground up with much vision and hard work and also by betraying his best friend Pedro Malvido. Not only did he take away his patrimony but he also took away his true love, the beautiful Manuela San Vicente. Together Everardo and Manuela shaped their successful future and gave their children character and personality. Today the “Rey” family are used to fighting and defending what is theirs from the bottom of their hearts.

Amor Cautivo

(Prisoner of Love) (Drama - 120 X 60’) Three families, the Santacruz, Bustamante and Del Valle are united by a terrible secret. For Nicolas Santacruz and his wife Soledad their greatest pride is their little daughter Alejandra. For Jorge Bustamante his marriage to Victoria seemed like a fairy tale but ambition stains their life with blood… Jorge Bustamante’s true colors come to light when he plans to take over Nicolas Santacruz’s bank shares, by having him, his wife and their young heiress killed. Hired by Jorge Bustamante, hit-man Edmundo gets the perfect opportunity when Nicolas finds out that Soledad had an affair and confronts her. As Victoria Bustamante struggles with Nicolas to defend her friend Soledad a gun is accidentally fired and he is killed. In that traumatic moment and taking full advantage of the situation Edmundo escapes and abducts Alejandra whilst Soledad disappears without a trace. Ten years in captivity and after witnessing the tragic events the only thing that keeps Alejandra alive is the thought of seeing Fernando, Jorge’s son and the boy she fell in love with years ago.

Steam Punks

Pablo Escobar, the Drug Lord


The Fall

Beyond Distribution

Caracol Televisión


Content Television

109 Reserve Road, Artarmon, Sydney, Australia 2089 Tel.: + 61 2 94372000 Fax: +61 2 94372017 E-mail: Web: Stand: Australian Pavilion Stand L14

Calle 103 # 69B -43, Bogotá, Colombia Tel.: +571-6430-430 (Colombia) Tel.: +1 305-960-2018 (USA) Tel.: +34 91 728 57 38 (Spain) Fax: + 1 - 305-960-2017 (USA) E-mail: Web: Stand: H - 14

Bosque de Duraznos #69-905, Bosques de las Lomas, México D.F., 11700 Tel.: +52 55 52 51 14 10 Fax: +52 55 52 51 14 09 E-mail: Web: Stand: G15

19 Heddon Street, London, W1B 4BG, UK Tel.: +44 (0) 207 851 6500 Fax: +44 (0) 207 851 6504 Web: Booth:

Executives Attending

Joanne Azzopardi - VP Australasia


Executives Attending

(Children and Family - 40 x 30’) Only science and teamwork can rescue these contestants from the depths of the earth in this fast and fun science quiz show!

Fatal Vows

(Crime & Investigation - 10 x 60’ HD) When marriages fall apart, divorce can turn ugly… sometimes deadly. Question is how does divorce drive ordinary people to commit grisly, cold-blooded murder.

The Mistress

(Factual Entertainment - 14 x 30’ HD) One of the world’s most famous ex-mistresses is on a mission to rescue other mistresses looking to escape the trap of an extra-marital affair.

Animal 999

(Factual Entertainment - 8 x 30’ HD) Go behind the scenes of Scotland’s SPCA animal charity. Full access is granted to the work of the inspectors who protect and care for wildlife and domestic pets.

Buzzy Bee & Friends

(Children and Family - 52 x 7’ HD) Buzzy Bee and his friends live in colourful Rolling Downs. Buzzy actively invites young viewers to call Rolling Downs Radio to share a little conundrum which Buzzy and his friends help to solve!

