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The one word needed to describe the events that took place in Brownsburg, Indiana on Friday, July 21st. TMC’s brand new, state of the art facility was open for celebration as office personnel, maintenance employees, drivers, customers, vendors and guests turned out for the festivities. Over 600 guests were in attendance to explore TMC’s pride and joy sitting on 34 acres of land and consisting of a 17,500sq./ft. office and a 56,000-sq./ft. maintenance shop complete with heated and polished floors, 18 acres of concrete paving, high speed fuel lanes and a cutting edge wash bay. The trailer shop was cleared out and turned into a great dining area for the five food trucks parked just outside. Executives were on hand to provide tours of the massive facility, and guests got to take home some freebies and enter to win some cool raffle prizes courtesy of our friends

Drone footage

at Peterbilt and Pilot Flying J. The event kicked off as TMC was officially welcomed to the community with a ribbon cutting ceremony organized by the Town of Brownsburg Economic Development Commission. Jason Webb, TMC’s Executive Vice President of Asset Management, has overseen the construction since it’s beginning in the fall of 2015. “We are very excited to become a long lasting partner with the state of Indiana and the town of Brownsburg. We strive to be a good neighbor and a business partner Brownsburg can be proud to have in their community,” he says. Excitement was through the roof when NASCAR drivers Michael Annett and Dale Earnhardt Jr. arrived to meet guests and sign autographs. NASCAR radio personality, Pat Patterson, emceed a question and answer session where both Michael and Dale Jr. expressed their awe at the new facility. After the meet and greet, the duo headed back to the track to prepare for the following day’s race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where Michael drove his No. 5 TMC Chevy Camaro in the Xfinity Series Lilly Diabetes 250. The TMC pride in the stands was infectious, with nearly 700 employees and family members, customers and vendors cheering Michael on. Thank you to everyone who lent a hand in making this event such a success. The sense of synergy throughout TMC is indisputable. Destination: Excellence! ‹

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Destination: Finish Line


uly was an exciting month in the world of NASCAR for TMC. Earlier this year we announced our partnership with JR Motorsports and the team’s No. 5 entry driven by Michael Annett. Annett debuted the TMC Transportation sponsored paint scheme at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on July 22nd, then ran it again the following weekend at the Iowa Speedway, his home state track. The black, orange and gold colors on Annett’s No. 5 Chevrolet Camaro drew in masses of support from TMC employees, drivers, customers and vendors. At both tracks, everywhere you looked you saw people proudly wearing their TMC Racing t-shirts sporting Annett’s No. 5 on the back. In Indianapolis, Annett accomplished his career best qualifying position, but suffered a few setbacks and settled for a finish in the 25 spot despite running on only seven cylinders for the last 50 laps. The following weekend at the Iowa Speedway can be described with one word. Pride. Over 700 TMC employees were in attendance to cheer Annett on as he raced toward the finish line. Employees were treated to a prerace tailgate and meet and greet with Annett, where he expressed his gratitude for the support of his TMC family, signed autographs and snapped some photos.

“I always look forward to running in front of the home crowd at Iowa Speedway,” expressed Annett. “We had a great group from TMC here today and I want to thank all the guests in attendance for coming out to support us.” Annett, a native of Des Moines, Iowa is competing in his ninth full-time season in NASCAR, and first with JR Motorsports. He will run the TMC branded car two more times before the season wraps up in mid-November, and currently sits at 11th in the NASCAR Xfinity Series playoff point standings. ‹ See photos from the Indianapolis and Iowa races at www., and be sure to follow him on Facebook, and Twitter!

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ryan Celestine, TMC driver and health and fitness enthusiast, recently dropped by for a visit and to step in the spotlight and share some of his tips for staying fit as an over-the-road truck driver. This was a highly requested follow-up to a video we shared a few years ago of Bryan, where he told his story of going from out of shape and over-weight to being healthy and physically fit. In the follow-up, we learned a little more about the exercises Bryan does, the type of food he eats on a daily basis, and what keeps him motivated. We’ve highlighted a few takeaways that other drivers, and even those who aren’t drivers, can benefit from.

video #1

1. Do your research and set goals. In the video, Bryan mentions that when he first started out he used general internet searches to figure out the body type he was looking to achieve and what foods and exercises would help him reach those goals. “My motivation then while making the first video is not the same as my motivation now,” Bryan says. “Knowing what you want will help you set goals.”

video #2

2. Not a diet, but a lifestyle choice. Bryan doesn’t like to refer to his eating and meal plans as dieting. He prefers to call them a lifestyle choice. “Once you get in shape, the object is to maintain,” Bryan says. So, making the conscious decision every day to make better choices for your health is one of the first big steps that will soon turn into a habit. He also mentions that it is beneficial to prep meals ahead of time whenever you can, and to also have healthy options available when you’re in a pinch.

