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TMC’s Best of the Best

Gather for Annual Wheel Master Meeting Herb House Honored as 2017 Recipient

Back row (left to right): Alan Wiegard, Kevin Dinsdale, Danny Cagle, Louis Steele II, Derek Boykin, Matt Bohl, Mark Skeen, Jeff Wisgerhof, Marvin Hayes, Patrick Lucash Front row (left to right): Les Bohlken, Russ Allen, Dick Wyatt Jr., Harrold Annett, Roger Dannen, John Wheeler, Herb House, George Calore, Mike LaVigne, Larry Brown

annual Wheel Master Meeting took place Saturday, March 24th at TMC’s headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. The meeting brought in Wheel Masters both past and present, and also served as a platform to induct the newest Wheel Master into the prestigious order.


The recipient of the 2017 Wheel Master award was Herb House, who with 25 years of service and 2.5 million safe driving miles, humbly accepted the award before a room of his peers and TMC management. The annual award is the highest driver

honor given at TMC, and was created as a way to recognize the best of the best in an already remarkable fleet of drivers. Each year a driver is honored with the Wheel Master distinction based on years of service with the company, safe driving record and overall quality of performance, and Herb’s hard work and dedication to his Black and Chrome family over the past 25 years has earned him this notable distinction. Herb left his factory job in 1982 to chase his sense of adventure. He decided to go to truck driving school, and shortly after he found his niche in the flatbed industry. He spent some

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2017 Wheel Master Herb House

time with other carriers, but there was only one company he really wanted to work for. Finally in 1993, Herb took the chance and officially signed on with TMC, and as the saying goes, the rest is history. “I feel like I’ve grown both as a driver and as a person during my time with TMC. I’ve learned a lot about patience,” says Herb. “But it is easy to work hard for a company that goes out of their way to treat you like TMC does. The people I work with are great, top-notch equipment, pay and home time. It doesn’t get much better.” Herb currently drives for TMC’s Specialized Division, one that yields some of the best and safest drivers in the fleet. ‘Safe’ is a concept Herb knows well, however, as he has collected nearly every safe driving award TMC has to offer. He was also named Driver of the Quarter in 2010. “I don’t think there really is a secret to being a safe driver,” Herb explains. “Pay attention to detail and don’t be afraid to ask questions. But above all, just keep your wheels on the ground.” From one of TMC’s very first recipients awarded 30 years ago, Russ Allen, to our newest inductee, Herb House, those in attendance have racked up an astounding 56,112,121 safe driving miles and 485 safe years. “It is a great honor and quite unexpected to be here today,” said Herb. “I’ve just been out there doing my job the only way I know how. I am grateful to Harrold and to TMC for giving me this opportunity.” Herb’s wife, Teri, both of Morrison, Ill., was also in attendance to support her husband as he accepted the prestigious award. “The Wheel Master Meeting is something I look forward to every year,” said Harrold Annett, TMC’s Founder and CEO. “This group of drivers is the epitome of our mission, ‘Destination: Excellence’. I appreciate their friendship and commitment to TMC, and I enjoy seeing the group grow with each year’s deserving inductee.” In addition to the quality time together, the group enjoyed a great lunch and plenty of laughter. At this meeting, there are no job titles, just a group of friends who respect one another and enjoy each other’s company. Once again, congratulations to Herb for receiving the most esteemed title awarded at TMC. ‹

TMC Transportation NAMED THE

HOME DEPOT’S Flatbed Carrier of the Year For Fourth Straight Year TMC has been named The Home Depot’s Flatbed Carrier of the Year for 2017, making it four years in a row of earning this distinction. TMC first established a relationship with The Home Depot in 2004, and has since maintained a long-standing reputation of providing superior service. TMC dedicates flatbed transportation services to move products from eight bulk distribution centers to The Home Depot stores throughout the United States. Additionally, the two often join forces to provide disaster relief to communities in need. “We are very appreciative that The Home Depot has recognized us as their Flatbed Carrier of the Year for 2017,” says Damon Gehrels, TMC’s Vice President of Dedicated Operations. “Receiving this distinguished award is a testament to our employees’ hard work and focus on supporting the delivery service needs of The Home Depot. TMC is honored to have the opportunity to partner with The Home Depot, and we look forward to additional opportunities to improve and expand our services with them.” ‹

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Long and Winding Road Ends...

