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Vol. 1329 Tuesday June 12, 2012 Compiled & edited by volunteers for the Tamborine Mountain Community

Above: John Bestevaar, Mike Russell, Senator Ludwig, Cornelia Meesters (TM Landcare president), Maureen Booth and Elizabeth Russell.

Tick of approval for TM Landcare


HE Federal Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig recently visited the Tamborine Mountain Landcare group to see the rainforest regeneration undertaken with funding from the Caring for Our Country grant scheme. As Senator Ludwig commented, “The government provided $20,000 towards this project, but I know the results achieved were the result of

volunteers passionate about their community and their surrounds.” Some of the volunteers who worked on the sites showed the senator the thriving new trees and indicated how these stands of rainforest will link up with others in the Landcare Corridors Regeneration Project. Senator Ludwig noted that he was very impressed by the work carried out by the Tamborine Mountain group to tackle problems like lantana as well as create wildlife corridors. “Tamborine Mountain Landcare Inc

Who can I turn to... when no-body needs me my heart wants to know and so I must go... where destiny leads me... with no star to guide me, and no-one beside me I’ll go on my way and, after the day, the darkness will hide me and... maybe tomorrow, I’ll find what I’m after I’ll throw off my sorrow; beg, steal or borrow my share of laughter With you I could learn to, with you on a new day But, who can I turn to — If you turn away? (lyrics: Leslie Briasse)


Community Group has obviously invested many hours of physical work to remove weeds, plant trees and maintain these sites,” he said. “The work of Landcare groups around the country continues to impress me. These are volunteers dedicated to natural resource conservation.” Through their work on the ground, Tamborine Mountain Landcare volunteers contribute approximately four dollars in kind (per hour of labour) for every dollar of funding received. Wendy Morgan

Windswept & Interesting... “All things Beautiful” TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1329, JUNE 12, 2012 – 1

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Letters to the Editor

Readers are reminded that letters to the editor must show full name of writer for publication. Dear Editor, Regarding the unsigned letter in the Tamborine Times last week congratulating Steve Vawdrey and his enthusiastic team for coming up with “these wonderful concepts” that will uplift the whole community... words very nearly fail me! It is laughable to think that Main Street Marketing with its singular concept of a market has anything other than its own profit at heart. To read in the Market update on the facing page that their idea was ‘developed as a solution’ to the new IGA taking traffic from the small retailers is quite plainly spin. And worse perhaps, the assertion that they have the full support of the local retailers in Main Street is demonstrably untrue. I have nothing against newcomers to the mountain having once, like many of us, been one myself. Many bring their expertise, set up successful businesses, employ local people and generate growth. Many contribute to that growth simply by shopping locally despite the fact that we don’t have the range of the larger supermarkets. Fresh ideas should always be welcomed in a community and no-one would be foolish enough to suggest otherwise. I do however have a grievance with whitewash; Tamborine Mountain does not

need a new market to ‘solve local food security’. We have a weekly Grower’s Market that already promotes locally created produce and more diverse markets every fortnight that already enable the sale of small goods direct to the public. 4 months of ‘due diligence’ should have helped to identify the fact that the available parking is not for anyone to commandeer, nor are the public toilets. And for the record, just which existing retailer is going to be complemented rather than threatened by an avocado stall; a tomato stall; a rhubarb stall, a cured meats or dairy stall? The two Fruit & Veg outlets, the Butcher, the Baker perhaps? Complemented! How insulting. So a last word to our unknown correspondent. There are indeed a ‘whole bunch of people right here on the mountain’ that are always ready to give their ideas, their time and their enthusiasm… I’d suggest that some of them are in fact the selfless individuals who have formed or are engaging in productive public consultation with the Main Street Village committee, a not for profit group whose only aim is to beautify and develop Main Street for the greater good of the whole community. Lyn Judd

Dear Editor With the beautification of Main Street gathering momentum, I’d like to make a number of suggestions. Firstly, any approaches to landscape architects should be on a tender basis and all submitted designs, open to public scrutiny. As a matter of course, local designers and contractors should be given priority. Further, the brief should be carefully considered with due regard to cost estimates. Expensive and often unnecessary Gold Coast ‘consultants’ should be avoided at all cost.

Finally, it has been brought to my attention that the footpath from Hillbilly’s to The Spice of Life is to be re-built. Why? Apart from a section outside the baker’s it’s perfectly acceptable as it is. The money saved could be used to buy trees and shrubs for Main Street. Council in the past has wasted bucket loads of our cash on patently useless projects such as the breathtakingly expensive showground roundabout. It’s time to change the rules, it’s time for open consultation with residents on all proposed local expenditure and an end to waste. Derek Ellard

Dear Editor, Tiananmen Square I would remind people of the passing of June 4th, 23 years ago; a nation was reminded of what happens to people, mainly fresh minded youth, who try to express their freedom under a totalitarian state. A statue named the Goddess of Democracy was crushed by tanks, and the whole thing “air-brushed” from history. So I pray for the freedom of our dear northern neighbour as she undergoes massive

material re-building that also benefits us. We should not be bought over like some ignorant tribal chieftain that we read about in colonial history, or we may suffer under colonized conditions, with no indigenous rights, while our true rulers live in highly protected gated communities. Let us value our freedom and promote the aspirations of the controlled millions who would joyfully exchange places with us who have so much freedom. Roy Nicholls

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Council and Scenic Rim editors get together N Wednesday, June 6, in what is probably a ‘historic first’, the editors of all the local papers were invited to meet SRRC’s Mayor, Councillors and senior staff in Beaudesert. Such a meeting was clearly a good idea, given some of the poor press Council had been receiving for much of its previous term. The visitors were given a warm welcome and offered refreshments in what unfortunately turned out to be too small a room for the 20-odd attendees. Cr Stanfield (Div 5) and CEO Barke formally opened proceedings by explaining that there weren’t to be any – which disappointed some of us. There weren’t enough chairs for people to sit

down, with the exception of one old bloke whose pins just couldn’t support him for a full hour. However, the editors were able to circulate appropriately and speak with their hosts, albeit at a high pitch in order to make themselves heard! But to conclude on a more positive note: the editors certainly appreciated this opportunity to ‘meet and greet’ the people about whose activities they will no doubt be writing in the next four years, and now that they know who they all are will clearly feel encouraged to contact them for details and clarifications to ensure fair and accurate reporting. And finally, if there are to be similar meetings in future, we would plead for a somewhat more formal procedure, with room to sit and have a Q & A session in which everyone can freely participate (in reasonable comfort).

Dear Editor, Eagle Heights representatives have been advocating with council and our Division One councillor for extensions of Eagle Heights Pedestrian Pavement Network. Many may ask "What pavement network?" Precisely!! It's almost non-existent. In an area of roughly 11 square kilometres there is approximately 2klms of pavement for over 3,000 residents and who knows how many tourists. Community concern is rising in Eagle Heights because Scenic Rim Regional Council has not provided any guarantee that Eagle Heights will be recognised in the Footpaths and Bikeways Strategic Plan 2011-2015 as a separate urban centre and therefore no provision exists in the draft plan to provide for footpath network extensions in Eagle Heights for the next five (5) years. North Tamborine and Mt Tamborine are already recognised in council's plan as separate urban centres and extensions of footpath/bikeway plans are included.

Many residents on the mountain are aware of the cycleway plan to be located in less populated areas currently being advocated for by a number of cyclist enthusiasts. However are residents aware that funding going to the cycleway may mean less or no funding will go to footpaths for residential areas where they are most needed to connect residents to local shops, schools, community services and facilities? A petition has been formulated to have Eagle Heights residents needs recognised by council. That is - we would like to be included in the plan and to have our fair share of footpaths funding. This map shows the proposed pedestrian pavement routes which will connect Eagle Heights residents to mountain facilities. If you want to support this petition please go to the Eagle Heights Post Office. If you would like a copy of the petition to collect signatures contact us on jeff-anne@ or mobile 0404 871 072. Jeff & Anne Hryniuk

Dear Editor, As we approach the end of the financial year I would like to remind everyone that June is our last chance to help those doing it tough at the moment, and also get a tax deduction for this financial year. Every local community has someone who is doing it tough every day. We invite you to support our Doing It Tough Appeal, which will raise muchneeded funds so we can continue our everyday work providing vital services and programs for vulnerable people. Donations to Red Cross are currently 20% lower than expected this financial year and we’re facing a shortfall of almost $8 million in public funding for our day to day work. We are asking the Australian public to dig deep at this critical time. Red Cross needs your support, not just in times of disaster but throughout the year for

our ongoing, everyday work with people and local communities right around Australia. When you make a tax-deductible gift to the Red Cross Doing It Tough Appeal before June 30 you can be confident your donation will make a real difference to someone near you. Whether it’s serving breakfast to children who would otherwise go to school hungry, making sure elderly and frail Australians have regular visits or daily phone calls so they can continue to live independently, or helping young people or families who are at risk of homelessness, Red Cross is there. For more information about how to make a fully tax deductible donation by June 30 call 1800 811 700 or visit Kevin Keeffe Australian Red Cross Letters continue p.5



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Our Great Saviour

Tamborine Mountain Dental


Dear Geoff, A few letters ago I spoke briefly about the problem of trying to reduce the Christian faith to a few simplistic platitudes. Recently I have been reading through the gospel of John and am amazed anew at how full and rich the biblical record of our salvation is. In this gospel we see Jesus doing miracles as signs pointing to who he is and what he is doing. We see him teaching the people that he has come as God in the flesh to take up the work of salvation that was done by God (Yahweh) under in the Old Testament. Jesus identifies himself as the God of the Old Testament. This is radical teaching and Jesus knows how difficult it will be for some to put their trust in him as their Saviour. At one point in John’s gospel, when some of the leaders are accusing Jesus of blasphemy and planning his immediate execution by stoning, Jesus says, “Do not believe me unless I do what my Father does. But if I do it, even though you do not believe me, believe the miracles, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father.” John 10:37,38. The gospel of John is well known for its ‘I am’ sayings where Jesus reveals his divine identity by taking on the characteristics of the God of the Old Testament. These sayings have their background in specific biblical passages and in events that occurred in Israel’s history. Jesus knows that he is revealing himself to be the God of the Old Testament (old covenant). And his signs, miracles and wonders are ‘proofs’ or demonstrations, that his claims are true. Some of those ‘I am’ sayings are; I am the bread of life, I am the light of the world, I AM, I am the gate for the sheep, I am the Good Shepherd, I am the way, the truth and the life, I am the true vine. Each of these declarations that Jesus makes reveal his self-conscious identification with the God of the Old Testament. They also reveal the character and work of Christ as he takes on the salvation not just of the Jewish people but the salvation of the whole world. And the concepts Jesus uses to describe who he is and what he is doing also help us to understand our need. If we needed a bit of advice as to how to get along with our neighbors then Jesus could have simply given us a bit of moral teaching. Of course he did do this and we still call it the golden rule. But he did much more than this and the ‘I am’ sayings begin to open up not only the person and work of Christ but they also give us a window on the deep needs of humanity. But we’ll have a closer look through that window next time. Your Brother, Kim Advertisement. The views expressed in the letter are Kim Dale’s. Replies may be sent to – PO Box 5, Nth Tamborine 4272 or

