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The Forest − Time Triptych 2011, 36’ loop 3-channel film installation HD , 5.1 Sound Camera, Editing, Sound Recording & Composition, Installation Concept and Development Andrej ZdraviË The Forest − Time Triptych 2011 ¡ Andrej ZdraviË All Rights Reserved The Forest − Time Triptych immerses the viewer into the essential, primordial forest being, awakening a sense of its wondrous beauty and fundamental importance for our survival. It conjures the harmony, boundless creativity and energy of the forest and it is at the same time a meditative and educational filmic experience. Meanings originate in the essence of phenomena − through vibration and movement, light and shadow, rhythm and pause, silence and sound. The images and sound were recorded in the period of several seasons in the forests of greater Trenta valley, Pokljuka and at other locations in the Julian Alps of Slovenia. With its completely re-designed technical basis, the Forest − Time Triptych represents an evolution of the author’s well-known concept of multi-screen moving image orchestrations, embodied in his three Time Horizon installations (1992−1999).

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Informacijsko srediπËe Triglavskega narodnega parka Triglav National Park Information Centre Dom Trenta, Slovenia 5232 SoËa T+386 (0)5 38 89 330 F+386 (0)5 38 89 388

Andrej ZdraviË (1952) is an independent filmmaker and sound artist. He was educated in Slovenia and the USA , taking his BA (1975) and MA (1980) Degrees at the Center of Media Study at State University of New York/ Buffalo. He was awarded a special Recognition for Artistic Achievement (Doctoral Degree equivalent) from the Ljubljana University in 2006. He lectured and held workshops at several universities in the US and Europe. He lived and worked in New York (1975−80) and San Francisco (1980−97). He was closely associated with the San Francisco Exploratorium − Museum of science, art and human perception, where he set up a video department and developed his Time Horizon video installation concept.

Since his first film in 1973, inspired by music and nature, he has made over 27 independent films and soundtracks, and several installations, exploring the energies of nature phenomena and the messages they portend, and developing his own cinema language. He also made several educational medical films on microsurgical transplantation. His works were shown at over 270 screenings across the US and Europe, in China and South America, at retrospectives in New York (Anthology Film Archives), Paris (Centre Pompidou) and Ljubljana (Slovenian Cinematheque), and broadcast on ARTE , ZDF , KCET Los Angeles, and elsewhere. He represented Slovenia at the World expo’98 in Lisbon and at the Venice Biennale 1999. He is the recipient of several awards, including the Western States Media Arts Fellowship, the us National Science Foundation award (Antarctic Artists and Writers Program), and the Preπeren Foundation national Award (Slovenia, 1999). Since 1997 he mostly lives and works in Slovenia and Europe.

The Forest − Time Triptych film installation was commissioned within the framework of the Strategic project Climaparks − Climate Change and Management of Protected Areas. One of the primary objectives of the project is to raise awareness of parks visitors about the importance of preserving biodiversity in view of foreseen climate change. The Climaparks project is financed as part of the Slovenia-Italy Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007−2013 by the European Regional Development Fund and national founds. The project is partly co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia. The Forest − Time Triptych is a permanent exhibit at the Triglav National Park Information Centre − Dom Trenta, Slovenia.

The Forest -Time Triptych  

Video installation in the Info centre of the Triglav nation park Dom Trenta, Log in Trenta

The Forest -Time Triptych  

Video installation in the Info centre of the Triglav nation park Dom Trenta, Log in Trenta