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STUDIO PARTNERS + HÄFELE = KITCHEN PERFECTION To bring you your dream kitchen, Häfele has joined forces with a hand-picked selection of premium kitchen studios across the country – studios that not only offer stunning kitchen design, but who share our ideas for living philosophy too. We’ve selected our partners based on their commitment to quality, service and innovation. We’ve worked with each studio and shared our expertise on the principles of great kitchen design and the latest innovations in storage, function and lighting to ensure they can offer advice and support throughout the whole process – aesthetics and beautiful function. To find your nearest Häfele Studio Partner visit and use our Studio Locator.






Ideas that store, organise, tidy and keep.

Beautiful ideas designed to move you.





Ideas for recycling and waste.

Ideas for creating the perfect mood rough lighting.





Powerful, smart and safe ideas for modern living.

Ideas that make the right style statement.

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WELCOME Welcome to a world of beautiful solutions for modern living. Ideas that reimagine function and bring innovation to the everyday. Häfele believes that the perfect kitchen is about more than just great looks. It is also about creating a space that perfectly combines style with function, and is tailor made to suit you and your lifestyle. This is the Häfele ‘ideas for living’ philosophy. Creating individual, inspiring, functional spaces that have a positive impact on the way you live. Together with our Studio Partners, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your new kitchen smart, well organised, flexible and future proof. Simply a better place to be. We hope you enjoy the ideas in this brochure and find many life-enhancing solutions to make your beautiful new kitchen beautifully functional too.


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Improving homes for over 90 years. Our family business has been helping people to make more of their homes for over 90 years. Beautiful ideas designed to move you page 52

Established in Germany and now operating all over the world, the name Häfele is famous for innovation, quality and engineering. Our fittings, hardware and systems improve the way that kitchens work in every way possible. In choosing Häfele you are benefitting from decades of specialist knowledge and experience brought to life through ideas that will enhance your experience of your home every day – and for many years to come: ideas from Häfele are built to last.

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Ideas to enhance your home life


3 STEPS tO PLannInG yOur PErfECt KItChEn



fLEXIBLE and VErsatILE – What GOEs On In your KItChEn?

Will your kitchen also act as a mini office? Do you want to be able to sit in your kitchen and work on your laptop, read documents or do household administration? How could this work in your ideal kitchen layout?

Talking rubbish How much waste does your home generate and to what level do you have to sort it? Make sure you plan in appropriate solutions to meet your household waste and recycling needs.

do a lot of entertaining? Is a seating area an essential requirement in your kitchen? Do you want to be able to quickly hide away mess made from cooking so you can focus on entertaining? What about lighting? You’ll want to be able to switch between task lighting for food prep to mood lighting for during and after dinner. 7

Is your kitchen a family space? Where would you like the kids to be while you’re preparing dinner? Will they have to run past the hob or oven to get in and out? Do you need storage for their favourite toys? Will you have enough power sockets? Do you need to keep chemicals out of reach?

The Future Think about how you use your kitchen now, and how would you like to use your new one. How might your needs change over time? Think about how you or members of your household might need to use the kitchen in 5-10 years time – will you have young children around? Or will your children have become teenagers with lots of friends around – all with smart phones and tablets to charge?

love your technology? Do you like to have the TV on or perhaps even chat on Facetime while you cook? Do you like to always have your technology to hand? From Bluetooth speakers to built-in chargers, there are lots of clever ways you can seamlessly integrate your gadgets into your kitchen.


Are you always on the go? Should your kitchen be designed for minimum hassle? What daily tasks will you do – make tea, load and unload the dishwasher, find things in your cupboards? Keep this in mind when you’re planning your layout to make these functions simple and efficient.

Are you a serious cook? If yes, then you’ll need to make sure you allow plenty of space for all your favourite appliances, utensils and ingredients. You’ll need lots of storage and lots of clear worktop space for preparation.

make your space work for you, today, tomorrow and in the future Kitchen planning should start with you and your family and how you want to use your kitchen. This has a big impact on some of the planning decisions you’ll make. Things like whether you need to include a dining area for entertaining or a space that can double up as a home office or study? Is your kitchen open plan to other areas of the house? What will the view from other rooms look like? Do you need lots of worktop space for all your gadgets and utensils or do you prefer to have them all hidden away? It’s a good idea to start by writing these points down to talk through with your Häfele Studio Partner so they can plan YOUR perfect kitchen. Turn the page for more advice on things to consider when planning your new kitchen.