On a High Note By Ron Lemasters, JR Motorsports


y now, you know that the early season Western Swing for the NASCAR Xfinity Series has come and gone. If you happened to be one of the transporter drivers for JR Motorsports, it probably seemed like it would never end. If you were one of the drivers who helped JRM’s transportation department manage the out-and-back trips to Las Vegas and Phoenix, it was probably a once-ina-lifetime experience. TMC Transportation, the Des Moines, Iowa-based flatbed trucking company whose black-and-gold logo will appear five times this season on the No. 5 Chevrolet driven by Michael Annett, supplied six top-notch drivers for two of the three cross-country trips, has been an invaluable asset in getting from Point A to Point B and back...30-plus hours at a time. TMC is the largest employee-owned flatbed carrier in the nation. The most recent race, at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif., was manned by JRM’s transportation department— Matt Weaver, Chris Waddell, Brian Finney and Jeff Miles, along with Steven Kenahan, Troy Cole, Daryl Matthews and John Pounds.

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Each of the six TMC drivers who participated in the first two trips - Joe Searfino, Rob Hoffman, Johnny Kaczmarczyk, Eddie Parrish, Jim McDaniels and Joey Stipp - were hand-picked from a large fleet and each reveled in the ability to horse a multi-million-dollar rig over the open road. The fact that the transporter was covered in decals and drew lots of attention had nothing to do with it, of course. “It was awesome,” said Searfino, who drove home from Las Vegas. “It’s a dream come true. I always wanted to be a truck driver in NASCAR, and it was a dream to drive one home from the West Coast and see everybody looking at you when you pass them by.” Hoffman, who drove Michael Annett’s hauler when he competed in the ARCA Racing Series, is a veteran of the grind. He also got a trip to Sin City out of it. “I hadn’t been to Las Vegas in at least 20 years, and getting to drive the haulers home was awesome,” Hoffman said. “I liked being at the track, getting that close up to all the action.” Driving the big NASCAR transporters can be a little intimidating, especially if the majority of your over-

the-road driving for TMC is done with a flatbed trailer, but Hoffman handled it just fine. He normally hauls steel—120,000 pounds at a time. “That’s all I haul, and it’s heavy,” Hoffman, who covers Ohio and northern Indiana for TMC, related. Kaczmarczyk, a first-timer, was quite impressed with the opportunity. “It’s my first time doing the NASCAR run,” he said. “I had an awesome time and got some experience with the trailers. It’s a heck of a responsibility, you’ve got to be on your toes with a couple million dollars on the line in one of those.” Kaczmarczyk, in his third year with TMC, is a line-haul driver in and around the home base of Des Moines, doing general hauling of everything from drywall to excavators. He ran with some experienced partners on the way back from Las Vegas. Hoffman was Driver of the Quarter in 2014, which is quite an honor, and Searfino is a million-mile safe driver (which means no accidents or tickets over that distance). The crew from the Phoenix trip was also very experienced. McDaniels was a part of the West Coast surge last year, and returned this year for more. Now an in-house driver for TMC, McDaniels was happy to have the opportunity to log some road miles in one of JRM’s Freightliner Cascadia tractors. “I do like that 13-speed transmission,” he allowed. Asked his advice for anyone who wants to drive NASCAR haulers for a living—a question that is asked more often than anybody thinks—McDaniels was blunt: “Be younger than me!,” he cracked. “You just have to stick with it, do your job, plan your day and do the best you can.”

