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We l c o met ot h e2 0 1 7a c a d e mi cy e a ra tTh eKi l mo r eI n t e r n a t i o n a lSc h o o l . I np a r t i c u l a r , Iwi s ht owe l c o men e ws t u d e n t sa n dt h e i rp a r e n t st ot h eTKI Sf a mi l y . Wi t ha l mo s t1 0 0n e ws t u d e n t s , i n c l u d i n g3 7i n t e r n a t i o n a ls t u d e n t s , a ne n r o l me n t o f4 2 0f i l l su swi t hc o n f i d e n c ef o rt h ef u t u r e . Af t e rt h r e ewe e k s , It r u s ty o u rc h i l d i ss e t t l e da n dh a p p ya n dt h a tt h er o u t i n e sa n de x p e c t a t i o n so ft h es c h o o la r eb e c o mi n gf a mi l i a r . Le tmes a yh o wd e l i g h t e dIa mwi t ht h er e s u l t so ft h e2 0 1 6I Bg r a d u a t e s . He r ea r e t h ee s s e n t i a lf a c t sa b o u tt h e i ra c h i e v e me n t s :e v e r ys t u d e n th a sb e e no f f e r e da p l a c ea tUn i v e r s i t yi nAu s t r a l i ao ro v e r s e a s , mo r et h a nh a l fo fo u rg r a d u a t e s a c h i e v e da nATARa b o v e9 0a n de i g h tu n i v e r s i t ys c h o l a r s h i p sh a v eb e e na c c e p t e d . Onb e h a l fo ft h eBo a r do fDi r e c t o r sa n ds t a f f , Ie x t e n do u rs i n c e r ec o n g r a t u l a t i o n sa n db e s twi s h e st oe a c hg r a d u a t e . Iwa sd e l i g h t e dt oa t t e n dt h eI B Awa r dCe r e mo n yi nDe a k i nEd g eTh e a t r e , Fe d e r a t i o nSq u a r e , wi t hc o l l e a g u e s a n dp r o u dp a r e n t sl a s tn i g h tt owi t n e s sDrMa r c i aBe h r e n b r u c h , De v e l o p me n ta n d Re c o g n i t i o nMa n a g e r , Au s t r a l a s i a , p r e s e n tc e r t i f i c a t e so fa c h i e v e me n tt os o meo f o u rg r a d u a t e s , i n c l u d i n gOl i v e rPa r s o n s , Li n g z iCh e n( Ly n n ) , Ta y l o rO’ Br i e na n d Ri n r a d aSi r i ma h a r a j . Mo r ed e t a i l so ft h e2 0 1 6a c a d e mi ca c h i e v e me n t sc a nb e f o u n do nt h es c h o o lwe b s i t e , i n c l u d i n gav i g n e t t ec a l l e d' So meSu c c e s sSt o r i e s ' .

Edi t or :Ge or gi aWi t t me r gc w@ki l mor e . vi c . e du. a u St ude ntc ont r i but or s : Fi onaDi movs ki Ha nna hGi bs on Ma ne e tHor a Rui yua nLu Wi l s onTa ut kus

