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Destination: Excellence Spring/Summer 2021

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2020 2020 2020 2020 Annual Awards

Wheel Master 2020

TMC is proud to announce that our 2020 Wheel Master award goes to Paul Myers! There was no better time to congratulate Paul on his accomplishment than on his 25th anniversary with TMC in May. Paul has spent his entire driving career here at TMC and no one is more deserving of the 2020 Wheel Master award than Paul. The Wheel Master award is the highest honor given to our drivers at TMC and was created as a way to recognize the best of the best among a fleet of impressive drivers. With a remarkable 2,959,806 safe miles under his belt, Paul is clearly dedicated to safety and is an expert at securing all of the different types of loads he hauls. Safe drivers rely on proven methods to head off danger and Paul knows to stay vigilant. Paul Myers was also named Driver of the 4th Quarter of 2020!

Driver Paul Myers

Myers’ Fleet Manager, Brent Smith, had this to say, “Paul is a very loyal and hardworking individual. That hard work and his dedication to his craft have made him an invaluable resource for the Specialized Division and TMC.” Brent and Paul have worked together for eight years and Brent was thrilled when he was able to tell Paul the good news and congratulate him. Paul shares that traveling the open road offers a certain kind of peacefulness that we often hear about from drivers. There is a sense of freedom that he enjoys without being tied to one location all the time. Paul plans to drive for a few more years, then spend his time camping, relaxing, and taking it easy. We know it takes skill and dedication to meet such a milestone and we appreciate his focus on safety and customer service. Myers’ hard work for the last quarter of a century has not gone unnoticed. Congratulations on being named the 2020 Wheel Master!

Trainer of the Year 2020

Third-generation truck driver, Greg Stehouwer, has been training new TMC drivers since 2013. After previously being a Diesel Technician in the Marine Corps, his next career in trucking just made sense. Greg was not only committed to being a safe driver; he additionally joined the Safety Support Team here at TMC. He still wasn’t satisfied, though, because he wanted to make an even bigger impact on our drivers. He knew the best option to accomplish this ambition was to become a trainer. Knowing drivers would be trained to do everything the right way inspired Greg to get started. Watching his trainees’ lives get better drives him to be a Driver Trainer Greg Stehouwer more successful trainer every day. One principle that Greg always stands by each day is to “never forget where you came from”. When he is working with his trainees, he thinks back to the time when he was in their position. Having patience and empathy for your trainees will make them better drivers. He gives his trainees the tools they need to become successful and then admires their hard work to become TMC truck drivers. Driver trainers are vital to TMC’s fleet and an important part of maintaining the company’s excellent customer service and safety record. Congratulations, Greg Stehouwer, on being named TMC’s Trainer of the Year for 2020!

TMC Transportation | SP/SU 2021


A Tribute to TMC Founder and CEO, Harrold Annett TMC family and friends were deeply saddened earlier this year at the loss of our founder and visionary leader, Harrold Annett. Harrold passed away in March due to unexpected complications from an illness he was battling. No words can adequately express the sadness and loss felt by the lives of everyone around him. Many of us have lost an inspiring mentor, a boss, and a friend.

Although Harrold was clearly a successful business man, he always remembered his humble beginnings. Harrold grew up in Prole, Iowa in a one-bedroom farmhouse with his brother and two sisters. During his junior year in high school, his father developed health problems which led him to sell his farming operation. Consequently, Harrold needed to find another opportunity, as he had been working on the family farm since his childhood. Harrold’s brother, Walt, asked him if he would like to come to work part-time as an office clerk for Island Motor Transit Company. Harrold accepted the offer and worked there during his final two years of high school and throughout college. After college, Harrold went to work for Bruce Motor Freight in Des Moines. In 1969, Bruce Motor Fright created a special flatbed division and asked Harrold to join this division. One year later Harrold was managing the division and it was at that time that he realized he had found a love for the trucking business. In his words,

“I knew I was a ‘flatbedder’.” Harrold was asked to relocate to Kansas City to continue with the motor freight line, but said, “I decided I didn’t want to leave home. It was also at this time I decided to do everything possible to get into my own business.” With help from his wife’s grandparents, Harrold was able to get a loan. He discovered The Mickow Corporation, which was a failing trucking operation, and bought it. The first successful load was hauled on the bed of a TMC trailer in 1972. The entire office staff: Harrold.