throughout the year. “I was completely impressed,” he marveled. “It was a life-long dream of mine, as it was my father’s. He never got to do this, so right now he hates me!” Likewise, Stipp said the glamour of doing this job is a bit... overstated. “People’s perception of a hauler driver is all glamorous... until you go out there and do it and see what they do behind the scenes,” he said. “This is a dream for me, I feel honored and privileged to do this. I’ve been a Dale Jr. fan for a long time, and Tony Beres asked me the other day, ‘did you ever in your wildest dreams think you’d end up being a hauler driver for JR Motorsports?’ No way. I got to help with qualifying with the 7 team and ran tires for the 5 during the race. It’s not all glamorous. It was a great experience and I really appreciate it.” Stipp compared his flat-bed experience to what he does, hitting upon the difference between the two types of driving. “We’re not as top-heavy as the NASCAR haulers, but in similar situations, you take a corner too fast and you can put it on its side,” he said.

McDaniels was paired with two first-timers in Parrish and Stipp, and both were amazed at how much work goes into getting to the track and back. “Amazing,” said Parrish, a coast-to-coast driver himself. “I’ve never seen anything like this. All four teams come together, they work together, they work non-stop. I’m just blown away at how hard they work. They don’t just climb in a truck and drive; they’re right there with the pit crew too.

Tony Beres, who coordinates the integration of the TMC drivers with Weaver and JRM, has been part of the NASCAR scene for a long time, and with his help, the work gets done smoothly and the transportation team at JRM gets a difficult job done with professional assistance.

“For the people who think all they do is drive around from race to race, it’s not. Brian (Finney, truck driver for Tyler Reddick’s No. 9 Chevrolet team) was working on the car, handing tools, running to get stuff, and I got to help him. We had to prepare Tyler’s backup car.”

“Everybody still has the camaraderie they had last year, they’re a great bunch of guys,” he said of JRM’s truckers. “They all shook my hand when I got here, greeted me, and it was a great time.”

Parrish said he thought the JRM drivers had a harder job than he does, even though he hauls coast to coast

There’s a bond between truckers, just as there is with many professions, McDaniels said.

Thanks to its partnership with TMC, a difficult operation came off smoothly and safely, and that’s why good partners are worth their weight in gold. ‹

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TMC Transportation Recognized as Partner-Level Supplier for Fifth Straight Year in John Deere’s Achieving Excellence Program The distinction was coincided by an induction into the Five Year Hall of Fame at John Deere’s April 17 awards banquet.

TMC’s Specialized Operations Team (left to right): Carl Howell, Chad Reece, Mark Jones, Mike Little, Lukas Rold, Brent Smith and Damon Gehrels.


Transportation has earned recognition as a Partner-level supplier for the 2017 fiscal year in the John Deere Achieving Excellence Program, making it the fifth straight year TMC has been awarded the merit. The Des Moines-based company was selected for the honor in recognition of its dedication to providing products and service of outstanding quality as well as its commitment to continuous improvement.

TMC management was in attendance at the April 17 ceremony in Bettendorf, IA. Joe Brannen, Vice President of National Accounts, accepted the award on behalf of TMC’s team of John Deere Dedicated Operations.

After achieving Partner-Level with John Deere for five consecutive years, TMC was awarded Hall of Fame status which is Deere & Company’s highest supplier rating.

“I know how hard our team works every day to achieve the key pick-up and delivery metrics that are such a big part of this award and recognition,” Brannen says. “This distinction is a culmination of everyone’s dedi-

