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GWRRA Chapter TN-N Volume 4 Issue 6 June 2012

Here we are in the middle of June and it is already HOT! We started our Dinner Rides on Thursday evening. So far, we have had some good turnouts. Had 13 to go to Dyersburg, TN at Grecians Steak House on the 7 th and then we had 22 to show up at Sawmill Restaurant in Henderson, TN on the 14th. We are going to Dairy Queen in Lexington, TN on the 21st, they have a Bike Night there every Thursday night with a live band. We are very proud of our Webmaster, Joe Terket for winning the first quarter Webmaster Contest. Joe has done an outstanding job on our Webpage. BIG THANKS to Joe for a job well done. Bill Henson has volunteered and stepped up to become our Chapter Educator. I know that Bill will bring us some very good education, since he has been in GWRRA for awhile. Thanks Bill for your help. As most of us already know, Reginald & Kim Seymour are moving on up to the East Side, (Theme from the Jefferson’s, remember). They are now the New District MEC’s. Congratulations to them on their new appointment. I know they will do a Great Job with District. They are still members of Chapter TN-N. I know this will also help Glenda & Alan Keough ADD out, since they are all in West Tennessee, better yet all in Memphis. On August 4th, Chapter TN-N is putting on a Grilled Chicken Dinner-Half Grilled Chicken, Bake Beans, Cole Slaw and roll for the price of $6.00. This will take place on the parking lot of Bob’s House of Honda. We will also have a Motorcycle Awareness Tent set-up and a Membership Drive Tent. 50/50 drawing, a 410 shotgun will be given away. Tickets for the Chicken Dinner and the 410 Shotgun are on sale now. Contact any member to get a ticket. We will serve walk-ups, you do not have to have a ticket for the Chicken Dinner. We should have plates ready at 10:00am, the drawing will be at 5:00pm for the Shotgun and 50/50. Come out and join us and have a meal, maybe win some money or a shotgun. Nothing like rockin’ after good food at the Sawmill in Henderson.

More great food, fun and fellowship at the Sawmill in Henderson.

Until then, Ride Safe, Ride Often, Have Fun

Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief. Swedish proverb


Hey everybody, hope this finds you doing well. I have been doing good. Are we having some great riding weather or what? It is pretty warm though. I wanted to let Reginald know that I did finally get a new front tire, after 19,615 miles, I thought I had better. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have really enjoyed the Thursday eat and meet rides. This still gives me most of the weekends to be with my family and my wonderful grandkids. We have had some pretty good food everywhere we have gone. Had a great time at the Dairy Queen in Lexington this past week, got to eat, listen to a band, and even got FREE ice cream, now you can’t beat that. We have had a wonderful turnout at all of our rides, at least twenty members at each one. Kudos to all of you. It was good to see Lori, our Director of the year at Dairy Queen. I hope to make it to Memphis for the catfish dinner, not just yet. Here are some of the DQ pictures:

Well, I am about to take on a big chore, I am going to start teaching Debbie and Sandy to drive the Trike. I don’t think it will be too hard. They are pretty smart. Besides, if Gerry can drive one, Sandy surely can. Well that’s all for now, stay cool, and

Ride A Lot, Be Safe, Have Fun 3

A recent report published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, June 15, 2012, was about helmet use among motorcyclists who died in crashes and the various state motorcycle helmet laws. The summary of the report follows: In 2010, motorcycle crashes made up 14% of all road traffic deaths, yet motorcycles accounted for <1% of all vehicle miles traveled. Helmet use prevents an estimated 37% of fatalities among motorcycle operators and 41% of fatalities among passengers. Compared with motorcyclists in states with a universal helmet law during 20082010, fatally injured motorcyclists in states with a partial helmet law were more than five times as likely not to have been wearing a helmet, and fatally injured motorcyclists in states with no helmet law were more than six times as likely not to have been wearing a helmet. Economic costs saved in states with a universal helmet law were, on average, $725 per registered motorcycle, nearly for times greater than in states without such a law ($198). Although approximately $3 billion in economic costs were saved as a result of helmet use in the United States in 2010, another $1.4 billion could have been saved if all motorcyclists had worn helmets. Helmet use by motorcyclists is proven to save lives, decrease the severity of crash injuries, and reduce costs. Universal helmet laws are demonstrated to be the most effective way to increase helmet use. (Weekly/Vol.61/No. 23) So remember. . . .

Keep your bike in good repair: motorcycle boots are not comfortable for walking. ~Author Unknown

Ride safe.

We have never known Gerry

Trying our hand (Bill and Shirley) at the poker run during Chapter Qâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fun Day.

Smiling Duo (Jeanette and Bernadette) at Chapter Qâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s Fun Day.

to be funny! The gang at Q making for Chapter N Fun Day! 4

Your Picture Could Be Here Instead of This Guy

Moving on up. That is exactly what Reginald and Kim Seymour did. Meet the new District MECPs. Congratulations to Chapter N’s own Membership Enhancement Coordinators on their new appointment. Way to go Chapter N!!