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Rainfall for May, 2012 on Tamborine Mountain


HE main rainfall event for the month for Mt. Tamborine was a small cloud on Wednesday, May 23 which deluged the eastern end of the mountain for a few minutes. The rest of us got nothing from it. There was a trough with a thunderstorm on the 4th. Apart from that a few small falls gave us a fairly dry month. The expected rain for May is 78mm and the average is 121mm. Mike Russell 5545 3601



VARRO CLARKE & CO LAWYERS Est. Brisbane 1974 Est. North Tamborine 1985

Above: Mayor Brent with new citizens Gordon and Kay Brown of Tamborine Mountain Cnr Main Street & Capo Lane NORTH TAMBORINE 4272

Partners Varro Clarke Margaret Steen Consultant Stephen Train Special Counsel

Council welcomes new citizens WENTY-ONE Scenic Rim residents completed the journey from migrant to citizen, becoming naturalised Australians on Queensland Day. The Scenic Rim’s newest “Aussies” had migrated from countries including the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, the Philippines, Belarus, the United States and Wales. Mayor John Brent led the Citizenship Ceremony at The Centre, Beaudesert, on Wednesday 6 June. “This is an important day for those making the Australian Citizenship Pledge,” he said.

“It is wonderful to officially welcome these residents, many of whom have lived here for some time, as full members of the Australian community.” “We have celebrated today in true Aussie style, and our new citizens will always remember Queensland Day as the anniversary of their citizenship.” The 21 new citizens were each given a special gift from local councillors, a native tree they are able to plant as a living reminder of their commitment to Australia. Scenic Rim residents considering becoming Australian citizens can phone the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on 131 880 or visit: for information. SRRC Media

Dear Editor, They are at it again in the Scenic Rim Regional Council, still adamant they are going to build a new library ("Beaudesert Centre Revitalisation Project"). Don't be fooled, they will still spend your hard-earned rate money by whatever means possible and override any opposition. An article has appeared in the Fassifern Guardian, 30.5.12, in a small column entitled 'Council Briefs', that the Beaudesert Centre Revitalisation Project is

underway and is now in the public notification stage, no more consultation is needed; they will go ahead and build it, if they can find the money. The Scenic Rim Regional Council has none to spare as the poor state of our roads can attest to. Hopefully, the new Councillors are faithful to their electors, and what our newly reelected Mayor said publicly at a 'Meet the Candidates' night in Boonah on 21.4.12 still stands – "No ratepayers' money will be spent on a new library." Bevan Pressler


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Weed management plan for park


OUNCIL is working with residents to control the outbreak of an aquatic weed at a Tamborine park. Together they have prepared a management plan aiming to effectively eradicate a dense mat of water hyacinth that has grown over part of the lake at Fred Bucholz Park on Walnut Road. The approximately 30 hectare body of water adjoins surrounding land owned by six residents and Council. Over time, conditions have proved ideal for the growth of water hyacinth, a Class 2 declared pest (plant) under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002. The long-term weed management plan uses several techniques to optimise control of the weed. Herbicide treatment, biological controls and ongoing monitoring

have been employed as part of the plan. A herbicide specific to water hyacinth is being used to dislodge the weed mass, with a series of treatments by boat and hovercraft taking place over several months. Ongoing control methods will be conducted annually thereafter. “I’d like to thank residents for their valuable assistance in tackling this outbreak which, left untreated, could affect the natural ecology of the park,” Mayor John Brent said. “After initial treatment, follow up and monitoring, we anticipate Fred Bucholz Park will become a great asset to be enjoyed by the community into the future.” Council is continuing to conduct regular site inspections and residents will monitor the effectiveness of control methods and report any abnormalities. SRRC Media


short message to clarify the position of Main Street Village (the traders, residents and landlords of Main Street combined with many community interested locals). We oppose the development of commercial markets in Main Street as proposed by Mt Tamborine Marketing. We object for a number of reasons • There are no public toilets in Main Street • There is limited public car parking – it is already difficult to find adequate space • Conflict of business with existing traders who pay rent • Considerable objections from locals who do not want more markets on the mountain • Inevitable destruction of the basic lawn and trees in the median strip We understand from the council that the events application to run markets in Main Street is likely to be rejected. The only way that commercial markets can be run in Main Street is for a full Development Application and consultative process to be undertaken. Main Street Village has and will continue the process of community consultation to create a beautiful Main Street that we can all be proud of. In discussions with council


about improving the footpath from Hillbilly Coffee shop to Spice of Life we are seeking their co-operation to make this upgrade aesthetically sympathetic with the overall design plan we envisage for our Main Street. The Chamber of Commerce has offered to part fund new picnic style seating and the considerable number of design ideas that have been forwarded to the committee has been fabulous. We would like to thank the community for their invaluable contributions towards the enhancement of our Main Street Village. For more information please contact Gina Travelling Places, Mike North Tamborine Butcher, Gavan North Tamborine Newsagent, Heike Spice of Life. Gina Dignan for Main Street Village

Recent Astronomical Happenings


ver the last few weeks we have seen a number of interesting phenomena in the skies above us. Perigee Full Moon - the largest and closest full moon for the year appeared on 5 May. Full moons occur when the Moon, Earth and Sun are aligned with the Earth in between the Moon and Sun. For a given month the closest point of the Moon to Earth is called perigee and the farthest is apogee. On 5 May the perigee Moon was 356,955 kms from Earth and on 19 May the apogee Moon was 406,448 kms from Earth. Full and Perigee Moons coincide because their cycles periodically align, the closest Moon for 2013 will occur on 23 June 2013 and the closest for the 21st Century will occur 6 December 2052 when the Moon will be 356,446 kms away from Earth. All full moons bring higher and lower tides than usual but perigee full moons cause the highest and lowest of tides. Transit of Venus – a transit occurs when a planet appears to travel across the face of the Sun, this can only happen when a planet orbits between the Sun and the Earth – only two planets follow such an orbit – Mercury and Venus. Transits of Mercury are difficult to observe due to the planet’s small size, they occur approximately 13 times per century. Transits of Venus are easier to observe but far rarer. Although the Sun, Venus and Earth align in the same direction approximately every 584 days Venus is

usually above or below the Sun int he sky so we do not see it track across the Sun. Transits occur in a 243 year pattern of 121.5 and 105.5 years separated by a gap of 8 years, the last transit was in 2004 and the next transit is due on 11 December 2117. The transit of Venus has a special historical significance for Australians. Captain James Cook and his crew were commanded to take scientists to Tahiti to observe the transit of Venus. The transit was to be observed by many scientists watching from multiple locations around the world and by calculating and comparing the time taken for Venus to travel across the Sun it was hoped that this measurement could provide the basis for calculating astronomical distances. Once the observations of the transit of Venus were complete James Cook embarked on his voyage of discovery on the Endeavour which would lead him to Australia and New Zealand. Lunar Eclipse – a partial lunar eclipse occurred on 4 June. Partial eclipses occur when the Earth slides between the moon and Sun, and casts a shadow over the moon. In this lunar eclipse approximately one third of the moon was covered by the Earth’s umbral shadow. The next lunar eclipse is due on 28 November 2012. Birdwalk Weds 20 June – Aratula & Gatton Bushwalk 21 June – Winter Solstice Nadia O’Carroll

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100% BULK BILLING Female Doctor.....................Dr Himali Jayasekera Male Doctors ......................Dr Mariusz Zielinski ..............................................Dr Pujitha De Silva Psychologist .........................Jacobus Kleynhans (MAPS) Dietitian/ Exercise Physiologist ..........Lisa Spencer HEARING AUSTRALIA...Onsite

WE HAVE “OPEN BOOKS” WELCOME ALL NEW PATIENTS SAME-DAY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE General Family Medicine ~ Womens’ Health Shared Antenatal Care ~ Child Health & Immunisation Pre-employment, Drivers’ & Insurance Medicals Work Cover ~ Counselling


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Help find a little joy for Joy


OY was 10 years old in 2011 when I met him. But I saw little joy in his face or his appearance. He was visiting his father who was building a fence for us. His father’s age could have been 35-45. Of the half a dozen workers, he stood out with his much darker skin, a sign of someone who has seen a lot of hot summers in the fields. Joy’s clothes, were way too big for him, dirty with rips, holes, and tears. He was dirty as well. He must have had a drink from a stream and just wiped his dirty sleeve across his face, leaving it smeared with dust and grime. His hands were dry with a grey look to them of dead skin waiting to be scrubbed away in a nice hot oily bath. But what I really noticed about Joy was his feet. Wearing a pair of old black thongs that looked a bit like him, dusty, ripped, and not fitting. His feet were almost as broad as they were long, dirty, cracked and dry. They looked like the feet of a much older person who had planted many a rice field. He carried a sort of grubby cloth bag over his shoulder and a trap of some kind woven out of fine bamboo. I smiled at him. He didn’t smile back. Just a blank look. I said “Sabidee” to him with even a bigger smile, but he looked away and made no response that he even knew I was there. Joy spoke to his father with the same dull face and walked away. What is this kid’s story I thought. He should be at school. Three days later Joy turned up again this time he had an old wooden hand pulled cart. His father must have asked him to stop by and pick up the bits of old fire wood and spare timber. He loaded up his cart and was on his way. He didn’t talk, smile, or acknowledge anyone not even his father. “What is this kid’s story.” I thought aloud. Bounmee, my adopted son from Laos was standing next to me. “He is just another poor Lao kid.” “No” I said “ He is a poor Lao kid whose father is working very hard for us. Find out about him for me.” A week later Joy was once again visiting his father on the work site with his shoulder bag and rocket like bamboo trap. This time Bounmee spoke to him and found out the following. His parents owned no land and had to work other people’s fields for bags of rice for payment. They moved to the town so his father could find paying work during the wet season. He could not afford to go to school, instead he spent his days in the scrub catching lizards to sell at the markets for 30 cents each. Some days he caught none but today he had five; he was very happy with himself. But still he did not smile. Bounmee pulled a 100,000 kip note from his wallet (US$30) and said go home Joy you have worked hard enough for the next week. This year we paid for Joy’s school books. He has become a novice monk because his family could no longer afford to feed him. He will receive good food and an education being a novice, as every novice has to attend school. If you translate Joy from Laos to English it means Skinny. Come on Sunday 17th June 1pm @ Zamia for LAOS SHOW & TELL. Just by attending you are supporting someone like Joy. Info 5545 1646. Robyn Salisbury


