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“Coming together is the beginning; working together is progress; staying together is success� Henry Ford

SponsorShip and Vendor Packet

Letter from the Founder Thanks for showing interest in our sponsorship/vendor program. We are really look forward to building a lasting relationship with your company. Because for us, finding great businesses in the area to work with is a major part of what allows us to produce a wide range of events for our customers’ needs. So, we take our business relationships very seriously and wholeheartedly support companies that share our values and industry standard. However, why get involved with us today? It’s simple! With a deal to promote several high profile events featuring the likes of; Britney Spears, Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga etc, and an expectation to produce 12 major events of our own, our company can expect to attract more media attention and event guests than all our previous years combined. How does this relate to your company? Well, as a company offering us services and/or contributions for our events, you will see immediate financial benefits from our local press and increased business with your company. No matter if you are a vendor or sponsor, you will have an opportunity to boost sales; before, during and after our events. The deadline to join as either a sponsor or vendor is June 20, 2009 - summer break for many students. After this time, we would have already started rolling out our marketing campaign and events for the year. So to be a part of this program, and to even help steer our events and marketing campaign to reflect your company needs, you must sign up soon. Sponsors we accept after this time will be only on a per event basis. However, we know this can be a difficult decision for any company, so we took the time to fill this packet with all the information you will need! Please feel free to contact me if any questions that still remain at the email address or phone number provided at the end of this packet. Enjoy,

INTRODUCTION Founded in March 2008,Venue Entertainment LLC focuses on providing a wide range of events for young adults. Partnered with an extended network of dedicated event vendors, the company adds the elements of event management and marketing to the team, making it possible to produce its own events. Because of this, the company is positioned as one of a very few businesses in the country that both invests in, and produces, its own events. In Seattle specifically, the company produces, own and/or promote more than 50 major events a year, and stays commitment to improving young adult entertainment experiences by ensure each event is; high quality, safe and professional. Even before the company was established, the idea was to get young adults and the community involved in the events we created. Whether it was doing surveys, polls or just making suggestions, we have been able to narrow down our focus over the year to really making marketing a priority. We also work with the local business community.

OUR GOAL “As young adults ourselves, we have a personal connection to our event guests of 18-28 year old. However we understand we have a greater responsibility to our community as a whole in providing events that are high quality, professional and safe for the surrounding area.� Jeremy Smith

Our market Events are even more important today than ever. With the decline in moral and lack of confidence in the market, people are turning to entertainment and great events as an escape to the everyday strain. Our events, for instance, are attracting more people than the previous years, and once all are tallied, the numbers should exceed the10,000+ for the year. It is true, prices for these events has slightly dipped, but the crowd still remains the same young, optimist individuals that will grow the economy tomorrow (as shown to the left). Why not reach them today? Our marketing campaigns reach (within Greater Seattle Area): • Market Population: 968,113 • Average HH income: $71,214 • Median Age: 39.5 • Age 18-54: 55.2% • Average Expenditure: $72 (per shopping experience)

Event guest profiles College Students (60%) - Studious, energic and youthful, college students’ population in Seattle alone is over 70,000 and makes up a major part of our target audience. Deemed as “poor” most of them are still dependent on their parents for support and have a disposable income not accounted for in their tax returns. Young professionals (30%) - Hardworking, career oriented, this group constitutes about 40 percent of Seattle’s population. Even though they are barely in our target audience, they are a growing market and fit well with most companies needs. Socialites (10%) - High fashion, designer and trendsetting are the defining charactistics of this group. They represent a small percentage of the community, but are local celebrities in their own right. They work as; local artists, djs, models, radio

MAJOR EVENTS However including our; DJ Battle Live!™, Fantasy Cruise on the Sound™, MS Society Gaming Fundraiser™., Star Kids Movie Premier™, Make-A-Wish Charity Foam Party with many more to NIghtlife

come! Venue Entertainment’s expertise is doing events for young adults’ needs. However, there is nothing easy about the business we are in, but are success comes from how we approach our events in three major areas: • The System

DJ Battle Live! is about progressing music past just one genre and exploring the possibility of an event with a variety of the best music of all times for country, hip-hop, pop etc to crown.

Our system is a combination of event management applications and event marketing applications that allow us to do high quality events and host our own ticket processing solution online.This is the backbone of our company that gives us an advantage in saving time and money for ourselves and customers. • The Idea Our underline theme for every event we produce is incorporating our


own personal touch. This means that we try to meet everyone on a

This is an annual event that the company puts

first name basis and search for common interests that can bring eve-

together to support that Make-A-Wish Founda-

ryone together. That is the only set idea, everything else is about being

tion.This event last year was a foam party.

creative, passionate and energetic to motivate action - action drives our event. We can take an idea and portray an atmosphere that will entice people to come to our events. It is all about impressing them enough so that they can invite their friend; this means making events fun, purposeful, unique and focused on adding market research to add inspiration and ensure event success. • The Elements Because every detail is important. Our company has made it our goal to work with the best companies in the area to help us put all the pieces together. Considering that there are many elements that goes into an event; tables, chairs, china, glassware, food, linens, flatware, tenting etc., our success comes from our vendors.We can count on them.

Live Entertainment The Fantasy Cruise is a great activity for young adults with interest to enjoy a life of luxury on a private yacht for a few hours with great music and company. The cruise takes.