In an interview several years ago, Harrold shared his early experiences as a business owner. “It was a one-room office, with one of those old black dial-up phones,” said Harrold laughing. “I set it in front of me and went to work. I would dispatch at that office during the week and then drive back home on the weekend to do all the administrative work.” It was later, in 1984, that Harrold built a terminal in Des Moines, IA, and renamed the business TMC Transportation.

“How much has TMC grown since 1972?” “We generate more revenue in the first hour of business each day than we did the first full year our company was in business,” Harrold said, several years into TMC’s operations. “I take a lot of pride in how it first started. From the first moment I stepped foot into my new role in the Specialized Division at Bruce Motor Freight I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” Harrold was intentional in developing the TMC brand and his persistence is easily recognized in the shiny black and chrome Peterbilts that make up the fleet. However, the brand is not all show. The respect Harrold had for drivers went further than providing nice and clean equipment, and drivers who met him tell stories of his gratitude and kindness to them. Thousands of people have Harrold to thank for choosing to build TMC into the company and family we are today. Harrold’s passion for his work drove him for decades to shape the small business into the largest employee-owned flatbed company in the U.S. “Doing things right the first time is a goal we will never change. The diligence, focus, and tenacity of our employees, driver employees, and owner-operators is outstanding,” Harrold said. Harrold lived out his ‘American Dream’ doing what he loved every day, starting in a one-room farmhouse, to a one-room office building, to an industry-leading flatbedding company in America. Desiring to help others to enjoy that same dream, Harrold ensured future financial stability and job security for employees by making TMC an employee-owned company in 2013. Outside of his dedication for his work and TMC, Harrold enjoyed many other interests. Traveling and spending time with friends and family was important to him. Harrold was a huge supporter of various motorsports for many years. Harrold traveled across the country supporting his sons, Jason Webb and Tim Annett, along with Toby Lawless – whom Harrold considered an unadopted son - with their BMX races. Additionally, Harrold proudly sponsored his youngest son, Michael Annett’s, #1 NASCAR car with the black and chrome TMC letters. If you were lucky enough to meet Harrold, you understand how truly special he was. He certainly left a long-lasting legacy and blessed us with the ability to continue to make TMC the best it can be. It is clear that he firmly believed it when he said, “I don’t see any limit on what we can accomplish.”

“I don’t see any limit on what we can accomplish.” Our TMC family honors Harrold by endeavoring to continue to meet our mission of providing extraordinary services through Harrold’s guiding principles: integrity, honesty, pride, and hard work. Through that, we will achieve our motto of “Destination: Excellence”. Even though this motto is a path we pursue every day in this life, it really is only achievable in our next life, and earlier this year, Harrold, found the transition in that journey when he took the hand of our Lord and Savior. TMC Transportation | SP/SU 2021


Quarterly Awards Associate of the Quarter Sergio Contreras Sergio’s tenacity, honest communication, and enlistment of leadership have led to his significant growth in the first quarter of 2021. Sergio knows that communication is something he can control, so he makes sure he maintains honest and open lines of communication with all of his customers. Even though it’s not a matter of if, but when, issues will arise, in transportation, Sergio approaches conversations with his customer with a win-win attitude, and presents solutions with a fact-based approach. Sergio says his biggest tip to other LSRs is to “just be honest” and remember that your customer relationships should be based on “mutual respect, common ground, and values.” Sergio’s General Manager, Rudy Paniagua said, “Sergio is the epitome of inexperience coupled with determination and hustle. He came to us fresh out of school and where he lacked experience, he more than made up for in hustle. Sergio was like a sponge. He worked extremely hard and took every bit of advice and coaching to heart.”

Driver of the 4th Quarter Paul Myers TMC is thrilled to announce that our Driver of the 4th Quarter is Paul Myers! Paul has been in the trucking industry for the last 25 years, and we are grateful that the entire time has been with us at TMC. Paul was also voted TMC Wheel Master for 2020! You can read more about Paul’s success on page 2.