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cation, and it is a company teamwork driven success.” TMC is a supplier of flatbed transportation to John Deere’s operation in Ankeny, Iowa; Davenport, Iowa; Dubuque, Iowa; Paton, Iowa; Clarion, Iowa; East Moline, Ill.; Moline, Ill.; Ottumwa, Iowa; Waterloo, Iowa; Valley City, N.D.; and Kernersville, N.C. Suppliers who participate in the Achieving Excellence program are evaluated annually in several key performance categories, including quality, cost management, delivery, technical support and wavelength, which is a measure of responsiveness. John

d r ive r An Employee-Owned Company



th e F ou Q R UA RTE

David Selig


lease join us in congratulating TMC’s Driver of the Fourth Quarter for 2017, David Selig! A Maryland native, David has been a professional truck driver for TMC for nearly 12 years. Much of his time has been spent on our Rockfon/Chicago Metallic Dedicated account, and he continually proves himself worthy of such an honorable distinction. “David is an absolute wizard when it comes to difficult deliveries,” says David Foster, TMC’s Customer Service Representative who handles the account. “He makes weekly trips into the New York boroughs/Long Island/ Boston areas often with multiple drops on every load. He handles his business without complaint and is very professional in his dealings with Rockfon personnel at Elkridge and with all of the diverse customers he deals with on the eastern seaboard. David represents exactly what TMC stands for.”

From left to right are: Joe Brannen, VP National Accounts; Damon Gehrels, VP Dedicated Operations; Lou Gartner, Executive VP Business Development; and Travis Johnson, Executive VP Operations.

Deere Supply Management created the program in 1991 to provide a supplier evaluation and feedback process that promotes continuous improvement. ‹

David loves the adventure that his trucking career has provided him. He enjoys seeing country, but at the same time it has allowed him a sense of stability. “Being on a dedicated account with TMC affords me a good balance of time on the road and time at home,” he says. As with any career, David insists that in order to be successful in the trucking industry, you must be willing to put in hard work. He

prides himself on his dedication to TMC and never missing more than a day or two of work in over a decade. “Organization is key,” he says. “In this trade you must utilize your time wisely and always have a plan. That will put you on the path to success.” Reliability is just one of many qualities David possesses, which makes him an outstanding asset to TMC and the customers he visits. “David goes above and beyond to make sure everything and everyone is taken care of,” says his Fleet Manager, Brent Funk. “He communicates the customer’s needs and is one of the easiest people to work with.” Criteria for Driver of the Quarter recognition includes years of service with the company, safe driving record, excellent customer service, professionalism and overall quality performance. Once a driver is recognized as a Driver of the Quarter they are eligible to receive the prestigious Wheel Master Award. ‹

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Employee Stock Ownership TMC Transportation is employee-owned, meaning that all eligible

employees are part-owners at no cost to them through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). So what, you ask? While there are many benefits, here are our top five reasons it’s great to work for an ESOP company!

1) Job Security. Research studies consistently show that employee-owned companies perform better than companies that are not employee owned. TMC is living proof! Since establishing our ESOP in October 2013, our company has grown and prospered. Our driver fleet has grown, our Logistics department has more than quadrupled in size, plus we opened a massive, state of the art terminal in Brownsburg, IN last year, and we are in the process of expanding our Columbia, SC operation as well.

2) Together. Everyone. Achieves. More. Employees tend to work harder when they have some “skin in the game.” Being able to benefit directly from the overall success and profitability of the company adds significant financial

motivation to work harder, think creatively, and work efficiently as a team. This synergy creates a far more rewarding work environment.

3) More Retirement Assets. Most companies offer their employees a 401(k). TMC offers their employees a 401(k) in addition to their ESOP retirement savings plan. In fact, according to a 2010 study, 56% of ESOP companies offer their employees at least one additional retirement savings plan on top of their ESOP. As such, employees of ESOP companies tend to have far more in retirement assets than workers of non-ESOP companies. Additionally, unlike a 401(k), employees do not contribute any of their own money towards their ESOP. Anything they receive is extra and at no cost to them.

8 > TMC Newsletter | Spring 2018 Edition

4) Incredible Growth Potential. The value of the ESOP is dependent on the success and profitability of the company, so the value of ESOP shares can fluctuate over time. Generally, a 7% growth is average, but if the company does especially well, there can be an incredible share value increase from year to year. Over time, ESOP allocations can add up to large numbers. That being said, thanks to all of our hard working employees, TMC’s 2017 share price shows an increase of over 150% since we went ESOP in 2013!

