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Magnus Walker’s collection Rennsport Reunion 2011, Laguna Seca

Launch event for the all-new Porsche 991

TIPEC at the NEC Classic Car Show 2011


Chairman’s Chat TIPEC (0845 602 0052) All Torque is published bi-monthly by TIPEC (The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club) Text & images are © their authors/photographers. Front cover image: Magnus Walker and his prized ’71 911T race/street car, photographed by Frank Kayser (thank you very much to Frank for the permission to use this shot!) All Torque is based entirely on submissions from TIPEC members. This is your magazine and we need your involvement! Please submit via email, or on CD/DVD (or paper!) to the address below. Submissions for issue 93 (April) must be in before Wednesday 7th March 2012. Editor & designer: Tony Blow All Torque, 23 Squire Street, Glasgow G14 0RP Printed by: The Lavenham Press Ltd, Suffolk (01787 247 436) Advertising in All Torque is managed by: TIPEC club office, 10 Whitecroft Gdns, Woodford Halse NN11 3PY (0845 602 0052) TIPEC Chairman: Sean Smallman (07500 332 790) Vice Chairman: Jim Hearnden (07930 353 232) Treasurer: Paul Bird (01922 428 409) Advertising & Club Liason: Clive Gosling (07791 480 999) Membership Secretary: Steve Potter (01295 810 223) TIPEC Membership, 32 Blenheim Rise Banbury OX17 3QX Communication Director: Derek Flanagan (07767 254 820) All Torque & TIPEC are entirely independent of Dr. Ing. H.c.F. Porsche AG, Porsche Cars GB Ltd and its dealers. All registered Trade Marks owned by Dr. Ing. H.c.F. Porsche AG, including the word ‘Porsche’, the Porsche Crest and Porsche Script are acknowledged as such and are their property. Whilst all due care is taken in the production of All Torque; neither TIPEC, its officers or the editor can accept responsibility for the advice, information or opinions expressed herein. Opinions contained in any article published herein are of the author or editor and do not reflect the official position of TIPEC, its management or membership, unless clearly stated by a club official.

Happy New Year. My new year’s resolution is to get out in the cars much more than I did in 2011. This year I intend that life will play a much larger part in the whole work/life balance equation. Porsche has launched the new 911, to be honest I am not totally sold on the new look or the price! What is amazing is the power they have released out of the new engine, a smidge over four seconds to 60mph in the S version. Production of the Cayman has now ceased and the new version will be out later in the year with the Boxster to follow. It is also rumoured that the Panamera is having a bit of a nip and tuck and will be unveiled later this year. Plans are well underway for our national event at Hatton, this year we will have a ring for live demonstrations. We would also like to feature interesting/unique Porsches that have either been modified or which have been restored. If you have a car that you think people would be interested to hear about please drop a note to either Clive or myself. As it is the 20th anniversary of the 968, we will have a dedicated parking area at the show for this front engined classic. Club members are eligible for buy one get one free tickets for Donnington Historic Festival and Silverstone Classic. Both festivals have great racing over the weekend and the Club will have an infield display at both events. The discount codes are in the News Section. There a few ongoing issues that we are working hard to resolve and I can assure you it is as frustrating for us as it is for you. Regalia is proving difficult to find a supplier that will produce and post individual items at a sensible cost. If we can not find one in time for Hatton we will look at having some bulk Polo Shirts made for sale on the day. The other area is gazebos, technology appears to be making progress in event shelters. We are looking to purchase regions a new lightweight gazebo, which we will be testing in the spring.

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Club news The 2012 events season is approaching fast—here is a list of the larger national events that TIPEC are planning to attend, with discount codes for tickets where appropriate.

2011 NEC Classic

April 22nd (Sunday) TIPEC AGM (members only)

A quick thank you to the owners of TIPEC’s display cars for 2011’s show from Paul Bird (photos by Colin Bate).

May 5–6th (Saturday–Sunday) Donnington Historic Festival Two-for-one tickets for TIPEC members. Discount code: Tipecdhf12

Another year and another show. It seems this one comes around very quickly and I think the cars on display again showed the very best our club has to offer.

May 11–14th (Friday–Monday) Laon Historique

A great deal of hard work goes into getting cars to this level and I am constantly amazed at how well presented our display cars are every year.

May 12–13th (Saturday–Sunday) Prescott Hillclimb

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the owners in no particular order:

• • • • •

Colin Bate: 930 Turbo Greg & Mandy Parton: Boxster Lindsay Brown: Carrera Supersport Paul Webster: 924S Brett & Simon (Pro-9) and Grant Stain (DAM Creative): 944S2 Racecar • Derek Cashmore: 928 S4 • Brian Rowledge: 993 Targa Thanks to all and everyone else that helped out over the weekend, popped along to say hello and joined up over the weekend.

May 27th (Sunday) TIPEC 2012 ‘The Porsche Show’ Hatton Country World near Warwick This a free to enter event! June 15–17th (Friday–Sunday) Cholmondeley Pageant of Power Club display and half price tickets for members. July 20–22nd (Friday–Monday) Silverstone Classic Club infeild display for 40 cars and members ticket offer. Discount code: C12114 August 11–12th (Saturday–Sunday) Prescott Revival 45 minutes of hill time for Porsches, large Porsche display area. November 16–18th (Friday–Sunday) Classic Car Show NEC Club stand and discount tickets Gmund qs 30/6/08 16:49 Page 1 for members. (Code TBC nearer November.)

Paul Webster’s 924S

Lindsay Brown’s Carrera Supersport

Derek Cahsmore’s 928 S4

Colin Bate’s 930 Turbo The internet's largest collection of Porsche memorabilia.

DVD’S & CD’S C’était un rendevous - £14.99 The new RUF DVD - £55.00 Best Motoring - The Porsche 996 Turbo - The King? - £19.99 Porsche model info CDs - £10.00

PHONE FOR LATEST MODELS WORKSHOP MANUALS Original Porsche workshop manuals available for all models, most ex-stock


SALES BROCHURES Porsche Sales Brochures from the 1960’s/70’s/80’s to present day are now available. From £10

ORIGINAL DRIVERS HANDBOOKS These handbooks are what would have been supplied with every new car that left the dealership. They contain lots of very useful information - almost every model is still available with prices starting from £25.00

w w w.g m u n d co lle c t i o n .co m email: tel: 0870 20 20 911 fax: 0870 20 20 959

A trip to the Porsche Experience Centre

18 months ago I purchased my Porsche 911 (996) from Paragons, after being given the drive of my life by Jason, one of their Sales Executives. I then realised what a fantastic car this is. Unfortunately I am not able to use the car to anywhere near to its true potential on the roads, so my family decided that, for my 70th Birthday, they would purchase me a Porsche Driving Experience. I contacted The Porsche Centre and arranged a day in October. The Porsche Experience Centre is located at Silverstone and is a world class training facility. The entire Centre covers 10.2 hectares, adjacent to the famous Grand Prix circuit in Northamptonshire. Porsche Cars GB first started offering circuit based driver development in the mid ’70s to support the introduction of the three litre 911 Turbo. Since then the Porsche Experience programme has evolved to the point where over 7,500 owners participated last year. So we set off, with the family, to Silverstone, arriving at lunch time. We were met at Reception and well looked after. I was met by my Porsche Driving Consultant, Martyn Poole, who after a short briefing, asked if I wanted to drive straight away or have a demo first. I chose to drive—not be a passenger! It was exciting to see all the Porsche cars lined up—ready to go. I had selected to drive a Carrera 4 GTS with PDK. The family watched proceedings from the well appointed facilities, where drinks were freely available. Lunches and teas may be booked for personal, corporate or club events. There are some cars on view in the Centre, together with a shop and some simulators, which the grandchildren loved. If the weather is fine you can view the circuit from the roof, but otherwise you can watch from the restaurant.

After touring around the circuit, my consultant made me aware of the ‘dos and don’ts’ and we were off at pace! As I drove faster, the Consultant just sat back, offering advice on cornering techniques. After a few laps I really got into the swing of it!

drivers to explore general car control, as well as understanding the specific characteristics of the car. We had a number of stops where Martyn explained the techniques of braking, accelerating and general car control, which was confidence giving

The circuit is very technical. When you get it right you are rewarded with smooth, fast travel around corners, but when you get it wrong the car is very compensating, which is great to know. When I was just getting used to this we went to the low friction handling circuit where Martyn said ‘speed up, put your foot on the brakes and get a feel for the car’. After initial spins, we got into the serious stuff of controlling the car. You enter the low friction handling circuit by driving over kick plates which are moveable metal plates, set flush into the road surface. These are designed to be triggered remotely as the car travels forward, thereby giving the effect of loss of rear wheel traction. This was great fun which I was initially useless at, but after some excellent tuition, got the hang of it.