ICKETS are now on sale for this great comedy play, coming to the Zamia in July. The first night is already fully booked, but there are five other evening performances and two matinees. The seating is cabaret style with tables of eight; bring your own drinks and nibbles and enjoy this entertainment in the warmth of the recently heated Zamia. Rehearsals are underway with a great cast of four women and one man, under the control of director Joan Stalker Brown. Julie Smith plays six parts with numerous different accents. Chantelle Wright and Sue McKeay play three characters each, Libby Bancroft five, and Kevin Smith two. How they remember their parts and which character they are addressing, is a mystery, but a fine indication of the ability of these actors. The audience does not escape; during this funny murder mystery, you will become involved in a trivia competition, a fashion parade, and a film show. There will be matinees at 2pm on Sunday the 15th and 22nd of July, and evening performances at 8pm on 13th (sold out), 14th, 20th, 21st, 27th, and 28th of July. Reservations can be made by phoning 5545 2084 between 10am to 5pm please, or by email anytime to More information at Frank

Zing into Zest Fest 2012


EECHMONT’S homegrown festival – Zest Fest – is gearing up to celebrate all things creative, delicious and delightful on Sunday June 24 at Graceleigh Park Beechmont. Zest also kicks off the Scenic Rim Region’s week-long showcase of regional, sustainable food - Eat Local Week. Zest Fest organising team member Sally MacKinnon said, “Thanks to support from Scenic Rim Regional Council and our local businesses we’re expanding Zest Fest 2012. “We’ve halved the entry fee to $5 per adult and there is no entry cost for children. This means that Zest will be more affordable for locals and visitors to enjoy. “We’ve expanded our live music program to showcase five local acts between midday and 4.30pm. Back by popular demand are Will Miller and Friends, Lily White, Jackie MacDonald and Huon MacKinnon (now in a duo with singer songwriter Zinta), and we’re adding the Latin duo “Gypsy” who are Paul and Catherine Slingsby. “We have a Children’s Program including storytelling, music making and kid’s Zumba. “A Workshop Program including Zumba, Sustainable Living, and Gardening will run throughout the morning and Beechmont State School P&C is operating a licensed bar from lunchtime. “And of course, our beautiful local artisans, foodies, crafters, health and wellbeing and sustainability practitioners will showcase their goods and services all day in our ‘village square’. It’s the only day of the year Beechmont has a main street and village centre,” Sally said. Zest Fest is organised by the Beechmont Business & Enterprise Network (BBEN) to showcase the enterprising businesses, food producers and artisans of Beechmont. All proceeds from the festival support BBEN’s activities to strengthen local business and the Beechmont economy. Zest Fest is on Sunday June 24 between 10am and 4.30pm (gates open 9.30am), at the Hall on Graceleigh, 1922 Beechmont Rd, Beechmont. For more information go to:





concert Winter

SUNDAY 17TH JUNE AT 2.30PM St George’s Anglican Church Dapsang Drive Tamborine Mountain ADMISSION ONLY $8 AT THE DOOR C H I L D R E N



Join Mal Cunningham and the

Tamborine Mountain Orchestra for an afternoon of hot music that warms the blood and stirs the spirit.


The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society ‘Murder Mystery’

Mal Cunningham was a featured instrumentalist with the Bobby Limb show “Sound of Music” on Channel 9 for the eight years this popular music show was on air.

Tamborine Mountain Orchestra is kindly supported by the Scenic Rim Regional Council



PHARMACY Friendly Professional Service OPEN: MON-FRI 8.15am–6pm SAT 8.15am–12.30pm IT’S ALREADY BEEN A BAD COLD & FLU SEASON, AND IT'S ONLY JUST BEGUN! Tips and Hints for staying well this cold and flu season. • Make sure you wash your hands with soap regularly • Cough or sneeze into a tissue (not your hand) • Throw tissues straight into the bin (don’t put them back in your bag or pocket) • Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it frequently

(especially if you are around sick people) Stay home if you aren't well to help stop the spread of germs While Cold and Flu tablets help you soldier on, your immune system still needs a boost. Vitamin C and Zinc (zinc deficiency lowers immune function) Manuka Honey for a sore throat Astragalus (anti-viral herb) Andrographis, Olive leaf and Echinacea (all immune building herbs) This is sometimes easier said than done, one of the most important things for recovery is REST!

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$1.99 A DOZEN ❥ CHICKEN FEED AND BIRD SEEDS AVAILABLE ❥ Lunch box sized apples – 5 for $2 ❥ $1 Cans of soft drink & fruit juice 10 – TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1329, JUNE 12, 2012

Councillor’s Comment NIGEL WAISTELL – DIVISION 1

These comments represent my personal views and Council decisions are decided on by a majority vote. ERNIE THE DINGO People have asked why Ernie could not have been re-located. I have been advised that this would have been an illegal act under the Land Protection Act 2002, Section 42. COMMUNITY FORUM Thank you to those who came to the Community Forum on Sunday 27 May. Answers to some of the questions are: • “Our Lifestyle Scenic Rim” is published wholly by the Beaudesert Times. • There is only one standard for footpaths. • Minutes of the Council of Mayors meetings are available on their web site. The next forum is planned for Sunday 22 July. CASTING VOTE It has recently been reported that the Mayor has the casting vote in Council meetings. This is not true though there is this perception due to the seating arrangement. We all have one vote. MEDIA MEETING Council is very keen to improve relations with the media and media representatives were invited to Council on Wed 6 June for a get together. Thoughts and hopes were aired and, from my perspective, it was the start of a new beginning. The CEO has opened his door at any time to the media and I hope that this offer is taken up if any issues arise in the future. SOCIAL PLAN STEERING COMMITTEE I congratulate Vanessa Bull on her appointment as the Community Representative on the above Committee. I look forward to working with her and improving transport services to Tamborine Mountain. GUIDE DOGS I ask dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash when in public places and, in particular, to keep tight control when approaching Guide Dogs. DRIVERS AND PEDESTRIANS The requirement for footpaths in many parts of the Mountain for safety reasons is acknowledged. However, the requirement will not be met in the short term. So, I ask drivers and pedestrians to be respectful of each other. If you have visitors coming to the Mountain, please advise them to take care. LONG ROAD EXTENSION The Long Road extension has now been created for use by the Emergency Services. Gates and fences have been erected and the keys will be distributed shortly. This is an important improvement which will give the Emergency Services access to areas in the rare event that Main Western Road is blocked. CONSULTATION The next consultation in the library will be on Wed 13 Jun, 4pm – 5.30pm (please note a time change). I am also available for one on one meetings at your convenience. My contact details are: • Home: 07 5545 0223; • Mobile: 0423 931 075; • Email:; and • Facebook:

Death Notice

Barbara Louise BROWN Germs, Hygiene, Cold & Flu Season

27 March 1932 – 5 June 2012

Year 1/2B Class, TMSS. These are the Mt Tamborine Pharmacy Colouring-In Competition Winners – WELL DONE! 1st Pace Sean, 2nd Place Carla 3rd Place Sebastian Oliver, Alexis, Elijah and Ben. (top row, below) did a fantastic job too. And a BIG thank you to our Judges Mrs E. Curtis, Mr G. Filmer, Mr S. Kennedy and Mr R. Rose.

Graham Gordon Brown

Beloved wife of Mother of Graham, Jenny and Jess. Service and refreshments at the Zamia Hall, on Friday 15 June at 12 noon. All her friends are welcome.



IIff you you are are a Physiotherapist, Physiotherap pist, O Occupational ccupatio onal Therapist, Therapistt, Speech Speech e P Pathologist athologist g or Dietician Dieticia an .......... ........... y you ou no o now w hav h have ve a an n opportunity oppor o tunit ity to to work worrkk close l to to hom h home. me. Full-time or part-time Full-time part-tim me Physiotherapist Physiotherapist required required immediately immediately for for o rapidly rapidly expanding expanding client c clien t load.. The load The absolute absolute focus focus of Physique Physique is on o patient patient ccare are and th the e succ successful essful applicant applicant must have ha ve very very strong strong manual m therapy therapy skills. skills. Continuing Continuing pr professional ofession nal development development fund d and in-service rregular egular in-ser vice timetable. tiimetable. All other allied heal All health lth pr professionals ofessionals wanting wanting t tto ow work ork on the mountain moun tain and eage eager er tto o fill a gap in the lo local ocal health ccare are provision, pr ovision,, now now is your your o time to to take take that that step sstep into into private private practice. practic t e. Contact Neil or R Contact Rebecca ebecca Bell Bell Phone: P hone: 5545 1133 FFax: ax: a 5545 0202 Email: Ema il: neil@physiqueh TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1329, JUNE 12, 2012 – 11

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Aquaponics: a growing enterprise


ISH in the garden? Most of us would think of a pond full of goldfish. Aquaponics gets perch swimming beneath the vegetables! Aquaponics is an amazingly efficient way of growing edible plants and fish together in a unified system. The fish tank water with its wastes is circulated to the plants that are being grown hydroponically. The plants filter the nutrients and clean the water that is then returned to the fish tanks for another cycle. Aquaponic systems have several advantages. In the backyard or in a commercial operation, they use a small space very efficiently. Water is saved through recycling, and plants are fertilised organically with natural fish solutions. It’s a great way to put fresh food on the table. Want to learn more about what’s involved in setting up an aquaponics system, large or small? Transition Tamborine Mountain, the mountain’s

sustainability group, is organising a tour of an aquaponics greenhouse at North Maclean. As this is not a retail business a pre-arranged tour is the only way to see the system in operation, and a great opportunity to learn acquaponics secrets from the nationally famed expert, Murray Hallam. Books, DVDs, kits and all supplies are available at the greenhouse. Tour: Sunday 17th June Cost: $10 p.p. Places are limited and pre-booking is essential. To secure your place (and let us know if you’re interested in car-pooling) please email or phone Wendy on 5545 4618. Meet 1.45pm at 21-31 Hives Rd North Maclean or for carpooling meet at 1pm at Vonda Youngman Community Centre carpark.

