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Firat Gulgen, Founder and Chairman, Calinos Entertainment

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The Leader Stands Tall Flagged as the leader of the online streaming business, Netflix continues its efforts to stay ahead of the pack. And, in a year that saw it make substantial investments in original programming and expanding its reach to new destinations, the VOD platform still came out on top, reporting gains in both profit and subscribers. In a letter to shareholders, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings reported the company registered net income of US$8 million, and added nearly 10 million global streaming members in 2012, growing to 33 million subs overall. “We added more than 2 million members in Q4.,” he said. ALL ABOUT CONTENT. 2012 marked a defining year for Netflix as far as original productions go. The company began developing several exclusive series such as ‘House of Cards’, ‘Hemlock Grove’, season 4 of ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Orange is the New Black’ and season 2 of ‘Lilyhammer’; all set to be premiered in 2013. Furthermore, the company just announced it’s partnering with DreamWorks animation to develop a new kids series: ‘Turbo: F.A.S.T.’, a spin-off of the studio’s movie ‘Turbo’, which will hit theatres in July. In addition to original productions, Netflix grew its content catalog via key deals with major companies around the globe; including a first-run deal with Disney for all theatrical releases from the Walt Disney Studio starting in 2016, and a deal with Warner Bros. bringing exclusively to Netflix complete seasons of popular series such as ‘Revolution’ and ‘The Following’.


Global Ad Spend Fans Out Despite economic recessions, the advertising industry continues to grow at a steady pace. According to Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report, ad spending rose 3.3% year-overyear, from January to September 2012. Moreover, Nielsen finds that, although advertisers continue to spend the most on television ads, Internet and cinema ad spend grew the most during the period at 7.7% and 9.2%, respectively. The report reveals television advertising grew 4.3% during the period, with the highest growth registered in North American (13.6%). In addition, with a 61.8% share of spend in all media types, television’s ad spend growth underscores television’s standing as the predominant communication medium for advertisers. And that’s where the internet comes in. According to Nielsen, display internet advertising benefited from budget increases by advertisers in the financial, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and telecommunications categories. Telcos increased their online ads by more than 25% during the period. This growth was even seen in Western Europe’s beleaguered advertising market, rising 9% during the first three quarters of 2012. In fact, display advertising was the sole media type to experience spending growth in the region.

INNUMBERS 25 million

songs have been purchased on iTunes to date, after 10 years in business.


US fans watched the EuroCup final, drawing the best ratings for soccer in the country in 2012.

23 billion

dollars will be paid by Liberty Global to buy Virgin Media in the UK.


Televisa Gains Ground in Spain As part of a strategy to work “more aggressively” in the format distribution business, Televisa has signed a deal with up-and-coming Spanish producer La Competencia to develop entertainment formats in Spain. Televisa will now attempt to gain new ground in the country to then expand onto Asia and the Middle East, where it’s already in business. In addition, the alliance sees the Mexican giant distributing the formats in Latin America. In Spain, Emilio Azcárraga Jean’s group was La Sexta’s main shareholder (prior to the Antena 3 merger) and then changed its stock for a 14.5% presence in Imagina’s holding with Globomedia and Mediapro. Meanwhile, La Competencia -a producer of fiction, entertainment, factual formats and news- had a deal with FremantleMedia, owned by RTL. Over the past year, the producer developed formats such as ‘Granjero busca Esposa’ (Cuatro), ‘Todo el mundo es bueno’ (Telecinco), ‘Famosos al volante’ (La Sexta) or ‘Con el culo al aire’ (Antena 3).

3 million

people in the US watched the Super Bowl on CBS on Sunday, February 3.

21.3% more Canadian TV productions were developed in 2011-12 says the CMPA.

20% of Europe’s web

surfers spent more money on media apps during 2012 vs 2011, says KPMG.


370 million

consumer electronics devices will get connected to the internet worldwide by 2016, says MRG.

Emilio Azcárraga, Board Chairman, Televisa Group

Carlos Hertel, Head of International Sales, TM International


TM International Restructures Sales Division German production and distribution company TeleMünchen Group (TMG) announced on Wednesday structural changes in its international division, TM International. Michael Oesterlin, who had been serving as EVP International Sales, left the company at the end of January 2013. Oesterlin was responsible for the distribution of worldwide rights outside the German speaking territories. The executive appointed to succeed him is Carlos Hertel, who has been part of TM International for many years now as as Head of International Sales. Hertel will take over Oesterlin’s functions and report directly to the management board. Carlos Hertel is developing TM International since 2008, having been responsible for the worldwide sales of TMG’s feature film and television productions as well as of acquired independent programming.


Record TV Network Turns 60 Since its first transmission on September 27, 1953, until now, Brazilian network Rede Record has been a true mirror of the whole history of the country. Across six decades, from the first live shows with Brazil’s “jovem guarda” musicians to the most recent multi-million productions, every single famous personality has been in Record’s screen. “During the first few decades, all Record shows were shot live at Teatro Record studios. You could say these 60 years hold the most important moments in Brazilian TV’s history. Now, Rede Record has invested close to US$ 250 million in its telenovela production studio RecNov. The venue has 8 sets and a cuttingedge technology to produce telenovelas and series, and a team of close to 3000 professionals,” says Celso Teixeira, the company’s Communications director. Many events and shows will be developed to commemorate such an important date for the channel. “In Brazil, Rede Record is the most long-living television company and we have a lot of history to communicate. The network’s history is tightly connected to Brazilian history. For instance, our journalistic shows have always been present in society’s main moments and topics. We are also constantly presenting Brazil’s latest news to the world. And currently, Rede Record’s programming includes multiple genres, from entertainment to news, sports, films, series and miniseries,” he added.

Q&A ttv

Future-Proof Characters Original Programming SVP Marc Buhaj invites readers to take a look at the complex warp of Disney’s original production strategies across 118 countries, and find out how global kids&teens hits like ‘Violetta’, ‘Art Attack’ and ‘Phineas & Ferb’ are born. By Sebastián Torterola Twitter: @storterola

Violetta Teen Series

“The response to ‘Violetta’ has been overwhelming –and in record numbers– to its drama, comedy and romance.” “We think great characters and great stories are future-proof.”



t’s usual to hear that to achieve success is a lot simpler than to remain successful. In this line, to possess one of the world’s most coveted kids content library brings together a big responsibility: the need to update and improve that content permanently. With this aim, along the years Disney has built a huge warp of networks and production hubs across 118 countries, considering its branded channels Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior and Disney Cinemagic reach a total of 110.3 million homes. Marc Buhaj, the company’s SVP of Original Programming, tells more about how it’s like to be in the middle of this dreams factory.

What is the importance of the local original production development among the strategies of Disney Channels brands? Local and regional original production has played an increasingly significant part in helping Disney Channels become the most successful children’s TV brands across the world. International original production has showcased local talent both in front of and behind the camera, and also brought local creative concepts to the regional and world stages. It also fulfills local content quotas in some regions. With the support of the Disney Channels Worldwide team, the regional and local groups have established an international portfolio of successful long-form series including

Marc Buhaj,

‘Violetta’, ‘Art Attack’, ‘Jungle Junction’, ‘Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja’ and short-form series such as ‘As the Bell Rings’, ‘Summer Break Diaries’, ‘The Tour and Tales of Friendship with Winnie the Pooh’. This local original production complements our domestically produced global hit series and movies.

Senior Vice President of Original Programming, Disney Channels EMEA “The avenues to make, create, recruit and enjoy all forms of content are so vast that as a producer you cannot help but be excited.”

And ‘Violetta’ is a great example of that. The response to ‘Violetta’ has been overwhelming –and in record numbers– to its drama, comedy and romance. We’ve already broken new ground with highly successful kids telenovelas formats across Europe, and we’re excited to continue this success with ‘Violetta’ and its talented multicultural cast and creative team. Could you comment further on the results achieved? The immediate effect has been a massive positive impact on channel ratings and local channel profile. The exciting longer term effect is that we introduce new individuals and ideas into Disney Channels’ global content group; we also provide a platform and resources to showcase local talent on Disney Channels’ platforms throughout the world. What kind of production models are the most used? We use a broad portfolio of production and business models to develop and produce original content. The international slate comprises fully-funded and wholly-owned series, co-productions, pre-buy acquisitions with creative input and straight acquisitions. We try to adapt the production and business model to the project and the territory. We do dig into financial and legal detail as we need to be sure that enough money is going to the screen so that our international productions sit comfortably alongside the USproduced global shows. A genuine local original production program promotes and provides diversity in voice, look and feel while still delivering on Disney Channel brand values. The development process not only helps find and create the next round of Disney Channels series, it recruits and trains the next generation of stars on both sides of the camera

How are Disney Channels EMEA brands positioned in this global landscape? The Walt Disney Company Europe, Middle East & Africa develops, commissions, co-produces and acquires original animated and live action content for its three global children’s media brands: Disney Channel, for girls and boys aged 6-14 and their families; Disney XD, primarily for boys aged 6-14; and finally Disney

Junior for boys and girls aged 2-7 and their families, where we bring to life magical storytelling with lovable characters and heart. Optimism and comedy are at the core of all three brands, and all projects must feature broadly appealing stories, breakout characters, a unique visual point of view and proven creative talent. What are Disney Channel’s recent big programming hits? On Disney Junior we have enjoyed great success with ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates’, ‘Doc McStuffins’ and very recently ‘Sofia the First’ in 2012. On Disney Channel ‘Jessie’, ‘Good Luck Charlie’ and ‘Austin & Ally’ join ‘Phineas and Ferb’ and ‘Gravity Falls’ as breakout series. On Disney XD we have seen ‘Lab Rats’, ‘Kickin’ It’, ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ and ‘Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja’ all resonate with our Disney XD boy audiences. We’re excited to see how the next round of Disney XD series including ‘Crash & Bernstein’. How do these channels integrate with digital platforms? We think great characters and great stories are future-proof, so delivering on these core Disney strengths remains our focus in every medium. We work to the needs and priorities of all business areas including serving the various media platforms for whom we produce. We are wherever our audiences are, through our own digital platforms such as websites and social media pages. We also hold incredibly successful relationships with cable and satellite providers who occupy the digital space, and we have exciting partnerships with other major players like YouTube. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it has been a priority area for the company for some time. It is an incredibly exciting time for media and original content creation. The avenues to make, create, recruit and enjoy all forms of content are so vast that as a producer you cannot help but be excited. ttv

The first season of ‘Violetta’, which has already launched in Italy, Spain, Latin America, France and Israel to record ratings, a double platinum-selling soundtrack, a number one soundtrack on iTunes Italy, and hit online traffic, is now set to premiere across the rest of Europe from November including Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and across the Middle East and Africa. The series also stole the show at this year’s Latin American Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, swooping “best actor”, “best villain” and “best new star”. Filmed in Argentina, season one became Disney Channel Italy’s most-watched TV series premiere in the history of the channel with tweens (8-14) and girls (4-14) when it aired on 14th May 2012, and continued its good form by boosting audience figures by 40% throughout its first month on air. In its second consecutive month on air (June 2012) the show ranked as both the number one contributing and rated series on the channel, boosting Disney Channel Italy’s overall share with kids (4 -14). ‘Violetta’ premiered on Disney Channel Spain on 17th September, ranking as the number one series telecast on the channel across the week with kids (4-12), girls (4-12) and tween girls (4-12), and rated number one in its time period across all TV channels with all key audience demographics. Sources: Disney Channel Italy’s ratings: Viewership data source: The Walt Disney Company Italy’s calculations based on Auditel data, data referring to Disney Channel/+1/+2. Disney Channel Spain’s ratings: Viewership data source: Kantar Media.


What are your main markets for original content? Disney Channels Worldwide is truly a global network spanning Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America. Original production exists in each of these territories and scales up as the Disney Channels there become established.


Interview ttv

An Ally by Force of Law TRT, Turkey’s national public broadcaster, is not only one of the biggest players in the country, but one of the most important in the entire EMEA region. Peculiarly, the law determines that it has to find partners to produce drama, which may mean an interesting facet for many international players. By Gonzalo Larrea Twitter: @Gonzalolarrea

Rich Girl, Poor Boy Drama Series

“Besides universal values, TRT programs also contain local flavors.”


“With the competition triggered by the private channels getting into the sector, producers are constantly on the lookout for new things.”


he rise and popularity of Turkish content, both in the local market as well as worldwide, is no longer news to anyone. The phenomenon started a few years back, and is now more present than ever, showing signs it will continue to grow in the near future.

Leading this revolution is none other than TRT, Turkey’s public broadcaster, owning 15 networks and more than 113,880 hours of content aired each year, 87% of which are produced locally. The company is one of the main players in the Turkish audiovisual industry, as well as worldwide.

Promoted by strong local competition, content produced in Turkey comes with higher quality with each passing day, and the international market knows it. Proofs of this are the increasing sales which grow yearly both in number of episodes as in their price.

“With its 15 channels, TRT not only fulfills a grand service in broadcasting, but also is the biggest establishment of Turkey with its unmatched production team,” said Zeynel Koc, deputy general director of TRT, who spoke to ttv about the reasons behind

Zeynel Koc,

Turkish dramas’ unprecedented international success.

Deputy General Director of TRT

“Turkish Drama is in a very important position in the world at the moment. With the competition triggered by the private channels getting into the sector, producers are constantly on the lookout for new things. Successes achieved both locally and abroad naturally pushed quality standards upwards,” Koc said.

“TRT is open “to offers coming from all countries and corporations.”