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Th a n ky o uf o ra t t e n d i n gt h eCo mme n c e me n ta n dPr i z e g i v i n ge v e n i n gl a s twe e ki nh e a t wa v ec o n d i t i o n s . Myc o l l e a g u e sa n dIt a k eg r e a tp l e a s u r ei nr e c o g n i s i n g t h ea c h i e v e me n t so fs t u d e n t sa tTKI S. Il o o kf o r wa r dt ome n t o r i n ga n dwo r k i n g wi t ho u rv e r yc a p a b l es t u d e n tc a p t a i n s , J e r e myHo wa r da n dMa r i o nSmi t h , a s we l la st h eSt u d e n tCo u n c i l , wh i c ht h e yl e a d . AsIme n t i o n e di nmya d d r e s s , a n a r e ao ff o c u st h i sy e a ri sEn g a g i n gSt u d e n t s . Ar e c e n tGr a t t a nI n s t i t u t er e p o r t f o u n dt h a ts t u d e n t sa r ee n g a g e dwh e nt e a c h e r ss e th i g he x p e c t a t i o n s , h a v ea s t r o n gr a p p o r twi t ht h e m, p r o v i d ei n s t r u c t i o nt h a ti sc l e a ra n ds t r u c t u r e d , p r o v i d e e n c o u r a g e me n ta n dg i v ef r e q u e n ta n da c c u r a t ef e e d b a c k . Th e s ec h a r a c t e r i s t i c s d e f i n et h eq u a l i t yo ft e a c h i n ga tTKI Sa n ds e r v ea sc r i t e r i af o ra p p r a i s a l . Fo u rt e a c h e r sh a v ej o i n e dt h et e a mt h i sy e a r . Iwi s hXi a o r o n gCh r i s t i n eXu ( Ch i n e s e ) , Sh i n g oTa mu r a( J a p a n e s e ) , Ru p e r tLi n e a g e( Ma t h e ma t i c s )a n dPh i l i p p aKi r wa n( St u d e n tCo u n s e l l o ra n dCh i l dSa f e t yOf f i c e r )e v e r ys u c c e s si nt h e i r c a r e e ra tTKI S. Pl e a s ed on o th e s i t a t et oc o n t a c tt h es c h o o lo rma k ea na p p o i n t me n tt os e emy s e l fo rs e n i o rs t a f fi nt h ef i r s ti n s t a n c e–Mr sJ u l i eDa n i e l sPr i ma r y Sc h o o l , MsLy n d aAl l e nYe a r s7a n d8 , MsJ oTr e a n o rYe a r s9a n d1 0 , MrRo s s Wr i g h t Ye a r1 1 , MrAn d r e wPh a r o a hYe a r1 2 , DrJ u d yRu t t e rI BCo o r d i n a t o ra n d MsPh i l i p p aKi r wa n , Sc h o o lCo u n s e l l o r–t od i s c u s sa n yr e l e v a n ta s p e c to fo u r e d u c a t i o n a lp r o v i s i o nf o ry o u rs o no rd a u g h t e r . It r u s ty o ue n j o yt h en e ws l e t t e rt h i sy e a r , wh i c hi si n t e n d e dt ob eav o i c ef o rs t u d e n t s , s t a f fa n dp a r e n t sa n dIh o p ey o u rs o no rd a u g h t e rwi l lma k et h emo s to ft h e o p p o r t u n i t i e sa v a i l a b l ea tTKI St h i sy e a r . Il o o kf o r wa r dt os e e i n gy o ua tt h eOp e n i n gCe r e mo n yf o rt h eTKI SPr i ma r y Sc h o o la t6p mo nMo n d a y , 2 0Fe b r u a r y . Yo u r sSi n c e r e l y

TheKi l mor eI nt e r na t i ona lSc hool 40Whi t eSt ,Ki l mor eVi c t or i a ,3764Aus t r a l i a Phone :+6135782221 1 Fa x: +61357822525 Ema i l :i nf o@ki l mor e . vi c . e du. a u We b:www. ki l mor e . vi c . e du. a u

An d r e wTa y l o r Pr i n c i p a l Ema i l :p r i n c i p a l @k i l mo r e . v i c . e d u . a u

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Welcome Ceremony & Prize Giving

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IB Awards—Federation Square International Baccalaureate Diploma Awards Ceremony of 2017 (Victoria and Tasmania) was held in Deakin Edge Federation Square in Melbourne CBD last night. The Kilmore International School graduates have continued an impressive record of academic success. Some of TKIS high achievers, Lingzi CHEN, Rinrada SIRIMAHARAJ, Taylor O'BRIEN, Oliver PARSONS attended the ceremony and received their award certificates. TKIS Principal Mr. Andrew TAYLOR, IB Coordinator Dr.Judy RUTTER, School Careers Counsellor Elizabeth McCORMICK and Year 12 Coordinator Andrew PHAROAH also attended the ceremony to witness their glorious moment.