There were then a few more fast laps and then onto the low traction area and by now I was getting quite good! I also did a few traverses around the island area, which I thought was pretty good, only to be told ‘move over and I will show you how it should be done’ … So we went round like a rocket— it was great fun and showed what the car can do. What a great driver Martyn was— and me? Not so good. He is a professional though, and I am just an OAP.

During all of my spins etc, Martyn did not bat an eyelid—and it’s a real sense of achievement. We then did a few more high speed laps of the circuit, really getting the hang of it, even getting a few ‘that was good’ comments from Martyn on fast cornering.We then went off to the Ice Hill, where there is simulated sheet ice with computer controlled water jets., allowing

In what seemed to be no time, my 90 minutes was up and we drove back to the parking area, with me wishing that every day could be like this! I thoroughly recommend this experience. Fantastic place and people and money well spent. I would advise you all to put this on your ‘Wish Lists’. If I can do it—so can you.

Porsche Driving Experience General Enquiry Line 08443 575 911 Booking Line 08443 573 911 Email

Writing & Photography by Malcolm Greer All Torque 91 page 5

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Independent Porsche Specialists

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M: 07000-924-911

M: 07074 -924-911

Service and General Repairs New Parts

Fibreglass body styling upgrades, service kits, pumps, bearings, belts, brakes, clutch kits, steering, etc.

Used Parts

Ferdinand, the Free interactive Porsche magazine and website

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Thousands of good used parts, engines, gearboxes, trim parts, wheels and many more.

Services General repairs, restoration, updates, backdates, all types of work undertaken. Call for a quote. Full fitting and repair service with over 25 years experience Unit 58, Weights Farm Business Park, Weights Lane, Redditch B97 6RG • 24hr delivery


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Unique “Lifetime” Maintenance/Warranty Plans, Superb Facilities, Friendly Caring Staff Free Buyers Guide, Helping you afford & enjoy Porsche Motoring

Modern, 10 ramp workshop, Fully equipped machine shop Engine/gearbox rebuild room 4 Wheel Laser alignment, latest diagnostics, Pro-Cut disc machining, in house re-cond. wishbones, UJ’s etc tel 07000 100 944 or 01204 302809 (Bolton Lancs)

Member’s cars Adrian Hunter’s early 944 was the result of a wine-fueled whim on eBay, like so many classic cars nowadays! Thankfully, it turned out to be a good example and so far not too much trouble …

It all began nearly a year ago. Fuelled by too many episodes of Wheeler Dealers and not an insubstantial amount of red wine, we discussed the pros and cons of buying a ‘classic’ car to restore as a long term project. This was a step into the unknown. Parameters were set whilst the embryonic venture was batted around in an abstract manner. Under £1,000 (well, there had to be a sensible aspect somewhere!) as well as old enough to not have too many computers— the whole idea was to do as much work as possible ourselves. A trawl through the Internet and both car and insurance prices were investigated. Many cars were discussed and discarded. Too expensive, too modern, just not special enough … Eventually the search narrowed down. Porsche was a name that we would like to own. A 928 or S2 would have been desirable, but fell outside the price limits, so an early 944 Lux it was. A suitable example was listed on eBay, still at a low price. With one more sip of wine the bid was made. We looked at each other. Ed China had a lot to answer for! On eBay the price climbed slowly and then with most of the following day to go levelled at £30 below our maximum. To be honest we didn’t expect to win, an honourable out that would have allowed us to step back and re-evaluate. eBay, however, had other ideas. As the clock ticked down the price stayed stubbornly still. When it ran out we found

ourselves the proud owners of a 1982 944 Lux 2.5L in Guards Red, and all for £820. A quick phone call arranged the 75 mile trip to Warminster the following day to pick it up. Moving slowly down the congested A36 past Thruxton (one day …) and Stonehenge brought us to the dealer. To be honest he was surprised that the car had sold so cheaply, and had expected to get £1,500 for it any day of the week. Our gain! The car itself seemed to be as described, definitely in need of some TLC but a reasonable runner. Driving home a) turned a few heads, which was nice and b) generated a sizable jobs list. First stop was our local garage for a safety check and a new clutch slave cylinder. Their assessment was much the same as ours—a nice car in good mechanical condition that needs some attention to bring her back up to scratch, and so slowly work began. Over the past year she has been back to the garage to get a new stainless steel exhaust, have the alternator reconditioned and £100 worth of welding that caused an MOT fail. Definitely not as bad as it could have been! Breaking my brand new spanners out of my brand new tool box I have also had a bit of a fettle. Some simple jobs like changing a rear light cluster and replacing an aftermarket air filter with an original box as well as some quite beyond what I had ever attempted before such as fitting a replacement speedo! As to the future? Well the list is long; a complete retrim inside, two new wings and

a full respray are on the cards and we will get to this as time and funds permit. More immediately I will probably start changing all the body seals so that the car is at least watertight! There have been a few head scratchers as well—not least the intermittent wipers which are on all the time if the correct relay is fitted, but we will get to the bottom of it in the end! We have also quite recently had a chance to look through the very comprehensive service history that the car came with—quite a colourful one it seems. First registered in May 1982 (the first year that the 944 was produced) over the past three decades she has meandered from London to Kent, Merseyside, Yorkshire, Wiltshire and now Hampshire! There have also been numerous changes in registration (and I admit that I am guilty of the latest one AHZ 944—I just couldn’t resist!) I know that it is a long shot, but if you recognise any of the following numbers please do get in touch: MYE 874X, YNA 777X, SDZ 6632, 777 CTT or 181 FHA. To sum up, any regrets? We don’t think so. We were not naïve enough to believe that owning and restoring a thirty year old Porsche would be easy, quick or cheap. When the project is complete and she is returned fully to her former glory will be a happy day. In the right here and now she may not look like much up close, but she is ours and we love her! Writing & photography by Adrian Hunter All Torque 92 page 7

California Porsche heaven After seeing an advert for one of the largest Porsche gatherings in the world in one of the Porsche magazines there was no doubt that we would be holidaying in California again, even though I’d not broken the news to Joanne yet. Just the mention of California and Joanne was hooked on the idea, flights booked to San Fransisco, flying home from Los Angeles with the Rennsport shortly into the holiday. In between leaving for the states I’d seen an article in the July/August edition of Classic Porsche about an expat and fellow Yorkshireman’s excessive obsession with early 911s. Magnus Walker is originally from Sheffield but has been over in the California since 1986. After some communication it transpired that we used to hang around the same rock bars and clubs back in Sheffield and he was into the same music scene. I’d asked him if he would be heading to Rennsport, which I’d already assumed he would be being so fanatical about the brand. Magnus was heading up for the Friday racing and we’d planned to get there that afternoon so I said we’d see him at the track on Saturday. Upon arriving stateside we spent some time around San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, but I was counting down to the weekend at Rennsport. Upon arriving in Monterey (A great coastal town nearest to Laguna Seca) the weather was fantastic on the Friday apart from whilst driving down the Pacific coast Highway we’d encountered some dramatic low lying sea mist. After throwing the cases in the hotel room we couldn’t wait to hit the town—the streets and car parks were littered with classic and new Porsches. The next morning was another story, we’d planned to drive to Monterey airport and fly into the circuit by helicopter (you only live once, that’s my motto) but after opening the curtains expecting a wall of sunshine it was a blanket of rolling sea mist and my heart sank. Suddenly memories come flooding back of watching racing back in blighty, weekends of not drying out at Donington Moto GPs. The helicopter trip was cancelled, they don’t fly blind through fog. Getting to the track by car across the rolling hills surrounding Laguna Seca it didn’t seem much better and a little cool—after wearing a T-shirt most of week, we were back to the fleeces. However within an hour or so of looking round the Porsche village the sea mist was beginning to burn off and the temperature started to rise. One problem with this event was I did not know which way to look first, do I watch the racing, invest in a spot of shopping down the marquees, wander through the public Porsche paddock, or drink weissbier in the German beer

Nothing prepares you, until you’ve seen it in person, for the drop in elevation through that corner, especially in a car like the 911.

