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Excellence SPRING 2022

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Driver Awards and Recognition

Driver of the Quarter and Driver of the Year

Safety Tips Driver to Driver

TMC Driver Visits Bentonville Logistics Office

TMC Transportation Celebrates 50 Years

Black & Chrome Salutes


Thank you, drivers!

Milestone Awards ONE MILLION SAFE MILES Andrew Carnes Dion Blair

TWO MILLION SAFE MILES Edward Johnson Jr. Alan Isham Brian Hoff

Trainer Hard Hats Adam Milton Andrew Whited George Mulumba Kevin Baldridge Dennis Phegley

Anthony Borja Jeffrey Hodge Erick Bracken Jeffrey Lazarz Samuel Gordillo

Safe Driving Awards FIVE YEARS David Douglas Thomas Schnatz Ricardo Delos Santos Wilton Rodriguez

John Casey Chris Fisk Matt Wilson


TWENTY YEARS Ronnie Hodges




As Joe Searfino graduated from CDL school nearly 20 years ago, the first trucking pamphlet to catch his eye featured the shiny black and chrome trucks of TMC. Searfino remembers that his instructors advised against flatbed trucking, insisting it is a tough job. However, the hard work didn’t scare Joe as he found himself joining TMC. Searfino is a prime example of what TMC is looking for in a driver.

Known for his professionalism and excellent representation of TMC Transportation’s training standards, Matthew Nadeau has earned the title of 2021’s Trainer of the Year. Of his ten years of driving experience, eight of those years have been as a trainer. Nadeau says he never expected to become a trainer, but he later decided he wanted to help his fellow drivers and share some of the knowledge he learned.

Searfino has had a diverse 14 years driving for TMC. He has been on dedicated accounts, the Boat Division, has trained new drivers and is now on the Linehaul Division.

“It’s definitely an honor to be named. You know, it’s a big deal and it makes me feel like I am being recognized and like I am doing the right thing,” Nadeau said.

“When I was coming through TMC’s training program, I had Jeff Floyd, (now VP of Business Development at TMC) as a trainer and he was hard on me. I respected him for that, I looked up to Jeff and the way he did things,” Searfino said.

And doing the right thing, he is. Nadeau is on his way to surpass training nearly 90 TMC drivers while maintaining a stellar reputation as a solid and safe leader.

Joe Searfino

Matthew Nadeau

Due to Searfino’s positive reputation and the respect he has earned, he has gotten the opportunity to represent TMC in some unique ways. After the passing of TMC’s founder, Harrold Annett, Searfino was given the opportunity to drive the memorial truck in honor of Harrold.

“Matt has taken on 88 training assignments to date and gives every person his all,” Nadeau’s Fleet Manager, Taylor Yates said. “He understands what it takes to succeed at TMC and does his best to instill these habits in his trainees so they can be successful on their own. He is a pleasure to work with, extremely patient, and possesses a strong work ethic.”


TRAINER OF THE MONTH - JANUARY 2022 Elliott Anderson

“Elliott Anderson has been awarded Trainer of the Month for January 2022. Elliott has been training for two and a half years. Elliott is easy going and always willing to help out. He says he trains to help out the new guys and remembers how it was when he started as a new driver. Join me in congratulating Elliott on this outstanding achievement!” - Jeff Geist, Training Coordinator Manager

Fort Worth Logistics

TMC Dedicated driver, James Breckinridge, dropped by TMC’s Fort Worth Logistics to show off his truck and answer, what turned out to be, a lot of questions about life out on the road. He talked about his daily runs delivering shingles for Owens Corning and why he starts so early in the morning to miss the worst of the traffic. At the same time, James got to hear some stories about moving freight in the Logistics Division and some challenges they face every day.


quick takes:



“I try to avoid them... but if I need to park and stay the night, double up on where you park, make sure you park in a spot where you won’t be blocked in by somebody parking in front of you along the curve, and before you back up, make sure you get out and look. If there’s someone there to give you assistance, take it. If not, be very careful. Double check everything before you back into that [spot] and make sure you can see all sides of your vehicle before you try to squeeze it in somewhere between trucks.”

RICHARD COLLINS SPEEDING: “We have 65mph trucks, but you don’t have to drive 65 miles per hour everywhere you go. That’s what gets you into trouble. Take your time, slow down, and read those messages from safety every day, that’s what they preach. I can tell you from experience, I very rarely run up against the governed 65mph - 62, 63, I keep those extra miles per hour to pass if I need to, but I rarely get out of the right hand lane... That’s how you avoid accidents - the lane changes, speeding up and slowing down. It just causes wear-and-tear on the vehicle, and if you want to get that gas mileage, be consistent with your speed.” PAGE 6

This is what 40 years of SAFE driving looks like... Josh Perry, VP of Safety, visited North Carolina where he ran into TMC Drivers, Gary Palmer (M) and Charles Locklear (R). It’s rare to see two tenured employees (20+ years and counting) in the same place at the same time, yet alone two Driver of the Quarter recipients. These two are shining examples of what we work toward as a fleet. Keep up the tremendous work!