3 STEPS tO PLannInG yOur PErfECt KItChEn




thInK aBOut YOUR IdEaL LayOut

sTraighT-line kiTchen Where space is limited, the straight line kitchen is the most space-effective layout option. It’s also pleasing to look at. The triangle gets reduced to a straight line in this case, but where possible you should keep some space between your fridge, sink and hob so that you don’t feel too cramped.

thE WOrKInG trIanGLE The path you will tread most frequently in your kitchen is between the oven/hob (cooking zone), the fridge (consumables area), and the sink (cleaning zone). For the most efficiency in the kitchen, this journey needs to be optimised. Not too far, or you’ll waste time and energy. And not too close, otherwise the kitchen will feel cramped. This is known as the working triangle. In an ideal world – the sum of the triangle’s 3 sides shouldn’t exceed 7m, and each leg should measure between 1m and 2.5m.

thE fIVE ZOnEs You can typically break down a kitchen into 5 zones, and the relationship between them is vital to how well your kitchen flows.

COOKING AREA All your cooking appliances such as oven, hob, microwave.

CLEANING AREA Your sink, plus dishwasher if you have/want one. It’s also where you store your cleaning materials.

NON-CONSUMABLES AREA Where you keep your crockery, cutlery, glasses, etc

CONSUMABLES AREA Storage of food – including fresh (fridge), frozen (freezer) and dry goods (larder).

PREPARATION AREA This is where all the work happens: where you prepare raw materials before cooking, so it’s where you need pots, pans, knives and cooking utensils easily to hand.

g-shaPed kiTchen Perfect for kitchens that are enclosed in a separate room, and where you want to maximise your storage space – the G-shaped kitchen wraps around all 4 walls. Only really suitable for medium to large kitchens, ensure that there is still plenty of space in the middle of the room for easy movement around the kitchen. You also need to make sure the points of the working triangle don’t end up too far apart. If you need a dining area then this layout probably isn’t for you – opt instead for a U-shape or L-shape and plan in a table instead

You can also add an entertaining zone – this is less traditional, perhaps, but well worth considering if you like to entertain in your kitchen.


l-shaPed kiTchen

island kiTchen

Ideal for small and medium size kitchens, the L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen layouts. It makes everything easily accessible and is a good way to make the most of a corner.

Adding an island unit to either a straight-line or L-shaped kitchen gives extra storage and worktop space and can provide a great entertaining area.

If there’s often more than one cook in your kitchen at a time though, this isn’t the optimum layout; think instead about adding an island or the u-shaped layout so you’re not fighting for the same preparation area.

However, you need to allow at least 1200mm of space on each side for an island to work well and not feel cramped.

Parallel kiTchen

u-shaPed kiTchen

The Parallel kitchen, also known as the Galley kitchen is perfect for smaller kitchens where you want to reach all areas of the room with minimal walking distance between them.

For a large kitchen the U-shaped layout is great. It will give you plenty of storage and worktop space.

It’s an efficient use of space and allows you to easily divide up your zones. But watch the space between the counters – you need at least 1.2m to allow easy movement and for opening doors and drawers, but too wide and you’ll be constantly back and forth. Integrating a dining area can also be difficult in a galley kitchen so avoid this layout if that’s high on your list of priorities.


Watch your working triangle in a large u-shaped kitchen though – don’t have the points too far apart. This is especially important if you want to add an island unit or table to a large U-shaped kitchen; keep the points of the triangle shallow so you’re not walking round the table constantly.

CREATING AN EFFICIENT WORKSPACE The basic guidelines around kitchen layout have been around for a long time – but they are still here because they work! The most effective kitchens are divided into 5 areas, typically cooking, cleaning, preparation, consumables storage, and non-consumables storage, and getting the relationship between these areas right is key to how well your kitchen flows. The path between your oven or hob, fridge and sink is the one you will tread most frequently – this is known as the working triangle and it should be carefully considered in every great kitchen. Here’s a quick overview of the fundamental principles of creating an efficient, effective well-planned kitchen that will be a pleasure to spend time in.


3 STEPS tO PLannInG yOur PErfECt KItChEn

Tall uniTs They look stunning, and hold lots but they can be difficult to access. Add internal drawers, or a pull-out solution and you can get to all the ingredients tucked in the back with ease. The back of the door is also a useful space – add a spicerack for those smaller items. Page 18

sink uniT WasTe soluTions Under-sink, in a drawer, narrow, wide – there are waste solutions to meet every requirement and fit into every available space.

Don’t waste the space under your sink. Add specialist drawers, bins or storage for your cleaning materials so they are right where you need them. Page 28

Page 52





organisaTion Drawer dividers, cutlery inserts, pan stands, spice racks – they can all help you put your hand on exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily, every time. Page 38

Wall uniTs Often used for crockery they can hold heavy items in the most impractical place. Can everyone in the household reach them? Pull-down units can help you get round that. How are you going to open them – straightforward hinges or a lift-up solution that moves the door out of your way?

corner uniT Perhaps the trickiest space in the kitchen to access, a corner can often become a place where things are put and then forgotten about. Instead, make the space more practical with some pullout shelves or baskets to access all of the cupboard contents quickly and easily.