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Srsly Out of Control Selfie Tweets and Memes about Peeps: TKIS addresses ‘Cyber Safety and Online Reputation’ with our student Millennials. Some parents (and teachers) are out of touch with the new netymology. I must put myself in this category. I’m playing catch up with the language of social media and I’m grappling to understand what the myriad of apps can do for us. The impact and dangers of social media for our young people is sometimes beyond the imaginations of X Gens like myself and perhaps also for the Y Gen parents who aren’t quite aware of how their own Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat posts influence their children’s digital profile. Millennials meanwhile are digital natives, far more tech savvy than their parents but lacking the insight and wisdom of their parents to make the right choices. Clearly, there is not only a generation gap but also a digital gap between the knowing and know-nots. What we parents really need to think about is “how will online behaviour impact my child now and in the future?” And “Is my child safe?” Thankfully, TKIS has consulted with the ‘foremost authority in Australian cyber safety’ Susan McLean. A former police officer and published author, McLean consults worldwide on issues of cyber safety. She advises that “ensuring good online habits are formed early is paramount and, together with clear expectations on how the device is used, will go a long way to making the online experience as safe and fun as possible.” All TKIS teachers have now received the leading cyber safety professional development from McLean. While our ‘Appropriate Use of Technology’ policy and procedures are rigorous at TKIS, we are also reviewing how we could do more to educate and protect our community. Responding to McLean’s advice, the TKIS team is in the process of rolling out our new Cyber Safety Program to all students. We are working with Leading Senior Constable and Youth Officer Jane Marks from the Seymour Police Station. Marks will provide consultancy advice and interactive presentations to students about age appropriate cyber issues. We are investigating the impact of technology both in the school grounds and at home. This may see tighter restrictions on mobile phone use during school hours and harsh penalties for students who violate our social media expectations at home. Part of this push is coming from new government Child Safe Legislation that we are obliged to implement. We are for example now legally responsible to report issues of sexting and some cyberbullying matters to the police. We intend to offer advice to parents in the near future and welcome your feedback or suggestions on these matters. In the meanwhile, you’ll find an informative and enjoyable read in Susan McLean’s book “Sexts, Texts and Selfies: How to keep your children safe in the digital space” in our TKIS library. Philippa Kirwan Student Counsellor Child Safe Officer Email: philippa

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Message from the Humanities Department Welcome to 2017 from the Humanities Learning Area. All classes are settled and making excellent progress. We are pleased that in 20167 we have Year 12 classes in Business Management, Economics, Geography and History and are confident we will repeat the excellent results we achieved in 2016. We welcome parent feedback and please contact me, or Megan Santarossa, if you have any questions relating to the Humanities suite of subjects. Excursion planning is well underway and you will learn more about these as the year progresses. Year 10 Commerce have already undertaken their first excursion and undertook a price survey at Coles Kilmore. This was undertaken to collect prices to construct a price index; this will assist their understanding of how Inflation is measured in Australia by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Ian Bennett Head of Learning—Individuals and Societies Email:

Important Information from Sickbay 2017 Immunisation Program Year 7 Immunisations: Please note that the Year 7 Immunisations will take place on the following dates: March 27th, May 29th & October 16th Could parents please advise the school if their child is to be absent on this day Year 9 – 12 Immunisation Initiative: It has recently been announced that Mitchell Shire Council will be offering students aged 15-19 free Meningococcal W vaccine commencing 2nd Term this year. Due to the recent announcement we currently have little information available to us however we shall keep you informed & will be distributing Immunisation cards to those eligible students once they are received. Please find below the link regarding this initiative: Medication Administration Reminder A reminder to Parents that all regular & prescribed medications must be administered by the School Nurse only At no time are medications to be self-administered unless under the guidance of the School Nurse All medications must be handed into Sickbay / Reception, be presented in the pharmacy labelled container & a signed Parental Consent Form be submitted with the medication to be administered Medication Consent Forms can be emailed on request to make their completion & return easier Your assistance in adhering to school policy would be greatly appreciated Hayfever Season! Unfortunately Hayfever can bring with it some duress for some of our students Those day students requiring medication are reminded to be proactive in preventative measures by self-administer their Antihistamine Medications prior to leaving home on days that they will be most vulnerable A phone call will be placed through to parents prior to any medication administration for those requiring it throughout the day Natalie & Joanne School Nurses