TMC Driver visits Bentonville Logistics office David Emerson, a U.S. Marine and TMC Driver of 10 years, stopped by to visit our Logistics office in Bentonville, AR. They were happy to see him, check out his truck, and hear about things out on the road. Thank you, Mr. Emerson, for your service to our country and your dedication to TMC! We appreciate you taking a few minutes of your day for a visit. PAGE 8

Black & Chrome... and Cake?

On March 8th, all of our locations threw a birthday party in celebration of TMC’s 50th anniversary date. Without each one of our drivers, office and shop employees, and customers, we wouldn’t have been able to reach this incredible milestone. Here’s to another 50 years and counting!


TMC’s first truck driver, Wally ON PAGE 10 CONTINUED Harrah, delivered TMC’s first load from Chicago to Des Moines on March 6th, 1972. PAGE 10


After 50 Years, The Destination is Still Excellence for TMC Transportation TMC Transportation celebrated 50 years in business this week. On March 6th, 1972, the first delivery was hauled from Chicago to Des Moines. Since that time, TMC’s mission has been to set itself apart in the industry as a premium flatbed carrier. To achieve this reputation, TMC focuses on hiring the most professional drivers in the industry who consistently deliver safely and on time for customers. Once its founder, Harrold Annett, purchased the dormant trucking company, The Mickow Corporation, he began an impressive journey to grow TMC into the organization it is today. Starting with only six trucks and an office staff of two, the company now operates out of four terminals and a dozen Logistics offices. In 1984, Mr. Annett changed the name of the company to TMC Transportation. The company’s success depends on many people - including drivers who keep freight moving, office and shop employees who support the business, and dedicated customers who rely on TMC for their deliveries. Putting all the logistical pieces together to make it run smoothly is both science and art. But at the heart of the entire operation, it runs off the work ethic and determination of the people involved. In 50 years, TMC has worked through

national tragedy, recessions, and the recent pandemic. In those times, Mr. Annett considered how these events impacted employees and customers. Instilling a culture of pride, excellence, and hard work into his people has paid off. Even during challenging times, employees have pushed through. Due to this exchange of loyalty and passion for the long-term success of TMC, Mr. Annett created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, giving ownership back to the employees. “I know the only way to make sure our culture survives, and our company continues to thrive, is to put the ownership into the hands of the people who appreciate it the most, you, my friends, and employees. You have worked, and continue to work, side by side with me, to build one of the absolute best trucking companies in the industry and you deserve it. So, I am putting my trust in all of you and establishing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which means TMC will become an employee-owned company,” Mr. Annett shared in an email to employees, dated October 9th, 2013. In addition to the core carrier business, TMC opened a Logistics Division in 2010. Diversification of its capabilities through this endeavor has proven to be a great benefit to TMC and the additional customer base it has created. Since that time, PAGE 11

several offices have opened across the country in Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin. “Through our Logistics Division, we have been able to expand transportation solutions to more customers by being able to move just about any kind of freight for them, in addition to the flatbed capabilities that are the hallmark of our asset business. With 70% of Logistics freight being flatbed, we can fill the basket full of freight and move it with our company trucks, as well as with partner carriers,” shared Travis Johnson, EVP of Operations. The goal for TMC is to not only hold fast to the success brought through the past 50 years but to continue to grow into the future. Freight demand remains strong and, therefore, the need for truck drivers is at an all-time high. Career opportunities abound in the transportation industry and TMC seeks to attract employees to increase its success in the areas of Diesel Mechanics, Information Technology, Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, and many other areas of practice. With onsite training and development programs continuing to expand, this is an opportune time for those interested in entering the industry. TMC extends an invitation for candidates to discover if TMC fits their interests and join the continued pursuit of excellence.



“Helped me and gave me a tool. Best TMC has to offer. No joke, he is a great dude. - Robert Beardsley to Kenneth Kyler “I was struggling with a few hundred pounds of ice and snow on a drywall load tarp pull... Andrew jumped right in to give a hand. Couldn’t have done it without him!! Thank you” - James Wadley to Andrew Currie “I was low on bungees and the driver gave me a bundle. I really appreciated the bungees and tried to offer something in return but the driver didn’t want anything in return. I really thank and appreciate the driver of truck 13194.” - Sabbian Waldroup to Arnold Sexton “It was my first time changing a fuel filter and he came along & helped me replace it. Took about an hour but he made sure I did it correctly and provided light for me until finished. Greatly appreciate the help!- Terrance Davis Jr to Steve Head