What about the space on the wall under the cabinet? Add a shelf or a rail with hooks to keep the items you use every day – in easy reach and off your worktop. Page 42

Page 26

Base uniTs Replace your base unit cupboards with drawers and say goodbye to crawling on the floor to reach the back. Deep drawers can hold pans and cooking pots, etc., with ease. Narrow space that won’t take a unit? Our pull-outs start at 150mm wide and provide easy storage for items such as bottles, tea-towels and baking trays. Page 22


life storeD smarter

LIFe STORED SMARTER IDeas tHat store, orGaNIse, tIDY aND KeeP Having a beautifully smart kitchen is about making sure you have enough of each type of storage for the things that you keep there. We’ve ideas that make the best of the space you have, as well as ideas that suit the way you cook, unpack your groceries and store your crockery.


our storage solutions don’t simply save space, they save time too – ensuring everything is to hand exactly when you need it. For us, it’s about creating ideas that feel exactly tuned-in to your needs, all beautifully designed and engineered to make life a little easier.


LIFe storeD smarter

life storeD smarter




the individually suspended and adjustable shelves make the Dispensa Pull-out Pantry a flexible space miracle.


life storeD smarter



The CONVOY Lavido makes a great impression. CONVOY Lavido is a storage system “made for life” because of its multiple uses - in contemporary kitchens, in living and dining rooms and as a key element in a home office. Whats so special about the CONVOY Lavido? CONVOY Lavido isn’t attached to the front panel, so it’s perfect for many different designs and applications, for example, behind sliding doors. Not only are all the contents in clear view, they are virtually “presented” to the user. Discover the many beautiful and practical details.

Each tray or basket can be indiviually hung at a height to suit the contents, making DISPENSA 90° a flexible solution providing a lot of storage with a very small footprint.

Be inspired!


The entire height and width of the unit can be fully utilised. It makes best use of available space, and supports good organisation and fast access. All the contents, even on the topmost shelf are in clear view - from either side!




The DISPENSA 170 is the classic storage unit but slimmer. Allowing for maximum use of narrow spaces. Each tray or basket can be individually hung at a height to suit the contents, making DISPENSA 170 a flexible solution pro­viding a lot of storage with a very small footprint. The entire height and width of the unit can be fully utilised. It makes best use of available space, and supports good organisation and fast access.

TANDEM offers completely new potential for food storage - just opening the door is an inspiration. In a clever piece of engineering, the back shelf element moves automatically towards the user as the door is pulled open. Kitchen users can check contents at a glance and easily reach what they want. The shelf element on the door is designed to make best use of the available space.

All the contents, even on the topmost shelf, are in clear view – from either side!


life storeD smarter



Lower pull-out opens automatically as the door opens: Just one pull to reach essential items




totally practical, extremely compact and manufactured to the highest standards. For all its light weight and compact design, CleaningaGeNt has a lot of practical features and gives you ample space for all your cleaning equipment. the top layer features compartments to organise sponges, brushes and other implements. Pull the whole caddy out with one finger. Close it with a gentle push thanks to softstopp, closing is gentle, controlled and silent.

It‘s the modular design that makes a CookingaGeNt so versatile and flexible.

Top marks fro practicality: Container with ergonomic easy-grip handle. All the plastic containers can be lifted out and washed in the dishwasher - your CleaningaGeNt caddy will always be clean and hygienic.

Users choose the elements they want and how to organise them. CookingaGeNt has space for everything: spices, oils and sauces, chopping boards, knives, even plates and bowls. It‘s every cook‘s dream - everything you need is right where you need it as you cook. CookingaGeNt is a true full-extension pull out that moves all the contents completely out in front of the cabinet. What could be better?


life storeD smarter


no. 15 pull-out - arena STYLE

Small in size, great in value! With diverse shelves, the COMFORT II Base Pull Out can be perfectly adjusted to the user’s wishes and needs.

Good ideas fit everywhere. With its KessebĂśhmer pullouts, the No. 15 cabinet is much more than just a welcome filler. When placed by the oven, the No. 15 pullouts are the convenient solution for spices, the baking tray or the indespensable teatowel. The high quality chrome equipment lends even these smallest cabinets in the kitchen that special touch of elegance.

Even the desires of kitchen professionals are catered for with this flexible cabinet that offers different widths, simple assembly and perfect absorption. The continuity of the kitchen is provided for, and the value of the interior equipment is emphasised by the covered sliding technology.





