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TMC Receives Military Friendly Designations

TMC Gives Back to Local Communities for the Holiday

TMC Announced Collaboration with Mastery

TMC Purchases Columbia, South Carolina Microtel

Black & Chrome Salutes


Spotlight on: Carly Fellin

Thank You, Drivers! Milestone Awards ONE MILLION SAFE MILES John LaFave Jr. Steven Sherrill John Strickland Jr.



Carly Fellin came to TMC after formerly driving a local delivery truck. She trained to get her Class A CDL in TMC’s training program. “I knew TMC had a good reputation and I was looking for a flatbed job. I was ready for a challenge,” Carly said.

Trainer Hard Hats Nicholas Brown Dustin Lannoo Brad Marat Brandon Stewart Karl Oglesby Robert Mayton Zachary Bolden Sam Wilson Sr.

David Willis Alan Minor Desmond Carter Johnathan Mongold Kyle Hanssen Ronnie Quinn Shawn Kirby

Carly admits that being physically strong makes flatbed trucking easier, but it takes more than an able body to get the job done. “When I went on the road with my trainer I learned a lot of techniques that make securing loads simple. No doubt you need to be strong to do this job, but it’s more brain than brawn,” she said.

Safe Driving Awards FIVE YEARS

James Pritt II Sergey Zaishnikov Sam Gordillo

Kenneth Johnson Gabriel Kerr Francis Flory

When Carly is not trucking she enjoys spending time with her family and watching football. Her two little dogs keep her active while on walks and hikes. Before TMC, Carly spent 10 years delivering cans of beer to distributors. She now consistently delivers sheets of aluminum in which are made into beer cans. She enjoys still having this connection and her new role in the delivery process.


Charles Dessez




TMC would like to congratulate Richard Robida on his recognition for September’s Trainer of the Month.

Congrats to Stephen Windham, on being named TMC’s Driver of the 3rd Quarter!

Robida maintains a perfect training record with all eight of the drivers Robida has trained being active TMC drivers. When asked why Robida chose to become a driver trainer he responded, “I had a great trainer, he showed me exactly what to expect on road, and I want to be able to give others that experience as well.”

Windham has been on a dedicated ‘Boat Division’ route for the last ten years. It is difficult for Windham to find delivery routes he has yet to drive as Windham has traveled the 48 contiguous states, as well as all but one of the Canadian provinces.

Richard Robida

Stephen Windham

When Robida is not driving he enjoys spending time with friends and family. “I’m constantly checking in with my family when I’m on the road.” Robida has family ties to TMC as his brother-in-law is also a current driver. “I heard the way he talked about it and knew it was something I was interested in.” Robida has nothing but good things to say about TMC drivers, “Some of the most helpful drivers on the road are TMC drivers. We look out for everyone but especially those within the TMC fleet.” TMC trainers play a critical role in the success of TMC’s fleet. TMC is constantly looking for more driver trainers that are as successful as Robida.

“My favorite place to deliver is Prince Edward Island in Canada. It is so picturesque and loading the truck up onto a ferry to take loads across the harbor is pretty cool.” Windham has always enjoyed driving long distances and turned it into a career in the early 2000s. “It took a while to get the hang of it but once I understood the job I got really comfortable with it.” Windham is still learning and adapting to new practices on the road. The biggest piece of advice he has for drivers is to be open to learning new things. “Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Everyone is so helpful on the road and TMC drivers look out for each other,” Windham explained.



As our nation’s military veterans seek to move into civilian jobs after their service, they often find it to be a difficult transition. Many of the skills learned and values practiced while in the military are especially beneficial to businesses and TMC is honored to work with these outstanding servicemen and women. With 36% of its employees being veterans, TMC has long recognized the exceptional advantage of hiring veterans. TMC is proud to receive the 2022 Top Ten Military Friendly® designation in the transportation sector, presented by Viqtory Media. TMC has been selected each year since 2017 for this recognition. Additional categories given to TMC for 2022 are Military Spouse Friendly® Employee, Military Friendly® Supplier Diversity, and Military Friendly® Brands.


Over 36% of TMC’s Flatbed trucking fleet is comprised of veterans.

