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God Knows Me! Dear God, You know me from head to toe. You know where I’m going and how I will grow. You know every hair that grows on my head, And You know every word that I’ve ever said. There’s no place I’ve gone where You haven’t been. There’s nothing I’ve done that You don’t know when. Before I was born, You knew who I’d be. Dear God, I thank You for knowing me.

Lord . . . you know all about me. —Psalm 139:1

My Morning Prayer Dear Father, hear me when I pray. Guide my steps throughout this day. Help me to be kind and true In everything I say and do. Help me with my words today; Keep them gentle while I play. Help me to know right from wrong. Guide and bless me all day long.

Lord, teach me your ways. Guide me to do what is right. —Psalm 27:11

Thank You, God! Busy bees and butterflies, Flowers, trees, and stars, Rainbows, clouds, and wiggly worms, Fireflies in jars. God, You made so many things For my two eyes to see. Thank You, God, for making them For everyone—and me!

All things were made through him. Nothing was made without him. —John 1:3

Lord, Keep Me Safe The world feels big, and I feel small. Still, God, You listen when I call. My soft words whisper in Your ears, And then You come to ease my fears. You calm me when I feel afraid And help me to be very brave. You stay beside me day and night And always keep me in Your sight. Thank You, God! Your love, I know, Protects me everywhere I go.

God, your love is so precious! You protect people as a bird protects her young under her wings. —Psalm 36:7

A Blessing for My Friends Dear Lord, please bless my friends today While at school and while at play. Keep them safe both day and night. Lead them toward the way that’s right. Help them to remember You And trust in You with all they do. Give their hearts a joyful song To keep them happy all day long.

A friend loves you all the time. —Proverbs 17:17

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