In its third generation the pull-out system for base units proves itself more than ever before a mature and versatile member of the DISPENSA product family. The DISPENSA junior III is available for all carcase widths between 300 mm and 600 mm and offers numerous optimizations and innovations. All the trays and the new storage utensils are fully compatible with one another. You can simply switch them from a DISPENSA pantry unit to a DISPENSA junior in a base unit and back again as you choose.

The perfect team: DISPENSA and YOUBOXX.

The DISPENSA Junior is accessible from both sides – which makes it a very flexible and versatile candidate in kitchen planning.

Combine and recombine different YOUBOXX containers to organize your storage space exactly the way you want it and then rearrange the boxes when your lifestyle changes. You choose how many, what type and what size you need. Their location inside the DISPENSA junior III is freely selectable as you can suspend the boxes anywhere on the traverse. All YOUBOXXes are completely compatible with one another and can be easily dropped in place, moved or removed. Simply ideal for a faster and more efficient workflow in the kitchen than ever before!


life storeD smarter


LE MANS II - ARENA STYLE An invention to inspire inventiveness. Depending upon individual needs, the LeMans shelves can be placed in the cabinet at the users discretion - two, even four shelves. This yields unheard of possibilities for kitchen design and equipment. The LeMans Highboard is a fine example of how the elegant ARENA look can even transform simple crockery cabinets into fascinating high-end storage solutions. Each shelf moves independently of the other providing full access to even the darkest corners of your kitchen! The integrated soft-close allows the shelves to return smoothly to their resting position.



MAGIC CORNER - ARENA STYLE The name says it all. Although this has less to do with magic than with cleverness and technical refinement! MagicCorner is capable of housing two complete cabinet equipments beside each other in only one corner cabinet. With one movement, the intelligent sliding technology simultaneously drives the front and pull out rack into the users viewing and access area. As on would expect of Kessebรถhmer, this occurs in a flowing, silent train of motion. Closing even nearly functions by itself. A small push is sufficient - then SoftStopp takes care of closing. Quiet and smooth.


life storeD smarter


features & benefits:

UNPARALLELED INGENUITY. BLaNCo’s unique, composite coloured sink material, sILGraNIt™ PuraDur™ II, truly has no equal. With patents protecting its innovative qualities, it is unmatched in the marketplace; mirroring the look of natuaral stone in an affordable, easy-care solution. available in White, alu-metallic and anthracite finishes, the colours compliment any kitchen ambience. these neutral tones harmonises perfectly with any matching shades, emphasise contrasts and special features. the colour always co-ordinates perfectly with the wide variety of Blanco taps. the range and designs prove that Blanco silgranit™ PuraDur™ II provides the perfect sink for all requirements.


• • • •

scratch resistant stain resistant 100% safe for food preparation repels water, preventing the build-up of surface deposits and lime scale

• • • • •

Heat resistant to 280º easy to clean made of 80% granite German made available in anthracite (black), alu-metallic (grey) and white finishes



SUBLINE 700-U LEVEL is uniquely different. It provides a stepped work area which flows effortlessly into the main sink for drainage. The LEVEL is accompanied by a stainless steel multi-functional basket which fits perfectly into the step so the sink is ready for whatever your needs may be.

The classic SUBLINE 500-U is the benchmark undermount bowl that all others aspire to. Easy mounting procedure and unsurpassed quality make the SUBLINE 500-U a popular choice for all.



The undermount installation of the SUBLINE 350/350-U provides a clean finish and a mounting option that involves no additional expense. Two bowls with one cut-out so only one mounting procedure. The hidden and hygienic C-overflow makes the SUBLINE 350/350-U stand out from the rest.

The SUBLINE 400-U provides a clean finish and the mounting procedure involves no additional expense. The stunning lines and tight radii make the SUBLINE 400-U the perfect choice for the discerning designer and home-owner.



METRA utilises a minimalistic design and low profile rim design for maximum functionality. METRA XL features an extra large bowl size which allows for plenty of room for washing up. Cutting boards of various designs and a crockery basket are available as optional extras. Can be installed either way round and undermount.