Driver of the 1st Quarter Ricky Waters TMC is proud to announce that our 2021 Driver of the First Quarter of 2021 is Ricky Waters. Waters has been with TMC for over 27 years and has proven over and over again how dependable he is. The pride he takes in his work to be safe and claim-free is impressive and deserves recognition. Ever since Waters got out of the United States Navy in 1994, he has been driving the TMC black and chrome trucks. Waters recently logged his three millionth mile with TMC this past summer. Waters expressed high praise for TMC stating, “I love TMC; I love working for TMC”. Waters went on to say that the way in which TMC manages their drivers is remarkable. “They really allow you to have a lot of freedom when you are on the road, they trust you with their equipment and allow me to do my job the right way.” Waters understands the significance of this recognition and is very grateful for the opportunity to represent TMC as Driver of the Quarter. Among the many benefits of being a part of the company, he has cherished the time he was able to spend with TMC founder Harrold Annett. Waters reminisced fondly about Annett, who passed away this past March. “Harrold was a mentor to me and throughout my time spent with him it was clear how much he cared about each and every driver that makes TMC what it is today.”

Trainer of the Month January William Kurth, who has been in the trucking industry since 2015, has been named TMC’s Trainer of the Month for January 2021. “Home is where I lay my duffle bag,” quips William, the San Diego transplant. William enjoys watching his trainees’ growth from their first week in his truck throughout the whole time he is riding with them. Beyond that, he gains satisfaction seeing his drivers succeed once they get into their own trucks. William has been married since 1995 and has three children. He and his family currently reside in Georgia.

“Home is where I lay my duffle bag”


Adam Brenneman has been named TMC’s Trainer of the Month for February 2021! It has been three years since Adam made a career move to the trucking industry and chose to drive for TMC. When he started out, he found himself seeking advice from others so he could become successful in his career. After a year of driving his own truck, he realized he had naturally begun offering advice to newer drivers. That’s when he decided to become a driver trainer.


“I can be home every weekend with my family; I do it for them.”

“I can be home every weekend with my family; I do it for them.” Jack Miller says. Jack Miller was named TMC’s Trainer of the Month for March of 2021. Jack has been in the transportation industry for a little over two years with TMC. He made the switch after working for a moving company for 20 years. Jack decided to change his focus in the industry from a driver to a trainer for a couple of different reasons, with one being that he was tired of talking to himself all the time. He takes tremendous pride in working for TMC and gains satisfaction knowing new TMC drivers are being trained the right way.

“...I can sit back and watch how much they have improved.”


Jeremy King, who served 20 years in the U.S. Army, is TMC’s April Trainer of the Month! King has trained 10 drivers this year and all have successfully made it into their own trucks. King understands how important the training process is as drivers start their flatbedding careers. Training is nothing new to King, he was able to train in the military for 16 years. I enjoy getting to a point I can take more of a supervisor role instead of training, I can sit back and watch how much they have improved.” Jeff Giest, Kings Training Coordinator had this to say, “Jeremy admits that you cannot train everyone the same way. He learned while training in the military that most people are trainable once you understand their learning style.” TMC Transportation | SP/SU 2021


THANK YOU DRIVERS! Milestone Awards Trainer Hard Hats

Steven Johnson Curtis Pernak Andrew Whited Wayne Mohring Christopher Rogers Gary Hendrickson Gene Richardson Dana Ryckman

Brad Coppin John Capizzi Jeremy King Andrew Prucha Jona Swain Steven Smeal Michael Long Alexander Chasteen


One Million Miles Two Million Miles Barry Romans Michael Morgan

Three Million Miles Marvin Hayes David Lachinet

John McKeever Bobby Whiteside Patrick Ensley John Kirk Josh Willis Peter Arzoumanian Shawn Olsen Mike Andrews

Rosina Hoffman - Claims Adjuster “I love working for TMC for many reasons. The people are amazing and are like a family. They say it never feels like work if you enjoy what you do. I love what I do and each day brings on new obstacles. I love being part of a team dedicated to helping our employees. AND ESOP! Never would I have guessed that with ESOP that I’m part of a family that owns the company.”

Kyle Miller - Operations Manager “Before graduating from Iowa State, I attended a job fair and was introduced to TMC. Everyone was hardworking but laid back and I realized then that I wanted to be part of that. Since joining the team, TMC has become second family to me. I have made so many friendships over the years, with many great people, all just working together to solve the puzzle each day. When Mr. Annett decided to make the company Employee Owned, it reaffirmed how much he cared for each and every employee. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of something special for the last 16 years.”