Martha Contreras, Sales Asia

Roberto Corrente, Sales Executive



Joanne Azzopardi, VP Australasia

Steam Punks

Executives Attending

(Series - 63 x 60’)

Shot in HD definition with a cinematographic lens, the series is the most ambitious production ever produced in Colombia. Based on complete journalistic facts and real life testimonies of the people that were involved with his evil genius, this series portrays the life of Pablo Escobar. Starting with his humble beginnings as the son of a school teacher in a small town near Medellín, through his initiation as a delinquent who stole tombstones and was into contraband, to finally drug-dealing his way to become one of the richest and most feared men in the world. Much has been said about Escobar and what he did but we have not seen how it was done: From his first shipment, the intimate details of his delinquent life, his relationship with his partners and his mother to his over the top personality. He crossed borders, he invented routes, he fueled the cocaine explosion in the United States and Europe, resulting in the Medellín Cartel. He was so powerful he even offered to pay Colombia’s foreign debt. In doing so he realized that money wasn’t enough if he did not have political power so he decided to take it, head on. He got as far as the Congress of the Republic and when he was denounced, he declared war on the State, the ruling class, and the entire country. He killed judges, journalists, magistrates, ministers, and presidential candidates. He made four presidents terms a living nightmare, infiltrated authorities and defied the whole world. It took the determination of a government and the formation of an elite group to undermine his army of security and finally defeat him.

Greg Phillips, President, Content Television and Digital Saralo MacGregor, EVP, Content Television and Digital Jonathan Ford, EVP, Content Television and Digital

Marcel Vinay Jr., CEO Comarex

Roberto Corrente, Sales Executive

Pablo Escobar, the Drug Lord

Executives Attending


Diana Zakis, VP Sales, Latin America and Asia, Content Television and Digital


(Teen Telenovela - 70 x 60’) ‘Popland’ is the story of a small-town girl who travels to the big city to become a professional photographer. Amid celebrities and endless parties, she will find a love that turns her life around. is the number one teen gossip site, where celebrities are caught off guard, illicit love affairs revealed and careerending secrets disclosed, all in the blink of a shutter. This is where Carla, a charismatic 18-year-old who dreams of becoming a professional photographer, finds work snapping celebrities in compromising situations. Her best photos are of Ari, a rock star who has every teenager swooning, but who likes to keep his private life out of the media. Fortunately for Carla, Ari is taken by her beauty and likeable nature. He gradually lets her into his life and appoints her his head photographer. This puts Carla at the top of the paparazzi food chain, sparking off the envy of her co-workers, not to mention that of every teenager avid for info on their favorite idol. Carla will have to strive to be a better photographer with each passing day and learn to cope with the pressure, because if she caves in it could mean the end of her career.


(Teen Telenovela - Season One - 75 x 60’ / Season Two - 81 x 60’ / Season Three - 50 x 60’) ‘Grachi’ is a story of a young girl who must learn to use her newfound magical powers all while coping with school, boys and growing up. Her rivalry with classmate Matilda for the affection of heartthrob Daniel sets the stage for a bewitching battle of spells that is sure to enchant and captivate viewers. ‘Grachi’ is a story where fantasy meets reality creating a whimsical escape for kids that is marvelously magical.

The Fall

(Drama Series - 5 x 60’) Starring Emmy and Golden Globe awardwinner Gillian Anderson (‘The X-Files’), ‘The Fall’ forensically examines the lives of a serial killer and the detective superintendent brought in to catch him.

Psycho Kitty

(Non-Fiction Series - 13 x 30’) In ‘Psycho Kitty’, one of the world’s most renowned cat behaviourists Pam Johnson-Bennett and her co-host Chris Duchaine show cat owners how to do the previously unthinkable: tame their cats!


(Drama Series - 4 x 60’) ‘Run’ is a gripping original drama that weaves together the stories of four seemingly unconnected people facing life changing decisions in a world where choices are a luxury and survival is never a given.


(Non-Fiction Series - 4 x 60’) Business genius, playboy, jealous lover, father and bon vivant – the legendary Dutchman Freddy Heineken proves to be a remarkably complex man in ‘Freddy’, based on historical events.

Larry King Now

(Non-Fiction Series - On-going half hours)


Join “The King” as he returns to what he does best - talking with top newsmakers, world leaders and entertainers and exploring issues and current events as no other interviewer can.