The undermount installation of the 340/160-U provides a clean finish and a mounting option that involves no additional expense. Two bowls with one cut-out so only one mounting procedure. The SUBLINE 340/160-U is perfect when used in the smaller kitchen due to its compact form and function.




life IN motIoN

LIFe IN MOTION BeaUtIFUL IDeas DesIGNeD to moVe YoU Your hands are full, but you need to open a cupboard. You move to close a drawer with your knee, but you don’t want it to slam shut. subtlety and elegance can help bring a sense of serenity and


style to even the busiest of kitchens. Here we focus on sliding, gliding, smoothness and convenience using quality German engineering as well as technology to enhance every aspect of kitchen living.


life in motion




DraWer sYstems


NOVA PRO SCALA Nova Pro Scala is design reduced to the essence featuring an elegant, slim edge and flexible modular design. Scala includes a wide range of products for segmentation of starter versions through to the premium segment. And for maximum versatility - Scala is also compatible with Nova Pro Classic and Deluxe. the wide range of options provided by the system include a choice of three finishes: silver, Ice and stone, height variations of 63mm, 90mm and 122mm as well as a high, closed drawer with a height of 186mm. as with the range of Nova Pro drawers, scala features luxury smooth-running opening and closing action with the latest in soft-closing technology.





NOVA PRO SCALA 186 millimetres. That means an entirely new dimension in drawer sides. The conventional wooden drawer is basically a four-sided box with a front panel. Strictly speaking, we are adopting a back-to-basics approach in offering a 186 mm drawer side for a box-style drawer with Nova Pro Scala alongside the 63 mm, 90 mm and 122 mm versions. The new boxstyle drawer side is high, enclosed and aesthetic. Sounds good. And it is.

Double wall sides. Over the years, Nova Pro has become synonymous with double-wall slides. Proven millions of times over in practical use, this drawer side remains unparalleled in terms of quality, stability and smooth running. Nova Pro epitomises exceptional ease of opening, outstanding running properties, minimal drawer deflection and top reliability. Nova Pro brings furniture to life. Around the world. That’s why the very name of Nova Pro creates expectations that we have to satisfy with each and every product.





DraWer sYstems


DRAWER INSERT SYSTEMS. Who would have thought that the inside of drawers and pull-outs could be so tidy, functional and individual? FineLine mosaiQ is fun to plan and work with. made with a material mix of warmly attractive wood and fine metal, the range creates a contemporary, high-end look and a balanced, visual link to carefully chosen kitchen fronts. No mess and confusion; instead elements are positioned neatly side by side. and they’re more flexible to use than ever before – with ample compartments for cutlery and also purpose-designed inserts for spices, coffee capsules and anything else you want to keep close to hand. Beautiful designs in fine wood. With all the contents perfectly organized for a clear overview and easy access.


life storeD smarter


Features a combination of warm wood and fine metal

Ample compartments for cutlery and purpose designed inserts for

spices, utensils and knives

Flexible dividers can be arranged in many ways to suit straight

and slanted drawers

For drawer depths from 500 to 650 mm. Designed to suit drawers

and pull-outs from all major kitchen manufacturers.

cuIsio drawer inserts


High-value material mix of translucent plastic and aluminium

Variable combinations of trays and profiles

Individual contents can be organised using adjustable dividers

Lateral sealing lips to fill the complete drawer interior

Adaptable to any drawer type independent of the width

The extension set can be shortened in depth and width to fit deeper drawers

NOVA PRO CLASSIC Drawer & sensomatic electro mechanical opening


Sensomatic Electro Mechanical Opening Electro-mechanical opening for top operating comfort: A light touch or pull is all that is needed for drawers and pot drawers to open as if by themselves. Statistics tell us that drawers and pot drawers are opened and closed up to eight times a day. How much nicer then, when this movement is not only technically functional, but also extremely comfortable. Then every opening and closing action becomes an experience.


life storeD smarter


eKU FroNtINo 20 - For FUrNItUre


top and bottom running as well as sideboard versions

For door weight up to 20 kg (per door)

For door width 596-1195 mm (each door)

For door height 370-1200 mm

For door thickness 19 mm

Flush fitting design combined with minimal plinth height and an exact gap pattern

4 point guidance provides outstanding door stability

soft closing action for smooth and silent closing

FroNtINo 40 It provides design oriented solution for two flush fitting sliding doors. the new system is impressive with its versatile application options in the weight class of up to 40 kg. Diverse application for tall cabinets, in living areas, bedrooms and kitchens. It can also be used in the project and public area, in offices and in commerce and industry. eKU FroNtINo 40 impresses the user with its efficiency and economy, even during installation. FroNtINo 20 there are few creative boundaries with this system because the variants include systems with top and bottom running as well as sideboard versions. Its external and internal values are modern, flush-fitting design combined with minimal plinth height and an exact gap pattern. these possibilities inspire creative craftsmen and consumers alike. operation is a special kind of experience that is carried out through a perfect, ergonomic type of opening and can be felt immediately. the 4-point guidance provides outstanding door stability and the integrated, invisible soft-Close from eKU provides excellent smooth and silent sliding convenience.