What excitement for Chapter N these days. Now we need you to step right up and take over where Reginald and Kim left off. We need you to be our Membership Enhancement Coordinators and our Coordinator for St. Jude. Come lead our fun. We like volunteers but our Director is not above appointing!! Having more fun than a person should be able to. Enjoy our Chapter Q visit to their Fun Day!!

“N” gettin’ registered.

Higher or Lower at Chapter Q’s

“Who did you say owned these two bikes?” Chapter “N” bunch.”

“That’s the


Chapter N just keeps moving on. This time the Chapter salutes Kim and Reginald Seymour. They have accepted the position of District MECs. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to them! We are also proud of our Webmaster, Joe Terket; he has worked very hard and done a tremendous job. Our web site was chosen “Best Website” for the 1st Qtr. of 2012. Thanks Joe!!

We have been so busy since the last newsletter, that I don’t know where to start. Lots of FUN at the Chapter S Fun Day, 3 dinner rides, which were well attended, we are giving away a Shot Gun. If you want to make a donation, call any member of Chapter N, we all have tickets. We will be selling smoked chicken dinners at Bob’s Honda on Sat. August 4th - a half chicken and the trimmings all for only $6.00. Come have lunch with us.

Our dinner rides have been tons of fun. Some folks were not sure if it was really Chapter N or some other quite group. This is because Jeff Douglas has had surgery on his shoulder and his meds had him almost out of it. He couldn’t ride his bike but he attended the dinner. Jeff, we wish you a very speedy recovery. I know you had to be very uncomfortable, but you were still there for the chapter.

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. ~Eudora Welty

Post Offices---200,189 more to go.


Recognize the bike-it’s not mine.


Boy was June an exciting time or what!! Chapter N was surely on the move and having lots of FUN. The first Saturday took us to Chapter Q’s Fun Day. And was it ever. Big Red (my Dodge Ram) followed Bill and Kathy, and Billy and Shirley to the Mid-South Moto-Plex in Clarksville. I stopped at every game table (except the poker run) multiple times. This was the first Fun Day I attended where I played the games. I don’t know what that tennis ball game was but I was not having fun!! The first two times I played I did not get a single point. But I was not going to be defeated and on the last try, I pulled out all the stops and managed to come away with a few meager points. Note to self “We will not be having that game at Chapter N’s Fun Day”. Now tell me again—“How much fun are we having when we have to write that number on 240 tickets?” Various game tables at Chapter Q’s Fund Day! And yes, that little child just scored 3 points for that toss. That was FUN to watch.

Thursday night dinner rides became a regular in June. The first was held at the Grecian in Dyersburg with 13 attending. Janet and I met up with two special people while we were there. You should be sure to take a look at the pictures we have included. The second Thursday dinner ride saw 22 friends meeting up at The Sawmill in Henderson. I was not able to attend but I am told FUN was had by all.

That is not a white cloud. Let’s see, was that 2 spills Nolan?

Nancy with attitude in Henderson.

He is a little too tall!!

This one is a little too short!! What?

Al, what’s the hurry??

Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window. ~Author Unknown


News From National Taken from the pages of the e-Newsletter from Gold Wing Road Riders Association

Members Story: My GWRRA Story! Submitted by David Heaton Member #121736 Boulder, Utah UT-R I just wanted to take a moment to tell you a little bit about what I have found with GWRRA. I have had a Gold Wing now for over 30 years. I joined GWRRA about 28 years ago and then dropped out because I didn't really see the value in it. I never met anyone and was never invited to join anything. There was a Chapter in the city where I lived and we went out to breakfast with them one time. We sat by ourselves and were never welcomed and no one even talked to us. Because of this, we felt very uncomfortable. I did like the Wing World and the Gold Book, but that was it. Three years ago, we purchased another Gold Wing and decided to give the GWRRA another chance. I rejoined and went to the website and found out who was in charge of the Utah GWRRA Chapter and sent an email to Carol Dean. She then sent my email address to Stephen Peacock, who is the Chapter R coordinator. I received an email right away from Stephen welcoming me to the Chapter. I live four hours away from the nearest Chapter, so my involvement with them is limited, but that hasn't stopped Stephan from keeping me notified on what is happening. They ride almost every weekend and have several rides during the month. This is a very active and new Chapter. My wife and I have been on one ride with them, but feel as though we are making new friends and like the people that we rode with. The reason I am writing this is because I feel that Stephen and Carol deserve some credit and recognition for going above and beyond what they are asked to do. They have more than made my wife and I feel welcome and included in the activities. Because of the way they have made us feel I am now calling GWRRA and adding my wife to a family subscription and plan on going to the Region F convention this month. I really have a hard time putting what I feel into words, as you can probably tell, but if you get a chance, please tell Carol and Stephen that they have made a difference. I will now be a Life Member in GWRRA. Thank you! From the editor of the newsletter : Sandy Hayes I found this brief article in the national newsletter and thought about our chapter. From the first day I came into the chapter I have felt welcomed and included into smaller circles of the chapter. I think we work as a group to make all feel welcome. Thank you Chapterâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;N for being the kind of chapter that all can feel welcome when they join us for the first time. We truly are a GWRRA family.