The birth of our National Parks


HE foundation of Witches Falls as a National Park is usually celebrated in March, but council likes to remember the birth of our first National Park in June- it was on 15th June, 1907, that the Tambourine Shire Council passed a motion to establish a National Park at Witches Falls. The motion was moved by Cr Sydney Curtis and seconded by Cr Joseph Henry Delpratt. The letter to the Queensland Government was written by James Dunn. It is interesting to note that descendants of these three people still live on Tamborine Mountain today. Jennifer Peat (pictured, left) is great granddaughter of JH Delpratt, Raymond Curtis is the great nephew of Sydney Curtis and Linda Balmer (pictured, right) the granddaughter of James Dunn. Next Friday, June 15, will mark the 105th birthday of this momentous council meeting.


Taking care of business at home and in George Street


AYOR John Brent and the Councillors of the Scenic Rim have hit the ground running in tackling the agenda that comes with administering the region’s largest organisation. It’s been almost a month since the council of seven, which includes five new faces, took office following the local government elections. The Council is well-advanced in its deliberations of the 2012/13 Budget which will be delivered at a Special Meeting on 13 July. “It will be a Budget that reflects the current economic climate. The new Council is committed to ensuring our fiscal approach meets the expectations of ratepayers while building for the future,” Cr Brent said. Councillors are also reviewing Council’s draft Operational Plan, which will set the organisation’s agenda for the forthcoming year, and will soon be laying the groundwork for a new Corporate Plan. In the coming weeks, Councillors will step onto a bigger stage with appointments to a range of external forums and committees to represent the views of the Scenic Rim at the state and national level. Cr Brent is leading the charge with his election as the new deputy chair of the Council of Mayors SEQ. He previously served as deputy chair under former chairman Campbell Newman during the Premier’s last term as Brisbane Lord Mayor. He will also chair the organisation’s influential Regional Planning and Growth Committee. “Scenic Rim’s involvement with organisations such as the Council of Mayors SEQ opens doors in George St and with the top end of town,” Cr Brent said. “The LNP Government has already rallied to our cause in protecting the Scenic Rim from CSG mining, but I continue to advocate on behalf of Council and the community with Ministers across a range of portfolios. “Key stakeholders in the industrial and development sectors are also wanting to talk as Council moves forward on initiatives such as the Bromelton development area. “My focus is to ensure the new Council works together to secure employment and business opportunities for the Scenic Rim, which mean jobs for our community.” SRRC Media


RACQ - wouldn’t be without them.

Be sure your car is safe for all weathers. 41 Main Street, North Tamborine Ph 5545 1214 • A/H 131 111

One small place on earth Fungi – The Knoll National Park

Glasses fogging up?? TRY


IN STORE NOW! The great benefit about filming small subjects with maximum (20x optical) zoom is that you reveal other life forms, such as the lichen on the right and the moss, or is it ferns, on the left. The fungi are tiny, but miraculously structured. I film fungi all over the mountain - from the road side, in gardens, on properties, in parks, but mostly in rainforest. At night, we regularly see luminous fungi, but my camera lacks the low light capacity to capture them. Frames from video footage celebrating Tamborine Mountain’s biodiversity.

Peter Kuttner TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN NEWS VOL. 1329, JUNE 12, 2012 – 13


5545 3390 U-Drive Dingo Hire with Attachments Large blocks for retaining walls or heavy-duty control solutions

bagged fertiliser bagged mulches crusher dust drainage gravels P.U. roadbase O decorative gravels DEL R sandstones IVER soils or Y tf n treated logs ou ds mulches isc 3 loa D concrete blend rocks 6m sleepers to 4.8m stepping stones sands, barks railway sleepers



Hartley Road, Nth Tamborine




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UR new Councillors are committed to transparency and the related credibility of Council’s processes. They have an early and obvious problem with the circumstances surrounding an item arising during the May 22 Council meeting. The Director of Regional Services recommended that Council approve an Application for a Material Change of Use for a second dwelling on a lot on Tamborine Mountain. It appeared to be quite a detailed Report. However, when the matter was discussed in Council, it became only too apparent that there was considerably more to a most disturbing story. The additional pieces were significant. Firstly, the Director’s Report failed to mention the relevant Planning Scheme requirement that the secondary dwelling be within a certain number of metres of the primary dwelling. The planned distance was greater to preserve a major tree - fair enough. Secondly, a further requirement is that the secondary dwelling not exceed 100 square metres in area. Surprise! Surprise! The Director’s Report failed to mention that the proposed plan was for a building well in excess of 200 square metres. Then, to really put the icing on a rather indigestible cake, the Director failed to mention that, even if the building is not yet complete, construction is well advanced! I also wonder what happened to the Buildings Works approval and Plumbing and Drainage approval that the Director’s Report also noted as being required before construction could commence. The new Councillors were faced with a real can of worms. However, since no objection from neighbours had been received when the proposal was advertised, and having been placed in a most invidious situation through no fault of their own, they reluctantly and with some obvious disquiet, adopted the Director’s recommendation for approval. But to return to transparency in general: something should be done about the published Council Meeting Minutes. These include Reports and Recommendations to Council and Council’s decisions. However, the Minutes omit details of Councillors’ comments and differences of opinion. As an example, if you read the Report in the Minutes about the matter I discussed above, you will not find a trace of the omissions and lack of balance I have identified. Residents deserve better involvement. The new Council really has to do something about Directors’ Reports that are less than balanced and are biassed in favour of approvals of Applications. Arguments 'for' are often supported whilst arguments 'against' are given much less weight, if any. There is an unfortunate history in this respect without even considering the



Phil Giffard

ongoing Hyacinth saga. For example, I and others had extreme reservations about the Director’s Report recommending approval of the Shopping Centre. The then Council apparently shared such concerns and, by rejecting the Application, did not adopt the Director’s recommendation. Unfortunately, when the matter went to Appeal, the Director’s recommendation was a potent argument for the Applicant (even if flawed) and the Appeal succeeded. We are also in the midst of the Power Parade Water Extraction case. Council rejected the Director’s recommendation for approval but the expected Appeal is about to be heard. Once again I, among others, criticised the Director’s Report. I saw the need to have it withdrawn for correction of its apparent errors and omissions before it was finally considered by Council. Unfortunately, although Council rejected the Report, Council left it lying on the table. No doubt, it will be picked up with delight by the Applicant when the Appeal is heard. But to return to the Shopping Centre roundabout and associated roadworks: the news is mixed. The whole approval process has been unsatisfactory, the core problem being the refusal by the Department of Transport and Main Roads to have meaningful consultation with the affected local parties. Although all Mountain residents and visitors will be affected by any dysfunction in this vital traffic link, the roadworks to date have been particularly damaging for the property owners and businesses on the eastern side of Main Western Road. The planned construction of a continuous traffic island from the roundabout to the Beacon Road intersection will only make matters worse since there is still no planning for a U-turn at the Beacon Road intersection. As a south end resident, I am only too aware of the problem. It is not only the inconvenience that is a worry, there are related and obvious safety issues. Lack of visibility is a major one, the view for south-going traffic approaching the roundabout being limited by the nearby crest. Not much has been said concerning traffic approaching the roundabout from the south but, with the pegging out of the roundabout, the blind approach around a high bank has become obvious. To further compound matters we have the difficult-to-negotiate entrances to Roslyn Lodge and to the approved, but not yet implemented, medical facility immediately to the north of Roslyn Lodge. Traffic negotiating these entries/exits will obstruct roundabout traffic flow and increase the risk of collision. The same interruptions to orderly traffic flow will arise from slowly manoeuvering large vehicles entering and leaving the shopping centre. >>

POLICE NEWS by Constable Pete Blundell, North Tamborine Police


AN I start with a matter that in most cases should not come to the attention of police in the first instance and that is the matter of petrol drive offs. I cannot remember a fortnight going by when a case of petrol stealing is not reported to us. We understand that in some cases people’s minds are on other things when they are refuelling their cars and forget to pay, but just a little bit of attention will enable us to get on with more important investigations and use our time more productively other than to chase down people for not paying for fuel. Admittedly, yes, some people steal fuel in a wilful manner and we will continue to prosecute those people through the courts when the need arises. Another matter that concerns us as police is the number of children we locate walking the streets after 10pm. Maybe during the winter months this will drop off, but it is more than noticeable in the summer months. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing illegal about children being out and about at night, but it is not always about what is legal and illegal. The safety of children is what concerns us. Drivers failing to update their drivers’ licence details after they have changed address is another matter which has come to our attention. Other than it being an offence not to update your details, Queensland Transport or SPER may need to contact you, in particular for notification of fines, accumulation of points or unpaid fines which could lead to licence suspensions. The onus is on you to be aware of your licence status at all times. P platers and learner drivers are reminded to carry your licence at all times

when driving a motor vehicle and produce on demand to a police officer. The area boundaries of the North Tamborine Police division are usually of great interest to members of the community and since we joined the Coomera Police District our divisional boundaries have expanded, would you believe! Our area extends to the southern side of Shaws Pocket Rd at Cedar Creek in the north and Jourdana Drive at Wongawallan in the east, but Hayes Rd remains in the Coomera Police Division. The division extends to the beginning of Mystery Rd at the border with Guanaba and also finishes at the Scenic Rim Regional Council border with the Gold Coast just before Landman Ct on Henri Robert Drive. Wilson Rd forms our southern divisional boundary. The western side of Tamborine Mountain Rd to Plunkett Bridge forms the north western boundary of the division. The Police divisions that we border are Canungra, Beenleigh, Jimboomba (Logan District), Coomera and Nerang (Gold Coast District). Another reminder if you are unable to contact us directly and you need to report a non urgent matter please call POLICELINK on 131444 for assistance. Last but not least I have been asked by Acting Sergeant HARGREAVES to thank the Zonta Club of Tamborine Mountain Inc, as again we have had need of their services recently. They do a sterling job raising funds for women’s issues and assist us in supporting women who are victims of domestic violence. Thank you again Zonta ladies.



