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“Then you will know the truth. And the truth will make you free.” John 8:32

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“Little Critter,” Mom said, “if you did your homework, you may have a cupcake.” “I did,” I said. “You did not!” yelled Little Sister. “That’s not true.” “Is so,” I said. I just hadn’t finished all of it yet.

The next day I walked Little Sister and Bunny to school. “Is it true that big kids like you get to stay up really late and watch TV?” asked Bunny. “That is way cool!” I nodded my head yes, feeling very cool.

“That’s not true,” said Little Sister. “Is so,” I said. “I get to stay up later than you. So it’s kinda true.”

“Did you feed the dog?” Mom asked. “Yes,” I said. “Oh no, that’s not true,” said Little Sister. “It is so true,” I said. “I gave the dog extra food yesterday, so he doesn’t need any more today.”

“Did you brush your teeth?” Mom asked at bedtime. I nodded yes. “Then why is your toothbrush dry?” she asked. I said, “I used my finger.” But even I didn’t believe that.

Little Sister said I lost her doll. That wasn’t true. I didn’t even play with it. The dog did.

Mom made me help her find it anyway.

Little Critter: It's True