4. Find a support system.

3. Planning is half the battle.

5. Always strive to keep learning.

A big part of being an over-the-road driver is time management. On the days that Bryan does workout, he incorporates that time into his clock whenever he can. Whether it’s during a break or when he’s finished securing a load, he strives to use all of his time productively. “It’s something you have to want to do,” Bryan says. “If it’s important to you, you will make time for it.”

“You learn every day, and you can never out-do yourself; just like in trucking,” Bryan says. He stresses the importance of finding new ways to reach your goals and working to connect with others who are striving to do the same thing. “There are always going to be obstacles and curves,” Bryan says. “You have to find the inner motivation to make it happen.” ‹

“Bryan says a main motivator for him is the support of two of his good friends and fellow TMC drivers, Jay Penn and Phil Creasy. “We really push each other,” Bryan says. “We always encourage one another to strive to be better.” The daily challenges he receives from Penn and Creasey motivate him to keep going and work harder day in and day out.

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driver An Employee-Owned Company



th e F ir

of Q



Chester Randolph

Named Driver of the First Quarter for 2017


takes a special person to be a truck driver. It’s not an easy job, but it’s a job that I enjoy,” says Chester Randolph, TMC’s Driver of the First Quarter for 2017.

Chester has 16 years and over 1.5 million safe driving miles under his belt here at TMC. He has earned this honorable distinction by keeping safety at the forefront and dedicating himself to excellence. Not to mention, his friendly, bubbly personality that can brighten anyone’s day. Chester is a master of the open roads. Before coming to TMC in 2001, he spent 20 years as a tour bus driver, working with the likes of Reba McEntire, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and Crosby, Stills and Nash just to name a few. Though it was an exciting job, Chester found the several months out on the road to be a bit too strenuous. He made the transition to TMC for some shorter lengths of haul where he currently drives on our Continental Dedicated account. Trucking is a lifestyle that Chester knows very well. “All I have ever done

is drive. I have been all over the United States and Canada and I am grateful that I get to travel for a living,” he says. “Every day is different. I get to see different things and places, but I also have the opportunity to build relationships with fellow drivers. It is very rewarding.” “Chester was the first driver I met when I started at TMC. He was my very first impression of this company. He was friendly, professional and warmly welcomed me to the team. I thought to myself; if this is the kind of driver that TMC employs and that I will be working with, I think I’m going to be pretty happy here,” says Kristin Holdash, Dedicated Fleet Manager. “The impression that Chester left on me is the same one he leaves wherever he goes. He is quick to help other drivers whenever he can. He is dependable and you can always trust him to not only get the load safely where it’s

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going, but to represent TMC in the best way possible, both on the road and at our customers. Chester is a true professional and I consider myself very lucky to have him on my team.” To be a successful driver, both in the industry and at TMC, Chester explains that safety should be number one. “Be safe, pay attention and do things right the first time,” he says. “Remember that trucking is not a 9-5 job. You work all three shifts, and the reward is the satisfaction. Enjoy it one day at a time.” Chester resides in West Virginia with his fiancé, and enjoys spending time working in his yard and vacationing to Florida. He hopes to one day retire to Montana or Wyoming. Criteria for Driver of the Quarter recognition includes years of service with the company, safe driving record, excellent customer service, professionalism and overall quality performance. Once a driver is recognized as a Driver of the Quarter they are eligible to receive the prestigious Wheel Master Award. ‹




first climbed into his black and chrome Peterbilt on June 7, 2016 and never looked back. It was the first day of his new career as a professional truck driver. A Massachusetts native, John spent nearly two decades working the night shift as a machinist. He spent long hours in a 6’ by 6’ box operating metal working machines, until the day his job was shipped overseas and he was laid off. Not wanting to re-enter the industry at the bottom of the ladder, John knew that it was time to make a change and think outside the box. Now middle aged and at a crossroads in his life, John decided to enroll at New England Tractor Trailer Training in Pawtucket, RI and obtain his CDL. With two of his three children grown and out of the house and with his wife of more than 20 years’ support, it made sense to finally chase his dream of traveling the country for a living.