5) Rare Benefit. There is no such thing as a perfect job or a perfect company. You will likely experience ups and downs no matter where you work. An ESOP is an amazing benefit that is incredibly rare to come by. In fact, there are only approximately 7,000 ESOPs in place nationwide, with far fewer that are trucking companies. ‹


has been built on a foundation of PRIDE since day one over 46 years ago, a foundation that was solidified when founder and CEO, Harrold Annett, gave the company back to his hardworking employees in 2013. Since it’s inception, TMC’s ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) has grown tremendously, with 2017’s share price clocking in at more than a 150% increase in just four years. This progress has come primarily as a result of our drivers, office and maintenance staff doing their jobs with excellence at the forefront, day in and day out. “When I started with TMC the ESOP was very new and I wasn’t fully aware of what it meant. As I learned more about it, I found that it was another way TMC rewards employees for their hard work and performance, and that is a great peace of mind that I work

for a company that cares. I think the ESOP provides great opportunity for both current and future employees and assurance that our current successes will continue on to pay off in the long run.” - Oleg M., Driver

As an employee of an ESOP company, motivation comes easy when one is able to directly benefit from the overall success of the company.

TMC employees have the benefit of participating in the ESOP at no cost, and shares are allocated as a part of the employees’ reward for loyalty, hard work and dedication. Over time, their ESOP accounts have begun to boast big numbers, making a comfortable retirement a reality.

“It makes the day to day tasks more important. You realize that everything you are doing has an impact on the bottom line. And at the end of the day as long as you do your job well and you bring everybody up with you that it is going to pay off for not just the company, but yourself as well.” - Ryan G., Logistics Sales Representative

“Having the ESOP takes a little bit of weight off my shoulders. As a father of three girls I have a lot to think about with their futures, and though it might not be at the forefront right now, I know I can say that my ESOP will make a difference in mine and my family’s future once I am past working age.” - Jim H., Maintenance Shop Shift Coordinator

2018 will be full of exciting growth and new opportunities. Why not join us in our destination of ownership? Whether you prefer to be over the road, behind a desk or elbow deep in a diesel engine, we are always seeking motivated individuals to join the TMC team and share in our successes, because at TMC, WE OWN IT. ‹

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Gary Hendrickson NAMED




ongratulations to Gary Hendrickson, TMC’s Trainer of the Year for 2017! Gary has been a professional truck driver with TMC for nearly nine years, seven and a half of which he has been training. He received the Trainer of the Month award twice in that time, in April 2014 and most recently in May 2017. Gary prides himself on the work he does on a daily basis. He has been known to go above the call of duty when it comes to being safe out on the road. “I really focus on the details, because those are the things that can cost you in the end,” Gary says. His goal is that drivers will take his way of doing things and make it into their way. “During the duration that they’re in my truck, I try to teach them to run it like it’s their own,” Gary says. Everyone learns differently and Gary says that part of his job is reading drivers and figuring out the most effective way to teach them. “You can never forget where you came from,” he says. “You have to be patient with new drivers and give them a chance to grow.” Gary believes his consistent and laid-back approach is part of what brings him and his trainees success. Along with the hard work and dedication required in this industry, Gary preaches that a healthy family life is critical. “TMC is more than just a place to work; we are a family,” he says. “I make sure my trainees know that and I put forth extra effort to show it.” He does this by introducing his trainees to his family, and making sure he gets to know theirs as well.

10 > TMC Newsletter | Spring 2018 Edition

Gary finds it important to keep the lines of communication open to all of his trainees, even after they complete their training. “I still hear from my trainees, and some of them are even trainers now themselves. I’m very proud of my guys and I have some good drivers out there.” As for future aspirations for himself at TMC, Gary says he just hopes to continue assisting in growing the TMC family. “Not only can I make a lot of friends doing this job, but I can also do my part in making sure we put safe, professional drivers on the road,” he says. “TMC takes care of me, so I work hard to take care of them.” Gary resides in Dallas, NC, with his wife. When he isn’t out on the road, he enjoys spending time with her and their kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. Congratulations to Gary on this outstanding accomplishment. We are proud to call him a part of the TMC Family. ‹

safe driving • MILESTONES

The following drivers recently surpassed safe driving milestones. Congratulations, and thank you for your dedication to excellence!