Yet, as the executive explained, this competition didn’t affect TRT’s plans, as it always had the goal to provide the best possible products for Turkish viewers. “As a public broadcaster, TRT has never been a part of this rivalry nor will it ever be in the future. But as the public broadcaster, responsibility demands it, our main function is to always provide quality programming,” he explained. With 15 channels, no wonder why TRT’s content covers all ends of the spectrum, always seeking to tend to the audiences’ needs. Documentaries, formats, educational programs and sports fill the company’s vast lineup. Yet, of course, dramas are still its main feature. However, as Zeynel Koc explained, due to legal limitations, their productions can’t be developed by TRT itself, therefore having to do it through partners. “TRT has a formidable production team available within itself. But because of tough legal procedures that they are subject to, they cannot work on drama production. We outsource dramas and some other productions. Nevertheless, we obtain some or all of the rights including international rights of these programs that we outsource to production companies,” Koc said. As far as formats go, which the company intends to sell in the international market, Koc said that in order to be successful, they must abide by one rule: to have universal values. “Personally I believe a format adaptation has no chance of success if it only aims for local glory and not have any universal values. Only programs that contain universal values have the chance of success regarding adaptation.”

CO-PRODUCTION. In addition to placing the company in the lead within Turkeys audiovisual industry, having 15 channels means the

“The recent advances in communications and transport technologies not only have solved the issues concerning long distances, but are also causing cultural resemblances by creating similar tastes and preferences. We should set aside the arguments about globalization threatening cultural diversity and concentrate on the positive, aiming to create various collaborations and co-productions,” he stated. In order to sign these kinds of deals, he said, both parts have to be “willing to invest” and to develop “strong projects.” He also explained the internal process that any initiative has to go through when they receive it for consideration. To Better Days Soap Opera

THE PROCESS. “The scenarios of co-production projects that come to us are discussed in our board meetings. If the board finds the realization of the scenario suitable, another commission regarding the budget reviews the input of each party and decide on how each side should contribute in fields of production and finance. If this decision gets the approval of the other side as well, an agreement containing each parties rights and obligations is signed and the production gets on the way,” he said. One of the most attractive territories for TRT, as stated by the executive, is Latin America. “Even though there’s a considerable geographic distance between Turkey and Latin America, globalization has left no far corners on earth. Latin American countries are especially experienced in television drama series production. Turkey is going through the same experiences in recent years. We could share these experiences and come up with strong projects together.” ttv


Thus, this is one of the company’s let motifs when it comes to original productions, all the while making sure to add some local taste. “Besides universal values, TRT programs also contain local flavors. These codes are clearly understood and cherished by people living in close geographies and nations that share a mutual culture. Thus these programs highly appeal to this geography,” he said.

pubcaster has a clear need for content. In this regard, Koc assured that TRT is open “to offers coming from all countries and corporations” from the international industry, especially in terms of co-production.



New Game Rules After years of buying Latin American telenovelas first and adapting them later, Middle Eastern and Eastern European countries have not only become experts in the genre, but also great producers of telenovelas and original dramas, thus presenting a new scenario which, while it does decrease exports from Latin America, it also opens a new business stream that’s still in its earliest stages: co-production.

By Gonzalo Larrea Twitter: @Gonzalolarrea


ith different cultures, languages and themes, Latin American telenovelas have become notably popular in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and even Asia; something that’s as important as it is hard to explain. Titles from Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina have had unprecedented success in countries as distant as Turkey, Egypt, Rumania or Lebanon; generating a cultural impact that’s expanded for over three decades, making the genre one of the most popular today. On par with this phenomenon, the region’s main producers and broadcasters have developed and grown their commercial relationships, preparing for a new era. The main companies in the Middle East and Eastern Europe have gone from traditional content buyers to great adapters of Latin formats, giving way to an entirely new industry.

The Tulip Age, Production: Avsar Film / Fox

Relatable characters, actors and stories have made these new productions some of the most popular, expanding the phenomenon across a region that’s also experiencing a true explosion of new networks.

Moreover, EMEA productions continue to gain ground in the international market. Turkish dramas were sold for US$ 1,500 an episode in 2008, and are now priced at a whopping US$ 75,000. “It’s something very interesting. Fifteen years ago, same as all major networks in Turkey, we bought Latin telenovelas, which were extremely popular. Now, however, we produce


EMBRACING TELENOVELAS. In addition to buying and adapting content, countries such as Turkey, Egypt and Korea are now avid producers of telenovelas, even competing in the international market with experienced producers in Latin America, who are responsible for taking the genre to those countries.

Over the past 18 months, 154 new channels were launched in the Arab region, increasing the amount of local drama produced from 60 in 2010 to 160 in 2012.

CentralReport DISCOP: TRIPLE CO-PRODUCTION BONDS “Developing and Coproducing TV Content With Latin America” is the name of the conference that will be held during the second day of Discop West Asia, March 6, at 3:00 pm. Presented by ttv, the session will discuss the same subject presented in this central report, featuring key executives such as Can Okan, President and CEO, ITV Inter Medya; Xavier Aristimuño, SVP of Sales and Business Development in Asia for Miami-based Telemundo Internacional; Berta Orozco, Sales Representative for Asia and Africa for Colombia’s Caracol TV Internacional; and there are more to be confirmed. As described by the event’s organization: “During the last 5 years the development of original production in West Asian markets has been growing at a fast pace. In this context, Latin American companies are looking forward to sealing strategic alliances with the purpose of strengthening the bond with local broadcasters, offering a large number of stories and scripts to develop. Drama series stands as a key element in today’s programming strategies for many countries. In such a context, this session presented by todotv will try to establish how close are we from witnessing drama series being co-produced by Turkish, West Asian and Latin American experienced production companies and what would be the benefits and results of this initiative once it happens?”

them ourselves and sell them in Latin America,” Kerim Emrah Turna, international sales executive at Kanal D in Turkey, said to ttv.

“We believe regional co-productions are key for developing the TV business in all the regions we cover,” the executive said.

In fact, Kanal D recently announced its series have already reached 70 countries since its first international sale back in 2006, with a 321% increase from 2010 to 2011.

Yet, are there currently any examples that show there actually may be co-productions between Latin America and regions like Turkey, Middle East or Eastern Europe in the horizon? As of this moment, just a few.

Thus, with production standards increasingly more professional, the consolidation of the country’s different producers and the growing demand from the international market for this type of content, all presents a new scenario, where game rules are changed and content acquired in Latin America is decreasing. “There’s a popular belief that Turkey and Latin America are rivals. This is arguable to a certain extent, but they clearly play different roles in the international market,” said Ziyad Varol, content sales sub-manager at ATV in Turkey. But, as they say, when one door closes another one opens. And, in this case, the key may just be co-production. Because while the industry is merely taking its first steps in this direction, the destination seems inevitable. CO-PRODUCTION. Patrick Jucaud-Zuchowicki, GM at Basic Lead, believes the industry is going through an “exciting time” for regional co-productions, which is why he expects them to increase mainly in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.


Below: ‘Forbidden Love’, format by Ay Yapim. Right: Telemundo’s version for US Hispanic, ‘Pasión Prohibida’.

Up until now, the clearest cases in this sense have been adaptations, with successful titles such as ‘Missing’, and selling production services. “There are chances, but the main issue here are the costs. In Latin America we are not as competitive as we were six or eight years ago. These days our differential is our know-how and our high-quality products; but not costs,” said Michelle Wasserman, former International Business manager at Telefe, and current SVP International Business and Content Development, Latin America at Endemol Argentina. SPECIFIC EXAMPLES. In this sense, the executive exemplified her views by highlighting ‘Dulce Amor’, an Argentine telenovela that was

m ors ge) o c . visitavera s ew niquoenthly n ia U (m d e m about to be adapted in the Arab region, but the ttv

0 0 0 , 55 le og Go e: c r ou (S

ics yt al n A

3) 01 ,2 y r ua br Fe

project never came through due to its high costs.

“As far as format adaptations go, there are more possibilities; it’s different. And there’s also selling production services, which may be considered a form of co-production. For instance, there’s the case of ‘Tango para 3’, produced by Telefe and Endemol for Russia: while the original idea was Russian and it was developed for that country, it was produced in Argentina with an Argentine supporting cast,” she explained. Izzet Pinto, CEO of Turkish distributor Global Agency, also commented some news in this regard. “We entered the Hispanic US, and the latest deal was for ‘Forbidden Love’, which is airing on Telemundo under the name of ‘Pasión Prohibida’. For the first time we sold a Turkish series as a script to the US. The series will also be distributed by Telemundo across Latin America.”


Although Pinto makes it clear that the company “doesn’t step as co-producer” and they “prefer to license the formats,” the case is relevant because it shows the links between the regions. “’Pasión Prohibida’ is a project presented to me by our Regional Sales executive Xavier Aristimuño,” said Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Internacional. “In over 50 years of producing telenovelas, we had never seen this process: producing a Turkish script for Hispanic audiences. It’s truly remarkable. We are faced with a true ratings phenomenon, based on a Turkish script. When we started developing the idea they called us crazy, but I think we’ve proven them wrong,” he said.

‘The Chairwoman’ and the optioning of telenovela ‘Candy Love’. “We are honored to have been chosen by O3 to host a production workshop adapted to their specific needs. Without question, this visit represents a great step forward in our relationship,” Fernando Varela, said GM and director of Legal Affairs at Telefe. Another executive who shared his thoughts on the matter was Content and Product VP at RCN Televisión in Colombia, Fernando Gaitán, who said it’s something to keep an eye on. “We must not rule out the possibility of co-producing with them. As of now, there’s a production exchange,” he said. Fernando Gaitán Content and Product VP, RCN Televisión

“We must not rule out the possibility of co-producing with them. As of now, there’s a production exchange.” Kerim Emrah Turna International Sales Executive, Kanal D

“Fifteen years ago, same as all major networks in Turkey, we bought Latin telenovelas, which were extremely popular. Now, however, we produce them ourselves and sell them successfully in Latin America.” Can Okan President and CEO, ITV Inter Medya

“We are open to co-productions for the international market. We are currently in negotiations with some companies for possible partnerships and exchanging scripted formats.” Michelle Wasserman SVP International Business and Content Development, Latin America, Endemol Argentina

In the meantime, back in November 2012 in Argentina, key executives from production company O3 (a part “In Latin America we are not as competitive as we were six or eight years ago. These of leading pan-Arab network MBC) vidays our differential is our know-how and sited the production facilities of local our high-quality products; but not costs.” giant Telefe to participate in a workshop on fiction series production and development, created exclusively for From Turkey, Can Okan, President and CEO them- It was led by Tomás Yankelevich (head of ITV Inter Medya, seemed a tad more optiof Global Content), Guillermo Pendino (Promistic. “We are determined to enter the Laduction manager) and Marcela Duarte (head tin American market, since they have many of Production). things in common. In this sense, we are currently dubbing our content as a way to distriThe O3 team -Fadi Ismail (general manager), bute it in this market,” he said. Wael Najem (Production Project manager), Emad Mourad (senior manager Drama Produc“We are open to co-productions for the intertion) and Akram Sorour (Director)- also visited national market. We are currently in negotiaTelefe’s studios and met with Endemol’s regiotions with some companies for possible partnal hub in Buenos Aires and also telenovela pronerships and exchanging scripted formats; ducer LCA Producciones. The visit gave place to whether it’s from Turkey to Latin America or two deals with Telefe: the licensing of hit series

vice versa,” he added, and said his company has already worked with Televisa, FoxTelecolombia and Telemundo, with whom they jointly adapted ‘Missing’ in Turkey. Another one who said to be open to the new business model was Zeynel Koc, GM of Turkish network group TRT, who highlighted the advantages it would present for both regions to combine their expertise in the genre. “Countries in Latin America are expert TV drama producers. Turkey, on the other hand, has been travelling down the same path for the last few years. We could combine our expertise to develop great projects together,” he said. “TRT is open to offers from all countries and all co-productions. While there’s a considerable distance between Turkey and Latin America, globalization has brought all corners of the Earth much closer to each other. In addition, the technological advances have not only shortened distances, but also brought cultures together, creating similar tastes and preferences,” he added. Meanwhile, César Díaz, Sales VP at Venevision International, said the advantage of working with this genre is its ability to trespass all borders, something that’s also a plus for co-productions. “The telenovela genre as we know it is nothing strange. It’s a genre that’s moved past borders, territories, oceans and has been around for quite some time. In fact, we see how other countries in which it didn’t use to be a typical format it’s being produced now, and very well so. We have to give them credit, like in Turkey for instance, where they produce high-end telenovelas. They’re on top, riding the wave and making the most of it,” he said. “Yet, we’ve been creating telenovelas for over 35 years, it’s our passion, it’s what we’ve always done and will continue to do so in the same way. And the region is no longer that important: we have telenovelas being dubbed in English for Africa; we have telenovelas in Japan, in China. There are no more borders in terms of what the telenovela genre is,” he added. IS IT POSSIBLE? The intentions are certainly there, and both sides seem to be on board. However, right now, the matter is nothing more than an idea, a project. The possibility not only exists, but it may well open a whole new business stream that could promote content from both regions, as well as their international sales. ttv

Executives ttv

Mirroring Life Keeping an eye on the new industry’s media developments and using Turkey’s talents and resources, local media company Calinos Entertainment is reinforcing its production strategy, filling the small screen with, as Chairman Firat Gulgen says, “real people” and “real stories.” By Carolina Mussio Twitter: @carolinamussio

Firat Gulgen,

Founder and Chairman, Calinos Entertainment



cessful.” With this premise in mind, the hile quiz shows and talent company will focus on developing competitions have been titles both locally and internatiotaking over the small “Turkish Series nally, “cooperating with worldscreen for some are successful as wide companies to produce time now, Turkish a result of the dramas and studio programs.” media company Calinos Entercombination of good tainment knows that, when it stories, experienced And despite there being comes down to it, people ultimapeople in the TV business and the many options for production tely want to relate to the stories developing quality of partners around the world, on the screen. “Eventually, reality technology.” Turkey’s local market is quite shows that depict the stories of the minefield for potential coreal people will become the most productions, where the flagship conpopular once again,” said Chairtent are “series that depict stories of ordinary man Firat Gulgen, who spoke to ttv about people,” Gulgen said, and explained “Turkish the company’s production strategy, focused Series are successful as a result of the combion creating “real stories” with “people that the nation of good stories, experienced people in audience can feel for.” the TV business and the developing quality of technology.” ORIGINAL STORIES. In an industry where the bar for high-quality content keeps being In this scenario, Calinos has enlisted “the finest raised, Gulgen believes that “production is an screenwriters in Turkey” to develop several essential key if you want to keep being sucprojects, including epic drama ‘Mohammed Al Fatih Conqueror of Istanbul’, that will be releaAsi sed theatrically and afterwards will continue Drama Series

Ihlamurlar Altında Drama Series to be on air as a TV series; and numerous TV scripts such as ‘Geniş Aile’, ‘Ihlamurlar Altında’, ‘Elveda Rumeli’, ‘Karadağlar’ and ‘Asi’. DIGITAL TRENDS. With a solid catalog already in the works, it’s all about the proper distribution: “The whole media industry is becoming digital. We are shaping our distribution strategy according to these developments,” Gulgen explained, and added: “Content and technology are inseparable; therefore as a company we are following the technological trends closely.” As a result, Calinos is launching its own OTT platform under the brand “VODVOD” by the end of this quarter, with content that will include local and international movies, international series, documentaries, kids and lifestyle programming. “Our digital projects will enhance the media experience that we would like to provide; thus digital progression will be at the center of our strategy,” he concluded. ttv

Interview ttv

On Solid Ground Istanbul continues to be a whole region’s business epicenter, as we seem to be living in Turkey’s decade. But the business is cyclical, and more than 20 years of market knowledge allow ITV to make the best decisions year to year. Its CEO Can Okan described the company’s present and anticipated the next steps for 2013. By Sebastián Torterola Twitter: @storterola

The Red Scarf Drama Series

“Although it’s only Discop West Asia’s third edition, it has become one of the most important markets for our company.”