Art Beats

New York

Deutsche Welle / DW Transtel Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3, 53113 Bonn, Germany Tel.: +49.228.429 - 3501 Fax: +49.228.429 - 3500 E-mail: Website: / Stand: F14

Executives Attending

Mee Fung Lee, DW Representative Asia Soon Yee Yip, DW Representative Asia


Seefeldstrasse 133, CH-8008 Zurich, Switzerland Tel.: +41-43-817-7050 Fax: +41-43-817-7055 E-mail: Web: Stand: K13

65 Chandos Place, London WC2N 4HG Tel.: +44 (0)207 845 5200 Website: Stand: A01

Executives Attending

The documentary highlights alternative arts and those who create them. It shows how international and diverse culture is, and how it can bring nations and people together.

Beyond Progress (Documentary – 7 x 30’)

The program casts a critical light on the scientific and technological achievements of our time and discusses their ecological, economic and ethical impact.

The Allure of Nature (Documentary – 7 x 30’)

The series highlights the diversity of the natural world. It celebrates the Allure of Nature in breathtaking images.

Ecopia – Intelligent Building, Sustainable Living

(Documentary – 3 x 30’ – further 3 episodes available) Three new episodes of ‘Ecopia’: An innovative look at the urban landscape, presenting groundbreaking ideas from the areas of ecological architecture and urban planning.

Science on the Seven Seas

(Documentary – 6 x 30’ – further episodes available)


Science on the Seven Seas reports on research projects about the mysteries of the oceans.

Executives Attending

Rose Hughes, Sales Executive


Andres Santos, VP of Sales, Dori Media America Revital Basel, CEO, Dori New Media Pauline Ick, Director of Marketing and Sales, Asia-Pacific, Dori Media Distribution

Leora Nir, VP of TV Channels, Dori Media Group

New York

(Crime Drama – 50 x 30’) The son of the head of a notorious crime family arrives in New York, escaping his past and seeking a new future. He rejects the subservience of the badly exploited foreign workers and is determined to change it. In doing so he will find his true destiny. A second season is already in pre-production and is scheduled to go on air on 2013. Winner of The Accolade Competition for the “Excellence drama program/series 2012.”


(Teen series - 60 x 30’) How far are you willing to go to discover your true calling? A mysterious donation sends three lucky foster home kids to join an elite summer camp in a faraway forest. As they try to fit in with the snobbish kids and weather stormy loves, they discover it wasn’t luck that brought them there but a sophisticated scheme that leads to a larger than life adventure. Their incredible search for a magical, mythological treasure brings them to find their true destiny and place in the world which will change their lives forever. A second season is already in production and is scheduled to go on air on 2013.

Smart Face (Game Show)

Is a trivia game show, where contestants are asked questions but are not allowed to answer them. They must find someone on the street to answer their question for them. If a person they choose answers correctly, the contestant wins money, then moves on to the next question. If the person is incorrect, the contestant is out of the game.’Lo Sabe No Lo Sabe’, the adaptation from Spain, premiered on Canal Cuatro with excellent ratings to increase its slot average by over 30%.

NOVOVISION PROMOTION INTERNATIONALE 12, Rue Vivienne 75002, Paris, France Tel.: +33 1 75 47 80 70 / Fax: +33 1 75 47 80 74 Web: Booth: TVFI’s booth.

Executives Attending

Charles Gebenholtz, Sales Executive


Rose Hughes, Sales Executive


Alexandra Lenz, Distribution Executive Asia/ Australia

(Documentary – 7 x 30’)


Dori Media Group


Art Beats

Safari Kitchen

Safari Kitchen

Francois-Xavier Poirier, CEO

(Factual Entertainnment/Cookery - 10 x 30’)


Produced by Pixelle Limited & Incorporated Media for UKTV (UK). There are elephants in the kitchen, thieving hyenas, cheeky monkeys and inquisitive leopards but no matter what events unfold, there is breakfast, lunch, dinner and the odd picnic to deliver every day. Scottish chef Craig Higgins ventured out to Africa for his latest adventure, running high-end dining for a series of 5 star safari lodges in Kenya and training the local Masai Tribesmen how to cook for the worldwide tourists they receive. ‘Safari Kitchen’ showcases African fusion cuisine at its best, with beautiful scenery and stunning visuals and the odd animal invasion here and there!