Writing & photography by Dean Lancashire All Torque 92 page 9

garden in front of the huge TV showing the racing? I was like a kid a sweetie shop. It all had to be done but I thought to myself ‘calm down you’ve two days to experience it all’. The Rennsport started back in 2001 at Connecticut’s Lime Rock circuit and was first organised by Porsche Cars North America. It turned out to be far greater success than originally thought. Rennsport II moved to Florida’s Daytona International circuit for 2004, this was repeated again back in 2007. For the first time, it was the west coast of America’s turn and where better than the circuit of Laguna Seca, California, with the famous Corkscrew. Back to cars and the circuit paddock was filled with every model of Porsche throughout the years (excluding tractors of course). These were just not static displays, every car there was seen on the track although I must admit not seeing a 918 out there. Some of my old favourites included the 917s, 911 RSRs, 962s and anything in the traditional Gulf or Martini colours (these even included the odd Cayman). While bumbling round the race paddock that afternoon we come across Derek Bell being shoehorned into probably his old Gulf Sponsored 917, what amazed me was there was hardly anybody around apart from the odd pro photographer, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t have a Gulf T-shirt on me that he could have signed … you think of these things after the event! We did get plenty of photos while he was sat in that goldfish bowl of a cockpit. He looked a bit hot under the collar sat in the California sunshine, engine burbling, just waiting for the go ahead to hit the circuit. The sound was superb even at those excessive decibels. One disappointment of the Saturday was my new SD card decided to corrupt and I lost most of my photos from the afternoon—including the 15 close up shots of Derek in the car, although for some reason the video of the car running and pulling away stayed intact. Another area of the paddock held a celebration of the 911 in motorsport with an entire row of pit garages containing the first 911 to win races right through to the very latest winning 911 GT3 Hybrid. It was great to see how the car evolved through the years. In the centre of the paddock was a huge open sided marquee displaying lots of other significant Porsches through the years, most showing billboards of history of the race cars and who had driven them. One interesting vehicle was an off road type beach buggy with an early air cooled turbo motor attached to the back. I bet that was fun ripping along the coast and over the sand dunes.

In the distance around the other side of the marquee I spotted Magnus. You can’t miss

Marcus Walker’s motto is that he’s ‘a pedal to the metal guy’ and when you see some of his driving videos on YouTube you’ll see what I mean.

At the Rennsport Reunion, these are not just static car dsiplays. Every car there is seen on the track at some point, although I must admit to not seeing Porsche’s 918 RSR prototype doing any laps.

this guy, dreadlocks down to his backside, long beard and a ringer for captain Jack Sparrow (without the pirate hat). Not your typical Porsche owner at these sort of events but what a nice guy. After around 20 minutes chatting about how he got over here and about his cars, we’d arranged a visit to see him and his collection the weekend after down in L.A. I did love the array of business cards he hands out showing the different cars he has restored from standard ’66 911’s through to his ’71 hot rod 911.

After the racing later that afternoon most of the cars were lined up along the pit lane for the concours. It was great to see cars in concours restored condition right through to 904s that were just in their rough and ready never been restored raced condition. Sunday was a quieter affair as there was a static car display down at the coast at Quail Lodge. As this was a charity event for lung cancer tickets were charged at $400 each, which was outside my budget. Besides, I’d come to see cars race. The weather was back to normal with California sun shining through from the off. I decided to try and concentrate on watching some good classic racing and even took the hard slog up the hill to watch some great racing from the best part of the circuit … THE CORKSCREW. Nothing prepares you, until you’ve seen it in person, for the drop in elevation through the bends of that corner, especially in a car like the 911 or a motorcycle. It’s one circuit everyone would love to drive. While at the top of the hill they also had a marquee bar serving a microbrewed beer called, what else, but ‘The Corkscrew’ which had to be sampled. My only drawback of the weekend was the queuing for the Rennsport merchandise and the lack of it. I don’t think they had anticipated the mass turnout worldwide for a one make manufacturer event like this. I can’t think of another manufacturer that could pull a vast worldwide audience to circuit as big as this and still exceed expectations. All good things have to come to an end I’m afraid and unless something changes the next one will be in 2015 so there’s plenty of time to save and plan your trip for the next one. After the racing had finished we noticed certain cars being loaded into containers ready to be shipped back home, some as far as New Zealand. After the Rennsport weekend we took the leisurely 300 mile drive along the fantastic Big Sur and Pacific Coast Highway calling and staying a few nights here and there at San Luis Obisbo, Santa Barbara and finally ending up in Santa Monica. The scenery and wildlife along this coast is just stunning and is not to be rushed. Saturday arrived and I’d already being speaking to Magnus via email about a visit to his Porsche Emporium and film location business. His brick built unit is set on what I would call an old industrial estate, which has now become the centre of the Los Angeles downtown film location

Writing & photography by Dean Lancashire (bottom middle image supplied by Magnus Walker) All Torque 92 page 11

business and art district. He rents sections of the buildings to production companies for films, series like CSI, TV reality shows and music videos. He and his wife once lived there on the first floor but as the film business took off they decided to move a few blocks away. Each room seemed to have a different theme, from a dance studio, ’60s style/retro kitchen to very gothic bedrooms. Another section of the building is where Magnus and his wife’s rock clothing business (Serious Clothing) is located, supplying clothes to a number of famous rock stars of which he has posters on the walls in his office space. Even their dog is named after a rock group ‘Skynard’, who had to follow us all round during the tour. Now to the serious stuff—on the ground floor, to start with its just jaw dropping when you walk in and see the space this guy has to work in. The walls are adorned with Porsche and classic motor racing framed posters and it’s spotless everywhere. Working on one of his hot rods was Frank, one of Magnus’ employees who helps him with bodywork side of things. The car he was working on was 1968 coupe transformed into a 911 R inspired hot rod, just one of three cars at various stages of build. Anything that can be salvaged from the cars is either cleaned and replated or powder coated. Any part that can be improved upon is sorted. For instance he had various parts from Elephant racing for the rear suspension, clocks had been rebuilt to be like new … but Magnus is always keen to ensure that all original serial numbers are left showing to prove authenticity. Even parts that you don’t see had been powder coated. One of his favourite cars is his ’71 911 T which is a dual purpose street/ track car with a twin plug 2.4 motor, sat very low, stripped out and loud, which he has raced for the last 10 years with some degree of success—which he proved to me with lots of first place plaques hung on the wall. This was the choice of 911 he took to Rennsport. Amongst the other 911s he had there was a matching number 911 S which he is fully restoring to be as-new, which he was hoping to have finished for the recent Barret Jackson auctions in Las Vegas. A full on ’67 911S race only car, an Irish green ’66 911 which he uses as an everyday runaround, a silver ’65 911 (one of the first 50 imported in to USA), a blue very flat paint looking, sorry for itself (but very solid), early 911, a rare 1976 Euro 911 featuring a 2.7 MFI RS motor made for homologation purposes and various other project cars (all 911s). In the rear of the building was his Aladdin’s Cave of parts, wings, bumpers, fuchs wheels, seats … you name it he’s got it, he never throws anything out and he’s forever on the hunt for early parts. The section of the building that houses the material for the clothing business is also strewn with air cooled motors sat on pallets, waiting for the day that a motor will be needed. Just as I thought that was the end of the tour he took me across the road to another unit and yard that he also owns. Outside were three early 911s that are not roadworthy and he just bought to strip for the odd hard to find part. Inside the unit is where all the dirty work is done: welding, grinding, the odd bit of painting (but full repaints are done by a professional offsite). In there were two other recent purchases. They looked way past their sell by dates but Magunus loves basketcases. One had been heavily modified with big wheel arches, big tea tray spoiler, BBS alloys and was riding high at the rear as there was no motor in the back. Magnus was explaining that he is hoping to make that into a RSR hot rod style car. Before we knew it a few hours had passed but it had flown, I’d have gladly paid to come and look round a Porsche emporium like this but that’s not Magnus’s style he’s just like one of us but is actually living the dream. He’s hoping to turn his hobby into a sideline restoration business in the future. His motto to me is that he’s “a pedal to the metal guy” and when you see some of his driving videos on YouTube you’ll see what I mean …Look for him on the web at ‘Magnus Walker Porsche’ and I’m certain you’ll stumble across one of his videos or look for ‘Magnus Porsche out of control hobby’ and the long running Pelican thread should appear. He can be contacted at if you're thinking of visiting or need to ask any questions. Writing & photography by Dean Lancashire (bottom image supplied by Magnus Walker) All Torque 91 page 12

Marcus loves basketcases. Anything that can be salvalged from the cars is either cleaned and replated or powder coated. Any part that can be improved upon is sorted.

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Join us behind the wheel of the world’s greatest Porsches 25%

discount for all TIPEC members

All TIPEC members will receive a 25% discount on the price of a 12 month subscription to GT Purely Porsche. To claim your discount contact our subscriptions department at or call 01732 748084 and quote your TIPEC membership number. GT Purely Porsche is published on the second Thursday of the month preceding the cover date. Should have any difficulties finding a copy of GT Purely Porsche in the shops, please contact: Seymour Distribution Ltd on 0207 386 8000 or email:

Porsche in camera at the Autosport International Racing Car Show Derek Flanagan reports on the first major show of the year.

For the second year running, the SE Region joined forces with Brighton and Hove Motor Club for a coach trip to the 2012 Autosport Racing Car Show and Performance Car Show at the NEC on 13–15 January. A relaxing and very sociable method of travelling to the show with the mandatory stop for a great full English breakfast. This hassle free trip was fantastic value for money at £20 per person and free entry tickets to the events.

There were a number of 2011 F1 cars on display and a tribute hall to the great Ayrton Senna, displaying cars such as Senna’s first F1 car the Toleman TG 183, the 1988 McLaren MP4/4 and 1993 MP4/8 as well as his 1980 DAP go-kart that steered his to runner-up in the 1980 World Karting Championship.