HAWA-CONCEPTA 25/30/40/50


Pivot sliding system for high quality cabinet applications, including walk in cabinets due to the lack of a bottom channel. The clever design means installation and adjustment is simple and straightforward.

Folding and pivot sliding system for bi-folding cabinet pocket doors. Flush cabinet fronts can be fully opened from end to end to give complete access to cabinet contents but are also completely concealed once doors are opened.


life storeD smarter


imove DemaND For a Lot oF storaGe sPaCe aND For UNIForm CaBINet HeIGHts oFteN ProDUCes KItCHeNs WHere tHe toP sHeLVes oF tHe WaLL UNIts are UNreaCHaBLe UNLess YoU’re PrettY taLL. even if people are growing taller, many users can’t make full use of their wall units because they have difficulty reaching them. the result is that they use the shelves either to store stuff that they use only very occasionally, or a stepladder becomes an indispensable piece of kitchen equipment. Both of these solutions are far from optimal. enter a pull-down system that floats the contents of your wall unit gently down into easy reach – it’s the imove. operate it one-handed. the imove and all its contents are pulled downwards and outwards in one effortless movement. the contents of the top shelves are now easier to reach than the bottom shelf of the wall unit. the drop-down railing on an imove shelf makes access even easier. When the imove reaches its lowest point, at the end of the movement, reaching the contents is ultraeasy. It’s a big gain in user-friendliness, especially for the youngest members of the household. Door 600 x 900 mm





life storeD smarter



Free FamILY

oVerHeaD CaBINets

THE FREELIFT FAMILY INTELLIGENT ENGINEERING aDVaNCeD, sLIm, PreCIse. tHe most aDVaNCeD LIFter FamILY oN tHe marKet meets aLL tHe CrIterIa For LooKs aND FUNCtIoNaLItY. aesthetics is an emotional criterion that even technical products must achieve today. they have to perform perfectly and look beautiful too.

tHe eNtIre Freelift FamILY Has BeeN UPGraDeD to etouch eLeCtroNIC oPeNING. It’s oNe UP For User CoNVeNIeNCe. etoUCH features & benefits:

• • •

opens the front automatically with just a light tap Just oNe drive for Freefold, swing & slide Can be retrofitted without restrictions in line with the familiar typologies

• • • •

Free-running with the familiar Freelift smooth operation No additional treatment of fronts necessary Programmable additional functions Integrated obstacle recognition



FREE FOLD Features & benefits:

• • • • • •

Specially developed for tall wall units Also for low ceilings and heavy fronts Ideal for transparent glass fronts and units with interior lighting Finger pinch protection due to centre hinge with safety guard Multi-Position-STOPP German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION 2015

THE INTELLIGENT FREEfold LIFTER FOLDS UP THE FRONT PANEL AS IT LIFTS FOR A SPACE-SAVING SOLUTION. The fitting offers an intelligent basis on which to plan wall unit solutions for low ceilings, wall units that vary in height and large, heavy front panels. This fitting offers the kitchen planner multiple options for the planning process. Efficient movement sequences for today’s kitchens. The integrated Multi-Position-STOPP guarantees that the front will stop immediately and securely in any position. Safety hinges on the fold prevent any risk of finger pinching. FREEfold is ideal for glass fronts where it generates fascinating impressions of transparency and lighting


Features & benefits:

For highboards and for appliance cupboards, for example microwave cupboards

• •

Precision lift for the front parallel to the front of the carcase Many specialist applications in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas

• • •

Easier access to contents Multi-Position-STOPP German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION 2015

FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION – AND BEAUTIFULLY. FREEUP LIFTS THE FRONT PANEL VERTICALLY, OPENING UP TOTALLY NEW DESIGN POTENTIAL FOR KITCHEN PLANNING. FREEUP is the perfect choice when units are stacked on top of each other or for wall units with top lighting or cornices. The integrated Multi-Position-STOPP guarantees that the front will stop immediately and securely in any position. This means there’s a lot of user convenience tucked away behind a visually smooth run of fronts, not only in the kitchen, but anywhere in the house.




FREE SWING Features & benefits:

• • • • •

Impressive range of applications for medium and large fronts Effortless movement sequences Optimal access to the whole storage space Multi-Position-STOPP German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION 2015

THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR COMFORTABLE AND PRACTICAL 21ST CENTURY LIVING FREEswing LIFTS MEDIUM AND LARGE FRONTS ELEGANTLY AND EFFORTLESSLY. Whatever the size of the front, FREEswing has been engineered to maximize the space available for storage and to give free access to all the contents. FREEswing lifters naturally also feature MultiPosition-STOPP. With their compact design and strong performance, FREEswing lifters are perfect for a range of applications in kitchens, bathrooms and living space.