Companies are identified as being friendly to the military community by standardized criteria by a Military Friendly® Advisory Council. The commitment of the company to offer sustainable opportunities to veterans is measured by qualities that include culture, commitment, and career advancement for veterans. Among the supportive action, TMC takes to employee veterans, is the option to enroll in an Apprenticeship program that is approved for the GI Bill®.



61 93

The number of Military Care Packages sent to active-duty military family members, nine of whom are overseas.

The number of lives that could be saved from our December blood drive donations, in partnership with American Red Cross.


It was an exciting month of giving back at TMC! Many of our locations across the country hosted food, toy, and clothing drives, bringing in thousands of items for their local communities. In Des Moines, nearly 500 items were donated to the Food Bank of Iowa. Our Brownsburg, Indiana facilities donated one and a half pallets of food and hygiene products to No One Left Behind Outreach. Employees there also collected monetary donations to purchase products in high need. Bentonville, Arkansas employees made a generous donation to the NWA Food Bank and Samaritan Care. Columbia, South Carolina joined in with a large food and clothing drive, donating 478 items for the Hannah House, a shelter for abused women and children. Our Charlotte Home Depot employees carried on their tradition of a food and toy drive for their community. They collected items benefiting the Harvest Food Bank and the Center of Hope, a women’s and children’s shelter. The Chicago, Illinois office collected many food items for both the Lazarus House and Batavia Food Pantry. The Norwood team gathered toiletries, bedding, sheets, and other healthcare and household essentials to donate to the Crossroads Family Shalter in Rhode Island. To round out the month, TMC raised over $1,300 for the Salvation Army through their Virtual Red Kettle campaign. PAGE 7

TMC VOLUNTEERS PACKAGE THOUSANDS OF MEALS WITH LOCAL CHARITY TMC Des Moines continued its tradition of giving back to the community by volunteering at Meals from the Heartland. Every volunteer hour given, dollar donated, and meal packaged helps break the chain of hunger and saves lives. We were able to package 8,600 meals in two hours for those in need! On average, volunteers package two boxes per volunteer; TMC was able to do three boxes per volunteer. Great job, everyone! PAGE 8


Staff and students at the TMC Ames Student Training Center at Iowa State University invited children from a local church to visit for games, food, and gifts. Employees bought the gifts and decorated the conference room for the visit. They then served snacks and drinks while playing games with the children. Everyone had a great time celebrating an early Christmas!



TMC Transportation has acquired its own 63-room hotel for drivers in Columbia, SC. Within five miles of TMC’s driver training center, TMC is pleased to offer a convenient lodging solution for students. With the purchase of the existing Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham, drivers can expect the same comfort and dependable, high-quality service that they are accustomed to at TMC’s Baymont Inn & Suites that has operated onsite at their headquarters in Des Moines, IA since 1996. Both hotels offer hotel rooms to the public, as well as to their own drivers, and appreciate the opportunity to serve all visitors. TMC takes pride in the ownership and management of the facilities that offer great hospitality to their professional drivers. Standards of excellence for which TMC is proud to embody will immediately be put into practice. Staffed by TMC employees, customer service for drivers is paramount. The Columbia location will offer free hotel rooms for drivers who are attending orientation and training. Todd Bordenaro, General Manager of Hospitality, shared the prevailing excitement around TMC about the near future open date. “I want to first thank Jason Webb for his trust in having me lead this new hotel venture for TMC! This is a great opportunity for the company, its employees, and our student training program. We are excited for the challenge that it brings with the goal of becoming another Best of the Best Wyndham Brand Hotels for the Columbia, South Carolina Community.” The newly acquired facility opened December 12th of 2021. Modernization of furnishings will take place over the next few months, along with inclusion of the TMC brand.

The Microtel Inn and Suites by Wyndham before TMC’s furnishing remodel. PAGE 10

TMC EXPANDS TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE WITH MASTERY PARTNERSHIP In its continued pursuit of excellence in driving digital transformation in the transportation and logistics industry, TMC is excited to announce its collaboration with Mastery, led by industry expert, Jeff Silver, to implement MasterMind® TMS, a worldclass transportation and logistics ecosystem.

the best drivers and high-quality equipment, maintaining an impeccable safety record and on-time delivery to customers. In addition to opendeck freight, TMC Logistics offers a broad selection of services including box, refrigerated, and intermodal capabilities.