Porsche were dominant at the show with the Porsche GB stand displaying the new 991 Carrera S and it’s flagship the 918 RSR Spyder which was clearly the star of the show on a revolving turntable, showing off this awesome design and its hybrid technology. It’s V8 engine was developed from the RS Spyder race car with 563 hp at 10,300 rpm and two electric motors on the front wheels each generating 75 Kw. This additional power which is generated during braking is stored in an optimised flywheel accumulator. This hybrid supercar will become the baseline for Porsches re-entry into Le Mans in 2014.

David Coulthard, Paul Di Resta , Jake Humphrey, Jason Plato, Allan McNish and eight times 24 hr Le Mans winner Tom Kristenson were interviewed on the live stage.

Many companies continue to use Porsche cars to display their products and services with a number of 956 and 962 Group C Porsches as well as various derivatives of the 911 for the public to drool over.

There’s more to the show than just car displays. There were many tempting shopping opportunities for those wanting to enhance their cars and purchase merchandise from models, books, motorsport memorabilia, wheels and tyres, tuning, styling and modification products, car care products, tools, motorsport clothing and accessories etc.

Writing & Photography by Derek Flanagan All Torque 92 page 15

The all-new


Sleeker and more sophisticated Many TIPEC members around the country attended the launch event for the new 8th generation 911 (991) at their local OPCs during the week commencing 5th December. This is only the 3rd completely new 911 and probably the largest leap in nearly 50 years but still retains its typical 911 silhouette and identity and, of course, with each new generation exhibiting more power than its predecessor. The OPCs were tasked with displaying an evolution line up of the previous seven generations from the pre-1973 911S up to the current 997. The OPCs achieved fantastic attention to detail to ensure that these cars were all coupes, 2WD, right hand drive, normally aspirated, unmodified and narrow-bodied cars in good condition. The OPCs even tweaked some of the cars to comply with their strict instructions from Porsche such as reverting to the standard wing mirrors etc. The Porsche Centre Mid Sussex launch event had one of the largest attendances in the country with over 370 Porsche owners signed up to attend. They had three Carrera S models on display: a Guards Red, Carrera White and Platinum Silver Metallic for the crowd to drool over. The car looks stunning with its lower roof line, longer (by 100mm) wheelbase, Panamera interior styling for a snugger feel and an improved rear end with wider spoiler and Aston-Martin lookalike rear light cluster. The Porsche logo and model designation on the rear lid looks a little busy and surprisingly is in highly polished chrome plating, but no doubt this


The OPCs were tasked with displaying an evolution line up of the previous seven generations from the pre-1973 911S up to the current 997.


will grow on us (however there is the Exclusive option of having these painted in the body colour). Apparently the Porsche logo has been added to satisfy the Chinese market who have difficulty identifying Porsche cars on their roads. When you open the engine lid there is very little to see, essentially just the caps of the various fluid levels, similar to that of a Boxster, but I suppose the car is for driving and not for viewing its engine. I can’t wait for a test drive as there’s now an extra gear to play with and electronically controlled dynamic engine mounts (PADM) and active anti-roll bars (PDCC) are included in the Sports Chrono package based on the GT3 and 911 Turbo models.

No doubt the auto stop/start feature, coasting function and electric park brake will take time to adjust to and I’m sure there are a few new acronyms to learn, such as PDLS (Porsche Dynamic Light System), Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) and PVTS (Porsche Vehicle Tracking System) which is now a standard feature. It was also announced at the launch that the new 991 Cabriolet will be launched in March 2012 and will feature a cloth covered folding hard top which is a new venture for Porsche. There are also rumours that Porsche will re-introduce the original Targa format of removable panels to replace the sliding glass door.

Apparently the extra logos on the back of the 991 have been added to appease the Chinese market who have difficulty identifying Porsche cars on the roads.

I believe that the new 911 will appeal to a wider audience as it retains it everyday driving capabilities, but can be regarded as both a ballistic sports car and a comfortable GT car all in one. Writing & photography by Derek Flanagan All Torque 92 page 17

Making a TIPEC calendar Pierre Chan has produced personalised TIPEC calendars for the Central region for the past two years, featuring beautifully shot photographs of members’ Porsches.

About 18 months ago I thought about combining my two favourite passions of photography and Porsches. I was fortunate enough to be a member of the South Central Region of TIPEC which boasts a diverse range of beautiful Porsches, many of them in a well-loved pristine condition. I brought an idea up at one of the monthly club meetings and three months later the first South Central TIPEC calendar was born, delivered in a cardboard envelope to my front door. Achieving this was no mean feat; with over 20 cars registered in the SC region and people taking late summer holidays and having different work/social commitments, it wasn’t until one Sunday in the middle of October 2010 that we finally all met up for the first group photoshoot at Stowe House in Northamptonshire. Fortunately the weather was good that day and I managed to get a variety of shots of cars both individually posed and in a group in front of the stately home ‘in the can’ (as they used to say in the good old days of film when I grew up). Classic beauties like a 911 Speedster and a 3.2 SuperSport blended perfectly with the background of the 18th

Century limestone columns and steps of Stowe House in Buckinghamshire as I snapped away to the sounds of a race meeting drifting over from Silverstone just down the road. Now whilst we are all in agreement that any Porsche polished up can look stunning with their iconic and distinctive curves, they are designed as performance cars and as such look even more alluring when captured on the move. A few weekends later and it was time for me to get the hood down on my 964 Cabriolet and let one of the other club members take control of the wheel whilst I climbed into the back seat to do some more snapping as we did the mandatory car to car shots that grace the ages of any decent car magazine. The gorgeous three-quarters rear view from a silver 993 C4S was the highlight of the day. Time was getting short now; along with the countdown of remaining shopping days to Christmas, the hours of daylight were also rapidly diminishing as I searched for new locations to shoot more images to reflect the different months of the calendar. The final shots were of a white 944 Cabriolet on a narrow road flanked by frost covered fields, which coincidentally happened to be the access road to Autofarm in Oxfordshire, a trip I had made on many occasions after initially acquiring my 964 a few years prior. The 2011 calendar was very well received by the club members, so I decided to make it an annual occurrence and started work on the 13 pictures required for the 2012 calendar in the final weekend of October of last year. Ideally each picture

should have some relevance to the month it is featured in, so one should start taking the pictures in spring, but in reality you can experience most of the weather conditions required within the months of October and November. I wanted to raise the stakes for 2012 with more ambitious images and to use some of the cars belonging to the members not featured in the previous year’s offering. This was a tough challenge when you only have 12 pages to fill (plus a cover) and you are given the choice of some truly stunning and rare cars including: six cabriolets (one a 911 Speedster) and four Turbos. We were very fortunate with the weather on the limited days planned for shooting, except for the first day when we met at Porsche Centre Silverstone (our local friendly dealership). Although forecast to be a cloudy but dry day, the heavens duly opened, but not before we had bagged the group shot we needed to grace the cover. A big thank you to the staff for the use of their grounds and the loan of a 20 foot set of steps. At the next photo opportunity blue skies prevailed. A club meeting in Evenley was followed by a variety of static shots in the village. Then some car-to-car shots as

I climbed into the back seats of my 964 cabriolet and left our R.O. Pete Garrett to ably pilot the camera car. As we sped in convoy between adjacent roundabouts on the A43 we were unexpectedly joined by a McLaren MP4-12C in hot pursuit of the 924 I was trying to photograph; two very different sports cars separated by 27 years and about £270k! A few weekends later and I was back at Stowe House in Buckinghamshire, the backdrop that had proved to be so successful last year, with a pair of majestic 911s: a stunning silver 993 C4S and a mint 3.2 Supersport in white. The final photo sessions involved a female work colleague who had done some professional modelling. Wearing a short open-backed dress Stephanie perfectly complimented a cheeky red 3.2 Targa for the August shot, the deceptive winter sunshine passing for summer despite the freezing wintry temperatures. Next was a trip to Turweston Airfield near Brackley, a wonderful location which had been the setting for the Wings & Wheels event a few months prior. This time Stephanie changed into classy evening wear to pose with a basalt black 996 cabriolet and an executive plane as we shot the last three cars including a 944 Turbo and a rare 993 Turbo S. With all the shots completed, all that was left to do was to upload them to an online photo website and create our unique calendar. The process is simple and great value for a tad under £20 each; cheaper than an arty official Porsche calendar and far more satisfying and personal. So why not produce one for yourself or your TIPEC region? Just take my advice and start a little earlier in the year! Writing & photography by Pierre Chan All Torque 92 page 19

TIPEC Scotland Winter Weekend Trip 21st–23rd October Friday 21st Having driven up through Glencoe and Fort William through spectacular Glen Garry and past Eilean Donan Castle to Kyle of Lochalsh and our hotel, we set up camp for two nights.