Initially produced for Kids WB, the show has been fully remastered for Novovision. The famous team of 5 kids pranksters make grown-ups look silly. Each Gagster has his own personality and skills in order to make the gags even more hilarious and creative.

Underbelly – Badness (Crime Drama - 8 x 60’)

Produced by Screentime Pty for Nine Network (Australia). One of the most dangerous crooks in Australia would never have been caught if it wasn’t for a cop who wouldn’t quit. From the western suburbs to the bush, from three-hatted restaurants to the strip clubs of Surfers Paradise, riding Harleys, helicopters and muscle cars, their battle raged for a decade. Anthony John Michael Perish lived according to his own rules. He was both charismatic and utterly ruthless. He had bikies terrified, women entranced, family beholden. Yet, while crims, crooks and ex-cons spoke Perish’s name with fear, no-one in the legitimate world knew he even existed. He was so clever that despite his five star lifestyle and criminal reputation, he slipped completely under the radar. He left no trace. He had no identity. He was invisible. A ghost. Anthony Perish only made one mistake in his criminal career - and it was just his bad luck a remarkable cop called Gary Jubelin was watching… Perish and his band of villains were only sentenced in 2012, making this the most contemporary Underbelly to date.

Pop Toon Our first compilation of cartoons. Novovision has been travelling all over the world for the best in dialogue-free cartoons from the golden age of animation. ‘Pop Toon’ brings together playful animations with universal appeal.

Fast, Mad & Explosive Outrageous closed circuit footage captured in hidden videos –funny or shocking- but always real: high-speed pursuits, extraordinary events…

Pop Corn TV Format Our famous comedy show on set with a host. A first successful coproduction has been held in Canada: the famous Novovision show brings a dose of smiles and laughter, with hidden camera gags, bloopers, comedy sketches, home videos and more. Leland Klassen hosts the Canadian version of the Novovision worldwide success. This format can be adapted anywhere.

Mad Family Co-produced with Grey Matter Entertainment, this ‘Mad family’ candid camera series is composed by: Mad kids: they are pure and innocent but they can turn into horrible little sweet creatures. Mad grandma: these senior citizens are so unpredictable that anyone could only show patience and kindness towards their bad behaviours! Mad girls: using their instinct, these young women will play those clichés to perfection. Mad animals: for most of us, they are our best friend and we want the best for us. Animals are now the pranksters, the joke is on us!

The Magic Of Santa

King David

Beat the Best

Precious Rose

Peppermint Productions

Record TV Network

Talpa Distribution B.V.

Suite 216, Level 2, Lobby 3, Block A, Damansara Intan e-Business Park, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel.: +603 77273133 / Fax: +603 7710 3033 Email: Website: Stand: C02

Rua da Várzea, 240 - Barra Funda, São Paulo-SP, Brasil. CEP: 01140-080 Tel.: +55 11 3300-5468 Email: Website:

Zevenend 45, 1251 RL LAREN, the Netherlands Tel.: +31 35 5333333 Fax: +31 35 5333334 E-mail: Website: Stand: A13

Executives Attending

Executives Attending

Edson Mendes, International Sales Manager


Audrey Woon, Media Management & Content Sales

Executives Attending

Gepke Nederlof, Licensing Manager


Delmar Andrade, International Sales Director


Maarten Meijs, Managing Director

Telemundo Internacional 2745 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Coral Gables FL 33134, USA Tel.: (305) 774-0033 Fax: (305) 774-7372 Web: E-mail: Stand: E-19

Executives Attending

Xavier Aristimuño, SVP Sales & Business Development – Asia & French-Speaking Territories


Oliver Rollar, Managing Director

King David

(Series – 29 chapters)

The Magic Of Santa

(Live Action/Holiday Special - 1 x 47’) From the secrets of his toy workshop to life in the surrounding village, Santa and his special helpers guide us on this fascinating journey into their day to day lives. Prepare to be charmed as ‘The Magic Of Santa’ takes you on a heartwarming and fun-filled look at one of the world’s most cherished traditions.

