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January 2021

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Color of the Year


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Color of the Year 2021 is a fresh start and deserves a new color to show that, but which one will you choose?


Latest Styles


Check out these interior design trends!


What makes it a lasting investment?


Window Treatments

Fashion VS Home


Trends take time to shift from the fashion world to the interior design world. Here's why.


So many options and all of them have a place

Empty Nester There is a certain simplicity in a home without children

24 Sophisticated & Effortless Your furniture doesn't have to match to look put together

WELCOME Welcome to this issue of Inspiring Designs! It's a new year, which means trends and a new issue of our magazine. This time, we'll be focusing on the softer side of design, specifically the furniture and finishes. And, of course, we'll also be talking about the latest trends to keep an eye out for. We appreciate your support of our small business!


2 / Welcome!


Color of the Year

Pantone has released their Color of the Year, and, once again, it is two. But what do these two colors represent, and how will they work their way into your life and home?

This thewas firstto year that Pantone released Ourisn't goal stay two stepshas ahead of the contractor. two colors. In 2016, they released "Rose Quartz" This keeps everyone happy and less headaches but it and "Serenity". Just like this year, they felt that one takes all parties on the team being on the same page. color wouldn't accurately represent the climate of the year.

Most selections are done prior to ground being broken

As we all know, 2020 wasn't great. There is a need for sunshine and and of course this is the best way. But do not kid happiness, a need that Pantone has decided to meet with their color yourself or let your contractor kid youthere isAccording no way all "Illuminating", which is meant to convey hopefulness. to details will be anticipated and part of the DNA of a Pantone, "We need to feel that everything is going to get brighter — this is essential the human spirit." Thatchanges is the reason they went for custom hometobuild are inevitable to some adesign "bright and cheerful yellow sparkling with vivacity." elements. On the other hand, there is a need for inner-resolve and fortitude, This can sometimes delay the home being completed which they believe can be found in the strength of "Ultimate Gray". but itsee is "Ultimate also critical whatwith youthewant. You are paying They Gray"toasget a color "ability to stand the test fortime," it. We best up front Interestingly, to outline it ALL of likedo theour rocks it resembles. this isprior a truetogray, with blueshovel or green making it very thatnofirst of undertones, dirt and keep subs andadaptable. the contractor

informed of all pertinent information. Often the problems arise when the contractor is not up front with a client about expected costs and getting estimates in advance. Failure to do this will then squeeze the design process and we have to pivot to make adjustments. Avoiding this is a high priority with us!

4 / Color of the Year


Sherwin-Williams has been pushing neutrals for the past few years—except for the bold "Oceanside" in 2018. Then again, 2018 was also the year of "Caliente" and "Ultra Violet". While 2018 was a year of boldness, 2021 seems aimed at either giving hope, helping you feel grounded, or calming.

Benjamin Moore

Pantone isn't the only name in the game, although it is one of the best known. Still, Pantone is aimed more toward the fashion industry and marketing, not necessarily the home. The place to look for interior design trends is actually with the paint companies. The two that I tend to look at are SherwinWilliams and Benjamin Moore.


HOW DOES IT STACK UP? 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Pantone Color of the year

Pantone Color of the year

Pantone Color of the year

Pantone Color of the year

Pantone Colors of the year


Ultra Violet

Living Coral

Classic Blue

Illuminating & Ultimate Gray

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Sherwin-Williams Color of the year

Sherwin-Williams Color of the year

Sherwin-Williams Color of the year

Poised Oceanside Cavern Taupe Clay

Sherwin-Williams Color of the year

Sherwin-Williams Color of the year


Urbane Bronze

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Benjamin Moore Color of the year


Benjamin Moore Color of the year

Benjamin Moore Color of the year

Benjamin Moore Color of the year

Benjamin Moore Color of the year

Caliente Metropolitan First Light Aegean Teal

Looking at them side-by-side helps me see the changing trends

HOW WOULD YOU USE THESE COLORS? There are very few colors that I think are truly ugly. It is the color combinations that are usually the problem. Most of these companies will show the color used in several ways in several rooms. That is just standard. I particularly like how Benjamin Moore showcased "Aegean Teal" in the photo below. They put it on a wall that is brighter on one end than the other, showing the range of the color.

When in doubt, I strongly believe in using these trendy colors as accents. In the photo on the left, you can see how I used Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year, "Ultra Violet". Instead of painting an entire room or the exterior, we used it as an accent on the doors and shutters. The color is unique and a refreshing spot of fun without overwhelming anything. It is about balance.

Even unusual colors—like Pantone's "Ultra Violet"—can be worked into your home to make it unique

5 / Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore's "Aegean Teal" is shown with neutral tones.

Sometimes a color will be trending for a few years with subtle variations.

Dunn-Edwards 2020

Dunn-Edwards seemed to be onto something last year.