5 Safe Years William A. Carsten Jr Anthony L. Clark William Crane Marlon T. Currey Anthony G. Daniels Edward C. Dolsen Jr Daniel R. Ducharme Christopher M. Eads

Jesse P. Galbraith Jeremy L. Hurlbut Jeffrey J. Kearney Bronson E. Kelley Robert L. Lavalley Darren R. Maples Tony J. Marlette Douglas L. Mcneel Sr Betuel Moncada Huerta Jeffrey L. Nowland

• • • • • • • • •

Erik S. Pallesen Charles A. Parent Jr Brian K. Post Steven S. Quick Ernest E. Richardson Christopher L. Rogers Matthew B. Szalay Thomas A. Washburn Terrence R. Wise

Congratulations to the following drivers who reached one or more MILLION safe driving miles ! Thank you for your commitment to safety!

2 Million Safe Miles

million miles

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

• Arthur L. Prosser II • Mitchell G. Wethington

1 Million Safe Miles

Edward C. Dolsen Jr with Todd Bunting, VP Safety (L)

Darren R. Maples with John Young, Safety Manager (L)

Jeffrey L. Nowland with Elijah Cope, Safety Manager (R)

Ernest E. Richardson with Todd Bunting, VP Safety (L)

Terrence R. Wise with Josh Perry, Safety Manager (L)

Marvin G. Hayes with Todd Bunting, VP Safety (L)

10 Safe Years • • • • • • • • • • •

Jeffrey A. Alford Michael A. Bailey James P. Baker Carlos E. Burris Jr Greg A. Chapman Ronald G. Hughes Paul T. Kellner David J. Mcmurry Rick T. Nelson Rodney D. Norwood Thad J. Popielnicki

• • • •

Hector A. B. Reyes Richard R. Robishaw Joseph P. Searfino Jr Peter D. Willingham

15 Safe Years • • • • • •

Tracy S. Baker David C. Blaskowsky Jon M. Etheridge Robert B. Hoffman Greg A. Thumma James J. Volk

20 Safe Years • • •

Kenneth L. Bohlken Derek M. Boykin Marvin G. Hayes

25 Safe Years •

• • • • • • • • •

Joseph E. Schneider Jason B. Grove Thomas C. Hurlbut Frank R. Coffman Brian P. Johnson Delruss R. Wolff David M. Sherfy Mark W. Jones James R. Jones

Linwood Shaw

Spring 2018 Edition | TMC Newsletter < 11

Heard from the Road “We enjoy loading TMC and their drivers continue to be the easiest to work with. They are always professional and willing to help where they can.”

“I am a truck shop tech turned Fleet Manager, and I see your trucks frequenting the Wilmington, NC area often. Each time I see a TMC rig, every single one looks SHARP! One can tell a fleet that keeps their equipment up! Cheers!” –Tony M.

“I received a call from the overnight supervisor at Lock Joint in South Bend, IN, recently. He said that Travis Glaser in #92525 was extremely professional and a great representative of TMC.”

–Cheryl and Dave, Raven Industries

A driver that works for McElroy Trucking called in to say that Michael Browne in #92516 helped him secure his load when no other drivers would. He was very appreciative and said he is even considering coming over to TMC now. He wanted to make sure Michael got the praise he deserved for being and outstanding driver and a great guy.

-Mark Sickmiller, Driver Development Manager

“I am an outside salesman at ABC Supply/TH. Your driver David Douglas in #10297 made a delivery of Atlas shingles to our branch. I just wanted you to know that is was a pleasure to do business with such a nice, polite and professional driver! David is a huge asset to your company.” –Todd T.

