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Women are influential because they stay connected,they communicate and they consume. Their power to influence the decisions made by family and friends has only grown and will continue to grow.

I created Mums in Businesstm with a vision to help other women just like me to not only be powerful independent and successful business owners but to live a balanced successful life as well. The Mums in Business Magazinetm is a bi-monthly online publication with the intention of reaching as many mums in business worldwide as possible. Contributors and content come from a diverse range of experts globally with only one goal and that is to educate, inspire, motivate and support our readers in their lives and in their businesses. My promise to you is to do everything in my power to ensure that each issue is valuable and entertaining, Mums in Business Magazinetm is created for you as my way of giving back for all the wonderful things the universe has given me.

m o o r G a s s i l e M

I hope you enjoy it!

A unique

communication tool Mums in Business magazine is based on high quality content and on being a unique gateway for mothers in business to engage with a like minded women, via the world wide web. Our goal is to expand, build and maintain our close relationship with the business community. The most effective means of reaching this highly mobile audience is to be online, and we know that mothers in business have a particularly high rate of internet usage. Mums in Business can offer a rich and comprehensive range of products and services to reach your potential clients on the web: • Website Advertising • Members Directory • Magazine Advertising

and the list will continue to grow! Mums in Business Magazine readers can sample your experPG3 | Go To Website

tise firsthand online, in an immediate and engaging way, making them more likely to invest in your services in the future. By being a contributor or advertiser in our magazine you will be seen as the expert in your particular field and with that you will achieve your branding and awareness goals!

Advertising solutions 2013

b2c solutions Online: advertising and publicity Events: networking

b2b solutions Online: advertising and publicity Events: networking and seminars

Advertising dimensions and specifications Display advertising You can place a display ad into the editorial category that suits your business such as Business, Health & Fitness, Transform your life, Finance, Fashion, Beauty, Tech Savvy, Travel and Business Opportunities or we have sections just for advertisisers for example Retail Therapy is for product images and links only plus we have a competition page, a feature section that we theme for each isssue and a business directory.

specifications All artwork submitted has to be in RGB mode and 300dpi and in JPG format. Failure to do so might result in unacceptable artwork. Full Page 1536px wide X 2048px high Feature 668px wide

X 924px high

Business Directory 330px wide X 200px high

Retail Therapy!

All you provide is a photo of your product isolated on a white background, as a high resolution file, the URL that you want it hyperlinked to and a 25 character description.


All you provide is a photo of the prize, as a high resolution file, the URL that you want it hyperlinked to and 80 words on how to enter the competition and what they can win.

All advertisements must be sent to:

Full Page Advertisement 1536px wide x 2048px high

Business Directory 330px X 200px

Feature Advertisement 668px wide 924px high

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Is the tm Mums in Business Magazine right for your business? An advertising strategy is a campaign developed to communicate ideas about products and services to potential consumers in the hopes of convincing them to buy those products and services. Advertising strategies tend to focus on achieving any of the following goals. promote awareness of a business, product or service stimulate new sales leads establish brand awareness The key elements to a successful advertising campaign are... in-depth knowledge of your target audience planning creative professioal delivery When you have a product or service that is of value to a consumer than you should be telling everyone about it, PG6 | Go To Website

because if it is not them who is in your target market it may be someone they know. Getting your message in front of the right people at the right time does alot of the hard work for you. If you are looking for an advertising medium, do your homework and don’t jump in straight away. Make sure it is your target market that will be reading your advertising messages, and always ensure that within every advertising campaingn you excite, educate and enable the reader. If you need help, support or guidence with your next advertising campaingn please contact us here at Mums in Business and we will help you to move in the right direction.


how can you get your consumers excited?

irresistible headlines FITNESS SHORTCUTS

Smokin’ Hot in 18 Minutes a Day PLUS 6 Moves to a Great Ass unbeatable offers

exciting images

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education is the way to easy sales

SHOW YOUR CLIENTS Interviews Advertisments How to video’s Inspirational Motivational tap to play video



The Mirror Mantra

By Kimberly Riggins

Podcasts How to audio Affirmations Informational

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give your consumers a way to do what it is that you want them to do Hyperlinks to online content is the ideal way to enable your clients!

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EDItorial specifications

general guidelines

Be sure to choose a topic you feel interested in and know a lot about. Never choose a general subject; we are looking for small interesting stories, that grab and hold the readers attention. Write for the target market of the section you are submitting your article for. NO selling within articles, all sales are to be within your advertising.

requirements Heading + exciting description + article content Single page = Maximum 300 words Double Page = Maximum 650 words Banner Advertisement for the bottom of the page = 1536px wide X 360px high 300dpi RGB A text document with any URL’s to hyperlink the advertisement and any words you want linked within the article.

submitting articles All images and text documents must be sent to: through To prepare these files > Put files in one folder on your computer tip! folder must be smaller than 2GB in size > Compress / Zip that folder tip! label files and folder with the heading of your article and business name and issue you are submitting it to eg... 2013.01-3_ways_to_get_fit_fast-FITNESS_GURUS


you get to advertise at the bottom of your article page, so please send us your advertisement in these specifications.

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Design +

interactivity to excite OUR readers

Do you need a designer? Our magazine design team is also available to you, they know what works and can help you by designing an eye catching interactive advertisement.

Beverly Cassidy Mums in Business Magazine Creative Director From planning to implementation of your design we can help you at every step of the way. If you know what you want or have absolutely no idea, either way, we are able to get you the assistance you need. If you are considering advertising speak to us first so we can guide you to in a positive direction for your business.

standard article

feature article

Sale advertisements

brand awareness

MARKETING AT A WHOLE NEW LEVEL! ENQUIRE NOW click to email Testimonial Melissa Groom, Entrepreneur, CEO Mums in Business Australia “I have been working with Beverly Cassidy for 3 years as a professional member of my team. Beverly is reliable, trustworthy and has a great temperament. All her work has been of the highest standard. She has great initiative and has worked extremely hard to meet demanding deadlines all with a smile at the same time. I can highly recommend working with Beverly Cassidy.� November 19, 2012

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febuary 1st

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april 1st

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may 28th

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june 1st

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july 28th

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full page feature 1/4 page competition retail product

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Here at Mums in Business we are here to help you. So if there is any way that we can assist you to live a balanced life and run a successful business please feel welcome to ask us and we will endeavor to help you the best we can. PG12 | Go To Website

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