Kenneth Wilson - Driver “When you see a TMC driver out working, they look excited, so I wanted to be a part of that. The ESOP program is a great thing. The equipment is just beautiful — TMC has the best-looking trucks out on the highway. Since I have been here, from the orientation class to being out in the field with trainers or with other drivers, it’s just a great place. Nothing went unanswered during my training.”

CONGRATULATIONS! Safe Driving Awards 5 Years Roscoe McNeal Phillip Roberts Charles Demery James Crumbaker Richard Dallen Carlos Anaya Benjamin Medellin John Clements Rayshawn Shockley James Jackson Bradford Eddy

Christopher Castro Darrell Scott Shawn Brown Trenton Rowland Byron McClanahan Dillyon Brewer Kevin Clarke Toss Fridenbergs Harvey Justice Joe Barber Robert Safanda Victor Neal

10 Years

15 Years

Team – Sarah and Nickolaos Sideris Andrew Whited Greg Stehouwer Jon McDowell Ron Stantz Brad Cowgur Allen Lovelace Blaine Butts Michael Montgomery David Grzybowski Angel Rivera

Arthur McDonald Joe Phelps Jesse Beasley


Since 2013, TMC has been proud to be Employee-Owned. CEO and Founder, Harrold Annett, had a desire to establish a succession plan that maintains the culture of TMC while rewarding employees for their dedication. All eligible employees are part-owners at no cost to them through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

After years of ESOP growth, anticipation was high to see how the year 2020 would impact TMC’s share price. Last year was a tough year for millions of people and businesses. For months, much of the world shut down during the pandemic, but TMC kept trucking along. Through it all, we were able to exceed Harrold’s expectations in 2020. That’s all thanks to our employees’ hard work and dedication. TMC was happy to announce that our share price had an increase of 15.13% this past year and our average share price is $4,072! Being employee-owned means....

Together. Everyone. Achieves. More. TMC Transportation | SP/SU 2021


Driver Stories

Driver David Grant Saves A Life

We already know that drivers are unsung heroes when it situations. I used my experience to keep calm,” David said. comes to moving essentials in good times, bad times, and He has dealt with people having strokes even during a pandemic. TMC Driver, David Grant, became and seizures in the past, so he recognized thesymptoms a hero of another kind when he saved someone’s life while immediately. stopped with his trainer at a job site back on March 29th. Once the ambulance was on the scene, David and his trainer, David and his trainer, Adam Brenneman, were stopped while Adam, spoke with the EMTs, who confirmed that waiting to drop off a load. the actions David took were “I ran to the truck, got my jacket, put They chatted with a driver from exactly what was needed. it under his head, and kept clapping Alabama for a few minutes and Trainer, Adam Brenneman then resumed what they were said, “It was an eye-opener to keep him alert and awake until the doing. The other driver walked for me. We had just talked ambulance arrived.” away and just a few moments to the guy and it happened so later, David saw him lying on the ground. “I ran to the truck, quickly. We had just started taking the bungees off the load got my jacket, put it under his head, and kept clapping to and then he was on the ground.” David said it was something keep him alert and awake until the ambulance arrived. I he would do for anyone. “I just feel like I am supposed to remembered that he previously talked about his family back help. Thank you, God, for letting me work for this company. home in Alabama, so I told him that he would make it home I am out here representing the whole company as one. I to his family.” told them I represent TMC.” Jaime Schrader, David’s training David continued to ask him questions about his daughters, coordinator says, “I appreciate his quick actions to help save whom he had mentioned earlier, until the ambulance arrived. this man’s life. This is the type of person that we want here “I am kind of the one in my family who stays calm in these at TMC.”

Steve Giddings Delivers Meals To Those in Need Many parts of the south were hit hard this February with snow and cold temperatures. TMC driver, Steven Giddings, utilized his time at home by making a difference in his community of Haughton, LA. Once Steven got word that the Pilot Flying J down the road from his house was out of fuel and food, he immediately wanted to help other truck drivers. Steven and his family cooked meals at home and delivered them to truck drivers at Pilot Flying J. Helping drivers by delivering food and water, has a special meaning to Steven. During Steven’s first week solo at TMC, he found himself in a similar situation. Stopped without water or food, he was thankful another driver lent a hand. Inspiring him to do the same, Steven and his family started cooking and delivering meals for drivers affected by the cold & the storms. Steven’s wife, Stormy, spoke with a driver who stated, “I couldn’t have been stopped at a better place.” Some drivers at the Pilot Flying J were able to make it out but those that needed fuel before leaving were stuck. Steven has been a resident of Haughton, LA, his whole life and claimed, “I have never seen it this bad.” Haughton is a small community and many residents stepped up to make a difference during that difficult time. Louisiana does not have snow plows and is unable to properly treat the roads for these rare conditions. Steven’s advice for other truck drivers is to always be prepared with food and water in your truck. Situations like these are hard to predict and something you should always be ready for. Thank you, Steven, for choosing TMC Transportation. We appreciate everything you and your family have done to help others.