Saturday 22nd We headed off over to Skye and down to the Armadale for the ferry over to Mallaig for lunch, all the information sign posts looked good for the crossing although by this time the wind strength was picking up. By the time we went to the Calmac office to get our foot passenger tickets we were told that the ferry we were going for was cancelled, the later sailing meant getting to Mallaig for lunch was going to be too much later, then there was no guarantee we would get back—if this was the case then it would mean a 150 mile taxi run back to get the cars, so it was decided that we go for plan B. What plan B? We don’t have one! After a few minutes discussing our situation we decided that there was nothing else for it but to head back up the Isle of Skye to Dunvegan, by this time the rain was horizontal and the roads looked more like rivers, there was so much rain. We arrived at Dunvegan Castle only to find that it had closed for the season. Now for plan C! Head back round to Dunvegan Hotel for lunch—yes it was open! We had a great lunch and a dry off before heading over the island to Portree, topped up with fuel and had a walk around for an hour in between showers then the compulsory coffee and cake before driving back down the island to the hotel at Lochalsh, yes by this time the rain had gone off and the sun was coming out.

Sunday 23rd After a sharpish checkout from the hotel, we headed round to the idyllic village of Plockton, parked the cars and had a wander round with the weather being kind to us after the deluge on Saturday. After a few pictures of the gang including some of the palm trees, we set off for our trip over the famous Bealach Na Ba pass (translated into English as Pass of the Cattle) to our lunch stop at the Applecross Inn. This is a single track road climbing over 2,000 ft & has several almost vertical hairpin bends on it taking almost full steering lock to get round with 1,000 ft drops to one side. Check it out for yourself; Google ‘Applecross’ and have a look at the videos of this road. It’s stunning, even scary at times. The village of about eight houses and the Applecross Inn are set on the shoreline, it is just a massive switch off to the rest of the world. After a brilliant lunch and the compulsory group photo shoot it was sadly time to head home. We arranged a coffee stop at the Green Welly service area at Tyndrum for our final goodbyes having had a fabulous weekend with great company, great hotel, great banter and great food. It only remains to thank everyone who attended for making the weekend a great one. Writing & photography by Stewart Gordon All Torque 92 page 20

TIPEC member discounts Parts etc Official Porsche Centres 10% discount on service, labour & parts from some OPCs. Not all OPCs offer discount, call to check Independent specialists Discounts on servicing Speak to your Regional Organiser for details Auto Bulbs Direct 10% off Car bulbs/lights Key in TIPEC10 at checkout Berlyn Services 01492 583 993 Discount on selected parts Quote TIPEC membership no. Birmingham Motor Tyre Repository 0121 331 1122 Discounts on tyres Show your TIPEC membership card or quote your membership number Black Circles Quote CCTIPEC189 on checkout C&N Customs 01869 349 080 10% off labour, paint & materials. Parts at trade +5% for TIPEC members CES UK Varying discount on parts etc Quote TIP002 online or in person Clifford Car Alarms 10% discount. Design 911 5% discount Ben Rodrigues Free postage on 944 S2 & Turbo foglight protectors. Email Hosetechnik 25% discount on custom-made brake hoses

Breakdowns Douglas Valley Breakers 10% off used parts German Swedish & French 0208 917 3898 10% discount on parts Quote your TIPEC membership number Marque 21 01308 459 106 10% discount on fixed menu and 5% discount on parts Membership card secures the discount on payment either over the phone or in person Porschemode 07971 001 924 15% discount on production of TIPEC membership card Porscheshop 0121 585 6088 Up to 10% discount on telephone and email orders

Sundries More Than Polish 10% off all products, including Zymol & car covers Key in TIPEC09 on checkout or quote your membership number during phone orders Opie Oils 10–30% off mail order oil Check the forums for latest offersor sign up at and register as a TIPEC member for online discount Precision Car Leather Dye 01582 499 777 10% off leather dyes Quote your TIPEC membership number Hamilton Classic 01189 737 300 10% discount on all items Enter discount code TIPEC10 online or order by phone

The AA 0870 544 4222 25% off AA Breakdown Cover at enrolment and 10% off at renewal for each year. Call and quote ref: TIPEC 688

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Free specialist Porsche advice Bert Gear, Berlyn Services 01271 866 818 9 Fore St, Ilfracombe EX34 9ED Tom Ferguson, Tom Ferguson Motor Engineers Ltd 01914 900 777 or 07976 257 152 18 Saltmeadows Road, Gateshead NE8 3AH Jon Mitchell, Independent Porsche Specialist 01202 488 800 or 07000 996 911 Unit 1 Station Approach, Fairmile road, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 2LJ Simon Barnard, Opie Oils Ltd 01209 215 164 The Fuel Depot, Cardrew Industrial Estate Redruth, Cornwall TR15 1SS

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Gruppe North Scotland Outgoing RO Stewart Gordon 01698 841 692 (evenings) 07974 808 342 (mobile) ARO Alan Neilson 07793 234 096 (mobile) ARO Neil Fraser 0131 660 0143 07946 616 782 (mobile) Meetings are held first Wednesday of every month 8pm for an 8:30pm start in the 007 bar, upstairs at Bo’Ness Motor Museum, Bridgeness Road, Bo’Ness EH51 9JR. The region has maintained a good steady membership around the 100 members for most of the year, its thanks to all members who have seen fit to renew their membership along with new members who have come along and joined our ranks, thank you to you all. It is coming up time for re-election of regional organiser for Scotland. I advised the members attending at the January meeting that I will not be standing for re-election, I’ve not been happy with the way the club has been run for some time now, the lack of support from the centre, I haven’t seen any improvements for the better and also for me wanting more ‘me’ time, I felt it was the right time after 13 years as RO to hand over the reins to someone else. I would like to thank all members past and present who have, and are, supporting the Scottish region. I am sure that whoever takes over the reins will at least maintain (and probably improve) on my time in the post! Also a major big thanks to Alan Neilson, ARO West, and Neil Fraser, ARO East, for all the support they have given me over the past years. WELL DONE GUYS. As listed in the Calendar of events for the year, the party was scheduled for the 3rd December at the McDonald Hotel in Aviemore. For some reason or other they had decided when I wanted to book 12 rooms with two dogs, they were seemingly only interested in telling me about their no dog policy and subsequently didn’t take the booking for the rooms! No problem there, Googled about and came up with a great deal at the Bridge of Lochay Hotel, Killin. Although this wasn’t strictly speaking a Christmas Party Night with dancing and all that, we had fully booked the hotel to ourselves and with a good sized cosy lounge area and a big log fire adjacent to the dining room that was done out with a Christmas tree and decorations, crackers and

The Scottish contingent at the Bridge of Lochay Hotel, Killin, for their Christmas night

The ‘White Christmas’ morning drive!

The TIPEC Scotland group on a visit to Skye

poppers on the table and a festive menu, along with 24 people, we had a fantastic night.

North East

After the meal we retired to the lounge for coffee and more drinks. James McLaughlan and Ian McCurragh had devised a quiz and scoring sheets

RO wanted! ARO Andy Blythe 01642 809 031

... it was a great laugh and a big thanks to James & Ian for putting it together. The overall winners were Brian & Elsie Wood. A big thank you to the Bridge of Lochay Hotel, Killin, Perthshire, for looking after us and for their tremendous service, excellent food and for making our Christmas party a great success, it was brill. Sunday morning not too early saw us wake up to a nice covering of snow, a real Christmas morning. Everywhere was covered and after a hearty breakfast it was time to head over to Bruar Falls for a spot of shopping. By this time we had a blue sky and brilliant sunshine. After a fair bit of time shopping it only remained to say our goodbyes and wish everyone all the best, once again a brilliant party night.

Meetings are held first Sunday of every month 7:30pm at The Sporting Lodge, Low Lane, Stainton Village, Cleveland, TS17 9LW, just off the A19. In June and July we are meeting on the SECOND Sunday of the month. This year the Christmas curry night moved venue to Middlesbrough. The new venue gave some of the club members the opportunity to let their hair down during the festive celebrations and after the curry we hit the local pubs. Thanks to the guys for coming out. I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a happy New Year. I hope the first event of the year will be the Race Retro Historic Motorsport Show which is at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, CV8 2LZ, on 24–26th February 2012 For further details give me a call or drop in to the club night.


North West

RO wanted

RO Andrew Lane 01772 740 625 07949 167 698 (mobile) ARO Dave Hallett 01254 876 374 07595 071 392 (mobile) ARO Richard Sholl 07970 147 779 (mobile)

Meetings are held first Monday of every month 7:00pm at The White Rose, Wide Lane, Morley, West Yorkshire, LS27 8PL (Tel 0113 252 3720). The White Rose is situated just off the M62 J28, just before you reach the White Rose Centre. RO and ARO required, to host monthly meetings at a local pub/hotel with support from the members and the committee and to attend/organise local events.