the company I wanted to work for. And the great thing is, every thing he said is true.” A year later, John sits comfortably at the top of his Fleet Manager’s board and advocates on behalf of TMC at every chance he gets. He’s made a few visits to his former CDL school and shares his story with prospective drivers. To John, trucking is about freedom. When you’re out on the road, you’re given the tools to do your job and it is up to you to set those numbers on your paycheck. When asked what it takes to be successful in the trucking industry, John insists that tolerance and making good decisions are key factors. “Think things out ahead of time. Plan your whole day, picture how it is going to end up and stick to it,” he says. “It is crucial to stay level headed and not get upset about things that are beyond your control. Take it all in but don’t give any back.”

“I was drawn to the trucking industry because I wanted to see and experience something new everyday while making a better life for my family,” says John. “I like to tell my wife that I’m a professional tourist, and that essentially I’m retired and just exploring the country but getting paid to do it.”

Additionally, John believes that a strong support system is essential to having a successful career as a truck driver. John has two grown children and a 17 year old who still lives at home with his wife of 27 years. “I talk to my kids every night, and when I’m home on the weekends they are very understanding of my needs,” he explains. “It is important to remember that they sacrifice just as much as I sacrifice. It is a two way street.”

While in school, John sat through recruiting presentations from several different companies, but none stood out more than TMC Field Recruiter, Adam Hoffman’s presentation. “Adam wasn’t a salesman. You could tell he meant every word he said. He was passionate about TMC; so much it gave me goose bumps,” John explains. “I knew that was

John and the rest of the top ten finalists were honored at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, TX on August 25th at a special ceremony where they announced 2017’s Trucking’s Top Rookie. Congratulations, John! ‹

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safety •

AWARDS Congratulations to the following drivers who surpassed safe driving milestones during the first quarter of 2017. Thank you for your dedication to excellence!

5 Years Safe Driving • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Michael R. Anderson Deon C. Anthony Tim D. Campbell Jamison M. Caron John A. Carter Jonathan R. Craig Michael A. Ducran Glen M. Ferrell Jonathan W. Fuller Joshua A. Gerke David Lee. Goodman Jr. William M. Hardecopf Victor Hernandez Landrau Jeremy D. Hyde John C. LaCount John G. LaFave Jr. Jared E. Lind Edward J. McGimsey Wayne A. Mohring John D. Pratt Thomas A. Proffit Tommy R. Racine Michael J. Redmond Kozloskie A. Richards II Richard W. Ritter Jr. Joshua M. Robinson Harry D. Schroeder Bill E. Seeley Ryan P. Skogen John Slymon Kenneth K. Snider Dan A. Snow John E. Truitt Jr. Anthony L. Trujillo Benjamin M. Werner Ricky L. Woods

10 Years Safe Driving

5 Years Safe Driver Michael R. Anderson

(pictured with his son and Jeffery McMullin, Safety Manager, right)

15 Years Safe Driver David A. Baker

(pictured with Todd Bunting, VP Safety, left, and Brent Smith, Dedicated Fleet Manager, right)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Timothy J. Alford Christopher Andrews Jason S. Arnold Stephen T. Bass Sr. Darrell C. Cobb Samuel J. Cusmano Robert S. Engen Daniel J. Harringer Brian E. Hoff Edward W. Johnson Jr. Anthony Kostelic Jason G. Krotine Kory D. Kunkle Ashton D. Ryce Dan L. Thomas Rodney A. Winkfield

15 Years Safe Driving

5 Years Safe Driver Jared E. Lind

(pictured with Josh Perry, Safety Manager, left)

One Million Safe Driving Miles Driver Carlos E. Burris Jr.