“He was awesome helping me untarp my load so I could get unloaded at an earlier time. He also showed me a better way to fold my tarps to save time and and will be very helpful in the future. First time I have ever sent one of these but this guy deserves it.” - Nathaniel Backer to Steven Wyatt “Travis and I were delivering to the same location last Friday morning where I had parked up over night. I made the new guy mistake and didn’t walk the ground prior to parking and yep was stuck in the wet soil. Travis had no issue helping me pull out my truck and, yes, we did it the TMC safe way. Just like to give Travis a true team player and great example of drivers helping out others.” - William Kurth Jr to Travis Henderson

“Pulling into Hydro Extrusion in Cressona, PA, Galen came up to me after we got to the unloading area and helped me with my tarps and straps. He is definitely an example of Destination Excellence and with the inclement weather I greatly appreciated the help. Thank you.” Christopher David to Galen Kaylor “Helped me along to figure out how to do my time when I arrived and coached me with load securement” - Carl Lockett to Tramain Jackson

“Was very helpful with securing my load the proper way” - Aikerion Ryce to Ryan Cameron

“A huge thank you to Mr. Steve for coming out and helping me tarp my load at West Fraser in Georgia. There was about seven other TMC trucks here. He was the only one to come out and help me tarp my load, getting me out of here in record time. Thank you so much Steve you are the man with the master plan!” - Paul Babineaux III to Steve Lant

“He helped me get my tarp off and roll them up. I really appreciate it.” Calisto Wells to Kenneth Richburg

“Helped me secure my load at Cargill Granite City, IL” - Jesse Beasley to Eric Linn

Safety took a call this morning from a gentleman who said he was a 19 year veteran flatbed driver. He wanted to call in and compliment Stedmond Smith. The caller and Stedmond were loading at the same location. He said that he offered to help Stedmond and was surprised that he was so willing to accept guidance. He said it was obvious that Stedmond had been trained well but was also very open to learning a few additional things from another road veteran. Per the caller, it was refreshing to see the younger generation out here doing it right. PAGE 12

“Myles offered help when he was done. Especially on a windy day like today. Some help with the tarps makes a big difference. It wasn’t expected but very nice of him to do. He told me he just started 2 weeks ago. He was very motivated and polite. Thanks for your help.” - Florian Berger to Myles Porter “Just want to thank Phil for his help last week. We both had tarped insulation loads, and he suggested that we help each other so we could get rolling faster. We got everything done fairly quickly. It’s awesome to have other drivers that will jump right in and help another. Thanks Phil!” - Robin Sellers to Phil Ecans “Truck 11671 and 13191 teamed up to chain and tarp both loads (safely) in record time! Considering these were tracked routes and could have been seriously delayed, team work turned it all around and the loads were there before or just after the original scheduled time.” - Eric Nienhaus to Bobby Brackeen and Cody Mathis “On 2/15/2022 I picked up my first coil at Worthington Steel in Delta, OH. I met Aaron and he went above and beyond to help me properly secure the load. He even came back to check on me twice. I sincerely thank him for all of his help and willingness to assist.” Thanks, once again, Aaron.” - Robert Bailey to Aaron Bailey

“Didn’t get his name but he helped me out with my tarp at JM Steel in South Carolina today!” - Gairachious Strozier to Nathan Kraehenbuehl “Damn good job on that securement” - Jason Rogers to John Williamson “After seeing me struggling, he helped me hold down tarp, strap, and bungee in the wind. Very helpful guy and very quick too! Said he was only working for 6 months and this his first trucking job but he was impressive!” - Joseph Jonathan to Falcon Johnson “Helped me with safe parking and how to replace my fuel filter!” - Jonathan Flores to Tramain Jackson “Had a smoke tarp missing from a trailer swap and ran into this guy again and he actually had a extra one. I’m thankful to be working with guys like this. Good job!” - Carl Lockett to Tramain Jackson “Elton sacrificed some of his home time on Friday to stop and help me. He saw me struggling with an insulation load in very high winds and lended a helping hand with x-straps and corner protectors. He also helped me earlier in the week at another shipper when we happened to be at the same place. Thanks, Mr Rice.” - Lincoln Hall to Elton Rice

“Andrew delivered a load for me that I just couldn’t handle due to personal reasons I was going through that day. He was in high spirits and had gotten me to calm down. He offered to stay and talk with me, made me feel like he genuinely cared.” - Reginald Gray Jr to Andrew “Appreciate him randomly coming to fold tarps after he had already been unloaded. Despite telling him I got it, he helped anyways.” - Jamal Deloatch to Xavier Lanon “Driver helped me get my snow covered tarps off my load when it was impossible to do by myself. Very much appreciated.” - Donovan Romero to Celgen Melvin Jr. “Both drivers took the time to help me secure and tarp my load at Plate Plus in Granite City. Both are very professional and did a phenomenal job. Thank you, fellas.” - Eric Linn to Jesse Beasley “Joe stayed and helped me break down and roll up a hot load after he himself was already empty. Great guy, friendly and helpful. Thanks buddy!” - Jeremy Hopkins to Joseph Plott “I needed help with my tent tarp and this gentleman took the time out to assist me and teach me his method. I truly appreciate the professionalism and teamwork he displayed. The Driver exemplified Destination Excellence.” - David Castle to Alvin Jones Jr