Cheshire & Staffs RO Steve Taylor 07774 912 069 (mobile) ARO Dave Watson 07889 804 598 (mobile) Meetings are held third Tuesday of every month 8pm at The Whipping Stocks, Stocks Lane, Over Peover, Knutsford, WA16 9EX.

Lincolnshire RO Gordon Collins 07783 103 327 Joint meetings with the local PCGB are held on the second Sunday of every month from 1:30pm at The Dovecote, Newark Road, Swinderby LN6 9HN. We meet at half-past one. If you wish to eat you can of course arrive earlier or later, it’s just an informal gathering of Porsche fans to kick a few wheels and talk Pork. Hope to see you there.

Meetings are held first Monday of every month from 8pm at The Dressers Arms, near Wheelton, Chorley PR6 8HD. When this falls on a Bank Holiday, we meet on the second Monday instead. May I start by wishing all our members a happy and prosperous New Year! I hope you all had a good Christmas and got what you wanted from Sant! Now is the time to start planning that post-winter fettling of your cars and hopefully think about what you will join us on, or indeed anything you may want to help organise. If you have something in mind please let us know. As I mentioned briefly in the last report we had our annual quiz in November. Quizmaster for the night was ARO Richard Sholl. This was a big help as I was kept quite busy organising the Christmas do. I think all who attended would agree that we were totally spoilt by the prizes that were kindly donated by both Porsche Centres, Bolton and Wilmslow, and by independent specialist Porsch-Apart Ltd. We had model cars, caps, mugs bottle openers, key rings, lanyards the list was extensive and nobody went home empty handed. We also had a bottle of wine kindly donated by one of our crew that had come from one of the restaurants near the ’Ring—so even that was car related.

The North West region members on their Christmas night

Once again many thanks to those concerned who donated the prizes. It was good to catch up with some of you that hadn’t been for a while. Don’t be a stranger in 2012! December saw us back at the Viking hotel after a year away for our Christmas do. We had a really good turnout with some first timers (myself included) coming along to see what all the fuss was about! We had all booked in to stay overnight, so no one was worrying about driving. It made for a carefree night. It was Brenda Marginson who started this annual event over ten years ago, so we had a toast to her at the beginning of the evening with a few words from previous RO John Pye. Unfortunately two of our group, Bob and Petra, had to pull out at the last minute as Petra had been waiting for an operation and when she got her appointment came it fell on the same day. Their company was missed. Everyone had a great night and spent a good while after breakfast saying their goodbyes the following day. I look forward to seeing you all in 2012. I hope you can attend as many of the monthly meetings as possible this year. It really is the best way to get involved in what we plan for the year ahead. As mentioned in the last report we have some funds at our disposal, so we will be discussing in the early meetings how best to utilise it. I have listed a few events that will be coming up over the first half of the year and will post them on our page of the website when we have finalised what we are doing and with any other additions. Also keep a check of your emails as I will post a list to your inbox as well. March or April tbc First run out in our cars. Date & destination tbc May 7th (Bank Holiday Monday) Classic Car Show at Gawsworth Hall. May tbc Weekend Run out to North Wales May tbc First of the Chippy Runs June 2nd–4th (Queens Jubilee Weekend) Tatton Classic Car Show June tbc Monthly Chippy Run

The North East region Christmas night out

July tbc Regional Concours

All Torque 92 page 23

Gruppe Central Anglia RO Trevor Read 01473 684 876 ARO Colin Clarke 01284 706 247 Meetings are held fourth Tuesday of each month 7pm at The Bunbury Arms, Ixworth Road, Great Barton, Suffolk IP31 2NX. Here’s sa picture from the Anglia region’s Christmas party. We decided to go to the same venue as last year and once again we were given excellent food and service. Everyone had a fun afternoon and we’re looking forward to the New Year. Watch this space for further developments.

Bristol RO Mick Simmons 07793 905 918 (mobile) ARO Sue Simmons Meetings are held first Tuesday of every month 8pm at The Fox, Easter Compton, BS35 5RA, one mile West of M5 J17 (Cribbs Causeway). Happy New Year from Sue & Mick at TIPEC Bristol. We had some great fun in 2011 on various days and weekends and ended the year with a wonderful Christmas Lunch at Alveston House Hotel (see photos). I hope 2012 will continue to be fun and that lots of our members join us for planned events and trips. Well done to Nick Scott—the only person from Bristol group (as far as I know) to make it to Brooklands on New Years Day to see the start of the London to Cape Town World Cup Rally and the array of fabulous club and classic cars. Good luck back in the Middle East Nick, hope you’ve covered that nice 924S up while you’re away—hope we see you again around Easter! This week saw the first meeting of the year (Jan 3rd) at The Fox with a small but enthusiastic turnout — we hope 7th February and 6th March are in more of your diaries!

The Anglia region’s Christmas meal—a success!

South Central RO Pete Garrett 07804 030 695 (mobile) Meetings are held from 9:30 am on the first Sunday of every month at The Red Lion, Evenley, Nr Brackley, Northants NN13 5SH. Happy New Year to you all. Looking back to November, the final photos got snapped up for the 2012 South Central calendar. Good old Pierre got a nice section of models (the four wheeled type!) with different settings from a busy dual carriageway (Matt!) to Pete on an active runway ... someone’s been watching too much Top Gear! December The SC Christmas feast was held at the club’s summer’s evening venue The Old Talbot. 11 of us enjoyed fine food, drink and company, big thanks to those who could make it, I know a few more would have if it wasn’t for their lovely company do!

This was the first Christmas meal at the Talbot and even on this busy night the food was spot on, Dennis can vouch for this as he was trying his best to work his way through the whole menu that night! January January is the Sunday morning meeting at the Red Lion, the last chance to show off your Christmas jumper and socks (Mike, it’s not funny in June.) February At the moment this is just the Sunday morning meeting which is on the 5th February (09:30–Noon). March The Sunday morning meeting will be on the 4th at the Red Lion, Evenley. March will also see the start of our evening meetings, this will be on the 4th Monday of the month which will be the 26th. To kickstart the evening meetings this will be a curry night in Buckingham, full details will be posted closer t o the time. From March we will keep the Sunday meetings in place with the evening meets back at the Old Talbot.

We have already started booking the Poole weekend in May, and take a look on the website at all the other events happening—we update it whenever we hear of anything else. Let us know if you hear of interesting events in your area or beyond! Please email Sue for any information or with any ideas for things to do. See you all soon!

The Bristol region Christmas meal ...

... full tables at the Alveston House Hotel.

South Yorkshire & North Notts. RO Dave Warren 07403 117 012 (mobile) ARO Dean Lancashire 07860 198 627 (mobile) Meetings are held first Sunday of every month 5–5:30pm (meeting proper begins 7pm) at Ye Olde Bell Hotel, Barnby Moor, Retford, Notts, DN22 8QS

his term as RO to expire and not stand again due to increased work commitments and his future career as a race driving tutor (Special deals for members!)


Dean was again voted in as the regions ARO with me (Dave Warren) appointed as RO. Together we aim to serve the region well and hopefully take us through 2012 in the right direction.

RO Paul Bird 01922 428 409 07831 877 983 (mobile) ARO Brian Rowledge

During the December meeting, an end of year slide show was screened showing pictures from the last six years of the region. This brought back some smiles, sadness and quite a bit of laughter! (Anita’s ‘boy’ haircut and Ray’s many haircuts).

Meetings are held second Monday of every month 7:30pm onwards at Westmead Hotel, Redditch Road, Hopwood, Birmingham B48 7AT.

Christmas Party During December the only items on the TIPEC/ SYNN calendar were the December meeting and the Christmas party. During the winter months some of us wrap the porkers up warm until spring! However, moving forward in 2012, we hope to organise a number of get-togethers, such as meals out, karting and bowling. Please try to attend the meetings where possible to bring along ideas for 2012.

The annual Christmas party at our monthly meeting venue, Ye Olde Bell, Barnby Moor, was a lovely evening as usual. It was attended by Dave & Anita, Dean & Jo, Mike & Sue, Jamie & his father, John & Judith. We had a lovely evening of food, drink and us all trying to ‘bust some moves’ on the dancefloor! Quite unsuccessfully! Some of us stayed the night and met for a hearty breakfast.

December Meeting 2012 At the December meeting, the roles of RO/ARO/ Treasurer were decided for 2012. Previously, Mike Marot (RO) & Dean Lancashire (ARO) have steered the SYNN ship throughout 2011 and helped populate some of the 2012 diary. Mike has decided to allow

Confirmed events for 2012 are the Donnington Classic weekend, Prescott Hill Climb and of course our WOTY. The diary is also populated with some events from previous years, such as Thorsby, Wonderland Classic, Harewood House, Malton Cars, etc. See for details. Hopefully we can all arrange over the next couple of meetings some further, new events/meetings, BUT we need all the region’s members help—come along, make a difference and be heard! Regular emails, meeting notes and website updates will all be part of 2012, so you have no excuse!