FREE FLAP 1.7 & 3.15

Features & benefits:

• • • • • •

Minimal installation depth (118 mm) Generates force to lift 27 kg 90°& 107° opening angles Multi-Position-STOPP German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION 2014 and 2015

PRACTICAL, BALANCED AND COMPACT. THE FREEflap MINI/ FORTE IS THE “LITTLE TOUGHIE” IN THE LIFTER FAMILY. With an installation depth of only 118 mm, the FREEflap 1.7/3.15 can lift fronts weighing up to 27 kg. The integrated Multi-Position-STOPP guarantees that the front will stop securely in any position. And we’re delighted with the German Design Award 2015!


life storeD smarter


It’s not just about a cleaner, tidier kitchen. It’s not just about having to spend less time taking out the trash. Nor is it just about making managing your waste less of an effort for you. effective waste management is also about caring for the environment and being responsible for what we use


and throw away. Naturally, Häfele brings ideas to the kitchen that are all of these things, realised through intelligent design that is both functional and stylish. organising, segmenting and compacting - sometimes really great ideas end up in the bin…



life storeD smarter




HIDEAWAY Double-Bin Waste Sorter


A Hideaway Bin is a practical solution that slides away under the bench and is completely hidden from sight until needed. The bins are both ergonomic and functional as they are designed to be mounted at bench height and pull out towards you, allowing easy disposal of waste without having to bend inside low cupboards. Floor mount models are available for an under-the-sink solution in your kitchen. Units are easy to clean and maintain. This provides you with a simple answer for storing waste and recycling within your kitchen, hygienically disposing of bathroom waste or sorting your whites from colours in the laundry. Each unit comes complete with bucket/s and a liner holder which is designed to hold your rubbish bag firmly in place. With each of the three ranges offering distinctive features, there is sure to be a Hideaway Bin to suit your needs.

This brilliantly designed One2Five 4-compartment in-cupboard recycling bin provides a massive 80 litres of waste and recycling space and is for use in kitchen cabinets with pull-out doors 600mm wide, with side panels 18-19mm thick. The unit comes with two 32-Litre and two 8-Litre buckets and is supplied complete with Gras DWD Runners providing an effortless, soft-close drawer system. These are fully extendable making removing the inner buckets for cleaning and emptying an easy task. The Ninka One2five comes with everything you need to turn your cabinet into a hidden recycling bin. With a minimum installation height of 570mm this bin is typically installed under worktops in cabinets with a full-height cupboard door.


life’S BrIGHter sIDe

LIFe’s BRIGHTER SIDE IDeas For CreatING tHe PerFeCt mooD tHroUGH LIGHtING Lighting in your kitchen should be both practical and beautiful. Depending on the time of day, and what you’re doing in your kitchen at any given moment, you’ll want the mood to be just right. From


illuminating specific work stations with task lighting to creating a cosy atmosphere for entertaining, Häfele offers a wide choice of brilliantly stylish lighting solutions.


LIFe’s BrIGHter sIDe




Loox LED 2026 Downlight, Modular


Loox LED 2040 DownlIght, Modular

Loox LED 2040 DownlIght, Modular

Loox LED 2036 Surface Mounted Downlight


Drawer Profile

Wardrobe Rail, Light Output 40°

Profile For Recess Mounting

Grass Edge Profile


life tHat’s aLWaYs oN

LIFe THAT’S ALWAYS ON PoWerFUL, smart aND saFe IDeas For moDerN LIVING. Controls and switches, plug units and docks - power can be smart and stylish too. these are the finishing details that enhance your kitchen experience: from finding the perfect switch frame to


complement your colour scheme to tech accessories and chargers to keep you connected whether working or relaxing in your space. Power up and enjoy!


LIFe tHat’s aLWaYs oN


Electrical/ Gadgets

Climber A very special feature! Shimmering glass and glamourous movements: the CLIMBER is a genuine highlight in any kitchen. It makes a feature of the simple act of opening a cupboard. A light touch underneath the carcase is enough to start the shimmering front splitting into slats that glide upwards in sequence to form a block at the top. It’s automatic, electric and silent. You can also create a very special effect by lighting up the interior of the cabinet. LED lighting offers you a whole range of possibilities. A choice of four glass colours ensures that the CLIMBER will look brilliant in your individual kitchen. Elegant black (translucent), classic white, frosted, or magnolia – with a delicate hint of colour. CLIMBERs are ideal for creating special focus areas in your kitchen. 900 x 373 x 780 mm



SOUND SYSTEM 420 EXCITE YOUR FRIENDS WITH INVISIBLE SPEAKERS. The clever, wireless Bluetooth® technology for sound in rooms and furniture. Today, music is digital. It accompanies us wherever we go in our smartphones, tablets and notebooks. In many places large stereo systems and complex sound systems deliver good results and yet, people love straightforward and individual solutions. The current trend is toward modern sound and hands-free technology that hardly requires any space at all and is child’s play to operate and place. We at Häfele conceived our Sound-Edition to showcase trendy products that will excite your customers for sure. Make more of your furniture, with surprising sound accents. Take advantage of your forward-looking perspective and show just how innovative the joinery and carpentry work of today can be. Make the switch to digital and create inspiring furniture with true added value.