Safety took a call from a family that was traveling in the Kansas City area yesterday. They had witnessed another company’s driver erratically cut across lanes of traffic and cut off our driver in order to make their exit. The family felt that TMC Driver, Terry’s attentive driving saved them from being involved in a severe accident and they were very appreciative.


CHRISTOPHER RICHARDSON, OPERATIONS MANAGER “Operational Manager Chris stepped up to the plate with his team after learning I was 500 miles away from home on Friday and there was no load nearby for me to pick up for me to take for home. During the long wait in Michigan, I was told by my fleet manager that he was all over the department making planners and fleet managers work together to find a way to get me home. What amazes me is that we came up with a plan to split a load with another nearest driver while we are nearly 600 miles apart at last moment notice, Chris had eyes on me the whole time with this situation. Saturday, I was able to make home with 20 minutes left on my shift with 7th load for the week! If it wasn’t for his hard work

and determination, I would be in a truck stop for the weekend. I want to say to Chris,thank you for taking our company in an unbelievable position by your hard work getting us home to be with family and our rest from work. Truly your hard work and perseverance both are awesome! I Spencer Frisina, Truck 12399 giving you the Black and Chrome Salute!”


“I’ve been on Bob’s board for a while now and he always looks out for his guys. He has a great sense of humor and always keeps a positive outlook on things. Keep it up, Bob,. It’s a pleasure working with you, sir.” - TMC Driver, James Hawes

CARL NIXON, FLEET MANAGER “I just want to publicly Black & Chrome SALUTE my fleet manager Carl Nixon. Ever since he stepped in as our permanent Fleet Manager I have never been so happy to be on his account. He continuously encourages us to be the best we can be. He’s always lets us know the hard work we put in and and acknowledges it. It can be hard out here as everyone knows, however hearing his positive feedback helps greatly. I dont want his hard work to go unnoticed. I can write a book about his great work, but i’ll keep it simple. Thank you, Carl, for what you do. I salute you!!” - TMC Driver, Anthony Colon Jr.

LISA ZAUTNER, ACCOUNT MANAGER “I wanted to give a BIG thank you to


Lisa Z. She makes the Owens Corning account run like a well oiled machine! When in need, she is always there ready to help. TMC should be proud to have such a truly exceptional employee!” - TMC Driver, Martin Covert

KENDALL POYSER, FLEET MANAGER “I have been with this Company since 2018. I have been fortunate to work with the same FM since going into the training program. This past weekend I had service in DSM. I was able to sit behind and observe my FM and learn what goes on behind the screen and during phone calls. I will say I am very thankful for My FM, Kendall Poyser ,and to all the office staff.”


“Just want give a HUGE shoutout to Jennifer for her outstanding job performing in a role that’s critical to TMC’s management of the large population of drivers. She has kept her promise for making sure I get home on weekends. Never once missed out a weekend or very long delays. She helped me out by giving me the best loads when she knows I’m under time crunching moments. She’s the first one I reach out to when questions are to be asked or fill in some blanks with important information that helps get the load delivered both on time and safely.”

JOPLIN SHOP “The guys here at Joplin did an excellent job on servicing my truck. They managed to fit me in for a service earlier than my appointment time and got me back on the road in a timely manner. My truck was kept PAGE 15

clean on the inside, and I didn’t see anything left loose or not clamped back into place after the repairs were made. I can’t remember the night shop supervisor’s name but come to find out he was one of my instructors when I went through AIT for the army back in 2001. Everyone had a great attitude and you can tell that they enjoy working here.” - TMC Driver, Bo Studdie “Wanna thank you entire night crew over at Joplin terminal for working with me and understanding the situation and still being able to take care of me in a timely manner.” - TMC Driver, Brian Simmons “Just had service at Joplin!! And man it was only 3 hours of wait. I am already to go!!! Man the maintenance crew is off the hook!! Thank you for all you guys do to keep us on the road!” - TMC Driver, Bryan Rindal

KEEP IN TOUCH! Visit us at or give us a call - 1.800.247.2460 @TMCTrans @TMCTransLogistics TMC Transportation @TMC_TRANS @TMC_Logistics @TMCTRANS

6115 SW Leland Ave Des Moines, IA 50321

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