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Message from the Primary School Welcome to The Kilmore International School for 2017 and to our new Primary School! We have finally moved in and are loving our new primary spaces (particularly the playground!) This year I again have the pleasure of coordinating our continually growing Primary School. The Primary School Team this year consists of: Year 3 – Ms Sandi McNamara, Year 4 – Ms Jen Ling, Year 5 – Mrs Julie Daniells and Year 6 – Ms Georgina Garner. Together, we are committed to providing the best care, support and educational opportunities for your child. It has been fantastic to see all classes in the Primary School settle so well into their schooling this year. To ensure this continues, please remember a few things: - Students should be in Homeroom by 8.25am - Please CLEARLY label ALL uniform items (incl. hats and jackets). Our lost property tub is already filling up! - Students should not be dropped off in the morning before 8.15am. Staff supervision is not provided until this time - Tutorials are only offered to students in Years 5 & 6 (or students in Years 3 -6 who catch the Woodend Bus or local bus to meet the train). All Years 5 & 6 students attending tutorials are to be picked up no later than 4.30pm, there are no tutorials offered after this time (the Library is not an option after school for any primary students). Please note that the tutorial programme is not after school care. If before or after school care is required, you can contact Sutherland Street Child Care (or see reception or myself for further details) as they drop off children to TKIS in the morning and pick up after school. Below are some up and coming dates for your calendar: February Friday 17th Monday 20th @6pm

Y3-6 District Swimming Official opening of the new Primary School, followed by the Primary Information Evening

March Monday 6th

Y3-6 Welfare Incursion ‘Magic Words’ (Brainstorm Productions)

Monday 13th

Labour Day holiday

Wednesday 15th

International Day


Thursday Friday 31st

Monday 3rd – Thurs 6th APRIL

Regional Swimming (2nd round) Primary Round Robin (Interschool sports) House Athletics Last day of Term 1 Year 5 / 6 Camp – Phillip Island

We hope to see all parents at our first Primary Information Evening on Monday 20th February, 6 – 8pm. It is during this evening that we will highlight and outline the primary programmes, provide some general information, procedures and guidelines for the primary school as well as answer any questions you may have. At the end of the evening, with a cuppa in hand, the primary teachers will be available for a quick meet and greet. Please note, this is not the time to have ‘parent/teacher’ interview, as time will be limited and many parents will be wanting to meet their child’s teacher. If you feel you need a meeting, please arrange for an alternative time. My contact details are below. Please do not hesitate to contact me or your child’s Homeroom teacher should you have any concerns, queries or questions, or would just like to share some exciting news. I am looking forward to working with you and your children. Mrs Julie Daniells Primary Co-ordinator

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Message from the Year 7 & 8 Co-ordinator I would like to welcome students, new and returning, to The Kilmore International School in 2017. My name is Ms Lynda Allen and I have the pleasure of being the Year 7 & 8 Coordinator this year. I have been teaching at TKIS for a number of years and have experienced teaching across all year levels. I am excited to work with the middle school this year in the role of Coordinator. Through my teaching and co-curricular activities such as the Junior Production, I have come to know of the wide range of qualities that young people at our school possess. I am pleased to say that in meeting the new students coming into Year 7 & 8 in 2017, that they also demonstrate the same potential, enthusiasm and school spirit. What an amazing group of young people! I am really looking forward to working with them, with parents and the Year 7 & 8 pastoral team this year. To start the term off, we had a terrific outing at Wallan Paintball, with an emphasis upon team building. Students were divided into their House teams and participated in Paintball and Archery competitions. The experience provided opportunities for new and returning students to get to know each other and their homeroom teachers. Our pastoral team in Year 7 & 8 this year consists of:    

Ms Angela Gower 7A Homeroom Teacher Ms Lynne Christie 7B Homeroom Teacher Ms Sarah Dalton 8A Homeroom Teacher Mr Rupert Lineage 8B Homeroom Teacher