In The Spotlight: Palm Oil (Documentary - 1 x 47’)

In this one-hour investigative documentary we will look at the historical background to this industry, its economic significance to South East Asia and its importance as well as its ever increasing dominance in the world today. On average, 1 in 10 products on your supermarket shelf contains palm oil, how is it labeled, how is it treated and is it harmful to your body? Secondly, what is happening to the world’s most bio-diverse tropical rainforests in South East Asia and thirdly is this product necessary?


(Live Action Series - 26 x 26’)


(HD Soup opera – 45’) A group of friends had been playing lottery since two years ago. In the New Year’s Eve, when the prize has an extraordinary value, they picked the correct numbers of the lottery and they all become millionaires. They live their dreams but they are also involved in a terrible nightmare because they made a pact: each one has a mission to accomplish within one year and only those who can accomplish their mission shall be entitled to the other half of the prize that is stored in a saving account. The conflicts get worst when the friends that won the lottery start to die mysteriously and the winners enter in a game of life or death in which, if they don’t discover who the murderer is, they may be the next victim. In addition, ‘Jackpot!’, reveals the difficulties of resetting in the labor market, the characteristics of old age and the values of present society. And as it must be in all good soup opera, there are stories of love, full of romance and intrigue.

Beat the Best

(Talent/Entertainment – 9 x 90’ netto) On Talpa’s new talent competition, national and international acts convinced they should be seen or heard receive a fantastic new opportunity. The unique acts on ‘Beat the Best’ are divided into three categories: dance, variety and music. On each episode, three expert judges, each specialized in one of the categories, decide which of their acts will get to sit on the hot seat – the only way to remain on the show. This spectacular new elimination race just has one ironclad rule: only the candidate who can beat his or her strongest competitors in all categories will ultimately win ‘Beat the Best’!

The Winner Is…

(Talent/Entertainment – 8 x 90’) It’s the must-see singing game show that delivers an unbeatable combination of intense qualifying auditions, great vocal duels, instant cash, dramatic decisions… and a big cash prize.

The Greatest Hit

(Entertainment – 7 x 50’) On Talpa’s brand new music entertainment show, four famous singers are each asked to select the one song they personally consider the country’s best pop song of all time. They’ll perform that song, and try to convince the entire studio audience, and the viewers at home, that their chosen song is the best!

The Voice

(Talent – 17 x 90’) In this innovative primetime vocal contest, looks don’t play a role. This show is all about real talent; it’s all about the voice! Four of the country’s top recording artists must select some of the nation’s most promising unknown vocalists to coach. But the selection process won’t be easy. Because the coaches must make their decisions on voice. And voice alone.

Precious Rose

(Telenovela - 130 x 60’) Abandoned at a young age, Rosa Puentes and Eva Sotomayor grew up considering themselves each other’s only family. When Eva falls in love with a man who leaves her heartbroken and pregnant, Rosa promises to help raise the child and never to forget the deception of his father. In her quest, Rosa will assume Eva’s identity and confront the man who betrayed her friend, but she will become the victim of her own destiny when she falls in love with him. Soon, she’ll have to decide between loyalty to her promise and surrendering to true love.

Maid In Manhattan (Telenovela - 130 x 60’)

Based on the film starring Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes, ‘Maid in Manhattan’, this telenovela tells the story of Marisa Lujan, a young Mexican woman, who due to unexpected circumstances encounters the need to immigrate to the United States with her 10-year-old son Lalo. After a brief stay in Los Angeles, Marisa moves to Manhattan, where she finds employment as a maid in one of the Big Apple’s most prestigious and luxurious hotels. It is here when after an unexpected twist of fate she meets Cristobal Parker, a successful entrepreneur that mistakes her for a hotel guest. This moment marks the beginning of a romantic story in which two hearts will be forced to reveal their true identities in order to give way to love.