Nicholas Johnson’s Love For TMC

“A vision without action is merely a dream...” - Nicholas Johnson

Johnson has been driving for TMC Transportation since November of 2019. The Hopkins, South Carolina native, prioritizes maximizing his time, which has been beneficial to all his successes. The 24-year-old grew up with a father who drove trucks since he was “knee high to a grasshopper.” From a young age, his dad has taught him how to do things the right way, which has been an extra motivator for him while being out on the road. Johnson began working as a Diesel Mechanic right out of high school. He already knew he wanted to drive trucks in the future and decided it would be an advantage to be able to diagnose issues himself. There was never a question of what kind of truck he wanted to drive. He knew he was meant to drive a flatbed. Knowing he was an active, energetic person who likes to be moving, this was the best fit for him. Any driving job requires quite a bit of sitting but driving flatbed allows him to move at stops when strapping on his new load. The 24-year-old wanted to see something different every day, while still staying in good physical shape. To say he has experienced success in the short amount of time he’s been here is an understatement. Johnson was ranked #1 on his Fleet Manager’s board, #1 on the team boards, and #12 within all of TMC’s Linehaul Division. He learned at a young age the kind of sacrifices you have to make to be successful in the trucking industry. Although TMC drivers typically go home on weekends, Johnson takes pride in staying out on the road for three-four weeks at a time and using his advantages. “Nicholas attributes his success by managing his time and keeping himself, his truck, and others safe on the road. Nicholas is professional with customers and communicates in a timely manner to his Fleet Manager. Being proactive has helped Nicholas keep himself moving, generating more revenue to the truck. Nicholas does a great job at TMC and we are fortunate to have him on the team,” said Jessica Farris, Johnson’s Fleet Manager. The passion Johnson has for TMC Transportation and driving trucks is truly admirable and we are so thankful for the tremendous work he puts in each day.

Inside TMC: Driver, Christopher Pakatar “Higher levels of TMC really look out for you,” Driver, Christopher Pakatar said. Imagine accepting a new job and everything that could quite possibly go wrong, goes wrong. That is the story of Pakatar’s first few weeks here at TMC. However, Chris’ journey in his new career didn’t end there. He persevered through early days of learning the ropes, a string of bad luck, and it paid off. After his over-the-road training, he was given the keys to a black and chrome Peterbilt and headed out on his own. This is the point at which Pakatar faced some challenges. In his first week solo, two different loads canceled on him. Adding to the frustration, he was just getting ready to tie his first load down when it got canceled, rerouting him with a new load to Indiana.

“Higher levels of TMC really look out for you.” The New York resident spoke with both Mark Sickmiller, Manager of Driver Development, and Tim Heim, VP of Operations, at the end of his first week as he prepared to drive his truck to the terminal and turn in his keys. Relying on the fortitude he developed in the military (he served for four years in the U.S. Army), Pakatar pushed through the difficulty. He wanted to be home with his family more and tried out a local trucking job that only lasted about two months. The local trucking opportunity didn’t work out as he hoped so he returned to TMC and Christopher has been here ever since. When asked what advice the 32-year-old has for other truckers in the industry that are just starting out, and possibly struggling, he mentioned the importance of reaching out to other drivers. The first few months are just going to be tough, but he encourages drivers to buckle down and get through it. Pakatar has learned how to help himself through time management and has increased his skills, enabling him to consistently get home around noon every Friday and spend more time with family. After having a rough beginning with multiple setbacks, Pakatar is now a successful driver here at TMC.