Please be advised that the compulsory school camp this year is at Marysville, from the 3rd until the 7th April. Details to follow in the coming weeks. Just a few reminders for the year:  

   

Please be aware that in the mornings, students should not be dropped off at TKIS before 8.15am as there is no supervision available until this time. Also, blazers are required to be worn to and from school. Students should be presented neat and tidy adhering to the uniform rules as outlined in the student diary. In particular, please check that the girls skirt/dress length is no higher than the mid knee and that boy’s shirts should be long enough that it stays tucked in. Both boys and girls should wear the correct colour and type of sock. No ankle socks with trousers or dresses please. Also, please make sure you understand the schools expectations regarding jewellery, makeup and hair. J Students should remember that while in the school uniform, they are representing TKIS. Therefore, if travelling on public transport to and from school, or simply out and about in the community, students are required to behave in a manner which reflects TKIS’ high standard. Many students have a mobile phone. However use of mobile phones is not permitted during class and homeroom. Day students in Year 7 & 8 are welcome to attend the first supervised study session 3.45 – 4.30. However these students must exit the school by 4.30. If students are in the school grounds between 3.45 and 4.30, it is compulsory that they attend the supervised study session. The student diary is an important tool for students and parents alike, particularly in regards to keeping tabs on homework and assessment tasks. Students are expected to take their diary to every class. We encourage parents to check the student diary regularly so as to facilitate greater understanding and communication between teachers, students and parents.

I look forward to working with you during the year :)

Ms Lynda Allen Year 7/8 Coordinator Page 9

Message from the Year 9 & 10 Co-ordinator Dear Parents, Welcome to the new school year at The Kilmore International School. As Year 9 & 10 Coordinator, I am very excited about working with the 9&10 cohort and parents this year. We have had a large number of new students join us this year. At year 9 level; 9 international students and 5 day students and at year 10; 17 international and 4 day students. While predominantly Chinese we also have students who have arrived from South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. Welcome to all those new students. In order to welcome the new and re-familiarise existing students all Year 9&10 went to Hanging Rock for a picnic on Friday 3rd February. Local or English speaking students ‘buddied’ up with internationals and formed new friendships and connnections. A bit of ‘Australiana’ was thrown in with groups having to find answers to questions about the rock and collect items such as a gum leaf, gum nut and kangaroo poo. Also as part of the activities the internationals had to taste a spoonful of vegemite! There were some very funny faces made! Another exciting venture for the students will be our Term One school camp. This year it will occur between Monday April 3rd and Friday 7th and will take place on the Gold Coast. Transport to and from will be by air. Places visited will include Wet n Wild, Dream World and Sea World. We will also be taking part in a ‘learn to surf’ day. Accommodation will be at Runaway Bay Sports and Leadership Excellence Centre. More details to be forwarded soon. Wednesday’s Award Ceremony saw many of the Year 9&10 cohort receive either leadership positons or Principal’s Awards. This type of recognition is a fantastic way of allowing students to celebrate their achievements and make goals for the year. Congratulations to those and I will be looking to our captains: Remi, Eve, Yutian and Lachlan to aid me in my own leadership of Year 9&10 I also take this opportunity to remind students and parents of some of the school’s regulations.     

Students are not to be at school before 8.15am, at which time supervision begins. Students should be presented neat and tidy adhering to the uniform rules on page 3&4 of the student diary. Girls’ dresses should be at mid knee length. Hair is to be neat and of an acceptable length which includes girls keeping their hair off their faces which may involve having to tie it back. Boys’ shirts must enable the top button to close comfortably so that the tie can be tied properly and shirts must be of a length that will stay tucked into their school pants/shor ts. Any use of mobile phones is banned in class, homeroom and tutorials.

My contact details are below and my office is situated within the centre of the school in Room 51. Please feel free to contact me in relation to any matter that you are concerned about or want to celebrate. Looking forward to working with you and your children.