Maddy Smith is an almost normal teen living with her parents in a small rural town. The “almost” is because she’s a Wolfblood! Neither completely wolves nor humans, Wolfbloods have great powers – super speed, strength and senses – and can change from one form to another. Just as Maddy’s getting ready for her first transformation, a new boy, Rhydian, starts at her school – and they both instinctively know their true nature. Rhydian helps Maddy master her first challenge, but after that, she’s got to learn to control her powers on her own. Rhydian, meanwhile has to cope with his mother, a “wild”Wolfblood who wants her son to roam free as a wolf. For both Maddy and Rhydian, the main question is “As we grow up, how do we know who we should be?” – a question only they can answer ...

David’s life is marked by love and hate, intrigue, friendship, betrayal and forgiveness. David’s legacy is to show mankind that all men are capable of committing sin and injustice, but that they’ll only find the path when they obey God’s laws.

Xavier Aristimuño, SVP Sales & Business Development – Asia & French-Speaking Territories


Freddie Flintoff: ‘The Gloves are Off…’

Nation’s Brightest

Televisa Internacional

TVF International

Venevision International

Zodiak Rights

6355 NW 36th Street Miami, FL. 33166 Tel.: +1 786 265 2500 Fax: +1 786 265 2269 Email: Website: Stand: G-20

375 City Road , London, EC1V 1NB, UK Tel.: +44(0)20 7837 3000 Fax: +44 (0)20 7833 2185 Email: Website:

121 Alhambra Plaza, Suite 1400 Coral Gables, FL 33134 (USA) Tel.: 305.442.3411 Fax: 305.446.4743 E-mail: Web:

Julian Chou-Lambert, Programming and Sales Executive

Executives Attending

Avon House, Kensington Village, Avonmore Road, London,W14 8TS Tel.: +44 (0) 207 013 4400 Fax: +44 (0) 207 013 4401 Email: Website: Stand: L19

Executives Attending

Mario Castro, Director of Sales Asia & Africa


Mario Castro, Director of Sales Asia & Africa


(Children - 200 x 60’) The telenovela begins with the arrival of Helena to the World School as a permanent teacher. She is the first and only one to win over the entire third grade students, challenging headon the rules and demands of the imperative and stringent school’s Principal, Mrs. Olívia. She soon becomes, not only a teacher, but also a great friend and advisor. Helena also finds a faithful friend in old Firmino, the school’s keeper. They both act as mediators for the problems caused by the demanding Olívia, who does not agree with the excessive tolerance that the teacher shows regarding the students.

Crown of Tears (Telenovela - 150 x 60’)

When Refugio and her three kids, Patricio, Edmundo and Ignacio are thrown out of their home, they arrive by chance in Mexico City where they start a new life. 18 years later, she has got a modest job and even though she suffers from serious vision problems, she neglects her health to attend her sons needs. Patricio has started dating Lucero, Silvia´s daughter, who provided them with accommodation when they first arrived in the city, but short after, he rejects her when he meets Olga, a shifty character girl whose fortune blinds him leading him to become embarrassed of his family and lie about his origins to the point of denying his mother.



Executives Attending

Miguel Somoza, Regional Sales Director, Venevision International



(Telenovela – 120 x 45’)

No professional sportsman has ever gone from another mainstream sport to professional boxing - especially not an icon like ex England Cricket legend Freddie Flintoff. For the challenge of his lifetime, Freddie will be put through the toughest physical training with boxing icons including Mike Tyson and Amir Khan. With just four months to prepare for the biggest fight of his life at a star studded, live broadcast event in the Manchester Arena, does he have what it takes?

Rosario, a young and brilliant law student, and Alejandro, a prominent veteran attorney, fall deeply in love and start planning a future together. But fate throws before them an unexpected torment when Rosario discovers that Alejandro is the same man her mother was to marry 21 years earlier. Now lies from the past resurface, disrupting the lives of everyone involved.

(World Affairs – 1 x 52’ / 1 x 74’ HD) Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this groundbreaking new documentary uncovers the UN sanctioned war on drugs, charting its origins and its devastating impact from the USA to Colombia to Russia. Featuring prominent statesmen including Presidents Clinton and Carter, the film shows the urgent need to break the political taboo and exposes the biggest failure of global policy in the last 50 years.

