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QUARTERLY AWARDS Associate of the Quarter

Driver of the Quarter

Chris Weik

TMC is proud to announce that our Driver of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2021 is Chris Weik. Since getting his first truck in 1977, Weik continues to exemplify an uncompromising dedication to TMC’s high standards. Weik recently paid off his fifth truck and is pushing nearly four million safe miles with TMC. Astonishingly, in spite of his impressive record, he said he didn’t plan to make it this far in the industry! “I was going to quit after the first million miles, then two came along and then three million, and here I am,” he said. Weik said driving a truck is not for everyone, but it’s a career he has come to love, in part thanks to TMC. Weik came to TMC after Annett Holdings acquired PFT Trucking. Now 27 years into the industry, Weik’s Operations Manager said his knowledge of the industry is like no other. “He is one of the most loyal people I’ve ever known. His understanding and trust are second to none. He goes out of his way to take care of our customers, in ways I have never heard of before. This is well deserved for Chris,” Kyle Miller, Weik’s Operations Manager said. TMC is fortunate to have drivers like Chris Weik, representing the company for so many years. Congratulations, Chris!

Dylan Lueck

Congratulations to Dylan Lueck for being named our Logistics Associate of the Quarter. During the third quarter of 2021, Dylan increased all of his numbers by a very impressive amount. When compared to the second quarter of 2021, Dylan increased his load count by 176%, his revenue by 208%, and his margin by 205%. As a result of his growth, Dylan has become one of the “goto” Carrier Sales Specialists (CSS) in the Bentonville, AR office. Dylan’s main focus on developing relationships and maintaining consistency in his daily activities has led to his growth in the third quarter of 2021. Sam Philip, General Manager in Bentonville, AR, said “Dylan started at TMC without prior transportation experience. He quickly became one of the top producing CSSs in the Bentonville office. Dylan handles the southeast region, he has established and grown a sound carrier base while learning a new industry and navigating one of the tightest markets in 2021. His work to build a strong carrier base in his region has been fundamental to the growth of one of the office’s largest accounts. Dylan is reliable, determined, and always goes the extra mile to assist wherever he can. His proactive communication and never-quit attitude shine daily. Dylan’s overall performance, attitude, and growth over the short time he’s been with TMC have been pivotal to the office’s growth. Congratulations, Dylan, very well deserved!”


JOSH PERRY PROMOTED TO VICE PRESIDENT OF SAFETY TMC Transportation is pleased to announce the promotion of Josh Perry to Vice President of Safety. Josh started his career in transportation as a driver at TMC and became a driver trainer shortly after. After driving for a while, he began conversations about coming off the road and moving into an office position. With his experience as a driver, Josh found the Safety Department to be a good transition for him. Another career adjustment followed in 2014 when Josh made a strategic move from the suburbs of Indianapolis to Des Moines. There, Josh had a chance to learn and grow under the mentorship of Todd Bunting, the long-standing VP of Safety, who recently retired after 31 years at TMC. The idea of Josh becoming the VP of Safety has been a working plan for the last seven years. As Josh looks toward the future, he explains, “I’m not looking to change what Todd has in place, just looking to build and improve upon it. I would love to do this for as long as Todd did. I hope I can accomplish half of what he has. TMC has a great fleet of drivers and safety is our top priority. We want to teach our drivers how to be successful and if they’re not safe they can’t be successful.” Josh has no easy task of filling the shoes worn by Todd Bunting for so many years. “Todd was able to get everyone’s respect. He earned it and I hope to do the same,” Josh says. “With the experience and qualifications Josh has, there is no doubt he will find success in his new role. Please join in congratulating Josh Perry in his new position as Vice President of Safety.” - Matt Paige, EVP of HR and Risk Management


Jordan Olsen VP of Capacity Strategy

Mike Crist SR VP of Development and Training PAGE 4

David Bennett VP of Logistics East


Thank You, Drivers!

TMC wants to stay ahead of the industry and get people into their careers faster! That’s why we’ve made changes to our training program. Starting in August of 2021, some of TMC’s latest driver recruits will shave a whole week off their training! Currently, this shortened duration only applies to students with automatic restrictions on their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). These students now strictly operate automatic trucks.

Milestone Awards ONE MILLION SAFE MILES Rommel Duran Alvarez William Wolgast William Carsten Scott Lafferty Lloyd Radford


TMC’s high safety standards are not sacrificed, despite a week less of training. As the industry moves toward having mostly automatic trucks, the hours of practice once spent on learning to shift can be skipped altogether. Now with no need to manually shift, our students can spend their training time perfecting things like turns and backing.