The partnership will allow TMC to improve supply chain efficiencies, solve complex logistics problems, and emphasize quality collaboration between TMC’s employees, industry partners, and customers to execute industry-leading services. MasterMind® TMS harnesses the unique complexities of people, processes, and data to create a symbiotic relationship for efficiency and ease of use for TMC’s customers, carriers, and suppliers.

Using technology to provide this level of service requires continuous assessment and improvement, creating effortless ways to communicate with customers, drivers, and carriers. TMC’s investment in MasterMind® TMS will modernize processes, increase efficiencies, and continue the culture of excellence in service for which TMC is well-known. Implementation will commence immediately with integration into TMC’s overall enterprise architecture strategy.

Proudly employee-owned, TMC Transportation is the nation’s premier open-deck flatbed carrier, known for providing solutions to unique transportation challenges. TMC utilizes

“We are eager to partner with Mastery and integrate their innovative TMS capabilities. At TMC, optimizing the processes that serve our customers is a significant objective as the PAGE 11

industry adapts to the ever-changing technological climate. With Mastery Logistics Systems on board, we will have the opportunity to enhance customer service and overall productivity with multi-faceted, ondemand solutions throughout all lines of business,” said Travis Johnson, EVP Operations. “Our team is excited to bring TMC Transportation onto Mastermind® as a leading logistics provider. Their approach to growth and collaboration will foster continued innovation for us both during a crucial time in the industry.” Jeff Silver, Founder and CEO, Mastery Logistics Systems, Inc. What does this mean for TMC drivers?

Drivers are not directly impacted. However, many of the behind-the-scenes systems and processes will be performed by Mastery’s MasterMind® system once it’s configured. As an employee-owner, the ESOP value should increase as a result of our ability to consolidate multiple legacy systems into a new, forward-thinking platform.



“Last Friday after I got my lazy butt out of bed to untarp, mystery dude came over and helped me fold the tarps. Not only that, he also rolled them up as I went to check in. Not only that, he also helped me unchain the load. I would have gladly returned the favor but he was already done with his load by the time I got up. Thank you to my mystery dude... it’s awesome to know there is other drivers out there still willing to offer a helping hand.” - Joshua Kopp to Phillip Nelson “He took time out to help us fat boys with tarping our loads. We could not get on top of the loads being too high. He helped two drivers at the customers” - Randy Aldridge to Paul Babineaux III “Jesse and I loaded at the same shipper and helped each other strap and tarp both loads. made work quick and easy” - Joshua Luttrell to Jesse Beasley

“Richard was very efficient and safe helping me secure the load. He willingly came up and helped out a fellow Driver. He helped with throwing straps as well as Proper TMC Securement Procedures.” - Alberto Gomez Jr to Richard Stauble “I just want to take a few moments to RECOGNIZE ALL Driver and Trainer/ Trainees for an AMAZING JOB helping each other get strapped and tarpped. 10 Trucks on the move.” - Wymark Barton to all TMC drivers

“Didn’t catch the driver’s name, but he saw my trainee and me doing a trailer swap and just jumped in and lent us a hand. That’s what this is all about, it’s good to see there are still driver’s that will help each other.” - Christopher Salik to James Zega “Driver helped me put up tarps on top of a load. Thanks.” - Floyd Haynes Jr to Cesar Marmolejo Jr “Helped me with a ripped tarp at the Des Moines terminal late in the afternoon” - Storm McKinley to William Crane


“After 5 years, I am never too prideful to ask for help or ask questions. I totally forgot his name but I know his truck #! He helped me tremendously. From giving me extra tips, a helping hand, & help me secure my load! He has been with TMC for 15 years & he is the prime example of a team player. He deserves a salute! Thank you again.” - Eric Sullivan to Lorin Mendanhall

“Big thank you to driver in 12970!! He helped me fold tarp. I left tarps folded but not rolled when I had to go to back to get unloaded. My plan was to roll my tarps after being unloaded and waiting on new load. Well much to my surprise, upon returning to roll tarps, they were already rolled. Thank you driver making my day!” - Paul Babineau III to Keilyn Debose “Mr. Haskell went out of his way to help me finish tarping my load so I could get home to my family on Thanksgiving.” - Zackary Bailey to Russell Haskell