The SYNN Christmas meal at Ye Olde Bell

Happy new year to all TIPEC & SYNN members. We hope to see you soon.

Hopefully by the time you read this you’re over the New Year blues, looking forward to another season with the Porsche and making some new friends. We have tried to put together a list of events that caters to all tastes and make sure there is something for all pockets as well. The events list is still evolving as certain things get confirmed later so please keep an eye on the forum for details nearer to each event and make sure you are receiving my email updates that notify of any late changes and developments. Our trip to Le Mans Classic in July is now fully subscribed so unfortunately if you haven’t booked up you will not be able to join us in the summer. With no LM Classic in 2013 we’re toying with a trip to Nürburgring or Spa for next year so we would love to hear from you if you’re interested in making such a trip so we can gauge viability. The only events since last issue were the NEC Classic in November (hopefully covered elsewhere) and our Christmas meal. The latter was an informal affair as we opted for a finger buffet rather than a sit down dinner and it seemed well received. I was delighted to award Lindsay Brown the Central Region member of the Year award for the second time—his attendance at events and club nights together with his support of the club and region were unrivalled in 2011. A great pleasure and to cap it all off his wife Jackie presented us with a rather lovely Christmas cake that went down very well with all present. Looking ahead the initial events list is below and we look forward to seeing you all ‘out and about’ in 2012. February 26th (Sunday) Trip to the Race Retro Show at Stonleigh. The show is paying homage to Porsche racing in 2012. Tickets and details at

There was a bit of a theme ...

... can you tell what it was?

March 18th (Sunday) Lunchtime run out to The Bowling Green, Bromsgrove. A classic car meet takes place here every third Sunday so we will pop out to see what’s on show! Please note there is no food at the venue. Also this will not take place if weather is foul so check with me before travelling. April 22nd (Sunday) TIPEC AGM at Gaydon. See Club website for details.

Red hats all round

Although not all of them fitted well!

April 29th (Sunday) Chip Shop run! Meet at Hilton Park Services on the M6 at 11am for a run along the A5 and A41 out into Shropshire, a bite to eat and a natter in the car park before heading home and a chance to give the cars a bit of a run out.

All Torque 92 page 25

911 Carrera Supersport on TIPEC’s stand at the NEC Classic. NEC photos ©Colin Bate.

Jackie Brown’s Christmas cake for the Central region

September 2nd (Sunday) Himley Hall classic car show. (See Ragley above for details) Or Shackerstone Festival. October 5–7th (Friday–Sunday) Weekend of the year (WOTY). Details tbc. November 16–18th (Friday–Sunday) Classic Show at the NEC 928 S4 at the NEC Classic

930 Turbo at the NEC Classic

May 6th (Sunday) Catton Hall Classic Car Show If you have attended any Transtar event in the past you will receive an entry form in the post. Just fill in and return to Transtar with your payment. Make sure you tick the boxes for Trentham Gardens and Himley Hall as well (See below) Mark your entry ‘TIPEC’. Just email Paul and confirm attendance to aid planning. If you need an entry form see Paul on club night

July 16th (Monday) Club night at the Westmead. Please note this is a change from our normal second Monday to accommodate our Le Mans trip.

May 26th (Saturday) Porsche vs Marcos sprint event at Curborough. Great chance to take a blast around the circuit and protect the honour of the marque against our friends from Marcos Club! A full day of racing with buffet lunch included. 105db limit for participating cars.

August 12th (Sunday) Prescott Revival with the Marcos Owners Club. A chance to drive the hill and/or chill out and watch everyone else. To book tickets and hill runs visit from middle of January 2011. Also concours event for the polishers!

May 27th (Sunday) National Event at Hatton Country World See website and forum for details.

This event will sell out so book early or miss out.

June 17th (Sunday) Trentham Gardens Classic Car show. See Catton Hall. June 30th–July 1st Cars in the Park, Lichfield Great Classic show with Paul Keeling playing host to a club stand for 20 cars on both days. Contact Paul for details and booking on 01543 271 116 July 6–8th (Friday–Sunday) Le Mans Classic weekend

July 22nd (Sunday) Silverstone Classic (Multi region event). Event runs from Friday–Sunday but Central Region will attend on Sunday.

August 22nd (Wednesday) Central Sprint Day at Curborough A chance for a blast around this great sprint circuit with bacon butties thrown in at no extra cost. The cheapest and safest track day event available anywhere. Arms and legs must be covered and helmets worn on track. No noise limits. August 27th (Monday) Pershore Plum Festival. Classic cars parked around the Abbey, street entertainment, food stalls etc etc. See Paul for entry application.

December 10th (Monday) Christmas Dinner andClub Night at the Westmead

East Midlands New RO & ARO wanted! Outgoing RO Graham Waller Outgoing ARO Alan Fuller Meetings are held third Tuesday of every month 7pm for food (meeting proper begins 8:00pm) at The Field Head Hotel, Markfield Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9PS. RO and ARO required, to host monthly meetings at a local pub/hotel with support from the members and the committee and to attend/organise local events.

North London & Herts Informal meetings are held first Sunday of every month around noon at The Goat Inn, Vicarage Causeway, Hertford Heath (Nr. Hertford), Hertfordshire SG13 7RT. RO and ARO required, to host monthly meetings at a local pub/hotel with support from the members and the committee and to attend/organise local events.

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Gruppe South Southern RO Nick Snook 07929 113 390 (mobile) ARO Jim Tarrant 01202 601 886 Meetings are held first Tuesday of every month from 7:30pm at The Angel, 188 Ringwood Rd, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 9AP Top marks for the region’s Christmas meal at the Angel. We received good food, service and free bubbly ... can’t ask for more! Southern Region member of the year 2011 was awarded to Phil for helping to arrange the precision driving event at Portland Prison with the IAM. This was a very useful exercise where a surprising amount was learnt in a fun event. January’s club night, despite gale force winds, was well attended but Porsches were nearly outnumbered by 4x4s! February 7th (Tuesday) Southern Region’s AGM April 22nd (Sunday) TIPEC AGM May 5th (Saturday) At Downton May 13th (Sunday) Prescott Hill Climb May 18th (Friday) Poole Quay Porsches

South East London & North Kent RO Jim Hearnden 01634 869 658 07930 353 232 (mobile) ARO Paul Greer 07799 412 870 (mobile) Meetings are held first Friday of every month 7:30pm at The Rose Revived, Ashes Lane, Tonbridge TN11 0AN. 01732 850 382 (Google Map: Well we are changing venue again, The Woodman was not ideal, mainly on location. The new location is pretty easy to get to, it is about 15–20minutes from J4 M20 and has a massive car park as well as being large inside. So if you haven’t been because of the distance of the previous venue please try this one. Partners are more than welcome and it is not all car chat. The venue does good, reasonably priced food so you can even have a meal before the meeting starts. We now have 44 people on the SELNK list and a lot of these Paul and I have never met. It would be great to see some of you in the forthcoming few months. The latest calendar will be out shortly and I’ll put it in your inboxes ASAP. I have two or three members that I don’t have email addresses for. If you have an email address and do not see mails from me, then please send me a mail to and I’ll add you to the list. That also applies to people in adjacent areas who would like a copy of our calendar. Please also ensure that you update address, car and email details when you renew.

December club meeting Quiet club meeting, probably because of the TIPEC Christmas dinner the following night. Christmas Dinner We changed venue for this, normally we would use the venue we meet at but for a variety of reasons we decided that we would go back to our roots and have the dinner at The Bull in Wrotham where we used to meet when SELNK first started. After a slow start on the booking front we ended up with 17 people sitting down for a great meal. A great laugh was had by all and we ended up leaving quite late. January club meeting Before the meeting Paul and I did a sortie for a new venue, which as you can see above was successful. There was a small turn out for this meeting. But a good evening nevertheless. April 15th (Sunday) Karting with SE Group. Names to Derek Flanagan: May 11–14th (Friday–Sunday) Circuit Historique du Laon; Book with Continental Car Tours /documents/f-LHupdate06.12.11.pdf June 10th (Sunday) Bromley Pageant. Names to Jim Hearnden: July 6–8th (Friday–Sunday) Le Mans Classic. Book with Travel Destinations: /le-mans-classic/5/

Cornwall & Devon RO wanted Meetings are held third Sunday of every month 12:00–2:30pm at The Winds of Change, South Petherwin, Near Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7LP. RO and ARO required, to host monthly meetings at a local pub/hotel with support from the members and the committee and to attend/organise local events.

Wessex RO Pete Blackler 07779 203 278 (mobile)

Phil Hughes was awarded the Southern region Member of the Year

Meetings are held fourth Tuesday of every month from 8pm at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Braishfield Road, Braishfield, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0QE.