Joke of the Month from GWRRA eNewsletterâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;June 2012 A little boy asks his Grandpa, "Grandpa can you make the sound of a frog?" Grandpa said, "I don't know, why?" Little boy- "Cause grandma says when you croak we all are going to Disney World!"


News From Region N

Some notes about your Region N Leadership Training Program Coordinators from the pages of the Region N website: Pam and Tommy Meador have been members of GWRRA since 1995 and are members of the Roanoke Virginia—K chapter. They have served as Couple of the Year, Chapter (Rider) Educator, Chapter MA Coordinator, VA District MA Coordinator, VA District Rally Media Coordinator and Virginia Leadership Trainers. They are Certified LTD Instructors, both Level 4 Certified Tour Riders and Road Captain. They do like their motorcycles. Currently they own 2003 Candy Red GL 1800A Gold Wing, 2000 White/Gray/Green GL 1500SE Gold Wing with a Friendship III California Sidecar, a 1989 Yamaha FJ 1200, a Fire Engine Red 2002 Honda VFR Interceptor and a 1987 Honda Magna 750 with a Friendship California Sidecar. Now that will be hard to top. Thank you Pam and Tommy for your leadership within GWRRA at the regional level.

News From District We want to welcome our newest District Team members. We have Reginald and Kimberly Seymour stepping up and taking on the MECP position. They were the former MECP for TN-N in Jackson and we know they will do an outstanding job serving the members of Tennessee with great enthusiasm and dedication. Also our former District Couple of the Year, Bill and Debbie Archer, have stepped up to serve Tennessee once again in the position of Assistant District Director. They will be helping out here in Middle Tennessee and we are thrilled to have them on board. We have many things on the calendar, so go to our District Website to get the latest details. The District Picnic will be September 29th in Gladeville, TN. We will be at the Gladeville Community Center again. We had a great Picnic there last year and know it will be even better this year. Please put it on your calendar to come out and join us. Bill and Debbie Archer Plans are moving full speed ahead for Spring Fling next year at Camp Jordan, in East Ridge, TN. We are in the negotiation stage for hotels in the area and it is looking very good. Ron Janes and I went to East Ridge and toured one of the hotels and were very impressed with the facility and staff. As soon as we have this finalized we will get the information out to you so you can go ahead and book it. We are working very hard to make sure this will be a Spring Fling to remember. So, make your plans and come join in the fun. Also remember the more you visit your Sister Chapters, the more friends you get to see and you will make new ones also. We look forward to seeing all of you as we are out visiting Chapters and attending Chapter and District events. Keep riding and the fun will come, and remember “Be Safe Out There”, Until we see you again, Richard & Becky Griffin, TN District Directors Gold Wing Road Riders Association (abbreviated from the District Newsletter)

Visiting our sister Q chapter.


August 4, 2012 Bobâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s House of Honda

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Batter Buns 2/3 c warm water 1 pkg active dry yeast 1 egg 2 Tbsp. sugar ½ tsp. salt ¼ c soft shortening 1 2/3 c all-purpose flour Dissolve yeast into water. In a large bowl, add yeast, sugar, salt, shortening, egg, and 1 cup of the flour. Combine with mixer on low speed. Add remaining flour, stirring until all flour is well blended. Spoon into greased muffin tin (filling about ½ full). Let rise in a warm place until the batter reaches the top of the muffin tins. Bake in 375 oven for about 18 minutes. Sandy Hayes Better Crocker’s Dinner for Two (1972) Recipe tried and true every time

Quote for the day: Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow they may make it illegal. - Anonymous

There, I guess King George will be able to read that. John Hancock, after signing the Declaration of Independence

And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. ~Lee Greenwood

...that our Flag was still there. 11

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For upcoming events, visit TN GWRRA (District Website) or GWRRA (National Website) to see what is going on in the near future. Take time to read the other Chapter Newsletters, they are full of information and fun to read. It keeps you informed of what is going on in the other Chapters. Bob’s House of Honda in Jackson, TN. and Joe’s Cycle Shop in Bolivar, TN. are very supportive of Chapter TNN. If you are a GWRRA member and need something, be sure to tell them. They will give you a discount on anything you buy, but tell them before they ring you up.

Let’s support their business!

For upcoming events, if you want to see a flyer or registration form, visit, all flyers and registration forms are on the Events Calendar. Too much FUN at the Saw-

The Best of The Best FUN times for TN TN--N Lexington DQ

Sizing up things in Henderson.

Fine ride—40th year anniversary ‘Stang with top down. Follow us to

Gatherin’ at Dyersburg.

Dancin’ the night away at DQ.



Jerry Caldwell July 9th James Robertson July 16th

No anniversaries for July.

Kim Seymour Barry Harrell

July 19th July 19th

If we missed your anniversary contact Tony at 731-676-9917. If we missed your birthday contact Tony






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Ride Safe, Ride Often, Have Fun

Next Meeting July 7th Old Country Store Hwy 45 By-Pass Jackson, TN, Eat at 5:00p, Meet at 6:00p

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