Ms Jo Treanor Year 9/10 Co-ordinator Email: Page 10

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Careers News Class of 2016 Report Card It seems a long time ago that I arrived (feeling sleepy but also excited) at my office just after 4am on Wednesday 4 January. I had to read, then download and distribute the IB scores to the Class of 2016 so they could digest their news and make any final changes to their university preferences by 4pm on that same day. We anticipate that the results for Year 12 this year will be released earlier but no final date is available yet. This is the third set of IB results I have read since I arrived at TKIS in July 2014 and it is by far the best so far! 48% have an ATAR of 95 or above and 63% an ATAR of 90 and above. These results speak volumes for the dedicated and knowledgeable teaching staff and also how consistently the students in this international community support and encourage each other in their IB learning journey. Our Dux, Ryan Tham achieved IB 44 and will be studying aeronautical engineering either in the UK or the USA. Outstanding results (40+) was the same percentage as for the Class of 2015 and academic scholarships were received by 9 graduates and included Hong Kong University, Yonsei (English College stream) and the balance in Victoria. Shannon Anderson will be studying Science at Yonsei on a full scholarship. This is Korea’s second ranked university – a great achievement for Shannon. All students received a tertiary offer and nearly 90% of the group have their 1st or 2nd preference. Offers for The Group of 8 prestigious universities in Australia were made to 88% of TKIS graduates. Overseas placements are yet to be finalised but many of those wishing to study in the UK have multiple offers from prestigious universities. Imperial College London features strongly in this list. Others were made in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and we are still awaiting news from the USA. This year degree destinations are reflecting the change in employment opportunities and STEM degrees attracted 35% of students, with Commerce declining to 26% of offers. Three students received offers for Medicine. Similarly the university of choice in Victoria has switched to Monash attracting 46% of TKIS graduates and The University of Melbourne 39%. It was such a marvellous experience to work with these young people – my first group over the two years of IB. I am looking forward to working closely with the Class of 2017. Monash Faculty Information Events start in March These are Faculty based events including teaching staff and first year coordinators so the level of information is more detailed than Careers Expos. These evenings are highly recommended. 6.30 - 8pm 7 March – Arts, Clayton campus 8 March Business – Clayton campus 9 March – Science, Clayton campus 28 March – Pharmacy at the Parkville campus Registration is required. Go to 2018 Tuckwell Scholarship Program (ANU) This is the most distinctive scholarship in Australia. Offering $21,700 p.a. in 2017 and available for up to 5 years at ANU. The final 75 applicants either receive a Tuckwell Scholarship (25) or another very supportive scholarship. The Tuckwell Scholarship program offers the most transformational undergraduate scholarship in Australia, but it is not only the financial support that makes it special. The vision behind the Scholarship is all about helping you make an impact on your community and the world by offering you unique educational opportunities and personal experiences. The Scholarship is also unique in that it allows you to study a single or double undergraduate program, including Honours and vertical degrees (degrees that combine undergraduate and graduate study, across a range of disciplines, completed in a reduced time-frame), in any discipline offered at ANU for up to five years. Key dates to apply for the 2018 Tuckwell Scholarships Stage 1 Applications open: 6 March 2017 Stage 1 Applications due: 3pm (AEDT) 27 March 2017 Teacher Referee form due: 3pm (AEDT) 29 March 2017 Interview weekend 8 - 9 July at ANU – (mandatory) Further details from Page 12

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Message from the Head of Learning—Mathematics Dear Parents and students, I hope everyone has had an enjoyable and restful vacation period. Throughout the year, I strongly encourage students to bring their calculator to all classes in order to develop their skills. Please refrain from using iPhones or other phone calculators at home, although these are convenient and do most of the calculations necessary, they are not permitted in the examination room and do not reinforce familiarity with the recommended TI-nspire calculator. In 2017, as was the case in 2016, we have three mathematics classes in Year 9 and four in Year 10. This is a very pleasing outcome for both year levels, as students have available to them a number of different levels at which mathematics is instructed in order to align their rate of learning and ability in this subject. It is possible for high achieving students to move across to a more suitable level of study should this be required at any stage throughout the year. However, any changes should be discussed with parents and require final approval from the Year Level Coordinator and the Head of Mathematics.