If you are interested in joining the SES, contact the Duty Officer on 5540 5131 or visit



If station is unattended calls will be dealt with by staff at Police Communications.

<< Traffic tail-back from these will aggravate the visibility problems. It seems Council now has to ensure that solutions are found to these issues and others, such as the disappearance of the road verges specified in the Court Order. However, the previous refusal of Council to become involved because it was 'not their problem' has changed. Cr Waistell in particular is taking a proactive role and a

long delayed meeting on site with DTMR and Council has taken place. We shall see what results. On a brighter note. I hear that a locked gate track along the route of the Long Road extension is soon to be made available to emergency vehicles. Hallelujah! It is only 16 years since I first raised the matter in Council.


MEDICAL PRACTICE 14 Main Western Road North Tamborine and Shop 1/17 Southport Avenue Eagle Heights

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40 years of continuous service to the Tamborine Mountain community Affiliated with three universities

COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH CARE SERVICE Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 8.30am - 7pm Friday 8.30am - 5pm Saturday 8.30am - 12noon Sunday 8.30am - 10.30am

Dr Ann Bennett Dr Jan Zomerdijk Dr Leeann Carr-Brown Dr Sanne Kreijkamp-Kaspers Dr Henri Coombs Dr John Purton Dr Wendy Tsui Dr Nimmi Chand

Nationally Accredited


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FOR RENT The properties listed below are available for rent, though some may still be tenanted.

95 COOMERA GORGE DR $175 PW One bed-sit, with separate bathroom and kitchen, covered car port is a lovely quite area, with views 11 TABOR DRIVE $330 PW 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, open plan living

with fire place, covered deck looking into the nature corridor 98 EAGLE HEIGHTS RD $495 PW 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, formal lounge/dining, separate kitchen, family room, walking distance Gallery Walk



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THE At rear of Presbyterian Church BARGAIN CENTRE $AVE • Secondhand Furniture • Soft Furnishings • Kitchenware • Books • Toys • Accessories & Costume Jewellery • Ladies, Men’s & Children’s Clothing OPEN: Tuesday to Saturday 8.30am – 12noon Other times by appointment

Dawn Hooper from North Tamborine took this amazing photograph of a Spotted Quoll at Boonoo Boonoo Nat Park [about 140 klms from here], last week. A group from the local Natural History Assoc went there birding for a few days.

The spotted quoll


HIS quoll, Dasyurus maculatus (maculatus = spotted), is also known as the Spotted Tail Quoll, the Tiger Quoll or the Tiger Cat and is the biggest of the quolls. We are pretty sure that this is a male as males are on average about 3.5 kg and females about 1.8 kg and this was quite big.


Also he was quite aggressive in attitude probably due to it being mating season. They are found from South Queensland (where they are now very rare) to Tasmania. Boonoo Boonoo National Park, where we saw him, is just over the border in NSW near Stanthorpe. Jim Inglis

Eduquest – Big Success


DUQUEST was held at Tamborine Mountain College on Tuesday 29 May. The event was held at Tamborine Mountain College in its fabulous new building – Digital Resource Centre. Eduquest is an annual event for Yr 7 primary students to partake in educational challenges in learning areas such as Maths, English, Science, History, Geography and Drama. This year teams came from Tamborine Mountain State School, St Bernard State School, Canungra State School and Cedar Creek State School. St Bernard State School was the winning school – AGAIN – won last year too! The school took out the major prize of the Trophy and a cheque for $1,000. Each Team member received an Eduquest medallion and an Eduquest bag full of educational prizes! Tamborine Mountain College Scholarships were awarded by TMC Board Members, Prof Jack Walton, Mr John Hill and Mr John Lamb to the top three students on the day. 1st – Thor Wendell from St Bernards 2nd – Callum Waite from TMSS 3rd – Tom Sheppard from Canungra Cedar Creek State School took out the Spirit Award which recognised that team’s efforts, cooperation and friendliness. They also took home an Eduquest bag of educational goodies! Mrs Melbourne, the Principal, said that the talent and intelligence displayed by all the students from the local primary schools indicates a high standard of education. She

Firefighters burn off ahead of bushfire season


OUTH eastern Queensland residents may notice a large amount of smoke in the air over the coming weeks as firefighters continue with their preparations for the upcoming bushfire season. Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) Regional Manager for Rural Operations Fergus Adrian said each year local firefighters identified a number of areas where the level of vegetation or fuel for a bushfire posed a possible risk to the community. “While there are a number of ways to reduce this fuel load, often the most effective course of action is to burn the fuel in a controlled fire, this is known as a hazard reduction burn or a controlled burn,” Mr Adrian said. “The QFRS spends months analysing fire weather conditions and planning and preparing for bushfire season. Hazard reduction burns are a vital component of this process.” Fire mitigation is a joint initiative with

Marks & Gardner Gallery & Bookshop

Café & Contemporary Art Open Wed-Sun 9am-4pm

was so impressed, she would love those who participated to make application for a College Scholarship through the normal process of letter and application. It is now the time to make decisions for next year’s education and Tamborine Mountain College offers excellent education in a caring and nurturing learning environment. It was a great day, giving schools and teachers an opportunity to mix and compete in a real community event. Students also had the opportunity to see the talents of their teachers in the fun event “Teachers on the Spot”. David Church from TMSS took out the “best” teacher prize. All participants on the day received an Eduquest gift bag. Thanks was given to businesses that supported the event –The Polish Place, La Ferme Provencale, Songbirds, Belvedere, Bearded Dragon, St Bernards Hotel, Rainforest Skywalk, Laser-Skirmish, Harbour Town Reading Cinema, Heritage Winery, Symons Educational Books. It is truly wonderful when this support occurs for such a worthwhile event – we hope you in turn support these businesses too! Congratulations to all who made Eduquest such a success again this year. TMC hundreds of hazard reduction burns coordinated by not only QFRS but other agencies such as the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing, Forestry Plantations Queensland, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and local councils. Mr Adrian said residents could do their part to prepare their own properties by obtaining a Permit to Light Fire and conducting their own controlled burn. “This is a simple process and residents can apply for a permit through their local Fire Warden,” he said. “Permit conditions are mandatory and it is important people abide by the rules outlined by the Fire Warden. If these are not implemented the permit is invalid. The responsibility of controlling and containing a fire identified on the permit lies with the landholder.” For details on your local Fire Warden visit or contact your local area office. For more information contact the Department Community Safety Media on 3635 3310.

PH 5545 4992 69 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine

The Mountaintop Hair Shoppe

Phone: 5545 1491 Main St., North Tamborine Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9am–4pm Tues & Sat 9am–12 noon



qwtyusqwtyus Golf Results: TMGC 9 Hole Twilight Event Thursday 31st May Glen Antill took out the monthly prize, courtesy of St Bernards Hotel, for which we thank them. Glen was the most accomplished player over the last month and last weeks winner as well. But boy what a difference seven days makes. He only, and I shouldn't tell, but we need a bit of humour here, scored 8 lousy points. Sorry Glen! So the winner, Maurie Payne with a masterful 27 points, well done young fellow! Lloyd Tengdahl a great 25 from Ray Smith, Romus Patraitis and Jimmy Dunn all on 23. Ray won on the countback system, so great scoring lads.The approach on 12 taken out by the man of few words Jimmy Dunn and able seaman Brett Clisby nearest the pin on the 14th. 18 Hole Stableford Event Thursday 31st May When you sit down to write on the golf you are always hoping something very funny or humiliating is going to happen. Well this week, nothing. Come on lads put a smile on everyone's face and tell us all the gossip. Anyway Maurie Payne had a smile, not only winning the 9 hole event but this one as well, 40 points, from Anton Wernekinck 38 points. Anton played very nicely so Maurie, by that score you must have been very pleased,a great round! Brett Clisby took out the nearest the pin on 14 while Rod Schulte the approach on 12. Don't forget this is a open event to all players, male and female from any golf club. 18 Hole Stableford Event Saturday 2nd June and President V Captains Cup Event We won't talk about the weather in the afternoon, just let's say the President side won by an overwhelming margin 640 to 343 points. Some brave souls out there or shall we say very committed golfers who did their very best to hold up the Captains side, sadly all in vain. In the single event Corec Richardson played a very nice round with 43 points from Doug Lowrie 42 and Sam Di Pietrio 41. Ball run down to all those who had 36 or better. Let's hope the weather is on the improve. 9 Hole Twilight Event 24th May Able seaman Brett Clisby, proved he's quite able and not all at sea on the course. Brett showed the others in the pack a clean pair of heals, 27 points just too good. Jimmy Dunn came a distant second on 23, on a countback from Romus Petraitus. Brad Fox took out both the nearest the pin on the 5th and the approach on the 3rd. Don't forget the yearly event is getting close, (Thursday 28th June) get it right, and you could win a wonderful cruise from one of our sponsors Getaway Cruises on the Gold Coast, thanks to Darryl Franklin. That event will be over 18 holes so get a lesson from Andy and start practicing. 18 Hole Stableford Event 24th May We said it all about Brett Clisby in the above story, but he really played exceptional golf (2 over off a 8 handicap) 45 points, also the approach shot on 12 and walk away with all of the loot. Well done Brett! Brad Fox who also gets mentioned in dispatches often 2nd on 39



points from Lawrence Richardson 37 by countback. Tony Murphy was heard telling anybody who would listen about his supposedly perfectly struck shot on the 14th to clinch nearest the pin. 4 Ball Ball Event Saturday 26th May Doug Lowrie and Adam Leigh certainly gave the rest of the club something to chase by setting a high score of 47 points in the morning. There is nothing worse than arriving for golf in the afternoon and seeing a score like that already on the board. And it held, although not without a ever so close finish from Barry Roberts and Bruce Bartle 46 points. It was obvious from Bruce's 1 under off the stick that he carried the old fell Barry throughout the day. So well done Doug and Adam, but please check the handicap board before your next game. The result of the much awaited playoff for the Fourball Matchplay Championship went to the father and son team of Tom and Tim Kerr beating the old team of Brett Clisby and Rod Schulte. The report was that young Tom shot the lights out on first 9 and dad,Tim played like we all know he can. Congratulations! Brett and Rod have now been beaten 2 years in a row into 2nd position and were last seen looking for new partners, err! golfing partners that is. The Chipper