“95% of our company’s sales are obtained from the finished products. Format and script sales only form 5% of our company’s sales.”


ith a catalog of over 5,000 hours of programming, including series, telenovelas, soap operas and movies -complemented by several deals with independent producers such as Focus Group and Medyavizyon, each day ITV Inter Medya goes across several business branches: from distributing its own finished content to licensing formats, acquiring third-party content, partnering on co-productions and exploring new territories.

Over 20 years of expertise in the market allow the company not only to stand on firm ground with regard to the local Turkish business –where it’s positioned as a consolidated player- but also to hold a prominent presence in the West Asia region. “After a strong year in 2012 in which we celebrated our company’s 20th anniversary, we have had a very good start to 2013 with the products that we have acquired. We hope to increase the number of countries we are pre-

Can Okan,

sent in, which now is approximately 50 territories,” says Can Okan, CEO of the company.

CEO, ITV Inter Medya

Asked about new products that are doing well in Turkey and that could perform well internationally, Okan mentions mainly drama series and theatrical films. However, there is one title that may bring an innovative aspect out from Turkey. “The new project of Fox TV Turkey, ‘The Harem’ is a period comedy which has high audience ratings in Turkey, and that is a sign for us that it may be possible to ink international sales of a Turkish comedy series for the first time,” the executive explains. Meanwhile, going back to the most effective side of the Turkish business, drama series continue to flourish from year to year, and the region is grateful. A good example is series ‘Forget Me Not’, which is on its 5th season with 25-30% share every day. “It continues to be broadcast and it recently its 1000th episode. Obviously, it’s one of our most important series,” Okan assures. He also presented the next titles the company is focused on: “We have ‘The Red Scarf’, a drama based on the Soviet writer Chinghiz Aitmatov’s novel, produced by Ay Yapim, one of the major Turkish producers.” Indeed, Ay Yapim is the creator of drama series ‘Forbidden Love’, which has been traveling the world in the last years, and got to important markets such as the US. It’s currently on air on Miamibased network Telemundo under the name of ‘Pasión Prohibida’. “’Memories Still Hurt’ is another strong title which was aired on TRT. Series aside, we also have very strong feature films that we represent, such as ‘You Are Home’ (‘Evim Sensin’) which had 3,500,000 admissions in movie theatres and ‘Dardanelles-End of the Road’ (‘Çanakkale-Yolun Sonu’) which will be released in theatres on the 15th of March in more than 25 countries,” Okan adds.

“If Made-inTurkey telenovela producers and Latin American telenovela producers join forces, I’m sure that very successful projects will appear.”

tribution of finished products. The company is aware of this, and according to its CEO, it’s exploring opportunities “on Asian countries, the Russian Federation, as well as French and English-speaking African countries” where they have are “more active in possible format/ script sales.” Nevertheless, another region that has shown high levels of economic growth and has proven to generate flexible and productive alliances is Latin America. An important delegation of Latin players come to Discop every year, and -unlike ten years ago- not just to sell their ready-made telenovelas. “We have been working on the Latin American market for two years, and we have obtained very important developments at the last Natpe in Miami, which took place at the end of January. We hope to go further into that at

But that’s not all: ITV Inter Medya’s catalog is comprised of over 20 series ranging between 13 and 1000+ episodes. Among all this content, the main part of the company’s operations lay on the sales of the original Turkish series, and formats are a business model yet to be explored.

NEW TERRITORIES. However, it’s well known that when a company steps in a collaborative initiative, it opens a new range of opportunities that go beyond the traditional dis-

1000 AND COUNTING On January 7, 2013, independent producer Focus Film, Fox TV and ITV Inter Medya hosted a great event to celebrate the 1000th episode of Turkish Series ‘Forget Me Not’, which is produced by Focus Film, aired in Fox and distributed by ITV. The celebration took place at the Ankara Palace Hotel.

Though not many, there are a few precedents of co-ventures between these regions, such as the case of telenovelas ‘Donde Está Elisa?’ an original idea from Chile’s pubcaster TVN that was adapted by Telemundo for the US Hispanic market, and then re-versioned in Turkey. However, can Turkish drama be adapted in Latin America? The above mentioned example shows so, and hopefully there will be more case studies to come. “Telemundo has recently launched the Latin American version of Ay Yapim’s series ‘Forbidden Love’. Then, drama series such as ‘Ezel’ [aired in Show TV and ATV] and ‘Kuzey Güney’ [Kanal D] are among the series that are planned to be produced in Latin America. We are in negotiations with a major Latin American production company for the sales of format and scripts of three series. On the other hand, there are also six Latin American series projects, one or two of which we are evaluating to produce in Turkey,” Okan explains. “Although new, if Made-in-Turkey telenovela producers (which have gained important presence in the international market) and Latin American telenovela producers join forces, I’m sure that very successful projects will appear.” Such is the stage mounted for Discop, where many talks will take place. The advantage for ITV is that they are the local ones. “Although it’s only Discop West Asia’s third edition, it has become one of the most important markets for our company. Not only the market takes place in our hometown Istanbul but it welcomes guests from many parts of the world, which makes it both enjoyable and commercially productive for us,” Okan concludes. ttv


“Since the series and telenovelas we offer require high budgets for production and have high production values, approximately 95% of our company’s sales is obtained from the finished products. Format and script sales only form 5% of our company’s sales,” he affirms.

Miptv, but we are already expecting to finish several agreements in terms of finished product and format/script sales,” Okan said.

Gallery tradeshow

NATPE 2013 28-30, January, Fontainebleau Resort Hotel, Miami Beach, US

Manuel Pérez, Miguel Somoza, Héctor Beltrán, Irán Castillo, Cristóbal Ponte, Cesar Díaz and Daniel Rodríguez at the Natpe 2013 Opening Party, co-sponsored by Venevision International

Pedro Torres (El Mall) and Peter Langenberg (Warner Bros. International Television Productions)

Nadav Palti and Andrés Santos (Dori Media Group)

Guilherme Bokel, Ricardo Scalamandré and Raphael Correa Netto celebrating Globo TV International’s 40th anniversary

Ariel Tobi (Snap TV)

Marcos Santana (Telemundo Internacional) and Joshua Mintz (Telemundo Studios) with the cast of the telenovela ‘Pasión Prohibida’.

Adriana Weber and Sergio Gálvez (Canal 13 Chile)

Adriana Demjen (ALL TV), Ashley Jordan (Fashion One) and Jo Spalburg (ALL TV)

Mathieu Béjot (TV France International)

Tony Albert (Motion Pictures)

23 ttvme to 0 dia do ,0 n tv 0 ew ne 0 s.c (S ou rc e: Go og le

Under the “Beyond Disruption” motto, Natpe wrapped up its 50th edition; an event with a clear focus on all things digital. In fact, according to its CEO Rod Perth, 41% of speakers represented digital platforms, thus proving the organization’s clear focus on the digital evolution and the market’s latest trends. While there are still no official numbers, both directors said the market is in top shape as it saw a 10% increase in attendees, reaching 6,000 executives, 1,000 of which were buyers; the largest number registered in the past five years.

Emilia Nuccio (Echo Bridge Entertainment)

Claudio Ipolitti (Telefe International) and Juan Waehner (Telefe)

Leonardo Aranguibel (Disney Media Distribution Latin America), Jaime Sánchez Cristo (Vista Productions), Fernando Barbosa (Disney Media Distribution Latin America) and Ricardo Cruz (RCN Televisión) announced the adaptation of ‘El Laberinto de Alicia’

Jack Alfandary and Andrés Naftali (Fremantle Media Latin America)

Mario Kreutzberger (“Don Francisco”) surrounded by executives from Canal 13 Chile during the cocktail at Natpe 2013’s Market Floor

ws (mPag om .co ont e v m hly aiews

An al yt ics –

Fe br ua ry ,2 01 3)

Mariano Elizondo (Ideas del Sur Producciones)

Mauricio Ramos (Liberty Global), Alejandro Harrison (Chello Latin America) and Niall Curran (Chello Media)

Edson Mendes and Delmar Andrade (Record TV Network)

Sebastián Choy (Mannam Media)

Catherine Fulop, Arquímedes Rivero, Fernando Carrillo and Solange Rivero at the red carpet for the telenovela ‘La Magia del Amor’ by Filmedia World Entertainment and Solange Rivero

ve ra ge )



Brett Ratner Takes FarmVille to TV

1 billion dollars is

being invested by News Corp to experiment with new digital ideas and video rights.

1.33 billion

dollars is what Facebook grossed from online ads during last year’s fourth quarter.



One of the leading telenovela producers in Latin America, based on Venezuela and Miami, Venevision International continues to strengthen its presence in the international market through a selection of super productions from its Venevision Productions branch. A good sample of it is ‘Rosario’, a telenovela produced in Miami. “We’re also producing our first TV series in full HD in Venezuela, which is called ‘Los Secretos de Lucía’.” Furthermore, the company recently made the international launch of a new reality series called ‘Mi Vida en Sayulita’ “The series captures the lifestyle of a group of students who live life without limits in the town of Sayulita, where everyone lives as they please among challenges, conflict and romance,” said César Díaz, Sales VP at Venevision International. ‘Mi vida en Sayulita’ (20 x 30’HD) revolves around a group of students living in a tropical paradise during their summer holydays.

video subscribers left Time Warner Cable during Q4 2012.

6.8 tickets on

average were bought by US moviegoers in 2012, says Nielsen.

7 billion dollars is

what the LA Dodgers will get over the next 25 years through a TV rights deal with Time Warner Cable.

22% of tablet owners


spend over US$ 50 a month online and 9% surpass US$ 100, says ABI Research.

140 million

active Twitter users send one billion tweets every two and a half days, says Nielsen.


Among Telenovelas, Series and Realities

Following the path set by Angry Birds and Draw Something, which already announced their arrival to TV after making it online, the popular Facebook game FarmVille will be developed as an animated TV series. The news was announced by Canadian company Six Eleven Media, which will develop the project. The series will also include the movie director Brett Ratner as executive producer, who’s worked in many titles such as ‘Rush Hour’ and ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’, as well as TV series ‘Prison Break’. “Farmville is one of the most exciting brands out there today and its cross-platform opportunities are endless. I am thrilled to be expanding the brand with existing fans and also engaging a whole new audience,” said Ratner. The game was launched in 2009 by content developer Zynga, and became one of the most successful in the history of Facebook and MSN, giving the company worldwide recognition. Yet, Zynga is currently struggling, having reported loss of over US$209 million in 2012 and having to shut down several games. With the launch of the TV series, the company seeks to expand onto new platforms and open the list of opportunities for its titles. The series has not been sold to any network yet. In addition to Rattner, the project will also include Kirk Schenck and Charles Bishop from Six Eleven Media, as well as independent producer Nina Gelb.


Telemundo Announces Several Int’l Deals During Natpe 2013 in Miami, Marcos Santana, president of Miami-based distributor Telemundo Internacional, made four relevant announcements. “The first is a deal with Televisión Nacional de Chile through which we will once again distribute all of their productions worldwide. We also signed another contract for the acquisition of their content library and formats they produce over the next five years,” he said. The second deal joins the producer with tech company Samsung: “All of our content will be presented through an icon featured in all of Samsung’s electronic devices; whether it’s tablets, phones, TVs or PCs, in all of Latin America,” he said. Moreover, a third announcement focused on the renewal of Telemundo’s deal with Netflix, through which the producer “will continue to offer successful content.” The executive also highlighted the restructuring of the company’s studios and production strategy. “This allows us -through a collaboration agreement with Argos in Mexico- to establish a permanent production line in Mexico and two in Miami, giving consistency to what we do. We are already pre-producing telenovelas to be developed by the studios in 2015,” he explained. But that’s not all: at Natpe, the company also presented ‘Forbidden Passion’, the telenovela adapted by Telemundo from a Turkish production. The telenovela has already started making waves in the industry: “In over 50 years of producing telenovelas, we had never seen this process: producing a Turkish script for Hispanic audiences. It’s truly remarkable. We premiered it and are very pleased.” Marcos Santana,

President of Telemundo Internacional

Interview ttv

Upwards Spiral Global AGENCY’S notably fast expansion seems to only be gaining speed. New genres, new markets, new executives and the acquisition of World Wide Entertainment: the Turkeybased distributor is only looking forward. By Josefina Mezzera Twitter: @jmezzera

Magnificent Century Drama Series

“When we acquire content, we make sure that we have the highest quality. Global Agency’s strategy has always been about being selective.”