TMC Transportation | SP/SU 2021


TMC RECOGNIZED AS HOME DEPOT’S CARRIER OF THE YEAR 2020 TMC Transportation recently received the Dedicated Flatbed Carrier of the Year Award for 2020, by The Home Depot. We are honored by this recognition, accepted for the seventh consecutive year. Despite challenges presented by the pandemic in 2020, we were able to continue to grow our relationship with The Home Depot and are currently providing dedicated fleet services to twelve Home Depot distribution centers. “Our ability to achieve this award and provide superior service levels starts with our professional drivers. They are key to being able to execute every day in providing on-time, safe, and professional service to The Home Depot stores. This award is a testament to the hard work and effort they put in each and every day,” said VP of Dedicated Operations, Damon Gehrels. Todd Scales adds, “I want to thank my team for their hard work day-in and dayout. This goes for the Yard Staff, Drivers, and the Management Teams as they put in many hours to ensure we are supporting The Home Depot. I would like to also recognize the outstanding support from the Customer Service and Linehaul Teams for providing extra support when needed; without their support, we could not be successful.” To all of our great employees who contribute to the excellence in service to Home Depot, your work is noticed and we are grateful for you!


The opening of our Student Training Center in Ames, Iowa has given us a strategic advantage to grow our internship program. In May, we cut the ribbon for the new office and celebrated a success already realized, as well as an opportunity for the future. We would like to thank our guests from Iowa State University for their support, the Mucky Duck Pub for supplying the food, and the band, Skinny Logan and The Repeats for providing the music. We couldn’t have done it without your help. To our new TMC interns, we are so excited to have you & can’t wait to watch you grow with us.

Pictured above from left to right: Dan Culhane, President & CEO of Ames Chamber of Commerce; ;David Spalding, Raisbeck Endowed Dean / Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business; Wendy Wintersteen, President Iowa State University; Jason Webb, EVP Asset Management; Kenny Kyle, General Manager of TMC Student Training Center; Matt Paige, EVP of Human Resources and Risk Management; Travis Johnson, EVP of Operations; Rick Sanders, President & Director of ISU Research Park.

TMC ANNOUNCES INCREASED TRUCK SPEED TMC is excited to announce that we have began working towards turning our trucks’ maximum speed from the previous 62 mph to 65 mph. After surveying our fleet of drivers and listening to their thoughts and opinions, this was an easy decision. TMC rests on the shoulders of our drivers and TMC will do anything to help them succeed.

Our Black and Chrome trucks were previously set at 62 mph maximum in 2009. We thought that this is what was best for our drivers, but now we are confident that the increase in speed will have a positive impact. TMC consistently pays our drivers more than our competitors and constantly keeps their best interests in mind. We are eager to set our trucks to 65 mph and reach Destination Excellence a little faster.


“​Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Christopher Kurtz enlisted in the U.S. Army in February 2009 to turn his life around. Serving in the military would be a pivotal step to attaining higher education, honoring the legacy of his relatives who previously served in the armed forces, and, above all, integral to supporting himself and his future aspirations. He deployed with the 101st Airborne Division to the Arghandab River Valley region of Afghanistan on June 13, 2010, where almost immediately from their very first mission, encountered combat situations daily. It was later that year while on a foot patrol in December, when a remote improvised explosive device (IED) detonated nearby where Christopher was walking. The blast tore through his legs. He lost two fingers on his left hand and broke his pelvis in three different places. Once stabilized on the battlefield, Christopher was evacuated to Kandahar Air Field then to Landstuhl, Germany before arriving at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to undergo additional surgeries where both his legs were amputated above the knee. After four years of active duty service, Christopher medically retired from the Army in 2013 with the rank of Sergeant. As a Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment (R.I.S.E.) specially adapted smart home recipient, Christopher and his wife, Heather, and their daughter look forward to their future home and improved quality of life and independence. With the home being mortgage-free, financial freedom will afford the Kurtz family opportunities deserved through their shared service and sacrifice.” “I want to thank TMC for their contribution of a COBUS load of donated rebar sent to Adams TN. The donated rebar from Harris Rebar in partnership with Nucor Steel will help provide a home for U.S. Army Sgt. Cristopher Kurtz through the Gary Sinise Foundation.” Thank you, Phillip A. Krider TMC Transportation | SP/SU 2021


Let’s keep in touch! Visit us at or give us a call - 1.800.247.2460 @TMCTrans @TMCTransLogistics TMC Transportation @TMC_TRANS @TMC_Logistics @TMCTRANS

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