Ladies Golf As they would be saying in Stanthorpe, “real brass monkey weather” – not enough to stop Glenyce Lynch from winning the Monthly medal for June on the coldest day of the year on Tamborine Mtn so far, Congratulations Glenyce with a nice 72 nett. BRD Katherine Lim and Narelle Cooper. NTP No 5 Katherine Lim. Nice to have Katie Hewitt in the field today also. Monday at Sanctuary Cove is a day we would like to forget for 3 of the players , along with at least ≤ of the field at the Sir Bruce Small Jubilee Trophy, a district event. (carts on paths as a result of the rain on the weekend) Sanctuary Cove Golf Club course does not have the same run-off as we, on the Mountain experience. The star of the day for Tamborine Mtn team was Annie Hay with a great 76 nett. As a result of a successful Open Day last week we will be making a donation to Community Care. Thank you to all the girls who helped to make it a great day. A get well message to all the girls struggling with health issues; we wish you well and please know that you are missed. Till next week – stay warm. Tamborine Mtn Ladies OPEN DAY 29th May 2012 4BBB Stableford. 48 players in the field. 6 visiting clubs. The day was perfect and the course in great condition. The ladies were welcomed to the club with early morning tea and warm fire in the club House. Pumpkin soup was well received during play. Lunch prepared by Toni and Ann and sweets supplied by the ladies. Winners


Katherine Lim and Marie Hofmier Tamborine Mtn. 1st R-up Jill McGhie and Cathy Achterberg Tamborine Mtn 2nd R-up Lindell Grimshaw and Kim Sami Canungra 3rd R-up Kay Hamilton Tamb Mtn and Carolynn Rothwell, Boomerang Farm 4th R-up Mary Thomson and Pam Proctor, Arundel Hills Acc Drive Hole No 3 – 0-29 Liz Bobermein Canungra; 30-45 Mary Bentley B’Farm Pro Pin No 7 Annie Hay Tamb Mtn NTP No 5 Katherine Lim Tamb Mtn NTP No 14 Kay Hamilton Tamb Mtn App 2nd shot No 8 0-29 Carolyn Rothwell B’Farm;No 17 30-45 Mary Groves Canungra App 2nd Shot No 6 Mary Bentley B’Farm; No 15 Denise Woolmore. Thanks to Wayne our Green Keeper and his Volunteers. Andy Pro Shop All the Tamborine Mtn. Ladies, for the wonderful contribution of Sweets and Raffle prizes. Special mention to Heike and Alex from Deli Vino for their generous donation towards the raffle, also Coffee Plantation for their generous donation as well to our raffle. Tamborine Living for their generous discount. Thank you all very much. Good luck to the girls playing in the Sir Bruce Small Shield district trophy event, being played at The Pines Sanctuary Cove. Looking forward to more good golf on our beautiful course.

TM Bridge Club Monday 4th June 2012 at 6.45 pm 7 Table Mitchell North-South 1st D Merrin & D Merrin 2nd W Natrop & P Warrell 3rd C Bowman & K Bowman East-West 1st M Smith & S Tomkins 2nd D Goodrick & S Pollock 3rd= D Donaldson & H Edrich 3rd= J Evans & R Evans Tuesday 5th June 2012 at 12.45 pm 5 Table Mitchell North-South 1st D Cowls & D Merrin 2nd R Noble & R Rushbrooke East-West 1st R Feige & S Feige 2nd D Goodrick & S Pollock Thursday 7th June 2012 at 12.45 pm 8 Table Mitchell North-South 1st D Cowls & J Salter 2nd C Burnes & W Natrop 3rd B Wales & W Wales East-West 1st D Goodrick & S Pollock 2nd R Feige & S Feige 3rd J Bates & K Mulders

62.1% 56.4% 52.1% 60.0% 57.5% 52.5% 52.5%

56.5% 52.6% 66.9% 52.0%

62.5% 56.5% 55.6% 68.9% 61.4% 51.3%

Church Notices ANGLICAN CHURCH: St George’s, corner Eagle Heights Road & Dapsang Drive, Eagle Heights. Every Sunday Holy Communion at 9.30am. Weekday Services: Holy Communion 10am Thursdays. Children’s Ministry 2nd & 4th Sundays of month at 9.30am. Kids Club 3pm Fridays during term. Study Groups, Housegroups, Prayer Group, Spiritus Agency, etc. Enq. 5545 2919. St Luke’s Canungra: Holy Communion Sundays 7.45am. BAHA’I FAITH For information and details of meetings and children’s classes in state school please phone 55450605 or 55453674 ST JOHN THE BAPTIST CATHOLIC CHURCH, 90-94 Beacon Rd, North Tamborine. celebrates Mass on Sundays at 7.30am and Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.00am, except the first Friday of the month. Ph 5541 1068. CATHOLIC CHURCH MARIAN VALLEY: Beechmont Rd, Canungra. (National Shrine of our Lady Help of Christians). Sunday Masses 11am & 4pm. Weekdays 9am. Sat 11am. Every Friday, after Mass, Eucharistic Adoration concluding 3pm with Divine Mercy Chaplet & Benediction. Shrine open daily Ph 5533 3617. COOMERA CHRISTIAN SPIRITUAL CHURCH Sunday 6.30pm. Helensvale Community Centre, 31 Discovery Drive Helensvale. Guest Speaker – Clairvoyant. Healing – Meditation. Enq: Lynette 5545 0484. JEHOVAH’S WITNESS: Public Meeting, Kingdom Hall, Holt Rd, Sat. 4pm. 5545 4680. LIBERTY BAPTIST CHURCH – TMSHS Performing Arts Centre, Holt Road. Sunday Morning Service & Kid’s Church 9.30am; Youth Thurs 3.45pm & Fri 6pm; Young adults 7pm Wed. All Welcome. Enq: 5545 1533. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Main St, North Tamborine. Sunday Service 9am. Sunday School 9.15am. Weekly: Growth Groups, Playtime, Kids Kapers. Minister Kim Dale – 5545 2041. More information at THE SALVATION ARMY RECOVERY CHAPEL 168 MacDonnell Road Eagle Heights Sunday 6pm All welcome Tuesday 7pm Enquiries 5630 7939. SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST Church Fellowship meets at “The Little School House”, next to Tamborine Village Hall on Saturdays Sabbath School 9.30am and Church service at 11am. All welcome. Free DVD library delivered to your door. Please phone 5543 8035 or 5541 1224 for enquiries. TAMBORINE COMMUNITY CHURCH Sunday Service and Sunday School 10am every Sunday at Community Centre. Kings Kids Programme each Sunday ph Lyn 5545 4545. Midweek Home groups avail. Careforce Recovery groups (e.g. Search for Life) and other family/relationship courses also available. Enq. Ph Rev John Latta 5545 2318. UNITING CHURCH: 41 Appel St, Canungra. Worship first, second and third Sundays 10.30am. Fourth & fifth Sundays 9am; Tamborine Mountain contacts 5545 3773 and 5545 3817.

REGULAR MOUNTAIN ACTIVITIES AQUA AEROBICS Mon Wed Fri 7am, Tues 7.30am; Thurs 7.30am at the pool Phone 5545 2500 BADMINTON Social players, all levels. Mon 7pm9pm at the Vonda Youngman Community Centre (except Public Holidays). BASKETBALL Social. Mon 4.30-5.30pm Fri 3.304.30pm Community Centre. Michele 5545 1569. BODHI HEALTH & HEALING: Morning Tea 10am first Mon each month - tea/coffee/cake $6 as well as complimentary therapies, flower readings, Reiki, meditation, Yoga and Dance/Movement demonstrations. Proceeds to local charities. Info ph: 5545 0565. BOOK READERSʼ GROUP meets once a month, new members welcome. Enquiries at TM library. BOTANIC GARDENS Forsythia Dr, Eagle Hts Volunteers’ working bee every Thurs morning 8-12. Enq: Brian Davison 5545 4926. CHRONIC FATIGUE FIBROMYALGIA Support Group meets monthly Ph 5545 3134. TM CREATIVE ARTS: General Craft, Spinning & Pottery: Wed 9am-12noon, Mon 7-10pm, Fri 9am12noon. General Craft: Wed 7-10pm. Sewing: 1st Wed 9am. Quilting & Patchwork: Mon 9am-12noon. Painting: Mon 1pm-4pm. Folk Art/Botanical Drawing: 2nd & 4th Thurs 9am-12 noon. Bridge: Wed 12.30pm. Wearable Art: Thurs 1-4pm. Writers: 1st, 3rd, 5th Mon of month 1-4pm. Life Drawing: Tues 9.30am-12.30pm. Wood artisans: Fri 9am-12noon. Men’s Group: Mon 6.30-10pm. Further info contact Creative Arts Hall, Wed mornings, ph. 5545 3221. CREATIVE ARTS BRIDGE CLUB Wed at 12.30pm. For info contact John Noble, 5545 4022. CROQUET/GATEBALL CLUB Tamborine Mountain Sports Centre, 400 Long Rd, North Tamborine. All Welcome. Tuition given. Mon & Fri 9am, Sun pm. Enquiries Kathleen 5545 0973. INSTITUTE OF MODERN TAE KWON DO, classes 6.30-8pm every Tuesday and Thursday. Parents with children classes Saturdays 10-11am. At Tamborine Mtn Showgrounds Hall. Ph. 5545 3171 JOHN DICKSON CONSERVATION PARK: working bees 1st Monday & 3rd Monday of each month. 8am. Ph: Elizabeth Russell 5545 3601. KIDSʼ CLUB: Anglican Church, 2nd & 4th Fridays from 3pm. Ph 5545 1359. LITTLE TIGERS TAE KWON DO classes for ages 510 years 5-6pm Tues at Show Hall 5545 3173. LIBERTY BAPTIST CHURCH: QCCC Meeting Centre 48 Keswick Rd North Tamborine Sunday morning service 9.30am. Youth meet Thursday 3.45pm and Friday 6pm. ALL WELCOME. Enq: 0419 642 062. MEDITATION: Tuesdays 7pm – New Thought, New Life Centre 5545 3700. MOVIES ON THE MOUNTAIN: Regular screenings of latest releases at the Zamia Theatre. Ph 5545 3517. SHIM JANG TAE KWON DO Mon and Fri, 5.306.30pm Community Centre Ph Martin 5545 0617. TAI CHI Tues mornings, Thurs evenings 110 Eagle Hts Rd, Eagle Hts. Phone Gai Wanless 5545 2409. TM BOWLS CLUB – Tues (2pm or 6pm), Fri & Sat 2.00pm mixed, all by arrangement. Free coaching, new members most welcome. Enquiries: 5545 1308. TM BRIDGE CLUB meets each Monday at 6.45pm, Tuesday at 12.45pm and Thursday at 12.45pm at Roslyn Lodge, 24 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine. Duplicate sessions conducted under supervision of qualified directors. Regular Red Point events. New Members and visitors welcome. Phone Sec. Sue Tomkins on 5545 0955 or Partnership Arranger Jeff Salter 5545 4526. TM BUSH VOLUNTEERS: meet on the first Saturday of the month (except Jan.) To find out where we will be working contact Len on 3355 7288 or 0428335572. TM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: 2nd Wed. of month. TM COMMUNITY KINDERGARTEN ASSOC meets 2nd Wednesday of the month at the kindergarten 23 Coleman Square, North Tamborine at 7.15pm. TM FAMILY HISTORY GROUP Meetings held 1st Sunday each month (excl. January) at TM Historical Soc, Wongawallan Rd, Eagle Heights, 3–5 pm approx. Please contact Carol 5545 0066 or Robyn 5545 2764. TM GARDEN CLUB: 2nd Tues. 9.30am Community Centre. TM GYMNASTICS Vonda Youngman Community Centre. Enquiries: Judy Netel, on 5545 4152. TM HISTORICAL SOCIETY – Member working bee & morning tea every Tuesday mornings. New members