(pictured with Todd Bunting, VP Safety, left, and Brent Smith, Dedicated Fleet Manager, right)

• • • • • • • •

David A. Baker Gary D. Davis Kenneth C. Dedafoe Carl E. Kurella Danny C. Prescott William S. Riemer Elijah R. Spruill Jr. Michael W. Thomas

25 Years Safe Driving • Patrick A. Lucash

5 Years Safe Driver Kozloskie A. Richards II (pictured with John Young, Safety Manager, left)

8 > TMC Newsletter | Summer 2017

One Million Safe Driving Miles Driver Kevin E. Williams

(pictured with Todd Bunting, VP Safety, left, and Marty Coffey, Dedicated Project Manager, right)

million miles Congratulations to the following drivers who recently reached ONE MILLION safe driving miles! • • • • •

Jason S. Arnold Keith A. Ashley Carl S. Brady Carlos E. Burris Jr. John T. Cain

• • • • •

Michael A. Conboy Bradley B. Coppin Dale E. Cowardin Robert S. Engen Matthew C. McCavitt

• • • • •

Shawn P. McGuirk David J. McMurry Dwayne A. Radford Joseph P. Searfino Jr. Keith B. Segraves

• Robert S. Turner • Kevin E. Williams • Rudolph C. Winter III

TWO MILLION Safe Driving Miles • James L. Underwood • Douglas J. Wolf

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Transition Trucking CHRIS KING Represents TMC as a Transition Trucking: Driving For Excellence Award Top Ten Finalist


roudly representing TMC, Chris King attended the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, TX on August 25th as a top ten finalist for the Transition Trucking: Driving For Excellence award.

Chris had the crucial task of keeping communications technology functioning between air support and ground units, as losing correspondence for only a few seconds could be disastrous.

The Transition Trucking: Driving For Excellence award is search for America’s top military rookie driver while aiming to educate veterans and America about the support from leading manufacturers and service providers that enhance the safety and comfort of the 3.5 million professional truck drivers while performing their duties — and provide an incredible head start to one veteran's entrepreneurial career.

Upon returning home, life threw Chris for a tailspin when he was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder, or a mild case of posttraumatic stress disorder, and became medically disqualified from re-enlisting in the Air Force. However, Chris was determined to provide a comfortable life for his family, so he began looking into serving his country in a different way by becoming a professional truck driver.

A Mississippi native and married father of three, Chris came to TMC in January 2017 for a fresh start in a new industry. His high quality of work and dedication to safety and excellence quickly made him a standout driver.

“I knew I wanted to work with vehicles, travel and experience new things, and the trucking industry seemed the perfect fit,” says Chris. “TMC was my first choice because I liked the physical aspect of flatbed work, and their reputation of cleanliness and professionalism spoke to my background of military values. As much as I would like to re-enlist, I consider myself stuck with the civilian life now. But, I’m proud to be able to say I served my country, so I’m satisfied.”

Chris entered basic training in San Antonio, TX at the age of 23. He tried his hand at college before that, studying aviation maintenance technology, but decided he’d rather put his skills to work while serving his country. He enlisted as an Air Crew Member in the United States Air Force and was quickly offered a position as an Airborne Mission System Specialist. After enduring combat and water survival training, which he refers to as “the best training I never want to do again,” Chris was deployed in 2015 to the United Arab Emirates where he worked as a communication technician on the E-3 Sentry aircraft, or AWACS, as it is referred to, which serves as an airborne early warning and control aircraft.

10 > TMC Newsletter | Summer 2017

Chris obtained his CDL in January 2017, then stepped into his very own Black and Chrome Peterbilt the following April. The road to his own truck was not so smooth, however. Shortly after Chris began training, he learned the devastating news that his father was diagnosed with cancer. Chris’ father-in-law had passed away from cancer while he was deployed, so he knew the storm he was about to weather was not going to be an easy one.

“I was tempted to drop out and go home to be there for my dad, but I knew that’s not what he would have wanted,” explains Chris. “My dad always taught me to put forth my best effort and to never give up, so I pushed through and completed my training for him and for my family that depends on me. I only hope I can be half the man he is.” Today, Chris’ father is undergoing chemotherapy treatment and is doing well. Chris thanks his trainer, Darren Maples, for the support and encouragement to keep a positive attitude, and now that Chris is out on the open road full time with the freedom to own his future, he is happier than he’s ever been.