32/TTV MAGAZINEFingulic atordis, num prissidius ocul hiliendam

“Each year we grow between 100% and 200%, and in the past we were growing 300% a year.”


s it’s not a production company, its goal isn’t to be the biggest distributor in the market. “Our goal is definitely to become the most prestigious one,” said Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency. And it shows. The independent distributor was created to sell TV formats and soon expanded its business to other genres, recently delving into the distribution of English-language content worldwide, through acquiring brand rights from Australian company World Wide Entertainment. And it promises to stay true to this path. “Each year we start entering a new genre and we add great content to our catalog, and this way we increase our sales and we grow,” the

executive said to ttv. A great share of the new additions to Global Agency’s catalog comes from the strong development in local productions recently seen in Turkey. “In the last six to eight years, the television industry in the local market has gained huge success, related to the advertising market, which is constantly growing. With a population of almost 80 million people, the advertising budget in Turkey is big. And most of advertisers prefer to stand on television; therefore, broadcasters had looked for bigger and most fabulous productions,” he said. Logically, this evolution caused a jump in local productions’ quality standards, where new products are now able to compete with any

other in the international arena. In this scenario, Global Agency was able to take this opportunity and carry Turkish content to global audiences.

Izzet Pinto,

Behind the distributor’s acquisitions lies a different way of looking at the business: “When we acquire content, we make sure that we have the highest quality. Global Agency’s strategy has always been about being selective. For example, if you look at worldwide, two best-selling series belong to us, which are ‘1,001 Nights’ and ‘Magnificent Century’, and we are proud to be representing these projects,” he said.

“Now Global Agency represents key formats from 15 countries, we are hoping to cover formats from 25 countries by the end of the year.”

CEO, Global Agency

NEW STEPS. If there’s one strength Global Agency should be known for is definitely its rapid growth in the market. “Each year we grow between 100% and 200%, and in the past we were growing 300% a year.” While this has opened many doors for the company, it also set the bar quite high. “In order to keep this aggressive growth, we need to hire professionals to the company, both for Sales and Acquisitions,” he explained. Therefore in January, the company appointed Farrell E. Meisel to the newly-created role of Director of Development. “Farrell is an expert in the market, and will focus on developing longterm partnerships and identifying new areas of growth for both Global Agency and World Wide Entertainment. Together with his support we want to grow the new brand,” the CEO said.

kground in this field; so we decided to acquire a well-known company for English product distribution.” THE WORLD AS A DESTINATION. As the pioneer company to export Turkish series to Central and Eastern Europe, and with a growing presence in the Middle East and Latin America, Global Agency understands that in order to continue gaining ground in the industry, it must conquer the entire world. “Each month we are entering new places,” Pinto said. “For example, we just arrived in Georgia and in French-speaking Africa.”

Under Global Agency’s ownership, World Wide Entertainment focuses on creating a fresh new catalog, acquiring the latest programming from some of the world’s biggest producers of factual entertainment, reality, documentaries and lifestyle content. Pinto explained how the idea to acquire the Australian company’s brand came about: “We had decided to enter the business of finished content distribution, but we didn’t have any bac-

With this expansion onto new territories come all types of deals, according to each client’s needs. The executive highlighted the iconic case of ‘Forbidden Love’, a format adapted for Telemundo as ‘Pasión Prohibida’: “For the first time we sold a Turkish series as a script to the US. This also meant our entering into the Spanish-speaking US.” The Hispanic version, which premiered in the US in January, scored

Forbidden Love Drama Series

Shopping Monsters Entertainment Show

WORLD-CLASS HOSTS “Discop Istanbul -now Discop West Asiais one of my favorite markets, because since it is our hometown, we like to show our hospitality to the clients,” said Izzet Pinto. This hospitality is seen in the company’s great stand at the Ceylan International Hotel in Istanbul, as well as in its now famous party. “In the second night of the market we will hold a party for 800 people, with great entertainment through all night,” he said. “We care about this market so much, and that’s why it’s a big investment for us.” excellent results and will be distributed in Latin America by Telemundo. But Izzet Pinto is not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to his company. While he said that his short-term goal is to establish a solid growth for the company, he said he doesn’t rule out the possibility to delve into the co-production business in the near future. “But this would be at least in 18 months from now,” he said.

In addition, the executive plans to “represent a couple of more Turkish dramas,” as well as “create a very strong catalog for World Wide Entertainment, and sell it to most of the territories worldwide.” All in all, “the strategy is about having a strong acquisition and sales strategy at the same time,” he concluded. ttv


RAISING THE STAKES. What are Global Agency’s main goals for 2013? “To grow again at least 100% this year,” he said. To meet this ambitious goal, the company will start working in different areas. “Now Global Agency represents key formats from 15 countries, we are hoping to cover formats from 25 countries by the end of the year.”

Executives ttv

It’s Time to Co-produce Formerly Discop Istanbul, a renovated and renamed Discop West Asia welcomes the international market with the aim of building bridges in a heterogeneous region. For this year, apart from commercial negotiation, there’s a main focus: co-productions.

Patrick Jucaud, General Manager of Basic Lead

By Sebastián Torterola Twitter: @storterola

The TRT team during Discop Istanbul 2012. According to a report published by the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC) in France, co-production in the country grew 23.3% from 2010, registering a total of 77.4 million euros. Thus, the executive believes in the near future, one of the main catalysts of Western Asia and Africa’s content industry will be local production: “Independent content production is booming in those regions, which are no longer just content buyers, but also content producers.”


That’s why in the last couple of years Basic Lead has refocused its Discop events in content sales and regional co-productions. “We feel that regional partnerships are key to the development of the television business in all the regions that we cover, both in West Asia and in Africa,” Jucaud assures.


tely 350 companies coming to buy and nticipating the third edition of co-produce. This year’s program Discop West Asia, an event will be also centered on regional that has achieved a secu“Independent coproduction, considering it’s re place in the agenda content production a very exciting time for origiof key EMEA executiis booming in nal co-productions and we’re ves from the television business, those regions, looking forward to seeing a Patrick Jucaud, the main responwhich are no lot of new companies that sible for its organization, spoke longer just content buyers, are now working in Jordan, to ttv to communicate expecbut also content Morocco, and in other places tations and facts for this year’s producers.” that we cover with the market,” edition. he explained. “Discop West Asia is expected to Indeed, that’s one of the keys for the event’s welcome some 750 delegates representing success: its focus on collaborative models. 200 exhibiting companies and approxima-

“We are welcoming an ever growing number of independent producers who feel that Discop has become more relevant to them than ever in the past, because we’re providing them with the ability to meet with companies interested in getting involved on coproductions as well,” he adds. The executive anticipates a “a more intensive conference program” for this year, featuring a three-day program with various sessions covering different subjects such as: the power of dramas in the Arab world, the renaissance of formats produced in those regions, relationships between Latin America and West Asia, notably Turkey and the Middle East. “We will also have a session on a new television business models and also a session on the connectivity of all that region,” Jucaud said. ttv

Q&A ttv

The Prestige of a Good Story A key player in the Turkish market with widespread presence in the EMEA region, ATV is permanently introducing new original drama series to the international arena. In this interview, Ziyad Varol talks about programming trends and analyzes the pros and cons of co-producing beyond borders. By Sebastián Torterola Twitter: @storterola

What important international agreements did you close last year? We made three main sales operations in 2012 with particular importance. One of them has to do with the Middle-East Region, which received many of our series. These titles will continue to air in the region in 2013 thanks to this package deal. A second key distribution agreement was made in Greece, where Greek channels gathered high ratings. These results lead to a rising demand in the country, and we are receiving excellent feedback from Greek viewers. The third package deal was in Kazakhstan, is an important country due to its

“Unfortunately, finding new stories is becoming harder and harder.”


“There are two territories similar to Turkey: South Korea and the Latin America region.”

Peace Street Drama Series

geographic situation. We secured a fruitful deal only with classical titles. After our series were acknowledged, we started receiving more interest from its neighbor countries and got in touch with them for further sales. What new productions are you working on? Our new series that are continuing to be aired are ‘Peace Street’ and ‘Don’t Worry About Me’. We think that the first will have an important place in the minds of broadcasters interested in Turkish content. ‘Peace Street’ shows Turkey in a very different way, and the story is about two lovers stuck between two diverse

Ziyad Varol,

lifestyles who want to make their love possible. It shows us the clash between the West (modernity) and the East (tradition).

Deputy Manager, Content Sales, ATV

Meanwhile, ‘Don’t Worry About Me’ is a huge production that takes places in the Black Sea region. Niyazi, a native from the region and Buke, a Kurdish girl who came temporarily as a tea-laborer, will have to pay the price of falling in love at first sight. They will also both be turned upside down as Niyazi will learn that his best friend was also in love with Buke, and Buke will learn that her cousin Siyar will confess his love to her. Not getting any reciprocity from Buke, Siyar will commit a murder and then a suicide; all this will lead to an even more complicated situation. In a scenario of changes and re-evaluation of the Turkish productions around the world; what is your vision about co-producing with international partners? There are two territories similar to Turkey: South Korea and the Latin America region. Regarding Latin America, soap operas are daily, easy to program, ‘’easily consumed’’ and effective also by the fact that they can be easily replaceable. Characters and conflicts are very similar to Turkish series. Moreover, several years ago many Latin American contents were on air here in Turkey and the ratings were very satisfying. What advantages and disadvantages does this model have? The disadvantages of coproduction would be that if the series contain Latin American actors, Turkish audiences could feel awkward about it. However, the advantages lay on the richness of the story. New stories from a different culture that is nevertheless similar, could help us to enrich our team and our products. Unfortunately, finding new stories is becoming harder and harder. For production, I don’t think our standards are lower than Latin America’s. Working with them could be convenient for us in terms of costs, and that would generate and instantaneous cash flow. However, on a long-term basis, if we consider that the actors’ wages will rise, broadcasters could have to face a difficult situation: costs will rise but we are not sure that ratings will rise in the same proportion.

How would you describe the company’s strategy regarding digital contents? The digital area is increasingly important for ATV, and we manage several online streaming platforms. The first one is, ATV’s official website where you can reach every program, series and news. It is also possible to watch ATV live on its website.

‘Life Goes On’ is also a big production directed by Mahsun Kırmızıgül. It portrays the hard life of a family living in the East part of Turkey that has to move to Istanbul. Topics of migration difficulties and forced marriage are treated. The story of child-brides is a hard and critical story to tell, but that has to be told, as it is a problem in the Eastern part of Turkey.

We also have an iPhone app through which users can be informed about the series, watch trailers and videos, and access the live stream as well. Everything you watch is in high definition. The same can be said for the iPad app that has recently released, on February 1st, 2013.

It is a big chance for us that Discop West Asia takes place in our country; it will allow us to bring all our series to the fair.

What new products will you present in the event? We are bringing two recently finished series. ‘The Cliff’ deals with an issue that is common in various countries: women-trafficking... The story of two Moldovian sisters who are trying to hold on to life by traveling to Turkey as baby-sitters, and their adventure ends up with in tragedy.

What are your expectations for this Discop West Asia? Hosting Discop West Asia is a very big advantage for us. What made Discop West Asia popular is that the Turkish contents were successful. In regards to this, we are one of the biggest players and the fair is very important for us. We are one of the biggest sponsors and we are having our busiest moments during and after Discop. At this edition, just as in the previous ones, we have important and big sales’ expectations and are very excited about it. ttv

Life Goes On Drama Series

Dont Worry About Me Drama Series


What programming trends do you identify in Turkey and West Asia? The new trend is programs focused on couples, such as game shows or dressing competition programs. I don’t think we can qualify it properly as a ‘’trend,’’ but let’s say that this year programs are most focused on couples – and that doesn’t mean the necessarily have to know each other. A good example of that is ‘Trust’, an entertainment program/game show acquired from Banijay that we have on air on ATV, and it’s doing really well. Programs with couples also involve dressing competition programs.

“The new trend is programs focused on couples, such as game shows or dressing competition programs.”



Gonzalo Córdoba,


President of Caracol Televisión

Global Agency

Names New Head of Development


Twofold Focus for Azteca’s Productions Mexican distributor TV Azteca is bringing two main new productions to the international market. First, the company is already distributing the second season of the series ‘La Teniente’ (‘The Lieutenant’ - 24 x 60’), which was launched in January during Natpe. “It’s currently in production in Mexico and it will be ready to go at the end of 2013.” said Marcel Vinay Jr., CEO of Comarex, the company that represent all of the TV Azteca titles. Meanwhile, within the telenovelas genre, one of the company’s strongest titles is called ‘La Otra Cara del Alma’, which stands out thanks to its high production standards, Vinay. “These are times in which each market bet for local production. However, our finished products continue to travel the world, and our production standards beat that trend,” he assured.