always welcome. Please contact Phil Paley 5545 4962 or Ron Pokarier 5545 3929 for further details. TM LADIES CHOIR 9.30am each Mon, Presbyterian Hall. New members welcome. 5545 1231 (AM only). TM LANDCARE: Volunteers welcome for Forest Regeneration throughout the Mountain. Please visit www.tamborinemtnlandcare. for times, or phone 5545 1847 9am-12 noon Mon-Fri. TMLETS: Join at Community Exchange System . Enq. 5545 3776. TM LIONS CLUB Admin meeting held on the 2nd Monday and dinner meeting on the 4th Monday of the month. For more information please phone 5545 2120 or visit website http://tamborinemountain.qld. TM LITTLE THEATRE: Meetings held 1st Tuesday of month at 7.00pm.Regular plays, play readings & social events. New members welcome. Warrick Bailey President 5545 0819. TM LOCAL PRODUCERS ASSOC. meets 3rd Thurs in Feb, May, Aug, Nov, 2.30–4pm at farm locations. Ph 5545 3677. TM MASONIC LODGE: Meets 3rd Wed each month except Dec. Masonic Centre, 10 Knoll Rd, North Tamborine. Contact 5545 0435. TM MENSʼ SHED: Weekly Activity: Each Thurs at 3.30–5.30pm Workshop Activities at TM State High School for Members. Monthly Get-together and Meeting: First Tues of Month – 7pm at Tennis Club Shed 88 Beacon Road (Tennis Courts). Ring Neville Warner for details on 5545 0709 or 0418 779 382. TM NATURAL HISTORY ASSOC: Birdwatchers meet 2nd Wed of the month. Bushwalkers meet 3rd Wed of every 2nd month. Natural History meetings 3rd Fridays of Feb, April, June, Aug (AGM), Oct and Nov. All meetings 7.30pm Historical Society Wongawallan Road Eagle Heights. Ph 5545 3200 or 5545 3551. TM NETBALL CLUB. Contact Tarla 5545 4891. TM ORCHESTRA Mondays 7-8pm at St George’s Anglican Church, Dapsang Dr, North Tamborine. TM PROBUS CLUB meets 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Vonda Youngman Community Centre, 10am. Enquiries to Secretary 5545 0737. TM PROGRESS ASSOCIATION: 1st Tuesday in month. 7.30pm Heritage Centre Wongawallen Road. TM R.S.L. Sub–branch general meeting – 2nd Tues of every 2nd month (starting February). 7pm, RSL rooms, below Memorial Centre (Bowls Club). TM RESIDENTS ASSOC: Meets 4th Thurs every 2nd month or as advertised at Masonic Lodge. Contact Pres Richard Adams or Sec Diana Francis on 5545 4009 to arrange attendance or discuss any matters concerning TM residents. TM SENIORS ONTHENET meets 9.30am 2nd Friday of month, Creative Arts Centre, Eagle Heights. Entry $2. Ph: 5545 2247 TAMBORINE SUSTAINABLE GARDENERSʼ SOC (TSGS), a group of enthusiastic gardeners, meets on the last Saturday of each month. Denise James, Phone 5545 4323. TM TENNIS CLUB: 88 Beacon Rd North Tamborine. Contact 5545 2493, 5545 3547. Casual bookings at Bowls Club 5545 1308. TOASTMASTERS: Meetings aimed at enhancing your communication skills are held on 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at the Creative Arts Centre, Wongawallan Road from 7:00 to 9:30pm. Contact Ashley Anderssen 5545 0916 or Francesca Thorn on 5545 1294 if you are interested. TRIATHLON CLUB, meets 3rd Monday of each month at the Information Centre, Doughty Park at 7pm. Enquiries Adi 5545 3838 TM WRITERSʼ GROUP: Meets every 1st & 3rd Mon of month, 1.30–3.30pm at Creative Arts Centre, Eagle Heights. Call Ted on 5545 0326 for details. UNIVERSITY OF THE THIRD AGE TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN. A volunteer association for retirees. Learn, teach, socialise. 5545 0043. YOUTH GROUP: If you are in grade 8-12 please join us Sunday Nights 5:30 – 7:30pm in the Church Hall. Cost $2 – Dinner provided. Weekly Bible Studies also run. Phone Mark 0434434461 for details. ZONTA CLUB of TM meets 2nd Tues. of month at Eagle Heights Hotel, Tamborine-Oxenford Rd, Eagle Hts. Further info Tonia Epstein, 5545 3120.


TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN BUSINESS DIRECTORY ACCOUNTING STEPHEN HALL & ASSOC. P/L Accounting on the Mountain • Taxation/BAS Returns • Business Advice • Bookkeeping

• Business Advice • Tax Planning • Payroll Services

Chartered & CPA Qualified Staff SHOP 3, 15 MAIN WESTERN RD NTH TAMBORINE

PHONE (07)

5545 2588


Dietzel Homes BUILDER Ph 5545 2557

TAMBORINE TV & ANTENNA TV & VCR Tune-ins, Digital Decoders & Antennas, Extra TV Points Supplied & Installed Peter Newman (Reg’d T.E.S.A Member) FREE QUOTES Ph

5543 3331 Mob 0409 729 107


Fax 5545 2555

Mobile: 0407 764 715 or 0409 764 725

Qld Bldg. Reg No. 24096

Harding-Smith Builders BSA 701147 ACN 057 427013



Pty Ltd

House & General Builders Mobile: 0408 772 250

Call Colin & Jenny for the “best local service by a county mile”

A/h Mark 5545 2063 • David 5545 1620

5545 4717 0412 991 249




MOBILE COMPUTER SERVICES ‡Laptop & desktop repairs % ‡Data backup & recovery

BUILDING DESIGN Building Design & Energy Efficiency Reports BSA Lic 40718 Bers Accr BA 329 Paul Wootton Ph/Fx: 5545 2546 Mob: 0408 989 961


• Carpets & Upholstery • Windows & Screens, Frames & Tracks • Moving out cleans • General Cleaning • Free Quotes • Fully Insured


‡Virus removal & computer clean ‡+RPH:L¿LQVWDOODWLRQ upgrade


OFF * All computer services

*excludes software & hardware

0411 137 369




MASTER CRAFTSMAN AND DESIGNER KITCHENS, LAUNDRIES, ROBES, FURNITURE. Total service, from small improvements or changes to a complete overhaul. Creative budget solutions or more upmarket if you like.

Phone 0437 436 552 all hours.




APPLIANCE REPAIRS • Washers • Dryers • Microwaves • Cooktops • Ovens Agent for: • Dishwashers Hoover - Dishlex • Washing Machines Kleenmaid - Fisher

5543 6858

& Paykel - Asko Asea


Yes, you can. Hire your building equipment from MITRE 10 North Tamborine

Registered Dental Prosthetist

DENTURES - RELINES REPAIRS - MOUTHGUARDS Shop 10 Eagle Heights Shopping Village

5545 3128

EARTHMOVING Excavators Bobcats Trucks

Phone 5545 1170 OPEN 7 DAYS



• postholes • pads • trenching • tank holes • clearing • burnoffs • landscaping

Eagle Heights Cleaning Services

Specialising in: DRIVEWAYS

Affordable Rates Free Quotes

Ph: 5545 1979

Mob: 0400 452 054 Ph: 5545 2054 For all your Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Needs




G.J. Baldwin & Associates P/L

Tamborine Mower Repairs

Tamborine Mtn Electrical ACN 010980695 Lic. 36447

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Domestic/Farm/Commercial Shop 4, Tamborine Plaza Ph: 5545 1207


Coiffure HAIR


P: 5545 4783

M: 0413 233 530

For hair that looks good beyond the salon doors


Lic. No. 59907

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Domestic • Commercial • Farm Installation • Repairs

Phone: 5545 2166 Shop 4, 15 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine (opp. Pharmacy)



Suppliers of new & reconditioned • Mowers • Brush Cutters JOHN DEERE Spares & Service

Ph 5545 1892 or 0428 451 892


Acreage Mowing

HEALTH FUND REBATES • Helen, 0413 919 212

Prompt Reliable Service

Aching/burning feet, bunion pain, sore legs, sciatica, headaches, tension, general pain, women’s health (RAA, ATMS, ICR, FNTT) – Mountain Resident

Now Available at Tamborine Mower Repairs

5545 1892 0428 451 892






Ph 5545 2402 – Opp. St Bernard’s Hotel Open Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm Saturday 9am – 12pm


Ph 07 5545 0499 Shop 6, 15 Main Street, North Tamborine


TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN GLASS All Glass Replacement Glass & Mirror cut to size Security Screens - Shower Screens

Insurance Work Welcome Free Quotes

Ph 5545 3793 • 0407 696 068



Let us price your landscape plant needs. Buy direct from the producer. Quote comparison welcome. OPEN 7 DAYS. 176 Long Rd, Eagle Heights • 5545 4999

Is your garden ready for spring & summer entertaining? Would you like to attract wildlife? Do you want envious friends & neighbours?