The Changing Face Of…

(Celebrity and Biography - 9 x 60’ HD) A glittering new celebrity biography series with a twist: telling the incredible stories of iconic A-listers who have used their image to keep themselves in the spotlight across the decades. Through the prism of their ever-changing style, we reveal each star’s amazing life story – the highs, the lows, the sex, the drugs and the rock and roll. Discover The Changing Face of Madonna, The Queen, Elton John, Joan Collins, Elizabeth Taylor, George Michael, Liza Minnelli, Barry Manilow and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Miguel Somoza, Regional Sales Director, Venevision International

(Lifestyle and Leisure - 3 x 60’ HD)

Breaking the Taboo

Celine Laune, Sales Executive


Will Stapley, Senior Sales Executive

Freddie Flintoff: ‘The Gloves are Off…’

Executives Attending

My Ex Wants Me

(Mi Ex Me Tiene Ganas) (Telenovela - 120 x 45) This romantic comedy with a touch of mystery presents three young women whose normal lives become intertwined in a missing person case and they find themselves rekindling a love that brought them heartache in the past, but now presents itself with the fairytale illusion of happily-ever-after.

The Love Curse

(Válgame Dios) (Telenovela – 120 x 45’) The women of the Lopez family have been cursed for the past 100 years: when the time comes to choose the love of their life, they meet two completely different men, one is a good man and the other is terrible, and they always decide on the man who will make them miserable for the rest of their lives. There’s a secret to breaking the curse, but the one who holds the answer, considered by everyone to be a saint, is actually the most evil of them all.

Passions of the Heart

(Corazón Apasionado) (Telenovela – 111 x 45’) Patricia grows up under the iron hand of her grandmother, a wealthy landowner who manages the family ranch with equal firmness. When Patricia falls in love with a man that doesn’t meet up to her grandmother’s social and economic standards, she must pay the consequences.

Naomi Koh, Vice President of Sales

Nation’s Brightest

(60’ Studio-based Entertainment Format) You don’t need to be able to sing or dance to succeed in this talent contest; all you need is one amazing brain. The ‘Nation’s Brightest’ visits towns and cities across the country using a range of intelligence tests to assess brainbox contestants… and that is just to select worthy candidates to go through to the studio finals. The best of them then perform in front of a live studio audience, battling for the title and a large cash prize. They must prove their brightness across a range of robust and entertaining challenges aimed at testing all forms of intelligence. Much more than a general knowledge test, the ‘Nation’s Brightest’ must demonstrate creativity, logic, intuition, memory, emotional and spatial awareness and physical dexterity. Young or old, this competition is open to all.

In A Day

(90’ Factual Format) These cutting-edge documentaries draw on footage filmed by members of the public over one 24-hour period. They provide a unique portrayal of the nation, told with an intimacy that no camera crew could capture. ‘Britain In A Day’ (Format - 1 x 90’ HD): On Saturday 12 November 2011, an eclectic range of British people turned the camera on themselves. Wherever they were, whatever they were doing, this is real everyday life: entertaining, exciting, unusual and poignant. Directed by BAFTA winner Morgan Matthews, Britain In A Day is crafted from over 750 hours of footage. From fitness fanatics running to hedonists dancing, cleaners sweeping to lifeboat crews rescuing – this is a remarkable insight into the lives, loves, hopes and fears of the great British public. ‘Japan in a Day’ (1 x 90’ HD):m Filmed on Sunday 11 March 2012, the first anniversary of the tsunami, Japan in a Day is the definitive self-portrait of the country today.

TTV N85 - ATF 2012  

Edición digital publicada en idioma inglés distribuida de forma directa y personalizada a una base de más de 8.000 ejecutivos de la industri...

TTV N85 - ATF 2012  

Edición digital publicada en idioma inglés distribuida de forma directa y personalizada a una base de más de 8.000 ejecutivos de la industri...