Benjamin Moore 2021

Valspar 2021

Glidden 2021

Farrow & Ball 2021

While "Urbane Bronze" doesn't follow the trend, it does coordinate with it. The combination is reminiscent of aging copper as it patinas, something easily reinforced with bright copper accents. Most of these colors are subtle, restful and matte. It makes it easy to mix metallics in for a brilliant finish

Sherwin-Williams 2021 6 / Color of the Year

Bohemian and Moroccan design are showing up a lot, including geometric designs and personalized art pieces, like the string art showcased on the right. Chevrons can be found everywhere, including tile, flooring, rugs, wallpaper, or fabric

Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Latest Style

Layering is very popular right now. Having multiple textures overlapping appeals to a lot of people. Just take a look below for a great example.

Different Syles are popular in different areas of the country but these are the hottest ones across the board

Seabrook Wall Coverings

Wallpaper is back and better than ever, with textures, patterns, and colors that scream luxury. There are even peel-and-stick options, as well as custom options.

7 / Latest Style

Design by In Detail Interiors

Hexagons are a classic shape and very popular. They vary in size, material, and color but almost always suit the space

Photos by Aubrey Torrey Photography; Design by Toby Vader

Fireclay Tiles offers handpainted tiles, and even customizable ones. People are drawn to the organic feel and the bold designs Metallic and mirror tiles are getting more common as glam style comes back into popularity

Popular Tiles It isn't only furniture or colors where you see trends. Tiles go through times of popularity as well.

Design by Katherin Jessica ID

Natural textures and designs have only gotten more popular recently

Metallic, dimensional, and geometric tiles have all become much more common and are used to create stunning designs

8 / Popular Tiles

FURNISHINGS Furniture, Accessories & Draperies, Oh My! DGD- AUGUST 2019

9 / Furnishings

WHAT MAKES IT LAST The most frustrating part about trends is that some last and some don't. This is twice as frustrating when it comes time to choose expensive pieces of furniture. How can you tell what's just trendy and what will look good for years to come?

Coordination Does it work with what you already own? Unless you plan on changing everything

Classic Look for that specific word. A lot of things area described as "trendy", which is fine. It also tends to indicate that it is a passing fancy. When you see something described as "classic" or "timeless", those usually indicate that it will last longer than the time it takes to get it home from the store.

you own, we have to make sure what you buy coordinates with the rest of your home. If you don't know how, TLN Interiors can help you. Having a contemporary dining table alongside Tuscan-style decorations and traditional chairs may not work out for you. Mixing styles is possible and often something I recommend, but it can be tricky. Just like having bright red heels

Imagine the future Will you love it in 10 years?

can be adorable, but if the rest of your outfit fights against it, you end up looking messy, not chic.

Nowadays, we have started to think of fashion and design as quick turnovers. That's part of why product quality has gone downhill. For some things, inexpensive is fine. For others... well, how long can you really live with neon colors in your bathroom? Think about what you can live with for the next ten years. There is a reason that harvest gold is no longer a popular color for appliances.


This homeowner was an artist, so we coordinated the colors and styles with the home itself as well as her exiting art

10 / Furnishings

Color How neutral is the color? This sounds a bit silly, but how neutral is the color you want to use? Neutral tones last longer and look better after the trend dies out than the more vibrant tones. Why? Because you can style them however you want. Gray is still popular and ages fairly well because you can put almost anything up against it. If you used the right gray. The same goes for tan and navy. Lighter tones also tend to stay popular longer. They feel bright and airy as opposed to closed in. Very few people want to live in a cave.

Size Size matters in design Being trendy is fun but the size of the product determines lifespan. Too large or too small and it gets old quickly.

How does it feel? You are the deciding factor At the end of the day, how trendy something is doesn't really matter. What matters is how you feel in your home. If it doesn't feel authentic to you, then it's wrong, no matter how good it looks. Everyone is different, quirky in their own ways, and we often forget to show that in our home. So, if you don't like beige, don't buy beige. If you really like traditional, then you can have traditional. Ultimately, this is your home, and you are the one living there.

11 / Furnishings

Bramble's Chateau Divider is a great way to block off part of the room without losing light.

Home Office

For more privacy and sound dampening, check out RM Coco's Tusdancy Folding Screen

Must-Haves Working from home is a big part of our current lives and that probably won't change. Here are some accessories to make life easier

HOMFA Bamboo Laptop Desk It's adjustable, multipurpose, and colapses flat. Magnets make sure that nothing opens while you move it.

Desk Lamps are a must have for any office. For the home, though, form can be just as important as function.

These two lamps from Currey & Company feature great home office solutions. Magnetic Paperclip Holder

USB Port

12 / Home Office

Window Treatments People forget about the importance of window treatments. They will remodel their home but not see the need to change out the mini-blinds until late in the game. While often overlooked, the right window coverings can give your room that little extra polish it needs to go from pretty to stunning.

13 / Window Treatments

Every one of theses kitchens would be nice without a valence. However, with the extra layer of material, they became beautiful, finished & complete.