The Turkish format distributor has appointed veteran broadcast executive Farrell E. Meisel to the newly-created role of Director of Development. Meisel will work for both Global Agency, and its finished program arm World Wide Entertainment, and will focus on developing long-term partnerships and identifying new areas of growth for the two divisions. With a wellestablished background in international television, Meisel has extensive executive management and content development experience at a number of major organizations including Turner Broadcasting, HBO International, Viacom International and MediaCorp of Singapore, and has most recently been building broadcast infrastructures in emerging markets such as Poland, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said: “It’s a real coup for us to have signed Farrell up. He’s got unrivalled experience of the international television landscape, and will be a huge asset both for Global Agency and World Wide Entertainment.”

Farrell E. Meisel ,

Director of Development of Global Agency


Another Brick in the US - LatAm Bridge Colombia’s Caracol Televisión announced an agreement with Ecuador’s Teleamazonas and Warner Bros. in the US, through which they will produce Spanishlanguage version of ‘Nip/Tuck’, the Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning hit TV series that aired successfully on the US for 6 seasons. Caracol Television will be in charge of production, which will take place in Bogotá, starting April 2013, with the support of Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP), the owner of the format. The local series will be aired by both national broadcasters of each country, Caracol TV and Teleamazonas. However, the agreement is unprecedented because the adaptation will also be on Warner Channel Latin America, marking the first time the pan-regional Pay TV channel broadcasts a LatAm original production. “Being able to work with partners of such a high level, and on productions of these characteristics, is a token of trust on the quality and talent of Caracol. This is the first time that Warner Channel Latin America broadcasts an original production, which represents a major step in the co-production model that Caracol has developed in the recent years,” said Gonzalo Córdoba, president of Caracol. International distribution rights of this local version will be managed by Warner Bros. International Television Distribution, which is expected to launch it to the international distribution market by January 2014.



Telefe Expands Footprint in the Middle East Argentinean broadcaster Telefe announced that MBC, the main pan-Arab TV network, has licensed its hit series ‘The Chairwoman’, while optioning its telenovela ‘Candy Love’. “Added to the recent premiere of ‘Montecristo’, this deal turns Telefe into one of the leading Latin players in the Middle East,” said Fernando Varela, GM and director of Legal Affairs at Telefe. Moreover, back in November the executives from production company O3 (also part of MBC) visited Telefe’s installations to participate in a workshop on fiction series production and development, created exclusively for them. “We are honored to have been chosen by O3 to host a production workshop adapted to their specific needs. Without question, this visit represents a great step forward in our relationship,” Varela added.

Back row: Fernando Varela (Telefe), Akram Sorour, Wael Najem, Fadi Ismail and

Emad Mourad (O3) and Guillermo Pendino (Telefe). Front row: María del Rosario Cosentino, Marcela Duarte, Guillermo Borensztein and Andrés Amaya (Telefe).

Executives ttv

Archive of Turkey’s Legacy Portraying nature, culture, historical episodes and much more, IZ TV has become one of Turkey’s leading documentary networks and Digiturk’s main bet for 2013, a year in which the local broadcaster seeks to, in the words of its GM Petek Kardas, make it “the screen of its unique geography.” By Carolina Mussio Twitter: @carolinamussio


content including neighboring countries, İZ s one of the largest TV and enterTV is getting closer to its main tartainment services providers in get: “being the screen of the uniTurkey, Digiturk manages que geography we share with more than a dozen net“In addition to our focus on neighboring cultures,” said works and platforms showing the texture of GM IZ TV Petek Kardas, outliin the country, which make up a Turkey with all of its ning the company’s goals for copious offer for its clients. And, various historical and this unique channel, which while promoting its whole busicultural tracks and showcases “the heritage, ness, this year the company has traces, we are most impressions and riches of big plans for one particular netinterested in joining forces with international the multifarious country of work: IZ TV, a channel focused documentary film Turkey.” on documentaries covering all makers.” corners of Turkey’s culture and Archaeology, history, nature, adhistory. venture, gastronomy, travel, arts and culture. IZ TV’s vast catalog has allowed it SHARED HERITAGE. With further technito collaborate with numerous partners in cal equipment, subtitle options and boarder

Petek Kardas, General Manager of IZ TV

countries ranging from Eastern Europe to China, from Australia to Qatar: “Our common culture makes our productions more interesting for the neighboring territories,” she said, and added: “The strengths of İZ TV production come from the strong cultural and historical heritage of the Anatolia and its environment (Middle East and Europe) as well as its diverse culture, from Mediterranean to Arab, Turkish, European, Kurdish and Caucasian.” FUTURE PROJECTS. Standing on a vast track-record of collaboration with international partners, this year the company is aiming for more. As Kardas explained, in addition to “its focus on showing the texture of Turkey with all of its various historical and cultural tracks and traces,” the channel is most interested in “joining forces with international documentary film makers.”


With this goal in sight, the company is attending all the main tradeshows and markets in search for new partners and clients. As a first stop, Digiturk is headed for Discop West Asia in Istanbul, where it’s expecting “further exchanges and contacts,” as they’re “really important to find international cooperation and marketing opportunities,” the executive said. And, in addition to new forging new partnerships, the company is facing the year with a full list of to-dos for its network: “IZ TV aims to enhance its capacities and enrich its content. In 2013, all of our new productions will be broadcasted with subtitles in five languages; Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, German,” Kardas said, adding that this year İZ TV will also produce ten 3D documentaries. ttv Destination Europe with Coşkun Aral IZ TV

INNUMBERS 9 billion dollars is

Twitter’s current value following a sale of shares to BlackRock for US$ 80 million.

222,000 net additions in Dec 2012 made Brazil end the year with 16.2 million pay TV households.

35% of UK businesses


‘Lilyhammer’ Continues Global Rollout Worldwide programming sales company Red Arrow International announced German-French channel ARTE and Austria’s ORF1 have picked up ‘Lilyhammer’. The mobster series already premiered on SRF ZWEI in Switzerland and will debut on German pay TV channel TNT in April. “We are delighted to have secured ‘Lilyhammer’ (a real European series) for Austria. With its great storytelling, ‘Lilyhammer’ skillfully combines Nordic charme and American humor. Steven Van Zandt excels in his role as mobster and it is a pleasure to watch him. ‘Lilyhammer’ is different and that’s what makes it exceptional!”, said Andrea Bogad-Radatz, Senior Vice President Film and Series at ORF. Irina Ignatiew, Senior Vice President Sales German Speaking Territories, added: “What a way for ‘Lilyhammer’ to kick off the New Year! Principal photography for season 2 is currently underway and I am thrilled to announce we have found the perfect broadcast partners for our German speaking audience.” ‘Lilyhammer’ is produced by Norwegian production company Rubicon for NRK. Shooting of Season 2 has just started, with Netflix as co-producer. With Season 1 scoring rating records in Norway, ‘Lilyhammer’ has already been picked up in over 130 territories.

are using cloud services to store data, compared with 58% in the US.

14 million

downloads were registered to date for the BBC iPlayer, with 300,000 on Christmas alone.

20.6 million

people watched President Obama’s second inauguration on TV says Nielsen.


10.6% less money was


spent by Hollywood studios in Canada in the year to March 31, 2012.

NEM Announces Speakers and Panels

17 million

Created by Croatian channel distributor Mediavision, the New Europe Market (NEM) is the newest regional media event focused on the CEE countries. It will be held on May 8-11, 2013 in Dubrovnik, one month before Natpe Budapest. NEM will offer a place where during four days of thematic panels introduced by Aaron Heslehurst, BBC business news presenter, professionals can be informed on all the latest trends in the field. The panels will be divided into three categories: “Channel Distribution,” where conferences will address everything from TV everywhere to sport migration from public to pay TV, content selection for the CEE region, regulatory affairs, and others; “Marketing and PR,” with several topics such as news on TV, 3D TV, TV shows as brands and consumer experience; and “ Challenges of Channel Ad Sales on All Platforms,” addressing social TV and other issues. NEM panel participants are the leading figures in major world companies, including AGB Nielsen, Google, HBO, NBCUniversal, CISCO, 3D Content Hub, Fox International Channels, T-Com, Chello Central Europe, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Antenna Group, AMC/Sundance Channel, Al Jazeera Balkans, and others.

Spanish web surfers went online every day in December 2012, according to comScore.

Shifting distribution windows, changing prices, reeducating consumers. The new digital paradigm is transforming the business faster than the eye can see. And only one premise to survive: versatility. By Sebastián Torterola Twitter: @storterola


Chased by Convergence I

n light of the intense activity generated during 2012 in the digital world, ttv spoke to a varied group of Latin American and international players to evaluate where this area of the business is headed; which more than just another area is now one of the entertainment industry’s main pillars. Amidst this digital scenario, Netflix is clearly in the driver’s seat, leading the new generation of consumers through its international expansion. “The changes and the technological revolution in general mean much more than simply new platforms. We see more inclusion and need for technology in areas such as entertainment, music and media. Five years ago, you couldn’t see content whenever, wherever you wanted, and companies like Netflix are creating more demand and changing the way people consume videos,” said Ted Sarandos, CCO of Netflix. Netflix is growing, acquiring content and producing its own. According to Sarandos, its current goal is to make more content available via its online service, and for this to happen some things must change. “We see some studios are still hesitant to sell us their content. As the rest of the world becomes more comfortable with the streaming technology, we believe this will change,” he said.

The executives dared to make some predictions for what’s in store for the industry in the upcoming years. Gustavo Ramos, head of New Media at

Gustavo Ramos, Head of New Media, Globosat

Brazil’s Globosat, the largest pay TV programmer in Latin America, spoke about the transformation in negotiations and programming strategies. “I believe windowing strategies will become increasingly sophisticated and detailed, with several players testing out new methods, like what’s now happening with the ‘day and date.’ Rights will also be reviewed, for instance, the articles that separate the broadcasting rights for an average window (TV), the distribution rights for a specific language (IP), and the rights for a certain means for consumption (mobile platforms). As a result, content will migrate towards partners who are willing to monetize.” Following this train of thought, the head of Programming at Chilean operator VTR, Javier Villanueva, assured “what’s negotiated is the window, not the platform,” which is why the way to negotiate is the same: you pay per title, independently of where it’s broadcast. “Nowadays, content that’s not available on all screens is worthless,” said Javier Villanueva. In addition, CEO of English distributor Power, Susan Waddel, shared her opinion as a consumer. “I think there will be two types of complementary services, which will offer more options for all viewers. Sometimes you’ll come home and want to choose exactly what to watch, and do so through SVOD services. Other times you’ll come home and simply wish to watch programming that’s already been scheduled for you by a professional industry, which is why you’ll tune in to a traditional TV channel,” he said. Lastly, as a promoter of this new digital era, Ted Sarandos has some positive predictions to share: “The world is moving towards an online TV in which consumers will enjoy content on demand, wherever they want. There will be different models, some subscription-based (Netflix), some through pay-per-view (Hulu). This is a broad, new space, where there’s a lot of innovation taking place,” he concluded. ttv


THE FUTURE. All signs point to 2013 being the year in which the TV industry -a somewhat insufficient label since “television” is no longer limited to the small screen, and is now much more complex- will continue to witness the multiplication of innovative breakthroughs, both technological as well as in business models and content. In this sense, nothing is certain yet; there will always be something new just around the corner to break new ground. Nothing is that predictable and every idea may ultimately be just smoke and mirrors.

“I believe windowing strategies will become increasingly sophisticated and detailed.”

The Men Who Built America

Happiness Is On The Plate

La Otra Cara del Alma

A+E Networks

ARTE France



235 East 45th Street, New York, NY 10017 Tel.: +1-212-210-1400 Website: Email: Stand: Anadolu 23

8 rue Marceau – F 92785 ISSY Les Moulineaux Cedex Tel.: 00 33 1 55 00 70 81 E-mail: Web:

Abbasaga Mh. Ihlamur Yıldız Cd. Toprak Center Binası, No:8 Besiktas,34353, Istanbul, Turkey Tel: +90 212 381 26 14 Fax: +90 212 227 83 88 E-mail: Website:

ESExecutives Attending

Executives Attending

Executives Attending

Periférico Sur 4121 Col. Fuentes del Pedregal CP 14141, Mexico CITY, Mexico Tel.: +5255 52511410 E-mail: Web: Stand: 36

Jack Watson, Coordinator, International Content Sales

Audrey Kamga, Sales Manager



Audrey Kamga, Sales Manager

Mario Cerna, Sales Manager, International

The Men Who Built America (History – 8 x 1 hr.)

The United States of America wasn’t discovered; it was built. Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Astor, Ford and Morgan – these are the men who built it, and their names became synonymous with the American Dream. At the height of the Industrial Age, these men constructed a bold vision for a modern nation and created the greatest industries of our time: oil, rail, steel, shipping, automobiles and finance. Rising from poverty, their paths crossed repeatedly as they elected Presidents, set economic policies, and influenced every major event of their day from the Civil War to the Great Depression.

Mankind The Story of All of Us (History – 12 x 1 hr.)

From the producers of ‘America The Story of Us’ comes an epic tale – the story of a superhero: us. Visceral, surprising and dangerous, the series draws on the style of action movies, dramatizing key turning points in the story of mankind, stepping stones in our journey from hunter-gatherer to global citizen. The drama sequences have been shot on location in South Africa, China and Morocco, using feature film crews. These scenes are embellished and complemented by imaginative computer graphic sequences illustrating the building of the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal. Each episode shows how mankind’s progress has been shaped by forces beyond our control.

HAPPINESS IS ON THE PLATE (Gastronomy - 5 x 52’ – HD)

A tasty series blending travel, cooking, nature and civic sense, following the daily work of five “green” chefs fighting for eco-friendly cooking in France, China, California, Benin and Tasmania.

THE 360° GEO REPORT (128 x 52’ – HD)

See the world through different eyes! ‘The 360° Geo Report’ collection portrays the fascinating day-to-day lives of extraordinary people.


(Contemporary History - 104’ and 2 x 65’ – HD) The 21st century began with an international crisis of unprecedented severity. After ten years of war, and now that US troops have almost completely left the country, what assessment can be made?