VENDOR PROGRAM Venue Entertainment’s mission is to create ever-changing entertainment experiences to eventually serve the needs of the local community. It is our responsibility to provide our event guests and business partner’s with; quality entertainment, return on investment, and a sense of cultural involvement for the greater benefit of the community. Our company is in exclusive company within Washington State when it comes to producing its own events. We have identified our own market and invest in our own events. This means that we can create events at relatively any times; without needing to wait for a single client. For our business associates and event guests, this is a major advantage since we can directly mold our event around their needs. However, the reverse of this is that we need our affiliates to mold their services and products around our need to bring our events to life. We look for business associates that can offer products and services associated with producing events (list below). In exchange, our company assists our associates with connections, media recognition and exclusivity within our company’s network.We only use our associates as vendors in our events and pay them for their contribution within our event. We conduct a comprehensive review for selecting potential new Vendors. In order to ensure the application process is as simple and seamless as possible we have added a few requirements below:

Partnership CriterIa 1. Locally licensed business (Greater Washington area)- occasional expectations apply. 2. Fair pricing or competitive pricing guarantee 3. Offer needed event service or product (listed below) 4. Exchange industry exclusivity and confidentiality (for venues this applies to reoccurring events) 5. Net 30 billing option

Qualifying Companies 1. Security

6. Event/Party Rental

2. Bartending

7. Performers- bands, acts, DJs

3. Emergency Medical Care


4. Production (staging, lighting, video and sound)

9. Online Ticketing

5. Advertising

10. Promotion

Sponsorship Program We offer companies looking for high return advertising- without interest in paying the full cost by themselves- the opportunity of partnering with us to sponsor our company throughout the year. We have a strong marketing campaign that is expected to reach over a million of people locally. The best part about this program is that we made sure our sponsors receive a greater value than the cost of the sponsorship level through offering customizeable sponsorship packages. Not only are our sponsors able to advertise within our events, but now they have three additional options to help boost their sales, by utilizing our; street team, event network and ticket outlets for their own business use. Our sponsorship levels bundles our best service for the different type of sponsors we intend to work with. In the short run, this will save companies a lot of money; while in the long run, this can quite literally pay for itself. If your company is in the event industry, then our Producer and Promoter levels are designed to specifically serve your marketing need. It will allow you to sponsor our ticket outlet and benefit from our event network. But more importantly it will allow us to market your event and sell your tickets for you. For a copy of the application and complete benefits of our sponsorship program, please refer to our company’s marketing plan and Sponsorship Application.

Street Team One benefit of producing our own events comes the understanding our how to promote those events. Over the years, we have learned the best practices to promote events and partnered with a great marketing company, our promotion team has grown and is now available to our sponsors. Street Team Benefits: •

Great mobile way to target an area with your advertising and promotional message.

Quick grassroots method for generating local word of mouth and instant feedback.

Virtually connected to our ticket outlet and online site to sell your tickets anywhere.

Access to multiple teams of promoters or a single team of 3-25 people.

Event Network Our Event Network represents an up-and-coming event community, with access to several major venues, promotion and production companies and vendors in the area. Just by being a member of this group will strengthen your connection with our company and the surrounding businesses in the area. Not only this is important for companies looking to do events to help find quality venues and vendors, but it is essential for non-event companies to advertise and network with strong companies, in addition to our own. More options are available for building strategic partnerships and increasing sales which is never a bad thing. As a member, you will also become part of a community that can support you and can help scale your business for immediate grow. You will be working on a large piece of business community that shares the goal of building the community and enhancing the local culture. Each company is specialized experts in the field and is a benefit to turn to when problems arise for solutions and assistance. Our network is here to help all its members succeed. Event Network Benefits • Access to advertise and network with local venues, promoters and production companies. • Track the latest news about local events. and the event industry. • Share products and services with other companies in the group and grow your business.

TICKET OUTLET Our ticket outlets are a convenient way for companies to benefit from our system of; selling tickets, promoting and advertising events, and interacting with customers face-to-face—all at one location. Unlikely other forms of traditional marketing, and even other retail outlets, our ticket outlets utilize high-traffic areas to offer event companies a way to draw passersby in and convert them into customers. Through this system, companies have a direct root to market with access to all the tools needed to sellout their events. Ticket Outlet Benefits • Access to our trained professionals that specialize in selling event tickets. • Able to track campaign sales and effectiveness, reduce advertising costs and save time. • Over 100,000 unique impressions per week and 8.5 million visitors per year at our location. • Permission to do your own market research at our location. • Turnkey solution with everything provided; including potential customers. • No long-term commitment • Online version will also be available for your customers to purchase tickets at home or over the phone.

Sponsorship / Vendor Application _________________________________


Online Ticketing

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Address _________________________________

Emergency Medical Services

Event/Party Rental

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We apply for the sponsorship marked above and do hereby agree to all terms and conditions, rules and regulations as explained in this document. Signature/Date


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SPONSORSHIP LEVELS $10,000 - Corporate Sponsor

$5,000 - Producer Sponsor

Full year’s worth of; advertising through our events with 3 months of exclusivity, specialized access to our ticket outlet and membership to our event network.

Full month’s worth of; access to our ticket outlet with full year membership to sell your tickets, access to our street team and membership to our event network.

$2,500 - Venue Sponsor

$1000 - Promoter Sponsor

Full week’s worth of; access to our ticket outlet with full year membership to sell your tickets, access to our street team and membership to our event network.

Full week’s worth of; access to our ticket outlet with full year membership to sell your tickets and membership to our event network.

$750 - Event Sponsor Full month’s worth of; exclusive advertising through our events.