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TNLA IGNITES: A LIGHTING A FIRE WITHIN OUR MEMBERS AND SPREADING A BLAZE WITHIN THE INDUSTRY This year TNLA and its members sparked a fire of innovation and inspiration across the Texas green industry. TNLA and its members continue to light the fire within. The organization tracked hundreds of bills 24/7 during the legislative session,

traveled to Washington, D.C., to talk with lawmakers about supporting a cap relief for the H-2B program, partnered statewide

with a variety of entities to increase their professionalism through TNLA’s certifications, and worked with youth to build their future careers within the green industry. The power of enthusiasm within TNLA carried on throughout the year, helping the green industry ignite momentum and grow stronger together.


GROWTH MINDSET Our dedication does not end when the sun sets. One of the values permeating TNLA’s culture is “to be the premier resource providing essential tools for our members and the foremost authority on issues that impact the Texas green industry.” This year, growth for TNLA members and the industry would not have been possible without TNLA member volunteers who sparked the flame to inspire with their time, commitment, and talents. This year’s audacious TNLA member volunteer groups included, but were not limited to:


TNLA Green May/June 2019

• TNLA’S LABOR MINING TASK FORCE met several times to discuss initiatives to help our workforce and strategically plan for the future of labor within the green industry. Some of these initiatives include working inside the classroom to teach today’s students about what careers in the horticulture industry can do for them and working with partners across the nation to visit lawmakers to get support for legislation that would secure labor within the H-2B program. This group continues to address labor issues that affect many  member business owners and plans to conduct a compensation study analyzing wage rates and salaries across the Texas green industry workforce. The information will help members ensure they are cultivating a competitive market for hiring and retaining labor.

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TNLA Green May/June  

TNLA Green May/June