Local horticulturalist & lic’d structural landscaper • Design • Water features • Stonework • Planting • Paving & retaining walls Contemporary, native & formal gardens • MOB: 0411 805 589 – AH: 5545 3360


Ladies & Men’s Hairdressing

Premium Blue Couch, Greenlees Park and Kikuya Turf.

Shop 4, Southport Ave, Eagle Heights

• Farm pick-up or delivered • Weekend pick-ups must be ordered by Friday • Inspection Invited.

Ph Michelle 5545 1291 for appt


Ph. 0417 001 536


Affinity Landscapes GLASS

All Tamborine Storage

Ph: All Hrs 5543

6133/5543 8441


eco painters bsa licence 1043639

domestic/commercial paint finishes • colour consulting Phone Derek 0414 478 787 tel/fax: 5545 4726 Major Credit Cards Accepted

D & D DECORATORS PAINTING & PAPERHANGING CONTRACTORS Domestic, Commercial, Industrial Lic. No. 062240

Ph: 5545 1952 Mob: 0407 757 960 FREE QUOTES David Gibbons








Mobile Pool Servicing, Equipment Repairs & Troubleshooting. Pool training & rental property pools.

PH: 5545 2319 Private and insurance work Total Car Care FREE QUOTES PICK UP DELIVERY

Contact Julie Bowdery NSPI Accredited Phone 0447 665 111


VALUER VALUER – MALCOLM BISHOPP Independent Property Valuer, all purposes. Assessments market value, compensation, property settlement, stamp duty, GST. Registered Valuer Queensland No. 734. Member Australian Property Institute (Valuers)


PLASTERER Gyprock, ornate & suspended ceilings, fancy cornices, ceiling roses. All Aspects of Trade Phone BRETT CLEARY

5545 0115

• • • • •

Plumbing Drainage Roofing Guttering Pumps

REMOVALIST Local Country

Interstate Pre-packing

Vic Palmer

PO Box 107, Eagle Heights 4271 Phone 5545 0022 Fax: 5545 0200


REMOVALS Incorporating Tamborine Mtn Removals

Ph: 07 3287 4326 Mobile 0408 743 244


Ian Lloyd

QBSA 1199330


Licensed Plumber QBS Lic No. 62248


Rock and Timber Retaining Walls

Ph: (Mob) 0417 437 143 A/H 5543 6884 Lic No 047179

Specialising in:• Maintenance • Plumbing • Draining • Roofing • Gasfitting Ph: Dave Angel at Nth Tamborine Ph: 5545 2369 all hours Mobile No: 0419 677 008

• Expertly Built • All Earthworks • Engineer designed, when required • Certification • BSA Licenced 1111939 Office: 5543 8584 • Mob: 0432 281 075 Email:


At rear of Presbyterian Church

• Secondhand Furniture • Soft Furnishings • Kitchenware • Books • Toys • Accessories & Costume Jewellery • Ladies, Men’s & Children’s Clothing

Established on the Mountain since 1990 Andrew Paxton-Hall BVSc. Chris Corcoran BVSc. (Hons) Small & Large Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm Animal Practice Saturday 8am - 1pm A fully equipped veterinary hospital right here on the Mountain providing quality service including home visits, x-ray, ultrasound, in-house blood tests, surgery, pet grooming, hydrobath and a full range of pet food supplies. 2 Main St, Nth Tamborine

5545 2422 all hours A/H Emergency Service Always Available




Septic ~ Treatment Plants ~ Grease traps Holding tanks ~ Sullage Tanks ~ Sullage Pumps 24/7 SERVICE – Tamborine Mountain resident PHONE: 5545 2692


OPEN: Wednesday to Saturday 8.30am – 12noon


Other times by appointment

Ph 0422 545 443 • Ah 5543 1784

• Pumping of septic tanks • Enviro system • Grease Traps • Sullage • Holding Tanks and commercial hourly hire


Canungra Cnr Pine Rd & Franklin St

5543 5622 All Hours Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm. Sat 8.30am-11.30am A.H. EMERGENCY SERVICES ALWAYS AVAILABLE


PURIFICATION SOLUTIONS • Water Treatment • Waste Water Treatment • Sewerage Plant Maintenance • Pump Sales/Repairs • Designs & Modifications

GLEN HARVEY 0412 366 867 • 1300 302 676


CLASSIFIEDS Rates: $6 for first 10 words, then 10 cents for each additional word. Classifieds may be left in the boxes at NORTH TAMBORINE NEWSAGENCY. Place your ad & money in an envelope & drop in box. UNPARALLELLED OPPORTUNITY WORKING FROM HOME ~ PART OR FULL TIME ~ ABSOLUTELY NO RISK ~ GENUINE OPPORTUNITY SELDOM KNOCKS TWICE! FREE TRAINING & SUPPORT. CALL 0409 771 885.


Est 1985 - Maurice & Debbie Friendly, Reliable Delivery

$140 per load BSC Approved

7 DAYS A WEEK Ph: 5545 3935 or 0417 644 498


Mob: 0427 808 341 Email:

2 LOVERS, HEARTBROKEN by the 15,640 km separating them,… If you have the heart, financial resources or intimate migration knowledge to help them re-unite forever, please call John on 0427 253 865 ATTENTION!! What’s on the bottom of your water tank? Dead rats, snakes, toads or worse. Minimum water loss extraction cleaning system now available by The Tank Doctor 0407 649 659 or 5545 3693. AUTO AIRCONDITIONING, Regas, Diagnostics and service. Ph Dave 0423 334 336 BOOKS AND MAGAZINES FOR SALE second hand and new local authors. Piccabeen Bookshop/ Landcare office below Joseph the Greengrocer, Main St. CHIBALL CLASSES now at a new venue at the Tamborine Mountain Showground Hall, every Wednesday morning at 9am. Move with the Seasons! ChiBall integrates the philosophy of traditional chinese medicine with modified movements of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais muscle release and deep relaxation, using a small scented coloured soft ball. You will experience a thoroughly rejuvenating exercise to music class for harmony, balance and wellbeing. For information contact: Dagmar mobile 0434 547 184 or email: or just show up! Bring a Yoga Mat and a bottle of water, and wear comfy clothes. MOBILE MASSAGE: Qualified Therapist. Maintain the health of your body with a regular therapeutic massage. Service also avail. to some offMountain areas. Anja Cameron 0405 347 900 MOUNTAIN-WIDE PAMPHLETS Distribution service. Advertise your business. Ph 0438 452 587. MULCH: Excellent quality. Aged, clean mulch. $25/metre delivered. Ph: 5545 0467. PAINTING DONE, promptly and professionally. Licence no 1148449. “Economy and Quality”. Small handyman jobs done also. Free quotes. Call Roy on 0404 486 574 or 5545 2323. NATUROPATH, Nutrition advice, herbalist, 0417 630 615

The only purely 100% Australian Funeral Company and Crematorium Winner Qld Seniors Excellence Award Enquiries Welcome

5593 4777

TAI CHI & QI GONG New Beginners’ classes commencing from 10 July, Eagle Heights (day & evening), Nerang (day) & Beaudesert (evening). Kinesiology & Massage by appointment. Improve your health. See or ph Gai 55452409 or 0409066501. TRADITIONAL REIKI CLASSES Reiki, massage, iridology by appointment. Change your life for the better. Phone Jan 0418 281 227. 20 years experience. VOLVO MECHANIC, Volvo service/parts and genuine diagnostics. Ph Volvo Dave 0423 334 336

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Alcoholics Anonymous..............5545 3331 ..........................................or 0416 155 456 Energex .........................................13 62 62 Fire (ask for Southport Control) ........000 Fire (T.M. Rural F.B.) ..........0407 747 999 Fire Permits ..........................0408 199 271 Police ..........................................5545 3473 Ambulance ............................................000 Ambulance (non-urgent) .............13 12 33 Domestic Violence (24 hrs)...1800 811 811 Child Protection (24 hrs) .....1800 177 135 Lifeline ............................................13 1114 13 HEALTH ............................13 43 25 84 S.E.S. .............................................132 500 Emergency Physiotherapy Neil Bell ......................................5545 1133 T.M. Community Care Service: Home Care and Transport needs. Ring.........5545 4968 Blue Nursing Service ..........(07) 3287 2041 Roslyn Lodge ..............................5545 7822 T.M. Medical Practice .................5545 1222 QML Pathology Nth Tamborine .5545 3873 Chemists: North Tamborine.........5545 1450 Eagle Heights..............5545 1441 Tamborine Mtn Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic ...............................5545 0500 Tamborine Mountain Optometrist Nicky Carr..................................5545 0277 Dentists: Dr Don Harvey .........................5545 2788 Dr Claudia Rodriguez................5545 2522

Podiatrist:.......5545 3311 or 0418 963 969 Veterinary Surgery ......................5545 2422 Beenleigh Comm. Health ....(07) 3827 9811 Beaudesert Hospital.....................5541 9111 LIBRARY HOURS Monday – Friday 9.00am–5.30pm. Saturday 9am–12noon. Phone: 5540 5473. T.M. RURAL FIRE BRIGADE For burnoff notifications, membership and general enquiries .......................................Phone: 0407 747 999 For Fires and Emergencies ...........Phone: 000 Training Meetings are held at 7.00pm each Wednesday at the Rural Fire Station, Knoll Rd. Tamborine Mountain News is published fortnightly. The paper is compiled by voluntary workers and printed by the Beaudesert Times.

EDITORIAL TEAM: Eve Curtis 5545 1231 George & Joan Fisher 5545 1986 Mike & Elizabeth Russell 5545 3601 EMAIL: TM News acknowledges a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for the purchase of equipment to assist in production.


Tamborine Mtn News  

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