I would like to welcome our new teacher, Mr. Rupert Lineage to the mathematics department. He has a vast array of experience at teaching mathematics over at least sixteen years. His value as a teacher has been recognised through his 2010 nomination for the “Pride of Australia Medal for Inspiration in Teaching”. I am personally very pleased to have Mr. Lineage at our school and believe strongly that he will add huge value to the teaching of mathematics at TKIS.

For your reference I have attached a list of all the mathematics teachers in the senior school for 2017 Year 7A Mr Kerr Year 7B

Mr Bland

Year 8A

Ms Burns

Year 8B

Mr Kerr

Year 9 SL

Mr Kerr

Year 9 HL

Ms Cheung and Mr Kahlon

Year 10 Standard Level

Mr Kerr

Year 10 Advanced Level

Mr Lineage and Ms Burns

Year 10 Higher Level

Mr Cheung

Year 11 Higher Level

Mr Szczur

Year 11 Standard Level

Ms Burns, Mr Linage, Mr Kerr & Dr Tanko

Year 12 Higher Level

Mr Szczur

Year 12 Standard Level

Dr Tanko, Mr Kerr, Ms Burns & Ms Cheung

Page 14

And now for the answer to last year’s newsletter maths question:

2016cm 2

A symmetrical cross with equal arms has an area of and all sides are of integer (whole number) lengths in centimetres. What is the smallest perimeter the cross can have, in centimetres? Answer: This is a tricky question:

And now for this newsletter’s question: Level: Medium Five people are sitting around a circle. Some always tell the truth, whilst the others always lie. Each person claims to be sitting between two liars. How many (zero could be a possible answer) of them are telling the truth?

Paul Szczur Head of Learning—Mathematics Email:

Page 15

German Exchange Experience As some of you may know, I recently went to a school in Stuttgart on an exchange trip and had an absolutely fantastic time. I left on the 5th of February and after a tiring 22 hours flight, I arrived at the school but was so exhausted, I was just happy to get some sleep. When I awoke, I found myself in what appeared to a giant castle which was not what I expected at all. As it turned out, Schule Schloss is in fact a converted castle! Feeling somewhat jet lagged and bleary eyed, I immediately had to go on ‘Morgenlauf’ (morning run) which was a rough start as it was freezing cold and I didn’t know where I was going. Afterwards, I got dressed and went to an assembly, but I didn’t understand a word of as it was (quite understandably) all in German! At one point I heard my name being mentioned but I didn’t know what to do until I was pushed up and given a round of applause which was quite odd. However, I did get settled in rather quickly and met many cool new people and did many cool new things over the course of my stay. One of the highlights was visiting the magnificent city of Stuttgart with the three other exchange students. We went to a weinachtsmarkt (German for ‘Christmas market’) that had many tasty goods available and later attended a Bundesliga 2 football game which was played in a floodlit stadium. We didn’t get back to school until very late but we were given special permission to sleep in. As the exchange trip drew to a close, sadly, I had to say goodbye to my new friends but I will being seeing my exchange partner, Horia, soon as he is coming to TKIS and is coming along to the ski trip in March. Wilson Tautkus, Year 11

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Debating News Based on Jasmine’s excellent debating performance in 2016, the Debating Association of Victoria (DAV) invited her to participate in the trials for the 2017 Victorian Schools Debating Team. The Victorian Schools Team represents Victoria in the National Schools Debating Championships, which will be held in Sydney in May 2017. At the trials, the DAV select a squad of debaters who will go into training for the Championships. Jasmine attended the trials at St Kevin’s College, Toorak on Sunday 12th February. It involved a full day of workshops and two ‘secret topic’ debates which had to be prepared and debated on the day. The topics were: ‘The media should not be allowed to report on the private lives of politicians’ and ‘Streaming in schools should be banned’. Jasmine had the opportunity to debate with other high calibre debaters from schools all over the state and will know if she has been selected for the state team next week. Meanwhile, students have been signing up for this year’s DAV schools’ competition which attracts competitors from schools across Victoria. This year a total of 20 TKIS students from Years 9-11 have signed up for debating. Teams are already preparing for the first debate of the tournament which takes place at Loyola College on the 28th February. Topics include:   

Year 9: Australia should adopt a new national flag Year 10: The value of a citizen’s vote should diminish with age. Year 11: Parents should not be allowed to refuse medical treatment for their children Parents should parent.