“I found my home with TMC and the trucking industry,” he says. “I love the challenge of different loads, waking up in new places and seeing the country that I spent several years of my life defending. With trucking, I’m given the tools to be successful and it is my responsibility to use them. I like to think my experience in the Air Force has helped me in my successes through creating a routine and staying disciplined and organized.” Because of the hardships he’s endured throughout the last five years, Chris knows it is more important than ever to stick with it and keep working toward his goals. “There have been plenty of days where I’ve had a bad load or my time

is running short and I just want to throw my hands up and quit,” says Chris. “But I know my family depends on me, and I do my best to keep that mindset. No matter what emotions I feel, I have to keep pushing through, and I apply that every day.” Chris has proven to be not only a fantastic asset to TMC, but to the trucking industry and civilian workforce alike. He applies the values he obtained during his time in the military to his everyday life and work, and is a great representation of a successful transition. TMC is honored to have Mr. King as a valuable member of our fleet, and we were proud to have him representing TMC at GATS during the 2017 Transition Trucking: Driving For Excellence award ceremony. ‹

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Kicks off on September 10!

National Employee Ownership Month 2017

At TMC, our drivers are the backbone of the company, and while we always appreciate the hard work that they put in day in and day out, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is really a time to celebrate! Taking place September 10-16, TMC will spend the week honoring our drivers with gifts, giveaways, activities and plenty of free food! Be sure to check out the Fall 2017 edition of Destination: Excellence for a full recap of the festivities!

At TMC, October is a time to reflect on the value of each and every employee that aids in driving the company forward. October is National Employee Ownership Month, and TMC employees have good reason to celebrate! This year will mark four years since Founder & CEO, Harrold Annett, announced that TMC would become an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company, and the journey has been more fruitful than anyone could have expected. We’ve seen continuous growth and impressive increases in stock price, as well as a boost in productivity company-wide. We look forward to celebrating and showing our pride of ownership!

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Heard from

A driver for Landstar named Michael called in to share how impressed he is with TMC drivers and how they take care of their equipment. He said every TMC driver that he has encountered has driven in a safe and courteous manner. He also sees so many clean trucks that and that he just had to pick up the phone and share. Will from Nucor Cold Finish recently spoke with a TMC driver and called in to say he was very nice and professional while moving a Maine load for them. He was very appreciative of the excellent service. “My dad drives for TMC and I think your company has the prettiest trucks I have ever seen. I always look for the black and chrome. Love your company. Keep up the hard work.” –Laur, Instagram User

William A. Carsten Jr., #11255 A former TMC driver called Safety to compliment William for handling his truck well in heavy traffic. He also said his truck looked great.

Adam Q. Posey, #10118 Adam delivered to a first-time customer and the customer was extremely impressed with the level of service that Adam provided. They said they will make sure to send more quotes our way. Great work, Adam!

Kevin D. Davidson, #11165 Kevin helped Bobby Davis Jr. (92227) roll his tarps at National Gypsum, and Bobby returned the favor for Kevin. They met up again later that day at Setzer Forest Products and Kevin helped Bobby strap and tarp his load so he could get out faster and make his Friday cutoff to get home. “I cannot thank drivers like Kevin Davidson enough,” said Bobby.

Edward W. Parrish, #11014 Safety took a call from a customer that Eddie recently delivered to. They said that Eddie is a fantastic driver and they appreciated his excellent attitude and professionalism. They also said they couldn’t thank him enough for all of his help at delivery.

William M. Beeler Jr., #10857 Training received a call from an Operations Manager for Shoreland Transport. He said he passed William on the road and that his tarp job was one of the most professional he had ever seen.