The colors we choose for these are a bit more complicated to enhance the simplicity of the kitchens. Think of it like having a solid fabric on your sofa and then choosing more interesting pillows. This is the platform to show your personality!

14 / Window Treatments

The function of the room the windows are in often tells us what type of "dressing" they need. This yellow room (top right) was created for the client's granddaughters when they visited. The formal living room (top left) has a baby grand piano next to it, so silk and embroidery was best. Our simple pinned corner piece (below left) is a home office that just needed a little softening. And the final living room (below right) needed to "feel" wider.

Small note of interest - this fireplace was faux painted to look like marble!

15 / Window Treatments


Shutters can be left by themselves or paired with panels of drapes to add color and soften the look

There are a lot of different options for window treatments but one of the most versatile are shutters. Because of their construction, they work in a variety of spaces, come in lots of different colors, and can be cut to fit most window shapes. The non-wood materials also holds up well to the rigors of humidity, and the classic look ages well. 16 / Window Treatments

"Working with Toni has been fantastic! In a few short sessions, she has transformed our house, affordably and simply. It matches our family style and has been a very easy process." – Alice W.

Every year, when Pantone announces its color of the year, there is a sudden surge of interest in that specific shade. Makeup companies will make special edition brushes and pallets, fashion runways will showcase dresses and shoes, and ad companies will find as many ways as possible to work it into their projects. If all of these industries can get the latest and greatest so quickly, why does it take so long for fashion trends to appear in furniture? The easiest answer is always money. Which typically costs more, a cashmere sweater or a couch? Hint: if you said the sweater, you might need to rethink how much you spend on clothing.


18 / Fashion Vs Home


So, how long do I need to wait? The first thing to show the shift in trends will always be accessories. They are easy to change and typically don't cost as much to produce. Next, come rugs. Those only take about two to five years to make it into production. For furniture, it takes three to seven years. Smaller design companies may manage it faster, but the larger producers will always take longer because they have a lot more to consider, including which lines to keep and which ones to cut so they have room for a new product. All that being said, if you desperately want a special design on your rug or a specific shade of red on an armchair, please let me know. There are always ways to get around the wait. 19 / Fashion Vs Home

Furniture, rug, lighting, and even wallpaper companies have a much different process for creating products. There is a reason that people talk about "fast fashion" and not "fast furniture". There is a lot of engineering that goes into even the least expensive chair. More than that, these products are supposed to last several years at the very least. These industries have to judge whether the color, texture, or pattern will remain popular long enough that they can make money from it. How likely are you to purchase a tangerine armchair? How long would you enjoy it before it got old?

The freedom of a white couch


This client had reached the point in her life where children were no longer a concern when it came to decorating. She was ready for something grown-up but needed help getting there. She loved color and has some beautiful paintings of woodland creatures that she wanted to be included in the design. Those were our starting place and inspiration. We chose aqua and orange as our accent colors and built around them with soft, muted tones to keep the room light and airy. The white couch was a show of independence from the terror of children with sticky hands, and we incorporated unusual elements to keep things comfortable. The matching mango wood coffee table and stacking tables have an industrial edginess, and the dining room chairs have a hidden pattern.

21 / Empty Nest

Our client loves it!




Before 22 / Empty Nest

Sophisticated &


Making the room look YOU DON'T ALWAYS NEED TO MATCH When you buy new furniture, there is a tendency to buy things that match. Bedroom sets are very common and can be great, but they often look tired fairly quickly. Sometimes, the best way to keep your home looking fresh year after year is to mix and match!


NOT SURE WHERE TO START? The best place is with the colors. When using wood furniture, buying sets often is the best option. Matching woods and stains is a frustrating process for most people. In rooms like the one pictured here, white and gray were the primary colors, so I had a bit of leeway. Instead of using the same nightstand on either side of this bed, I chose two different pieces in different colors but from the same collection. Each one has a function and is perfect for its placement. The white one is open, letting the client show off her keepsakes or place important items there so she'll see them before leaving the room. On the other side, the nightstand has a built-in charging station and is a perfect place to store her laptop safely and other electronics. Both have a pull-out so she can turn it into a table or desk when necessary.

This grey swivel chair gives another seating area and is easy to move around.


Using shapes is a great way to combine two styles. The room has a lot of straight, clean lines, giving it a sophisticated feel. We chose a lovely, boxy set of drawers with a sleek lamp that emphasizes the overall shape. The chair rail drives it home by adding an additional straight line. Actually, this whole room is about lines. The curves in the rug's pattern, the shapes of the vanity and mirror, and the squared-off handle on the blue bureau. So, where does the effortless quality come from? It is the combination of the shapes that makes the room feel comfortable. It isn't all straight lines or all curves. It isn't all hard surfaces or all soft. It is the mix that brings beauty. Textures and colors and shapes all combine to make a room that welcomes and continues to look timeless long after it is completed.

24 / Effortless Look

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