You can find out how our teams fared in the next edition of the newsletter. In the meantime, we wish them all the best of luck!

Valentine’s Day Fundraiser The TKIS Interact Club (school based Rotary) held a Valentine’s Day stall selling red roses, cupcakes, cookies and chocolates. Over 50 students and staff pre ordered roses and special deliveries ‘ran’ throughout Homeroom. They raised nearly $550 for the Club’s overseas education project. Thank you to everyone who supported the effort!

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7/8 Paintball and Archery Excursion On the 8th of February, Year 7 and 8 went for an excursion to Wallan Paintball. Everyone was buzzing with excitement as we arrived at the place. Initially, our group was separated into the two year levels, with the year 7 students participating in paintball first and the year 8 students completing archery. Over at paintball, we were given a brief introduction on how to play the game safely and told that we were having a house competition. Whichever house had the most points at the end of the rounds would win the title of ‘Paintball Champions’! We kicked it off with Rutledge and Hudson house battling it out, then Mitchell and Hume house. After all the laughs and squeals of playing, Hume house reigned victorious! Meanwhile at archery, the year 8’s had a competition of their very own. After a few practise targets, they got straight into a competition to see who could get the most points, or even a bullseye! Some students shot arrows very close to the target, however some went flying off course! After a while, the groups swapped activities, and for the last 45 minutes, we had a go at the other activity. In the end, nobody could disagree with the fact that we had a marvellous time and that we were all utterly exhausted! Fiona Dimovski, Year 7 Captain

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Our Local Hero—Anthony Archer

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Basketball Excursion Mr Wittmer and Mr Weber kindly offered their time last Sunday and took 27 students down to Hisense Arena in Melbourne to see a basketball game between Melbourne United and the Perth Wildcats. All the students had a great day out and really enjoyed the game which the Wildcats won by a few points. Thanks Mr Wittmer and Mr Weber!

Game of chess anyone? Our recreation area has an exciting new addition—a giant chess set! The latest addition has been welcomed by students and many challenging games have already been played at recess, lunch time and after school.

Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) Program Dear Parents and Students. The Kilmore International School is proud to announce its full Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. As of the start of the 2017 school year students can bring their own laptops, tablets and other personal devices and have them connected to the schools wireless network by the Schools IT Department. This will enable them to have access to the internet and the schools resources such as our Learning Management System SEQTA. All enrolled students will have access to Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of programs that they can access online and/or download and install on up to 5 devices, along with this suite each student receives online cloud storage to give them access to their school work from anywhere on any internet enabled device. Students can access their Office 365 software by logging in to the Microsoft website using their school email address and school password (usually and the password that they use to log in to the schools computers). The IT department

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SCHOLARSHIPS 2017 Scholarship Registrations are now open The Kilmore International School is pleased to offer a number of Academic Scholarships for 2018. Academic Scholarship Registrations for 2018 are now open to new and current TKIS students who are Australian Citizens entering Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 in 2018. Students who currently hold a TKIS scholarship do not need to register. All candidates will be required to sit the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) academic scholarship test to be held at TKIS on Saturday, 18 March 2017 at 9:00am. Students should arrive by 8:45am. Scholarships are awarded by the Principal based on performance in the ACER scholarship test and are offered as a remission on tuition fees. Please note that scholarships will be reviewed annually and may be withdrawn if the conditions of acceptance are not met. On-line applications close at 5:00pm on Wednesday, 15 March 2017. An ACER application fee of $93.00 is required when registering for the scholarship http:// Please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 5782 2211 or email if you have any questions about the 2018 TKIS Academic Scholarship.

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