“I've been wanting to contact TMC now for several years, and after a recent trip where I observed another TMC vehicle, I was reminded that this was still on my "to do" list. I grew up in a family that operated a large excavating and trucking firm in Chicago. As a result, I worked for my parents’ company in high school and part of college. Although I did not pursue a career in the family business, I still pay attention to trucks on the road and the various excavating job sites I come across in my extensive travels around the United States. With that said, I am always in awe of how impeccably clean and sharp TMC's trucks are. Your drivers always have their loads secure and drive within the law. No other company stands out in my head that is as impressive in their appearance. Unless it’s actually raining, I've never seen a dirty or damaged TMC vehicle. So for what it's worth, please pass along my compliments of a "job well done" and to keep up the good work. Stay safe.” – Michael A. from Illinois

12 > TMC Newsletter | Summer 2017

“I saw one of your trucks in Chicago today! As always, very clean rigs and extremely courteous and professional drivers.” –Tyler S., Twitter

“I just have to let you know that I saw one of your flatbed trucks this morning on the way to work. The ‘Destination: Excellence’ on the back of the tractor spoke volumes, and I thought about it most of the day.” – Janet H., Motorist

Victor A. Walker, #10097 Safety recently took a call from a 34-year industry veteran. He was at James Hardy in Ohio, and Victor offered to help him roll his tarps. The caller was very happy and appreciative.

Edward C. Dolsen Jr, #10625

m the Road

“Ed was my Driver Trainer and is now a valued friend and teammate. For the last couple of months, Ed has taken the time to answer my questions, reassure me of the fact I can conquer any challenge, and overall, instill in me a sense of confidence and pride in my newly chosen profession. He contacts me every Thursday to make sure that I'm doing well and imparts continuing bits of wisdom that make each work day much less stressful. We as a company talk about integrity as being the things we do when no one is watching. Ed is a prime example of someone who sets that example. He helps because he cares; not for accolades or notoriety.” –Shane Conaway, #11047.

Nicholas C. Seeley, #11358 A 37-year veteran driver called in to compliment Nicholas on his driving. He said it was nice to see someone doing so many things right.

“We are very impressed with the professionalism of your drivers. They have full PPE, fall protection in place, helping each other chain down. Perfect.” – Marc B., Novelis, Inc.

Vincent E. Smith Jr., #11757 Alex from Worthington sent in an email to express his appreciation for the hard work and cooperation displayed by Vincent. They had a hot load that needed to go out ASAP, and Vincent stepped right in to help. “We appreciate the help and the relationship we have with your company,” Alex said. Great work representing TMC, Vincent!

Kyle G. Bursey, #10395

“Just wanted to let you know that TMC is a great company and has some of the best and most respectful drivers I have ever loaded working at Great Southern Wood. Thank you for all you have done for our country. Your trucks are also beautiful.” – Calvin S., Facebook User

Kyle gave a new customer a very positive first impression of TMC. Kelly, VP of Operations, called to say that Kyle was extremely polite and professional while he was on site. She continued on to say she would love to load TMC trucks daily based on this first experience and thanked Kyle for his great work.

Charles Vogel , #11518 Lester at Beulah Lumber in Beulah, ND called in and wanted to pass along that he was very impressed with Charles. He really appreciated how prepared and courteous he was when he delivered there recently.

Glenn W. Dilworth Jr., #10634 Deborah at Holbert Truck & Trailer in Charlotte was at the shop when Glenn brought in the decked trailers. She informed us that Glenn made an excellent impression by going out of his way to open the gate for her and by being kind and courteous. She added that he represented TMC in a very positive manner.

Robert J. Arthur, #10810 & David A. Wessling Jr, #10279

Tyler D. Ferrell, #11276 Phil Krider from Ambassador Steel called to say that he heard from one of his customers in KY that Tyler was by far the most professional driver he has ever had deliver to him. He also asked Tyler to move a load to a specific area and he put the load exactly where he wanted it on the first try.

Willie T., a driver from Maverick Transportation, was having trouble with his securement at the TAMKO facility in Frederick, MD. Robert and David both helped him throw chains and feed them through the pallets on his load to secure it. Tonka left a comment on our Facebook page to thank these two and share how grateful he was for their help.

John Laughner, #10478 Levy from Heavy Iron Cranes called to report that John did an outstanding job. He said he had a great attitude and was very professional, and wanted to express his appreciation. He also mentioned that he has yet to see a “bad apple” from TMC.

Lana from Owencorp called in to say our drivers were very friendly and easy to work with, which makes her job easier to do. Overall, she really appreciates TMC, our drivers, and how nice our trucks look.

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