“I am a driver for Challenger, a Canadian transportation company. I am OTR and drive all over the United States. I believe your trucks are by far the BEST looking in the industry. Even in bad weather, they always stand out as the cleanest and most professional rigs. As for your drivers: the absolute most courteous, most professional and traffic situation compliant. They never speed or cut anyone off, they always let a driver in and are above all friendly. The way the industry is today, I felt I needed to let someone in your company know my thoughts. I am truly impressed with TMC and I offer my sincere accolades. I, for one, believe that TMC and your drivers are a credit to the industry and the North America highways. For what it’s worth, a huge BRAVO!” –Michael R.

“I just received a call from a fellow truck driver named Karen who just wanted to let us know that our drivers are ‘JUST THE BEST’. She hauls refrigerated and sees our drivers often and says every one of them has been professional and courteous. She specifically pointed out a driver she met recently in Illinois, Benjamin Lingerfelt in #10830 as a great driver and great representative of TMC. Please let him know he’s appreciated, along with the rest of our awesome drivers!” –Justyn Hardy, Public Relations Manager

“I received a call from a Landstar driver that was following Ernest Richardson in #11640. He said he was doing a phenomenal job driving. Ernest had an OD load with a combine on and he was slowing for traffic at bridges and taking his time. The Landstar driver said TMC drivers are typically all good, but this guy was really good; especially given the type of load he was pulling and the types of roads he was driving on.” –Josh Perry, Safety Manager

“I drive for one of three employers, often seeing TMC tractor trailers along my routes. I am impressed with the consistency of your fleet: Peterbilt tractors, shining flatbed trailers. I refer to them as "chrome-n-black.” Knowing little about your company, I felt compelled to contact a TMC employee to tell him/her of how well your fleet is maintained, and always clean. Please keep up your fine work to move the needs of Americans throughout our country. You're number one!” -Barry B., Wilmington, Delaware

TMC Safety took a call from a driver at Cox Transfer commending Benjamen Broyles in #92523 on his driving. The other driver had followed Benjamen for many miles and said that he had great lane control, was consistent with his speed and that the truck was immaculate. He commented that Benjamen ‘makes driving look easy’ and that it appeared he was on auto pilot. The driver for Cox has given himself a personal challenge to compliment drivers he sees doing a great job.

“I am a million mile driver for Keim TS, Sabetha, KS. I had the fortune of loading in the same location in KCMO today with a driver of yours, Kevin Crannell in #15044. He was an immense help to me in securing and tarping my load of siding. I just wanted you folks to know that he was a fine representative of your organization. It's rare that I meet drivers nowadays that are so selfless in helping someone. Again, kudos to you and your fine driver!”-Daryl S. “I own Patriot Transportation in Harlan, IN. I ran into one of your drivers, Green Johnson in #11146 at Precision Strip in Perrysburg, OH today. This driver does a great job representing your company. He was extremely polite, helpful and respectful of the others around him. If I could find more guys like him, my life would be a lot easier. Please make sure he is recognized for his professionalism.”-Thomas G.

“I have to give a big shout-out to William Kurth in truck #10783. He helped me fold up tarps at Home Depot in Tampa. It just goes to show that even working with different companies, we can all lend a hand. Thank you, William!” –Jason A., Facebook

TMC Safety received a phone call from Mr. Tim Clifford, a fleet owner in upstate NY. He wanted to let us know he had recently met Marc Bell in #11079 and thought he was a ‘stand up guy’. He said that Marc was a pro; safe and detail oriented. He was very impressed when Marc told him he hadn’t been at TMC very long, but he made quite an impression. Mr. Clifford stated we were lucky to have him and would like to have an entire fleet of drivers like Marc.

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Destination: Excellence | Spring 2018 Edition  

TMC Transportation's Quarterly Newsletter, Destination: Excellence.

Destination: Excellence | Spring 2018 Edition  

TMC Transportation's Quarterly Newsletter, Destination: Excellence.

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