(Performing Arts - 6 x 26’ – HD) The series spans a school year of day-to-day living and performances, and plunges is into the busy inner workings of the Palais Garnier in Paris. Over the course of one year there, what lives, breathes, changes and emerges among the future chosen few, who are still just teenagers?


(Society - 52’ – HD) The deeply moving testimony of a nowrepentant woman, who was a former member of the “Mara” - one of Guatemala’s worst gangs.


Don’t Worry About Me

Burçin Akil, Content Sales Specialist Emir Düzel, Content Sales Specialist


Executives Attending Martha Contreras, Sales Asia Adela Velasco, Sales Europe


Ziyad Varol, Content Sales Deputy Manager

Don’t Worry About Me

Marcel Vinay Jr., CEO

(Benim için Üzülme) (New Series/Drama - 18 x 90’)

La Otra Cara del Alma

The story begins when Sinan goes to the boat with his father and his wealthy friend Yılmaz and get caught to the storm. Sinan manages to save Yilmaz but unfortunately, loses his father who drowned. Because of his loss and also by the fact that he couldn’t save his father,Sinan,can’t get over the guiltiness and decides to leave the village, and hadn’t returned there after finishing his studies and joining the army abroad. After the army, Yılmaz who owes his life to Sinan puts him at the head of his company. However, when Sinan meets Yılmaz’s beautiful wife Bahar, it is love at first sight and they can not resist to get closer. Moreover, Bahar’s brother Harun and Sinan’s brother Niyazi will fall in love for the same person, Dicle, a Kurdish girl who came to the village as a cook . This will cause an enmity between the two families. Niyazi’s mother is against her son’s marriage with Dicle but his family will still go to ask for the girl’s hand. However,the same night,Dicle’s problematic cousin Serhat,who is also in love with her kills Ahmet, Sinan and Niyazi’s little brother, thinking that he is Niyazi. Despite the dramatic night, Dicle will be Niyazi’s fiancee but his mother will constantly tell her that she was responsible for her son Ahmet’s death. On the other side, Bahar and Sinan will get closer and closer with time which will turn into a passionate and dangerous love. In brief, one forbidden love, the hate between two families and the love between a Kurdish girl and Northen-Turk’ s love story that turns into a tragedy will be told.

“They’re going to pay for this” are the words Alma repeats to herself over and over again like a mantra. One night. That’s all it took to lose it all. The second her mother kneeled in front of her Aunt Josefina and Uncle Carlos and begged for their compassion made Alma lose her innocence and her childhood dreams. But compassion was not forthcoming. After wrongfully accusing Alma’s father of pilfering from his jewelry business Uncle Carlos threw him and his family out on the streets. In anger Alma utters her curse and a few minutes later the only daughter of Uncle Carlos and Aunt Josefina dies in the arms of her daughter Daniela. Alma and her parent’s leave but their car is run off the road in a storm and its only Alma who survives. Alone and shunned by her blood relatives she ends up in an orphanage with only Gallo, a good friend of her late father’s to turn to. One year later… Aunt Josefina has taken over her husband’s jewelry business and rescues Alma from the orphanage, more out of guilt than any real concern for the child. And so Alma grows up in the lap of luxury with her cousin Daniela. Alma and Daniela have grown into two beautiful and seemingly upright women. But from the ashes of the explosion that killed her parents, a cruel, heartless Alma has risen; a woman who hides behind a sweet smile; a woman obsessed with regaining what is rightfully hers; a woman who won’t stop until she makes Josefina and Daniela pay. In this covert war, Gallo, the man who has fallen in love with her is her only ally.

(Drama - 120 X 60’)

The Girl Named Feriha

The Hypochondriac

Último Año

Saving Hope

Calinos Entertainment

Caracol Televisión


Kavacık Mah, Ekinciler Cad, Necip Fazıl Sok, No:6 Beykoz, Istanbul, Turkey Tel.: +90 216 999 4 999 Fax: +90 216 999 2 000 Email: Website: / Booth: Academy Suite 3

150 Alhambra Circle, Suite #1250. Miami, FL, 33134 Tel.: 305-960-2018 Fax: 305-960-2017 Web: Suite: Viewing Box # 01

Bosque de Duraznos #69-905, Bosques de las Lomas, México D.F., 11700 Tel.: +52 55 52 51 14 10 Fax: +52 55 52 51 14 09 E-mail: Web: Booth: 36

Executives Attending

Asli Serim, International Sales Director Banu Ersoy, Content Acquisitions Director Mert Erarslan, Marketing Development Specialist Yasemin Dormen, Business Development Executive Seda Gul, Content Acquistions Executive Ismail Dursunov, International Sales Director - Cis Billur Arikan, Vice President Talat Evrensay, Marketing Sales Manager Sibel Ozorhon, Business Development Directore

top EXECUTIVE Firat Gulgen, CEO

The Girl Named Feriha

(TV Series/Drama/Romance – 60+ TV hr.) This heart wrenching drama tells the dreams and desires of a young girl who got stuck between two worlds. Feriha is a girl who lives in a luxury neighbourhood. Her father works as a janitor in an apartment block, where the block management provides the family a small apartment in the basement. Feriha is in the middle and away of a world where desires and opportunities are endless. Her dreams and reality will be mixed up when she attends a private university with full scholarship. She quickly starts being the center of attention for the the upper class in the university. Including Emir, who is a rich and handsome playboy! She wears her rich neighbour’s clothes, looks rich from outside but for how long she will be able to continue pretending to be rich? The beautiful daughter of a janitor will rise from her own world to a false world that she has built where she is the princess. This new world that she built will start to consume her and her family and also the real life struggles of the mother and the daughter will become a battle where there’s no return.

Executives Attending

Berta Orozco, Sales, Asia and Africa


Executives Attending Adela Velasco, Sales Europe Martha Contreras, Sales Asia


Berta Orozco, Sales, Asia and Africa

Entertainment One Television International 175 Bloor St. E, Suite 1400, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4W 3R8 Tel.: (310) 407-0960 x 118 Fax: (310) 407-0961 E-mail: Web: Stand: Meeting Table 24

Executives Attending Cristina Sala, Sales Director


Marcel Vinay Jr., CEO

Cristina Sala, Sales Director


Macarena Gonzales is a hypochondriac who strongly believes that she will die soon. Her dream seems to come true when, Dr. Alejandro Pulido misdiagnosis her with only 6 more months to live, when in reality she has a long, healthy life ahead of her. What will happen when both discover the truth? In a situation like this, the best cure is love. A co-production of Caracol Television and Sony Pictures Television.

To the rhythm of love, Rafael Orozco (80 x 60’)

Rafa, was what his close friends called him, was destined to be one of those unforgettable people. From a very young age he had a very special talent for “Vallenato” music (a native Colombian rhythm), but he was also charming which made him irresistible to women. But Clara Cabello was different from the rest and from the first moment he met her he was captivated by her smile, her words and her eyes. Although many men would get in his way trying to win her heart, he knew that love would make his songs immortal and gave him no doubt that she would always be by his side on his path towards success. But the night of the 11th of June of 1992 his romantic voice was silenced forever. Nine gunshots where needed to end the life of the man that had moved the world through his unforgettable songs. Why was he killed?, Who killed him? These are the questions we still have. This production full of music, celebrations, love, happiness, beauty and tragedy will make everyone fall in love with a character that divided the history of “Vallenato”.


(Telenovela / Thriller – 70 X 60’) Martín is a young and handsome man who from a distance looks like the ideal boy from next door. He joins a very important school through an exchange program and ends up living in Benjamin’s house Benjamin’s a very popular man who is in love with Celeste. Martin also falls in love with Celeste and starts a war to manipulate Benjamin who ends up without any friends and Martin starts living a life he always wanted. Now Benjamin has to fight back to reclaim his life and everything his “friend” took away from him.


Saving Hope With the Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris in a coma, his fiancée Dr. Alex Reid must balance her efforts to save his life with the daily demands of saving her patients and dealing with personal complications, like the arrival of both Charlie’s ex-wife and the hospital’s new surgeon, who happens to be Alex’s ex-boyfriend. As the drama unfolds, a comatose Charlie wanders the hospital halls in spirit form, stuck between life and death, watching as Alex and the staff fight to keep the patients and hope alive.


This series tells the story of Alice a 26-year-old woman who travels from Palmas, Tocantins to São Paulo because of her father’s unexpected death. A trip that was supposed to be short turns out to be a necessary journey in order to resolve the red tape issues related to an inheritance. It winds up extending itself as well as becoming a new framework for the character’s life. In São Paulo Alice finds a world diametrically opposed to the pace of life in Palmas - a frenetic and intense city, a mosaic of new possibilities, new paths and new experiences soon entice her.

Starring Thandie Newton, ‘Rogue’ revolves around Grace, a morally and emotionally conflicted undercover detective who is tormented by the possibility that her own actions contributed to a family tragedy. Grace’s search for the truth is further complicated by her forbidden relationship with Jimmy, the crime boss who may have played a hand in the crime. The series explores loss, grief, identity, family bonds, second chances and redemption. Both Grace and Jimmy not only struggle with who they are, they also struggle with who they want to be. Both cross the line –morally, emotionally, sexually– with devastating consequences for their own lives and those around them.


Mr. D

(Series - 13 x 60’)

(Series - 13 x 60’) Mandrake is a young, charming and intelligent Rio de Janeiro criminal attorney specializing in blackmail and extortion cases, particularly ones involving high-society elites who call on him when their secret lives in the city’s sordid underbelly get them in trouble.


Based on Gerry Dee’s real-life experiences as a high school teacher before he switched to comedy full-time, ‘MR. D’ is a story about a charming, under-qualified teacher trying to fake his way through a teaching job, just like he often fakes his way through life. The premise shines the light on teaching from the teacher’s point of view, and as it turns out, teachers don’t know everything, especially Mr. D, who struggles to keep one step ahead of his students.

Butterfly’s Dream

Brazil Avenue

Red Scarf – Al Yazmalım

Global Agency

Globo International

ITV Inter Medya

Abdi Ipekci Cad. Arman Palas Apt. No: 7/17 Nisantasi 34367, Istanbul, Turkey Tel.: +90 (212) 241 26 93 Fax: +90 (212) 296 60 53 Email: Website: Stand: Screening Stands 8-11

Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade, 160 / 7º andar Vila Cordeiro 04583-115 São Paulo, Brazil Tel: + 55 11 5112- 4405 Fax: + 55 115112-4018 Web: Booth: Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel Istanbul

Valikonagi Caddesi 26/3, Nisantasi, 34367 Istanbul/Turkey Tel.: (+90 212) 231 0102 E-mail: Web: Suite: Rumeli Hall

Executives Attending

Executives Attending

Rodrigo Vielela, Sales Executive

Executives Attending

Andrew Sime, Head of Acquisitions Umay Ayaz, Acquisitions Manager Catherine Stryker, Head of Sales Brianne Bonney, Sales Manager Isil Turksen, Sales Manager Mem Bakar, Sales Manager World Wide Ent. Ivan Sanchez, Sales Manager Senay Tas, Sales Manager

top EXECUTIVE Izzet Pinto, CEO

Butterfly’s Dream

(Drama Mini Series – 5 x 40’) 1941, Zonguldak, Turkey. Under the heavy burden of World War II, due to the Obligation Law, every male between the ages 15-65 within Zonguldak and its adjacent towns has been obligated to work in the mines. In the center of this turmoil, there are two poets, in their early twenties: Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu and Rüştü Onur. Their biggest dream is for their poems to be published in Varlık literary magazine and to become famous. Meanwhile, Behçet Necatigil, literature teacher of Zonguldak Çelikel High School is the only person that is mentoring, understanding and befriending them. When they see Suzan, daughter of Zikri, a prominent rich businessman of the town, the young poets become mesmerized by her beauty. They make a bet on her: Both will be writing a poem and have her read them. Depending on whose poem Suzan likes the most; the other will be stepping aside.


Raphael Corrêa, Executive Director of International Business

‘Sparkling Girls’ centers around three young and beautiful, hard-working housekeepers who reach stardom instantly when an online video clip of them singing, surprisingly becomes a hit. Their success provokes the wrath of a glamorously gaudy and outspoken famous singer who will do anything to ruin the girls’ friendship and career. With humor, romance, over the top characters, and bright, glittery stage performances set to catchy tunes, ‘Sparkling Girls’ delivers all of the expected delights and shows that dreams really do come true.


(Telenovela - 55 x 45’ HD)


Naïve and provocative Gabriela is a bedraggled migrant worker who arrives to mesmerize everyone with her playful and simple, yet raw sensuality. Unaware of the ardent love that will grow between them, Nacib hires Gabriela as his cook. Her irresistible beauty unintentionally triggers every man’s desire, making Nacib insanely jealous. In this new version of one of Brazilian TV’s greatest hits, based on the immortal literary work of the writer Jorge Amado, Gabriela stirs Nacib’s heart and the principles of an entire town.

Executives Attending Jennifer Ebell,


Jennifer Ebell, Vice President, Television Distribution, EMEA

Mr Selfridge

(Drama - 1 x 90’ + 9 x 60’)

(Telenovela - 150 x 45’ HD)

(Telenovela - 120 x 45’ HD)

LTVC Upper Ground, London, SE1 9LT Tel.: +44 207 157 3000 Web:




ITV Studios Global Entertainment

Ahmet Ziyalar, Managing Director Sibel Özdemir, Sales Executive Beatriz Cea Esteruelas, Sales Executive Annabelle Aramburu, Sales Consultant Leyla Apa, Sales Assistant Efsun Şentürk, Advertising & PR Executive

Can Okan, President, CEO

‘Brazil Avenue’ is a dynamic, lifelike, and modern telenovela that reveals how blind ambition and inflicted cruelty can change the course of a life. This is the dramatic story of Rita, who struggles to recover the life her dreadful stepmother Carminha took from her when she was a child. She will have to confront her past and decide how far she is willing to go to exact revenge on the people that hurt her the most.