Randy Buhs


Trainer Hard Hats Matthew Hair Douglas Legerton Christopher Bacon Andrew McCullagh Erick Alliss Toby Key Jason Grasso Richard Padilla Geordyn Carter Galen Kaylor Phillip Batts Richard Robida

Safety is TMC’s number one priority, and our new training schedule ensures safety is not compromised while keeping TMC ahead of the everchanging trucking industry. New drivers are not as distracted with the shifting part of driving and they can focus on other aspects of driving that are new to them. An added bonus is that they gain a week back so they can get moving faster in their new career!

Safe Driving Awards FIVE YEARS

Ray Carroll Kyle Seffels Kevin Crannell Hunter Parrish


William Wolgast Jeffrey Hatcher John Ashby

Donald Kovacs Michael Rambo Darrin Piatt

More trucks on the road are automatic. With that, TMC is planning to soon replace our entire fleet with automatic tractors. Our training program is recognized as one of the best in the country.

Richard Michael Jerry Clark

We look forward to keeping that status and ensuring we meet Destination: Excellence.

TWENTY YEARS Darrell Schaeffer


TRAINER OF THE MONTH June Charles Duncan


Carl Scarpulla


August Jonathan Cieplinski


Adam Hoffman, Driver Recruiting “My journey to TMC was the one time in my life all the stars aligned. I had some driving experience and I wanted to be a recruiter; I heard TMC was looking for a Northeast Recruiter. 11 years later, I plan on never updating my resume and filling out another job application. When you represent the best of the best, any place else would be a step backwards.” PAGE 6

Charles Duncan has been awarded trainer of the month for June 2021. Charles has been with TMC for seventeen years and has trained for almost three years. Over the last 12 months, he has had eight guys in his truck. The drivers he trains have been safe and are doing well, which is a testament to the quality of training that Charles provides. Charles says he trains in order to teach new drivers valuable skills, not to earn extra money. TMC attempted to gain him as a driver trainer several years ago because of his excellent, long-standing driving record. Congratulations, Charles, on this outsanding accomplishment!

Carl Scarpulla has been awarded trainer of the month for July 2021. Carl has been training for 4 years and over the past year has exceptional results. Seven out of eight trainees that graduated to a truck are still with us. The drivers he trains also maintain a great safety record. Carl says patience is his big focus working with his trainees to make sure they are on the right track. Congratulations, Carl, on this outstanding achievement!

Jonathan Cieplinski has been awarded Trainer of the Month for August 2021. Jonathan has been training with TMC for almost 2 years. He is currently training his 20th student. Jonathan has done an excellent job teaching our new drivers how to be successful and safe. A high percentage of his students graduate to their own truck and many of them are still with the company. Congratulations, Jonathan, on this outstanding achievement!

Dustin Lannoo, TMC Driver

“TMC has been a blessing to me and my family! It is such an honor to have the equipment we have and my awesome fleet manager.”


R E V I A I R D PREC P A TMC took a week in mid-August to celebrate Driver Appreciation Week. This week is dedicated to recognizing drivers’ hard work and thanking them for what they do day in and day out.

It was a great week filled with plenty of giveaways, delicious food, and fellowship – ensuring all of TMC’s drivers knew how thankful we are for their continuous dedication. Each TMC driver was given a specially designed shirt, and many of our sponsors donated prizes and gift cards that TMC gave to our fleet of drivers. Our terminals hosted

events like a tarp rolling and truck backing competition, for our shop and office employees winning prizes for our drivers and offering just a small glimpse into the lives of our dedicated drivers. Our VP’s and many office employees hit the road throughout the week, supplying our drivers with kind words and various giveaways.

Driver Appreciation Week may have come and gone, but our appreciation for our drivers remains all year round. Thank you, drivers, for your dedication to TMC, your sacrifice on the road, and all of your hard work. We can’t wait to celebrate again next year!