South East RO Derek Flanagan 01342 717 754 07767 254 820 (mobile) Meetings are held second Wednesday of every month 8pm at The Bolney Stage, London Road, Bolney RH17 5RL, just off the A23, 10 miles south of Crawley. For those of you who haven’t made it along to a monthly meet yet, we always welcome new members and prospective members. Come and see if you like us, we’re a friendly bunch no matter what model of Porker you own or desire and you will be guaranteed to receive a hearty welcome. You also have the opportunity of winning our own regional lotto with all SE Region members going into the hat each month— but you have to be at the meeting to win. Sadly I have to announce the death of SE Region member and friend, Jan Stephens, who passed away on 5th January after a long battle against cancer. Jan and her husband Bob were very active members and on the Committee in the ’90s, involved in many events and activities including our annual WOTYs. Jan owned a 944, 968 Cabriolet and more recently a Cayenne. Our condolences and thoughts go to her husband Bob and their family during this difficult period. 32 members and their partners had a fantastic Christmas dinner at our December Club Night at the Bolney Stage. As in prior years we held a Christmas raffle with £200 of petrolhead prizes plus an ‘oven cleaning voucher’ kindly donated by James Garrard who runs his mobile oven cleaning business and a ‘free Porsche for a weekend’ kindly donated by Porsche Centre Mid Sussex again. Nick & Jane Barnes won the oven cleaning service which is very handy after all that Christmas cooking. Ivor Heading won the Porsche for a weekend. The final SE Region lotto for 2011 was won by Colin Bonner.

Brooklands Car Clubs’ Gatherin on New Year’s Day

The SE region Christmas dinner

SE Region Member of the Year (MOTY) James Garrard (944 Turbo SE prototype) was deservedly awarded the 2011 SE Region member of the Year at our Christmas dinner in December for his support and enthusiasm, excellent attendance at monthly meetings, supporting local car shows and events, and for making numerous contributions to All Torque. 2012 started with the New Year’s Day annual visit to the Brooklands Car Clubs’ Gathering which this year also included an additional attraction of the start of the London to Cape Town World Cup Rally. This rally has 29 daily stages over 14,400 km crossing 15 countries and there was a superb well prepared Guards Red 964 which had already been driven from Switzerland. There were also dozens of car clubs, over 1,000 people and cars enjoying a warm, and thankfully dry, day with 100s of cars parked on the historic circuit banking. February 24–26th (Friday–Sunday) Historic Motorsport Race Retro Show Stoneleigh Park, Coventry This looks very interesting one for the TIPEC SE Region calendar of events as it’s celebrating Porsche in Motorsport and highlighting 35 years of the Group C Porsche 956/962. Porsche’s competition heritage and success, covering sixty plus years, will be well represented at Race Retro, with a wide variety of race and rally displays in Hall 1. Plus, there’ll be guest appearances by Porsche race and rally stars, including a number of legendary Porsche works drivers. There’ll be plenty of sideways action too, on the rally stage, on both Saturday and Sunday, where a jaw-dropping selection of rallying icons, including a Porsche 911 RSR, will be showing their mettle. Hall 2 will be home to Race Retro’s much anticipated ‘The Porsche 956 at Thirty’ celebrations, where there will be an impressive array of these rare and breathtaking racing cars. The 956 and its successor the 962 secured numerous championship, team, drivers and race successes throughout the ’80s and

Guards Red 964 all the way from Switzerland

SE region Member of the Year winner, James Garrard

’90s including seven Le Mans wins and six Daytona victories to ensure that the 956 and 962 were the kings of endurance racing. Inter-Regional Karting By the time you read this issue we will have booked our next Inter-Regional Karting tournament which is held annually at the outdoor Campbell circuit at Filching Manor in Jevington, a few miles north of Eastbourne. The event will be held on Sunday 15th of April, avoiding the TIPEC AGM (22nd) and the Easter Bank holiday weekend (6th–9th).

Thames Valley RO Craig Moore 07748 733 000 (mobile) ARO Jason Gibson 07958 459 725 (mobile) Meetings are held first Tuesday of every month 7:00pm at The Novello, Bath Rd, Littlewick Green, Maidenhead, SL6 3RX. Firstly, a very Happy New Year to the Thames Valley region, and of course to all TIPEC members everywhere. Here’s to health, happiness, optimism, prosperity and more good Porsche fun than we could ever dream of. Can I also thank all the Thames Valley people who came along to our Christmas meal in early December. What a great turnout—I think we had 22 in the end, which is just fantastic for a winter’s evening. I hope you enjoyed the food—the guys at the Novello try really hard and take pride in everything they serve. Sadly, I have to report changes in the team at The Novello. Ernie has decided to finally retire and is busy planning a trip to New Zealand to see his brother, and Terry is likely to be moving on too. The owner of the pub has decided to lease it out and just take a regular rent. Both Terry and Ernie have always given a warm welcome to the TIPEC crowd and we’ll miss them I’m sure. We may meet the new tenants at next month’s meeting. Of course we’ll welcome them, but by golly they’d better not foul up the burgers and curries ...! So, 2012, eh? What’s that got in store for us? I’m slowly working on the calendar of events, and welcome all input on things to do from you. There’s no point in me just putting down the things I like if no-one else is up for it, so please participate—both in the year’s plan and in getting out and doing a few things. We did have some superb days out in 2011 but let’s see if we can surpass that in 2012. We had our first meeting of the year last night, and it was good to welcome along two newbies: Andre, who brought along his tidy bargain 944, and Sid who was due to collect a 997 a few days later. I hope they’ll become regular members at our meetings and that we continue to grow our area’s membership. We’ve actually grown by about 25% in the last couple of years—cracking for a recession but hopefully indicative of the friendly welcome that is the TIPEC signature. Great to have the wide variety of cars too.

All Torque 92 page 29

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Classifieds 1991 944 S2 - reluctant sale £5,495.00 incl. cherished plate Contact Stewart Gordon 07974 808 342

My Cherished 1991 3ltr 16Valve 944S2 finished in rare Cobalt Blue, with Cobalt Blue interior including split leather rear seats and half leather Turbo front seats, all in great condition with no serious wear marks, rips tears and a new boot area material blind. Four previous owners incl. three changes in number plates. Has covered a genuine 137K miles since new, fitted with colour coded factory bridge spoiler, colour coded lower Turbo spoiler and original refurbished D90 alloy wheels, no kerbing marks or paint chips and fitted with Pirelli P6000 Tyres with plenty of tread left and coloured crested centre caps, rim decals and valve supports. Car has had a full professional respray in February 2010, new windscreen and seal fitted at the same time, also fitted and colour coded 968 side sill skirts and colour coded handle covers, fitted with a Porsche alarm & immobiliser. All electric windows, sun roof, mirrors, headlight adjusters central locking, Sony Radio/CD player fitted, spotlights, all in good working order, also the digital clock is perfect, climate control and all heater controls and gauges in good working order, and a full set of Porsche original mats. This car is in concours condition and was concourse winner 2010 in the TIPEC Scottish Region, I am a Porsche enthusiast and pride myself on turning out an excellent finished car.

V5 document and HPI certificate are in my possession along with all MOTs back to 1997. Timing belt, balance shaft belts and water pump have all been replaced along with timing chain and tensioner slippers, rear brake pipes, flexi pipes and front disc pads all replaced last year. Car comes with cherished number plate included, six months’ road tax and a new MOT. New and unused emergency style spare wheel, Porsche tyre compressor, tool roll and original jack and handle, sunroof panel storage bag and securing straps all included. Full stainless steel performance exhaust with 6" oval tailpipe. There has been around £10K spent on this car during its life including a main dealer gearbox rebuild. There are nine dealer stamps in the service book along with two other services that I have also carried out in the past two years. No leaks or rust. This car has to be seen to be appreciated, it’s in showroom condition. You can use the TIPEC website to register or renew your club membership, advertise cars and parts for free, download old issues of All Torque, and keep up-to-date with events in your region. If you look to the bottom-left of the homepage, you will find a link to TIPEC’s online discussion forum. This is the place to trade banter with fellow club members on a day-to-day basis, ask questions and share knowledge, up and down the UK (and worldwide!)

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- and everything in between CARRERA GTS

March 2010 www.911porsc

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9 770959 878081


£4.50 US$8.99 CANADA $12.95 No.204

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No.4 Winter 2011







WALDEGÅRD ON THE HISTORIC MONTE Plus: Porsche 914/6 the ultimate road-ra GT: cer?

9 772042 107016

SMOOTH OPERA TOR: 964 CARRERA Destined for greatn2 Porsche’s slipper ess: y 911

£4.75 Classic



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2.7 CARRERA RS IN THE LIMELIGHT Looking inside Porsch iconic air-cooled e’s six

All Torque 92  
All Torque 92  

The magazine of The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club (TIPEC) in the UK. Issue 92, February/March 2012.