Mr Selfridge

Red Scarf – Al Yazmalım (Drama - 88 x 45’)

The beautiful Asiye meets the cheeky Ilyas when he has a small accident while practicing with his motorbike on the motocross tracks. This love at first sight which grows very fast in a few days brings along its problems. Ilyas’ biggest dream is to become a motocross champion. He is broke and participates in races with damaged bikes from his father’s workshop. He hasn’t been able to do anything with his life because of his passion for motocross. Asiye on the other hand wants to build a home and puts their love ahead of everything. While her family pressures her to get married with a good candidate, Asiye and Ilyas get together one day. As Ilyas wins the races Asiye loses hope and sees how another world is taking over slowly the man that she loves. Ilyas is stuck between family, building a home and a world with championships and wealth, in the attempt to feed both world he becomes a liar and loses his innocence. As they separate before even the baby is born Asiye meets Cemsit who will see Asiye and her baby as the wife and baby that he had lost and will think, in a mystical way, that they were sent to replace them.

Created by Emmy and BAFTA award-winning writer Andrew Davies and starring Jeremy Piven (‘Entourage’), ‘Mr Selfridge’ brings to life the spectacular rise and fall of the American retail genius in a lavish and seductive period drama set in glamorous, bustling London.


(Drama - 6 x 60’) ‘Rectify’ follows the life of Daniel Holden upon his release from prison. After serving 19 years on Death Row, DNA evidence casts doubt on the prosecution’s case.

Hell’s Kitchen

(Reality – 60’ slot) (Finished episodes also available) One terrifying Michelin-starred chef is ready to roast another batch of aspiring restaurateurs in this hit reality show. Expect liberal sprinklings of real-life drama, high emotion and culinary passion as our perfectionist chef attempts to instil their love of all things food into a group of competing amateur chefs. With their reputation on the line, the award-winning chef assesses the amateurs’ performances and drives them to achieve their best... but who will have what it takes to survive in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and win their own restaurant?

Destination Europe with Coşkun Aral

Kuzey Guney

Tuscan Passion


Kanal D

Ayazğa Mah. Kemerburgaz Cad. No:29 Ayazağa,Şişli, 34396, Istanbul, Turkey Tel.: 0212 331 4300 Fax: 0212 331 4353 Email: Website:

100. Yil Mahallesi Dogan TV Center, Bagcilar, Istanbul, Turkey E-mail:

Executives Attending

Executives Attending

Kerim Emrah Turna, International Sales Executive Ezgi Ural, International Sales Executive Amac Us, International Sales Specialist

Selda Güntöre, Channel Coordinator



Destination Europe with Coşkun Aral (Travel – 7 x 35’ first episode 50’, HD)

Coşkun Aral is a world traveler. He travelled 99% of the world and now he’s taking you to Europe. In these series, Coşkun Aral is aiming to illustrate the impact of European policies on the lives of citizens and dispel the myths and misconceptions relating to EU-Turkey relations. Aral is analyzing 7 different European cities through 7 different topics. He’s examining immigration and integration politics in Berlin, culture conservation in Italy, clean energy in Freiburg, appellation in agriculture in France, work security in Poland, economic crisis in Spain and women rights in Sweden. Be ready to change your perspective about European Union…

Traces on Water

(Underwater - 78 & 13 x 35’) Experienced diver, documentary producer and researcher Savaş Karakaş is searching hidden beauties and traces of history under the water. He dives in the ruins of World War I, wrecks from the Gallipoli Campaign, the lost submarine of Hitler, relics from antiquity and the underwater wonders of Bodrum. Watch as he reveals the secrets of the seas.

The Culinary Journey (Gastronomy – 56 x 35’)

‘The Culinary Journey’ traces the delicious tastes of Anatolia. Whether it is wine, rakı, chocolate, pickles or tea, the dishes of Anatolia and tastes of world come together in this documentary film. IZ TV brings the tastes of Turkey, France, Russia and the Far East into your home and gives you unforgettable flavors and taste sensations. A delicious journey!


Via Aurelia Antica 422, 00165 Rome, Italy Tel.: +39 06 66390 566 Fax: +39 06 66390 650 E-mail: Web: Stand: S-5 (Bosphorus Hall)

Executives Attending

Manuela Caputi, International Sales Manager


Ozlem Ozsumbul, Head of Sales & Acquisitions

Petek Kardaş, General Manager

KUZEY GUNEY (50+ x 90)

‘Kuzey Guney’ is the story of two brothers’ struggle to survive in their own worlds. They have different ambitions... different paths... The only thing they have in common is Cemre, the girl they are both in love with... Kuzey is very lively, rebellious, hot tempered, fearless, righteous and impatient... When there are no words left to be said, he speaks with his fists. This is why he keeps getting in trouble since his childhood.. On the contrary, Güney is a calm, patient, logical and hard-working person... The events which destroy two brothers’ life begin after Cemre moves into the neighborhood. One night a very dramatic incident separates two brothers from each other... An incident whic is kept as a secret... Now, the family has a big secret which they have to live with their entire lives... An overwhelming and bourdening weight of injustice on Güney’s shoulders... Kuzey’s revenge and survival... A secret that breaks two brothers apart, but also a reason to reunite them...


(ÖYLE BİR GEÇER ZAMAN Kİ) (Episode 40+ x 95’)

NOVOVISION PROMOTION INTERNATIONALE 12, rue Vivienne 75002 Paris France Tel.: +33 1 75 47 80 70/+33 1 75 47 89 27 Fax: +33 1 75 47 80 74 Email: Web: Stand: Viewing Box 39

Executives Attending François-Xavier Poirier, CEO

Manuela Caputi, International Sales Manager


François-Xavier Poirier, CEO


(Sentimental Drama Series – 12 x 90’ or 24 x 45’) The love of two young people is shattered in the wake of a dramatic murder. All set in the rich Tuscan vineyard countryside which is only perfect on the surface. Underneath, the original sin of one woman, Eva, who has disappeared, taking with her the truth that could explain everything...


(Family Entertainment Series – 16 x 50’) Food can bring us together as well as tear us apart. This story sees both. It is about North against South, united in a succession of relentlessly fun, fast-paced and ultimately human events. It is about facing challenges in haute cuisine, through pranks, dirty tricks, laughs, surprises and misunderstandings. In all this, ultimately, there is friendship and love.


(Family Series Duration - 12 x 50’) Naples is the backdrop for this new family comedy series full of sentiment, joy and funny twists but love, in all of the forms it can present itself, is always victorious….


(Investigation Series – 20 x 50’) The Forensic Science Department (RIS) of the Carabinieri are back, with a new cast and Italy’s capital as their backdrop. All together, they will become a team of the greatest efficiency, and their capabilities will be put to the test investigating a chain of crimes behind which lurks a diabolical mind.


(Lifestyle – 175 x 10’ or 395 x 90’) In a few minutes and with just a few euros, our hostess will give you great ideas for simple and tasty traditional Italian dishes.

Pop Corn TV

(Compilation Show - 400 x 26’) ‘PCTV’ is our “best seller” and one of the two complete shows we produce. Our premier family show for a family audience is now totally revised with exciting and energetic new graphics, depicting a variety of favourite gags from ZéZé Hidden Camera, Mad Boys, Junior Hidden Camera, Extreme Sport Bloopers and Hilarious Home Video.

Pop Toon

(Animation - 104 x 22’) Our first compilation of cartoons, a patchwork of animation classics. Novovision has been travelling all over the world for the best in dialogue-free cartoons from the golden age of animation. ‘Pop Toon’ brings together playful animations with universal appeal.


(Format/Light Entertainment - 13 x 22’ (non dialogue version) / 26 x 22’ (English version) Initially produced for WB Kids, the show has been fully remastered for Novovision. The famous team of 5 kids pranksters make grown-ups look silly. Each Gagster has his own personality and skills in order to make the gags even more hilarious and creative.

Junior Hidden Camera (Compilation Show - 25 x 22’)

The new compilation show of children’s hoaxes involving our little heroes in unpredictable situations. Sometimes they are pranked and at other times they are the practical jokers.


Year 1967... Long distance Captain Sailor, Ali Akarsu spends most of his time away from his family. In the mean time his wife Cemile takes care of their four children. She becomes both a mother and a father figure to their children while her husband is away. One day Ali finally comes back home from his journey...All the family members think that the man of the house is coming back home, they do not know that their lives will change after his return... This time there is a dark side which no one knows about. There is something unusual about his behaviours. Cemile finds a letter in Ali’s pocket which will lead to many events that will make the Akarsu family’s life upside down... A letter which will reveal his secret… A secret of a love affair with a foreign woman. Is Cemile going to forgive her betraying husband? Who will Ali choose? His once upon a time beloved wife or his young mistress? Can this family be a “whole” again?

Pop Corn TV

Cop Stories

King David

Sea Rescue


Record TV Network

Rive Gauche Television

Würzburggasse 30 1136 Vienna Austria Tel.: +43 1 87878 13030 Fax: +43 1 87878 12757 E-mail: Web: Booth: S7

Rua da Várzea, 240 - Barra Funda, São Paulo-SP, Brasil. CEP: 01140-080 Tel.: +55 11 3300-5468 Email: Website:

15300 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 507, Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403 Tel.: (818) 784-9912 Fax: (818) 784-9916 E-mail: Web:

Executives Attending

Executives Attending

Delmar Andrade, International Sales Director

Armin Luttenberger, Sales Director TV Johannes Stanek, Sales Manager TV



King David Cop Stories

(TV-Series Drama - 10 x 45’) Whether sparks are flying with the neighbours, your best friend has been the victim of a crime or a drug dealer is making trouble - the police is there to take care of law and order. However, cops are only human, too. Parents who refuse to believe the news that their child has died, teachers who are afraid of their pupils and friendships that are put to severe tests are as much on the agenda as the kind of questions that cops also have to ask themselves over and over again, such as are compromises essential, or is it more important to stick to one’s own principles?

Extreme! – Light and Dark: Universum (Documentary – 50’)

Humans prefer moderation - neither too hot nor too cold, neither too light nor too dark. But Earth doesn’t cater to our preferences. Our planet offers an abundance of extreme conditions, and people everywhere have had to learn to adapt to their surroundings. Is a journey to the brightest and darkest inhabited areas of the world: places where a cloud hardly ever crosses the sky; or months pass without a single ray of sunlight reaching the ground. How does so much light, or so little, affect the mindset and emotional well-being of the people who live with it? How do they protect themselves? And how do they take advantage of their situation?

Executives Attending

Bryan Gabourie, Director International Sales


Delmar Andrade, International Sales Director

Marion Camus-Oberdorfer, Head of Content Sales International


Patterns Of Diversity

(Series – 29 chapters) David’s life is marked by love and hate, intrigue, friendship, betrayal and forgiveness. David’s legacy is to show mankind that all men are capable of committing sin and injustice, but that they’ll only find the path when they obey God’s laws.

Tricky Business Isabel Vilela is about to fulfill one of her greatest wishes. She’s been married for a year with the cheerful Danilo when she realizes that she’s pregnant on the eve of a romantic trip. Isabel’s professional life is also booming, with financial help from Danilo, she’s about to inaugurate her own architecture firm. However, all of her dreams vanish when she discovers the truth about her husband: he’s young man has a gambling habit and is drowning in debt. Reason for which they have to sell the apartment that they live in, dissolve the architecture firm and cancel the trip they have planned. When thieves threaten Danilo, Isabel sees a side of Danilo that she didn’t know. This causes her to lose her baby and with it, puts an end to their relationship.

Bryan Gabourie, Director International Sales

SAMANYOLU BROADCASTING GROUP Ferah Mh. Resatbey sk. No:12 Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey Tel.: +90 216 524 9265 Fax: +90 216 344 3803 Mail: Web: Booth: 33 (Anatolia)

Executives Attending

Faith Gok, Vice President Yunus Ozen, International Sales Omer Dag, International Sales


Hasan Bozaslan, Director, International Sales


(Unscripted Animal/Adventure - 39 x 30’) ‘Sea Rescue’ showcases the extraordinary and heartfelt stories of the rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild of marine animals by the dedicated men and women of Sea World’s wildlife rescue teams. SeaWorld has rescued 20,000 animals over the last 40 years. Their rescue teams are on call 24/7 and every day is a new adventure, whether airlifting a manatee by helicopter out of the Everglades, replicating mother’s milk for an orphaned gray whale, or creating a back brace for a stranded pilot whale with scoliosis. This exciting new series will take viewers on incredible adventures through a combination of first-hand accounts, expert insight and remarkable footage. The mission: to save marine animals and inspire yet another generation to appreciate the wonders of the sea.

Operation Osmin (Reality – 23 x 60’)

Meet your insane new trainer, Osmin. Once he gets in your head, your body will never be the same. ‘Operation Osmin’ is an extreme physical training show starring a character you will never forget. Blood, sweat and tears will be shed as he puts participants through the most difficult transformations of their lives.

Travellers with Skis

(Adventure/Travel/Extreme Sports – 20 x 30’) Traveling to places like Morocco, Scotland, Iceland, Turkey, Greece and Norway, three free-skiing pioneers traverse the globe while exploring different cultures. They meet fascinating people, see the most breathtaking parts of the world, all while experiencing the most exotic places on planet.