N k O e I e T A W



VP FINDS WHERE A CAREER AND LIFE MISSION INTERSECT “Every single one of these kids leaves a thumbprint on my heart and changes your outlook on the days, seeing really how short life is”

Since 1994, Jeff Floyd has logged hours of hard work at TMC Transportation. His career with the company took him from driver trainee to Regional Vice President of Business Development. But rather than unwinding, Floyd spends many of his weekends keeping up his hard work. “I have been blessed in my career at TMC, and you don’t have to have a career, but you need a mission,” said Floyd. Floyd’s mission plays out over weekends, building playsets for children battling pediatric cancer with the

Roc Solid Foundation. Founded in 2009 by Floyd’s neighbor, the Roc Solid Foundation makes custom playsets in the backyards of kids fighting cancer across the United States.“My family is riddled with cancer, and this is a way to connect my mission,” he said. “This married my mission with things my family has suffered with. I just want to help and serve whether they are my neighbors or across the country.” Every year, Floyd uses a week of his vacation hours to volunteer on builds. He said the work allows him to see what hope looks likes. He says that it may just be a playset for himself or others, but to the families, it means a lot. Over 150 playsets are now up, thanks to the Roc Solid Foundation and

volunteers like Floyd. He said he is thankful his career with TMC allows him to be able to give back. “TMC took a chance on me, and I want to pay it forward,” Floyd said. “Somebody helped me get to where I am at. People have taken chances on me in my youth and in my career, and this is a way to help others.” Besides building playsets, the Roc Solid Foundation creates and supplies patient’s families with Ready Bags. Ready Bags include everything a family might need for an unexpected hospital stay. Floyd says the foundation hopes to provide 2,000 Ready Bags this year Floyd encourages TMC employees and their families to look for opportunities to give back, including through the Roc Solid Foundation.

As part of our Driver Appreciation Week, we give gifts and prizes to drivers as a way to say ‘thank you’ for what they do every day. Thomas Overall, a driver living in Huntsville, Alabama, was the winner of a 55-inch television. Overall decided to donate the TV to a local charity in lieu of his prize, explaining he would rather donate it to a charity that would get more use out of it. He made one request, “Please have the TV donated on behalf of all TMC drivers.” The TV was then donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Des Moines, a nonprofit that provides a home-away-from-home for families who are seeking medical care for their child(ren). We are thankful to have a fleet of compassionate drivers such as Thomas. Thank you for your generosity and impact in the community. PAGE 11




AN ACT OF HEROISM On a rainy day in early July, TMC’s Brandon Sims showed his character when he helped three people escape from an overturned vehicle. Sims was driving his Black and Chrome truck on the interstate in Kentucky as the rain poured down. “I was in the right lane and I saw this SUV start to lose control next to me,” Sims explained. The SUV eventually spun out while venturing into Sims’ lane, hitting the median and spinning through the grass. “I stopped as quickly as I could when I saw the car start flipping,” he said. “I was scared. I didn’t know what I was going to see.” Sims got out of his truck and began running toward the overturned car. As the car was lying on its side, Sims was able to cut the airbags and help two passengers climb out of the car. There was one more lady in the back seat that local authorities reached by cutting the roof off of the vehicle. It took about ten minutes from the time Sims arrived on the scene before any ambulances or police arrived. Sims was the ONLY person to stop and help the passengers involved in the wreck. Sims said, “People were actually slowing down to take pictures of the car and not getting out to help.” He knew he had to go help and because of that, he was able to safely get two passengers out of the car. Even in the pouring rain, Sims didn’t think twice about offering a hand to those who needed it. Sims is a great example of what TMC stands for. PAGE 12

nk a h y t was a s na lp. it n a e w ou h y t s e h “Ju or th g wit ood f n g you talki some 000 , d g goo gettin m 1,000 and ght fro iver” r well o d D insi c e Jon M mil o t n o

“Me being a new driver just starting to get m y rhythm down good, Steve got out of his truck in Norwood, MA this morning to help me pull and fold my tarps while he w as waiting to be dispatched. T hat way I could get done that m uch quicker and get unloade d. It’s good to know that we ha ve drivers that are willing to he lp each other out. Thanks again , Steve.”


And hael

- Mic

“Got a great walkthrough of this dedicated driver’s setup. He helped me set securement up on my trailer and walked me through the loading process of the site. I felt confident securing my first OD load with his instruction. It was my first time picking up from there and he represented the safety team with professionalism. Thanks, man.”

- David O Diaz to William Kroelinger III

- Kenneth Jarratt to Ste

ve Akers

“driv e train r and his ee he fold my lu lped me that ’ s alw mber tarp s ays a big he . than lp. ks” Clint Tri

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er Robe


“Taught me a lot of new tarping tips that is going to help me a lot in the future. Overall a very kind person.”

- Dylan White to Eric Murley

- Josep


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