Got a call from another flatbed driver saying Barber took the time last night to help him fix his four coils that had leaned over. He said Barber helped him work to get them stood back straight again and resecured. This was an older driver and was amazed that Barber took the time to help him out of a bad spot. The other driver said he tried to give Barber money but he refused to take it. He wanted to let us know that we have a great driver and is very thankful that he took the time to help him get his load fixed and delivered without any issues. PAGE 12

“I met Dave in Birmingham... we happened to be on the same load. I am on my second day after training, and I was not 100% confident with my securement method. Dave took the initiative to introduce himself as we were loading. He later met me at the securement area and helped me develop a plan to ensure proper securement. Once Dave was complete, he took his own time to check on things and helped me finish securing my load. Dave also provided some tips on simple tools that can make the job more efficient. Once we were complete with securement, I followed Dave to our parking spot. Dave took more time out to go further indepth with the load securement and additional methods to make the job easier and more efficient. As a brand new driver, Dave taking the time out to ensure I was squared away and able to reach my destination safely was invaluable. In closing, I sincerely appreciate him taking the time out to ensure I was good to go and sharing his knowledge with me. Dave is truly an example of an exceptional driver and teammate. Please pass a long my appreciation to him. Thank you” - David Castle to Nathaniel Schmidt “Big thank you to Richie for helping me unstrap this morning and the fresh cup of coffee. Enjoyed running with him yesterday.” - Harry Colquitt to Richard Padilla

“Driver of 12121 is a truly outstanding fellow and a great person. In the pouring down rain, he got out of his truck to help me unstrap and untarp my drywall load. He could’ve sat in the truck since he was already empty but he didn’t. This guy has good character! Give this guy an additional % bump!” - Stephen Dites to Justin Gandy “Josh was a big help with both helped each other lumber tarp are loads” - Jesse Beasley to Joshua Luttrell “Carlos routinely goes above and beyond for his fellow truckers. Recently, while instructing his trainee on proper load securement on copper coils, a driver from another company asked for advice on securing his load. Without hesitation,Carlos began assessing, instructing, and assisting the driver in ensuring DOT compliance. His efforts reflect greatly, not only on himself, but on the TMC culture and our dedication to the safe transport of all loads; not only our own.” - Shawn Godby to Carlos McFall “Charles helped unstrap and secure equipment while waiting to get unloaded. Thanks for the help and the Starbucks.” - Harry Colquitt to Charles Back “Justin is going above and beyond to help new guys with securement.” - Robert Beardsley to Justin Howe

“Not only helped me navigate the mill on Friday I picked up from, but we delivered to the same consignee where he helped untarp and roll straps. Made my day!” - Derek Campbell to Michael Molina “Mr. Wood helped me out with my tarp today, showing me a different and easier way to do it along with some tips and tricks. Really appreciated the help and info! Great guy and didn’t mind helping out. - James Barnes to Richard Wood Jr “I want to thank Corey Biship for taking the time without me asking to see if I needed help and lend his knowledge about securing a load I had never hauled before. Very appreciative we have guys like Corey on our team.” - Toby Landry to Corey Biship “Dropped what he was doing to give a rookie a hand. passed on some knowledge to me. forever grateful.” - Robert Beardsley to Marcus Rodriguez “I just wanna say I Appreciate this young man. rolled with me from pick up to drop off,radio on for good strong communication. Next morning we took care of our loads one trailer at a time.” - Richard Padilla to Harry Colquitt “They helped me secure and tarp my whole load.” - Brandon Simmons to Michael McAlister

Safety took a call today from a driver with another company. He wanted to make certain that we were aware of the type of person Mr. Chapman is and how he represents TMC. The caller said that Greg was on a job site in Wasco, CA when Greg approached him to see if he needed any assistance. Greg was well groomed and in full PPE. The gentleman said they had a long chat and was impressed with Greg’s attitude. He quoted Greg as saying “my company takes care of me, so I take care of my company.” Mr. Hudson said he was blown away by the refreshing attitude and said “if there was a driver pool of his caliber and class, we would be a much better industry.”


KEEP IN TOUCH! Visit us at or give us a call - 1.800.247.2460 @TMCTrans @TMCTransLogistics TMC Transportation @TMC_TRANS @TMC_Logistics @TMCTRANS

6115 SW Leland Ave Des Moines, IA 50321

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