(Season 1: 40 x 80’/Season 2: 40 x 80’) A drama about how to straighten up a messy family. When Hayrettin was a police officer, had been cast aspersions upon him, he has been sent off to jail and served there for years without any guilt and without knowing the person who had fling dirt at him and finally when he was out there were unpleasant surprises for him. Hayrettin’s married to Mrs. Nebahat and has 3 sons; Emir has become a police officer like his father. Şeref’s got married to Feride and have kids named Emine and Yasin, he provides sustenance of the house Hayrettin left. Yaşar had a marriage that his family did not wish and he has not seen his family for years till his wife walks out on him and he decides to make up with his family. Mrs. Nabahat seems to have good intentions for her family but she has almost ruined the whole family because of her selfish behavior in the other hand hard working and honest son Emir, had fallen in love with the girl whose father sent Emir’s father to jail and every thing has mingled badly now.

The Team (Ekip) (45’)

Elif and Akif meet in an operation and fall deeply in love with each other. They decide to get married in a little while. But Akif’s best friend Selim stabs him in the back. Arif is sent to abroad for a provisional duty. When he is back he finds out that his love has married to his best friend Selim. Being bound for him to work with them is a worse thing to do than being betrayed by his lover and his best friend. A struggling life waits for Akif who’s been torn apart between his loving job and his love whom he could not still wipe out of his mind.

New Guys At School

The Return

Show TV Kemerburgaz Cad. Cendere Mevkii No:29, Ayazağa-Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey Tel.: +90 212 331 55 55 Fax: +90 212 280 11 91 E-mail: Web: Booth: Acedemy Room 1 (Anadolu Hall)

Executives Attending

Serra Karahan, Sales Executive, Turkish Content


Feray Türkan Özkan, Head of Acquisitions & Sales, Turkish Content

The Lady from Vendaval

Telemundo Internacional 2745 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Coral Gables FL 33134, USA Tel.: (305) 774-0033 Fax: (305) 774-7372 Website: Email: Stand: 21 & 22

(BUGÜN NE GİYSEM?) (Entertainment – 120’) The candidates picked from among thousands are invited to auditions in several cities all around the country. And the ones who successfully make it through the first two challenging rounds, the quarter-finals and the semi-finals, are now ready to walk down on the runway in the finals. The judges and the contestants meet again in the Grand Finale. Amazing shows, spectacular fashion shows and performances by top artists accompany them during the grand finale. Each contestant gets ready bacstage wearing the outfits they picked themselves. Then they face the jury walking down the runway in front of the live audience. The judges who went on this journey together with the contestants set aside the sarcasm and voting. In the Grand Finale, the jury acts as a guide for the audience in their homes who will determine the winner by via text messages. The contestant with the most votes wins the prize money of 100.000 TL and is named the most stylish woman of Turkey.

TM International

6355 NW 36th Street Miami, FL. 33166 USA Tel.: +1 (786) 265 2500 Fax: +1 (786) 265 2269 Web: Stand: S 27 - 28

Luise-Ullrich-Str. 6, 82031 Gruenwald, Germany Tel.: +49 (0)89 290 93-0 Fax: +49 (0)89 290 93-109 E-mail: Web:

Executives Attending

Executives Attending

Silvia García, Director of Sales Middle East & CIS


Karina Etchison, VP of Sales - Europe, Middle East and Africa Melissa Pillow, Sales Director - Central and Eastern Europe

Herbert L. Kloiber, Managing Director Myriam Gauff, Sales & Acquisitions Manager Angelika Koch, International Sales Manager Giannina Antola, International Sales Manager

Mario Castro, Director of Asia & Africa


Carlos Hertel, Head of International Sales


Xavier Aristimuño, SVP Sales & Business Development

(PİS YEDİLİ) (Drama - 68+ x 90’)


Televisa Internacional

Executives Attending


In one of the poor neighborhoods, a public school was destroyed because of a fire. Although the state transferred most of the students to some other high schools around, no available school could be found for the remaining seven. There is only one school left for them within the borders of the district; a private school where the children of the rich and the aristocrats are studying. Despite Esma Sultan, the snob School Principal of this new school; they have been accepted to this school with the help of Filiz, their previous student advisor. In this new school, they will fall in love, fight and even become successful.

The Other Wife


(TELENOVELA - 120 x 1 hr.) The life of Gabriela Suarez, the only woman in the San Pedro del Oro mine, takes a turn after she falls for Alejandro Beltran, the eldest son of Antonia Guerra, the most powerful and feared woman of the town. The love that blossoms between them is tormented by ambition. Gabriela is unjustly locked in a detention center where she is tortured and humiliated. Once she manages to escape, she is presumed dead. Years later she returns, transformed into Veronica Dantes, “The Boss”, who arrives determined to carry out her revenge against those who destroyed her life.


(TELENOVELA - 120 x 1 hr.)

(Traditional - 150 x 60’)

Marcela will do whatever it takes; even finding a provisional husband, in order to save “El Vendaval”, the property her mother left her. That is how she will meet Alessandro, one of the candidates to be her husband who arrives in El Vendaval looking for the real thief of his family´s necklace and suspecting at the beginning that Marcela is guilty. No one knows that along that path they will find love and together they will discover Marcela´s innocence and the real thief, fighting against intrigue, passion and lies which will bring up the best and the worst in each character of this story, just to defend their love.


(Children - 200 x 60’) ‘Carrossel’ describes the children’s day to day, addressing real and current conflicts. Values such as friendship, equality and respect for others are emphasized along the story, allowing children and adults to reflect on society’s current and important issues. Boys and girls from different races, beliefs and social status are placed in the same classroom, where the teacher Helena preaches union and equality.

True Love

(Traditional - 150 x 60’) The security and protection Victoria and Nicole receive from their bodyguards will turn into ‘True Love’ by spending day by day together. This way, José Angel and Francisco will have to get around the barriers of destiny which is the only thing that can stick them together or drift them apart.

Crown of Tears (Traditional - 150 x 60’)

Refugio will have to bear harassment and humiliations in order to get her kids ahead; the love from a mother who goes to the extreme of denying herself regardless of the pain they will cause her.


(Romance/Drama - 2 x 90’ HD) In this sweeping drama, a privileged woman’s world collapses around her when she learns of her husband’s double life and dubious business dealings. She must now confront the “other wife.”


(Wildlife/Documentary - 18 x 45’ HD) An intriguing and spectacularly photographed wildlife documentary series from award winning filmmaker Prof. Dr. Kurt Mündl.


(Action/Drama/Crime - 75 x 60’ HD) The Strategic Response Unit (SRU) is an elite team of cops specialized in high-risk incidents. Trained in tactics and psychology, they have to make split-second decisions that can save a life – or cost one.


(Documentary - 1 x 92’ HD) A breathtaking tour and loving portrait of a region that, for many, stands for Germany. Stunning aerial photography captures Bavaria, from traditional to tech-savvy, in never-beforeseen images.


(Crime & Smile - 32 x 45’ HD) A drily humorous, ‘who dunnit’ police series played out against a fantastic mountain backdrop.


The day Bianca Santillana decided to take revenge against her mother for all the suffering she caused when she killed Bianca’s father, the young woman never imagined that this would cause the worst nightmare of her life. With the best of intentions Bianca decides to marry Ariel Piamonte, a distinguished millionaire who her mother wishes to make moves on, as she considers he is the best solution for maintaining her status in high society. Bianca’s plan was going well; her mother would not get the Piamonte’s millions, and Bianca would live a quiet life away from her. But as one’s fate cannot be controlled, life surprises Bianca when she discovers true love, a kind of love that is irresistible. Thus Bianca’s perfect plan is threatened, caught between the loyalty she owes her good husband and giving in to the passion she feels for Bruno, Ariel’s nephew.

The Lady from Vendaval

Once Upon A Time Ottoman Empire “Mutiny”


Turkish Radio And Television Corporation TRT Genel Mudurlugu, Tv Department A Block No.604, Oran 06450, Ankara, Turkey Tel.: +90 312 463 2482 Fax: +90 312 463 2473 E-mail: Web:, Booth: Screening Stand 12, 13, 14, 15

Freddie Flintoff: The Gloves Are Off

Lucia’s Secrets

TVF International

Venevision International

Zodiak Rights

375 City Road London EC1V 1NB Tel.: +44 (0)20 7837 3000 Fax: +44 (0)20 7833 2185 E-mail: Web: Booth: Table 19, Dolmabahce

121 Alhambra Plaza, Suite 1400, Coral Gables, FL 33134, USA Tel.: 305.442.3411 Fax: 305.446.4743 E-mail: Website: Stand: Viewing Box #4 at Bosphorus Hall

Avon House Kensington Village Avonmore Road London W14 8TS Tel.: +44 (0) 207 013 4400 Fax: +44 (0) 207 013 4401 E-mail: Web: Stand: 30 (Anadolu Hall)

Executives Attending

Executives Attending

Executives Attending

Harriet Armston-Clarke, Sales Executive

Executives Attending


Zeynel Koc, Deputy Director General Nimet Ersin, Head of TV Department Zafer Eekmen, Deputy Head of TV Department Meltem Tumturk Akyol, Head of International Programmes Sales

Cristobal Ponte, Exclusive Independent Representative for Europe, Africa & M.E.

Harriet Armston-Clarke, Sales Executive



Is the story of the 18th century Ottoman period under the reign of Sultan Ahmet III trying to pursue a rather peaceful relationship with Europe, instead of campaigning. Just like each transition and reform period, these times are also marked by a bloody fight between the followers of the Status Quo, who are easily instigated, and those believing in reforms. The clash of these groups is also stirred up by foreign intelligence services. One of the protagonists of this story, Murat is an exsoldierwho upon the insistence of his wife Goncanigar gave up fighting and chose to live with his family in a little but happy world. But soon, as Goncanigar is killed by the men of the Shah of Iran, since she witnessed how they murdered the Sheikh, her husband finds himself in between bloody intrigues. The Shah of Persia has one goal: To dethrone the Sultan and replace him with his own son. So he forms an alliance with the enemies of the state. He does everything to hit the state. But his most powerful strike comes with Patrona Halil, an ordinary worker of a hammam, who instigates a mob uprising dethroning Sultan Ahmed III and ending the peaceful Tulip Period.

This adrenalin-fuelled series follows celebrity cricketer Freddie Flintoff as he undertakes a gruelling training schedule to transform himself into a professional boxer. Boxing superstars Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard take Freddie under their wings, culminating in a professional fight in front of 15,000 spectators and broadcast live.

Clockwork Dreams (History - 1 x 60’)

Energetic Cambridge Professor Simon Schaffer brings to life the untold story of early robots – called androids or automata – where art, science and history meet. Spanning 300 years, the film showcases the most remarkable androids, uncovering the incredible social, political and technological strands which unite in each device.

Classic Car Rescue

(Lifestyle & Leisure - 6 x 44’ + 8) In this wildly popular new series, fiery duo Bernie Fineman and Mario Pacione restore iconic cars, scouring scrapyards, wastelands, and backyards to find bargain wrecks with great potential. Sparks and spanners fly as they work to tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, meeting classic car designers, engineers and owners along the way. But will they impress the expert valuers and put a glittering price tag on each gleaming new bonnet?


Myriam López-Otazu, Vice President of Sales (Non-scripted)

Manuel Perez, Vice President & CFO of Venevision International

Freddie Flintoff: The Gloves Are Off (Lifestyle & Leisure - 3 x 45’)

Anha Benessalah, Sales Executive (Scripted)



Ibrahim Sahin, Director General of TRT

Killer Karaoke

Lucia’s Secrets

(Telenovela - 80 x 45’, HD) This action-packed production breaks away from the classic telenovela. Amnesia leaves Lucia with an unknown past and uncertain future as she navigates through life running from an unknown threat. She struggles with flashes of who she was –a ruthless arms dealer and killer– and who she wants to be. Struck by love, Lucia must first bury her horrid past before it destroys her promising future.


(Telenovela - 120 x 45’, HD) Rosario, a young and brilliant law student, and Alejandro, a prominent veteran attorney, fall deeply in love and start planning a future together. But fate throws before them an unexpected torment when Rosario discovers that Alejandro is the same man her mother was to marry 21 years earlier. Now lies from the past resurface, disrupting the lives of everyone involved.

The Love Curse

(Telenovela - 144 x 45’) The women of the Lopez family have been cursed for the past 100 years: when the time comes to choose the love of their life, they meet two completely different men, one is a good man and the other is terrible, and they always decide on the man who will make them miserable for the rest of their lives. There’s a secret to breaking the curse, but the one who holds the answer, considered by everyone to be a saint, is actually the most evil of them all.


(Entertainment - 8 x 60’ + format) ‘Killer Karaoke’ challenges contestants to sing a hit song while host Steve-O (‘Jackass’) puts them through the most hilarious and unexpected physical challenges imaginable. These folks have to put their vocal chords to the test while braving their worst fears. Challenges include trying to sing while fending off attack dogs, while being dunked in a tank with hundreds of snakes, or while sticking bare hands, feet and sometimes even a head into containers containing wild animals. When all is “sung and done,” the contestants face-off on an enormous record player. They must sing their hearts out as the turntable beneath their feet begins to spin faster, and the force hurtles them one by one off to the side. The audience then helps to decide who will take home the weekly cash prize of up to $10,000.


(Entertainment - 60’ format) You don’t need to be able to sing or dance to succeed in this talent contest; all you need is one amazing brain. The ‘Nation’s Brightest’ visits towns and cities across the country using a range of intelligence tests to assess brainbox contestants… and that is just to select worthy candidates to go through to the studio finals. The best of them then perform in front of a live studio audience, battling for the title and a large cash prize. They must prove their brightness across a range of robust and entertaining challenges aimed at testing all forms of intelligence. Much more than a general knowledge test, the Nation’s Brightest must demonstrate creativity, logic, intuition, memory, emotional and spatial awareness and physical dexterity. Young or old, this competition is open to all.

TTV Discop West Asia 2013  
TTV Discop West Asia 2013  

TTV #89 Discop West Asia