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Issue # 3

NEWSLETTER January - March 2014 In this Issue:

A Message From Our President, John Lepkowicz Happy New Year Fellow Naples Toastmasters, January, to some, is the beginning of a new chapter. Maybe there are goals that need to be accomplished during the year. Maybe it’s a time to reflect on all that has happened in the past year . As President of the Naples Toastmasters Club, I have to responsibility of achieving my own personal goals and to help others achieve theirs. What are your TM goals? I would love to hear them. The lofty goals for 2014 require all of us to make them happen. I do believe that we can accomplish these: 1. The Naples Toastmasters Club will advertise. With the recent purchase of the banner we are on the right track. Next, is the purchase of the sandwich sign which will be accomplished and to be displayed outside the Community Center for all to see.

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2. The Naples Toastmasters Club will have 20 members by June. We lost

many members from transfers which is normal. Now, we must do our part to accomplish this. This goal can only be reached with the help of each and every member. If each one of us brought in one guest who would eventually become a member we would exceed this goal! 3.The officers of the Naples Toastmasters Club will attend the monthly training to go over business that pertain to the club and to continually grow as officers from the training lessons. We can make ourselves and the club better if we continue to grow individually. 4. The Naples Toastmasters Club will develop a newsletter. Thanks to Virginie we have had newsletters. By her sad departure the newsletters have taken a “back seat”. We are going to continue with the newsletters and make them available for all to see on our website. In the year 2014, as you all reflect on your personal goals, also think about the goals and standards we have set for our club. Ask yourself what you can do to help us reach our goals for the Toastmaster year. John Lepkowicz President Naples Toastmasters Club

Club # 1932007


Education corner by Michael Maddox Vice President Of Education


ach of us is striving to speak and communicate better, and to learn leadership and interactive

skills that will help us in the job and in the community. Toastmasters is one of the best means to do that, and it’s inexpensive too. Toastmaster gives us access to incredible educational materials, and it gives us the chance to practice within a fun and supportive environment. Communication Track and Leadership Track (see pp. 60-62 of your Competent Communication Manual) The Competent Communication (CC) manual and the Competent Leader (CL) manual are essential tools for every Toastmaster that will guide you in your quest to learn speechmaking, clear communication, and leadership. You can—and probably should—pursue both the Communication and Leadership tracks simultaneously. As you complete speeches and as you perform club roles (e.g. speech evaluator, ah counter, timer, table topics master, and toastmaster), then have your speeches and your role performance evaluated. Then have me or the Club President sign off in your manual. If you do that, you’ll find that you’re satisfying requirements for the Competent Communicator and the Competent Leader awards and also progressing towards becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster. All the while you’ll be learning lots. Advanced Communication Series (see p. 87 of the CC manual) After you complete ten speeches in the CC manual, then it’s onward to the Advanced Communication series. It’s here that you can custom design your communication and speechmaking education toward your particular area of interest. Do you want to tell learn how to tell stories? Well, there is a Story Telling manual. Do you want to improve your interpersonal communication? There is an Interpersonal Communication manual. Present better at business meeting? There is a Speeches by Management manual . . . and so many more. Other Resources - Club Roles: see pp. 67-78 of the CC manual - The Icebreaker (your first speech): If you just joined and have not yet received your CC manual with instructions for the Icebreake, you can get those instructions from me or you can download them from and search <the icebreaker>. - google “Toastmasters Naples Italy” - - Toastmaster magazine is mailed to all members. - Some free manuals available to every Toastmaster: Your Speaking Voice, Gestures: Your Body Speaks, Effective Evaluation. You can download them from http:// NewMember.aspx - Podcasts. Go to

Club # 1932007


TOASTMASTERS IN ACTION ToastMasters Advertising in Action ToastMasters Naples made the recent purchase of a banner for all to see.



As you know, we see natural speakers perform well and continue to improve as:

Jose Amaro We are looking forward to 2014 to discover more talents and improvements.

Club # 1932007


Why did I join Toastmasters by Gail Schwenk Member


joined Toastmasters because, though it is not a formal speech classroom, Toastmas-

ters is an environment where I can continue to learn a polished, professional way of expressing myself confidently before an audience large or small. Whether I am pitching a new project, soliciting volunteers and contributions for a charity event, or interviewing for my second careerâ&#x20AC;Śthe firm guidance and encouragement I have received from my fellow Toastmasters in the Naples Club, and other Toastmasters International Club members, are key to my expectation of success. When I have moved to new locations, whether in the United States or some wonderful country around the world, I always look for a Toastmasters Club. And, if I can, I join! What better place to meet new, energetic people. And, the opportunity to continue to improve my communication skills allows me to interact and make new connections, and new friends.

To Our New Members

Welcome corner by Nisha Farrell Vice President Of Membership For the Period of Januaryâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;March 2014

Gail Schwenk Jose Amaro Judy Maddox

Congratulations On Your Achievement Congratulations to:

David Carson for completing your 10th speech, and becoming a Competent Communicator

Club # 1932007




Toastmaster Meeting (exceptionally) Tuesday 7h 18.15 Toastmaster Meeting (exceptionally) Tuesday 21th 18.15

Toastmaster Meeting Tuesday 4th 18.15 Speeches Theme : Wine & Chocolate Happy Valentines Day Wednesday 14th February

MARCH Toastmaster Meeting Tuesday 4th 18.15 Club Contest Toastmaster Meeting Tuesday 18th 18.15

Toastmaster Meeting Tuesday 18th 18.15

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Check out our website: Toastmasters Naples Italy, Executive Committee: John Lepkowicz President

Jasandra Brown Secretary

Mike Maddox Vice President Of Education

Janet Murdoch Treasurer

Nisha Farrell Vice President Of Membership

Heather McAlpine Sergeant At Arms

Rosa Bounds Vice President Of Public Relation

Jasandra Brown Immediate Past President

Club # 1932007


NL Jan - Mar 2014  

Naples TM newsletter for Jan-Mar 2014

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