Easy as child's play. Just click to set the auditory mood: 1. Activate Bluetooth® in the settings of your smartphone, tablet or notebook. 2. Select the desired sound product and connect it. 3. Select the stored music you want to play in the player of your choice. Alternatively, use streaming services such as Spotify, Simfy, Napster or other sites.


life’S FINIsHING toUCHes

LIFe’s FINISHING TOUCHES IDeas tHat maKe tHe rIGHt stYLe statemeNt there’s no other room in your home that demands the same equal attention to form and function as your kitchen. It’s the place where you can indulge your passion for beautiful design as much as your desire for ultimate practicality. Here we present


ideas that help you achieve the exact look you want your kitchen to have; whether you love beautiful traditional design, or prefer a more ultracontemporary look, we’ve made it simple to add style and sophistication to suit your taste.



life’S FINIsHING toUCHes


Black matt moDeL H1310

moDeL H1315 Finish


Nickel plated brushed

Nickel plated brush

Chrome plated polished White matt


Chrome plated polished


moDeL H1320 Finish Chrome plated polished Nickel plated brushed titanium coloured

Chrome plated polished moDeL H1325

Chrome plated polished moDeL H1335



Black matt

Black matt

Nickel plated brushed

Nickel plated brushed

White matt

White matt


life’S FINIsHING toUCHes

moDeL H1525

Nickel plated brushed

Nickel plated black polished

Nickel plated black brushed

Bronze matt

tin plated antique

Copper plated antique

Chrome plated polished moDeL H1510

Chrome plated polished moDeL H1515



Nickel plated brushed

Nickel plated black polished

Nickel plated brushed

Copper plated antique moDeL H1520

tin plated antique moDeL H1530



Lead coloured

Brass plated antique

titanium coloured oil rubbed bronze White matt



stainless steel coloured moDeL H1540

Nickel plated brushed moDeL H1550



silver coloured anodized

Nickel plated brushed

Chrome plated polished

Chrome plated polished moDeL H1560

moDeL H1555 Finish


stainless steel coloured

stainless steel coloured

Champagne coloured

oil rubbed bronze moDeL H1565

tin plated antique moDeL H1570



Nickel plated black brushed

Copper plated antique

Chrome plated polished


life’S FINIsHING toUCHes

Chrome plated polished moDeL H1340

Chrome plated polished moDeL H1355



Nickel plated brushed

stainless steel coloured

White matt Black matt

Chrome plated polished moDeL H1360

White, chrome plated polished moDeL H1365



Nickel plated brushed

White, nickel plated brushed Black, nickel plated polished

Iron coloured used look

Black, chrome plated brushed

Chrome plated polished, white moDeL H1370

moDeL H1375 Finish


Chrome plated polished, black

Nickel plated brushed

Nickel plated brushed, white Nickel plated brushed, back


Chrome plated polished


Chrome plated polished moDeL H1380

Chrome plated polished moDeL H1385



Nickel plated brushed

Nickel plated brushed

White matt Black matt

Chrome plated polished moDeL H1390

Chrome plated polished moDeL H1395



Nickel plated brushed

Nickel plated brushed




Recessed grip profile, LENGTH 5000MM


Recessed grip profile, LENGTH 5000MM



Silver coloured anodized (E6/EV1)

Silver coloured anodized (E6/EV1)

Stainless steel coloured anodized (E6)

Stainless steel coloured anodized (E6)

White, RAL 9010, powdered

White, RAL 9010, powdered

Black, RAL 9005, powdered

Black, RAL 9005, powdered


Recessed grip profile, LENGTH 2500MM Finish Silver coloured anodized (E6/EV1) Stainless steel coloured anodized (E6)

Recessed grip profile, VERTICAL, LENGTH 2500MM Finish Silver coloured anodized (E6/EV1) Stainless steel coloured anodized (E6)

White, RAL 9010, powdered

White, RAL 9010, powdered

Black, RAL 9005, powdered

Black, RAL 9005, powdered


Art. No. 732.04.652


Ideas for Kitchens  
Ideas for Kitchens